Brain boosting supplements to grow your mind

According to study, some of the ingredients in brain-boosting supplements have proved to be beneficial, the studies have been inconsistent, explained Dr. Michael Genovese, a clinical psychiatrist and chief medical officer of Acadia Healthcare. There are many options of these supplements that you can consider and are readily available online. If you are not able to choose one from available options, you can go for Magmind that are in great demand and is available on Top Brain Enhancements.

The more scientific classification of these brain-boosting supplements and their ingredients is called Nootropics. The term nootropic mainly describes natural or human-made substances that are designed to support cognitive functioning and enhance mental performance. Other most common terms you may have heard for these supplements include “smart drugs” or “cognitive enhancers.” You might be aware of its range from caffeine or turmeric to complex compounds of many different herbs and other ingredients that are available online.

How efficient are these pills

Now, the frequently asked question, do they work? Well, yes or no! The exact answer is yet under research, many companies and labs are working on the confirmed results. The research on brain-boosting supplements is not complete itself, but many clinical tests show that these pills are good enough to cure some diseases and enhance brain function to some extent.

Excellent source of different minerals and herbs

People wonder what makes this supplement so effective that it can alter the functioning of the brain. There is nothing to worry about the compounds that are present in brain-boosting supplements. These pills will only complete the needs of required minerals for the brain. It allows the brain to increase the focus ability and amplifies every function that made you learn things even faster. You will feel the results yourself once you start consuming these pills. But make sure the medicines are doctor prescribed.

Choosing the right supplement can help your brain

It is essential to understand what your mind needs, as the compounds of these supplements vary from each other. So choosing the right supplement with right and required minerals can be a challenge. So choose wisely and consume as prescribed.

Common among students and athletes

The intake of these pills should be highly monitored so that it does not result in some odd side effects. These pills are very common among students that help them to stay competitive and alert in their work. Not only students, these supplements are in high demand among athletes that want their mind to stay focused.

According to survey, students are taking drugs which help them for treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder that enhanced their performance during study and exams. But the students that seem to show better results are the most that have relatively poor working memory and attention at baseline.


Want To Boost Your Brain? Read About Getting Smart Drugs Online


Living in this modern world, we know that we really do need to compete with other people. It may not be fair or just, but it is just the way of the world. We can never really avoid conflict even though we want to. There is always the need to stand out amongst the rest and become the best in our chosen field or profession. Of course, it doesn’t have to be toxic. After all, it is possible to maintain healthy competitions to help each other grow and develop as individuals. However, it really does feel good when you are at the top of the food chain.


There are a lot of aspects that humans fight over who is the best. In the earlier days, it is just physical strength: whoever is the strongest wins most of the resources. In the modern world, the competition is complex. There are a lot of factors that you need to keep track. One of the most contested titles of the world is being the most intelligent.


Humans are known to have one of the highest intelligences in the world. The nearest one to the level of human intelligence is the dolphins. You cannot see any dolphin these days developing technology and studying advance fields of ideas so they still have a long way to go. Read more about this here:


On the other hand, humans have developed the knowledge and learning for many decades and generations. We might not have the strength or agility of most animals, but our thinking capacity is higher. Our fangs are the information that we have on other threats and how we can exploit that. Along with our opposable thumbs, we have created this modern world. This creation has also led to the competition that we are experiencing, and the development of our own species.


With all of these feats, you might think that humans are already smart enough that we do not need to learn anymore. This is really not the case. Learning is a process that lasts a lifetime: even when we are old and decrepit we still learn new things. Keeping our brain active is what keeps it functioning as well. Our brain needs exercise in order to avoid stagnation of knowledge and skills. This is why you need to learn new stuff every now and then. It’s like sending a message to your brain that it needs to be healthier. Click here to learn more about this.


Learning new trades promote new nerve connections in our brain which delays the onset of diseases like Alzheimer’s. Learning a new language can be challenging, but it is one of the ways you can protect your brain from damage even in your old age.  Playing puzzles and games like Sudoku and Scrabble stimulates our nerve activities as well. Doing these on routine is really like keeping your whole body in shape. Providing that kind of balance between our physical and mental health is the key to a better well-being.


Sadly, this might not be enough. There are moments in your life in which you might want to have a little boost in brain power. Worrying for an important exam or presentation can help stimulate the brain but it can also be a stressful experience. This is not good for your brain and you whole body. You might need some help to keep you going even for just a short period of time. Fortunately, there are a lot of options that you might take to help you with this dilemma. One of the most popular ones is drinking supplements or consuming brain food. Yes, you read that right: Choosing the right food or supplement to take can help you with your skills in memory or comprehension.



Coffee is one of the most popular ones, as the caffeine keeps you alert and awake for you to learn new things. Ginkgo biloba is also a very popular medicine in many South and South East Asian countries to help their brain function. Ayurvedic medicine is also a similar option with Bacopa Monnieri. Learn more about other plant products for brain health here:


These plants are considered as wonders of nature and have been used for centuries. Even emperors and kings have experience the power of these plants. However, let me introduce you to one of the wonders of the present world when it comes to brain power: Modafinil.


Modafinil is an oral drug that is used to treat many sleep-related disorders such shift work sleep disorder and obstructive sleep apnea. As such, it can be used to avoid sleepiness and increase alertness of the individual. This gives you a lot of time to do the things you want to do. It can also help you think clearly and effectively because it keeps you awake. Even the armies of several countries give modafinil to their soldiers in order to keep them awake especially during crucial or dangerous situations and missions.


However, as with any kind of drug, it is regulated through prescriptions in the USA and UK. It might even be stricter in other countries so if you want to travel, make sure to research about the place before even going. However, it is very strict since it is not considered as a high priority drug by authorities. You can get some of it in drugstores near you or you can order from the internet. There are a lot of websites that offer even cheaper options if you really want to get modafinil. You can even check out many top lists on where to get high-quality yet fair prices modafinil. Surf the net, and you may grab what you are looking for.


Always remember that these supplements can help but it is up to you to make them work. You need to make an effort in order to research more about what you are going to take as medicine. Check with your doctor or specialist to affirm your decision regarding modafinil.




Prevagen Product Review – Does it work? (updated July 2019)


What Is Prevagen?

Prevagen is a piece of the developing classification of supplements called nootropics, which have shown brain-boosting impacts. It is predominantly suited towards the individuals who are encountering difficulty with here and now memory because of aging. It cases to make the brain more beneficial and more grounded. It is a brain control supplement that has been clinically tried and found to improve health performance of the brain. As per Prevagen ís mark an official site, this compound is clinically shown to help with mellow memory complications that are frequently analyzed in the aging population.


Scientifically, the human brain starts to flop around the age of 40. For instance, memory turns out to be slower. Hence, a supplement like Prevagen can be useful in giving extra intellectual help. The manufacturer additionally asserts that it will just take 90 days to see changes in brain capacities, for example, memory help and clearer considering, among others.

The vast majority of the cells in our bodies recreate at a relentless rate. Be that as it may, as we age, so do our cells until the point that they, in the long run, quit separating and kick the bucket. Quincy Bioscience, the engineers of Prevagen, claim to have discovered an answer for lessening the demise of brain passing by as much as half.

Prevagen is a health supplement that is clinically demonstrated to limit age-related memory decrease. Notwithstanding enhancing memory, Prevagen likewise claims to give extra intellectual help, support your vitality, and influence you to feel loaded with life once more. It can likewise enable you to get expanded deduction capacities and loss of foggy brain.

These are for the most part striking cases that are certain to pull in a man who feels like they’re gradually losing their ordinary subjective procedures.

All in all, can a health supplement whose primary ingredient originates from a jellyfish truly bolster your brain’s health? To answer this inquiry, we have to see first how Prevagen functions.

How Prevagen works

Prevagen, which is most normally found in container form, is ingested. The apoaequorin in the supplement discharges protein and calcium that is crucial in enhancing rest quality and boosting memory capacities. Apoaequorin additionally furnishes the brain with calcium that assumes a part in decreasing age-related mental decay. All the more on a very basic level, the protein delivered by this ingredient likewise helps in the development of a sound brain, along these lines a significant decrease in memory misfortune. As per the official site,Prevagen is said to help in;

  • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: Some reports recommend that taking 20 mg of apoaequorin each 2-3 waking hours and an extra 20-40 milligram, around one hour before sleep time, alongside different medications and supplements, may moderate the movement of ALS. The impacts of taking apoaequorin alone are not clear.
  • Mental work: Early research shows that taking 10 milligrams of apoaequorin every day for 90 days, enhances mental capacity in more seasoned grown-ups.
  • Memory:  Early research demonstrates that taking 10 mg of apoaequorin once a day, for 90 days, may enhance distraction, word review, and the requirement for updates in a few people. In any case, this exploration is of lower quality.
  • Sleep quality: -Early research demonstrates that taking 10 mg of apoaequorin day by day for 90 days may build rest time by around one hour for every night and cut evening time enlightenments by half. It is said to have enhanced rest quality in more than 90% of individuals with inconvenience dozing.

About Manufacturer

Quincy Bioscience, a biotechnology organization, situated in Madison, Wisconsin, produces Prevagen. It concentrates on the revelation, improvement, and commercialization of novel advances to help intellectual capacity and other consistent health difficulties, for example, mellow memory issues related to aging. You can discover more about the organization on its official site alongside more data about this item.

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Observe, however, that this organization has had some lawful tussles with the US Food and Drug Administration identified with objections raised about Prevagen. Specifically against the claim that this item could treat head wounds and Alzheimerís sickness after it caused unfavorable responses in patients with these conditions. The FDA likewise raised worries about the primary ingredient, apoaequorin, referring to it is a manufactured protein and not a dietary supplement. The claim is found on the producer’s legitimate site: “Apoaequorin, the from jellyfish, is developed in a protected and controlled assembling process.î

Prevagen Ingredients

The principal ingredient in this item is the apoaequorin protein. Prevagen official site asserts that it helps in the change of subjective capacity, making it a basic supplement for more established grown-ups. Moreover, it helps in enhancing the capacity to review data.

One of the components in Apoaequorin is calcium. The nearness of calcium helps by upgrading calcium homeostasis which can help with diminishing the antagonistic impacts of dementia and subjective brokenness. Calcium additionally shields neurons from ischemic cell demise (when there is a limitation in blood supply to tissues) and directs intracellular calcium levels.

