Melanotan 2 Review 2020- Benefits & side effects

Melanotan II

What is Melanotan 2?

Melanotan 2 is a peptide which was developed by scientists to help reduce skin cancer!
It has also know uses of combating against low libido and tanning the skin. Melanotan 2 (MT2), dubbed the ‘barbie drug’ has created a considerable stir in the tanning world. Known for its tanning properties Melanotan 2 has become moderately of a phenomenon across the internet and but why?

You may or may not have heard of Melanotan 2, but it has been in circulation for quite some time now, some say that it enables you to achieve a ‘sunless tan’ that has survived said to lower the risks of skin cancer, by protecting you from harmful UV rays. It is mainly distributed via the internet through many different online businesses and has become highly popular amongst bodybuilders, salon users, and general everyday people. There are various labs all over the world that create MT2, these can be found in Australia, China, U.S.A to name but a few, and it seems that more and more people are coming round to the idea of it.

melanotan 2
melanotan 2

As already mentioned, there are many different suppliers all over the internet where MT2 can be found and purchased. It is usually contained in 10mg glass vials that have been vacuum-sealed by the laboratories they were created in. These are then obtained by various companies/people all over the web and sold on to customers that are looking for that ‘sunless tan.’
Melanotan 2 was named the ‘sunless tan’ as you don’t have to be in the sun when using it. It can be ‘activated’ at first, by spending a few hours under a sun-bed to initiate the process, from here you continue the administration course to gain the tan and then by topping up your MT2 levels on a regular basis the cream or color that you desire can be achieved.

Many people have jumped at the opportunity to use Melanotan 2 and have scoured the internet looking for a regular supply. There are various methods of using Melanotan 2, but the most popular process seems to be using a ‘tanning injection.’ This involves mixing the MT2 with bacteriostatic water within the provided vacuum-sealed vial, then extracting a portion of the mix with a syringe. From here, the needle is then inserted into fatty tissue, e.g., the belly area, and the combination is then injected. This has been found to be the most popular method used by people as it is consumed by the body quicker, suggesting that the results are more pronounced sooner.

Another popular method that is used is pre-mixing the vial, again, with bacteriostatic water and placing the mixture into a nasal spray bottle. This technique has been used by people that don’t like the idea of using a syringe, and it offers a simple alternative.

Some methods that are still in development and being studied under clinical trials are the implant version and the pill form. These methods are still undergoing research within various labs around the world and have not been mass-produced.

So where did Melanotan 2 come from?

It was first synthesized at the department of pharmacology in the United States’ own University of Arizona (UAC). The team of scientists that led the trials was hoping to find a new way of battling skin cancer and reducing the rate of people harmed by ultraviolet light. These trials were conducted and began in the early nineties, scientists understood, that by incorporating their knowledge of the chemicals found in the human body, the results they desired could be achieved by creating a synthetic version of the body’s naturally occurring hormone alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone(a-MSH).

Through extensive research and a lot of time probably getting mad! They completed their goal and managed to produce what we now know as Melanotan 2.

Not only was MT2 created to battle skin cancer, but it was also created to help very fair-skinned people, e.g., people that have red hair and freckles with very light skin, albinism, etc. People that have very light skin tend to burn easier when in the sun, so the risk of skin cancer is higher for people with that skin type. By using MT2, the scientists believed that they could help to reduce that risk and lower the risks for everyone.

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Melanotan 2 works by speeding up the natural tanning process known as melanogenesis. This involves interacting with the body’s skin cells – Melanocytes, this then gives the skin cells the ability to produce more melanin – this is the body’s natural pigment. By accelerating this process the skin can produce an all-over body tan at a quicker rate, this should then protect the skin a lot more when exposed to sunlight.
Instead of applying cream or lotions to your skin you inject hormonal peptides which are what in Melanotan 2 into the skin. The tan injections help to stimulate your body’s natural tanning mechanism to create a tan. All of this without you needing to expose your body to high levels of UV radiation which can prove very harmful first.

melanotan before and after
melanotan before and after

This is certainly a product for those who have problems getting a tan or burn easily when sunbathing. They will find this product even more beneficial to them. Melanotan 2 contains a synthesized and screened peptide hormone that is 1,000 times more potent than the natural alpha-melanocyte (a-MSH) hormone that our bodies produce.
The actual injecting of this self-tanning product into the skin does not take long, and you don’t need anybody to assist you. However, this is certainly not a way of getting a safe, natural tan if you are afraid of needles or injections.

