Pramiracetam Review 2018 -Pro’s & Con’s (Updated July 2019)

What is Pramiracetam?

Have you heard of the term “Smart Drugs”? Well, I hope, if not, then you must be pretty excited to know about it. The name Nootropics, they are a category of chemicals that are known as the “Smart Drugs,” These drugs are proven to be advantageous and referred as to enhance the memory, intelligence and cognitive part of the brain. They are sometimes used as supplements as well as therapeutic when it comes to treating certain diseases. Pramiracetam is known to be one of the most interesting nootropics that are available. It focuses and evens every sensory perception that is available. This is a drug which is widely being used by students, writer and mostly somebody who is eager to maximize their mental abilities. In other words, Pramiracetam is getting a wide recognition by the new crowd as it recovers the health of the human brain.



Before trying this magic drug called Pramiracetam, isn’t it is a good idea to gain a little more knowledge about how the drug optimizes our brain performance only by increasing the activity of certain neurotransmitters? Isn’t it smart?

Other Names

Pramiracetam is alternatively known as CI-879 or the drug’s most well-known brand name goes by, Pramistar.

The mechanism of this drug is still not well known, but it appears to alter ECG activity in all the rates that were tested (both young and old). It is similar to piracetam and another racetam. Its mechanisms are dependent on the adrenal glands and some peripheral effects that occur, but beyond that, the mechanisms have not yet further been illuminated.

Pramiracetam is one of a kind of racetam molecule. In relative to other racetam drugs, Pramiracetam is not that well researched to date but does appear to have few human pieces of evidence. It was synthesized from piracetam where it is further modified and has more anti-amnesiac behaviors as seen in mice.

It is most effective when it’s taken acutely (1-2 hours) before cognitive testing, and studies have shown that it is working on the memory but do not produce many effects.

Benefits of Pramiracetam 

Pramiracetam hikes the performance of the brain, especially the formation and retrieval of memory. It also provides a cognitive improvement of the brain.

It mostly creates a distinct kind of feeling and one can focus along with an emotional state. It is mainly compared to Ritalin. Some of the most universally-recognized benefits of Pramiracetam are mentioned below:

    • Memory improvement – just because it helps in stimulating the hippocampus present in our brain, so that is mainly responsible for the formation of new memories, Pramiracetam is said to be a very powerful memory enhancer. Most users report compelling improvement in their memory formation and recalling memory speed, an idea that has been authenticated by animal studies.
    • Learning Capacity that is well expanded– Based on different users report that Pramiracetam makes it faster, easier, and more enjoyable to read or learn.
    • Mentally Alert and Clarity – Consumers of Pramiracetam reviewed that taking the supplement helps those with strong feelings of alertness, the formation of new ideas, etc.
    • Social Fluency – it is reported that Pramiracetam is helping people to become more social. It makes them confident to completely take part in social events. Thus it helps in increasing overall brain function.
    • Improved Sensory Perception – Enhanced sensory perceptions have been reported by the consumers, including deepen and richer sound and clearer and more intense visual perception with excellent color contrast.
    • Memory Reconstruction – In clinical examination stages by the medical teams, Pramiracetam has been evidently found to be effective for memory loss treatment and other subjective problems caused by brain injuries and other brain dysfunctions. It has been tested in the US as a possible treatment of memory loss related to Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological disorders. One study has even shown it to be capable of reversing chemically induced amnesia in healthy volunteers from 18-65 years of age.
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How does it work?

The drug Pramiracetam helps the neurotransmitters to release. Neurotransmitters are brain chemicals that transmit signals from one nerve cell to another. Pramiracetam functions in a different mechanism than the neurotransmitters. It makes the brain active in many other possible ways.

Pramiracetam is said to be fat soluble, which explains that it is absorbed into the blood via fatty acids, rather than being soluble in water. It finds its peak concentrations and maximum possibilities very fast, generally within 25-30 minutes, and it has a moderately long half-life of about 4-6 hours.

Racetams usually work on stimulating the neurotransmitting receptor areas that are present in the brain. But Pramiracetam doesn’t directly result in changes in the neurochemical levels here. It helps in expanding the production and release of specific neurotransmitters.

We know that Choline is a messenger of acetylcholine. It is a neurotransmitter that helps in boosting learning speed, memory, and concentration of a person.

By Choline uptake, Pramiracetam indirectly modulates the release of acetylcholine and stimulates increased activity in the hippocampus of the brain which boosts the parts of the brain. Because this part of the brain is essential for the functioning of the memory, the general stimulation that Pramiracetam creates can improve both the formation of new memories and the retention of reference or long-term memories available. The increased activity in the hippocampus also increases the cerebral blood flow, which reinforces alertness and improves cognitive abilities in general.

Pramiracetam may have various mechanisms of action as well. Researchers have hypothesized that in addition to its effect on the brain, the drug acts in peripheral sites outside the brain that rely completely on the adrenal glands.

Unlike many other racetam class nootropics, Pramiracetam does not appear to actively alter either a complete wakefulness or emotional states. This can be duly explained by pramiracetam’s limited influence on the production and release of the so-called neurotransmitters of the brain that have the greatest effect on mood and anxiety levels such as serotonin, GABA, and dopamine.


The nootropics is well tolerated even at high dosages in terms of reports. The individual reactions may vary and it’s important for each user to find their own optimal dosage to maximize the benefits of the drug. Due to the lack of satisfactory scientific studies and reports, recommendations on the most effective daily dose vary noticeably.

While there are very few unfortunate and detrimental side effects associated with this drug, it is always wise to start with the lowest effective dose and increase the dose gradually as needed. One extraordinary aspect of consuming the powder form of Pramiracetam is that it has a very stinging flavor that most people find extremely unpleasant. Many people either make their own capsules and the rest purchase the capsule form of the nootropics drug that is available in the market.

But still, it is difficult for users to make their own tablet or capsule as per dosage quantity. The powder is full of fat rather than soluble in water which leads to the users in having difficulty in mixing the powder with water. It floats on the surface of the water rather than dissolving in it. Some users mix a small amount of oil along with the Pramiracetam powder which enhances the absorption quality.

Of the numerous studies that have been done on testing the effectiveness of Pramiracetam, it was concluded that a total daily intake of 1200 mg was optimal, divided into two or three doses per day. This is likely a good starting point and on an individual level should be adjusted to find what works best as the dosage varies from person to person.


Pramiracetam works on its own and is well supported, but one of the most interesting aspects of Pramiracetam is that it appears to be a powerful leader for other nootropics, increasing their effectiveness. It is an effective leader with respect to another racetam, making it a natural addition to most nootropics stacks.

Because Pramiracetam has such dominant effects, it is advisable to use it on its own for a trial period prescribed before combining it with other nootropics. Bundling Pramiracetam with energy up gradation tablet like adrafinil or oxiracetam can intensify the mental alertness and extend it over a longer period.Pramiracetam can be equipped with a powerful anti-anxiety agent. Aniracetam is mostly preferred and it can lead users to increase their focus and concentration. There is also improvement of mood and anxiety. Some users say this stack promotes social fluency and improves their outgoing nature and performance ability.Sometimes by adding a choline supplement to a Pramiracetam stack has said to have multiple benefits. It not only enhances the Pramiracetam’s effects but it can also prevent headaches, which are the most commonly reported side effect of this so-called nootropics drug.

Side effects of Pramiracetam

Pramiracetam is usually well permitted even at high dosages, and very few adverse side effects have been documented throughout by the reports. The most common reported side effect is a headache, which can usually be prevented by taking it with a choline supplement as mentioned earlier.

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Less common side effects include gastrointestinal distress and feelings of nervousness or agitation, anxiety is generally associated with high dosage and can, therefore, be avoided by reducing dosage.Pramiracetam is non-addictive, and no significant adverse effects of long-term use have been documented. However, evidence has been found that this nootropics drug or supplement may promote better brain health and also to some extent restore the aging of our brain.

Where to buy Pramiracetam?

Pramiracetam is usually found in retails and medical stores and is not at all hard to find. It is available from specialty online stores that sell nootropics. It is very important to stick to the trusted vendors. Many online stores have their products tested by 3rd party laboratories which ensure that your product is 100% pure and safe to consume.

As we have discussed in other sections of this article that Pramiracetam is an effective and researched nootropic drug. It is advised to make sure to buy Pramiracetam powder only in the last / worst case scenario as it does not dissolve in any liquid making it difficult to consume. For every other Pramiracetam purchase, ensure purchasing capsules is recommended to purchase Pramiracetam from the sellers who shares the ingredients quality as a knowledge update for customers.


To some extent and according to the researchers and reports, Pramiracetam is still fairly unknown, and all of its mechanisms are not yet understood clearly, so let’s look after few other options if Pramiracetam is not available. Other Racetams includes the following:

  • Racetam

The Racetam family has other offerings that confer a range of effects. If you’re looking for something else that will sharpen your mind, you might try Piracetam. It has a milder effect (perhaps ten times less potent than Pramiracetam), so it’s a good option if you’d prefer to start small and work your way up to big league supplementation. Aniracetam might be a suitable choice if you want a boost in mental energy and sociability. Reports of Aniracetam state that it can increase your social fluidity, making the user more energetic and building the will to engage in conversation and more capable when doing so.

