The Best HGH Pills To Buy in 2018- Full Review (Updated July 2019)

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What are HGH Pills?

In this cut-throat competitive world, we all want to stand out and outsmart each other! Be it may on an intellectual level or physical appearance we want to be better than others maybe better than what we were before. To be honest, intellectually there is very little we can do to enhance one’s intellect. But there is a lot we can do about our physical appearance as it’s rightly said: “The first impression is the last impression!” We take care of ourselves and take all the steps necessary for every day “Red Carpet appearances!” Eating healthy, following diets, going to gyms, etc. is a serious affair. We do everything possible for that desirable look that we always wanted to portray. Office parties, important presentations, date nights, and what not; we have been perfect! When this everyday affair becomes mundane we tend to lose the spark and get a little comfortable and start to take things for granted, we start to take our fitness for granted and then we lose our spark, the motivation to go down the same road.

That’s when the desirable effects are not evident enough to keep us on our track we take refuge in dietary supplements. Dietary supplements are the saviors which help us to go that extra mile and help us dazzle our every day as I said before “Red Carpet appearances”. Dietary supplements are of vital importance and thus to curb the need there are various supplements available in the market. Our body needs a good amount of necessary vitamins and proteins which can’t be fulfilled by the diets. When we work out the proteins are used up in the repairing of the muscles wear and tear. This naturally leads to the fewer amounts of proteins in our body which is results in low energy levels and can be of serious damage to the body. Thus, we need dietary supplements in order to function normally without taking any further stress. To provide the additional insight into these dietary supplements which is right for you, let’s check out the revolutionary product- HGH Pills!


Results of HGH



Introduction to hgh pills

HGH is Human Growth Hormone. These hormones are present in our body generally known as Growth Hormones. Somatropin in layman’s term is known as Growth Hormone or (GH). It is a hormone that stimulates growth, cell reproduction, and cell regeneration, increasing the bone density, muscle mass, etc in our bodies. GH is important as it helps in maintaining the youthful appearance.GH helps in the process of hydrolysis of fat which gives us the energy to carry out our everyday tasks. Young adolescents secrete GH at the rate of about 700µg/day. Adults secrete GH at about 400µg/day. After early adulthood, the secretion is generally lesser as compared to the earlier. The Growth Hormone apart from increasing the height in the children has other bodily functions which are equally more important. GH helps in regulating the glucose levels of the body; it helps in stimulating the immune system, bone and muscle maintenance, etc. As we age the secretion of this Growth Hormone decreases drastically, this amount is enough for the body.

This already decreased amount of GH is lessening by numerous factors like sleep deprivation, stress, other health issues, etc. In order to help us out this miracle Hormone is made available to us synthetically and in various forms, like HGH Pills, HGH Sprays, HGH Releasers, HGH Injections, HGH Patches, etc. But today we are going to discuss in detail about HGH Pills.


HGH Pills Ingredients

Human Growth Hormone Pills are dietary supplements available in the market. These HGH Pills are OTC products i.e. Over the Counter products which can be taken without any prescriptions. Although there are some HGH Pills which require a prescription from a qualified physician because of the high amount of GH dosages.

Do you want to know what goes into this miracle pill and what exactly the ingredients do for you? Here’s a breakdown for you by Jim Stoppani, Ph.D. at

  • L-ARGININE HCL: Arginine is best known for its ability to boost nitric oxide levels. It can also boost growth hormone levels. It does this by inhibiting production of somatostatin, a hormone that impairs GH production. With the inhibition lifted, GH levels increase significantly.
  • L-LYSINE HCL: Arginine is an amino acid that is readily converted in the body into nitric oxide which widens blood vessels so that the oxygen and nutrient-rich blood can be reached to the muscles.
  • ACETYLCYSTEINE: Acetylcysteine is an amino acid that protects muscle cells from oxidative damage that occurs during exercise, and aids in their recovery. It has also been shown to improve muscle endurance, enhance fat loss, and boost Nitric Oxide levels.
  • L-GLUTAMINE: Glutamine can also increase GH production. Researchers at Louisiana State reported that subjects taking this amino acid had an increase in GH levels 90 minutes after ingestion. It’s also important for proper immune function.
  • SCHIZONEPETA: This Japanese herb is well known for its ability to enhance immune function in the body and therefore is often used to combat the common cold. Research shows that it may also help in the treatment of certain skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, and rashes.

Thus with the adequate ratios of the ingredients, the GH levels were increased in the clinical study.

As mentioned earlier in another article, we just can’t overlook the famous study Done by Dr. Daniel Rudman. Here are the details of the study:


A study was done by Dr. Daniel Rudman’s human growth hormone study.

This research was taken place in 1990 by Dr. Daniel Rudman, an endocrinologist from Madison, Wisconsin.

Dr. Rudman claimed that the intakes of HGH will reverse the aging process. Human Growth Hormone is required in the body to rejuvenate and heal itself. It also restores the shrinking cells nut, unfortunately, this process is slowed down after the age of 21 to 30.   This indicated the benefits stated were reasonably accurate.

In Dr. Daniel Rudman’s double-blind placebo study the subjects who were taking the HGH dosages saw what appeared to be the reversal of the aging process of 10 to 20 years.

The above results were published in “the New England Journal of Medicine.”


Benefits of HGH Pills

HGH Pills have become very popular in the recent years, more and more adults have been started seeking HGH supplements, especially the athletes, who want to improve their body composition and their performance.

Many bodybuilders, who need supplements in order to support themselves to maintain a large amount of muscle while eating fewer calories and cutting out a lot of fat, they use HGH alongside anabolic steroids to help their body hold on to as much muscle as possible.

Even the non-athletes are taking HGH Pills, to keep themselves younger and maintain their energy levels.  HGH Pills are taken orally and thus is normal if you take them without prescription but it’s highly recommended to take a prescription.

Furthermore, the benefits of the HGH Pills are amazing. The ones who take HGH Pills will experience the following:

  • Increase in protein synthesis  more muscle growth or lean mass
  • Promotes lipolysis i.e. your body burns off more fat
  • Faster recovery after workouts.
  • Higher energy levels
  • Better sleep induction
  • Tissue regeneration
  • Stimulates and enhances the immune system
  • Faster regeneration of cells
  • Better blood pressure
  • Faster regeneration of cells
  • Help prevent erectile dysfunction
  • Stronger Bones
  • Better cholesterol levels
  • Higher libido
  • Muscle tissue retain more nitrogen
  • Reduces liver uptake of glucose.
  • Stimulates growth of all internal organs excluding the brain.
  • Plays a vital role in homeostasis.
  • Contributes to the maintenances and function of pancreatic islets. (Maintenance of glucose.)


As we know there are numerous HGH pills available in the market but to make your work easier here’s a list of HGH Pills or capsules available in the market:

  • HGH-X2
  • L-Ornithine
  • L-Arginine
  • Tara nutricare GH boost
  • Al sports nutrition HGH pro
  • Summit nutrition’s HGH support
  • Somatropinne HGH
  • HGH-max
  • GenF20
  • GH advanced

If you plan to spend your money on hgh pills, we recommend you go for quality instead of quantity. Some hgh pills have shown to be very effective and used by thousands of Americans in the past.

(Note: all the mentioned HGH product names are for reference purpose and we do not promote any of the above brands. It’s highly recommended to take the advice of your physician and take the dosages as per mentioned on the label or as per the prescription of a qualified physician.)

In the above article, there is everything you need to know about the HGH Pills. We hope that this article will help you in making the right choice.



HGH Before and After – What Can You Expect? (Updated July 2019)

hgh pills

Overview Hgh Before and After 

Originally developed to help treat children with Growth Hormone deficiency or dwarfism, human growth hormone has shown great promise for muscle building and fat burning. It has changed the bodybuilding game.

There are a whole bunch of benefits apart from HGH being able to dramatically and effectively help build muscle mass and shed body fat.

When people consider HGH they are often curious about what to expect and what the timeline looks like. Typically the course of treatment lasts around 6 months but based on need, it has also been prescribed for 4 months at a time. HGH injections are most often prescription only and are used to treat medical conditions. It is illegal and dangerous to use without a prescription. The good news is that there is an alternative, natural and safer legal dietary supplements that help achieve similar results.

Here we take a closer look at HGH results and what the timeline for HGH therapy can be expected to yield.

Benefits of HGH

Provided that HGH is used responsibly, you can reap the benefits while keeping side effects at bay. Before we go into the benefits, it’s important to keep in mind that adding HGH to regimen means you are increasing production of hormones in the body. This means responsible use is crucial to avoid imbalances which often lead to side effects.

HGH before and after 2 months

Now that we know the importance of responsible HGH use for optimal results, let’s take a look at what benefits one can expect from taking HGH:

  • Reduce Body Fat
  • Increase muscle mass
  • Increase strength
  • Increase in metabolism
  • Increased energy and stamina
  • Better sleep
  • Healthier hair and nails
  • Younger looking skin
  • Improved mental process
  • Elevated mood
  • Faster recovery times
  • Stronger Immune system


That is quite an impressive list of benefits that can be expected from HGH. The most frequently asked question regarding HGH when it is being considered is “How long will it take to see results?” Results, of course, tend to vary from person to person with regards to how quickly it can bring about these effects, but they will definitely come about in a visible and impressive way. Age is definitely a factor in how quickly the results make themselves visible.

Break down of HGH Before and After

1 Month of HGH before and after: From the very beginning of your HGH cycle, the hormone gets to work by triggering certain changes in your body. In just one month or roughly 4 weeks, you can notice changes. Increase in energy and mood are the first effects to be noticed. Most benefits that you might reap in the first month are perhaps not as physically visible but you can definitely expect to feel a significant difference.