When you purchase the solution, you find that is provided with not only the Melanotan 2 solution but also bacteriostatic water. Before you commence using this product you need to mix 1ml of the water into the self-tanning solution making sure you allow the new mixture time to settle before you begin using it. Ideally, allow around 5 to 10 minutes for the mixture to decide before you begin using it.

There were some side effects during the trials, some of these included: mild nausea, loss of appetite, and men suffered from spontaneous penile erections. A study was published in 2000, that concluded; men who used MT2 that suffer from erectile dysfunction were able to achieve an erection, the UAC stated: “that Melanotan 2 is a potent initiator of penile erection in men with erectile dysfunction.”

How does Melatonan work?

Melanotan 2 is similar to a substance in our bodies called “melanocyte-stimulating hormone” which increases the darkening of the pigments in our bodies.

Why do I need it?

Well, Melanotan 2 is used to tan the skin, and commonly referred to as a “tanning drug”.
This is because it darkens the pigments of the skin quite significantly, and when used in conjunction with mild sun exposure, you will get that sun-kissed skin very quickly!

How do I use it?

To use Melanotan 2, you must not be afraid of needles. Don’t worry, you need insulin needles for peptides, these needles are so thin, you probably won’t even know they are in you. You need to buy Bacteriostatic or sterile water, even sodium chloride solution is suitable in order to mix the Melanotan 2 powder. To do this, you simply withdraw 1mL of the solution and inject the solution into a 10mg vial of Melanotan 2.


How much do I need?

This question is dependant on your skin type.

Please check out the image below to help determine.

Skin typeClassificationTotal dose of melanotan 2
Skin type 1extremely Fair skin, rarely tans30mg
Skin type 2Fair Skin, sometimes tans30mg
Skin type 3medium skin, always tans10-20mg
Skin type 4Olive skin, always tans, rarely burns10mg

PLEASE NOTE: Do not take these doses at once. This is potentially dangerous.  Please continue reading to learn how much to take.

Taking melanotan 2 requires a 10-day phase of “loading”, which is essentially a higher dose phase to saturate your body in it.
Each day of the loading phase, you are required to take 1mg.
After the loading phase, you should take anywhere from .25mg (.025mL) to .5mg (.05mL) daily.

You should repeat this until you are at your desired tan. If you have a skin type 3 or 4, you may not want to do the loading phase and stick to a low dose every other day.

Once you are at your desired tan level, you need to continue taking some weekly, in order to maintain your tan. You do this via injecting 1mg once per week.

Do I need to continue taking Melanotan 2, and how long does the tan last?

Luckily, the tan will last longer than it would have if you did it naturally. The tan will last approximately 2-3 months, whereas it would normally last about 4 weeks!

How do I store Melanotan 2

You should store lyophilized (unmixed) Melanotan 2 in a freezer, in which it will stay good for over a year, but it will last room temperature for 12 weeks before turning bad.
If you have already mixed Melanotan 2, it will last for 3-5 weeks in the fridge, but about 2 weeks outside the fridge.
never freeze mixed peptides!

Melanotan 2 Summary

  • MT2 is a safe compound
  • It is quite cheap to buy quality Melanotan II
  • When used for tanning, It is very effective and will tan you well over 10x faster than when tanning without it!

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Steroids: What You Should Do When You Need Them and Their Effects

Steroids can be described as active organic compounds containing rings which are arranged in a particular molecular configuration. They assist the body organs, cells and tissues to function. For your body to grow, and work properly, you need a healthy balance of these growth-promoters.

Steroids can be created artificially to mimic body hormones. The two major types of manufactured steroids are anabolic and corticosteroids.

Corticosteroids drugs are used to reduce inflammation in the body. They slow the processes that trigger swelling. On the other hand, anabolic prescriptions build up your muscles.

