How Stenabolic can improve your health


An overview on SR9009

Are you looking for a way to build muscles safely and faster? Everybody dreams of having a muscular body, but it doesn’t come easily. Although exercise is the primary way to build muscles, doing it alone may take more time. This is why many people opt to use Stenabolic to facilitate the process and develop more muscles within a short time.

Stenabolic works the same as anabolic steroids but affects selective body tissues with less to zero side effects. Anabolic steroids may have so many side effects, and many bodybuilders have turned to stenabolic as it comes with several benefits.

What are the benefits of stenabolic on muscle building?

1. More fat burning

Building muscles alone is not enough to get your dream body; you also need to lose excess body fat. Many people misunderstand this and think that when they build muscles, they will lose excess fat automatically, but this is not the case. You may build muscles on your hands and still have belly fat. Stenabolic helps you to build muscles and get rid of excess fat at the same time.

This supplement will switch of glucose production genes forcing your body to use stored fat, thus increased fat burn. Also, there will be increased metabolism, which will keep your body burning more fat even when at rest.

2. Building lean muscle

As you want to build muscles, you need to do it in the most natural way to avoid further side effects. One sure way to build lean muscles correctly is by ensuring the body itself creates all the muscles.

Stenabolic works by replacing old mitochondria with new ones which will facilitate the development of new muscles. You can also enhance the process by combining this supplement with other SARMs. By doing this, you will build more lean muscle within a short time.

3. Faster recovery

One of the main challenges that many bodybuilders face is a long recovery time. When exercising your body will exhaust some tissues and have other soft tissue injuries, which mean you need to have recovery time before you can continue with the exercises.

The shorter your recovery times, the better as you will resume your exercises earlier. If you experience long recovery time, stenabolic is your solution as it will help you to shorten the period. Stenabolic keeps your body producing new mitochondria hence shorter recovery time.

4. Reduced cholesterol levels

Cholesterol is a major threat that everyone has to fight. Cholesterol comes with so many health problems heart disease being the most common one. To maintain your body in good condition, you need to fight this threat in all directions, and stenabolic can help you in the process.

Two types of cholesterol are high-density lipoprotein (HDL) also called good cholesterol and LDL (Low-density lipoprotein), which is regarded as bad cholesterol. Stenabolic controls cholesterol in your body by reducing LDL levels and raising HDL levels.

5. Endurance

Stenabolic will boost your endurance levels where you can exercise for a long time without crashing. For example, if you reach your maximum heart rate within 25 minutes, you can now go up to 40 minutes. The higher your endurance level, the more muscles you get within a short time.

6. Circadian rhythm

As a bodybuilder, you are going to experience fatigue, which can make you inactive during the day. This may affect your other activities, such as work as you need to be active for better productivity. You have to balance between the exercise and other businesses, and this is what stenabolic helps you to achieve. Stenabolic helps you to stay active for more than 12 hours in a day without experiencing fatigue.

7. Better sleep

Apart from keeping you active throughout the day, stenabolic will also help you to have great sleeping patterns. You will have uninterrupted naps, which will help you to rest well and have a productive day. Enough sleep will contribute to having an active day.

8. Safe

Unlike anabolic steroids, which may have several negative side effects, stenabolic is proved to be a reliable way of building muscles. All you need is to use the supplement in the right way.


Stenabolic is a great way to build muscles safely. All you need is to take it in the recommended amounts and get your dream body safely.

The Complete Guide to Personal Trainers in Louisville KY

Personal Trainer in Louisville KY

Where to find a good Personal Trainer in Louisville KY

“I don’t always love exercising, but I always love having exercised!”

Can you identify yourself with this statement? Have you ever wondered why you feel so great after exercising, yet often find it so difficult to get out of the bed and work out? Do you keep asking yourself how to break free of the habit of avoiding training and finally get in shape?

If your answer to any of this is “yes”, then you’re certainly not alone. People all across the world ask themselves those same questions every day. They too keep struggling to develop healthy exercise routines.

The good news, however, is that nowadays, there are people who can help you get into the habit of regular exercise. Those are personal trainers, and their role is to adjust your training to your specific needs and keep you motivated. There is an abundance of trainers available in the world, with over a hundred personal trainers in Louisville KY only. So, if you happen to reside in this area, you don’t have to worry about finding a perfect match for your needs.

Before we discuss how to find a perfect match for yourself with so many options available, let’s look at why fitness experts believe that you should put yourself in the hands of a professional in the first place.

First, professionals will know exactly how to plan out your exercise in order to meet your expectations perfectly. Next, they’ll help you completely turn your lifestyle around so you could meet your new wellness goals. This means they will be optimizing your training to help you get the best results out of the limited amount of time you can invest in exercising, they will be providing you with health and nutrition advice, and much more. Last but certainly not least, they will keep cheering you on to help you successfully lift your new wellness routine off the ground.

Now that we’ve established that if you are serious about getting in shape, you should strongly consider getting a personal trainer, let’s discuss how you can find a good match for your needs.

Over 100 Personal Trainers in Louisville KY — How to Get the Right One?

To be able to successfully complete your mission of finding a perfect trainer, you should:

  • Understand what you would like to achieve
  • Know what kind of training environment suits you best
  • Estimate your budget

What Is Your Goal?

Take a moment to think about what you’re trying to achieve. Would you like to build up your strength or lose weight? Or do you simply want to stay fit and active to keep your energy high for your everyday activities?

Answering these questions will help you choose the appropriate training type and facilitate your search for your personal trainer. Here are a few types of exercises you can choose from depending on your responses:

●    Strength / Resistance Training

If your goal is to build muscle while losing fat, this is the type of training you should choose. This type of training implies exercising your muscles against external resistance. The external resistance may take the form of weight machines, free weights or your own body weight.

Although people often identify this type of training with body builders, it is actually very beneficial for regular folks. This type of training helps you speed up your metabolism, increase your bone density, decrease the signs of aging, etc.

For this type of exercise to give the best possible results, it should be combined with an appropriate nutrition plan. Luckily, there is a plethora of personal trainers in Louisville KY who are educated to provide diet advice. This means you don’t have to worry that you will be lifting all this weight without seeing expected results.