  • Better Concentration
  • Increase in energy
  • Improved stamina
  • Increase in Strength
  • Better sleep

2 Months of HGH before and after: At the 2-month mark, visible results can be expected. By this time the HGH has had a chance to work and will provide the body with better cell regeneration. This means several physical improvements. Vision can be expected to improve, visible changes in hair and speeding up of metabolism are all benefits to look forward to in the second month of HGH

  • Stronger hair and nails
  • Increase in metabolism
  • Improvement in muscle tone
  • Better vision
  • Increase in libido
  • Increase in cellular regeneration

3 Months of HGH before and after: Around the 3-month mark, you are half way through and can expect to see visible results. You can visibly see improvements in your hair. At this point is when the effects of HGH extend to your bones. A potential treatment for osteoporosis, HGH will strengthen your bones. While this isn’t a visible change, it is a change you can feel in terms of less joint pain and better flexibility. Women who use HGH will notice a difference in their menstruation cycle because it helps to reduce bad PMS symptoms. Menopausal women can also expect to see a reduction in the negative effects of menopause. You can also expect to a stronger immune system at this point.

  • Improvement in concentration
  • Better flexibility
  • Visible growth in muscle size
  • Hair is thicker and more full
  • Reduction in negative menopausal effects
  • Reduced PMS symptoms
  • Stronger Bones
  • Improved immune system
  • Better cognitive function

4 Months of HGH before and after: Now that treatment is past the halfway mark, results should be becoming more and more visible. All the above effects on mood, energy, stamina, skin, hair, etc. will continue to improve. By this time metabolism should be up significantly and you can notice a gradual loss of fat. Further increases in muscle become more evident. Your cardiac output will show positive results as well. If you combine HGH with sports or an exercise regimen and healthy diet, you can expect far better results.

  • A significant increase in endurance
  • Little to no joint pains
  • Greatly improved mental function
  • All previous results are further amplified and even more visible


5 months of HGH before and after: By month 5, if you find yourself looking back, you might be surprised to see just how far you’ve come. You’ll have noticed nearly all the effects of HGH results. Better skin elasticity, great hair, and looking youthful are some of the benefits to expect. Signs of aging should be somewhat reversed at this point. As we grow older our natural HGH levels dip and it can cause signs of aging, by month 5 since your HGH levels are high and close to when you were younger, you can expect improved, younger physical appearance.

  • Skin tightening
  • Firmer and more elastic skin (fewer wrinkles)
  • Significantly noticeable fat loss
  • Reduces other signs of aging like spots and uneven skin tone

6 months of HGH before and after: With this, 6 months of HGH therapy ends and you can expect to have noticed and experienced all the benefits of HGH mentioned at the start of this article. This is also a good time to compare before and after pictures to see just how far you’ve come. Improved metabolism and muscle growth mean you will likely see a whole new body. You can also expect a great reduction in the appearance of cellulite. The fat loss combined with muscle growth means a more defined and well-contoured body. You should be able to handle high-intensity physical activity and not just look, but feel younger in every way, many users notice that if they have many greys in their hair, this reduces and there is the return of color. You can also expect healthier cholesterol levels if it a problem that you faced before.

  • The overall increase in youthfulness
  • Reduced greys
  • Increased ability to perform high-intensity tasks
  • Bad cholesterol (LDL) levels reduce significantly
Hgh before and after 3 months


Final Say about HGH Before and After

The below table gives you a quick glance at what the before and after of HGH treatment look like.




Dry, dull graying hair

Thick, shiny healthy hair

Skin discoloration, wrinkles

Smooth, elastic skin and improved skin tone

Poor muscle tone

Leaner and better musculature

Extra body fat

Greatly visible fat loss


Low Stamina and Strength

Increased endurance, strength, and energy

Age-related reduced visibility

Improvement in vision


Poor sleep

Deeper and better sleep

Mood problems

Elevated mood and state of mind

Poor concentration

Better concentration and productivity.


If you want to improve well-being, physicality and see an overall increase in the quality of your being, HGH therapy might be worth the consideration. If you are deciding to start HGH treatment, remember to consult your doctor before using, so that you can understand how to use responsibly and avoid any interactions with medicines you might be taking for existing medical conditions.

Before and after photos to record your journey will prove useful so you can see just how far you come. While HGH is a great solution to many problems, it MUST be used responsibly and plan therapy accordingly.

HGH Results

To see best results, remember to combine HGH therapy with a healthy balanced diet, and exercise.

Serostim (HGH) Review 2018- Benefits & Side Effects (Updated July 2019)


What is Serostim?

Serostim is the brand name of Serono; a drug prescription and a form of a synthetic growth hormone that is marketed for wasting syndrome associated with AIDS. Specifically, Serostim is basically indicated or used for the HIV patient’s treatment with cachexia or wasting syndrome in order to increase body weight and body mass & also to improve the physical endurance. Along with it, the therapy of concomitant antiretroviral is necessary. The molecular weight of Serostim is 22,125 daltons. Check the full product composition here.


Serostim in Bodybuilding

Also known as somatropin, the HGH is actually an injectable drug for growth hormone that is available only through prescriptions. Like many other growth hormones’ synthetic form, Serostim is created by utilizing the recombinant DNA technologies. The FDA has also approved Serostim for the treatment of the muscle-wasting disease known as cachexia. Actually, the Serostim comprises of residues of the 191 amino acid & its structure and sequence are similarly identical to the endogenous growth hormone. Its structure and sequence confirm that it can do the same job as that of the natural growth hormone. If someone is suffering from lack of growth hormone then he could be seriously benefited from this compound.

The product was also studied in the regard to its capabilities to improve the mass of lean muscle and weight gain for individuals who were diagnosed with HIV. For that purpose, Serostim is used in bodybuilding, though it is illegal to use in bodybuilding.

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Benefits and side effects in bodybuilding

According to one source, the treatment of the 0.1 mg/kg per every alternate day is seen to have fewer or fewer side effects. The product is also recommended as the initial dosage for patients who have been diagnosed with a risk of the glucose intolerance. However, it is worthwhile to note that there is actually minimal information regarding long-term or short-term benefits or side effects is accessible from the controlled studies or researchers after the use of it (Serostim) for 48 weeks or more.

Some adverse or negative reactions that may develop are as follows.

• Diabetic ketoacidosis.
• Worsening of diabetes mellitus that was pre-existing.
• A new outbreak of the diabetes mellitus (type 2)
• A new outbreak of the impaired intolerance of glucose.
• Diabetic coma.

Administration and Dosage

Serostim is usually administered by injecting subcutaneously. It should also be remembered that Serostim therapy is carried out best under the capable and regular guidance of at least one physician or doctor who is an expert & experienced in management and diagnosis of the HIV infection.

Cachexia or wasting syndrome associated with HIV

The product common starting dose is 0.1mg/kg, given subcutaneously once every day, which is up to a complete dose of six mg. Serostim must be administered by subcutaneous injection once every day as per the following recommendations of dosage based on the body-weight.

  • If the body weight is more than 55 kg or 121 lb then the dosage will be 6 mg given subcutaneously daily.
  • If the body weight is between 45 to 55 kg or 99 to 121 lb then the dosage will be 5 mg given subcutaneously daily.
  • If the body weight is between 35 to 45 kg or 75 to 99 lb then the dosage will be 4 mg given subcutaneously daily.
  • If the body weight is less than 35 kg or 75 lb then the dosage will be 0.1 mg per kg given subcutaneously daily.

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Serostim Side effects

Treatment with the product given 0.1 mg per kg every alternate day consorted with some side effects which further resulted in one similar improvement or development in the work output, compared to the Serostim dosage of 0.1 mg per kg daily. Therefore, an initial Serostim dosage of 0.1 mg per kg every alternate day must be taken into consideration for patients who are at the increased or elevated risk for negative or adverse effects associated with the therapy of the growth hormone that is recombinant.

The majority of the effects of the Serostim on the mass of a lean body and work output was obvious post the treatment of 12 weeks. These effects were maintained during the therapy of an extra 12 weeks. There are actually no available data on efficacy or safety from the controlled studies, where the patients were actually treated with the Serostim for over 48 weeks. There are also no data available on efficacy or safety from the trials where patients with wasting syndrome or cachexia associated with HIV infection were observed to be treated sporadically with the Serostim.

Administration and preparation

Each and every product’s vial of 6 mg or 5 mg is transformed with the 0.5 ml to 1 ml of sterile water for the injection, USP.

Each and every Serostim’s vial of 4 mg is transformed in 0.5 ml to 1 ml (bacteriostatic water) for the injection, USP (preserved 0.9 percent of Benzyl Alcohol). For Benzyl Alcohol-sensitive patients, Serostim may be transformed with the help of sterile water for the injection, USP.

When the Serostim is transformed for injection, USP, with the help of sterile water, the transformed solution must be used promptly and immediately. Any unused or extra portion must be discarded. If the injection is not used quickly after it has been made then not only the efficiency of the injection decreases to a great extent but also there could be some serious side effects.

When the product is transformed for injection, USP (preserved 0.9 percent of benzyl alcohol), using bacteriostatic water, the transformed solution can be put in a freezer or refrigerator, maintaining a temperature of 2 to 8-degree celsius or 36 to 46-degree Fahrenheit, for 2 weeks.

Mechanical loss of approximately 10 percent can be related to the administration and reconstitution from the multidose vials.

To recreate the liquid, one has to inject first, into the vial of Serostim, the diluent; aiming that liquid against the vial’s glass wall. Then one will have to start swirling that vial gently with a rotary motion till the contents are completely dissolved. It must not be shaken. The drug products that are parental must be inspected, always, visually for grainy matter & any discoloration before administration, whenever the container and solution permit. The product should not be injected in case the solution is found to contain grainy or particulate matter or appears cloudy. It should only be used if the solution is colorless and clear.

The following should be used while administering the product.