So, if you’ve been looking for the perfect ‘juicing,’ here’s what you should do.

  • Take Your Time

Just like any other purchase, it is unwise to rush into buying stimulants. Take time, even if it means visiting every steroid’s store.

If you are shopping online, do not depend on the initial pages of search engines results. Browse through a handful of online stores. Check out their blogs for steroids articles. Topics on health effects of steroids, benefits of using stimulants are worth reading. You will be able to decide whether these drugs are worth using or not.

  • Use Domestic Sources

It is easier to get products through the domestic mail system as compared to international ones. Local shipping procedures are much cheaper and faster. You’ll save time and cut on your steroids budget.

What’s more, nowadays, it’s becoming tighter to import dope due to stringent government measures. In the worst scenario, your imported drugs fail to pass customs due to legality issues; you might get a slap of a jail term.

  • Test Orders First

Whether the steroids have a plethora of good reviews, it is advisable to take a lesser order first. This way, you will be able to prove their legality. Steroids business is considered a black market, after all. Therefore evaluate how the first transaction went. Did the product arrive on time? Was there adequate and timely communication from the supplier? Then order when you are delighted with the supplier.

  • Seek Doctor’s Advice

Steroids come with prescriptions, just like a college paper comes with instructions. Do not start or stop steroids without your doctor’s advice.  Doctors prescribe stimulants alongside other drugs to treat medical conditions effectively. For instance, if your situation is about bones, your physician might recommend stimulants together with bisphosphonate drugs paired with a series of regular exercises.

Effects of Steroids

Steroids may increase performance, improve your health, and muscle growth. So, here are some of the common effects.

  • Reduction in Body Fat

Steroids reduce body fat which occurs due to an increased metabolic rate. Research also shows that they can oxidize fat. The process of fat oxidation is called lipid oxidation; this refers to the process of using fatty acids to produce energy.

  • Red Blood Cell Production

Some experts believe that steroids accelerate the making of red blood cells. These cells are responsible for circulating oxygen through the body to reach all organs and tissues. When more oxygen flows to the muscles, it gives them the capability to work harder and even for long periods. Because of this concept, a good number of endurance athletes use steroids with these effects to enhance their performance.

  • Increase in Muscle Size

It is the most popular effect of steroids. They allow an increase in testosterone. And when the steroid is in the form of synthetic testosterone, it facilitates for more testosterone into the body. In some isolated cases, muscles will develop even without exercises. But when training and exercises are incorporated, you will reap some drastic results.

  • Used to Treat Medical Conditions

Initially, steroids were primarily meant to treat patients with muscle atrophy; a condition brought by illness.

Additionally, steroids are used to add extra testosterone to individuals who need to improve their sex life (enhance libido). They also facilitate puberty when someone is unable to reach it naturally.

  • Decrease in Recovery Time

Cortisol causes damage to your body tissues and slows down the duration of time your muscles and tissues take to recuperate after an injury. Steroids will occasionally regulate the production of cortisol when your body is under stress.

As steroids continue to gain popularity, their main benefit is to decrease pain and increase body function. With the right selection and correct usage, you will get healthier and appear more physically imposing.




Why you should be using professional supplements


Although many of use know that we should be using professional supplements, it is not clear exactly why. However, in order to answer this question, we must first understand what they are.


What are professional supplements?

They are the high-grade nutritional food supplements that were traditionally only available when prescribed by a licensed healthcare practitioner. However, the brands that manufacture these products are now beginning to sell them directly to consumers online.


Professional manufacturing standards and formulations

Professional nutritional food supplements are monitored and regulated by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and are required to be produced according to the Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP). This results in a high quality finished product.


Like with most things in life, you get what you pay for when it comes to food supplements. As you are purchasing the product due to a lack of minerals and nutrients in your diet you want to make sure you are getting everything you need from the supplements you purchase. This is something that is guaranteed with professional supplements.


The typical American diet

It has been suggested that a poor diet is one of, if not the, leading cause of chronic disease in the United States. That is why many people consider food to be a medicine. The two main issues with the typical American diet include a lack of intake of minerals and nutrients and an over excessive intake of highly processed foods. This leads to the development of inflammation and chronic disease.