●    Weight Loss Training

The goal of weight loss training is self-explanatory, but what’s not that obvious is that commitment to losing weight involves a complete lifestyle change. If you decided to lose weight, you should exercise — yes! But more importantly, you should also commit yourself to a restrictive diet, do regular health checks, etc. This isn’t easy, so you should find a trainer who can help you keep your motivation and determination high. To do so, your trainer needs to be able to provide physical and mental guidance, give health advice, and be highly supportive.

The main characteristic of weight loss exercises is a gradual increase of the training intensity. This allows you to keep your confidence high. An experienced weight loss trainer will understand why high morale is crucial for successful weight loss and will organize your training in such a manner that you are never pushed far beyond your limits.

●    Yoga

With the speed of life constantly increasing, Yoga is becoming more and more popular. The goal of this type of exercise is achieving the balance of mind and body. Yoga is focused on proper posture, controlled body movements, and breathing. As such, it is a perfect exercise for those who want to improve their balance, flexibility, strength, but also relax and reduce stress.

Since there are certain movements in Yoga that can cause problems if done incorrectly, it is crucial that you exercise with a trainer. Your trainer needs to be an experienced one too. A personal Yoga trainer will make sure you do your exercises correctly and will help you stay motivated.

●    Functional Training

The goal of functional training is to prepare you for your everyday activities while letting you blow off some steam. This type of exercise is focused on movements that we all do on a daily basis. These activities include climbing the stairs, walking, running, squatting, pulling, pushing, and they help you become more dexterous and nimble.


Functional training is perfect for those who lead a busy lifestyle and want an exercise they can benefit from in their day-to-day activities. If you are one of those, don’t hesitate to choose one of the functional personal trainers in Louisville KY. They will understand your goals and needs and will adapt your training routine to give you mental and physical relief while preparing you for more efficient performance in your everyday life.

●    Boot Camp Training

Boot camp training is a combination of highly intensive strength and aerobics exercises. It is perfect for those who are already in good shape and are looking for a training that is not too time-consuming, but intensive.


Although this is not a 1-on-1 training program, you do get all the benefits of a personal exercise plan. You will also get a trainer who tracks your progress and supervises your performance.

Where Do You Like to Exercise?

After you’ve defined your goals and determined what is the right form of exercise for you, it’s time to discuss the training environment. Do you prefer working out at a gym, or in the privacy of your own home? Do you prefer indoor or outdoor trainings?


Answering these questions will help you further narrow down the already long list of personal trainers in Louisville KY. This means that you need to decide whether you want a gym trainer or a mobile trainer. Then, for the best search results, you should combine this information with the type of exercise that you need and your budget information.

What Is Your Budget

The last thing to consider before setting out on your quest for a personal trainer is certainly your budget. Personal trainers in Louisville KY charge from $30–$80 per hour, with an average cost being $50 an hour. There are often bulk discounts available — you qualify for one if you book 5 or 10 sessions in advance.


You might be wondering now why the price varies so much and if it is worth it, so let’s address this briefly. The cost of personal training will depend on the demand for the trainer and the trainer’s certification level. And is it worth it?


This depends on how serious you are about getting in shape and increasing your overall wellness. If you are, but you’ve historically kept searching for excuses to avoid exercising, then YES! The 50 bucks an hour will be a worthy investment for you — your mood will improve, you will become healthier, stronger, fitter, and generally happier. There is no price too high for that!


The Complete Guide to Personal Trainers in Omaha

personal trainer omaha

Where to find a personal trainer in Omaha

Most people like to imagine Omaha as the tiny cow town it once was. However, if you step one foot inside the bustling city on the border of Nebraska and Iowa, you’ll see that its spirit goes far beyond that.

Now, Omaha regularly hosts the 5th largest fashion week in the country and is also somewhat of a music industry hub! The city is home to one of the leading indie rock labels and is also a big supporter of jazz, as evidenced by the Jazz on the Green festival. And who could forget one of the best zoos on the planet? The Henry Doorly Zoo is the perfect place to take a walk and learn something new, not to mention you can also see animals and aquatic specimens from all over the world!

One more thing Omaha is famous for? Hosting ice skating and baseball competitions, the College World Series, and even the Olympic Swim Trials! With all those athletes in town, the people of Omaha might want to soak in all of those good fitness vibes!

After all, between the many dive bars in the Benson, Midtown, Dundee, and Downtown districts, one would imagine that the residents might benefit from a good workout. Still, it’s completely understandable why some people might not want to take group fitness classes. Many of them are crowded and just plain smelly, and most of the time, the instructor can’t pay attention to everyone at once. So if you need some extra guidance, why not look around for a personal trainer in Omaha?


Working with a Mobile Personal Trainer in Omaha


Before you first start thinking about finding a fitness coach, you’ll probably wonder about what you can gain from working with one. Fortunately, there are a host of benefits to one-on-one workouts or small group trainings. Most of the details of your exercise plan will be worked out between you and your trainer. However, there are some things you can request.

Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, you’ll have your choice of location, which is always a great thing in Nebraska. In fact, there are plenty of fantastic fitness locations just within Omaha! Between Turner Park, the Field Club Trail, even the Lewis & Clark Landing, there are lots of places for you to work out at! Even some places in the Fontenelle Forest or along the Wabash Trace Nature Trail might work if you’re willing to take a drive.

Secondly, you won’t be as confined to a preset schedule as you would be with group sessions. Only you and your trainer determine when you can see each other. Well, you and the weather.

Working with a personal trainer will also allow you to reach your fitness goals faster and at a lower risk of injury. Your personal trainer will have their eyes on you, so they’ll tell you if you’re doing anything wrong. And depending on your goals, you can even request specific workouts from your trainer.


Types of Personal Trainers

Although some fitness instructors specialize in one or two types of workouts, many of them have trained to handle any situation. From the most basic strength and cardio training to yoga and balance, you’ll easily find a qualified personal trainer in Omaha.

Strength and Cardio Exercises

Pretty much all instructors are able to handle these two cornerstones of every workout. As you know, most people get into fitness with a certain aesthetic goal in mind. For example, many men want to bulk up, while some women want to slim down or tone their bodies. And of course, there are also people who want to reach a certain performance goal, like lift a certain amount or run a set distance.

