Want To Write For Us?

Want to get more exposure on your blog, social media or website?
Writing for Swolhq.com is an amazing opportunity!
Each month we receive a large amount of traffic that grows each week.

Here’s what we are looking for:

    • 100% Original Content
    • 700 – 1500 words

Don't worry, you don't need to submit images unless you really want to, we can supply our own images which are relevant to the topic.

How can you benefit from writing an article for us?

It's simple, benefits from submitting an article to us include:

  • Increase your SEO ranking from a targeted backlink in a high quality article.
  • Increased brand/site authority (through Authors boxes and backlinks).
  • Drive more traffic to your website (we may post your article in our newsletter) by visitors clicking your links.
  • Build a lasting relationship with a growing authority.

What Topics Can I Write About?

You can write anything that relates strongly to bodybuilding, exercise, fitness, training and nutrition. Here are a few examples:

  • Training Techniques
  • Fat Loss
  • Muscle gain
  • Training tips and guides
  • General Nutrition
  • Fitness
  • Health

Here are 5 types of articles that do really well:

    • How to’s
    • Bullet form: 7 ways, 5 myths, 10 reasons, etc
    • Recipes (Nutrition Category)
    • Review’s (Supplement Category)
    • Routines (Workout Category)

What is the ideal article layout?

The Layout for each article should be presented in a similar style to this post, with headings for each subcategory.  A good example of the article layout is this one.

Where can I submit my article?

If you have the knowledge and want to write an article for the Swol Headquarters audience, please send an email to: Jack@www.swolhq.com with the subject line as: Guest Post [Your Site Name]

Are you interested in writing a review about a certain product?

Please contact us at swolhqtraining@gmail.com with your request and we will get back to you asap.