However, the use of a professional supplement can help to make up for this lack of minerals and nutrients. Professional supplements are also able to defend against the damaging effects of processed foods, such as chronic inflammation.


Professional supplement brands

Some of the top brands in the professional supplements world include:


  •     Allergy Research Group – This is the brand that licensed healthcare practitioners have been going to for nutritional supplements, as well as for hypoallergenics, for in excess of 40 years. The company is also known for producing essential fatty acids, thyroid support, Chinese herbs, and cognitive support.


  •     Douglas Labs – The brand are a pioneering force in healthy aging supplements. For more than 60 years it has researched, developed and manufactured nutritional supplements based on innovative scientific methodologies. Some of the company’s other products include children’s formulas, allergy relief, herbal tinctures, and minerals.


  •     Genestra – This brand is at the forefront of innovation in the development and manufacture of nutritional health products that are based on cutting edge science. The company’s range of products includes antioxidants, hormones, probiotics, and vision support.


  •     Metagenics – A specialist manufacturer of prebiotics and probiotics that has a focused commitment to conducting scientific research in order to better their products. Other products the company produces include multivitamins, protein powder, food products, and amino acids.


Other professional supplement brands to look out for include Wise Woman Herbals, Thorne Research, Pure Encapsulations, Priority One Vitamins, Quicksilver Scientific, and Premier Formulas.


The Essence of Physical Fitness for Race Car Drivers

A healthy adult resting heart rate ranges from 60-100 beats per minute, according to the America Heart Association. The numbers can rise to 200bpm for drivers during a race. Professional car race drivers spend most of their time sitting down behind the wheel. I bet this is why they do not cross our minds when we picture professional athletes. Considering that racing drivers are mechanically-assisted, how hard can their job be? Is physical fitness essential in this line of work? The answers to these questions are explained in this article.


The Intense and Hot Environment.

Racing car drivers work in an intense, hot, and physical environment. Any race car is hot, and drivers have to be physically fit to remain calm and collected in a cockpit that is generally 77°F (25°C,) above ambient. Racing cars are not equipped with air conditioning because it reduces power and increases weight. Drivers, therefore, reduce fatigue through intense cardio. It is consequently imperative that the drivers’ physical fitness has to be excellent.


Racecar drivers spend time in the sun before races to reduce the body’s core temperature. They also eat icy poles and wear ice vests. Air is also fanned through their helmets, and cold water is pumped through their suits to regulate temperature.

The Physicality of Racing Cars.

Many people fail to realize that race car drivers experience forces that cars on the road cannot experience. Race cars are very physical. They are subjected to intense forces running through the brakes, steering, and the immense acceleration. This makes them very difficult to drive. Driving a race car through a turn at a speed of 200mph is physically demanding, and it takes extraordinary stamina and concentration to control it at such speeds.


It takes a physically fit individual to guide and drive successfully. During every brake application, the driver’s lower back bears between 80-100kg. Drivers also deal with constant lateral and longitudinal forces. Mental and physical fitness is required to generate energy to maintain control and finesse.

Relationship Between Physical And Mental Fitness.

A fit driver has a mental, emotional, and physical edge over their rivals. Concentration is critical for a driver, and that is only sustained if the driver is physically fit. Drivers spend hours fighting G-forces from the high speeds and high temperatures of between 130-160 degrees. Mental fitness is mandatory to keep calm in such an environment. Physical fitness allows you to concentrate more on the mental aspect. Races last for several hours, and it takes a lot of strength to maintain a high standard of physical and mental concentration. A racecar driver needs a sharp mind and physical fitness to be able to enter or exit the car quickly.


It is apparent that race car driving is very physical, and it requires physical fitness to produce peak performances. Different disciplines of racing require varying levels of physical fitness, but we can all agree that a fit driver is better equipped to win races.