Fortunately, a personal trainer can help with all of these goals! If you’re aiming for weight loss, your trainer will have you doing some heart-pumping cardio exercises. Although, they might also recommend to steer clear of pubs and eat healthier. In addition, nutritional advice can also be part of strength exercises.

When you’re trying to bulk up, your trainer will know which food groups you should be eating. Moreover, they’ll create a great workout regime for you, whether you’re working out at a gym or in nature. If you don’t have weights handy, you’ll just work out with your own bodyweight — easy!

Boot Camp Training

Boot camp training is a magical mix of strength and cardio. You’re probably familiar with it from various fitness-related TV programs. Essentially, your trainer will have you run a course or do set repetitions of various exercises. Boot camp exercises are often considered HIIT workouts — or high-intensity interval training.

That means that you’ll likely be doing repetitions of strength exercises with short intervals of cardio sprinkled in. This type of workout is especially fun because you never know what your trainer has in store until you show up!

Yoga and Life Balance Instruction

Hey, sometimes you just need to slow down and unwind. Yoga, Pilates, and other balance discipline workouts are perfect for lowering your stress levels. Not to mention that you’ll feel your body becoming stronger and leaner because of them.

However, not every personal trainer in Omaha is capable of giving you this type of instruction. Still, you should be able to find a good instructor. Many yoga instructors also take a more holistic approach to exercise. So if you like your fitness with a dash of spirituality, yoga’s the perfect fit for you.

Functional Training

Functional training is basically the opposite of boot camp. If your fitness goals are to be able to do basic daily tasks, ask your personal trainer if they provide functional training exercises. You can use equipment like weights, or you can do bodyweight exercises like squats. Either way, you’ll be performing motions similar to those you’d use every day. That way, any daily aches in your body will disappear.

Functional training is also very useful to people who are living with a medical condition or an illness. Your trainer will only push you as far as you’re capable of going. So your overall quality of life should improve drastically!

The most important thing about hiring a personal trainer is that your experience while working out can be different from everyone else’s!

How to Find a Personal Trainer in Omaha

At this point, you may be wondering whether you’ll be able to find an affordable personal trainer in Omaha. Fortunately, we can help by providing some statistics and the average price of personal trainers per session.

Omaha is a pretty small city, with a population just reaching half a million people. Therefore, you should expect to find a proportionate number of fitness instructors. By our estimate, there are probably over a hundred trainers working in Omaha. Although you would probably be fine asking around at local gyms, many of them also advertise online.

The advantage of living in a smaller city is that the price per session is also much lower than it can be someplace else. So you’ll be able to find a trainer for as low as $30 per session. Moreover, while the more expensive personal trainers in Omaha can charge about $60–$70, that’s pocket change in comparison to some other places.

Ultimately, there are many advantages to living in the very heart of America. One of them just so happens to be access to affordable private fitness instructions. And since the town is already periodically overrun with athletes thanks to the many sports manifestations — why not try to get on their level?

Where to Find a Personal Trainer in New Orleans

personal trainer new orleans

The Search for a Personal Trainer in New Orleans

Finding a good personal trainer who will know how to respect our space but also make us go the extra mile just seems easy. But let’s be honest here. It usually isn’t, especially if we’re looking for one in a city like New Orleans.

The thing about New Orleans is that it offers a good number of personal trainers and gyms. Furthermore, we can easily be our own personal trainers there, as there are plenty of parks and fitness-friendly areas we can visit.

But we cannot ignore the fact that having a customized routine is the best choice if we want to get fit and lose weight. Thus, our search for a personal trainer in New Orleans has to be thorough and above all — successful.

What’s there to do in New Orleans with a personal trainer?

Now, before we get into the statistics and tell you how many personal trainers there are in New Orleans, we first have to consider everything that this beautiful city has to offer.

Since New Orleans is home to all sorts of different cultures and people, it’s no wonder it features some fantastic fitness options. Here’s what has sparked our interest:


We all know how good yoga is for our bodies. After all, it is not just about looking good. It’s about filling our minds with positive thoughts. It’s about learning how to move our body slowly, yet effectively. Thus, yoga is quite popular in New Orleans, as it gives us a way to combat daily stress and get in shape. But as always, we would recommend going for a personal yoga instructor. Only then will we know for sure that our technique is on point.


Now, most people think that yoga and pilates are the same. But in fact, pilates was invented in the previous century. What’s more, there’s a big difference when it comes to the movements and the fact that pilates may also require us to use certain machines. However, the effect on our stress levels is practically the same, and it’s also fantastic for increasing flexibility and building lean muscles. So just like yoga, it won’t make us look bulky.

Strength training

Of course, we cannot forget about strength training. Since it’s an effective way to lose fat and build muscle, quite a few people in New Orleans prefer this type of exercise. Furthermore, since there is a decent number of personal trainers there, it’s a surefire way of getting in shape without too much hassle. In fact, it’s also a good choice for athletes who want to build their endurance level.

Cardio training

Once deemed the only way a person can lose stubborn fat, cardio training is still all the rage across America. Thus, New Orleans is also a perfect place for everyone to run, cycle and just sweat it out in nature. Of course, there are gyms where we can also enjoy a bit of cardio and use treadmills, steppers, and rowers. But let’s face it — New Orleans is filled with beautiful parks like Audubon and the City Park. Those parks have tracks, tennis courts, soccer fields and basically all the space we need to work up a sweat.

And of course, we can also find personal trainers who will guide us through boot camp exercises and functional training sessions. What’s more, there are also Zumba and barre classes, aerobics and even boxing classes. So it’s obvious there are plenty of options — but how much will we have to pay for them?

How much does hiring a personal trainer in New Orleans cost?

As always, the price of an hour-long session with a personal trainer will depend on a few factors. We have to take into account their expertise and education. Furthermore, we need to consider their experience and whether they’ve successfully trained anyone.

But we understand that people need a number. Because of that, we checked out the statistics on the Bureau of Labor Statistics website. According to those, the hourly wage for a personal trainer in New Orleans is between $14 and $16. So actually, not that expensive, if you ask us. But when we checked some other websites, it appeared that the average hourly rate was actually about $35. There are even personal trainers who charge almost $100 per 1-on-1 session.

