Who are we?

Swol Headquarters is a research-based organization dedicated to bridging the information gap between you and health, fitness and other medical products. Our main focus is to help the millions of customers out there find their best match when shopping for the different kinds of supplements on the market. Every product reviewed on our website has undergone rigorous tests and research which enables us to fully understand their performance before we recommend or discourage you from using them. We also go an extra mile in ensuring that all promising products are used by our experts or independent third parties (whom we recruit and monitor) before we generate our final report on the supplements. Our main aim, therefore, is to give you an independent review of different supplements and products based on research and human trials.


Swol Headquarters is the biggest nutrition and supplement database offering a platform where users can get in-depth details on different topics. This has been a massive challenge to us considering there are thousands of products in the health and fitness industry with new supplements coming up every day. Fortunately for us and you, we have a team of highly dedicated experts who strive to keep up with the constant changes in the industry.


As a company, we are not affiliated to any manufacturer or marketer. This independence ensures that we remain as objective as possible. Independence may sound like a minor thing but for the longest time, getting unbiased reviews on supplements was the biggest challenge ever. When you are affiliated with a particular manufacturer, giving an objective review becomes rather difficult. Ultimately, the final users are the most affected by biased reviews. At Swol Headquarters, we value and cherish our customers and that is why we have no associations with marketers, health and wellness companies and supplement manufacturers. We acquire all the products we want to test independently and put them through our different tests engaging different experts before generating the final copy of the reviews that we put up.


Swol Headquarters was founded by Mr. Thomas Matthys. Mr. Matthys, like most of you, never realized how difficult it is to lose weight using supplements until he tried it out. According to Mr. Matthys , the hardest part wasn’t even losing the weight but getting the right supplement to do so. He was hugely frustrated with the supplement industry and the affiliate websites that made each product look like a magic pill. He tried a few supplements for more than 1 year with nothing but frustrations to show of it. Fed up with the dozens of sales-driven reviews online, the idea of coming up with an independent research-based website for health products was born.


This experience together with his vision laid a foundation to which the best-unbiased website was created. Mr. Matthys understood the commitment and expertise that was needed to bring the idea into a reality. He went on an expedition of seeking some of the best experts that could get the job done. He found the perfect partners in Dr. Sol Ruiz and Dr. Mitchell Donovan. Together, they hired doctors, pharmacists, researchers and many other scientists making the dream team that has been behind the company’s success.


Since its inceptions, Swol Headquarters has spent an enormous amount of time and effort in researching and analyzing both recent and old supplements. We understand that there are lots of old products that are still on demand and this is why we have taken the initiative to go way back and analyze these supplements and the science behind them. We are also keen on all the newcomers in the industry and we have an entire team dedicated not just in looking at their performance but also how safe they are for human use.

Research Team

In a brief summary, all the products we review go through various stages. First, our research team is deployed to look into the ingredients used in these supplements. They then dig deep into research books to look at the science behind every compound included in the supplement. They will then engage our pharmacists in trying to establish the benefits, potential side effects and dozes of the ingredients used. We would also like to point out that all our researchers are always keen on making sure that all the external clinical trials they consider are never linked to a specific product or supplement manufacturer. This offers extra confidence in the reliability and overall quality of the trial. 

Once our researchers and pharmacists give the thumbs up the most promising supplements will be recommended for the next stage. This involves giving the supplements to a few individuals who will use them over a recommended period as we monitor them. It’s sad but not shocking to learn that not very many products reach this particular stage. In some cases, a single product may be used by different users some of whom we may recruit externally (on a temporary basis) to get comprehensive data on their outcomes. This gives us an opportunity to keep up with the huge number of supplements being released daily. 

After carefully looking at the final outcomes, our doctors will give the go-ahead that we use to recommend specific supplements to you. We would also like to point out that throughout these stages, one supplement normally passes through different experts who write their own reports before the final compilation is done. It is, therefore, highly unlikely that a specific outcome will be biased based on one particular researcher, pharmacist or doctor.