Things You Must Know About Male Enhancement Pills

Things You Mus Know About Male Enhancement Pills

Nowadays, sexual performance is one of the significant issues. Study claims that 70% of the people are facing sexual problems, mostly men. People feel this awkward, and to avoid embarrassment, they do not try for the solutions. It may lead to disappointment if you may not be able to have satisfaction with your partner. This situation is prevalent for men with age between 20 and 30 but does not let it ruin your happiness.

There is a solution to every problem. Have you ever heard of term ‘Viagra’ or any drugs like this that will help you in great erection? There are many options of such medications that you can take and get rid of your awkwardness. People should understand that there is no need to be ashamed of this situation. To enlighten you more, we will discuss a few musts to know things here.

Can These Pills Improve Your Sex Life?

If you think these pills or drugs will help you to enlarge your part noticeably larger, then you may be on the wrong track. One should know what these pills exactly do. These drugs will give you energy for more extensive and harder erection that will make you feel good. These drugs will boost you up so that you can stay longer in your sexual activities. It will help you to increase your lower self-esteem and confidence. As per research, these pills are highly favorable and have no side-effects.

You can find top most online male extra pills, where you can get information on these drugs here at.

How These Pills Exactly Work?

There are many questions in men mind, how these pills work if they do not enlarge your penis for forever? Medically, the erection is due to the blood flow to the penile chamber. So it is nothing to do anything with the size of the penis. It is claimed after many surveys that even small penis make larger erections that the larger one. These drugs allow increasing the blood flow to the chamber that results in the more massive erection. At the same time, men can also experience the unending high stamina, intensely powerful orgasms, along with the efficient supply of oxygen and nutrients to men cells.

According to small study, male enhancement pills works effectively. It will save you from embarrassment and fill you up with self-confidence.

Are These Pills Safe?

It is suggested that one should go through reviews that are available online for every product. Before taking any pill, men should consult doctors whether it is safe to take these drugs, or they can be harmful. There are many options available in the market for penis enlargement. Some people also choose surgery. According to triple blind survey, which was conducted for men aged 25-50 and results were reliable. Not only this, many medical professionals emphasizing on how effective can be these natural supplements.


Brain boosting supplements to grow your mind

According to study, some of the ingredients in brain-boosting supplements have proved to be beneficial, the studies have been inconsistent, explained Dr. Michael Genovese, a clinical psychiatrist and chief medical officer of Acadia Healthcare. There are many options of these supplements that you can consider and are readily available online. If you are not able to choose one from available options, you can go for Magmind that are in great demand and is available on Top Brain Enhancements.

The more scientific classification of these brain-boosting supplements and their ingredients is called Nootropics. The term nootropic mainly describes natural or human-made substances that are designed to support cognitive functioning and enhance mental performance. Other most common terms you may have heard for these supplements include “smart drugs” or “cognitive enhancers.” You might be aware of its range from caffeine or turmeric to complex compounds of many different herbs and other ingredients that are available online.

How efficient are these pills

Now, the frequently asked question, do they work? Well, yes or no! The exact answer is yet under research, many companies and labs are working on the confirmed results. The research on brain-boosting supplements is not complete itself, but many clinical tests show that these pills are good enough to cure some diseases and enhance brain function to some extent.

Excellent source of different minerals and herbs

People wonder what makes this supplement so effective that it can alter the functioning of the brain. There is nothing to worry about the compounds that are present in brain-boosting supplements. These pills will only complete the needs of required minerals for the brain. It allows the brain to increase the focus ability and amplifies every function that made you learn things even faster. You will feel the results yourself once you start consuming these pills. But make sure the medicines are doctor prescribed.

Choosing the right supplement can help your brain

It is essential to understand what your mind needs, as the compounds of these supplements vary from each other. So choosing the right supplement with right and required minerals can be a challenge. So choose wisely and consume as prescribed.

Common among students and athletes

The intake of these pills should be highly monitored so that it does not result in some odd side effects. These pills are very common among students that help them to stay competitive and alert in their work. Not only students, these supplements are in high demand among athletes that want their mind to stay focused.

According to survey, students are taking drugs which help them for treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder that enhanced their performance during study and exams. But the students that seem to show better results are the most that have relatively poor working memory and attention at baseline.