Different ingredients incorporated

  • Disodium EDTA: Each container contains around 10 milligrams of sodium. This is somewhat underneath the suggested everyday utilization of sodium which is 1%.
  • Magnesium Stearate: We realizes that minerals, for example, magnesium and zinc are basic co-factors for fundamental brain capacities, henceforth they are basic with the help of cell layer health.
  • Acetic Acid: One all around the upheld capacity of acidic acid is expanded responsiveness to tactile jolts, which can help the client to focus. Acidic acid likewise helps in the concealment of intracortical data transmission in the cortex. A few types of learning and pliancy in the cortex seem reliant on the nearness of acidic acid.
  • Sodium Chloride: Regularly known as salt, this ingredient helps in keeping up the sodium-potassium adjust in the body. At the point when the heart is pumping great, sodium goes into the cells and potassium turns out which discharges vitality in your body. The vitality made enables your muscles to unwind and contract as nerve motivations are transmitted to your brain.

Prevagen Formula

Our principle issue with this item is the way that it depends entirely on one single ingredient. We want to see a more far-reaching way to deal with brain-boosting, which is the reason we support other brain boosters over this one.

In Prevagen, there is a genuinely little measurement of one single ingredient. In other brain boosters, there are commonly around 600-1,000 milligrams worth of 5-10 different ingredients. We trust the utilization of numerous ingredients is a substantially more successful way to deal with boosting subjective execution rather than the single-ingredient approach.

Furthermore, with a strength level as high as 1,000 milligrams for each serving, you will undoubtedly encounter significantly more intense impacts and advantages rather than bringing a supplement with under 50 milligrams for every serving, for example, Prevagen.

Another investigation found that individuals taking Prevagen demonstrated exceptional change concerning memory. Remember, however, that the consequences of the investigation were quantified through self-evaluated polls. The subjects didn’t partake in a controlled, clinical investigation, however, were gotten some information about their association with Prevagen.


  • Prevagen cases to help safeguard a solid brain.
  • This supplement guarantees to enable improvements to center and mindfulness.
  • Keeps brain cells from age-related intricacies.


    • There is no scientific confirmation for the greater part of the affirmations made by the maker of Prevagen.
    • There is no confirmation that apoaequorin can persevere stomach acid or go through the blood-brain hindrance.
    • The FDA debate the safety of apoaequorin.
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Who Should Take Prevagen?

The producers of Prevagen claim that we lose around 85,000 brain cells consistently. As we lose brain cells, our brain delivers less and less Apoaequorin, which is a special protein in charge of memory and core interest.

Prevagen is an Apoaequorin supplement that guarantees to renew your body’s supply of the protein. In clinical investigations, this has been appeared to prompt better memory, enhanced concentration, and clearer considering.

Prevagen isn’t as effective as some nootropics available today, and it won’t work for everybody (a few people as of now have normally elevated amounts of Apoaequorin even as they age). Prevagen is, be that as it may, fabricated in the United States and made by a trustworthy organization situated in Madison, Wisconsin – so you’re not purchasing from some low-quality merchant in a creating nation.

More youthful individuals, as well, are finding that Prevagen is a valuable supplement for expanding mental execution generally speaking. Our 21st-century lifestyles are more pressed with data than any other time in recent memory; continuing best of family life, work responsibilities, and your particular advantages can wind up noticeably overpowering.

For these reasons, Prevagen can be a viable and safe memory-boosting supplement for anybody beyond 40 years old who have felt their focus, memory, and mental vitality decay throughout the years.

Prevagen is a Safe and Effective Supplement

Truly. Prevagen is a sheltered and viable supplement. It is one of only a handful couple of brain upgrade supplements that have been clinically and scientifically tried. The ingredients utilized as a part of the produces are largely clinically tried. The prescribed dosages have additionally been proven* to be precise by numerous trials led by different volunteers. This homegrown cure includes every single normal ingredient that doesn’t contain stimulants. It is, along these lines, a sheltered and compelling brain supplement in the market.

Why you should believe us

We consider health and prosperity important because we know our perusers do. Through our long practice working in health and prosperity, we have built up a notoriety for clear and all around inquired about data which our perusers have come to trust.

While inquiring about superfoods and exploring the supplements huge numbers of us depend on as a major aspect of our lifestyles, we take a scope of solid variables into thought. These include:

• Level of supplement accessible and how fitting that level is for the supplement concerned

• Quality of the item, including the virtue of ingredients and also the nature of assembling

• Other health benefits which might be added to an item – regularly these are truly profitable, yet we jump at the chance to check whether they are simply showcasing gadgets not worth the additional cash

• Consumer criticism about convenience, taste, and different issues which we know are imperative in choosing which supplement is ideal for every person

How Should You Take Prevagen?

As per the instructions recorded on the mark, it’s best to take Prevagen in the morning to enable the protein to enter the circulation system and enhance your brain capacities for the day.

When you take the pill in the morning, you can hope to see a lift in vitality and uplifted psychological capacities.

How Long Until Prevagen Works?

As indicated by the clinical examinations, it takes around three months for this health supplement to demonstrate any detectable impacts. In any case, the viability of Prevagen additionally relies upon the sort of intellectual issues you’re attempting to fix or how extreme your memory weakness is.

Prevagen additionally accompanies 30 days unconditional promise. In any case, here’s the wind: you have to sit tight for no less than 90 days for any significant changes. In this way, if toward the finish of these three months you don’t see any change, you can just recover your cash on only one of the containers you’ve purchased.

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How much does Prevagen cost?

At $59.95, Prevagen is a bit on the expensive side. Notwithstanding, it’s significant that not at all like other memory-boosting supplements, this one has a couple of clinical investigations to help its cases.

Is Prevagen Safe?

As far as anyone is concerned, there haven’t been any reports of serious symptoms related with taking this supplement. Notwithstanding, a few pros have indicated worries about the impacts long haul utilize may have on bones since Prevagen contains a calcium-restricting protein. In this way, if you experience the ill effects of a bone-related malady, for example, osteoporosis, at that point it is best to chat with your specialist before taking Prevagen.

Exceptional Precautions and Warnings:

  • Talk to your doctor initially to talk about any results that may happen.
  • Take alert when utilizing Prevagen with other physician endorsed pharmaceuticals.
  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding: There isn’t sufficient dependable data about the security of taking apoaequorin if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Remain erring on the side of caution and don’t utilize it.

Prevagen Conclusion

Prevagen has been appeared to build the brain capability of numerous clients through the dynamic ingredient Apoaequorin. This dynamic ingredient, while initially found in jellyfish, has been licensed and delivered in research facilities with the end goal of boosting memory.

Prevagen is an effective supplement which can have an authentic effect to a standout amongst the most imperative parts of our bodies – the brain.

At the point when the capacity to review essential data or concentrate on undertakings is debilitated, personal satisfaction is affected.

The revelation of Apoaequorin’s capacity to enhance the experience of individuals at all phases in life is a truly energizing improvement in the supplement business and something which we figure everybody could benefit from.

Choline Bitartrate Review 2018- Pro’s & Con’s (Updated July 2019)

Choline Bitartrate

What is Choline Bitartrate?

There are several people who suffer from either acute or chronic memory loss and also have impaired memory. With increased tension and depression in the lifestyle of human, the functioning of brain and heart is highly affected. Choline Bitartrate is a dietary supplement for all groups of people who are at risk of some kind of a nervous system disorder or cognitive disorder. These substances are similar to vitamin B and hence very commonly referred to as vitamin- B complex.

Choline Bitartrate
Choline Bitartrate

The group, which is at high risk of Choline Bitartrate deficiency, are pregnant women, athletes, and older people. The risk can be reduced by intake of choline bitartrate in the diet. The detailed studies have shown evidence of choline transport through placental tissues between infant and mother during pregnancy. Not only pregnancy but during lactation period Choline Bitartrate presence in breastfed milk has been found. In old age due to the reduced amount of natural lubricant acetylcholine causes memory loss and reduction in other cognitive functions, choline bitartrate is highly recommended for this group of people. It is water soluble and needs to take regularly, though only a small portion of the population take these supplements regularly.

About Choline Bitartrate

Choline Bitartrate is a dietary supplement which is used in Choline Bitartrate content in the human body. It is an essential nutrient to maintain the optimum health. Although choline is produced in a very amount in the human liver, it is important to include it as a dietary supplement in food. It is mainly found in food sources such as broccoli, fish, meats, peanuts, etc. Severe cases of memory loss and degenerated mental functioning are treated with the help of choline bitartrate. Hence, it is also commonly known as brain supplement. Choline has great potential for use as a dietary modulator for performances in relation to human beings.

Choline Bitartrate is a combination of Choline with a chemical salt to increase its absorption. Other derivatives include a combination of choline with salt citrate known as choline citrate and with chloride known as choline chloride. To meet the amount of choline required to be taken with food as prescribed by FDI, the intake of this manufactured synthetic choline is taken. The intake ensures smooth performance of the nervous system and treats memory impairment.

Importance of Choline Bitartrate 

  • For the functioning of the nervous system

Choline Bitartrate is required to synthesize Acetylcholine, which is a neurotransmitter associated with memory, concentration, and learning ability.

  • In Signal Transduction

Signals are transferred across membranes through a highly bilateral flow of molecular actions or through an extra-cellular sensor that detects signals and transfers the message in the core of the cell through a protein i.e., phosphorylation cascade. Thus, the final element acts as a transcriptional regulator. Phospholipids act as important elements in transmembrane signaling. According to a study, choline phospholipids is like sphingomyelin, phosphatidylcholine, and their metabolites are important modulators and mediators of transmembrane signaling.

Choline is an essential nutrient for synaptic plasticity. Synaptic plasticity is the ability of synapses to strengthen or weaken over time depending on the levels of their activity. It plays a direct role in learning ability and remembering new things.

Choline also prevents the deposition of fats in the liver, which helps in normal fat and carbohydrate metabolism.

  • Anti-inflammatory

Chronic inflammation, which may result from stress, an animal-protein-rich diet, smoking, and alcohol use, is very common. Choline is highly effective at reducing inflammation.

  • Forms DNA and Cell Structures

DNA, which is responsible for building the entire body, also, needs Choline Bitartrate for its formation.

Choline and folate are key nutrients involved in the methyl group processes, used by the body to form a genetic material that helps build every system within the body.

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  • Role in carcinogenesis

According to research, it has been found that Choline Bitartrate has its role in the change of the PKC signal. Choline is one of the main nutritional sources for groups of labile methyl. Its metabolism is interconnected with folate and methionine metabolism. So, the deficiency of choline reduces all of these methyl donors. Choline is the only sole nutrient for which dietary deficiency is related to the growth of cancer.

  • In heart diseases

An increased amount of Homocysteine in blood is found to increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. The Choline Bitartrate has been effective in reducing the Homocysteine concentration in blood, thus preventing heart diseases.

  • The composition of Choline Bitartrate

Choline Bitartrate has a chemical name,i.e.,  2- (hydroxymethyl)trimethylammonium Bitartrate. Its molecular weight is 253.25 and has an empirical formula of C9H19No7. It is a white crystalline powder (in supplements) and mainly soluble in water. Its solubility in water is the cause of continuous intake as dietary supplements. Choline tartrate is a vital element of lecithin that can be found in organs of many plants and animal. It is important as a predecessor of acetylcholine, methyl donor in different metabolic processes and helps in lipid metabolism.