  • Noopept

If there is a need for a person for the supreme mental boost, Noopept is probably what is needed. It’s supposedly ‘1000 times more powerful than Piracetam’, requiring a much lower dose to achieve an effect, and demonstrating much more potent benefits in addition to psych stimulatory and anxiolytic effects as well. Users, who have been consuming Noopept and has done a limited research about the claims believe that it can work wonders for the brain. As a brain supplement, Noopept can act great as a nootropic drug in its best form that is available in the market.

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  • Phenibut

Phenibut is a known GABA derived nootropic with mood-altering properties. It is used to enhance general well-being, curb anxiety, combat depression, and improve cognitive function of the users as given in reports. There’s a potential for overuse with Phenibut, as there might be possibilities to quickly build up a tolerance to its effects. Used sparingly, though, it does promise to work as a brain drug and might make a handy addition to your stock.


Thus we can finally conclude that Pramiracetam is a very powerful nootropic drug that is relatively new to many users but is rapidly growing in popularity throughout the various parts of the world.

As it’s more complicated to synthesize it’s higher in price than other racetams; some users find the cost too high. Though, the high potency of the supplement also means that lower dosages are needed. Users also have mixed Pramiracetam to the Ritalin-like emotional blunting effect of the supplement. For some people, it creates a welcome neutrality and relief from social anxiety, while others say it makes them feel disconnected.

Pramiracetam is widely accepted as an excellent nootropic, measurably improving memory formation and retention, learning speed and mental clarity in general, awareness, and focus. It’s generally considered to be a valuable addition to other nootropic stacks, in many cases increasing both the potency of the other stacked supplements and the duration of their effects that are available in the market. Pramiracetam’s are mostly secure, dominant, brisk and relatively long-lasting. It has been found to be a valuable nootropic supplement for students, writers, researchers, or anyone who wants better memory, faster recall, and greater mental focus, clarity, and speed of thought.

Sulbutiamine Review 2018 – Pro’s & Con’s (Updated July 2019)


What is Sulbutiamine?

Sulbutiamine is known as the synthetic version for thiamine which is otherwise called Vitamin B1 in some places. It was first developed by the Japanese and is known to be a unique and different chemical compound. The Japanese developed it with the purpose to reverse the effects caused by the deficiency of Chronic B1.



And if you are one of them who are not aware, the lack of Vitamin B1 in one’s body can lead to some acute problems which are usually concerned with their memory along with one’s length for attention span, one’s alertness to the situation going on around in the surrounding and finally can affect the quality of one’s mood. An unsure sense of depression was seen to develop in the people who are suffering from the lack of Vitamin B1 in their body as well as their diet. Furthermore, this can result in increasing the height of dangers that can be developed due to lack of energy along with the improper duration of exercise.

In addition, the effects of Subultiamine were seen in the people who consumed it even after being a healthy individual who had no deficiency in the levels of Vitamin B1 in their body. If Subultiamine is used in the supplementation then it was demonstrated to have some nootropic effects which resulted in an energy level boost, mood, and cognition.

Benefits and Effects of Sulbutiamine

There are many well-known and remarked benefits which were reported after the use of Sulbutiamine. It was shown that the benefits and effects of Subultiamine were shown due to the enhancing effects which Subultiamine usually has on the neurons of one’s brain. It targets specifically the transmission abilities and the communication abilities in the brain. While the exact effects of the Subultiamine working are still under researches but still scientists were able to come up with the thesis of working on why Subultiamine can have these effects.

Many Subultiamine effects can be seen to be mental and cognitive in nature as by stimulating some activities in one’s brain it can act as a potent optimizer.

Some of the benefits and effects of Subultiamine consumption are listed below:

  • It can help in the Enhancement of mood

You can say that due to this effect and benefit of Subultiamine, this makes the primary selling point for it. You can search for some information on its usage and which might tell you the stories of how this chemical is also provided in some clubs and parties as a mood enhancer drug. You can also find some anecdotal reports of people who use Sulbutiamine to fight their state of depression along with other lower mood states.

There’s a bit complicated agreement from researchers on this effect of Sulbutiamine. In some studies, it was revealed that when Sulbutiamine is consumed regularly for 4 weeks on a daily basis then it improved the aspect of depression known as Psycho behavioral inhibition. But there are no researchers to support this claim of Subultiamine that it can defend the other aspects of depression in an effective manner too.

Furthermore, the provided anecdotal evidence is vast enough to no to require to you search for the stories of people who talk about how Subultiamine enhanced their moods along with their confidence levels. But still how this works & happens requires a study further.

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  • It can help in Memory Boost & Cognition

The other claim of using Subultiamine claims to act as a cognitive enhancement. It is treated as a chemical which can help you in thinking in a better way by taking a part in improving your memory.

Although it can’t be said that it is true but still a study revealed that Sulbutiamine can help in enhancing one’s long-term memory formation.

A study conducted using mice that were supplemented with Sulbutiamine for around 10-day duration showed that the subjects of the study did show some improvements when they tried to attempt any task which they were previously familiar with it compared to those who weren’t supplemented with Sulbutiamine.

According to a researcher, the present results and previous findings do suggest that Sulbutiamine can help in improving one’s memory formation along with that this effect of one’s behavior can also be mediated by increasing the hippocampal cholinergic activity.

This was said in accordance with the anecdotal reports which had various claims that people are able to perform their mental tasks in a better way and are having an easy time to recall essential information from the past.

  • It can help in fighting Fatigue Factor

It is said that Sulbutiamine can help you in fighting the fatigue by letting you have a boost in the levels of your energy even when you feel as if you don’t have any left in your body.

This is commonly said and reported by the users who consume Sulbutiamine on a daily basis and is partially supported by some data. Earlier the researchers suggested that consuming Sulbutiamine on a daily basis along with combined care for infection around 15 days can help in reducing the weakness and fatigue factors in the people who have an infection.

Again there are no researchers which can support this fact and the only thing you can find in its support are the reviews and some people on the internet who says that it is effective even after not having any research support.

  • It helps in increasing the alertness along with the energy levels

Depending upon an ongoing scientific research and medical research is the source for showing the specific effect of Subultiamine on the levels of dopamine in the human brain.

It has been seen that Sulbutiamine can help in stimulating the ability of the users to help in focusing their concentration on particular tasks along with enhances their ability to react and perceive effectively to the things which are happening around them in their surroundings. Therefore, a lot of people have reported that Sulbutiamine is the best study aid due to its effect on the alertness along with the energy levels.

  • It helps in improving mood and reducing the anxiety

According to anecdotally, Subultiamine is said to have been shown positive effects on the general mood of its consumers especially when it comes to the matter of reducing the anxiety. Furthermore, this is said to be due to the Subultiamine’s ability which helps in stimulating the dopamine levels in one’s brain. In addition, it was seen that it also increases the ability to focus along with concentrate on a particular task and also the tasks generally going on in the surrounding which eventually leads to natural mood improvement.

As it has such effects of increasing the focusing and concentrating abilities, the consumers of Subultiamine who consume it daily or on a regular basis have reported that it has a positive effect on one’s general mood especially when it is regarding to the fact that it actually decreases their general level of anxiety and nervousness even in the social interactions which were a great source of misapprehension along with fear.

Furthermore, the abilities of Sulbutiamine to help in relieving stress and levels of anxiety are the other portion of the ongoing medical and scientific research which surrounds this substance.

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Working of Sulbutiamine

Sulbutiamine is considered as the synthetic version of thiamine as because it alleviates the positive effects which are related to Vitamin B1. This is again considered as the main reason for the many people who prefer Subultiamine instead of general thiamine along with that is crosses the blood and brain barrier with more ease which gives quick rise to more strong results than thiamine.

After crossing the blood and brain barrier, Sulbutiamine can have a direct and immediate effect on the cholinergic, dopamine receptors and glutamatergic which influences some essential activities which include concentration, mood, and memory. Furthermore, as Sulbutiamine is fat soluble hence, it can spread widely and rapidly throughout one’s brain & body which quickly makes its presence known very soon by the magnitude and scope of its further effects on someone.

Doses of Sulbutiamine

For providing you a precise definition for the correct dose of Subultiamine which is practically not possible to be offered on a generalized basis of how much and how low or not any quantity of substance you are required to notify the positive results it has, one has to depend on a lot of different factors.

These factors can include your own natural biochemistry along with metabolism and your general health level and tolerance against prescribing medications. Furthermore, the supplements you might be consuming at the same moment may have either a positive or negative effect depending on how effective Subultiamine works for you.

Therefore, before you start taking Subultiamine you should consult your doctor who can help you in determining whether the supplement of Sulbutiamine is right for you or not. Further, the recommended average dose of Subultiamine usually varies between the levels of 400 mg to 800 mg which should not be exceeded in the span of 24 hours. Once you find the certain dose amount or level which is right for you then you can start consuming the supplement soon.

It doesn’t matter whether you take Sulbutiamine in bulk form or the pill form but you should remember that it is fat soluble and not water soluble which means that though Subultiamine can work more quick when taken along with some liquid but still it doesn’t have the capability to be mixed along with common juices such as apple, orange and so on which are related with the intake of supplements for health along with that should be taken with some fat sources which include oil, milk, etc. If you are planning on taking Subultiamine then it is essential to note that the tolerance can set in as instantly with its positive effects which can begin to vanish sometimes which can be within less than a week.

Therefore, this is why Sulbutiamine is recommended to Subultiamine cycles or should be saved for the times particularly when you require to use the extra boost.

Stacking of Sulbutiamine

After reading so much about Sulbutiamine you might be thinking about with whom you should be stacking you Subultiamine with if you desire to achieve the maximum positives results and effects.