Want To Boost Your Brain? Read About Getting Smart Drugs Online


Living in this modern world, we know that we really do need to compete with other people. It may not be fair or just, but it is just the way of the world. We can never really avoid conflict even though we want to. There is always the need to stand out amongst the rest and become the best in our chosen field or profession. Of course, it doesn’t have to be toxic. After all, it is possible to maintain healthy competitions to help each other grow and develop as individuals. However, it really does feel good when you are at the top of the food chain.


There are a lot of aspects that humans fight over who is the best. In the earlier days, it is just physical strength: whoever is the strongest wins most of the resources. In the modern world, the competition is complex. There are a lot of factors that you need to keep track. One of the most contested titles of the world is being the most intelligent.


Humans are known to have one of the highest intelligences in the world. The nearest one to the level of human intelligence is the dolphins. You cannot see any dolphin these days developing technology and studying advance fields of ideas so they still have a long way to go. Read more about this here:


On the other hand, humans have developed the knowledge and learning for many decades and generations. We might not have the strength or agility of most animals, but our thinking capacity is higher. Our fangs are the information that we have on other threats and how we can exploit that. Along with our opposable thumbs, we have created this modern world. This creation has also led to the competition that we are experiencing, and the development of our own species.


With all of these feats, you might think that humans are already smart enough that we do not need to learn anymore. This is really not the case. Learning is a process that lasts a lifetime: even when we are old and decrepit we still learn new things. Keeping our brain active is what keeps it functioning as well. Our brain needs exercise in order to avoid stagnation of knowledge and skills. This is why you need to learn new stuff every now and then. It’s like sending a message to your brain that it needs to be healthier. Click here to learn more about this.


Learning new trades promote new nerve connections in our brain which delays the onset of diseases like Alzheimer’s. Learning a new language can be challenging, but it is one of the ways you can protect your brain from damage even in your old age.  Playing puzzles and games like Sudoku and Scrabble stimulates our nerve activities as well. Doing these on routine is really like keeping your whole body in shape. Providing that kind of balance between our physical and mental health is the key to a better well-being.


Sadly, this might not be enough. There are moments in your life in which you might want to have a little boost in brain power. Worrying for an important exam or presentation can help stimulate the brain but it can also be a stressful experience. This is not good for your brain and you whole body. You might need some help to keep you going even for just a short period of time. Fortunately, there are a lot of options that you might take to help you with this dilemma. One of the most popular ones is drinking supplements or consuming brain food. Yes, you read that right: Choosing the right food or supplement to take can help you with your skills in memory or comprehension.



Coffee is one of the most popular ones, as the caffeine keeps you alert and awake for you to learn new things. Ginkgo biloba is also a very popular medicine in many South and South East Asian countries to help their brain function. Ayurvedic medicine is also a similar option with Bacopa Monnieri. Learn more about other plant products for brain health here:


These plants are considered as wonders of nature and have been used for centuries. Even emperors and kings have experience the power of these plants. However, let me introduce you to one of the wonders of the present world when it comes to brain power: Modafinil.


Modafinil is an oral drug that is used to treat many sleep-related disorders such shift work sleep disorder and obstructive sleep apnea. As such, it can be used to avoid sleepiness and increase alertness of the individual. This gives you a lot of time to do the things you want to do. It can also help you think clearly and effectively because it keeps you awake. Even the armies of several countries give modafinil to their soldiers in order to keep them awake especially during crucial or dangerous situations and missions.


However, as with any kind of drug, it is regulated through prescriptions in the USA and UK. It might even be stricter in other countries so if you want to travel, make sure to research about the place before even going. However, it is very strict since it is not considered as a high priority drug by authorities. You can get some of it in drugstores near you or you can order from the internet. There are a lot of websites that offer even cheaper options if you really want to get modafinil. You can even check out many top lists on where to get high-quality yet fair prices modafinil. Surf the net, and you may grab what you are looking for.


Always remember that these supplements can help but it is up to you to make them work. You need to make an effort in order to research more about what you are going to take as medicine. Check with your doctor or specialist to affirm your decision regarding modafinil.