Number of personal trainers in New Orleans

What might be a problem when looking for a personal trainer in New Orleans is the fact that there are about 570 trainers in New Orleans. At least, that’s what the statistics from May 2017 say. Know that this number has probably changed in the meantime. Also, most of them are probably not present online. In fact, when we checked Yelp, it brought up only about 100 results, and most of them were trainers we can find at the gym — which brings us to our next point:

Should we go for a mobile personal trainer or hire a trainer at a local gym?

Finally, before we opt for a personal trainer, we need to consider where we would be more comfortable — at home, outside or at the gym.

If we prefer to work out at home, then a mobile personal trainer is the best choice. That sort of trainer will adjust their schedule according to ours and show up at our doorstep whenever we need them. Furthermore, mobile personal trainers are known to customize routines for each trainee. So we might even get to go outside and run or jog in one of the parks.

But if that’s not our cup of tea, then a personal trainer found at a gym is our best bet. This person will show us how to use all the machines, and they’ll carefully create a routine that’s best suited for us. Moreover, they will be with us every step of the way and make sure we’re not procrastinating.

Final thoughts

In the end, it all depends on what we prefer and what our bodies need right now. If we take those factors into consideration, then we are bound to find the ideal person who’ll get us back in shape in no time.



How to Find the Right Personal Trainer in Memphis

personal trainer memphis

Finding a personal trainer in Memphis

Finding a personal trainer may be a simple task, but finding the one that is right for you is a whole different story. Perhaps you yourself have come to the same conclusion, or have a feeling you would in case you went on such a quest.

If this is the case and if you also happen to be looking for a personal trainer in Memphis — read on!

Know what type of training you are looking for

Before starting a mission of finding your personal trainer soulmate (or should I say, bodymate), it would be wise to ask yourself what it is that you would like to get from your workout and accomplish with your training. Finding the right answer to this question is an important and necessary step in your search.

Below is a list of various types of trainers. It may give you a better idea of the options available to you and help you decide on what is right for you.

Strength Coach

These types of trainers specialize in improving the performance skills of competitive athletes. They use a variety of methods to accomplish this goal, among them strength training and aerobic conditioning. Another important aspect of strength coaching is injury prevention.

Weight Loss Trainer

Weight loss trainer will do exactly that — train you with a goal of decreasing your weight. The long-term objective, of course, is to keep you healthy and within your optimum weight range. This type of training, as you may assume, works best when combined with a healthy dietary plan.

Functional Trainer

Functional training aims to prepare and train your body to perform your common, daily tasks in a safer and more efficient manner. Originating in rehabilitation, these types of exercises are often used on patients with movement disorders. Their primary objective is the functional independence of the trainees.

Boot Camp Trainer

Unfortunately, this type of training is not much different from what it sounds like. Let’s just say this type of workout is not on the boring side. It may include running, weightlifting, push-ups and/or sit-ups, and various types of interval training. The good news is that it usually doesn’t last longer than an hour. Also, you do yoga stretches at the end of your workout.

Yoga / Life Balance Coach

If your goal is to train your body, as well as your mind, yoga and life balance training is the right choice for you. Aside from physical, yoga includes mental, as well as spiritual disciplines, such as meditation and breathing exercises. This type of training may also deal with more personal issues that are a source of stress in your life.

Holistic Personal Trainer

A holistic trainer will look at you as a whole. That includes your thoughts, overall health, diet, and of course, your physical state and issues. Apart from the physical benefits, the objective is to improve your whole well-being. This goal is accomplished using various methods aside from exercise, such as massage, changes in your diet, etc. When it comes to the workout itself, you could be doing tai chi, yoga, and Pilates.

Pilates Trainer

You’ve probably heard of this one. Initially named “Contrology” by its founder Joseph Pilates (you guessed it, the system was later renamed after him), this method is based on controlled movements. In order to have the desired effect and benefits, those movements need to be done properly. That is why Pilates is usually practiced with a personal trainer or in smaller groups, where trainees can receive the trainer’s undivided attention. A proper and consistent Pilates workout regimen will give you better flexibility and stronger muscles, and it will also improve your endurance overall.

Athletic Trainer

Athletic trainers may work under the guidance of a physician or another healthcare worker. Their goal is to treat and/or prevent injuries of their clients. They may be helping professional athletes, but could also be engaged by other clients with no relation to sports, who have an existing injury or are at risk of getting one.

Cardio and Conditioning Trainer

A combination of cardio exercises and conditioning workouts will take away those “love handles” you’ve always wanted to get rid of. The goal here is to lose the unnecessary fat and tone the muscles. It gives you the possibility of targeting specific parts of your body, based on your preference and the trainer’s suggestions.

Know what type of exercise setting you prefer

Another aspect to consider when selecting your personal trainer is whether you would prefer to exercise in a gym where your trainer works, or have a mobile trainer with whom you can agree on the location of each workout session (you may choose to train at home, in the park, etc.).

That is a decision based on personal preferences. Some people like the flexibility of working with a mobile trainer. Others would rather go with the routine and amenities that come with training in a gym. It would be best to try both options, if possible, and choose the one that makes you excited about your next session (or at least eliminate the one that makes you less excited).

Finding a Personal Trainer in Memphis Options and Prices

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics data from May 2017, there are 540 fitness trainers and aerobics instructors in the Memphis area. Furthermore, a majority of gyms will have personal trainers their clients can hire, giving you a good place to start.

A mean hourly wage for a personal trainer in Memphis is $20.5/hr. As with most services, prices vary, depending on numerous factors, such as the trainer’s experience, education, certification, reputation, etc. And as with most industries, the highest price does not necessarily translate to the best service. It is possible to find a good quality personal trainer in Memphis without spending a fortune.

So start your search today and find the trainer and the type of workout that is right for you. It may take some time and trial and error, but it most certainly can be done. Good luck!



Where to Find a Personal Trainer In Charlotte

personal trainer charlotte

The complete guide to Personal Trainers in Charlotte

Have you been struggling to find a way to lose weight? Summertime is over and you might think it’s okay to let loose. However, now comes the Halloween candy season and Christmas feast season and, before you realize, it will be summertime again. The chances are you aren’t going to be ready to take that body to the beach.

It may sound harsh, but let’s face it, we’ve all been there. That’s exactly why we’re here today. We’re going to share extremely useful information on how to overcome this cycle of constantly struggling with weight loss.