• A needle, standard sterile and disposable syringe.
• A Serostim injection device that is needle-free.
• A device of needle injection that is compatible to Serostim.

Strengths and dosage forms

The single-use administration, which is to be transformed into the sterile water:

• 5 mg of Serostim, per vial.
• 6 mg of Serostim, per vial.

Multi-use administration, which is to be transformed using bacteriostatic water:

• 4 mg of Serostim, per vial.


These are the following contraindications related to the use of Serostim.

• Acute and critical illness
• The therapy of growth hormone should never be initiated or started in those patients who are suffering from acute and critical illness, as a result of complications following abdominal or open heart surgery, failure of acute respiratory or accidental trauma.
• Active Malignancy
• Generally, somatropin or Serostim is often contraindicated in active malignancy’s presence. Any pre-existing active malignancy must be inactive & treatment of it should be complete before starting therapy with the somatropin. The somatropin must be discontinued or stopped if any evidence of such recurrent activity is found.
• Hypersensitivity
• Serostim is also contraindicated in those patients who are known to have hypersensitivity to Serostim or somatropin or its excipients. There are reports of systematic hypersensitivity with the post-marketing use of the Serostim or somatropin products.
• Diabetes Retinopathy
• Somatropin or Serostim is also known to have contradictions with severe non-proliferative or active proliferative diabetic retinopathy.

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Precautions and Warnings

  • Acute and critical illness

There is an increased mortality observed in patients suffering from acute and critical illness because of complications post abdominal or open heart surgery or accidental trauma or patients with reported respiratory failure after the treatment with somatropin or serostim.

  • Concomitant or adjuvant antiretroviral therapy

In few experimental systems, the somatropin was shown to increase the HIV replication (in vitro) at concentrations starting from 50 to 250 ng per ml. No increase was seen in the production of the virus when the zidovudine, lamivudine, didanosine or other antiretroviral agents were included to the culture medium. Additionally, studies (in vitro) reveal that somatropin or Serostim doesn’t any way interfere with antiviral activities of stavudine or zalcitabine. Furthermore, it was observed that there was no considerable somatropin or serostim-associated increase in the viral burden. However, that protocol needed all the participants on the concomitant or adjuvant antiretroviral therapy during the entire study. Keeping in view the potential and possible acceleration of the virus replication, it is advised that the HIV infected patients be kept and maintained on the antiretroviral therapy during the treatment of Serostim.



Reason being malignancies are usual in patients who are HIV positive, the benefits and risks of starting serostim or somatropin in those patients of HIV positive must be cautiously taken into consideration prior to the treatment of Serostim & the patients must be carefully monitored for the neoplasms development, once somatropin treatment is started. One should monitor all the patients with a history of neoplasm on a routine basis while on the therapy of Serostim or somatropin, for recurrence or progression of the tumor. Also, one must monitor those on the somatropin therapy cautiously for increased or elevated growth or pre-existing nevi’s possible malignant changes.

  • Diabetes/compromised glucose tolerance

Hyperglycaemia is likely to occur in individuals who are HIV infected because of many reasons. In the wasting patients, serostim treatment of 0.1 mg per kg every alternate day & 0.1 mg per kg daily for almost 3 months was related with approximately 6 mg per dL and 10 mg per dL increases in the concentrations of the mean fasting glucose in the blood, respectively. The increases were seen early and initially in treatment. Individuals with some other risk factor related to glucose intolerance must be observed closely during the therapy of serostim.

  • Intracranial hypertension

Intracranial hypertension or IH with a headache, nausea, papilledema, and/or vomiting is commonly reported in small number of patients under the somatropin treatment. The symptoms normally occur within first eight weeks after starting the therapy of serostim or somatropin. In all the reported cases, intracranial hypertension related symptoms and signs were seen rapidly resolving after stopping of therapy or reduction of doses of the somatropin. One should perform routinely the fundoscopic examination, during the entire course of the therapy of serostim. In case, papilledema is seen by the fundoscopy during treatment of somatropin or serostim, one should stop the treatment. One can restart the treatment at lower doses if somatropin-induced intracranial hypertension is diagnosed, the treatment with serostim or somatropin, soon after the IH-associated symptoms and signs have resolved.

  • Severe hypersensitivity

Serious and severe reactions to systemic hypersensitivity including angioedema and anaphylactic reactions were reported with the somatropin product’s postmarketing use. Caregivers and patients have to be informed about the possibility of such reactions. They should also be advised that they must seek prompt attention if they experience an allergic reaction.

  • Fluid retention

Increased or elevated tissue turgor such as swelling especially in the feet and hands, and discomfort in the musculoskeletal like swelling, pain and/or stiffness, may be experienced during serostim treatment, but may be managed with the analgesic therapy or reducing the dosing’s frequency.

  • Lipoatrophy

When somatropin or serostim is injected subcutaneously at the same site for a longer time, there may be the occurrence of tissue atrophy. This can be prevented by changing or rotating the site of the injection.

  • Clinical Pharmacology

Serostim is actually an anticatabolic and anabolic agent that exerts influence by interacting or collaborating with some specific receptors on various cell types, which includes lymphocytes, hepatocytes, myocytes, adipocytes and hematopoietic cells. Few but not all of Serostim’s effects are mediated or arbitrated by IGF-1 (insulin-like growth-factor-1)

  • Information on Patient Counselling

Patients who are being treated with the Serostim should be educated on the risks as well as the potential benefits related to the treatment. Patients must be instructed or advised to contact a physician if they experience or feel any discomfort or side effects during the Serostim treatment.

It is advised as well as recommended that the product should be administered or injected using sterile needles and disposable syringes. Patients must be instructed thoroughly the necessity of the proper disposal & should also be cautioned against reuse of syringes and needles. A container must be employed where the used needles and syringes will be disposed.

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HGH for Bodybuilding 2018- A Full Guide (Updated July 2019)

hgh bodybuilding

Introduction to HGH bodybuilding

Like in Kung Fu Panda 3, Po rightly said, “Never underestimate the power of a dramatic entrance.” But we cannot do that kind of drama (sigh) so we pay more attention to our appearance. We strive and make sure that everything about our appearance is on point! We dress like there is no tomorrow and with every step we take confidence oozes out. We want everyone in the conference room to remember our name and try hard to impress the authority at the workplace or be it our date. We want people to remember us and admire us. We make sure that we take care of ourselves, eat right, sleep right, dress right, party right, everything right! But there comes a time when we just can’t go that extra mile. We are tired of going to the gym and following the boring diets. The desirable effect isn’t seen. The perfect sculpted body now remains a myth. And then we think of giving up but what about those extra miles you have come across? After overcoming all these hurdles, just when the finish line is near we can’t give up! That’s when the “right” supplement is needed. We try out different types of bodybuilding supplements in the market. There are a lot of bodybuilding supplements available in the market. But I am going to talk about the “right one.” Human Growth Hormone for bodybuilding is an amazing supplement trending in the market. Let’s check out what exactly Human Growth Hormone is.

What is Human Growth Hormone?

Human Growth Hormone (HGH or simply Growth Hormone i.e. GH) is responsible for body growth in humans. This Growth Hormone is known as somatotropin. Growth Hormone is a stress hormone which releases glucose and fatty acids. It’s a hormone which stimulates cell reproduction, cell regeneration, and growth. Increasing muscle mass, bone density is impossible without the Growth Hormone. The secretion of the growth hormone helps in the process of fat reduction. This process is known as hydrolysis of fats. The Growth Hormone increases the size and the number of skeletal muscle cells. It also stimulates the growth of the connective tissue, which leads to a more youthful appearance. The GH produced in healthy adult men is less than 5 nanograms per milliliter circulating in the blood whereas healthy adult females can produce twice that amount for child-bearing purposes. Moreover adequate amount of GH is required for our body for proper functioning. The secretion of the GH levels increases during puberty but drop sharply starting in the early 20s. Low levels of GH results in muscle loss, fat gain, low sex drive and energy levels.

HGH is very popular as a bodybuilding supplement as it’s not a steroid but a synthetic hormone.HGH is also used as a performance-enhancing drug and is now very popular.

hgh effects


HGH for bodybuilding Benefits

Maintaining your body’s insulin levels, amino acid transport, protein synthesis and fat tissues are all the vital bodily processes that all the bodybuilders require. There are various diet supplements for bodybuilding purposes and are called as steroids. But HGH for bodybuilding is not a steroid and hence Human Growth Hormone assists our body to maintain the above process.HGH triggers the mechanism of increasing the Growth Hormone in our body most of the bodybuilders take GH supplements to increase their strength, endurance, lean muscle mass. The professional athletes use it for better performance also knowing that it won’t show up in their urine tests.

There are various types of HGH supplements for bodybuilding in the market. Let’s check them out!

  • HGH Injections

These injections should be taken under a qualified physician’s observation and the prescription is mandatory. These injections are very expensive as they are injected directly into the veins. The effectiveness of the injections is depended upon the functioning of the pituitary glands which is different for each individual.

  • Homeopathic sprays

This spray contains homeopathic growth hormone. Homeopathic sprays are the safest non-injection therapy. They are also called as releases as they help the pituitary gland to increase its own release of Growth Hormone. However, homeopathic sprays will not cause the pituitary glands to release the growth hormone more than its optimum level for an individual.

  • Releases

Such products are called as a dietary supplement. These are an amino acid pill. Tablet, capsule and powder products that are taken by mouth and go through the stomach. These types of product are called as enhancers or precursors.

  • Growth hormone Releasing hormone or (GHRH)

These are a man-made synthetic version of the Growth Hormone-releasing Hormone that is naturally made by the body, called as Sermorelin. It’s a 29 amino acid polypeptide that represents the 1-29 fragments from endogenous human GHRH which is the shortest fully functional fragment of GHRH. Such polypeptides are also called Growth Hormone releasing factors. These products are given by injection.