  • Working of choline bitrate in brain

The low level of acetylcholine results in age-related memory loss problem and also impaired brain functioning. The presence of acetylcholine inappropriate amount leads to better speed in the brain due to optimization of communication between the cells. In coexistence with acetate, Choline Bitartrate is metabolized in acetylcholine. The presence of acetylcholine leads to the production of a higher volume of the neurotransmitter. The presence of acetylcholine, which is a kind of lubricant for proper and enhanced functioning of nerve cells is deciding factor in smooth movements of muscles in the body. Though choline has no chemical interaction, it has a significant role in the production of acetylcholine. The presence of cholinergic receptors in the brain has a role in memory storage.

  • Working of choline bitrate in cells

Choline Bitartrate is an important factor in the production of phospholipids, which helps in the movement and signaling between the cells. There is evidence which shows the role of Choline Bitartrate in signal transduction and other cellular functions.

Choline Bitartrate usage/dosage

Doses of choline vary significantly for every age group according to their metabolic needs. However, typically a dose of 250mg to 500mg can be used for used for general health purposes within a period of 24 hours. Choline concentration required on a daily basis may vary from 125 mg for infants to 550 mg for adult males and lactating females. Here is a detailed list of the dosage to be taken for each group

  • Infants and babies should be given a dose of 125-150 mg
  • Infants and babies: 125- 150 mg
  • Children ages 1-8: 150- 250 mg
  • Teens ages 8-13: 250- 375 mg
  • Women above age 14: 425- 550 mg
  • Men above age 14: 550 mg
  • Pregnant women: 450-550 mg
  • Women who are breastfeeding: 550 mg

Cholinesterase Inhibitors and their role

Cholinesterase inhibitors are supplements and drugs which play a significant role in brain function. The compound helps in increasing the levels of the neurotransmitters which is necessary for memory function. It also slows down the development of memory loss in elderly people and also keeps the sharp memory and high brain performance in younger people.

Cholinesterase (Also known as Acetylcholinesterase or AChE) is an enzyme which hydrolyzes or breaks Acetylcholine. It works to control the level of Acetylcholine in the brain. It also makes sure that the neurotransmitter interacting with receptors is adequate in required numbers.  But sometimes by snooping with this enzyme, the Acetylcholine levels can be increased which causes improvements in memory formation, retention, and recall. Cholinesterase inhibitors work to break down this important neurochemical which is inhibited by it. The production of these enzymes helps in development and increase of Acetylcholine in the brain. Increased activity at cholinergic receptors may lead to increased memory function and enhanced learning ability. The end result is heightened memory and learning abilities, along with increased focus for both healthy young adults and older people experiencing memory deficits. Cholinesterase inhibitors work to increase the plasticity of the synapses and increase the fluidity of brain.

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How do Neurotransmitters work?

Neurotransmitters act as messengers and endogenous chemicals are responsible for delivering messages from one neuron to another. The communication takes place with the help of synapses. Neurotransmitters travel between synapses and bind to specific receptors that are designed to receive messages from particular chemical only. Each receptor is chemically specific. After receiving the signal nerve cells gets activated and the further process is achieved.

Choline and lactation

Choline found in the milk of the mother has impacted on the blood level of Choline Bitartrate in the infant. Choline Bitartrate enters the milk supply either directly from the maternal blood supply, or inside the mammary epithelium choline-containing nutrients can be produced. Choline reaches the milk through a transporter specific for choline from the maternal blood supply into the mammary epithelial cells. At high concentrations, choline diffuses across the cell membrane into the mammary epithelium cell.

Types of choline supplements

It’s important to take the bioavailability of the form of choline chosen as dietary supplements. Though choline bitrate is good for the nervous system, its inability to penetrate through the blood-brain obstacles makes it unavailable for a major portion of the brain.

Supplements such as CDP Choline (Citicoline) and Alpha GCP functions as the ending product and is a predecessor to Phosphatidylcholine. Choline Bitartrate is delivered straight into the neural cells because of the bioavailable chemical. By using this kind of supplements into the diet can help in achieving better acetylcholine content.

Main sources of Choline Bitartrate

Naturally, in the human body, choline is produced in the liver and is used to reduce fat build up in the body. The rich sources of Choline Bitartrate include following

  • Fishes like salmon
  • Eggs
  • Peanut and its products
  • Different types of beans

Symptoms of a choline deficiency include

The reduced level of either naturally synthesized or intake of Choline Bitartrate can be the cause of health-related problems. The symptoms which indicate a reduced level of Choline Bitartrate in the body are

  • low energy levels of fatigue
  • memory loss
  • cognitive decline
  • learning disabilities
  • nerve damage
  • mood changes or disorders

Advantages of using choline Bitartrate

Choline can be used as dietary supplements to overcome the lack of reduced and low-level production of Choline Bitartrate in the body. It has several benefits which include the following-

Mental benefitsdue to an enhanced level of acetylcholine production in the brain.

  • Better long-term memory
  • Better short-term memory
  • Increased focus and alertness
  • Less brain fog
  • Control mood swings

Physical benefits

  • liver of fatty build-up
  • Strengthens cell membranes
  • Promotes healthy breast tissue
  • Increases cardiovascular efficiency

Other benefits include-

  • The faster reaction, and quicker thought processing
  • Prevents insomnia and improves REM sleep
  • Reduces ADHD and ADD symptoms
  • Removes excess cholesterol from and fats from the liver, leading to better liver health
  • Inflammation reduction
  • Decreases certain symptoms of Asthma
  • During pregnancy choline level is depleted hence its intake is important in preventing neural tube defect in the baby.

It also acts as a great health promoter for post-menopausal women as depletion of estrogen affects the choline production in the body. Estrogens act as a precursor in choline production which decreases after menopause

It can be used in the treatment of the Bipolar disorder, manic depression by regulation of Choline Bitartrate concentration in the nervous system.

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The Choline Bitartrate doesn’t affect very fast and hence its continuous intake can only suggest the possible benefits to the person. However, excessive intake may lead to several side effects in the person, including severe allergic reactions.

Side effects of Choline Bitartrate

Though choline has several benefits, it also has several side effects. These side effects are as follows-

  • Body odor- due to increased production of Choline Bitartrate
  • Allergic Reaction- enhancement in the production of several cellular enzymes
  • Excessive sweating- it may interfere with the body temperature leading to excessive sweating.
  • Upset stomach- intake oh high dose may interfere with the digestive system of the body causing disturbed digestion.
  • A decrease in appetite- it is very common in children who intake a high amount of choline supplements. It can be treated with a good lifestyle, including exercise.
  • Nausea- it is the result of the disturbed digestive system.
  • Diarrhea- it is common in old age and infants due to weak digestive metabolism.

The side effects can easily be overcome by discontinuing its intake for some time. But it is suggested that proper treatment is taken if any of the side effects occur.

Choline Bitartrate is very much essential as it maintains the Choline Bitartrate content of the body. It has a lot of function, so one should definitely adapt choline bitartrate in his or her diet chart. But you need to be very careful that you should take the adequate amount only. Excess intake of choline bitartrate might affect your body as well as health adversely.  Before adding it to your diet chart, consult a doctor for its amount of doses.

Uridine Review 2018 -Benefits & Side Effects (Updated July 2019)


What is Uridine?

In the day-to-day hassles of life, we often tend to forget several important things. For example, suppose you had to bring a lot of products like fruits, vegetables, stationary, etc. from the market, but you ended up forgetting a few of them. This is the case with many of us irrespective of our age. Next what we then do is either make a list of the item on a sticky note or else start consuming some of the brain-boosting supplements that can help us recall our memory. A wide variety of it is already available in the market, but certainly, it is up to you to choose the best amongst them. So after doing a thorough research, scientists found that an adequate amount of ribonucleic acid (RNA) is required to enhance the memory storing capacity of your brain. And aptly fitting in this domain is Uridine, a brain-boosting supplement that is one of the building blocks of ribonucleic acid. It is proved to be by far one of the best memory enhancing supplements available in the market. Now, going forward, let us have a detailed study of how it functions to improve the memory restoring the capacity of the brain.


An introduction to Uridine

Besides adenosine, guanine, thymidine, and cytidine, it forms the fifth molecule that constitutes ribonucleic acid, which is responsible for boosting up the brain. This essential element is found in several dietary products like plants and vegetable, especially tomatoes, broccoli, beer, yeast, liver, and sugarcane. But most importantly, it is synthesized in the human liver and is generated as uridine monophosphate (UMP) in the blood. For infants, they gain uridine from breast milk. Uridine is the founding stone that forms RNA and DNA, both of which contribute towards brain development from our initial years. But in this busy schedule of life, we hardly have the time to pick up vegetables and replenish the vital nutrient. Also, several of us may develop liver dysfunctioning (all credit to our immense craving for junk foods) which hinders the process of natural formation of uridine. In such a case, scientists have developed uridine supplement that functions as the natural one. Even when it consumed orally, uridine produces CDP-choline. Uridine is beneficial not only in boosting up your rain’s ability to recollect things but is also beneficial for patients who have mental illness or Alzheimer disease. When this uridine supplement gets in contact with human body, it gets absorbed in the intestinal tract and can escalate the dopamine level within the brain.

Further, it is suggested that if it is consumed with choline or omega three substances like fish oil, it functionalities increase manifold after reaching the brain. Its anti-depressant property also helps an individual overcome depression or mood swings and live an active and healthy life. Although it is present in most components, a chemical formation of uridine can ease the consumption process. You will have a clear knowledge of the level and amount of it that is specifically required for the proper functioning of your brain.  Its usage may vary from person to person depending on the level of RNA that is required for the brain functioning.

Functions of Uridine

It’s a component of ribonucleic acid (RNA), constitutes towards the development of the brain from the initial stage of an infant to regaining the lost memory that mostly occurs at an older age. Thie essential ingredient is present in several plants and vegetables but mostly is generated by the human liver itself. Infants derive it from the breast milk that they consume, which helps in developing their DNA and RNA structure during their growing years. Nowadays, to ease the human problem, the chemical composition of uridine is available in the market. It functions similarly to the one that your body generates. So let us walk through the basic functions that oral consumption of uridine—the brain-boosting supplement can do.

  • Helps in brain growth:

Brain constitutes the most important organ of human body. A dysfunctioning in this part of the body can lead to detrimental effects of mental illness, Alzheimer, paralysis, or coma. So it is important that the brain gets an adequate amount of the product, DNA, and Choline that combines for its proper functioning. Studies reveal that uridine has proved beneficial to induce sleep, improve the brain structure and its function, and also prevents the occurrence of epilepsy. This supplement also initiates the P2Y2 receptor that helps in neuronal development and regeneration of neurons. Thus, uridine is beneficial for brain growth and proper functioning of the neurotrophins.