The key to bringing your body in top shape is working out. For those of you who’re already feeling sick to their stomach, we have great news. There’s no need to panic, as you’re going to be in great hands. Yes, we’re talking about hiring a personal trainer.

There are so many reasons why you should hire a professional:

  1. Firstly, you won’t have to worry about organizing your workouts. Your trainer will make sure to tailor them according to your needs and goals.
  2. Secondly, by having a personal trainer by your side, you can rest assured that you won’t injure yourself.
  3. Finally, personal trainers really know all the secrets of how to lose weight and achieve fitness goals. That way, you won’t need to waste time trying to do that by yourself.

The only thing you need to be focused on is finding a personal trainer in Charlotte. Luckily, Charlotte is packed with personal trainers. And we’re here to help you pinpoint the one that will be perfect for you.

What kind of a personal trainer are you looking for?

There is no such thing as a universal personal trainer. There are different styles and techniques they use to train their clients. For instance, some trainers focus on high-intensity workouts and making you sweat those extra pounds off. In that case, we’d be talking about a CrossFit coach or a weight loss trainer.

On the other hand, there are personal trainers that focus on making your body relaxed, flexible and stress-free. That’s where yoga instructors step in.

Basically, there are numerous modalities and ways a personal trainer can use as a strategy to help you achieve your fitness goals. That’s why we have decided to tell you more about the most popular and the most effective ones, so that you can see for yourself which one suits you best:

      I.         CrossFit coach

For those that are on the lookout for extremely intense workouts that will make their heart race and make them sweat the last extra pound off their bodies, we recommend considering CrossFit personal trainers. CrossFit is a combination of plyometrics, calisthenics, powerlifting and so much more! The workouts are going to be super fun, but still very challenging. If this seems like something you’d be into, go ahead and get yourself a CrossFit coach.

    II.         Weight loss trainer

The next option on our list is hiring a weight loss coach. Essentially, a weight loss coach will tailor a workout program for you, according to your needs and possibilities. The overall schedule will most likely be based on a combination of cardio sessions and strength training. Basically, some days you’ll be focused on running, boxing or HIIT. Other days, on the other hand, will be all about weightlifting.

   III.         Strength trainer

If you really want to focus not only on building a better-looking body but on improving your strength, you should think about getting a strength trainer. A strength trainer will focus on increasing your muscle mass. As we age, we tend to lose muscle. Hence, our bodies start storing extra fat and the metabolism slows down. A strength trainer will help invert that process. The workout program will most likely comprise of heavy lifting and no cardio, which is fantastic news for those that hate cardio, right?!

  IV.         Yoga instructor

Some people don’t like the intense ways of training. They like to keep their workouts nice and calm. If that seems like something you can relate to, we highly recommend trying yoga. A yoga instructor will help you get rid of stress and fatigue. In fact, yoga classes will make you improve both your physical and mental health.

Are you looking for a mobile personal trainer or a one at the gym?

We’re all pretty busy nowadays. However, there are still people that claim to be too busy to get to their closest gym. We’re sorry to break it to you, but being “too busy” is just another bad excuse. If you can’t make it to the gym, we recommend hiring a mobile personal trainer. That way, you won’t have to worry about transportation or wasting time getting to and back from the gym. Not having to work out in a gym is a perk for some, while others think of it as a huge drawback. It really comes down to your own schedule, your own needs, and your own preferences.

Statistics on how many personal trainers work in Charlotte

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are approximately 2,200 personal trainers working in Charlotte, NC. What’s interesting is that the Department of Labor and Economic Analysis in North Carolina foresees that this number will rise significantly by the year 2020.

Alright, guys. There’s no way you’ll get out of this one! You have 2,200 professionals at your disposal and you absolutely have to take advantage of that. No excuses, remember?!

The average cost of hiring a personal trainer in Charlotte

Finally, we’ve come to the last important piece of information to share with you. Let’s go over the average cost of getting a professional to train you. How much a personal trainer charges per session may vary based on many factors. The most important factor is their professional experience. The more experienced they are, the more they’ll charge.

In Charlotte, you should be prepared to pay around $50 per session with a highly-experienced personal trainer. Also, if you decide to pay for sessions in bulk, they will charge less than they would for an individual session. For instance, instead of paying for 16 sessions individually ($800), if you pay upfront for the whole month, you’ll certainly have a better deal. So make sure to consider that when making a choice. Bottom line is, you should probably count on spending around $40 to $60 per session.

However, you can’t really put a price on happiness, can you? And let’s face it, looking good makes us feel happy in our own skin.

Hopefully, this article will help you decide what kind of a personal trainer is going to be the one that will help you reach your fitness goals and put a smile on your face.

Where to find a personal trainer in Dallas

personal trainer dallas

The complete guide to personal trainers in Dallas

There are many different reasons why people decide to take matters into their own hands and hire a personal trainer. It’s not a matter of luxury, it’s more a matter of necessity. Let’s face it, not all people know what exercises are best for them.

On the other hand, they may lack motivation, which is more common. Overall, a personal trainer isn’t just someone you pay so they can keep track of whether you’re exercising or not. They’re much more than that.

Ultimately, your trainer is someone who will help motivate, organize and even inspire you to reach your desired physique. Whether you’re hoping to lose weight, gain muscle, or recover from an injury, your trainer will always be by your side.

That’s why you shouldn’t immediately hire the first trainer that’s available. Before anything, you need to complete a few steps to get yourself in the right mindset. Luckily, we’re here to help you with that!

Step #1: Make an exercise schedule

What we mean by this is that you need to figure out what time of day suits you the best for exercising. Consider the following:

  1. Are you more of a morning person, or do you usually sleep in?
  2. Do you need to get up early for work to commute?
  3. Will you be able to get up earlier than usual for your morning workout?
  4. Do you function better in the afternoon, or at night?

By answering these questions, you’ll get a general idea of what time of day suits you the best for a quality workout session. Remember, you need to be 100% invested in every session in order for you to see any results.

Furthermore, if you’re serious about getting in shape, but you have a busy work schedule, try and clear something from it. Ultimately, you need to put your health and well-being ahead of everything else.