  • Patch

Some companies are manufacturing patches and topical creams. These companies claim that the patches or the creams are as good as the Growth Hormone Pills or the sprays. Such products can either be homeopathic or may contain the amino acid, herbs, etc.

Studies and benefits of Human Growth Hormone:

There are two theories related to how HGH helps in building body muscles mass, there are two studies proving these theories:

  • The dual effector’s theory:

Dual effectors theory claims that the Growth Hormone impacts directly on the body tissues.

When the researchers injected GH into mice, they found that mice with more GH would be larger than those injected with more IGF-1. (Insulin-like growth factor -1)

When the IGF-1 anti-serum (negates the effects of IGF-1) combined with GH, it showed that the growth effects are depleted. This suggests that IGF-1 probably activates between the muscle tissue and the pituitary gland

  • Somatomedin hypothesis:

Somatomedin hypothesis claims that the GH is effective when combined with IGF-1. GH will be released by the pituitary gland and then will go through the liver and peripheral tissues.IGF-1 travels in your blood to the target tissues, working as endocrine growth factors. It’s secreted in from the liver. In the animals which are GH deficient, research has shown that IGF-1 mixtures have helped them grow.

In both the theories above; HGH release stimulates the production of IGF-1. The circulation of IGF-1 helps the body to repair and grow.

There is ample evidence that HGH supplements enhance the natural GH production in our bodies. The very first study was done related to this where the subjects were given 1200mg of L-lysine and L-Arginine. This elevated their HGH levels in the body successfully. HGH is now safer as they are combined with natural compounds, herbs, compounds of amino acids and peptides which enhance the body’s natural production of HGH. This is amazing for the bodybuilding community as they don’t have to deal with the nasty and quite dangerous side effects of the steroids.

Benefits of Human Growth Hormone

Human Growth Hormone is said to be the “fountain of youth”. There are several benefits you need to be aware of such as:

  • Increased cellular recovery
  • Reduction in blood pressure
  • Increased fat loss
  • Sleep improvement
  • Vision improvement
  • Heightened sex drive
  • Memory retention, etc.

Looking at the above list seems to be like amazing benefits. Most of the benefits are vital for the bodybuilders. As the bodybuilders train for more than 4 hours on daily basis or workout twice a day seems to have a negative impact on your body or our body may respond negatively. Due to the use of muscle protein after the workout to promote energy levels after the glucose level have been depleted, the muscles are being destroyed. This is called catabolism. For a person who is sweating blood and tears to gain muscles, it seems to be a nightmare! Thus to prevent this, supplements are useful.

Human Growth Hormone helps the bodybuilders to increase the healing rate of the wounds i.e. the cellular repair. The recovery cycle is faster than the normal process which is known as protein synthesis.  As the bodybuilders aim for low-fat percentage in the body HGH helps them in decreasing body fat or helps the body to fasten the process of lipolysis i.e. breaking down of fats in order to be used as energy.

The Growth Hormone promotes the effect of skin firming so that the appearance of aging decreases. Because of the pre-workout supplements such as nitric oxide boosters the heart rate increases resulting in higher blood pressure. This risk can be lowered as HGH helps the body to balance out the blood pressure.

Lastly, the ability to sleep better helps the bodybuilders to promote better muscle recovery. This leads to better performance levels.

The verdict on HGH for bodybuilding

If you consume the HGH supplements, train properly with proper diet, you are almost guaranteed to notice the effects of HGH on your hormone levels. Results will obviously vary from person to person as we know that the mechanism of our bodies differs from person to person. I hope that the above information must have helped you in making a right decision.








The Best Hgh For Women To Buy in 2018 (Updated July 2019)

hgh for women

What is the best hgh for women?

We women play a lot of roles in our lives. We are not less than any superstar! We take care of our children, parents, husband, his parents, our friends, our work… oh! The never-ending list! We make sure that all the things depended on us will be taken care of. We are so busy out there struggling to balance out our personal and professional lives that we seldom give time to ourselves. We promise ourselves that we will start taking care of our health and sleep a little more. But that goes in vain because of the last minute meetings or the promise to help our kids in their school project but we forgot *Sigh!*. As we know that women undergo a zillion number of hormonal changes which results in health issues. We put on weight, low energy levels, hair fall, irregular menstrual cycle, skin related problems such as aging, acne; delay in conceiving….etc.

The pressure of keeping up with all the tasks leads us to stress over the various things and not to forget our mood swings or the heebie-jeebies we get right before our periods! Because of the stress, our body goes an extra mile to normalize the functioning. This affects our health and thus leads to a number of issues. As we pray to our stars that someone out there should help us a bit or at least make our lives a cake walk! We just don’t have time for the long processes that help us in leading a healthy lifestyle.

In fact, to help us out there are a lot of supplements on the market which helps us to overcome our deficiencies or help us in maintaining our health. There is a buzz in the market for the Human Growth Hormone supplements which in fact helps us in all the ways possible! People have named it the “fountain of youth”! Let’s check out this supplement and what the hype is all about.

Benefits of human growth hormone:

Human Growth Hormone has a lot of benefits. As mentioned before it’s known as the fountain of youth! Let’s check out in detail what exactly the benefits of HGH are.

  • HGH for women helps in cell regeneration

We all know that the body undergoes a lot of changes as we grow. The changes occur in the tissues and the cells are balanced out with the help of HGH. It helps in cell repairing and cell rebuilding. As we grow old, this process takes the time or might not be effective. The aging process is delayed because of the HGH as it promotes faster cell reparation and cell regeneration keeping us younger and the skin is tighter.

  • HGH helps in strengthening the immune system

GH helps in increasing the red blood cells, helps in the production of antibodies and helps in the production of white blood cells. This helps in strengthening the immune system.

  • HGH helps in weight loss

As we grow older the metabolism process slows down resulting in a poor fat burning process and fat gain. HGH helps in the process of fat burning which leads to the conversion of energy. As a result, there is an increase in the building of the lean muscles, naturally reducing the weight.

  • HGH for women promotes better bodily functions

HGH helps in calcium retention which is very necessary for women as the bone density is naturally low. It helps in increasing energy levels which makes us feel less lethargic. It promotes better sleep schedule.

  • HGH for women helps with menopause symptoms

Mood swings, sleep disturbances, irregular periods, fluid retention are common symptoms of menopause which are the results of fluctuating hormone levels. HGH just do the right thing and balances out the hormone levels which makes our lives easier.

  • HGH improves mental and emotional health

Better sleep, good energy levels, better bodily functions help in to maintain a peaceful mind and stable mental health. HGH has known to lower down the anxiety levels in females which are quite common considering the fluctuating the hormones.

Human Growth Hormone is definitely the “Fountain of the youth”.We hope that the above article helped you in understanding what HGH is and what its merits are.


What is the Human Growth Hormone (HGH)?

HGH or growth hormone is found in the pituitary glands which is located below our brain in the hypothalamus. The pituitary gland is considered to be the master gland which secretes several types of hormones including the one which helps our body to grow.  As the name suggests Growth Hormone helps our body to grow. It helps in influencing body height, build bones and muscles. HGH or Growth Hormone is essential, especially for children. It controls a lot more functions than just influencing height. Growth Hormone (GH) helps in balancing sugar levels, protein synthesis, breaking down of fats in order to provide the energy which is needed for tissue growth. The GH helps in cell reproduction and cell repair. In adolescents, it helps in puberty.

Young adolescents secrete GH i.e. Growth Hormone at the rate of about 700µg/day. Adults secrete GH at about 400µg/day. After early adulthood, the secretion is generally lesser as compared to the earlier. Sleep deprivation is also a reason why GH secretion is suppressed. In addition to this, there are other factors which affect the GH secretion, such as age, sex, exercise, stress, diet, etc. the effects of the growth hormone on the body tissues are described as “anabolic.” Anabolic process means building up of body muscles. Like other protein hormones present in our body, GH helps in building up of the body muscles. Increased in height in the childhood is a common effect of the Growth Hormone.

The need for HGH for women

Often the dietary supplements are steroids and HGH is also being compared to steroids. Steroids can have a lot of harmful effects on women. Steroids increase the testosterone in the body which leads to muscle gain or bulking of the body which is helpful for bodybuilders or males. Intake of steroids by women may have effects like an irregular menstrual cycle, facial hair growth, deepening of the voice, reduction of breast size, etc. We are pretty sure about the fact that the majority of women don’t want the above effects. HGH is not a steroid but a synthetic hormone which helps in the regular supply of the Growth hormone in the body.

HGH provides the necessary amount of GH for preserving the stability and reliability of the body. As it’s a proven fact that women have a low bone density which leads to calcium deficiency and thus feels physically weak. In order to retain the calcium in our body HGH helps in calcium retention and increases bone density. The Growth Hormone regulates the growth of the body by toning it, faster process of cell and tissue repairing, prevention of flabby muscles, etc. It reduces the fat build up by burning the fat in order to produce energy which helps us to withstand the heavy workload throughout the day. The normal secretion of HGH helps in the release of amino acids; amino acid takes care of the body to make it look healthier and younger. HGH helps in normalizing the sleep schedule which naturally leads to better bodily functions and helps in stimulating the better immune system. As a result, even if there is a lot of stress, the mental stability is relaxed and it helps us to handle the situations in a better way. Women often suffer from anxiety; this also can be controlled by HGH as it regulates our body to function in a normal way.

Human Growth Hormone products available in the market:

HGH has created a royal place in the market and thus can be available in various forms.