  • Improves memory:

Memory loss in an accident or as an effect of paralysis can have an adverse effect on the functioning of the body. Apart from this, the forgetful nature of human brain is present in one among every ten individuals. So, in this case, this product can be a great companion for regaining the memory power. A regular consumption of uridine has shown effective results in revitalizing the brain’s memory storing capacity than ever before. So, it is highly recommended to consume uridine enriched food substances or in an easier manner have uridine supplements that are nowadays readily available in the market.

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  • Treats pain and inflammation:

Pain in the shoulder or lower back is a very common scenario today. Women are mostly falling prey to such kind of pain and inflammation. This is because they are less worried about their health and ponders on their family first. In this process, after reaching an age of 30, the bones automatically starts to degenerates leading to pain in certain areas. So if you are also one amongst them, then uridine is the best supplement for your health. Individuals who are specifically affected by carpal tunnel syndrome should venture out for this product on a daily basis to reduce the intensity of pain and inflammation.

  • Protection of your heart:

Like our brain, the heart also performs major functions in the body. This organ is responsible for transmitting the blood through the arteries, vein, and nerves and renders its smooth circulation for proper body function. But of late, several people have fallen prey to heart ailments like cardiac arrest, stroke, coronary artery disease, etc. So, to protect your heart, this product is one of the best remedies. When an adequate amount of oxygen doesn’t reach the heart due to blockage in the artery holes, then it can lead to cardiovascular ailments. In this case, uridine can increase the flow of blood and normalize your heart rate. Besides uridine triphosphate can reduce contraction of the heart during cardiac arrest.

  • Restores liver growth:

Liver dysfunction is mostly seen due to an over-indulgence in the consumption of alcohol or junk foods. It disrupts the digestive system as a whole. Under such circumstances, it is advisable to undergo liver transplantation. But after that, it is equally important that the new liver functions and gets accustomed to the body. This substance helps in liver growth and regeneration of liver cells and renders its proper functioning. A regular dosage of uridine can be beneficial in this case.

  • Treats depression and bipolar disorder:

Uridine has shown proven results in solving mitochondria dysfunction which leads to bipolar disorder. Further, it is also helpful in treating depression and its associated problems. Most of us are suffering stress, depression, or anxiety. This may be due to, immense work pressure or personal problems. But depression can have a serious effect on the functioning of the brain. Whatever we think and do is an action of the brain itself. Depression can lead to irritable behavior or frequent mood swings. So, in that case, consume a regular dosage of uridine.

  • Aids in treating HIV problems:

HIV is one of the doting problems in our life. An HIV patient is often treated as an untouchable in the society. A common problem seen in most HIV patients is Lipoatrophy, in which the body starts losing fat from several parts of the body. As seen, an HIV patient contains less amount of uridine than a normal one. So in their case, the level of uridine needs to get balanced to prevent the shedding of fat from the body. It will also help to eradicate any toxic effect that might hinder the proper functioning of the body. Consuming uridine on a regular basis can be advantageous for HIV patients.

  • Aids in treating Cystic fibrosis:

Cystic Fibrosis can do potential harm to your lungs and digestive system and even cause breathing trouble. This is majorly a genetic ailment caused due to increased sodium absorption. If you are suffering from this prolonged disorder, the product can become your lifesaver. CI-secretion can lower the thick secretion that affects the lungs. Uridine increases this CI-secretion and blocks the absorption of sodium in the lungs, thereby, providing relief to your problem. In addition, Uridine triphosphate along with amiloride has shown the effective result in removing mucus and clearing the air track in human beings.

  • A boon for anemic patients:

Anemia is a situation of low hemoglobin level in the blood. An anemic patient looks pale and often invites several deadly diseases. They have a fatal chance of organ dysfunctioning. In such a case a person is admitted to a hospital and given enough blood that an average adult requires. In this case, this substance too can help you. A combination of uridine along with vitamin B12 and cytidine has shown the effective result for an anemic patient.

So, Uridine is an extremely beneficial ingredient for the human body. As stated above, its curative properties help in treating several ailments. A regular consumption of uridine supplement is therefore highly recommended.

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The cons of using Uridine

Even after having such high cognitive value, uridine—the brain-boosting supplement also has a certain negative impact on human body. The effect can vary from person to person so prior using this product have a look at the possible side effects and then consume it under a proper medical guidance.

  • Can cause cancer

Uridine is a naturally occurring substance in the human body, and the synthesize of which takes place in the liver. Oral consumption of uridine gets absorbed in the intestinal tract and boost up the functioning of the brain. But apart from this, Uridine also activates the P2Y2 receptor which can escalate the spread of pancreatic cancer cell in the body. Research shows that uridine triphosphate and P2Y2 receptor acts as the carrier in cancer metastasis when a person is diagnosed with breast cancer. Along with this, uridine has shown result In promoting prostate cancer and spreading of liver cancer. So, it is seen that uridine supplement in contrary to a dietary product has shown adverse effects too. Dietary uridine is found in tomato, beer, yeast, sugarcane, etc. So instead of chemically processed uridine, a person can even opt for dietary substances which have shown effects in reducing intestinal tumor by 41%.

  • Escalate heart ailment

Although it has shown the proven result in protecting the heart, there are failures too. When there is not an adequate amount of oxygen transaction in the heart, it can lead to dysfunctioning and result in heart attack. Uridine, in this case, is seen to increase the level of blood flow and also reduces contraction during cardiac arrest. But in few cases, it is also visible that after uridine activates the P2Y2 receptor, there are high chances of thickening of the valves which can lead to heart failure. So if you are a cardiac patient, it is advisable to go for natural products than artificial ones and before that consult your doctor as to whether it is suitable for you or not.

  • Causes of insulin resistance

Diabetes is a very common health hazard that affects many people. It either passes down as a hereditary disease or else is the result of excessive stress and tension. In both the cases, it requires adequate medication, exercise, and precautionary measure. For patients who have a higher level of diabetes, doctors often recommend them to go for insulin injection. But it is seen that overexposure to supplement can cause insulin resistance in the body. A diabetic patient is thus forbidden to consume the supplement because there is already more than enough uridine present in their body than a normal person.

  • Inhibit bone formation

In worst cases of uridine malfunction, it is seen that it hinders the bone growth and on the contrary induces the level of adipogenesis. So if you are already suffering from bone degeneration, then it is recommended not to opt for uridine supplement.

How to consume?

It is recommended to consume 500- 1000 mg of the product on a daily basis for effective results. It shouldn’t be consumed in one go. Divide it into morning, afternoon, and evening timings. The supplement usually comes in the form of powder, capsules, or tablets. Initially, start with a small dosage and under proper medical guidance increase your consumption level

Where can you buy Uridine Supplements?

This product is present in most of the plants and vegetables. Although it is a naturally occurring substance in the human body, at times, due to liver dysfunction, it is not synthesized properly. If you ought to increase your memory level, then try to take uridine on a regular basis. Vegetables such as tomatoes, broccoli, nutritional yeast, brewer yeast, mushroom, oats, and sugarcane contain a high level of uridine. Apart from this, this vital nutrient is also found in meat, fish, and as well as in beer.


Where can we find the product?

Uridine is present in several vegetables, and apart from this, it is also present in the form of powder, capsule or tablet in the online market.

Is it safe to consume?

With numerous benefits to the human body, especially the brain uridine has both pros and cons. So before purchasing the product, it is recommended to take a consultation with the doctor regarding its dosage and use.



Oxiracetam Review 2018- Benefits & Side Effects (Updated July 2019)


What is Oxiracetam?

Oxiracetam is the word which is originated from Racetam. Racetam is a drug which shares pyrrolidone nucleus which is a pure compound consists of 5 member lactam. Pyrrolidone is a pale liquid. This Racetam is a nootropic and it has a collection of chemicals. The major work of racetams is that it enhances the metabolism of the brain and better communication between the two hemispheres of the brain. The scientific uses of racetams are that it Improves and slowing down Alzheimer’s, Improving Dyslexia, boosting the mental performance, and enhanced learning. Much research is needed to get into detail.

The classification of Racetam as a drug is Piracetam, Aniracetam, Oxiracetam, and Pramiracetam. These are used to heighten mind power.

Piracetam is the parent compound among the four racetams. The chemical name of Piracetam is 2-oxo-1-pyrrolidine acetamide. It is discovered between the years 1950 and 1964.  Piracetam is used over by many countries to treat many diseases. Piracetam is the drug which is used to improve the ability to think, learning, remembering, concentrating, and focusing. It is the original nootropic and was the very first Racetam discovered. This drug dosage will vary depending on the age of the user.  The activity of Corpus Collasum is amplified owing to the communication linking two hemispheres of the brain.

There are various stacks of Piracetam and they are Alpha GPC- Piracetam stack, PAO stack, and pramiracetam and Piracetam.

  • Alpha GPC –Piracetam stacking: A high-quality choline supplement is added to Piracetam. Here, in this case, the acetylcholine receptor demands to amplify the neurotransmitter. Any condition in which acetylcholine is a low-level burnout receptor and cause a headache. A headache is the major side effect noticed by many users.
  • PAO Stack: In order to get full series of payback from the racetam nootropic drugs all the three drugs Piracetam, Aniracetam, and Oxiracetam are used. It is very much cost effectual.
  • Pramiracetam and Piracetam: Pramiracetam is fat soluble and these two drugs stack should be used along with food. This stack derives most of the benefits.
  • Huperzine A: Huperzine A is derived from the Chinese club of moss plant, which slows down the breakdown of neurotransmitters. This Piracetam will increase the acetylcholine in the brain. Thus when these two drugs work together to provide better results.

Aniracetam is one step above the Piracetam. It is fat soluble as a replacement for of water soluble. It is penetrating the barrier of blood-brain thereby separating chemicals consumed from entering the brain. The effects of Aniracetam are very similar to that of Piracetam. By using Aniracetam, attention is increased rapidly. It also increases the entire energy and concentration ability. This Aniracetam is different from Piracetam because it increases the blood flow which in turn increases the oxygen levels in the brain. It is also used as the mood enhancer.

The stacks which are used in the Aniracetam are the Aniracetam choline stack, Aniracetam- alpha GPC, pramiracetam and Aniracetam, and Aniracetam and L-theanine.