Step #2: Think about where you want to exercise

Once you’ve figured out exactly when you’re going to work out, it’s time to figure out where you want to have your sessions. Now, this step is just as important as the previous one, so take your time.

If you don’t like to be surrounded by other people while you’re working out, then you should consider hiring a mobile personal trainer. If you have enough space at home, you can have one-on-one sessions in the privacy of your own home. No noise, no distractions, just you and your trainer.

Again, if you like the flexibility of working with a mobile trainer, but you don’t have any room in your house, then you can ask to move your workouts to the park. That’s actually a good way to keep things interesting, especially if you’re someone who hates sticking to one exercise setting

On the other hand, if going to a gym gives you the motivation you need to keep at it, then you should hire a trainer that holds sessions there. After all, some people prefer to stick to a certain routine.

Now that you’ve determined the “when” and “where” of it all, it’s time to choose the type of exercise program you would enjoy the most.

Choose an exercise program

Fortunately, in Dallas, you have plenty of different exercise programs to choose from. Ultimately, it’s up to you to choose the one that appeals to you the most. Remember, you need to choose a program according to your goal.

Functional training

If you’ve suffered an injury, and you just want to get your strength back and be able to do everyday chores with ease, then functional training is the best exercise program for you.

Getting yourself back into the same condition you were in before can be a tedious task. Especially if you don’t have the proper help. That’s why finding a reliable personal trainer to guide you all the way to the finish line will change your life.

We tend to push ourselves too much, hoping to get back to where we were as soon as possible. However, that’s a big mistake. Your trainer will assess your situation and set some boundaries for you in the beginning. As you progress, those boundaries will move further and further, until you’re back to your old self, if not better!

Overall, your trainer will help you do exercises where you’re required to push, pull, rotate and carry objects, as you would normally do. Other exercises include walking, jogging, running and doing squats (if possible). In the end, the right trainer will help you get back into shape and equally important — get your confidence back.

Weight loss

Losing weight isn’t just about doing a lot of cardio exercises. It also involves altering your meal plan. Your trainer will provide you with a list of healthy foods that you should eat in order to start losing excess weight.

Getting enough protein and fiber in your diet is essential if you want your weight loss to succeed. Also, too many carbs will leave you bloated and unwilling to exercise. A good trainer will prepare a meal plan that will keep your energy levels up while reducing your weight.


If you’d like to improve your balance and flexibility while also gaining strength, Yoga is the best exercise for that. Not only does it help you improve your exterior, but it also does wonders for your mental health. And let’s not forget that it’s great for a number of other things, such as lowering blood pressure and getting rid of anxiety.

Personal Trainer Dallas

You’ll be delighted to know that there are over 100 available personal trainers in Dallas! Once you’ve figured out what exercise program you would benefit from the most, simply type “Personal trainer Dallas” into your search engine. On this website, you’ll find a variety of different trainers, along with their price rate and availability.

The prices vary depending on the popularity, certification and expertise of each trainer. You can find one for $40 and you can also find one for $140. However, the average rate per session is $75.

One more thing — don’t choose your trainer based solely on the price. Read a little bit about each one and ask for some recommendations if possible. Just because one trainer charges more than another doesn’t mean he/she will be the right fit for you.

Now that you’ve got all the info, it’s up to you to choose a trainer that you feel will help you get the most out of each session.





Where to find a Personal Trainer in Albuquerque

Personal Trainer in Albuquerque

The complete Guide to personal trainers in Albuquerque

Let’s face it, with the growth of information technology, our lives are becoming increasingly more comfortable. We can now even do our jobs while sitting in front of our computers. We have everything at our fingertips, and we don’t need to leave our hoses at all. That’s the real problem here — while we are living better than ever before, we’ve become couch potatoes as well. No matter what you’re doing, you need to do some workout. And if you’re coming from Albuquerque, you need a personal trainer Albuquerque as well.There are many different types of workout that you can do, but the best way is to find a personal trainer. Such a qualified individual can get to know your habits inside out and recommend special routines that they can prepare for you specifically. If you’re living in the Albuquerque region, you should know that you can easily find many personal trainers in this area. A good personal trainer Albuquerque is crucial if you want to do your exercises properly. “But how should I know which exercise is the best for me?” “How can I find the best trainers in Albuquerque?” That’s what we will talk about in the following lines.

What types of exercises can I choose from?

There are many exercises that you can choose from. Some of them will help you improve your posture, while others can assist with weight loss. The best thing you can do is combine these therapies and mix them according to your own preferences.Here are some popular types that you should consider:

●     Strength training

Strength training is an ideal exercise if you’re overweight (or obese) and you want to shed some excess pounds. If you’re living a sedentary lifestyle, this type of workout is a must if you want to be fit and prevent some potential health issues. If you combine a regular workout with a proper diet, you will lose weight and gain muscles at the same time. We could say that this is pretty much a win-win scenario!There are several popular strength training exercises and they include shoulder/bench pressing, squatting, and (of course) deadlifting. Whether you will practice one of these or a combination of several exercises, that’s entirely up to you and your personal trainer. Make sure you talk to him/her to get detailed instructions on how you should do these exercises properly.

●     Yoga

Yoga is one of the most popular workouts of the modern era, and with good reason. Not only can it help you relax, but it’s also very beneficial for your entire body. Our everyday lives are filled with stress, and the best way to overcome this inconvenience is to practice yoga on an everyday basis. Other than fighting off anxiety, yoga is also helpful when it comes to improving your lung capacity, practicing a good posture, and even increasing the overall versatility of your body.

There are plenty of experienced personal trainers in Albuquerque and, no matter which of these you decide to work with, you can’t make a mistake. Just make sure you choose the trainers with the best reviews and you are good to go!

●     Boot camp training

Another common workout is boot camp training. In general, if you want to combine a variety of different exercises in order to get quick results in a very short time period, boot camps are made for you! Boot camp trainers are highly experienced individuals who can give you a special regime for the entire body. This kind of regime is highly flexible, and it can improve both your endurance and strength at the same time. So, if you want to exercise every single muscle in your body, you should really consider hiring a professional boot camp trainer.

Unlike many other exercise regimes, boot camp is a very quick workout. Even though it involves your entire body, the sessions are not long at all. Though, we should add that this type of workout is very demanding, so unless your body is properly prepared, you may have plenty of issues.