  • HGH Pills: These are called releasers as they are available in the form of tablets, powder etc. These are amino acid pills. These types of products may be called secretagogues, precursors, or enhances. These products are called “dietary supplements”. The main ingredients are amino acids, vitamins, and/or herbs. As the ingredients contained are natural in the majority they do not require a prescription.
  • HGH sprays: These sprays contain homeopathic HGH. Which doesn’t release the Growth Hormone in an excessive amount but it regulates the secretion. Even though the HGH is obtained homeopathically, a prescription for the same is required.
  • HGH Injections: these injections are taken only for excessive HGH deficiency. It’s called Human Growth Hormone Replacement Therapy. As the dosages have to be accurate and the GH directly flows through your blood; it requires a prescription.
  • HGH patches: Some of the manufacturers have developed tropical creams and patches for harnessing the effects of HGH just as like the injections or the releases. These patches or tropical creams contain homeopathic HGH along which herbs and amino acids. Prescription required.

Note: all the above HGH products should be taken under the supervision of a qualified physician as the effects for the same differ from person to person or according to their bodily functions.







HGH For Sale Review 2018 -What’s the Best HGH? (Updated July 2019)

hgh for sale

Where to find the best HGH for sale?

We all for once in our lives must have thought about losing weight, being healthy or getting that “perfect celebrity look”. But considering our fast-paced hectic schedules, we seldom have time for ourselves or fitness regimes. We so wish that there was an easy way out like the ‘fountain of youth’ in the Pirates of the Caribbean. In this futuristic world where all our problems have solutions, there is a trouble-free solution for our weight-related problems as well. We can call it the fountain of youth. Such a miracle is HGH or Human Growth Hormone. Let’s find out what exactly this HGH is and where hgh is for sale.


What is HGH?

Human Growth Hormone or HGH was known as somatropin is a hormone just like estrogen or testosterone. In our body, HGH is produced by the pituitary gland. It stimulates connective tissue growth, which leads to a youthful appearance. HGH stimulates cell reproduction and cell regeneration. This is a very important hormone in the development of the human body. In addition to this, the HGH supports the hydrolysis of the fats in the body called triglycerides. The process of triglycerides leads to reducing body fat. Young adolescents secrete GH i.e. Growth Hormone at the rate of about 700µg/day

Adults secrete GH at about 400µg/day. After early adulthood, the secretion is generally lesser as compared to the earlier. Sleep deprivation is also a reason why GH secretion is suppressed. In addition to this, there are other factors which affect the GH secretion, such as age, sex, exercise, stress, diet, etc. the effects of the growth hormone on the body tissues are described as “anabolic.” Anabolic process means building up of body muscles. Like other protein hormones present in our body, GH helps in building up of the body muscles. Increased in height in the childhood is a common effect of the Growth Hormone.

Other than increasing height in children and adolescents, Growth hormone has other effects on the body:

  • Increases calcium retention and strengthens and increases the mineralization of the bones.
  • Increases muscle mass.
  • Increases protein synthesis.
  • Stimulates the immune system.
  • Reduces liver uptake of glucose.
  • Stimulates growth of all internal organs excluding the brain.
  • Plays a vital role in homeostasis.
  • Contributes to the maintenances and function of pancreatic islets. (Maintenance of glucose.)

As the Growth Hormone is present in less quantity in our bodies and can be affected by numerous factors, this miracle hormone has been made available synthetically to us in the market. There are numerous types of HGH products available in the market in the form of sprays, pills, injections, releases (in layman’s term dietary supplement), patches and so on. Each of the products addresses low HGH in a different way and some of them are more effective than the others.

Note: The very important factor is the functioning of the pituitary gland in the body which naturally differs from person to person. In addition to this as there are different brands available in the market, the effectiveness depends on the brands and the recommended dosages of the Human Growth Hormone (HGH).

Let’s find out what all of the above products are used for:


You will find a lot of hgh for sale if you browse online. Nevertheless, a lot of these products claim to work but in fact, they are scams or cheap rip-offs. If you plan really want to buy hgh for sale, you will have to pay for it, up to $200 for a batch which will last at least 8 weeks.

  • Injections:

Prescriptions from the doctors are required for the injections. These injections are also called Somatropin. These Growth Hormone injections provide full HGH hormone replacement therapy (HRT). These Hormone injections are one of the most expensive drugs available in the market. As these injections provide the full hormone replacement therapy, it should be taken on advice and under the supervision of a qualified physician.

  • Sprays:

These sprays contain homeopathic Human Growth Hormone. These homeopathic sprays are the most non-injection therapy because of the Growth Hormone is used homeopathically. The homeopathic sprays are also known as releasers because they help the pituitary gland to increase its own release of HGH to a more healthy level. This also means that the pituitary gland will not release more Growth Hormone than the required or optimum level for the individual. Prescription required.

Note: Not all the Human Growth Hormones sprays available in the market are homeopathic. Some of the sprays also contain vitamins, amino acid or herbs.


These are the amino acid pill, tablet, capsule, and powder products that are taken by mouth and go through the stomach. Although these products contain no form of human growth hormone but are relatively effective. These types of products may be called secretagogues, precursors, or enhances. These products are called “dietary supplements”. The main ingredients are amino acids, vitamins, and/or herbs.


These are patches or tropical creams which the manufacturers claim to be as good or effective as the pills or the sprays. These kinds of products are either homeopathic or they may contain amino acids, herbs, etc.


Benefits of HGH for sale

The benefits have completely changed how the subjects have felt about themselves after taking the HGH supplement. Here are the most common benefits of human growth hormone:

  • Muscle gain
  • Weight loss
  • Better sleep
  • Much stronger sexual desire and help with erectile dysfunction.
  • Increase in energy, vigor, and vitality.
  • Stronger immune system.
  • Stronger bone mineral density
  • Lower cholesterol level and better heart health.
  • Younger looking appearance.
  • Improved emotional and mental health.


A study was done by Dr. Daniel Rudman’s human growth hormone study.

This research was taken place in 1990 by Dr. Daniel Rudman, an endocrinologist from Madison, Wisconsin.

Dr. Rudman claimed that the intakes of HGH will reverse the aging process. Human Growth Hormone is required in the body to rejuvenate and heal itself. It also restores the shrinking cells nut, unfortunately, this process is slowed down after the age of 21 to 30.   This indicated the benefits stated were reasonably accurate.

In Dr. Daniel Rudman’s double-blind placebo study the subjects who were taking the HGH dosages saw what appeared to be the reversal of the aging process of 10 to 20 years.

The above results were published in “the New England Journal of Medicine.”

A study was done by Dr. Juan Hernandez Flores, Lic. Irais Castellanos Mungula, at the Centro Geriatrico Naturista, Mexico D.F.

This study was done to find the effects of homeopathic human growth hormone and the pituitary exact administration.

The subjects were between the ages of 45 to 86 who were deficient i.e. the secretion of the growth hormone was less than 70ng/ml. they were given the homeopathic growth hormone spray; 2 sprays three times a day, orally.

Soon enough the subjects started to show results, 160.6% increase in their blood somatomedin-C (IGF-1) levels at the end of the 5th month.  Surprisingly, the effects of the formula were not temporary.

To support the above studies there are reviews of the customers who have used Human Growth Hormone:

  • Forrest Patton says, “I have been taking HGH plus IGF-1 and IGF-2 since 2004. It is now 2017 and I am almost now 73 years old. This product, along with your testosterone and adrenal &DHEA products, has kept me healthy and feeling young during all these years. I am in excellent health. I take no prescription medications at all and don’t have any physical ailments. I do a high-intensity workout. Three times a week and I can physically outperform many men who are half my age. I also enjoy ballrooms dancing and thanks to your products I have plenty of energy, strength, stamina, and memory that is needed to perform at my best.”
  • Sherry Fiset writes, “We are very happy with the HGH plus, after using the spray for only a month and a half we are sleeping better, my husband’s varicose veins have shrunk and we have more energy”.
  • “I’ve been taking the HGH plus for one month. I take it for bodybuilding and I am shocked at the results I have seen so far. I estimate that the results from my training have increased by 30-40%. In this first 4 weeks, I have already put on 5lbs of muscle.” – Larry Massey
  • “I have lost 10lb in 3 weeks without dieting, and without the side effects. I am sleeping so much better, I am delighted with the product”.-Mel Fox

As we can see there are proven studies and researchers dated back in 1990, this Human Growth Hormone has been extremely effective for weight loss, bodybuilding, immunity improvement, etc. even though these products are safe, it’s highly recommended to take as per the physicians prescription or as mentioned on the label. We hope that this information must have helped you to take a fair decision whether to take human growth hormone.

HGH for Sale Verdict

Human growth hormone has been proven to work scientifically. It helps in anti-aging, it builds muscle and increases brain power. If you’re looking to buy the best hgh for sale, we recommend using Genf20plus, as it has been in the market for years with thousands of satisfied customers.










The Best HGH Spray to Buy in 2018 -Full Review (Updated July 2019)

hgh bodybuilding

Introduction to HGH Spray

Waving the kids goodbye as they go to school, preparing a special meal for family, finally completing your assignment, going for your friend’s party, being appreciated by your boss, going to the gym, and many more things in a day that the list is never ending which make you want to wake up every day and face the new day. All these things drain your energy but it’s still worth it. So, to make your body more robust we have an amazing product. Have you ever thought if a small bottle of hgh spray would help us disappear all your health problems? Give you your dose of energy and help you in weight loss or weight gain? Well, you heard it right; this miracle product is called as HGH Spray. Let’s find more about what this little gene in the bottle is worth of.

What is HGH?