With all the great work done at Swol Headquarters, it is no coincidence that we have gained huge popularity and enormous recognition in the health and wellness industry. The hard work of our team has been recognized in both print and electronic media. Fast Company and Men’s Fitness believe that we are among the few reliable and top innovators in the supplements platforms. We are also proud to say that our work and efforts have been featured in the BBC and NYT among other major media houses. We are also privileged to be hosting over a million visitors on our website every month. These are not achievements we take lightly but instead, we consider them as a motivation not just to remain as the most reliable source of information but to also become a game changer in the entire industry.


Swol Headquarters does not advertise any brands or products and neither does it accept third-party funding, sponsorships or donations. We are also not influenced by supplement manufacturers or commercial interests. We are an unbiased nutrition and supplement experts focused on informing our clients of the truth as seen through science and our professionals. All of our revenue is generated through supplement guides, A-to-Z supplement references, and our research digest.

How do we work?

Our recommendation, just like what any other transparent physician will tell you, is to fix all your sleep, exercise, diet, muscles, brain performance in the most natural way possible. We will always advise you to exhaust possible natural solutions to your issues before trying out the different supplements we recommend.

In the event that you still need a supplement, we will recommend products that have successfully undergone our peer-reviewed research process. In this process, all the relevant researchers and experts in our companies upload their research contributions pertaining to specific topics.

Swol Headquarters also utilizes the effective Human Effect Matrix concept that helps in filtering useless supplements from effective ones. Human Effect Matrix ensures that every product has undergone extensive background research based on particular demographics and study types before it is analyzed. It allows experts to determine the performance of the supplements on humans and not lab rats or other creatures. This also helps the users in identifying the most effective supplements that can meet their specific demands.

At Swol HQ, we value the contribution of all our website visitors be it a regular user looking for a health solution or an expert conducting research. It is for this reason that we provide a platform where you can highlight a study or other details that we may have missed in any of our reviews. We take all these recommendations seriously and in some cases, we even edit our reviews in light of new information brought to our attention.

Supporting Swol Headquarters

Swol HQ houses over a million visitors each month with our experts estimating that this number is likely to double within the next 6 months. We have successfully managed to be a trusted and reliable resource for research-based information regarding health and wellness products in the market. 

We don’t just work hard to tell you which product works and which ones don’t but we also provide priceless guides that can help you to determine the effectiveness of any product without the assistance of an expert! As you can guess, getting the research data on all the supplements entering the market requires lots of effort, time and finances. Currently, 100% of our revenue comes through supplement guides, A-to-Z supplement references, and our Research Digests.


Swol Editors are tasked with the crucial role of collecting and analyzing scientific research behind every product and its ingredients. They provide the vital report painting the perfect picture of a supplement from which our doctors make the final conclusions on each product.

Thomas Matthys

Master in Science. Founder & Author

Dr. Sol Ruiz

Head of Research Digest Department

Dr. Mitchell Donovan

Author. Specialized in Biophysics.


These are the professionals tasked with the intensive work of collating scientific research. They perform all the groundwork before submitting a comprehensive report to our editors. They also work together with our head of Research Digest in monitoring our research subjects in instances where we are testing potentially beneficial supplements on humans.

Alexa Bauer

Researcher & author. Specialized in nutrition.

Scott Williams

Author & certified personal trainer.

Eric Branson

Researcher with focus in biostatistics and biohacking.

Mike Leaf

Author in nutrition.

Dana Walsh

Specialized in weight loss supplements.

Supplement Reviewers

These are the experts to whom our researchers submit their reports. They are responsible for reviewing and editing the information provided to ensure that it is both accurate and easily understandable to our users.

John Hendricks, Ph.d

Doctoral degree in Pharmacology and Toxicology

Michael Jenkins, Ph.D

Doctor in Kinesiology New York University.

Kelly Cotts

Personal trainer & certified in Sports Nutrition.

Customer Support

Kim Reeves

Sheryl Brown is a lover in all matters health,wellness, and dieting​


Alberto Moreno

Director of Digital Marketing

Copy Editor

Brenda Michaelson

Former journalist & Doctoral degree in English Literature.

Thomas Matthys a former world-class track & field athlete and the founder of Swol Headquarters. He graduated from the University of Fordham with a Master’s degree in Science. Matthys is a certified sports nutritionist and personal coach of several professional athletes.  Matthys has been involved in various clinical studies within Track & Field including one on the factors associated with muscle recovery and HIIT.