  • Aniracetam choline stack: This stack works as Aniracetam along with choline for recovering memory defects of brain thereby increasing acetylcholine levels in the brain.
  • Alpha GPC with Aniracetam: this alpha GPC stack contains the choline level which will improve the acetylcholine level for increasing levels of learning.  It improves neuron growth, high bio-availability, memory enhancer, and Improves cognition.
  • Pramiracetam with Aniracetam: The combination stack of Pramiracetam along with Aniracetam will improve the verbal fluency, attention span between different events, alertness, mental energy, and improved focus.
  • L- Theanine and Aniracetam: this combination of Aniracetam and L-Theanine will increase relaxation, reduce stress, increase focus, slows down the inhibitions, and improves sleep.
  • Adrafinil and Aniracetam: Adrafinil and the Aniracetam will increase the cognitive speed, enhances the attention span, intense focus, alertness, and provides massive energy. The stronger Aniracetam stack is pramiracetam or phenylPiracetam.
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Pramiracetam:  this is one of the most powerful drugs among the four nootropics. It is approximately 30 times stronger than the other three types of racetam drugs. It is very costly but the dose which is to be consumed is very little because it is much strong. Consumption process is very easy. The mechanism of pramiracetam is that it elevates the neurotransmitter levels. The transmission of signals from brain hemispheres provides ease in connecting with neurons.

The actual dosage of pramiracetam is ranging from 100 mg to 1200mg.  Thus it works for up to 8 hours by raising the flow of blood and advancing up the brain power. It grants motivation and inspiration to the work you do thereby improve the logical reasoning.

This pramiracetam will provide maximum focus, heightens alertness, advances Intellect and sharpens the memory. Thus the stack of pramiracetam with Adrafinil, Modafinil or Armodafinil boosts stimulus, focal point, and power. It is also called as a most commanding enhancer. These drugs are used mostly when there is a lot of mental stress. It can be particularly when there are exams for students. By the help of this drugs, we can heighten the user interest.

Oxiracetam:  it is also called as the brain improver pack. This product has very low risk and very calm effects.  Aniracetam works best as a mood enhancer. This drug is very much stronger which improves motivation, productivity, and focus.

Among all the four nootropics, Aniracetam and Oxiracetam are measured as the intermediate level compound.

This product enhances ample variety of cognitive processes. It improves the whole thing which relates to our mind. That is from thinking about anything, executing, and implementing it.

A hydroxyl group piracetam is a parent compound, from which a synthetic group of compounds is derived called as Oxiracetam. This is a drug developed in 1970’s. Though oxiracetam is extracted from piracetam, oxiracetam is five times extra effective than Piracetam. It is because this substance has a single hydroxyl group. Oxiracetam is used in various Nootropic functions.

Oxiracetam vs Piracetam?

  • Piracetam: In order to know why it is preferred over Piracetam we should know what Piracetam is and how it works. Piracetam is also a nootropic compound discovered by Dr. Giurgea. He is from Belgium and worked in a pharmaceutical company.

Piracetam is the finest nootropic drug when used as a brain enhancer in the beginning. The two neurotransmitters are Acetylcholine and Glutamate. The increased levels of Acetylcholine will describe the levels in the formation of memory. This Piracetam is also called an allosteric modulator of receptors. Piracetam will increase the transportation levels of calcium and sodium levels within the brain. This mechanism develops the perfect communication between neurons.

Thus the enhanced cognitive functioning of the brain takes place with the help of Piracetam tablets or powder.  The best benefit of Piracetam is that it increases sensory awareness. The most common benefit is sight and sound.

It enables you to identify and compare the small changes both visually and auditory.  In a very small period of time, you can hold more information in your brain and connect it for greater ease.

  • Oxiracetam: The targeted neurotransmitters by Oxiracetam are Acetylcholine and Glutamate. Glutamate is accountable for the formation of memory. Acetylcholine is liable for all thinking abilities. These thinking capabilities are making logical decisions, effective focus, and increased concentration. The working mechanism for Piracetam and Oxiracetam is very much same. But this Oxiracetam has a special feature to accelerate the cholinergic and glutamatergic systems.

It is better at crossing the blood-brain barrier. Thus it increases the supply and efficiency of Acetylcholine and Glutamate. It improves the power of neurochemicals. It develops synaptic plasticity and the intelligent ability of reasoning.

It also provides more benefits but these are very similar to that of Piracetam. But the usage of Oxiracetam will facilitate us with spatial and conceptual learning along with enhanced memory and speed up memory. In treating the degenerative conditions of many diseases such as dementia, autism, Alzheimer’s, and schizophrenia, Oxiracetam is used. It is also used in curing the damages caused to the people who consume much of alcohol.

Piracetam and Oxiracetam both are unfettered and spontaneous drugs. The choice of using either Piracetam or Oxiracetam is up to the user.If you need to attain sensory awareness along with cognitive development, then Piracetam is the best choice.

It is used when we learn a mechanically new material and wants to improve it basically from the roots. Oxiracetam is much preferred than Piracetam is because it is more potent and even offers ease to the new users.

How to use Oxiracetam?

It is available in the powder form and can be consumed along with water.  It is because Oxiracetam dissolves easily in liquid. It should be consumed an hour before the learning activity. In order to improve the performance of the Oxiracetam, it is loaded with other substances. The people who are not aware of the dosage should prefer capsules which are premeasured. By consuming capsules overdosage can be eliminated. In terms of cost, buying powder will be quite cheaper.

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To raise the ability to think much of acetylcholine is needed. To produce acetylcholine, choline should be in the increased form. So, a stack of choline is necessary, to make Oxiracetam work effectively. This product is exclusively for cognitive function. It is called as neuro-protective as it keeps the neurons in a healthy condition. The toxins from our body are excreted with the help of Oxiracetam.  This product is an antioxidant.

Mostly the usage of Oxiracetam is used by the students during exams for the tough subjects, which require more analytical and reasoning skills. There are very placid side effects even if we consume Oxiracetam for the lengthy time.

  •  It helps in many ways to enhance the cognitive processes such as:
  • Improving memory: it develops memory thereby enhancing its memory development, maintenance, and wielding a guaranteed effect in recalling anything very quickly.
  • Logical/Technical Thinking Enhancement: Oxiracetam builds up the ability to sense anything logically, technically, analytical and reasoning skills. It facilitates students during exams.
  • Learning Enhancement: This product provides greater easiness in learning and speeds up the memory formation.
  • Concentration and focus:  It improves the focus and concentration of user’s.It also offers in-depth interest in the subject without any deviation.
  • Sensory perception:  It offers specific improvements in sensory perception. This perception is deeper, intricate and visual. it upgrades the utility of left brain.
  • Physical and mental health:  it is a stimulus which acts as a central nervous system. It develops physical and mental health.

Oxiracetam is the favorite drug for students as it helps much when preparing for exams. It is extremely effective.

Oxiracetam Dosage

There are no serious side effects of using it. The dosage for this product varies depending on our cognitive thinking.  The minimum dosage is 600 mg per day and the maximum is 2500 mg per day. Consuming it can be in three-four servings a day. When using in the beginning we should start with the minimum dosage and should increase it slowly. The safe and effective daily dosage will be 600 to 1000 mg in a day in three to four servings.

In the beginning, if the dosage is high, it will deliver more effects within the minimum time. But, the possibility of causing side effects is more. So, consuming oxiracetam with low dosage is the better choice.

Oxiracetam side effects

The mild side effects of consuming Oxiracetam are a headache, sleeplessness, vomiting, and uneasiness. If you have any sleeping issues then you can stop consuming it in the night. Oxiracetam can be used as cycling doses instead of regular to avoid many side effects. The dosage of the nootropics will on the user requirements. The most excellent way to overcome overdosage is by perfect stacking.


Oxiracetam works as an enhancer for the essential part of our brain that is the central nervous system.  Oxiracetam is consumed directly by mixing in water or by using it in combination with other supplements. The method of combining the supplements with that of Oxiracetam is called as stacking. This stacking will increase the effects of enhancing the cognitive abilities. There are three methods of stacking they are Oxiracetam and choline stacking, Oxiracetam and Pramiracetam stacking, and Oxiracetam and Aniracetam stacking.

Oxiracetam and Choline Stacking:

The measured quantity of choline intake is necessary when consuming it . It is much better to include choline source in daily food chart. It maximizes the effect of oxiracetam on the brain. It minimizes the mild side effects which are caused by consuming oxiracetam.

    • 1x-2x per day:
    • 800 mg Oxiracetam:  these are capsules contains 100 capsules with 600mg oxiracetam per capsule.
    • 300 mg Alpha GPC: these are capsules contains 60 capsules with 250 mg choline per capsule.
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Oxiracetam and Pramiracetam Stacking:

  • It works well when used with other racetams. When it is used along with pramiracetam will enhance the cognitive abilities and improve feelings of attentiveness and intellectual energy.
  • 1x-2x per day:
  • 800 mg Oxiracetam:  these are capsules contains 100 capsules with 600mg oxiracetam per capsule.
  • 200 mg Pramiracetam: these are capsules are available in the pack of 30, 70,100 and 150 capsules with 300 mg per capsule.

Oxiracetam and Aniracetam Stacking:

  • Oxiracetam, when stacked with Aniracetam, work very well as mood- uplifting and unease- reduction effects. Many users describe it as rich and pleasing.
  • 1x-2x per day:
  • 800 mg Oxiracetam:  these are capsules contains 100 capsules with 600mg oxiracetam per capsule.
  • 800 mg Aniracetam: these are capsules contains 100 capsules with 750 mg per capsule.
  • Oxiracetam can be purchased online and from specialized vendors. The purchased product should be a high-quality product and perfectly tested.


Oxiracetam is very much useful for students, researchers, writers and others who are in need of developing the mental ability. This product will develop knowledge in a much faster way by improving memory and focusing on the core aspects. It also develops concentration and attentiveness. It covers all the abilities to be developed in a human by making them perfect. Thus it is safe and nontoxic.

Provasil Review 2018 – Pro’s & Con’s (Updated July 2019)


Introduction to Provasil

Do you find it difficult to concentrate for a long time? Do you want to improve your mental strength? Are you looking for some effective ways to increase your memory and to perform better? For all of the above problems, you have one solution, Provasil. It is one of the best brain supplements that can be taken by any group to develop mental strength and to improve concentration.

Provasil is a nutritional and dietary supplement that is designed to improve the mental performance of the user. It is known as the nootropic aid that is specifically made with the natural ingredients to increase memory and the thinking process.


Provasil is available in the tablet form that comes as a good combination of brain-nourishing chemicals and natural ingredients to improve the neural wiring and to increase the blood circulation to the brain that is essential for the cognitive performance. Provasil can be taken by the people of any group even the younger ones. The senior citizens can take Provasil to avoid the cognitive decline.

What is Provasil?

Provasil is a brain development supplement. You will find different types of the brain supplements in the current market. But Provasil claims to be the best for the natural ingredients. These ingredients will not help to develop your mental ability and cognitive performance; these are considered good for the overall health benefits as well. As claimed by the manufacturer, it will help to improve the memory that normally declines due to the old age, stress, and some other health complications. It is designed to boost the concentration and focus by clearing the brain fog. It is also helpful to reduce the occurrence of the forgetfulness. Moreover, it is made with the natural ingredients. All the natural ingredients make it safe for a durable use.