Listed below are some stacking options you can choose from for taking your Sulbutiamine:

  • Sulbutiamine + Choline Stack + Huperzine A

For a good start, stacking Subultiamine with huperzine and Choline sources such as Alpha GPC can be a good idea.


  • 1 or 2 times per day
  • 400 mg of Sulbutiamine
  • 200 mg of Huperzine A
  • 300 mg of Alpha GPC

Huperzine A:

It is a supplement which is derived from one of the mundane herb known as Irish moss which works by slowing the decomposition of Acetylcholine. This is done by making sure that the maximum level of this molecule can help in increasing your ability to concentrate and focus. Along with this, the choline works by a concert with Huperzine A to make sure that the maximum power and capacity of the memory for particular concentrated attention. Alpha GPC has an edge when it comes to pure concentrated choline content. This is because Alpha GPC comprises 40 percentile by weight. But for the individuals who are also looking for the supplements to help their capacity of motivations and to provide relief from anxiety, they can use citicoline for a better choice as it has better effects on the brain’s dopamine receptors.

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  • Sulbutiamine + Choline Stack + Aniracetam

You can also stack Subultiamine with racetam class of nootropics for better results. Choosing from the racetams, aniracetam can be a good choice to stack with Sulbutiamine and is also a common choice. This is as Aniracetam has same effects on mood and cognition and enhancing effects just like Sulbutiamine.


  • 1 to 2 times per day
  • 400 mg of Sulbutiamine
  • 800 mg of Aniracetam
  • 300 mg of Alpha GPC

Side Effects of Sulbutiamine

The best part of consuming Sulbutiamine is that relatively has a lack of harmful side effects. Probably the most mundane side effect of Subultiamine can be the increase in the levels of anxiety and one’s irritability. A few consumers have reported regarding nausea as a side effect but the reports are anyways minimal.

Furthermore, such kind of side effects can appear due to using more than the recommended dosage of Subultiamine and can appear if the supplement stays ingested.

Furthermore, users may develop a tolerance after consuming the supplement for a while and hence may require a higher dosage which eventually can lead to such kind of side effects.

Hence, it is suggested that if you have already started developing a tolerance against the supplement then you may require stopping consuming it for a while and then start the cycle again. This will also help in avoiding side effects as well as to get more out of the supplement.

Where to buy Sulbutiamine

It is available in two different forms. These are:

  1. Bulk Powder
  2. Capsule

You can choose according to your preference and also your budget from either of these two forms. Though buying the supplements in a bulk form may be cheaper than the capsules but if the capsule form is more of your choice and you find it more convenient than you also have this option.

You can find Sulbutiamine on online websites such as Amazon and buy from there or any other nootropic seller sites or outlets.

Sulbutiamine Alternatives

You can take out the best from Subultiamine when you stack it with other supplements. But in case if you find yourself desiring to substitute it with another compound or a single compound which you can use for your regular metal supplementation requirements. Then you can try the listed below alternatives for Subultiamine:

Optimind Review 2018- Pro’s & Con’s (Updated July 2019)


What is Optimind?

OptiMind is a well-known nootropic supplement that guarantees to help your concentration while wiping out “mind mist”. It utilizes a blend of 12 fixings including regular nootropic mixes like Vinpocetine, GABA, and Huperzine A and common fixings like green tea remove. Together, these fixings are intended to build oxygen and supplement stream to your mind while additionally modifying certain neurotransmitter levels – like GABA and choline.

Today, in our survey, we will enable you to choose if OptiMind is the privilege nootropic for you. We’ll separate the equation, see what other genuine clients need to say in regards to it, and educate you concerning “the catch” in the OptiMind free trial.


How Does OptiMind Work?

As indicated by the OptiMind site, OptiMind is a nootropic supplement produced using a blend of 12 unique fixings.

Those fixings were planned in a “noteworthy supplements lab” with the most noteworthy benchmarks of wellbeing and effectiveness. OptiMind didn’t give any further insights about that lab’s area or its name, so it’s hard to go down that claim.

I’ll clarify those fixings beneath, yet they all have a comparable capacity. Here are the principal components behind OptiMind:

OptiMind gives your cerebrum the building pieces it needs to create acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is the mind’s primary memory neurotransmitter and it’s a fundamental piece of learning and memory development.In the meantime, OptiMind utilizes fixings like Alpha Lipoic Acid, Caffeine, and Green Tea Extract to help mental vitality and impact away from the mental mist.

Finally, OptiMind enhances your temperament utilizing fixings like DMAE, vitamin D3, and GABA, which are all in charge of boosting neurotransmitters like serotonin which assume a key part of enthusiastic adjust and rest cycles.

Optimind Ingredients

As specified above, OptiMind is produced using a blend of 12 unique fixings. These fixings work in various ways. A portion of the fixings has more logical sponsorship than others.

We really don’t have the foggiest idea about the particular equation in OptiMind – we don’t know the amount of every fixing is found inside the nootropic.

Fixings like Sulbutiamine and Vinpocetine have been broadly applauded for their nootropic benefits in clinical investigations and logical diaries. Notwithstanding, we don’t know the amount of either nootropic is incorporated inside OptiMind.

Regardless, here are the 12 distinct fixings you can discover in OptiMind, alongside their one of kind systems and impacts:

  • Caffeine: Provides a fleeting increase in vitality fortifies the sensory system and builds learning capacities.
  • Vitamin B12: Optimizes bloodstream and enhances the usefulness of your cerebrum and sensory system.
  • Vitamin D3: Raises serotonin levels in the cerebrum, which empowers a characteristic rest cycle and decreases hunger longings.
  • GABA: Used to avert adrenal exhaustion and goes about as an inhibitory neurotransmitter in the cerebrum.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid: Produces cell vitality. Huperzine A:
  • Raises acetylcholine levels, which is connected to better memory maintenance and review.
  • Taurine: Has been connected to better cardiovascular wellbeing and enhanced focal sensory system usefulness.
  • Sulbutiamine: Optimizes numerous levels of neurotransmission inside the mind.
  • Vinpocetine: Improves the bloodstream to the mind, which upgrades oxygen and supplement levels.
  • Bacopa Monnieri Extract: Not to be mistaken for bacon, Bacopa Extract has been appeared to enhance long haul memory review.
  • Tyrosine: Boosts mental sharpness, vitality, and ability to focus.

Formula Update:

Here is the breakdown of the progressions that happened when they changed recipes.

  • Evacuated: Choline Bitartrate, DMAE, Green Tea Extract, Niacin, Vitamin B3 (Niacin), Vitamin B6.
  • Diminished: L-Taurine
  • Expanded: Bacopa Monnieri, L-Tyrosine, Phosphatidylserine.
  • New 12 Ingredient Formulas: L-Tyrosine, Bacopa Monnieri Extract, L-Taurine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Phosphatidylserine, Caffeine, GABA, Vinpocetine, Sulbutiamine, Vitamin D-3, Vitamin B-12, Huperzine A.

Step by step instructions to use OptiMind:

OptiMind comes in epitomized frame. The greater part of the 12 fixings recorded above has been dense into a powder with a specific end goal to help their bioavailability. You administer the pill with any natural liquid here and there every day, contingent upon your picked measurements.

OptiMind’s producer prescribes beginning with one case. You should begin to feel the nootropic impacts within 60 minutes. Those impacts should increment with customary use of OptiMind, as your body acclimates to getting the cerebrum chemicals it needs keeping in mind the end goal to help mental execution.

Once you’ve developed more acclimated to OptiMind and its belongings, the maker prescribes expanding your measurements to two cases for every day. Clients are additionally prescribed to explore different avenues regarding the diverse circumstances of the day with a specific end goal to pinpoint the best time of conveyance.

Since the product contains caffeine, you might not have any desire to take it in the late evening or early night or you may experience difficulty nodding off.

Who Manufactures OptiMind?

OptiMind has an extremely one of a kind history. Some would even call it a strange history. The originator of OptiMind is named Lucas Siegel. Lucas had a companion in school who passed away in the wake of overdosing on ADHD solution.

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Lucas understood that review drugs like ADHD were to a great degree well-known and profitable on school grounds. Be that as it may, they were additionally risky for ignorant understudies to take. Subsequently, he defined a more secure, lawful approach to help cerebrum quality.

In the beginning of OptiMind, it wasn’t sold on the web or in-store. Rather, Lucas guarantees that it was recently utilized by his group of friends. A little while later, in any case, he understood there was an immense business opportunity here.

Today, the product is fabricated by AlternaScript LLC, an organization situated in Houston, Texas.

OptiMind Versus AllerADD

OptiMind just seemed online in May 2014 – or possibly, that is the point at which the official site’s URL was enlisted. In any case, it doesn’t take much burrowing to discover that OptiMind is another name for an old item. The nootropic was beforehand fabricated under the name AllerADD.

The maker may have changed the name to maintain a strategic distance from encroachment on the Adderall name. By and by, the maker asserts that more than 150,000 bundles of OptiMind have been sold so far – in spite of the fact that this number likely incorporates past deals under AllerADD.

Purchasing OptiMind Online:

OptiMind can be acquired online from getting OptiMind, which is the supplement’s legitimate site. You won’t discover it in some other online stores or retail outlets. That is a decent and awful thing: it implies that the value you see online is the best cost you will get. It likewise implies you don’t need to stress over shady online retailers auctioning knock-off, terminated, or low-quality OptiMind.