HGH is Human Growth Hormone. Growth Hormone is secreted by the pituitary gland located in the brain. This Growth Hormone is responsible for normal bodily functions. HGH stimulates cell reproduction and cell regeneration which gives us a younger appearance. This is a very important hormone in the development of the human body.GH can be found in higher amounts in children and adolescents. GH helps in the hydrolysis of fat in the body. Naturally, Young adolescents secrete GH i.e. Growth Hormone at the rate of about 700µg/day. Adults secrete GH at about 400µg/day. After early adulthood, the secretion is generally lesser as compared to the earlier. GH is responsible for increasing the height in children and in adolescents it plays a vital role in puberty. Other than increasing height in children and adolescents, Growth hormone has other effects on the body:

  • Increases calcium retention and strengthens and increases the mineralization of the bones.
  • Increases muscle mass.
  • Increases protein synthesis.
  • Stimulates the immune system.
  • Reduces liver uptake of glucose.
  • Stimulates growth of all internal organs excluding the brain.
  • Contributes to the maintenances and function of pancreatic islets. (Maintenance of glucose.)
HGH spray results

There are various HGH products in the market which are available in the market like HGH Pills, HGH Spray, HGH Injections, and HGH Patches. Many of the supplements are OTC i.e. over the counter supplements which can be taken without any prescription from the physician. But it’s highly recommended to take with a prescription from a qualified physician.

 How homeopathic HGH is made:

When making homeopathic HGH the pharmacist or the physician starts with recombinant human growth hormone i.e. Somatropin and a special base solution. The HGH is then put through the extensive homeopathic manufacturing process of succussion and dilution. During this process, the essence – the electromagnetic energies of the HGH molecules are transferred into water lattice of the base solution. This homeopathic solution is then sprayed into the thick-skinned area under the tongue and it absorbs into the bloodstream successfully.


How does HGH Spray work?

HGH sprays aren’t synthetically made HGH but they are produced homeopathically. The pharmaceutical human growth hormone molecule itself is indeed too large to be absorbed under the tongue. Homeopathic sprays work because during the very involved homeopathic process the electromagnetic energies of the growth hormone molecules are transferred into the water lattice of the base solution and so the solution itself becomes potentiated by the HGH. This potentiated solution is then absorbed under the tongue successfully. Homeopathy is based on helping the body to heal itself using homeopathic proveniences of the active ingredient. Homeopathic sprays are not meant to be a full hormone replacement therapy and deliver all the growth hormone the body needs because this will shut down the pituitary glands own release of the hormone.  Some people believe that when human growth hormone is combined with a sublingual homeopathic preparation the results are on the leading edge of anti-aging therapy. Clinicians have found that smaller doses of HGH work better and do not cause side effects. Well, homeopathic physicians have known this for years! With the homeopathic preparations, the ingredients have already been broken down during the homeopathic process and so only the positive therapeutic benefits of the ingredients manifest.

The pituitary gland releases a small amount of human hormone at various times throughout the day and usually during the first 90 minutes of the deep-slow wave sleep. When taking the injections a full 24 hour’s worth of synthetic HGH is injected either all in one dose in the AM or two divided doses. This is obviously not natural to the body. Homeopathic HGH spray is best taken 3 times daily, and since it is serially diluted and potentiated at successive levels it continues to work in the body throughout the day and night. The homeopathic HGH spray gently encourages the pituitary gland to release and balance its own natural growth hormone in the body. This process is called homeostasis.

The homeopathic sprays are diluted because of the theory which states that molecules can penetrate the cells more easily and efficiently.

The homeopathic form of human growth hormone does not seem to interfere with any other health product, supplement or medicines that any individual might take.

Homeopathic HGH sprays can be as effective as the other HGH products can be proven by the below study done by Dr. Juan Flores in Mexico.

Here’s the detail of the study:

A study was done by Dr. Juan Hernandez Flores, Lic. Irais Castellanos Mungula, at the Centro Geriatrico Naturista, Mexico D.F.

This study was done to find the effects of homeopathic human growth hormone and the pituitary exact administration.

The subjects were between the ages of 45 to 86 who were deficient i.e. the secretion of the growth hormone was less than 70ng/ml. they were given the homeopathic growth hormone hgh spray; 2 sprays three times a day, orally.

Soon enough the subjects started to show results, 160.6% increase in their blood somatomedin-C (IGF-1) levels at the end of the 5th month.  Surprisingly, the effects of the formula were not temporary.

Now we do know that homeopathic HGH Sprays are as effective as the pills or the injections available in the market. But the benefits of the HGH sprays can’t go unnoticed.


Benefits of HGH Spray

  1. Muscle gain
  2. Weight loss
  3. Better sleep
  4. Much stronger sexual desire and help with erectile dysfunction.
  5. Increase in energy, vigor, and vitality.
  6. Stronger immune system.
  7. Stronger bone mineral density
  8. Lower cholesterol level and better heart health.
  9. Younger looking appearance.
  10. Improved emotional and mental health.

HGH spray Review

We have tried to obtain some reviews by the consumers who have actually used the HGH sprays to have a better idea of what this amazing wonders this  “Little gene in the bottle” can do!

“I have been using hgh spray only for 6 weeks now and I am amazed by the results. So far I have seen my hair thicken with less grey hair growing back. My nails are somewhat stronger. I feel more alive and have an overall sense of well being. I respond to events at a deeper level. Have a heightened awareness and greater appreciation of whatever I experience. I smile more and find a new spring in my step.”

Barbara Dene, Los Angeles

“Within a few days, I started noticing an improvement in my skin tone and texture. I feel so full of energy to get through the day, which includes teaching my fitness classes. Love this product it’s truly an amazing product”

S. Jackson, Westminster, Co.

“I’m 50 and I have just started taking HGH spray. I can go the gym three times a week and I did not expect immediate results but I can feel stronger and can sleep better at night.  I find it very easy to take and am very consistent with it.”

B.H, Pontevedra Beach, FL

Conclusion on HGH Spray

HGH spray has scientifically been proven to work. If you plan to buy and use hgh spray, we recommend you buy a hgh spray that actually works instead of wasting your money on scams or products that barely work.

GenF20 Plus Review 2018- Benefits & Side Effects (Updated July 2019)

genf20 plus

GenF20 Plus Overview

The Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a fairly controversial subject, primarily because of its association with performance enhancement and steroids. While synthetic HGH is definitely not a healthy or safe option, natural HGH has many wonderful benefits. HGH is naturally released in our bodies, as we age we produce less of it which leads to signs of aging, loss of libido, gaining weight and a few other things. Here we talk about a product that claims to do wonders for your natural HGH levels. GenF20 Plus has positioned itself as a solution to dipping HGH levels in the body and more importantly, a solution to the problems and many symptoms of aging. Let’s take a closer look to see if it’s a viable anti-aging product.

What is GenF20 Plus and How Does it Work?

GenF20 Plus is a Human Grown Hormone releaser. A 100% natural supplement that uses ingredients in a scientific formulation that allows your body to release more HGH. The product is a combination of tablets and an oral spray. While considering GenF20 Plus, it is vital to not mistake it for synthetic HGH which can be harmful.

To properly understand the way GenF20 Plus works, it’s important to understand HGH and the vital difference between synthetic and natural HGH. Most people hear the words “Human Growth Hormone” and immediately associate it with the synthetic kind which is dangerous with continued use. It is also expensive and required to be prescribed by a doctor in case of medical use or treatments.

Natural HGH is produced by the human body in the pituitary gland. This hormone is responsible for the body’s growth, repair of bodily wear and tear. HGH stimulates cell reproduction and regeneration. Which means when you are young you have a high production of HGH. With age, there is a decline in the amount of HGH the body produces, which means levels start to dip. Since HGH is responsible for things like muscle growth, high metabolism, energy, cell regeneration, lower levels often come with signs of aging, like wrinkles, lowered cognitive function, loss in muscle mass, etc.

Gen20F Plus work by using a combination of scientifically proven ingredients to naturally increase production of HGH within the body. This natural boost to HGH levels has many wonderful effects, better weight loss and anti-aging being some of the biggest and most noticeable effects.

The recommended usage for GenF20 Plus is 2 tablets taken twice daily, one hour before a meal. The oral spray that comes with the tablets must also be used before meals twice a day. The liquid spray is supposed to be held under the tongue for a few seconds before swallowing.


Who makes GenF20 Plus?

GenF20 Plus is manufactured by Leading Edge Health. Established in 1999, this pharma company specializes in products made from natural ingredients that are created by medical professionals. They use cGMP certified manufacturers for their products which means you can be sure that their products are created in a safe environment with quality control in place.

GenF20 Plus, as well as other products from Leading Edge Health, have the approval of prominent and well-known doctors. The website includes these messages of approval and recommendation, along with testimonials.

The GenF20 Plus website is full of information about the product – from ingredients to medical proof and FAQs the website covers all questions potential customers might have.

Ingredients in GenF20 Plus

There are 16 active ingredients in GenF20 Plus, many of which are in both the liquid and tablets. It is recommended to take both together for optimum effect. Below we take a closer look at the most proven active ingredients in the product:

  • L-Arginine – This ingredient has been clinically proven to triple HGH levels in the body. Normally l-arginine is derived from a well-balanced diet but is also welcome in the form of a supplement.
  • L-Glutamine – This amino acid is useful for maintaining a healthy metabolic rate as well as muscle. It helps improve immunity, energy levels and is very useful in encouraging cell division and growth.
  • L-Glycine – Another amino acid. This ingredient helps stimulate the pituitary gland to encourage more HGH production
  • L-Lysine – This ingredient is important for a healthy and strong immune system. It works best when it is combined with arginine, increasing its effectiveness significantly.
  • L-Tyrosine – This ingredient is a natural by-product of the thyroid gland in the human body. When used in a supplement, it can help reduce fatigue and symptoms of depression.
  • Astragalus Root Extract – This natural ingredient is helpful in improving metabolism, digestion and the immune system.
  • Deer Antler Velvet – This naturally derived ingredient has elements like collagen – for anti-aging and insulin-like growth factor which is tied in with HGH.
  • GABA – Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid is an amino acid that helps improve the production of HGH.
  • Colostrum – Benefits of this ingredient include improved immunity, muscle mass, and anti-aging properties.
  • L-Valine – This amino acid is often found in muscles. It is derived from a healthy diet or supplements. It stimulates muscle metabolism, tissue repair, and growth.
  • Pituitary (anterior) Powder – This ingredient helps the pituitary gland to be more effective in this increase of production and release of HGH.
  • Phosphatidyl Choline – Derived from lecithin, this ingredient helps with the absorption of the other ingredients into the body for maximum effectiveness.
  • L-Ornithine – Like arginine this ingredient is clinically proven to triple HGH levels. When combined with other HGH increasing ingredients like glutamine, arginine, and lysine it is an effective way to help boost HGH.
  • GTF Chromium – this ingredient helps to reduce glucose levels in the blood which can, in turn, helps improve HGH release.