One of the main reasons why this training is so intensive is that it involves a lot of rapid movements that can cause injuries if people are not in good shape already. That’s why we recommend sticking to a less demanding workout in the beginning, and then you can switch to boot camp training.

Either way, if you’re really interested in this kind of workout despite the condition of your body, you should certainly consult a boot camp trainer and ask for their opinion before you arrange a specific schedule.

●     Functional training

Functional training is yet another workout that can increase the wellbeing of your body. If you don’t want to lose any weight and if you don’t want to increase the strength of your muscles, this is a perfect choice for you.

In general, functional training focuses on the basic movements of your body, not the body itself. As a result, you will see a huge improvement in both your stability and mobility. At the same time, you will cope with your daily activities much more efficiently as well. There are many different exercises that you can do here, and you should combine them to achieve the best results.

You can find many amazing personal trainers in Albuquerque who are specialized in functional training. The only thing you really need to do is give them a call!

Should I go for a mobile personal trainer Albuquerque or a personal trainer at the gym?

You have two options here. You can choose a mobile personal trainer that can arrive at your location whenever you want. Alternatively, you can also go to the gym yourself and contact your trainer there.

Both options are perfectly viable and the choice is entirely up to you. If you want to do all these exercises at home, you should choose the first option. If you have some spare time, you can go to the gym and do your workout there.

Let’s take a look at some statistics

If you take a look at the official statistics, you can see that the number of personal trainers went up tremendously. According to your Gym Insight, the number of trainers in this field increased by nearly 30% over the last 10 years, which is quite a lot. If you want to know how the situation looks like in Albuquerque, Google is your friend! All you need to do is type in the right keywords. In this case, that would be — personal trainer Albuquerque.

What about the price?

If we take a look at the official reports, we can see that the the prices range from $39 all the way to $67. Naturally, the more expertise your personal trainer has, the more expensive they will be.

Make sure you hire a certified trainer with plenty of expertise that has good ratings. A good personal trainer Albuquerque can help you with the exercises themselves quite a bit. At the same time, they can improve your health as well. And that’s really the goal here!





Where to find a personal trainer in Tampa- The Complete Guide-

personal trainer tampa

The complete guide to finding personal trainers in Tampa

Personal trainers are skilled professionals that know exactly what your body needs in order to get into great shape.

If you’re one of the many people in Tampa that’s in desperate need of a personal trainer, then this article will make your life a whole lot easier.

Why do you need a trainer in the first place?

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions we make is to get into shape. In all honesty, that resolution also seems to be the one we most commonly fail to achieve. But there’s no need to beat yourself up over it. There are plenty of reasons why you may be putting off your decision to start an exercise regime.

You don’t know where to begin

It’s safe to say that everyone wants to get a perfect beach body with as little effort as possible. Sadly, there is no magic wand that will get you into tip-top shape. It’s all up to you.

Ultimately, a beach body is just that — a body. That means that you have to work on your whole body. Well, you obviously cannot do push-ups, squats, and sit-ups all at the same time! So where do you begin?

Most people get discouraged too soon, mostly because they don’t know where to begin. For example, should you do cardio for a few weeks, or should you start by focusing on a specific part of your body first? After a while, you might decide there’s no point in exercising since you’re probably doing it all wrong anyway. In the end, you’re back on the couch with a bag of potato chips on your lap.

The solution: Hire a personal trainer to help you determine exactly what exercises will benefit you the most. There’s no need to get caught up in a vicious circle of exercise, quit, repeat.

You lack motivation

Yet another common problem is motivation. Yes, you may have decided to start exercising, and you keep up your routine for a week or so, but then you hit a snag. You might get out of bed one day and just skip your morning run because “you don’t feel like it today”. So you promise yourself that you’ll run for an extra half an hour tomorrow. But tomorrow, it’s raining, so you skip it again. Once you start making excuses, it’s quite obvious that you lack motivation.

The solution: A personal trainer will help keep you motivated until you reach your goal. These individuals are there to push you to the limit, and make you feel and look your very best.

You don’t have time

Obviously, we all have plenty of other commitments we need to keep during the day. You may have a busy work schedule, kids, chores, etc. It may seem as if exercise is a luxury you just can’t afford at the moment. But that’s where you’re wrong.

The solution: Exercising does more than help you look good. It actually helps you in more ways than you can possibly imagine. If you have an exhausting schedule that you can barely keep up with, hiring a personal trainer is essential. Your trainer will make every exercise efficient, so you won’t have to worry about wasting time doing the wrong exercises.

Now, let’s see what types of training/exercises you may want to consider.

Weight loss training

If your goal is to lose weight, then a weight loss trainer is the perfect solution. Not only will the trainer provide a specific exercise routine for you, but he/she will also include a daily meal plan for you.

For any weight loss journey to be successful, you need to also alter your eating habits. However, that’s not always easy. You may think you’re already eating healthy, balanced meals, but that’s most likely not the case. That’s why a trainer will make sure to include just the right amount of protein and carbs in your diet, so you lose weight, but still have a lot of energy.

Bootcamp training

Bootcamp training is just as tough as it sounds, but it’s also extremely rewarding. It includes interval training, power stations, tough trails, etc. If you’re really ready to make a significant change, and you’re ready to put in some hard work, this type of training is great for you.


If you’re more interested in exercises that will give you amazing flexibility, Pilates is definitely the way to go. But don’t be fooled! It’s not as easy as you may think. Pilates requires a lot of abdominal strength and full body control. Pilates combines your body with your mind and ultimately strengthens and elongates your limbs.

You’ll also have better posture, your circulation will improve, and you’ll increase your strength and your balance. With the right trainer, you’ll also get that flat stomach you’ve been craving for. Furthermore, pilates helps with depression, prevents heart disease and colon cancer.

Functional training

If you would like to do your daily activities with ease, a personal trainer will provide you with a list of exercises where you will be required to push, pull, carry and rotate objects. Squats, walking, and running will also be included in this type of training.

Functional training is especially beneficial for people who are recovering from an injury. With a personal trainer, you’ll recover your mobility, strength and, of course — confidence.