You will get the details of the ingredients and the benefits of each ingredient on the site. Some of the ingredients like Phosphatidylserine help to reduce the symptoms of the Alzheimer’s disease. It has the Ginkgo that will help to increase the blood circulation to your brain and it also allows more oxygen flow to your brain. Some other ingredients like DHA, Choline Bitartrate and Biotin will improve the strength and structure of your brain membrane and cells. The details of all the ingredients will be given below with the benefits.

Provasil supplement is also non-addictive. It does not contain any stimulant. That makes it an easy and safe option for all. In fact, you can take Provasil for a long time as it is free from any severe side effect. In addition, it comes with the 60-day money back warranty offer. If you are not satisfied with the product or you think that it is not offering the expected result, you can go with this option to get your money back.


provasil infographic
provasil infographic


What does Provasil claim to offer? 

Provasiil claims to have many effects on your cognitive performance. In the advanced age, people normally experience some memory problems like brain fog, memory lapses, lack of focus and concentration, and forgetfulness. It is not about the old age problems only, people can go through this phase at any age. Even the younger generation can have the concentration problem. In these conditions, you need some natural ingredients to increase the blood flow to your brain. Provasil has natural nootropics that can reverse those conditions in a non-stimulating and non-addictive way. These natural ingredients will enhance the membrane structure of your brain and will also neutralize cell-damaging free radicals. It also has the anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effect that will keep your brain active and healthy and will improve the mental performance, alertness, and concentration.

Ingredients and benefits of Provasil 

As mentioned earlier, Provasil is made with the natural ingredients. Some of the key ingredients are the followings.

  • Vitamin C 

Vitamin C plays an important role in the overall development of human body. It boosts your immunity, strengthens your heart, improves your eyesight, and is also helpful to prevent the chronic diseases like cancer, strokes, scurvy, and the common cold. It is also a part of the synthesis of catecholamine that is important for the proper functioning of the brain. It contains antioxidants that prevent the brain damage caused by the free radicals that might lead to the cognitive decline.

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  • Ginkgo Leaf 

Ginkgo Leaf is known as the natural memory enhancer. Though the fruits of this plant are poisonous, still the leaves can be taken for the nutritional and therapeutic values. It helps to have clearer and faster thinking with longer attention spans. It helps to prevent cognitive decline and reduce the symptoms of some other diseases including dementia and Alzheimer.

  • Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa Monnieri herb is widely used for the mental strength and to improve the cognitive performance. It offers short-term benefits. But if you use it for a long time, it can truly help to develop your mental strength and your ability to make smart and fast decisions. It allows faster and easier neural transmissions. It is also helpful to reduce the anxiety and stress.

  • L-Glutamine

L-Glutamine is an amino acid that is considered important for the biological processes. It develops the learning ability and also plays a significant role in digestion, immunity, and mitochondrial functions. It is used to maintain the glutamate and GABA. These two neurotransmitters are responsible for the information update and retentions. If they work properly, then you will have a better performance with a sharp and strong thinking ability.

  • L-Tyrosine

L-Tyrosine is also one type of an amino acid. It is related to the L-DOPA. This is a neurotransmitter that contributes to the mood enhancement and the mental well-being. It is not a nootropic. Therefore, it will not help in the study, performance, and intelligence. But it can strengthen your brain and can contribute to the overall development. It is also helpful for the positive thinking.


Phosphatidylcholine is not that helpful for the mental performance. But it is considered very effective for the cognitive decline.

  • Panax Ginseng

Panax Ginseng herb is widely used all over the world for the beneficial properties. It is a mild stimulant that helps in the significant improvement of the mental performance. It helps in the blood circulation and is also considered effective for a healthy and active brain. It offers long-term benefits and also works as the mood enhancer. You can also have it to improve your cognitive performance.

  • Resveratrol

Resveratrol is a type of compound that is normally found in the skin of the red grapes. It is used to treat the blood pressure and the blood sugar levels. People also find it helpful to lead a healthy, active, and a long life. It increases the blood flow to your brain and helps to have a healthy brain with an improved performance.

These are some of the key ingredients. You will find some other ingredients in Provasil that also contribute to the mental growth and performance.

How does Provasil work? 

All these natural ingredients mentioned above come with a number of the health benefits. Though the product itself is not scientifically proven, still you can trust the credibility of the product as all the ingredients have been independently tested and are very popular for the beneficial properties. These ingredients are tested to have a significant effect on the cognitive performance, memory enhancer, and sharp thinking. The natural ingredients will not only help to improve your mental ability, these are considered best to cure some chronic diseases as well. Some ingredients like the DHA can help to boost the membrane structure and the Bacopa is known to improve the retention of memories. Most of the ingredients can help to avoid the cognitive decline and to improve the mental performance.

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How to take Provasil?

It is easy to use. You just need to take one to two tablets per day with your meal. There is no fixed time. You can take it anytime when you think your brain needs to be more active. You can take it with your breakfast and lunch depending on your requirement.

Price and Refund Policy 

You can buy provasil brain supplement directly from their website. You will get several package options. If you are looking for a cost-effective solution, you can consider buying multiple bottles. You will get some discount. Moreover, it comes with free bonus gifts. You will get a Super Green Tea as a gift pack. The details of the price are:

• 1 bottle

It comes with sixty tablets. The price is $49.95, plus $7.95 S&H

• 3 bottles

With three bottles, you will get one bottle free. The price will be $149.95

• 5 bottles

With 5 bottles, you will get 2 bottles free. The price will be $249.75.

Provasil also comes with 60-day money back warranty policy. You can go with this option if you are not satisfied with the result. Your money will be refunded. But make sure that you have not opened all the bottles. You will be eligible for this policy with only one bottle open.

Who can use the Provasil? 

As stated above, Provasil is made with the natural ingredients only. Therefore, it is considered safe for the people of any age group. Moreover, it does not have any severe side effect that makes it a good option for a durable use and to get the long-term benefits. But you need to avoid taking Provasil or any other supplement if you are pregnant, lactating and suffering from any chronic health complication. In all these conditions, you should consult your doctor before taking Provasil.

Provasil Pro’s

Provasil formula is designed to help those suffering from the memory loss and cognitive decline. One can also have it to improve the concentration and mental ability. You can expect a number of the benefits as all the ingredients are natural and scientifically proven to develop the brain power. Some of the key benefits of Provasil are the followings.

  • It is made with the natural ingredients only.
  • It is safe and can be used by the people of any group.
  • You can use it for a long time.
  • It improves the cognitive performance.
  • It avoids the cognitive decline.
  • It has received positive reviews from most of the users. It is also highly recommended by the users to improve the mental strength and cognitive performance.
  • It comes with 60-day money back warranty offer.
  • The natural ingredients used in Provasil can offer you a number of health benefits that will help the user to lead a healthy and lengthy life.
  • Provasil is free from any severe side effect.
  • It is cost-effective and it can easily fit into your budget.


  • Average ratings
  • Users didn’t feel any effects when using Provasil
  • Expensive

Conclusion on Provasil

Your mental strength will determine the quality of your life. If you feel that you are unable to think and to take the right and fast decisions, then this is the right time to improve your mental ability. You should always rely on a natural product like Provasil to avoid the side effects. Provasil is considered good to improve your cognitive performance. Moreover, it is highly appreciated by most of the users. That shows the effectiveness and credibility of the product. It is affordable and can be easily taken anytime with the meal. Even if you are not satisfied with the result, you can go with the refund policy. Therefore, you have nothing to lose.

Cogniflex Review 2018 -Pro’s & Con’s (updated July 2019)


Cogniflex Introduction

Do you believe in brain supplements? Cogniflex is manufactured to enhance your brain’s efficiency. It is meant to improve the overall performance of the brain including mental energy increase and improved alertness. Unlike the standard energy drinks and other caffeinated drinks in the market today which rarely boost your energy, Cogniflex brings all the difference. This product is made with high-quality nootropics that are aimed to unleash your brain’s capacity. The product is manufactured by the company sure science and sales are made through their website.

The website is designed to meet the consumer’s specifications since it is easy to read through the specifications of the supplement, directions of use and the key ingredients. The product Cogniflex contains the following ingredients; theanine which improves the focusing ability, choline bitartrate(Acetylcholine), vitamin B6, Rhodiola Rosea extract and the L-Tyrosine amino acids help to make new and energized neurotransmitters in the brain for improved communication and efficient processing of information. Bacopa monnieri extracts that enhances the cerebral blood flow and stimulates the brain energy. Vinpocetine helps to improve ATP energy by using glucose.

Cogniflex is different from other nootropic formulations on sale since the manufacturers use extra caution while making the supplement. However, Cogniflex doesn’t expose the precise amount of the potential nootropic compounds by concealing them in a proprietary blend. The concealing of the information has been a constant issue, especially in cheap nootropics. All that is known for Cogniflex is the total of the vitamin B6 listed at 10mg or 780mg recommended daily intake.

Nootropics increase the performance of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine via cholinergic (ACh) receptors and improve NMDA glutamate receptors that are essential to the memory and learning processes. Also, nootropics show positive impacts on vascular and neuronal functions and improve the cognitive performance, as well as offering a natural energy source to keep you motivated and alert.

The cost of Cogniflex

The product is presented in three different plans which include; 1 bottle for $47.95 each (test plan), five bottles for $15.59 each (monster plan) and three bottles for $25.98 each (middle plan). If you’re an esteemed user of this product, Cogniflex plan option recognizes you for being a loyal customer. Cogniflex recommends you to use two pills when you want to feel the effect. One in the morning as you start your day and the other one in about 6-7 hours. Each bottle is packed with 60 pills. Therefore it would last a month if you take two pills per day. A 30-day money back guarantee is offered to cover all the purchases made. The tablets are said to improve the brain function fast enough and more efficiently with reduced or no over stimulation to the user. The product is non-addictive and therefore no known side effects.

Benefits of Cogniflex

  • Increased energy levels

The product delivers a high amount of energy that happens within 30 minutes and lasts for up to 6 six hours. The user experiences a long lasting fully packed energy with no side effects unlike other brain supplements overdosed on caffeine and other addictive compounds.

  • Improved focus/ concentration

The product Cogniflex helps to retain more information helps your brain to process data quickly and efficiently and allows your brain to think clearly. The pills simply put your brains awake. Cogniflex is the only supplement that gives you the concentration and the focus you need to work for long with extra alertness, smart work, and a job well done as fast as possible.