Other ingredients included in the tablets help make up the composition of the tablets and ensure the longevity of the product.

The spray includes many of the above ingredients but in a proprietary blend.


Advantages of GenF20 plus

There are many great things about GenF20 Plus. The ingredients have a fair about of clinical proof, and the makers of the product have carried out clinical studies. Which means you can trust them to be completely open about their product.

The website has a lot of information on the product, including a very well covered and intensive FAQ section. There are doctor recommendations and many other explanations about the product available on the website. The clinical study is available for download as a pdf from their website.

Increase in HGH doesn’t just lead to anti-aging effects. Users can also see weight loss, better cognitive function and overall improvement in mental health.

There have been clinical trials carried out with 70 men and women. There have been no reported side effects and it seems like a perfectly safe supplement to add to a healthy diet.

If you order GenF20 Plus from the website, there is also a money back guarantee, which is a comforting show of confidence from the supplier. Many other independent testimonials exist for the product.

GenF20 Plus is priced at $83 for a month’s supply. This seems expensive, but for a product that might actually work, it could be well worth the investment. Additionally, if you buy more you also receive higher discounts and other goodies. For example – the 5 month supply is $350 which means each month’s supply is $70, saving you close to $150. You can also choose to buy either just the box of tablets or just the oral spray which priced separately. Tablets alone cost $60 for a one month supply of 4 tablets per day. $60 for 120 tablets is definitely reasonable.

Genf20 plus review

Things to Watch Out For

There have been no reported side effects of GenF20 Plus. It is made from natural ingredients and has been clinically tested with some success. However, it is important to consult with a doctor before using GenF20 Plus if you are on medication for any existing conditions.

Pregnant and nursing women should avoid this kind of supplement. It’s also important to be aware of the ingredient list to avoid an allergic reaction.

You have to remember to take the tablets twice along with the spray, which can be tricky, but easily doable.

The spray seems like an afterthought, as the website doesn’t go into too much detail about it, and they also do not disclose the amounts of ingredients as it is a proprietary blend.

If you decide to try the product, you are only eligible for money back guarantee if you purchase from their website. This isn’t a disadvantage per say but something to keep in mind.

Final Say on GenF20 Plus

It’s hard not to recommend a product that has so much going for it, but it is important to note that not everyone will respond positively to a natural product as it uses all natural ingredients to helps boost production. If you have underlying medical conditions, it might be wise to consult a doctor first.

GenF20 Plus is definitely a good option to consider if you are looking for a solution that will help turn back the clock and make you feel and look younger.


GHRP-2 Review 2018- Benefits & Side Effects (Updated July 2019)


What is GHRP-2?

Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide 2 ( GHRP-2) is a peptide which substantially activates the pituitary gland into releasing high levels of growth hormone for a few hours. The increase in growth hormone comes from your own body, not synthetic growth hormones which can suppress your natural production.

Bodybuilders and athletes have been trying to improve their performance using a wide variety of methods and substances. The problem with using performance-enhancing substances is that they have major side effects. These range from mild to dangerous to life-threatening. Sometimes they last even after the enhancer has been stopped. Thus the search is always on for a performance enhancer that has the least number and intensity of side effects while still giving great results.

It is here that the growth hormone releasing peptide 2 also known as GHRP-2, Pralmorelin, Pralmorelin Hydrochloride comes into play. It is an orally active, synthetic peptide drug, that contains unnatural D-amino acid. It is frequently used for assessment of growth hormone deficiency in adults. It is a ghrelin agonist i.e. it activates ghrelin receptors. It also increases levels of plasma growth hormone, and as a consequence increases both hunger and food intake. It was under investigation for the treatment of growth hormone deficiency, and for repairing short stature but that research did not yield any positive results. One of the problems observed was that it did not work on growth hormone deficient people.

How to administer GHRP-2?

GHRP-2 comes in powdered form and needs to be reconstituted in either bacteriostatic water or sodium chloride meant for injecting. Once reconstituted it should be stored in a refrigerator until it is ready for use. Its dosages are still debated but anywhere from 100 to 300 micrograms should be a good dose. Normal insulin needles are fine for injecting it. Also, it can be injected either intramuscularly or subcutaneously depending upon the user’s choice.

GHRP-2 is usually recommended to be used with growth hormone releasing hormone or GHRH for optimum results. In case it is stacked with GHRH, the dosage should be around 100 micrograms. It’s effectiveness dips in presence of carbohydrates and dietary fats. As a result, it is best taken on an empty stomach. Also a dosage just twice a day is more than sufficient.

8 weeks of HGH usage

Is it safe?

Yes, GHRP-2, like all GHRPs’ are very safe to use for both short and long periods of time. No serious problems have been encountered from the use of GHRP-2 aside from the usual side effects which will be discussed later.

Benefits of GHRP-2

GHRP-2 has a lot of benefits, making it a staple performance enhancer in the arsenal of many bodybuilders and athletes. When used responsibly and coupled with the correct diet and exercise, it can do wonders for you. Some of these benefits include

  • Food and hormone regulation – GHRP-2 increases the secretion of ghrelin, a gut-based peptide. Research has proved that it increases the food intake and hunger in both rodents and humans. It is really useful for bodybuilders and athletes who are trying to increase their calorific intake in order to put on muscle mass. Incidentally, this effect has been proved by research.
  • No major side effects – Unlike a lot of other performance enhancers that bodybuilders and athletes use, GHRP-2 has no side effects. This was observed in a study made to check if GHRP-2 increases appetite. This is a huge win for GHRP-2 as side effects by performance enhancers are frequently serious, and sometimes even fatal.
  • Improved sleep patterns – Bodybuilders and athletes have known a simple truth for the longest amount of time and that is, that your muscles are built when you sleep and not when you work out. Thus insufficient sleep or ineffective sleep has a tendency to negatively impact your “gains”. This is another area where GHRP-2 outshines. It actually improves your sleep patterns thus helping your muscles to put on more size than they would in absence of a good night’s sleep.
  • Gaining muscle – Like all performance enhancers, GHRP-2 helps you put on muscle mass. However what sets it apart from others is that it helps to put on lean muscle mass. It does this by helping muscle build up while promoting fat loss. This is one of the reasons that it is favored by bodybuilders.
  • Higher potency – GHRP-2 is not stand alone peptide but belongs to a family. Of the four peptides, it is the second most potent one. This means that it packs a better punch as compared to other members, in the same amount of dosage.
  • No desensitization – A lot of performance enhancers are desensitized by the body i.e. the body becomes immune to their effect. As a result, users have to increase the dosage in order to get the same results. However, GHRP-2 does not desensitize. Thus you can maintain the same dosage and get the results over a period of time.


What can I expect from GHRP-2?

As GHRP2 raises growth hormone, you can expect higher levels of IGF-1 in your body, which comes with a lot of benefits. These benefits include increased muscle gain, more muscle fibers, rapid fat loss, faster healing abilities and stronger bones just to name a few.

What can I use it for?

Like all GHRPs’, GHRP2 is a very versatile peptide, commonly used in SARM, AAS and other peptide stacks for extra muscle gains and fat loss.

Side effects of GHRP-2

However, not all aspects of GHRP-2 are beneficial to its users. There are certain side effects and parameters that you should look at before starting a cycle. Also be sure to do some more research on your own in order to have all your bases covered.

  • Does not work for people with growth hormone deficiency – GHRP-2 was being tested to treat growth hormone deficiency and pituitary dwarfism. While it made to level II of the trials it was ultimately discontinued. The reason being that GHRP-2 cannot increase growth hormone levels significantly in people who have a pre-existing deficiency. Only healthy adults can benefit from the effects of GHRP-2.
  • No long-term studies – While current studies have not shown any de effects, we are still at an early stage and are not sure if GHRP-2 has any long-term or permanent, or both side effects. This makes it potentially dangerous to work with, but there has been no warning tale about it yet.
  • Elevated cortisol and prolactin – While GHRP-2 can be taken in a relatively large quantity, there are certain side effects associated with. A dosage of more than 200 micrograms causes an elevation in levels of cortisol and prolactin. Cortisol is a hormone which causes stress, and prolactin causes loss of libido and impotence in men and lactation in women. Thus an overdose, while not fatal can cause side effects that are quite undesirable.
  • Only for research purposes – The problem with buying GHRP-2 is that it is not sold either over the counter or with a prescription. It is only available for research purposes. Thus bodybuilders and athletes, who use it, are putting themselves at some risk, even if that is just of legal consequence.
HGH effects on your body

The following are common side effects associated with GHRP2 use:

  • Water retention
  • A slight increase in cortisol and Prolactin
  • A decrease in insulin sensitivity
  • Tiredness

What should I use GHRP2 with?

As said before, it is versatile in the fact it can be used as a recomp drug, or for cutting and bulking.

So if you are planning on a bulk, you are best combining it with SARMs such as LGD-4033 (extra muscle gain) and S4 (strength and recomp). Adding other peptides to this is also a great idea. The following peptides are useful for cutting:

  • IGF-1 LR3
  • GHRP-6
  • Hexarelin
  • HGH Fragment
  • Ipamorelin

The Following Peptides are useful for adding muscle and is a good idea to add to any stack where you are trying to add muscle:

  • MGF
  • IGF-1 LR3
  • ACE-031
  • Follistatin 344

Storage and Dosage information

When it is in powder form, it’s smart to store it in a freezer for long periods of time (around 12 months).