Determine what type of exercise setting is right for you

Are you a person that likes to exercise in a gym, or would you rather have training sessions at a different location? This decision is based solely on your personal preference. A gym might make you feel self-conscious. As a result, you’ll be too distracted to listen to your trainer. If that’s the case, then it’s best to hire a mobile trainer and choose your location.

On the other hand, if you’re ready to establish a routine that you’ll stick with, then you should definitely consider training at a gym.

Personal Trainer Tampa

Once you’ve determined what type of training you’re interested in and where you want to have your sessions, it’s time for the final step; finding a personal trainer in Tampa!

For the best results, type “Personal trainers in Tampa” in your search engine. You’ll get a list of all the available trainers in your area, as well as their rates per session, and working hours. Also, you’ll be able to see whether they are mobile trainers, or they only have training sessions at the gym.

As for the price, it varies depending on their experience, education, certification, and reputation. You can find trainers with a session rate ranging from $37 up to $84, with the average price being $50. Now that you’ve got all the info, it’s time to pick a trainer and start improving yourself!

Getting a Personal Trainer in Baltimore- The Complete Guide

personal trainer baltimore

Where to find a personal trainer in Baltimore

Are you looking into personal training sessions in order to tone your body and maybe even get a bit more muscle? Have you tried all sorts of group classes but find that you’re not getting enough attention from the instructor?

It sounds as if you are in need of a trainer that will focus all their attention on you. Thus, if you happen to be looking for a personal trainer in Baltimore, you need to have some crucial information so that you can reach an informed decision.

Luckily, we’ve done the research for you and found out just how many trainers there are in Baltimore, as well as how much they cost and what kind of workouts you can get.

Let’s start at the beginning — there is a decent number of personal trainers in Baltimore

Before we delved further into the matter, we first wanted to check just how many personal trainers there were in Baltimore. In order to find out the exact number, we checked out the Bureau of Labor Statistics website.

According to the data from May 2017, the Baltimore-Columbia-Towson area has 3,540 fitness trainers and aerobics instructors. Therefore, it’s obvious that there are plenty of choices in terms of variety.

However, we didn’t stop there. We also wanted to know how much we would have to pay for an hour-long session. According to the same data, such a session would cost us about $21 to $24.

Nevertheless, since the data is from 2017, we have to take into account how the world has changed in the meantime. Thus, keep in mind that some personal trainers will ask for a higher price because they have more experience, a higher level of expertise, better workout routines and plans, etc.

What are our body goals?

We all want to look good naked or in a bathing suit — that’s become quite obvious by now. However, we have to take into account that we mustn’t torture our bodies with strenuous workouts if they don’t make us feel good.

Above all, workouts that are just not meant for our physique or level of fitness could easily lead to injuries. Thus, finding a good personal trainer in Baltimore is a surefire way of achieving success in terms of our exercise routine.


Why, you may ask? Well, it’s rather simple: personal trainers take into account all sorts of factors. They will measure our weight, height, fat percentage and everything else for that matter. They will ask us about our habits, if we smoke, whether or not we’re under too much stress, etc.


Afterward, by using that data, they will create a customized workout plan that will be adjusted to all our ailments, strengths and weaknesses.


Light exercises — yoga and Pilates


Still, one question remains: “How do we know what kind of exercise is the best one for us?”


Well, we first have to consider our overall health. If we’re struggling with joint pain or we have a heart condition, then strenuous cardio personal training probably isn’t the right choice for us. We would be better off with yoga or Pilates.


Yoga and Pilates are especially great for those who are not only less active but under a lot of stress. These types of workouts heal our bodies and minds from within. Furthermore, they improve our flexibility, as well as overall happiness levels. In fact, a personal yoga instructor will even suggest a few life balance exercises as well. Moreover, it’s not uncommon to use mediation too, as it can be quite beneficial for most trainees.


Personal training sessions for those who are not afraid to sweat


But what if we’re ready to really take it up a notch and spend a couple of hours at the gym with our personal trainer? If that’s the case, then we definitely recommend asking the trainer to focus on cardio and strength exercises.


Now, most people believe that losing weight is possible with just cardio. And they’re not wrong. However, loose skin is a common problem, especially if we’ve been inactive and overweight for years.


Thus, proper strength training is advisable, and it should be used as a supplement to our cardio routine. That way, we’ll get the best of both worlds and a body to die for.


Losing weight and toning our bodies


Of course, we all want a quick cure for our excess weight. For that, people invented boot camps, which we can easily find in Baltimore.


The gist of boot camps is this: we get a personal instructor who makes us go the extra mile during each workout. Moreover, we get to do all sorts of exercises — jumping jacks, sit-ups, push-ups, etc.


But what’s even more important to say about boot camps is that they build our endurance. These personal instructors won’t coddle us — their goal is to get us in shape as quickly as possible. Therefore, boot camps are not for everyone, but we cannot deny the fact that they are quite effective.


Functional training sessions for those who want to lead a better life


Finally, a personal trainer in Baltimore can also guide us through various functional exercises. These exercises will actually allow us to perform all sorts of daily activities.


For example, if our job requires us to lift 20 pounds of weight every day, functional training sessions will provide us with the stamina needed to do that. In essence, this sort of training helps us become functional human beings in our everyday life by mimicking daily tasks. Moreover, it’s highly recommended for those who are struggling to recover after an injury or a disability.


Hiring a mobile personal trainer in Baltimore vs. finding one at the gym


There’s one more thing we have to consider before getting a personal trainer: are we more comfortable exercising at a gym or do we prefer having someone come by our house and guide us through the exercises?


Both of these options have certain pros and cons, but the decision will be entirely up to us. Mobile personal trainers are a good choice if we’re struggling to find time to exercise during the day. They will come to us and help us get in shape, either at our home or somewhere else. Furthermore, they will sometimes get us outside and allow us to enjoy some fresh air while exercising.


Meanwhile, personal trainers at the gym will also guide us through a range of exercises. However, these exercises will be more machine-based or mat-based. What that means is that we will either spend some time on a treadmill or a Stairmaster and then do some strength exercises, or we will focus solely on weightlifting (if that’s what we prefer) and low-impact mat exercises.


Final thoughts


Ultimately, it’s good to know that we have plenty of choices. Thus, armed with the information mentioned above, we will easily find the perfect personal trainer in Baltimore and finally begin our journey towards health and body acceptance.