In any case, it’s critical for you to see how the OptiMind valuing functions before you purchase. Else, you could get tricked into the OptiMind trick – in spite of the fact that it’s not a trick, you simply need to know how their estimating functions.

How much does OptiMind Cost?

Here are the means by which OptiMind’s evaluating separates:

  • Single Bottle: $43.31 (1 month’s supply with free transporting)
  • Double Bottle: $63.65 (2 month’s supply with free delivering, or 1 month’s supply if taking 2 containers for each day)

You may think about those offers sound quite great. All things considered, OptiMind tends to cost not as much as different nootropics you can discover online – particularly when you purchase two jugs or more.

In any case, there are some critical things to know about before you pay for the product.

1) Extra Fees: If you read through the OptiMind expressions and conditions, you’ll discover a segment which clarifies that your bank may charge a little preparing expense in the wake of putting in the request. The maker of this product claims that they’re not in charge of this charge, but rather it’s something you ought to know about before you submit your request.

2) Autoship Program: No issue which this product bundle you purchase, you’re consequently selected in an auto-ship program. That implies you’ll keep on receiving a month to month bundles of OptiMind (and month to month MasterCard charges) until the point when you wipe out.

Free Trial: regardless of the possibility that you simply requested the “free” trial for $0, despite everything you’ll be enlisted into the auto-ship program. Preceding buying, you might be charged a $1 pre-approval expense to check the MasterCard that you utilized. That $1 charge will be wiped out and voided in 1 to 3 days after check. Your Visa will be charged $43.31 (for one container, one month’s supply) precisely. Remember, it is the point at which you put in the request. Not when you get the trial bottle.

It’s additionally essential to take note of that in the event that you arrange the “Twofold Bottle” bundle, you’ll get two jugs of OptiMind consistently. As it were, you’re paying $63.65 for twofold the measurements.

Even better, the organization additionally offers a 30-day unconditional promise. So in case you’re disappointed with your nootropic in any capacity, you can without much of a stretch return it for a full discount. That is a decent signal which isn’t offered by most other nootropic organizations out there.

Who Should Use OptiMind?

OptiMind will be prevalent among the individuals who delighted in AllerADD before it was removed from the market. OptiMind and AllerADD share precisely the same and it’s very likely that the product is recently the re-marked variant of AllerADD.

Regardless of whether you’re an apprentice or progressed nootropic client, the product gives a solid blend of fixings intended to help mental execution. While regardless we don’t have the foggiest idea about the correct measures of every fixing, we are satisfied to hear they are refreshing their recipe to give their clients a superior performing nootropic.

The final product isn’t anyplace close as solid as racetams, Noopept, and other effective nootropic supplements. Be that as it may, in case you’re searching for a direct increment in mental execution with restricted symptoms, at that point OptiMind might be the privilege nootropic for you.

In the event that you do choose to buy this nootropic supplement, ensure you comprehend the valuing arrangement before you arrange. Else, you could get yourself selected in a month to month OptiMind auto-ship program you can’t bear.

How do you take OptiMind?

1. Initially, set an objective for yourself. Decide precisely what it is that you need to fulfill with your day, how you anticipate doing it, and when you need it done by.

2. At that point, bring OptiMind with a full glass of water. It has about as much caffeine as some espresso so you need to make certain you remain hydrated!

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3. Next, begin on accomplishing your objective. You may see a surge in your concentration, consideration, and vitality soon!

4. At long last, rehash every day for preceded with progress.

Will OptiMind perfect your Brainpower?

In light of Marks’ eagerness to talk with a buyer support site alongside his transparency about the supplement—as we would see it—says a lot about the organization’s dependability. Without a doubt, not the greater part of the supplement’s fixings have reams of clinical information to help their cases, however most by far of the organization’s clients appear to be satisfied with their experience, which is a major takeoff from what we typically observe with these sorts of items.

How about we get a few inquiries you may have:

Do cerebrum supplements deal with everybody?

Much of the time, yes. Remember that everybody has an alternate way of life, so a few ways of life may decrease the impacts that you feel from any mind supplements. Which is the reason using the free specimens you get with OptiMind is a shrewd way!

Are these cerebrum supplements safe?

That is really the excellence of nootropics. These substances have been logically demonstrated to convey extremely minor if any reactions. In any case, remember, in the event that you are experiencing the ill effects of a genuine condition, it is still best to counsel with your specialist beforehand.

Are mind supplements addictive?

This is really a worry that I myself had. You may get dependent on the pills due to how effective you are when taking them, yet as far as being dependent naturally, the appropriate response is no.

For what reason does the product require my MasterCard if the examples are 100% free?

The basic reason is to stop misrepresentation. Suppose they didn’t take any identifiable data from you? You’d have the capacity to keep on ordering tests again and again just by changing your address. By requiring a charge card, Optimind can better control manhandle towards their specimen display. This likewise causes them to progress their upbeat clients into repeating orders.

Would I be able to drink liquor in the event that I take a cerebrum supplement?

At the point when effectively on any mind supplement, it’s ideal in the event that you stray far from any liquor, even wine!

Gynostemma Review 2018 – Pro’s & Con’s (Updated July 2019)


Introduction to Gynostemma

The majestic herb named Gynostemma or Jiaogulan is one 100% Organic Chinese herb with no chemicals and no harmful additives. Gynostemma is grown in the high mountain areas by farmers without adding any pesticides and chemicals.  Additionally, this herb is naturally resistant to pesticides and is safe to use.

Everybody wants to live a healthy and disease-free life. The herb of immortality, Gynostemma has uncountable health benefits and is used as anti-oxidant. It strengthens the human immune system by improving the heart’s functionalities and controlling the high blood pressure. It removes stress and increases the endurance level effectively. With very lesser side effects, this natural herb is widely used to make medicines and tonics. As it has negligible side effects, people can use it on a regular basis and enjoy all the health benefits offered by it.



In western language, the fairy herb Gynostemma is commonly referred to as Jiaogulan. It is also popular as the herb of Immortality in China. This herb is used as sweet tea vine and is used to make many medicines. This is the most promising herb which is widely used to cure diseases. Gynostemma is not just an herb it’s a great treasure and the most precious gift given by nature to us. This herb is used as the more beneficiary medicine with numerous health benefits.

What is Gynostemma?

The Herb of Immortality, Gynostemma is an herb which belongs to the cucumber family. In China, people used to believe that this herb has a very important contribution to curing various diseases. Because of its healing power, it is known as the herb of immortality. If anybody wants to have a disease-free long life, then this herb is perfect for them. Because of its beneficiary and powerful anti-aging effects, it can make a person live a healthy life for a long time.

According to the science, Gynostemma among any other herbs is possibly the most useful and helpful herb in this world with so many health benefits. Gynostemma, with the most wide-ranging health benefits, is used to make medicines for the wellness of human health. This remarkable tonic herb is strong enough to cure various diseases effectively.

Where does Gynostemma grow?

The herb Gynostemma belongs to the family of Cucurbitaceae. Popularly known as Jiaogulan, this herbal plant is very useful for trauma management and has various medical usages. More than thirty species of this herb is popularly grown in the mountain areas of China, India, Korea, South Asia and Japan. This plant bears a very short lifetime and grows well in the areas where the soil is dry due to the heated climate. It does not grow in the areas where the climate is relatively cold due to very low temperatures.

Traditional use of Gynostemma:

The origin of the magical herb named Gynostemma is China and the people of China have been using this herb as a medicine for a long time. They make rejuvenating health tonics from this herb and drink this herb on a daily basis to lead a disease free life. People can drink the tonic as a tea to increase the body’s strength and endurance. This tonic promotes good sleep at night by removing all stress and fatigue from the body. Because of this magical tonic, the people from China face lower chances of cancer and other serious diseases and gain the strength to live a long life. This is considered to be the traditional green tea of China.

Chemicals found in Gynostemma:

The roots, leaves and aerial parts of the substance are used to make medicines. People might use the leaf of Gynostemma as green tea and drink it on a regular basis. Gynostemma contains many types of vitamins, amino acids, and minerals such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, selenium, zinc, potassium with many health benefits.

The herb Gynostemma contains a high amount of saponins. Saponins are chemicals which include several health benefits and antioxidant properties of the herb. This chemical is really useful to control the production of Nitric Oxide in the human body. This chemical is responsible for all the healing and curing properties of Gynostemma. It enables the self-healing power of the human body by mobilizing the body’s intelligence to bring a broader impact.

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Taste of Gynostemma:

Gynostemma tastes slightly bitter and cold. It enters into the human body through the lung and heart channels. It eventually eliminates toxicity from the body by nourishing the body. It eventually increases the rate of generation of body fluids. It almost tastes like a green tea. The refreshing flavor of Gynostemma is a bit sweet with slightly bitter taste.

How does Gynostemma work?

Gynostemma is generally taken as a tea or tonic. It does not contain any toxic element and immediately starts to affect the body by removing all the toxicity from the body. The compound named cucurbitacin in Gynostemma carries impressive anti-oxidant properties with a slightly bitter and sweet taste.

Consumed as an herbal tea or tonic, this herb is also available in the forms of capsules and pills. Immediately after consumption, it starts its therapeutic actions in the body. It reduces heat and removes toxicity from the body. By promoting the fluid creation rate in the body, it increases the endurance level of a human being. It nourishes the body deeply by making it stronger and increasing the immunity system.