The Testosterone Diet: Your Complete Meal Plan and Supplement Guide


Testosterone is a male sex hormone that is crucial for fertility, building muscle, sexual activity, and the wellbeing of bones. With an increase in age, testosterone levels drop naturally by 1 to 2 percent annually. Nevertheless, the body’s testosterone levels may also be affected by such things as lifestyle and diet, medical issues, and more. Low levels of this crucial hormone can be rectified wxith some medical procedures, more so among young men. Moreover, changes in the way of life and diet can help to boost low testosterone levels by stimulating the body to produce more of this hormone.

Here are some great foods that you should consume to increase your testosterone levels:

Leafy green vegetables

Magnesium is a vital mineral in boosting the testosterone quantity in the body, and it is found in leafy green veggies such as kale, spinach, and Swiss chard. You can also get a good supply of magnesium from other foods such as beans, whole grains, lentils, nuts, and seeds.

Whole eggs

Whole eggs are some of the all-around foods because in addition to supplying the body with vitamins and minerals, they are also rich in fats that boost testosterone, protein, and HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol). You need to eat the whole egg—do not discard the yolk as some overly health conscious people do—to get the critical building blocks (provided by the yolk) for testosterone.


Unlike most of the fruits whose content is mostly carbs, avocados find most of their calories (about 77%) coming from fats, the biggest amount of which is monounsaturated fat, which is needed to improve testosterone levels in the body. Avocado is also rich in Vitamin A, B Vitamins, and Vitamin K2, and minerals such as magnesium, copper, and potassium. This fruit is a very nutritious food with lots of benefits in addition to boosting testosterone.

You may also take some magnesium and zinc supplements to boost your testosterone. Additionally, you can get products to increase your testosterone from Valkyrie shop, who will help you get the physique you want and improve your athletic performance.

Tuna or salmon

Tuna and salmon are rich sources of Vitamin D and Omega 3, in addition to being sources of high-quality proteins for muscle repair and development. Vitamin D has a crucial role in testosterone production. In addition to supplying the two nutrients, salmon provides good cholesterol and selenium.

Other T-boosting foods

The following are also foods to consider while attempting to boost your cholesterol levels:

  •             Oysters
  •             Shellfish
  •             Ginger
  •             Ricotta cheese
  •             Grass-fed butter
  •             Coconut oil and olive oil
  •             Pomegranates
  •             Potatoes
  •             Grapes
  •             Strawberries
  •             Pumpkin seeds
  •             Bananas

Meal plans to boost testosterone

Here are some possible meal plans to help raise your testosterone levels:


Scrambled eggs in butter or olive oil

Mushrooms sautéed with vegetables (spinach)

Bacon (preferably organic)


T-bone steak

Broccoli with carrots and onions cooked in olive oil

Baked potatoes


Grilled chicken breasts

Brown rice

Veggies such as tomatoes and spices or flavorings like thyme, rosemary, and oregano cooked in olive oil


You can improve your testosterone levels by eating the above foods, with which you can make some great meals using recipes available online or from cookbooks.

The Best Ideas for Losing Weight and Keeping it Off


There are many ideas around losing weight and keeping it off and some are effective. The reality is that however if you have bad habits, you will have to make some changes and a few might be dramatic. The key here is focusing on the outcomes which is less weight, better health, and an improved lifestyle. With this in mind, here are a few ideas for losing some weight and keeping it off.


Increase Your Physical Activities


If you live a sedentary lifestyle, you need to introduce lots of movement in your life in order to lose weight. You might be the type that likes to gamble on sports on your mobile phone, on top sports gambling websites like Perhaps you are even great at it, and win all the time, but if this is the closest you get to exercise, you are likely overweight. So find some physical activity or sport you love and engage in it a few times each week for an hour or more each time, and you will lose weight and keep it off.


Use Fat Burners

Fat burners are supplements that contain properties to help you burn fat and lose weight quickly. Although many have proven effective, some have also been shown to be dangerous when used over an extended period of time. Because of this, fat burners are some of the most controversial supplements on the market.