But once reconstituted with either Bacteriostatic water or acetic acid, it should be in a refrigerator for up to 5 weeks.

The typical dosage commonly used with GHRP-2 is approximately 100-300mcg, taken 2-3 times a day.
You can use these for an infinite amount of time and does not need a PCT if by itself.

Summary of GHRP-2

The final verdict is a recommendation for the case of GHRP-2. It is the second most potent growth hormone releasing peptide in the family, and it does not cause desensitizing problems. Sure an overdose does cause hormonal imbalance, but when compared with other performance enhancers it is much safe. Always remember to consult your physician before starting performance enhancers, and to cycle through them and not use them continuously. But by maintaining a good diet, and exercise regime along with regular check-ups GHRP-2 is your friend.

  • Reduces body fat
  • Increases Lean Body mass
  • Helps with sleep.
  • Has anti-aging properties
  • Improves recovery time
  • Great to stack with SARMs and Peptides

Serovital HGH Review 2018-Does it Work? (Updated July 2019)


What is Serovital?

The human growth hormone has been a controversy for a while now. This is a controversy that dates back to 1990 when an article in the publication New England Journal of Medicine revealed the results of a study in which HGH was used in 12 men over the age of 60. The results indicated an increase in the lean muscle mass in the body. The levels of minerals in the body were also increased. Since then, the uses of the hormone as an anti-aging have been constantly examined although the scientists themselves at no time claimed Serovital to be an anti-aging drug.


A recent publication in Shape magazine seemed to indicate that actors and models in Hollywood that were advanced in age but still managed to look young were using human Growth Hormone. Currently, it is hardly a secret that famous stars in Hollywood are using the controversial treatment to make them look deceptively young.

Popular belief
The reason behind the use of this hormone is the fact that many people believe it to be the alleged “fountain of youth”. They seem to believe that it contains numerous benefits that play a role in reversing the aging process. Among these benefits are:

  • Increase in the levels of lean muscle mass in the body
  • Reduced levels of fat in the muscles
  • Increase the mood generally
  • It is believed to eliminate wrinkles in the body
  • HGH is also believed to heighten the sex drive in people.
  • It is also believed to tighten skin that is saggy.

 Serovital Features

Scientifically, HGH is single chain hormone that is a peptide. Naturally, HGH is produced by the brain, specifically the pituitary gland and is released by the brain into the bloodstream. The hormone has numerous natural uses including:

  • It generally stimulates growth by facilitating cell reproduction and regeneration.
  • HGH is also a stress hormone. It has the effect of increasing the levels of glucose in the cells and breaking down fats in the cells thus freeing them up to be converted into glucose. It is this function of breaking down fats that make is reduce the fat levels in the muscles effectively increasing the lean mass in the body.
  • HGH is also involved in the production of IGF-1.

A version of HGH is used in the treatment of growth deficiency in children. It is, however, only given under doctor’s instructions and in limited quantities.

Serovital HGH is a company that produces a compound that increases the levels of HGH in the body. The company realized that as the body continues to age, the levels of HGH produced by the pituitary gland rapidly decline. This means that you lack the numerous benefits of HGH in the body including:

  • When the hormone penetrates the cells that contain fats, it causes the release of fats from these cells resulting in shrinkage of the cells.
  • When the hormone goes through the muscle cells, it results in an increase in the lean mass of the cells. This results in a lean and more toned look.
  • The hormone also does miracles on the skin. It causes an increased blood flow to the skin resulting in a faster take of nutrients to the skin. This increases the production of collagen to the cells resulting in a healthier looking skin. Your skin is left looking smooth and taught.

These features are what led some to believe it is the way to combat aging hence the name “fountain of youth”. As the body grows the elves of this hormone decline rapidly. Because of this, people have been seeking ways to replenish the levels of this hormone in their bodies even as they age.

In the past, people in pursuit of this elusive hormone resorted to controversial injections that cost a heavy penny. The average cost of these injections was estimated at about $1500 per month. Not what you would call cheap. These injections were only available to the ultra-rich and the controversy around them was unfathomable. Scientists feared that introducing the synthesized HGH to the body would go a long way to upset the natural production of HGH in the body. This could have disastrous effects.


The natural increase of HGH in the body

In recent times, however, there has been the discovery of a natural means to increase the levels of HGH in the body. This is a less controversial method of increasing the levels of HGH in the body. And this is a method that increases the levels of HGH in the body by up to 600%. This was a discovery that baffled many that were made by some of the most respected scientists in the world. The presentation was made in the Annual Scientific Meeting that was held in San Antonio in Texas.

Upon the presentation of the findings in this meeting, the findings found themselves in an array of other scientific meetings including; the 21st Annual Academy of Women’s health that was held in Washington. The findings of the scientist made headlines all over as they showed the possibility of an orally induced compound that had the capability of increasing the amount of growth hormone in the body by up to 600%.

The formula 

The compound that the scientists discovered was processed and put in a package and was called SeroVital. It was sold by the company known as SanMedica international. Despite all the hype that centered on the release of Serovital, the sales were highly limited and the operation largely remained an underground operation. This remained the case until the product was released on national television.

The release on television featured the success of the products in the patients who were given the compound that was produced as SeroVital. The blend of specific amino acids that they were given resulted in a spike of HGH by at least 6 times the original amount. So accurate was this information that the United States issued, not one, but thirteen patents to protect the copyright of the product. The outburst that followed the release of this information.

After the release of this information, the demand that ensued overwhelmed the company that made it. The amino acid formula that was among the highest patented in the U.S was hard to keep in the shelves. The operation went from an underground operation to a phenomenon that took the country by storm. Anybody with an interest in delaying the signs of aging was on the hunt for the product.

However, Serovital was always the proprietary product and so the development was limited. The prices were still quite stiff so not many people could afford it. The product was released over 20 years ago and since then, there has been thorough research done on the product and it’s growth hormone increasing properties. Now they have come up with a natural way to increase the levels of HGH in the body at a lower cost than before with higher levels of effectiveness.

The company has now been in the business for a very long time. They have developed their product through the years and have come up with better much better and more informed ways to get the most out of their products. The prices have also dropped significantly for the benefit of their customers that they value so much. There have been a number of SeroVital hgh Reviews wit5h different views about these products.

Buy Serovital Here

Shape Magazine Serovital hgh Reviews 

The Serovital review for this magazine was done by a qualified doctor namely, Dr. Amy Heaton. She is the director of scientific affairs in the SanMedica International. She made the following review:

She said there are two methods to increase the levels of HGH in the body. Those are injections and SeroVital. She indicated that taking the pills is not the immediate antidote to curbing the effects of old age. The pills are only a part of the solution. In addition to taking the pills, you need to live a healthy lifestyle that you require to delay the aging process. As part of your lifestyle choice, you should take a healthy diet. You also need to do regular exercise to keep fit. Remember that delaying the aging process is something that includes keeping your entire body young and functional from the inside out.

The doctor also notes that to ensure maximum absorption of the amino acids compound you require to take the pills on an empty stomach. So this should be either the first thing you take in the morning before anything else and they do not take anything within the two hours that ensue. Alternatively, you could take the pills two hours after you have had your last meal just before you go to bed.

The doctor also connotes that although the method is considerably cheaper than the injections, it is also not really cheap. As much as prescribed HGH injections are expensive, SeroVital is also quite expensive because the treatment will cost you at least $100 per month.

She says the company claims the treatment will boost the mood of a person, reduce the levels fat in the muscles, eliminate wrinkles, tighten saggy skin, increases the energy levels in the body and increases the levels of sexual drive.

Benefits of Serovital HGH

You might ask whether the treatment is worth the $100 per month. The answer would have to be yes, it is. The following is why;

  • The treatment is guaranteed to work in collaboration with your healthy lifestyle choices to reduce the levels of wrinkles in your body.
  • This has the effect of also tightening skin that was previously saggy.
  • The amount of body fat in your body decreases rapidly
  • The treatment also results in stronger bones.
  • It also results in a better mood.

In addition to all this, the treatment gives you plenty of energy and also a lot of sex drive even in your advanced years.

The medical field claims that the treatment features that are listed by the company are just heresy. However, the results from the people that use the treatment would beg to differ. The levels of HGH have drastically improved. And admittedly, taking a product with the capacity to make you feel decades younger, not years, decades, should surely be given a shot.

Downsides of Serovital

Albeit all the sales talk was given by the company, there are a few drawbacks to be taken to note regarding the use of the product. They are:

As with all products, make sure that you consult your doctor. This is to avoid any cases of allergies and to determine whether you need to take the product.  The study that led to the discovery of the miracle-working pill has yet to be peer-reviewed. It was presented in the according to places but it is yet to be subjected to peer Serovital reviews. The researchers claim that they are in the process of making a write-up for peer reviews.

The study that was conducted was only done on 14 people. This is not a large number of people and the variables are limited.  In the study that was conducted, the levels of HGH that spiked were highest only 2

As much as the test measured the levels of HGH in the body, they did nothing to measure the levels of fat in the body, levels of testosterone and wrinkles making the credibility of their assertions questionable.

The study was also not done on people in their 50s and 60s who are likely to have reduced levels if HGH in their bodies.  Except for the study that led to the emergence of the drug, there is no other known research that has been done to assert the credibility of Serovital.  Also in the recent packaging of the product, the initials HGH have been removed and replaced with three lines.

Conclusion on Serovital

Serovital is highly hyped in the market. It was the feature on television that boosted the company to all the sales that were made. Serovital promises to be the cure for reversing old age by increasing the HGH levels in the body by up to 600%. However, beware of the drawbacks of purchasing the product.