  • Enhances the brain power

Cogniflex utilizes a high level of strong nootropics considered as smart drugs to help in boosting the brain capacity, increasing the mental performance and vigilance. Cogniflex delivers choline directly in the form of a salt known as tartrate which is absorbed quickly by the body. Most other manufacturers include choline in a nootropic which is a bad idea in the form of citicoline, a broken state of an important biological compound. Cogniflex does it in an unconventional way. However, the liver synthesizes Choline. It’s therefore not an essential compound that you have to intake. There is conflicting evidence as to whether there are any recognized benefits to this supplemental compound choline.

In a study carried out by researchers at Duke University and Boston University in 2004, revealed that choline played a significant function in increasing the development of the brain an experiment that was done in rats. Similarly, the University of Kentucky in a detailed research in mice discovered that supplemental choline helps to improve mental recovery from a rodent model of a traumatic brain damage showing that substance choline plays a major part in repairing the brain. However, studies in humans are not legitimate. Research in 1980 on a small sample of patients who have Alzheimer’s condition discovered minimal benefits from the tremendous amount of doses of choline at about 12, 16 and 18 grams. There were no seen effects for cognitive performance in a direct study of choline. In this innovative practice that was published in the journal Military Medicine in 2002, 13 men went through cognitive and physical testing before and after a regimen of choline supplementation. The research group discovered that supplemental choline did not change or alter the mental or physical functions and performance of the research subjects.

Cogniflex producIngredients

The amino acid that is found in green tea known as Theanine appears to have a combination of a synergistic impact with caffeine; Cogniflex’s third compound after Theanine and choline bitartrate. In the UK, scientists did a research and found out that a combination of caffeine and theanine interact in a way that cancels out the effects of caffeine. When individuals use both, a high level of alertness is maintained, a less jittery feeling experienced, reduced or no risk of headaches effect, and performance is shown at a higher level on cognitive testing than when you consume the two compounds alone. There is an optimal ratio of theanine to caffeine that seems to exist though there’s insufficient intensive research to identify what is the exact effect of the synergistic combination of the two compounds. There’s no information presented on the quantified amounts of either in product Cogniflex. Caffeine is in fewer amounts as compared to theanine in Cogniflex. These two ingredients (theanine and caffeine) show more promising results.

Bacopa monnieri is a well-researched extract from plants, and it is frequently featured as a main component in nootropic formulations. Further research on this ingredient is highly limited to the old people though the outcomes are very promising. In the journal of alternative and complementary medicine published in a 2002 research discovered that a daily supplementation of a 300mg regimen of Bacopa monnieri impacted a significant recovery of verbal memory test as compared to placebo trial in a word recall. However, some other dimensions of cognitive performances didn’t improve. Rhodiola rosea is another plant extract discovered in a plant that is found in cold tropics in Asia and Europe. The plant extract has some promising fields for use as an enhancement product according to an article that was reviewed and published by a scientific phytomedicine journal in 2002. Rhodiola rosea appears to be relatively effective at improving the concentration and less fatigue. The ingredient makes it ideal for nootropics at correct dosage and hence pertinent to nootropic interests. Therefore, Bacopa monnieri and Rhodiola rosea are herbal extracts.

Cogniflex Advantages

  • It helps in improving some areas of cognitive performances
  • The pricing discounts of the Cogniflex are provided
  • The supplement has no adverse side effects
  • Product Cogniflex presents an allowance of a 30-day money back guarantee
  • The supplement can be bought safely from their official website

Cogniflex Con’s

  • Information from clinical studies and research is not exposed
  • The amounts of the Ingredients used are not displayed
  • The website of this product contains less information

Cogniflex is made up of popular nootropic constituents, but its formula makes it unique and somehow superior as compared to other supplements already on the market. If Cogniflex is purchased at the usual retail price, the brain supplement is certainly one of the higher priced brands which note that the manufacturing company needs to affect more changes terms of offering clinical outcome information as a positive of its usefulness. On the other hand, some researchers have shown and published that the best brain development supplements like Cogniflex make it simpler for you to use efficiently and safe from severe side effects as compared to other brain enhancement products. The ranking of Cogniflex is based on several critical factors like boosting the entire focus and concentration levels, improving memory capabilities by fighting memory loss and improving overall mental performance. Basing on the quality ingredients present in the product and the general improving the mental health outcomes, Cogniflex qualifies to be the top ranking brain enhancement supplements which are backed by many positive reviews.

You should, however, recognize that Cogniflex is not the only particular innovative or flashy supplement, but it certainly gets the job well and thoroughly done. It has got several constituents with a right combination of accurate records of nootropic abilities. These ingredients contained in Cogniflex brain supplement cover a broad range of potential benefits: better cerebral performance under pressure, improved memory, and better focus and alertness.

The real concern besides the desired results is this: do the nootropic elements exist in sufficient quantities to impact the desired results? To answer the question, in some components like caffeine, there’s a high likelihood as discussed earlier. However, Bacopa monnieri and choline bitartrate the effect seems less. Without changing the labeling, you’ll either have to decide and fully put your faith in the manufactures of Cogniflex, or similarly, choose for another brain supplement with many featured and clearer classification practices.

When using this supplement, it is always advisable to consult medical personnel since different people experience different results. In case you’re nursing, pregnant, or have a critical medical history, or you have serious heart complications I suggest you seek medical assistance before using any supplement.

Should you spend your money on Cogniflex?

Without doubting anything, Cogniflex product has changed the quality of many people’s life. It’s is considered better than drowning yourself in drinking red bull or coffee, 5-hour energy drinks, and other monster drinks. Many people are still going through the original purchase of their preferred Cogniflex plan, and once they run-out, they fully intend to buy another package of bottles Cogniflex plan at a particular time so that they can save money. You should always remember that most individuals were highly pessimistic when they first placed their order for this supplement, as they were unaware what to expect. Most people try to figure out that there are just decorative marketing campaigns surrounding Cogniflex, but this is not the case as many users like Cogniflex and leaving positive reviews, and if you think it is another placebo pill, you’re wrong – dead wrong.

Conclusion on Cogniflex

Cogniflex is an incredible brain enhancement product which is backed by research. As discussed above studies, show that the elements contained in the brain supplement are engineered to improve and enhance the overall brain functionality certainly. However, due to lack of enough information about the ingredient levels used displayed on the official company’s site, there’s no clear way of finding out if some components in the pills are equivalent to the amount and effectiveness of the elements tested in the studies and research referenced.

Cogniflex gives credible facts of the ingredients used based on reviews and recommendations and then takes full responsibility to verify the credibility of those studies giving its loyal users a firm assurance. The company is also concerned with the complicated nature of the “Bestseller” trademark contained on the site’s homepage assuring its users it is a legit product, not a scam. There are provided ev

Piracetol Review 2018- Benefits & side effects (Updated July 2019)


What is Piracetol?

Do you think that you are unable to work to your full potential? Do you find yourself exhausted at the end of the day? Do you want to improve your performance? In all the above conditions, you need a supplement to boost your cognitive ability. You will find different types of supplements that claim to increase your mental energy and alertness. But if you are looking for the best one made with the proven and natural ingredients, you should think of buying Piracetol. Piracetol is made to boost the cognitive performance of the users. This is one of the best products available in the current market. It contains vitamins, amino acids, and mental building blocks to increase your mental strength and to perform better in every sphere of life. The product is manufactured by a company in the USA known as the Piracetol. It has a good reputation for manufacturing many healthy products for the benefit of the people. Do you want to know more about Piracetol? Do you want to know how it will help you to boost your performance and mental ability? If yes, then you can go through the following the review. The review will focus on all the important aspects including the ingredients, benefits, and side effects.


Piracetol is a brain supplement designed to increase the cognitive function of the users. It can help the user to improve the brain power and to perform to the full potential. In addition to improving your cognitive capability, it will also boost your alertness and mental function. It is made with all the natural ingredients such as the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. The 100 % natural ingredients will work together to improve your mental ability. Moreover, Piracetol is made and designed by the neuroscientists to help the users to have the most beneficial nootropic substances. After taking Piracetol, you will be able to perform better both in your personal and professional life. You can work throughout the day without any fatigue and stress that you normally exonrience in a busy day.

How does Piracetol work?

You might have heard about Nootropics. Piracetol is on a great demand in the current conditions due to the number of the benefits. These supplements are made to improve different aspects of the brain. These supplements can help to sharpen your brain, to improve the intelligence, and to help in the cognitive functions. Piracetol is a nootropic. The best thing about Piracetol is that it is made of the beneficial and proven ingredients. It can be very effective to improve your thinking ability. You can work throughout the day while taking Piracetol. Your mind will be more active and alert. Instead of feeling tired and stressed, you will be able to work with an increased concentration and focus. It can be ideal for anyone who finds it difficult to concentrate for long and to meet the deadlines. You will be able to perform better than ever.

It is known as a smart drug that does not come with any side effect. Besides, it is made to target the different aspects of your brain. It will increase your mental ability. It will unlock your full cognitive and mental potential. It is proven to be the best Piracetam alternative. It can heighten the mental concentration and can help you to perform your job more effectively. It will improve your learning and mental ability as well. Besides, it will improve your communication skill. You will find it easier to communicate to anyone. You will certainly find that you are talking better and with ease with other people.

You will be multi-tasking. You will be able to work in different ways to impress your seniors and employers. With the increased mental ability, you can perform your job more efficiently in less time. It also shows the immediate results. You will start getting the benefits after 30 to 45 minutes. Moreover, the effect will be long. You can get the benefits for 8 to 10 hours.

As Piracetol is designed to increase the cognitive performance of the users, anyone can take Piracetol to improve the mental function and thinking ability. It is made of the natural and proven ingredients that make it a safe option for all the users. It can be taken by the students who want to achieve more in the life. It will improve the learning ability and concentration. They will be able to focus more and perform better. The professionals can also take Piracetol to work for long hours with improved mental ability. Many of us might have realized that we are not able to work to the full potential at the end of the day. You will feel exhausted. This is normal for every human being.

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But you can improve the condition by taking Piracetol. You can work late at evening or night without any mental block. It will help you to meet the deadlines and to impress your employers. In this competitive world, you need to work more efficiently to fulfill your desired dreams. Professionals from any industry can take Piracetol to improve their mental ability and to get the desired promotions due to their efficiency and capability to meet the deadlines.

What are the ingredients?

As stated earlier, the product is made with the natural ingredients only. It has a unique combination of seven nootropic ingredients. All of these are scientifically proven to boost the metal function. The ingredients of the Piracetol are :

  • Alpha GPC

Alpha GPC is proven to improve the learning ability, concentration, and memory of the users. It will improve your cognitive function and can be helpful to treat Alzheimer’s disease as well. It will improve the level of the Acetylcholine to enhance the brain function. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter in the brain that communicates with the brain cells to improve the functionality.