Normalizing effects of Gynostemma

Gynostemma brings great normalizing effects on the human body by removing stress and toxicity. It brings the body back to the normal state by restoring its functionalities, strength, and endurance. Normalizing effect means the capability to maintain normal psychological functionalities of the human body. To maintain normal body functions, Gynostemma strengthens multiple organs to function properly. Due to the normalizing effect, the high blood pressure reduces to a normal level and the high blood sugar level reduces to a normal level. Gynostemma energizes the body to maintain proper functionalities.

Not only in China, this herb is now used in Europe, Asia and many other places and thorough researches are going on to discover its working process completely. Many clinical studies are now being conducted to discover its working process and the source of its healing power. This herb with so many health benefits is capable of making the body stronger and self-capable. People can take it on a regular basis to stay healthy and fit.

Use or Dosage of Gynostemma

Though the people of China use the herb as the green tea on a regular basis, it can also be used to produce medicines and tonics. The roots of Gynostemma herb are widely used to make medicines and tonics. If somebody wants to have it as green tea on a regular basis, then he can use the leaves of Gynostemma herb to make tea. In the hot water, the leaves are put for 15 minutes. Then you can drink it as a tonic. This herb’s leaves can be used to make herbal tea blends and people can have the tea thrice a day regularly.

This herb is mostly used as a tea and as an adaptogen to remove the stress from the body. This herb goes really well with grape seed extract and acts as alleviating insulin resistant.  The researchers are going on to discover the various possibilities to use Gynostemma. But it is not tested for the drug to drug interactions.

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To help diabetic patients, the patients need to take 6gm of dry leaves of Gynostemma and make tea with it. They need to drink the tea thrice a day on a regular basis. Daily intake of this herbal tea will help the diabetic patients to maintain a normal glucose level in the body. This is considered to be the current best dosage to use Gynostemma to maintain diabetes. Ultimately, people can drink tea made by Gynostemma daily to lead a disease free long life. Will all its super health benefits, it protects the human body by increasing the immune system.

Pros to use Gynostemma:

With amazing and magical healing capabilities, this product has several health benefits. It strengthens the body, improving the endurance level. It is used to make tea, medicines, and tonics to cure people of various diseases. Here are some amazing pros to use Gynostemma:

  • To maintain diabetes

The herb can be used to maintain normal blood sugar level. The diabetic patients can drink the herbal tea thrice a day on a daily basis to maintain a normal blood sugar level. This herb effectively controls the high sugar level in type 2 diabetic patients. It reduces the high sugar level and helps to maintain a normal blood sugar level.

  • As an anti-oxidant to remove toxicity:

Gynostemma herb has super anti-oxidant properties and cleans toxicity from the body entirely. After consumption, it eventually increases the level of superoxide dismutase in the human body and this is a very powerful anti-oxidant enzyme. This enzyme works as a tumor inhibitor and thoroughly removes toxicity from the body. It protects the body from toxic elements by removing them immediately. It stimulates the production of the anti-oxidant enzyme in the human body to detox the body. It keeps on removing toxic elements until all of them are removed.

  • To boost the immune system:

It increases the immunity power of the human body by strengthening the immunity system. The human immune system is responsible to protect the body from harmful viruses, bacteria, and diseases. Because of rich anti-oxidant properties, the herb strengthens the human immune system by balancing the production of nitric oxide in the human body. This herb reduces the production of nitric oxide in the human body to prefect inflammation and other autoimmune diseases. It removes stress from the body by protecting it from harmful foreign invaders. Stronger immunity system can protect the body from dangerous diseases like cancer.

  • To strengthen the nervous system:

The Gynostemma has protecting power and it can enhance the functionalities of human nervous systems. This is possible due to its amazing antioxidant properties. It regulates the production of Nitric Oxide in human lives and strengthens the nervous system. It protects the body from several neurodegenerative diseases. It can effectively prevent diseases like Alzheimer and Parkinson. It improves brain’s functionalities by improving memory power.

  • As Adaptogen to remove stress:

Adaptogen is capable to bring the whole body into the proper functioning and the herb acts as an adaptogen. Adaptogen have several benefits including healthy liver, kidneys, and active cardiovascular system. It maintains the body to the optimal homeostasis. The adaptogenic compounds of the herb can lower high blood pressure by increasing endurance level.

This herb has anti-anxiety properties and extreme stress removal capabilities. It reduces physical as well as mental stress by bringing more energy in the body. It is useful to maintain normal dopamine levels in the body. It can reduce the stress level significantly and it is widely used to cure depression. The body becomes capable to deal with stressful activities by restoring its strength and endurance. This herb works great as an adaptogen to maintain the healthier cardiovascular system, livers, and kidneys.

  • To maintain normal blood pressure

The adaptogenic properties of Gynostemma help to maintain a normal blood pressure level by reducing the high blood pressure level. Gynostemma works as a nitric oxide regulator in the human body and this mechanism helps the body to maintain a normal blood pressure level.

  • To maintain cardiovascular functionalities:

Gynostemma brings several beneficial effects to maintain the proper cardiovascular functionalities. It increases the coronary blood flow and reduces heart rate by maintaining the right arterial pressure. It promotes the cardiovascular health by protecting it from strokes, heart attacks, and other blood vessel diseases. It stopes atherosclerosis by maintaining proper blood flow through the heart. It does not let the vessels to store fat or cholesterol and this maintains proper blood flow. Indirectly, it reduces serum cholesterol at an effective rate. This leads to lesser chances of heart attacks and strokes.

  • Anti-aging properties

Gynostemma eventually increases longevity by acting as an anti-aging solution. Instead of using anti-aging creams and Botox, people can use this herb on a regular basis to maintain healthy skin. If you would drink the Gynostemma tea or tonic on a regular basis, you would start looking younger and fresh. You will feel refreshed and healthy. This herb is highly effective to slow down the aging process by increasing longevity. The antioxidant properties of Gynostemma help to make the body toxic-free by making it appear younger.

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  • To prevent cancer:

Amazingly, Gynostemma has properties to prevent various cancers and is capable to fight cancer. It works effectively on various levels to prevent cancer from spreading. By increasing the immunity system, it prevents the spreading of cancer cells effectively. It reduces the growth of tumors to a great extent. The point to be noted, Gynostemma is not capable to cure cancer totally. It can only reduce the growth of tumors and cancer cells. It can’t be used as a stand-alone medical treatment to cure cancer.

  • For weight loss:

Gynostemma can be useful for overweight people to reduce their weight. By increasing the insulin sensitivity, it can promote weight loss. For this, the person must have gynostemma tea or tonic on a regular basis for at least two months.

Cons of using Gynostemma:

The herb gynostemma is relatively safe to use on a regular basis. It has several health benefits but still has some mild side effects. Using gynostemma in huge amount might lead to increased fatigue, dry throat and nose, lethargy and increased heartbeat. Till now, there is no such record of extreme side effects of using gynostemma. It reduces high blood pressure, high cholesterol level, and high blood sugar level. It is capable to prevent cancer by strengthening the immunity system. It maintains proper cardiovascular activities and keeps the heart, kidney, and livers healthy. It removes toxicity from the body. Due to so many health benefits, people can have Gynostemma tonic on a regular basis by neglecting the mild side effects. People can have gynostemma as tea thrice a day on a regular basis. This useful herb is now available in the form of pills and tonics.

Neuropeak Review 2018 – Does it work-? (Updated July 2019)


Introduction to Neuropeak

Neuropeak is marketed as a potent nootropic product manufactured by Zhou Nutrition. What is a Nootropic? Nootropics are products or supplements that are formulated to stimulate and improve the functioning of your brain. By enhancing your brain’s performance, these supplements help to reduce your anxiety and boost your concentration, clarity and overall memory. Brain performance is a very crucial part of our day to day lives. Unfortunately, as the years go by we age and this massively affects how our brains work. Memory loss becomes a rampant condition which not only affects one’s lifestyle but also poses dangers to their life. It’s interesting to know that memory loss, isn’t just a condition for the old. Cases of relatively young individuals suffering from this condition are common. Nootropic products including Neuropeak and many others are designed to solve such situations. So, how does Neuropeak perform and is it as powerful as claimed by Zhou Nutrition?

This Nootropic product is made of purely natural ingredients that the manufacturers claim are proven to be capable of boosting mental performance. This is a good thing because lack of synthetic compounds significantly reduces the chances of users to experience adverse effects.

According to Zhou Nutrition, this supplement works by boosting the health and functioning of your brain cells. Aging and other factors are known to cause a degenerative effect on one’s brain. This damages your brain cells making them incapable of functioning optimally. Neuropeak is believed to be formulated with ingredients that enable the smooth flow of blood into the brain. Enhanced blood flow means that your brain cells and neurons will be fed with oxygen and nutrients that promote their development and functioning. This makes sure that the cells are healthy and full of energy to meet your daily demands.

Zhou Nutrition goes further to explain that this supplement does more than just boosting mental focus and clarity. They claim that it has all the right ingredients to fight anxiety, stress and bad moods. If indeed this supplement can combat these problems then it could be ideal for depressed patients. Unfortunately, a lot of manufacturers will print anything on their product’s bottles just to maximize on sells.

Neuropeak claims to deliver all of these benefits by using the following compounds:

Neuropeak Ingredients

The first positive thing when you take a look at this supplement’s list of ingredients is they have provided dosages of compounds used. This rarely happens in the current supplement industry where every manufacturer seems to be hiding behind a proprietary blend to sell us ineffective products. By giving us details on how much of each ingredient is used it is possible for us to assess whether they are adequately supplied to elicit the associated positive effects (if there are any).