They are sold as nutritional supplements and purport to either increase your metabolism, reduce your fat absorption, help your body burn more fat for fuel, or a combination of these. There are several fat burner ingredients that have been proven to work. These include:


Caffiene – Speeds up metabolism causing more fat to be burned.


Green Tea Extract – Speeds up metabolism and also acts as an appetite suppressant.

Soluble Fiber – This type of fiber absorbs water in your digestive tract and fills you up working as an appetite suppressant.

Protein Powder – Protein is essential for burning fat and concentrated amounts as delivered in a good protein powder can help you burn fat by boosting your metabolism and curbing your appetite.

Yohimbine – Found in the bark of an African tree and effective in blocking fat production.

There are other less effective supplements that have shown some promise as a fat burner. These include:


5-HTP: An amino acid that curbs your appetite for carbs.


Synephrine: Found in orange peels and can help burn body fat more quickly.


Green coffee bean extract: Results are uneven but in some studies it has been shown

to help burn fat quickly.


CLA (conjugated linoleic acid): A group of omega-6 fatty acids that show uneven results. Some people love it and others see not positive effects for fat burning.


Remember that each of these substances has some side effects. So do your research and contact your personal doctor before using any of them.


Cut Back on Sugar and Other Carbohydrates


Carbohydrates and sugar are easily digested and can give you an immediate boost in energy. They are also fast moving through your digestive system and cause your body to quickly preserve them and turn them into fat. Other types of nutrients like protein and fats metabolize much more slowly and are therefore slower to be stored by the body as fat. When you eat less carbs, you also train your body to feed off its own fat and not sugar. Cutting out carbs immediately puts your body in weight loss mode causing you to feel less hungry and shed pounds. So you should limit your intake of carbs and sugars in order to lose weight and keep it off.


Try this combination of tips and strategies to lose weight quickly and keep it off. But remember that everyone is different. For some people it takes more time for their bodies to burn the fat. So be patient and stick to the plan


Egg & Sperm Donation: What you should know

Egg & Sperm Donation

Infertility is the inability of a mature body to conceive. A married couple is considered infertile if a woman’s pregnancy does not occur within a year of regular sexual activity without the use of contraceptive methods.

Infertility is the inability of a mature body to conceive. A married couple is considered infertile if a woman’s pregnancy does not occur within a year of regular sexual activity without the use of contraceptive methods. About 15% of married couples around the world face this problem, and the problem of female infertility is more acute than male. According to statistics, about 60% of all barren marriages account for violations in the body of women.

Assisted reproductive technologies come to the aid of childless spouses, the main of which is IVF. This abbreviation means “in vitro fertilization,” or “fertilization outside the body.” IVF international is a good opportunity to become parents. You need to go to the clinic together: the tests to find out the reasons for the inability to get pregnant will have to be passed to both partners.

In this article, we will talk about egg and sperm donation. Around the world, there is a boom in donated eggs. Women over 40 are combing hundreds of sites trying to find a donor with the “correct” eye and hair color, figure, high IQ so that all these virtues can then be transferred to the long-awaited child. And many girls sell their eggs without regret.

You cannot buy health, but you can sell

In the USA, where donor agencies grow like mushrooms after rain, it is almost impossible to track their financial flows, because this service sector is based on the principles of the free-market systems – they agree on payment on the spot. Doctors strongly advise donors to donate eggs more than six times.

Young girls take strong hormonal drugs and this does not pass without a trace. It’s one thing when a person is sick, she has cancer, and she swallows strong medications. But these are healthy girls! And they are simply ruining themselves!

Also, sperm donor services are becoming increasingly popular worldwide. Sperm donors can be men from 18 to 35 years old who have not had sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS. But becoming a donor is not so easy. First, the candidate will be examined: they will conduct a sperm analysis, their blood will be examined for HIV, hepatitis, syphilis, and they will be asked to undergo psychological and genetic examinations.

The most important is the number of sperm in 1 ml of seminal fluid. The average man has about 15 million sperm in 1 ml, a donor should have at least 60 million. If there are few sperms, the sample is thrown out and no money is paid.

If potential parents do not have time to look through thousands of candidate donors themselves, you can turn to specially trained people who, for a fee, will find a donor matching any of your requirements.