  • Huperzine

Huperzine is used to enhance the memory, brain clarity, and the concentration. It is clinically proven that this ingredient is very effective to boost your cognitive function. It is also helpful to treat Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Cat’s Claw

It has the anti-oxidants that can help to repair the environmental stress-related DNA damaged to your cells. By repairing the damages, it will improve the cognitive ability of your brain and help the users to perform better with the increased brain functionality. It can be effective to cure Parkinson’s as well.

  • Bacopa

Bacopa is an Indian herb is used to improve the mental performance and cognitive functions. It repairs the damaged neurons and helps in the growth of the new nerves. It is also considered good for the Alzheimer’s and dementia diseases.

  • Oat Straw

Oat Straw has been used as the brain enhancer since the middle ages. It increases the alpha-2 waves in your brain and controls the inflammation within your artery walls. It can make the users more alert and focused. It will improve your attention and concentration as well.

  • L-Theanine & L-Tyrosine

Both these are the amino acids and can be helpful for the mental and physical health. These ingredients can stimulate the neurotransmitters in your brain that will reduce the stress and fatigue. These ingredients help the users to stay focused and concentrated.

What are the health benefits of Piracetol?

It comes with a number of the health benefits. It can be used to treat the cognitive impairment, stroke, dementia, stress, Alzheimer, and Parkinson’s disease. It will treat the symptoms of anxiety as well. It will improve your mental ability and will help you to lead a healthy and successful life.

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How to take Piracetol?

It is easy to take. You do not need to take any precaution to take Piracetol. You just need to take two capsules on a daily basis. The bottle comes in sixty capsules. You can take it for a month. You will start noticing the benefits soon after taking Piracetol. Your mental ability and concentration will be more after thirty to forty-five minutes and it will also continue for eight to ten hours. The natural ingredients make it safe for everyone. But if you are taking any other medication, then it is always suggested to talk to your doctor to avoid any complication. Piracetol is safe. You just need to ensure that it will not intervene in your healing process if you are taking medication for any severe disease.

What does Piracetol claim to achieve?

This is designed to improve your mental ability and cognitive function. You can expect better concentration, alertness, and memory. It will heighten the concentration level. It will improve the memory and the learning ability. Your mind will be more focused and calm. You will be able to cope up with the situation with a fresh and increased mind. It will make you multitasking as well. You will be able to perform different types of tasks more efficiently. It will increase the production of the feel-good hormone that can be helpful to improve your cognitive performance. It has the anti-oxidants that can increase the production of the stress-reducing hormones. You will be relaxed and happier. Besides, it is expected to increase the protein production that will play an important role to boost your intelligence level and performance. It inhibits the formation of the enzyme that will reduce the stress, depression, and anxiety and will also help you to maintain and improve your cognitive performance. It will also increase your energy level with the increased metabolic rate. These are a few benefits. You can expect much more while taking Piracetol. The best part is that there will not be any side effect.

 Is there any refund policy?

Yes, the product comes with a sixty-day guarantee offer. It is made to offer you the desired benefits and to boost your cognitive ability. But if it did not work for you and you did not get the benefits, your money will be refunded. You just need to contact the concerned bodies within sixty-days of buying.

What are the side effects?

There will not be any harmful side effect. The product is made only with the natural ingredients. There will not be caffeine and gluten. You might experience some minor side effects like the hunger.

Where to buy Piracetol?

The product is easily available. You can get it delivered to your doorstep. There will not be any shipping charge. You just need to visit the official website to buy the product. From the official website, you will get the genuine product. Besides, you can get some discount. For one bottle, you will have to pay £39.99. For two bottles, the payment will be £79.99 and you will get one bottle free. If you buy three bottles, the payment will be £119.99. With this package, you will get three bottles free. These are the discount price. The discount might be for a temporary period only. You can visit the official website to know more about the product and the discounts.


  • It is made with the natural and proven ingredients.
  • It is safe and effective.
  • It can improve your cognitive performance.
  • It helps the users to work to the full potential.
  • It reduces stress and anxiety.
  • It comes with the money back warranty offer.
  • It can be taken by anyone


    • It is expensive.
    • It is available on the official website only
    • These are a few negative points. The negative points are not about the effectiveness of the product. The product is appreciated by most of the users.
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Final Verdict on Piracetol

Everyone wants to perform best in the respective fields. Even the students want to achieve more with the improved concentration and memory. You will find many products to achieve the end result. But you need something that is safe and can be used for a long time without any side effect. If you are looking for such a product, you should never look beyond Piracetol. It has many minds enhancing effects. It will make the user multitasking as well. Besides, it comes with money return policy. If you do not find the product effective, you can go with this offer.

Brain Force Review 2018- Benefits & Side Effects (Updated July 2019)

brain force

What is Brain Force?

Nootropic drugs have held the fantasy of the caffeine-addicted world for quite some time now, as they promise better benefits than coffee but with half the risks. Every product claims to be the best, and then came Brain Force. Everything about the product screams “Infowars”- the company behind the product that had made its name from their ‘breaking news’ that always seemed to indicate apocalypse. The product promises you miraculous results and allows you to dream of conquering the world –which is good for marketing, but not quite good for actual review. But hey, that’s not reason enough to discard the product. Let’s take a better look and see how good Brain Force actually is.

brain force
brain force

Brain Force is a nootropic drug (or an advanced mental wellness supplement) that aims to improve the cognitive function of your brain and fight the toxic substance we consume in our daily diet. The product claims to be all-natural and aims to improve your brain function significantly.

In its commercial, Alex Jones (head of Infowars) says “This is actually what you’re designed to run on.” It pretty much sums up what Brain Force aims to do, in the context of your brainpower.

What does it promise?

As is expected from a product that comes from Infowars, the product aims to do a LOT. Some of the things it promises are:

  • Improving the cognitive functions of the brain.
  • Fighting the toxic substances present in our daily lives.
  • Reversing any damage done to our mental faculties.
  • Providing everything essential to our brain for better functioning.
  • Providing stimulation like caffeine, but without the harmful effects of caffeine.
  • Completely natural ingredients without any scope of side-effects.

How to take it?

Brain Force needs to be consumed once every day, each serving consisting of 2 pills. It must be consumed orally unless stated otherwise by your doctor. There are no warnings against prolonged consumption.


What are the ingredients?

Well, here is where things get tricky. The ingredients of Brain Force might look very promising until you scratch the surface and take a better look at them. This is exactly what we are going to do:

  • Vitamin B6 – 5mg

Vitamin B6 is perhaps the most important B-vitamin you need for improved cognitive functions.

  • Vitamin B12 – 20mcg

Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient, but it does not directly impact brain functions. It mainly promotes red blood cell production and is vital for those who are suffering from Vitamin B12 deficiency.

  • Bacopa monnieri – 200mg

Bacopa monnieri is one of the most popular nootropic compounds and has long been associated with improving cognitive abilities. Apart from that, it also reduces anxiety and stress and improves the overall mood.

We don’t recommend Brain Force! Check the #1 Top Rated Brain Supplement
  • Alpha GPC – 150mg

Two important compounds required for a healthy brain depend upon choline, which can be extracted from Alpha GPC. Choline is one of the best nootropic supplements for improving brain health.

  • Yerba mate leaf – 150mg

The aim for introducing yerba mate leaf was perhaps to provide the same stimulation of caffeine that coffee provides you.

  • Theobromine – 100mg

There is little to no evidence that theobromine impacts the brainpower in any capacity. Theobromine, found in cocoa plants and in dark chocolate, is primarily credited with producing the “happy” chemicals in the brain. Perhaps the idea was to keep you jolly while your brain goes into overdrive.

  • Phosphatidylserine – 75mg

Phosphatidylserine is another compound that is essential for a healthy brain. It is primarily responsible for creating membranes of brain cells. It is also credited with improving memory and multi-tasking ability of the brain.

  • L-theanine – 50mg

Even though l-theanine is not responsible for improving brainpower, it is quite essential. L-theanine is found in green tea and is generally responsible for keeping the mind calm and relaxed. It also reduces the jitters that are produced when your brain is high on steroids (not literally). Since most nootropic drugs face the issue of heightened brain activity even when they want to relax, the presence of l-theanine is quite helpful.

We don’t recommend Brain Force! Check the #1 Top Rated Brain Supplement


What are the benefits?

The all-natural ingredients are known nootropic supplements and have more or less the same befits as expected from them. Some of them are:

  • The natural ingredients have minimal or no side-effects.
  • Red blood cell growth is boosted due to Vitamin B12.
  • Energy levels in the body are boosted.
  • Focus and alertness is increased significantly.
  • Brain memory is sharpened.
  • Impacts are instantaneous and are visible in your performance.
  • Overall brain health and mental wellness are improved significantly.

It must be mentioned that these benefits were reported by a particular portion of consumers and not all of them. It is quite possible that these consumers are fans of Alex Jones and might be biased in their reviews.


What are the drawbacks?

As far as side-effects go, Brain Force have a very few of them (which is uncommon in nootropic drugs). People who have a low tolerance to caffeine might face overstimulation due to yerba mate leaf extract, which mimics the effects of caffeine. Apart from that, Brain Force seems to be a very safe product.

However, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have any drawback. The ingredients, despite appearing nice, fail to deliver due to following reasons:

  • L-theanine, in spite of having promising effects, has only 50mg of it in the product. This is about half of what is required for the benefits it promises, and thus, unlikely to have any impact on the brain.
  • Phosphatidylserine in Brain Force is a soy-derivative. There are ongoing debates about the potentially harmful effects of soy, and many people are allergic to soy products. Those negative effects could be carried forward in Brain Force due to using a soy-derivative compound.
  • Only 150mg of Yerba mate leaf powder is present in Brain Force, as opposed to the 1000mg that is required to have any effective caffeine-like impact. Thus, it is safe to assume that no caffeine-stimulation would be noticed by people who are habitual to high amounts of daily coffee.
  • The choline derived from Alpha GPC is not as effective as the one derived from citicoline. Thus, the full potential benefits of choline might not be achieved.
  • A combination of Vitamin B6 and B12 is not as effective as that of Vitamin B6, B12 and B9.


Apart from that, following drawbacks were found from a consumer point-of-view:

  • The product can only be bought online.
  • There is no money-back guarantee from the company, so you have no scope of getting refunds.


Brain Force appears to be a good product, but it is simply not the best. Despite being priced around the same range as similar nootropic supplements, it does not perform nearly as well. The only redeeming quality of Brain Force is it being all-natural, which might appeal to some people. More others would buy it simply because it is manufactured by Infowars, which has quite a fan following. But a majority of users, who focus on the product and not the brand, will not find it appealing. The ingredients, despite being good, are severely under-dosed. Put simply, they don’t have the necessary quantity to give the results they promise. And it is not the case with just one or two ingredients, but a majority of them. It is safe to assume that Brain Force will not have the desired effect on people who actually need nootropic supplements to stay focused on work.

Bottomline: Don’t go for it. There are better products in the market in the same price range that have much better results.