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These compounds include:

  • St. John’s Wort (250 mg)

St John’s Wort is an herb that has been used for years for various medicinal benefits. Some people claim that it is exceptional to people with various mental health issues. Studies conducted on the herb, however, show conflicting results. A few clinical trials have not only proven it to be incapable of providing any mental health benefits but also associated it with some severe side effects. The herb is believed to cause anxiety, depression, trouble sleeping, loss of appetite, etc. Some of these complications are so serious that some countries including France have banned its use in medical products. If you are living in France, therefore, it may become hard to possess Neuropeak due to the presence of this compound. For other people in countries where the mixture isn’t banned, it’s advisable that you just do your best to avoid it.

  • N Acetyl L Carnitine (50 mg)

This compound is thought to be useful in reducing dementia, but there aren’t any studies to conclusively confirm it. When manufacturers make supplements based on speculations, then the entire products becomes potentially useless, and this is very frustrating for us users. One ambiguous study which seemed to give promising signs on the use of this compound as a brain functioning booster used over 500mg in daily supplementation. In NeuroPeak, there is only 50mg! So, even if the study was to be relied upon, Neuropeak hasn’t supplied enough of it for you to witness any results.

  • Dimethylaminoethanol Bitartrate (DMAE – 50 mg)

DMAE is associated with elevated mood, heightened intelligence, and improved memory all of which makes it quite popular in memory supplements. A few clinical trials done on animals point out the possibility of the compound to provide these benefits, but they also warn against some severe side effects that it can cause. Scientist says that it is a potential teratogenic which refers to the ability of a compound to cause congenital disabilities. As such, it makes the ingredient very risky to use especially in women.

  • Phosphatidylserine (125 mg)

It is probably the best ingredient used in this supplement. Phosphatidylserine is one of those ingredients that you should be looking for every time you are shopping for a Nootropic supplement. Studies have proved its ability to promote cognition, attention, and memory when consumed sufficiently. It is an amino acid derivative compound essential for cognitive functions in the brain.

  • L-Glutamine (150 mg)

L.Gutamine is a strange addition to this Nootropic supplement. It is produced by the muscles where it is used to maintain healthy muscles as one loses fat. It could, therefore, be useful in weight loss supplements, but there is no evidence to show its efficacy as a Nootropic.

  • Vinpocetine (2 mg)

A decent addition that has undergone various clinical trials confirming its ability to enhance brain performance. The problem we have with its presence here is the dosage. Most studies show that you need at least 6 mg of vinpocetine daily yet Neuropeak provides just 2mg in each tablet. Low dosages mean that the ingredients cannot function as intended which makes its inclusion in the supplement pointless.

  • Gingko Biloba Extracts (50 mg)

This nutrient was believed to be useful for enhancing mental performance, but new studies proved otherwise. Its inclusion in the supplement could, therefore, have zero impact on your cognitive capabilities.

  • Bacopa Monnieri (100 mg)

One of the few excellent Nootropic ingredients used in this supplement. Bacopa Monnieri has undergone several clinical trials all of which have shown decent improvements in memory and cognitive performance. Additionally, the compound is known to be useful in reducing anxiety and foul mood. This ingredient works alongside your serotonergic system and dopamine improving the development of nerve endings which results in better mental functioning. The manufacturer should have added more of this compound in place of the other ineffective ingredients.

Claimed Benefits of Using Neuropeak

According to Zhou Nutrition, Neuropeak users will enjoy:

  • Healthier brain cells
  • Reduced stress
  • Improved mood
  • Enhanced clarity and focus
  • Better memory

Potential Side Effects of Using NeuroPeak

Compounds such as DMAE and St. John’s Wort are very harmful. You hence have to be careful when using the supplement, or you can consult your doctor before you start taking it. Potential side effects of using Neuropeak include:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Congenital disabilities
  • Loss of appetite
  • Headaches
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User testimonials

Here are a few comments on what people who have already used this supplement said about its performance:

“Great nootropic! I was surprised to find how much it helps with my concentration and ability to stay on task and get work done.” By Julian P

“Hasn’t worked for me. I haven’t noticed any significant difference, and I’ve taken these daily. The first week twice a day, now once a day. I have one week supply left. Still not focused. I’m gonna try a new brand next.” By Paul Brannigan

“I stopped using this after a few weeks. It was giving me headaches and making me edgy at night. I took the pill in the morning with breakfast. I will be trying a different brand that hopefully doesn’t give me headaches.” By Rob

Taking Neuropeak

The recommended dosage is one tablet taken daily. Some users are allowed to take two pills per day served separately with a meal. At the given dosages, essential ingredients such as Vinpocetine won’t be adequately supplied yet if you increase more than two tablets you risk experiencing severe side effects.

Where can I buy Neuropeak?

Neuropeak is considered as one of the most affordable Nootropic supplements in the market. This can be attributed to the lack of sufficient dosages of the known useful nootropic ingredients used and also due to the addition of some irrelevant compounds such as L-Glutamine. The supplement is available on various online retail stores including Amazon with a bottle containing 30 capsules going for $22.

Verdict on Neuropeak

Neuropeak is an affordable Nootropic supplement, but it isn’t the best you can get in the market. If you are on a tight budget and feel like experimenting, then you could give it a shot. However, several aspects make us recommend that you try a few other supplements. In the entire formula, for instance, only two compounds Bacopa Monnieri and Phosphatidylserine are proven cognitive improving nutrients. Vinpocetine is an excellent addition, but its low dosages make it rather useless. The side effects are also too dangerous to ignore. With such concerns, don’t you think it could be advisable to try other better and safer supplements?


Fasoracetam Review 2018- Benefits & Side Effects (Updated July 2019)


What is Fasoracetam?

Improving the cognitive abilities of the brain has always held a strong appeal to people, and this is even more important in the world today. Most people want to have better mental abilities than they currently pose, like better focus and multi-tasking abilities. However, most products that claim to provide this either lie about the effects or do not have results as significant as is required. Fasoracetam claims to be a revolutionary supplement that can significantly improve the cognitive abilities of the brain, particularly the memory and focus. However, can it really be different than the other nootropic drugs on the market? Let’s find out.


What are nootropic drugs?

Nootropic drugs, also called cognitive enhancers, are drugs that improve the cognitive abilities of a person. The known benefits include enhanced memory, creativity, focus and executive abilities. While nootropic drugs are considered quite safe, the debate around the use of nootropic drugs by healthy individuals (or individuals with normal brain capabilities) still continues, with arguments both for and against the use.,Fasoracetam is a nootropic drug that aims to improve the cognitive abilities of the brain. Even though it was created to treat Alzheimer’s, it is now widely used to improve mental sharpness and focus. People who require acute attention and multi-tasking skills in their daily lives find Fasoracetam to be a great drug.

How do Fasoracetam works?

Fasoracetam works primarily on three neuroreceptors: Glutamate, GABA, and Choline. All of these are associated with memory creation and retention. It aims to maximize the plasma absorption rate in the brain, which is attained in only an hour of undertaking the drug.

Another mechanism of Fasoracetam is to boost the production of acetylcholine and choline in the brain.

How to take it?

There are no fixed guidelines regarding the intake of Fasoracetam. Most users intake around 10mg of the drug on a daily basis. It is typically taken 3 times a day on an empty stomach. Larger dosage has been found to have more stimulating effects, but there are details regarding how much you should ideally take. Researchers dissuade the intake of 100mg or higher per day.

Are there any warnings?

Overdose often results in negative consequences like vomiting and nausea. However, it is not mentioned what exactly constitutes as an “overdose”, so you can take it at your own discretion or at the consultation of your doctor.

Pregnant women are advised against taking the drug. Gender is not a determining factor, but weight can be.

Why is it better than other nootropic drugs?

  • Despite having a similar functionality to other drugs in the racetam family, Fasoracetam is different in the sense that it is absorbed into the bloodstream a lot faster.
  • The effects are almost instantaneous. While the oxygen level boost could be felt within a few minutes, the cognitive effects could be observed within an hour.
  • Fasoracetam does not inject any alien chemical into your body. Instead, it introduces choline (an important compound required by the brain) into the system, which in turn boosts the production of acetylcholine.

Can you combine it with other nootropic drugs?

Stacking Fasoracetam with other nootropic drugs is a common practice, aimed to get the benefits that Fasoracetam doesn’t provide and receive a wholesome cognitive boost.

Some common drugs Fasoracetam can be combined with are:

  • Coluracetam

Both Coluracetam and Fasoracetam improve the acetylcholine levels in the brain, thus the combination gives you an even better memory power. Coluracetam has the ability to improve mood in individuals, which is necessary while taking nootropic drugs. Apart from that, both drugs are known to help in improving neurological disorders.

  • Noopept and Choline

While both Noopept and Fasoracetam aim to improve the acetylcholine levels by introducing choline in the brain, ingesting additional Choline can hasten the process. In short, this combo can seriously improve the focus and logical abilities of a person. Additionally, it also improves the ability to multitask significantly.

What are the benefits?

Due to not being popular, there were not many user reviews or valid research info available on Fasoracetam. Following benefits were reported by at least some users:

  • Improvement in the memory, with users being able to memorize and recall events to a better degree
  • Improved ability to focus and be attentive to tasks in the daily life
  • Improved ability to multi-task without getting disoriented
  • Better overall mood without bouts of irritation
  • Better motivation to begin new tasks or complete existing tasks

What are the side effects?

The primary factor that dissuades people from using Fasoracetam is the lack of research on the drug. Most researchers focus on finding the positive effects of Fasoracetam, which is why the negative effects are often neglected. There are simply not enough test cases to come up with the list of side-effects associated with the drug.

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So far, following side-effects have been observed among people who used Fasoracetam:

  • Light-headedness, especially after taking the drug for the first few times. It may or may not subside at later stages of the intake.
  • Some people might display an allergic reaction to the drug.
  • Some people felt a hot flushed sensation after taking the drug, although it was temporary.
  • Headaches are common among people who used Fasoracetam.
  • Many people faced disorientation and inability to organize their thoughts immediately after the intake. However, the effects subsided after some time.
  • Some people also claimed that the drug affected their sex life, reducing the intensity of orgasms and sex drive.


The only (and the biggest) red flag about this product is the lack of research. For no clear reason, not enough research has been carried out on the compound. Most of the research that has been done was one animal, and the ones done on human subjects is not available for public view. Thus, all the benefits Fasoracetam claims cannot be backed up by enough data points.

Another red flag about Fasoracetam is that it is not FDA approved. While not all FDA-approved items are safe for health, those not approved by FDA certainly have a high probability of bringing harmfully. Also, as we mentioned, the side-effects were not well-researched and many more could exist. While Fasoracetam claims to improve the cognitive abilities of a human brain, the exact extent of these effects is not known and the reviews are divided on the issue.

Bottomline: While the supplement looks like a great supplement, the risk in trying out a relatively-unknown compound is too high. The best course of action would be to avoid it and wait for more research that confirms that Fasoracetam is indeed safe for human consumption. If you are looking for smart pills that actually work, we recommend you check out our top 3 nootropics supplements.

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Ceretropic Review 2018- Pro’s & Con’s (Updated July 2019)


What is Ceretropic?

This era, the companies provide us with different varieties of neuroenhancers and we gladly take them. People buy a lot of stuff but often are confused what should be taken and which brand is safe. We are talking about one such company here who decided to produce the neuro-enhancing products with their best quality, Ceretropic.

Founded in 2013, Ceretropic was first started at Phoenix, Arizona. Initially, Ceretropic was a company manufacturing produce specifically based n nootropics and also another dietary supplement.

So what are nootropics? Nootropics enhance:

  • learning ability,
  • Improve memory
  • increase brain function

The Ceretropic, from the time of starting their company, has claimed to give out the best and most successful products. We could buy nootropics from any online store but not always there is no surety to receive good quality ones. The Ceretropic also provide a highly qualified study and memory improving products.

They try to produce a solution which is not found anywhere with nootropics. They also try to produce nootropics easily and in different mixtures. The Ceretropic also have some specific rare products which you cannot find in other nootropics market.

Ceretropic is the most trusted platform for getting nootropics. They are usually are known for their high-quality products but again they also provide with reasonable price. When it comes to bulk order, they provide a great discount too. These nootropics are made into different forms like spray, solution, and powders.

The Ceretropic has grown to be the brand to look forth now. There is a treat from this brand towards other govt. based organizations since this is something which is one of the kinds of such research-oriented techniques. The review received from the different people using Ceretropic will review the value of this name in the meanwhile keeping other users well aware.

Why is Ceretropic made of?

The stores go through a great deal of pain to provide the best nootropics products. What exactly are these products, the definition has been buried in the recent years? What happened was that all the chemicals and substances which are cognitive boosters are placed under the nootropics now.

There are few characteristics which could differentiate the real nootropics from the other like

  • No side effects for the user
  • Extreme tolerance after prolonged use
  • Improving any one cognitive function
  • Neuroprotective in nature
  • Nontoxic

From past several years, the nootropics have been improved so much by the researchers. Now, a wide variety of these products have been found specifically targeting brain receptor groups at the same time giving enhanced effects on cognitive functions than before.

By such result, Ceretropic gives more good quality nootropics product and now you can pick your product according to your needs.

What Are The Benefits Of Ceretropic Products?

Like it was told before, this Ceretropic store makes its initial business to offer the most effective and safest nootropic solutions that can benefit the users in several ways.

Also, you could get a different variety of products that result in good health and safe life.

Below you can see some of the most prominent products of Ceretropic.

  1. Sublingual Nootropics

The sublingual administration of Ceretropic makes it faster to reach the bloodstream. These nootropics get in through the small capillaries found beneath the tongue. This way it helps the drug to show its effect at a necessary time or faster.

When taken oral the stomach acids and enzymes break down the nootropics psychoactive ingredients which in turn do not give the required results. Hence the sublingual method can bypass the digestive enzymes.

With this method, the drug passes metabolism and the effects last longer. It also enhances the overall efficacy of the drug.  Again the potency of the drug is heightened.

If you are looking for the best sublingual drugs in the market, then that would ceretropics.

  1. Metabolic Enhancers

Usually, people with high metabolic rate have a lean body. The people with low metabolic rate tend to have gained weight, which in turn leads to several other health issues. Good health and wellbeing are required so that most of the problem occurring in the body can be stabilized. Weight gain in today’s world is a major problem. This causes mental and physical trouble for the person.

The process through which the food we take is converted into ATP or energy molecules is what is Metabolism. Each biological substance we consume has a property which is very closely related to this metabolic process of energy production.  Hence this extra energy can be used in various ways for you.

This energy supply will increase functions like

  • immunity
  • brain function
  • fertility
  • vitality
  • longevity

Good metabolic activities allow the body to produce very thin muscles. But while aging this process slows down and there is not enough energy in the body. Ceretropic will help you to push a step for having a proper energized life.

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Ceretropic sees to provide quite good metabolic enhancers helping the user in many ways possible without disappointment.

  1. Peptides

Peptides are smaller particles of protein. Every protein in our body is made of peptide chains bonded together. Peptides are made of amino acids. When peptides are given instead of protein it showed more function than protein since it is smaller in size. It provides quicker recovery after physical exercise. These are building block PS of proteins. Hence provide the same effects as protein.

Peptides play the very important role in the process of building the muscles structure which is the major advantage for the people who are working as bodybuilders.

The other uses of the peptide are

  • Efficient maintenance of BP
  • Promote effectual skincare
  • Promote synthesis of collagen – building block of skin.

Ceretropic makes sure that their customers receive the highest quality products and also the safest peptide products.

Ceretropic Key ingredients

Ceretropic provides:

Sublingual nootropics, nootropic solutions, nootropic powders, sprays, peptides and metabolic enhancement.

Few ingredients of Ceretropic product are:

  • Adrafinil
  • Phenylpiracetam
  • Aniracetam
  • Hydrafinil

Why Ceretropic?

  1. Quality

Ceretropic – provide one of the highest quality products in the market with ISO certification.

  1. Different types of products
  • There are powered, peptides or solutions of nootropics.
  •  Outgrowths of racetams, modafinil and more and more
  • Fifty-six different products
  • Clinically proven
  1. Totally different ways of administration
  • Nasal
  • Using syringe
  • Sublingual
  1. Ease of Use of store

There are over 56 and more items in the Ceretropic store

sort the drug from A to Z

  • presented items
  • new items
  • best selling
  • customer review
  • price ( low to high )

Finally clicking on each product gives you a description on each of them.

  1. Shipment and satisfaction
  • Ordering large volumes
  • Competitive price – depends on the nootropics ordered
  • Mostly free shipping charge
  • Accepts bitcoins
  • Standard payment options
  • International shipping available
  1.  Simple Website Design
  • professional site
  • User-friendly design
  • SSL certified
  • easy navigation – search and find relative product


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Ongoing Research

P21 or P021 are two peptides neuro-enhancers. These are used in the study of Alzheimer’s diseases which provided some very positive result.

The recent research published on neurogenesis and peptides is provided below.

P021 treatment has increased the neurogenesis in the older rats and raised the presence of few neutrophil factors found by test. All the deficiency found in cortex and hippocampus was filled in p021. Several metabolic substances in the hippocampus area produced a number of changes which were around related. Compared to younger RTS the old rats have INS content high which we reduced by the use of P021. All these experiments prove that the stimulation of such neuroprotective process in the brain is the best way to fight the old age problems regarding memory. Hence Alzheimer’s disease and memory disorders can be treated with P021.

There are several mechanisms in the brain that stop at old age creating a lock to the enhancers and the receptors. This can be stimulated and corrected using neurotrophic peptides. The P21 is a very interesting factor which can be an answer to many such diseases and problems faced by the aging process. The older generation could keep their memory going for a long time without being worried about the disorders like Alzheimer’s, dementia, Amnesia etc


Ceretropic side effects

There are very little or no side effects for the ceretropic products to be found.

There was a study conducted to check the side effects though. The mice were injected with P021 or P21 to look into the side effects and here are results

The researchers found that th3 mice had all the neuroprotective process working in a good condition. But they needed 5o know whether it would cause any kind of depression or problems with locomotion. But fortunately, they found no signs of it. They found that the mice were all showing a high level of anxiety. It is not much of an issue as compared to memory loss. Hence these peptides can be successfully used. Ceretropic has used peptides as one of their ingredient for this reason producing a positive result.

Ceretropic Reviews

People who use Nootropics have a very few options to receive the high-quality product which is Ceretropics. This company is still owned by one and is continuously under the active direction of this one owner by which the Nootropics depot operate. Ceretropics is vastly used among the Nootropics consumers becomes a treat to government organizations.

This particular review of the products from Ceretropic will show how well quality control and customer satisfaction is important to Ceretropics.

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Quality control

Always, the quality control process and its methods are really good for Ceretropics. The testing of quality is done in-house. Hence Ceretropics gained the title “very reliable“ with high-quality control and test results.

The products are tested both in third party lab and in the house for safety purposes too.

The Ceretropics is so much unique and strictly research-oriented hence faced many scrutinize as well as, nootropics peptides had to be returned as claimed to be a bad set of products. When this happened the owner immediately recalled the batch and refund was provided since it was raising questions about quality control.

Few qualities related issues are very crucial since the market is still unaware of the real nootropics, experimental peptides, and nootropics. Hence the products of Ceretropics are generally kept up by customs without any specific reason.

Buying Ceretropics:

Ceretropic handles a huge amount of orders at a time and is said to very genuine to customers. But again there arise some issues then and there like FDA taking off the peptides or any other products putting the company in a difficult situation.

With that being said, Ceretropic seems to be one of the most reliable and trustworthy company to buy smart drugs.

Conclusion: Good or bad?

With all these being said, Ceretropics seems to produce nootropics drugs in the market with ISO certification and with accurate research results.

It’s a reputed online store which sells health supplements showing great quality and good results. There are no side effects since all of them are real Nootropics products. One of the main supplements is the sublingual administrated nootropics which indicate most efficacy and long-lasting nature.

Ceretropics also give business to other health and wellness products through its online store. One of the major examples is metabolic boosters. Then there are peptides products. All this contribute to maintaining good health and wellbeing.

True, that when one organization provides a high-quality product other vendors try to bring it down and hence there are a lot of issues which Ceretropics have come across. But they still keep up their professional way of dealing the market till now providing a change to the world.

To get a health product, Ceretropics products are good quality and safe.

PQQ Review 2018- 5 Top Health Benefits (Updated July 2019)


Introduction to PQQ

Mitochondria are the powerhouse that fuels the various chemical processes in the body. They provide your cells and tissues with the energy necessary to perform all tasks including the most crucial ones like fighting infections, maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system and keeping the brain performing smoothly. As we age, the number of healthy mitochondria in the body drops drastically reducing the efficiency of tissues and organ performance. Certain medical conditions can also damage or reduce the number of mitochondria in the body leading to even more ailments.

But what does all this have to do with PQQ? PQQ plays a crucial role not just in protecting mitochondria and mitochondrial processes but has also been seen to be vital in the formation of new mitochondria. Very little is known about this compound despite its crucial role for a healthy living. So, how can one obtain PQQ? Do you have to fully rely on supplements or are there natural food sources of this compound? What sorts of benefits should one expect from supplementing PQQ?

What is PQQ?

Pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ) was initially thought to be a vitamin that aids with energy generation and overall cell growth. Clinical studies showed otherwise and the compound was categorized as a non-vitamin growth factor. As a cofactor, PQQ helps in the synthesis of new mitochondria cells and also benefits the body in various other ways as we are going to see.

Sources of PQQ

Our bodies naturally produce PQQ using amino acids. At certain ages, natural production of PQQ is usually at it’s optimal where supplementation is not necessary. With aging, however, its production diminishes and this is where you will have to rely on other sources of PQQ to meet your body’s demand.

The good news is that it is found in lots of foods that you can easily add to your diet. Vegetables and fruits are usually the best sources of PQQ. You can get PQQ from miso, natto, kiwi, parsley, green pepper, papaya, fava bean, spinach, carrot, potato, sweet potato, banana, cabbage, orange, egg yolk, tomato, and celery.

If you find dieting too hectic or if you just want a concentrated source of PQQ, then you can go online and shop for supplements. You should, however, be careful and get them from trusted dealers and follow the prescribed dosages to avoid overdosing and to keep off other negative reactions.

Benefits of PQQ

  1. Fights Inflammation

When your tissues come into contact with foreign compounds, the first and natural form of response is inflammation. It is through inflammation that your immune system is able to fight and expel these foreign compounds from the body. This is also known as acute inflammation and it is very useful in keeping us free from infections. In some cases, however, this inflammation may be prolonged in what is referred to as chronic inflammation and this is extremely dangerous. In other incidences, your body may react defensively to harmless compounds in the body resulting in chronic inflammation. Heart diseases, cancer, and diabetes are just but a few of the diseases that can result from chronic inflammation.

Pyrroloquinoline quinone has antioxidant properties that can fight harmful invaders preventing inflammation and cell damage.

The Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry once published a study involving five women and five men that were done to investigate the impact of PQQ’s antioxidant properties in fighting inflammation. The results were very exciting because not only did it confirm PQQ’s potency but it also showed that in some cases, the impact was observed after just three days!

  1. Enhances Mitochondrial Functions

This is the most popular benefit of PQQ. Without an efficient mitochondrial functioning, you are likely to experience neurological problems, muscle weakness, decreased growth, more infections, and other GI issues. Mitochondria deficiency also leads to overall weakness and lack of energy.

Scientists explain that PQQ promotes mitochondrial biogenesis a process that involves the production of new mitochondrial cells. This makes sure that your body doesn’t just have sufficient mitochondria but that all of them are healthy and functioning optimally. This makes sure that your cells and tissues are all receiving sufficient and steady energy that ensures all operations are running smoothly.

  1. Boosts Brain Functions

In 2014, a study was done in Japan involving 41 elderly individuals. A group of these women was given oral PQQ supplements with another placebo investigated separately. At the end of two weeks, the researchers reported that the people under PQQ supplementation reported better cognitive performance compared to the placebo.

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PQQ, in the body, promotes blood supply to different body organs including the brain. As your brain gets more blood, it’s able to access more nutrients and oxygen-boosting its performance. For this purpose, PQQ is even more effective when used by the elderly who are more susceptible to dementia and other cognitive issues.

Another research published in the journal of clinical biochemistry and Nutrition involving animals also recorded improved memory and fewer neurodegeneration thanks to PQQ’s ability in protecting cells against oxidative damage.

  1. Prevents Oxidative Stress

Oxidative stress and cell damage are normally caused by free radicals in the body. Research has shown us that with sufficient PQQ in the body, your cells will receive more protection against these radicals keeping you safe and healthy.

A study conducted by Hokkaido University in Japan proved that it helped in preventing the death of neuron cells and repairing unhealthy ones affected by oxidative stress. The compound is hence seen to be a great solution to neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease.

  1. Improves Quality of Sleep

If you spend hours rolling from one side of the bed to the other trying to get yourself into falling asleep then PQQ is the solution that you need. Functional Foods in Health and Diseases published a report in which PQQ was reported to be effective in improving the quality of sleep. People using this supplement were also able to fall asleep much quicker compared to other people. The fact that it reduces oxidative stress and improves blood circulation to the brain also means that it keeps your brain at peace which is vital in falling and staying asleep.

Side Effects

Chances of experiencing adverse reactions are very minimal when you are taking it from natural food sources. If you are using supplements then you have are purchasing high-quality supplements and that you stick to the recommended dosages to avoid unwanted reactions.

The commonly reported side effects are usually fatigue, drowsiness, and headaches.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women are advised to stay away from the supplement.


The supplement is a vital cofactor with a wide spectrum of confirmed benefits. It’s advisable that you consume it from natural food sources to avoid adverse reactions. If you want high concentrations of the product, you can purchase high-quality supplements that will offer even better results for shorter periods but you have used them as prescribed.

Noopept Review 2018- Benefits & Side Effects (Updated July 2019)


 What is Noopept?

There is no question that life in the modern world requires brain power, yet many people are experiencing an overwhelming sense that they are not performing as well as they should. Workloads are greater, hours are longer, aspects of social interaction are becoming more complex. It follows that an enhanced ability to ignite the executive functions of the brain can equip people with more cognitive tools to tackle life well.

This is the primary reason behind the explosion of Noopept on the market. Nootropics are designed to specifically enhance higher brain functions like memory, problem-solving ability, creative thinking, and overall motivation and wellness. The United States nootropic supplement industry alone generates more than $1 billion annually. This means that an interest in supplements that do not enhance the body but power the brain is gaining interest.

One of the most prominently lauded nootropic supplements available worldwide is Noopept. This is the brand name for the synthetic molecule N-phenylacetyl-L-prolylglycine ethyl ester. It is a prodrug of cycloprolylglycine. This means that Noopept is an active supplement that only needs an introduction into the body’s digestive system to produce a strong metabolic effect, and requires no accompanying enhancers to work. The fact that Noopept is a powerful prodrug explains it’s immense popularity.

In short, unlike protogenic mental enhancers of the past, it creates noticeable effects within a very short period of time. Most nootropic supplements are designed to work over time. Some must be used as a type of therapy over a period of weeks, or even months. This product is extremely powerful and proven to begin influencing brain function within minutes after ingestion. This is due to its composition as a peptide, which aromatizes immediately in the body. Hence Nootropic+peptide=Noopept.

What Company Produces Noopept?

This peptide was originally synthesized in Russia more than two decades ago. It was relatively misunderstood in regard to its true effects on cognition until Health Naturals, a subsidiary of Live Oak Nutrition, refined its form. This North Carolina company was founded in 2003. It specializes in helping the health and fitness community discover products that are affordable and devoid of misleading labeling. Noopept is just one innovative product that has helped this company become a leader in the young nootropic supplement market.

Many times, consumers will have questions regarding the use of products, a Noopept review, or payments. Health Naturals is extremely proud of its formulation and offers access to a great customer service department. It readily provides contact information to customers who are looking to get info about the best nootropics available, and want to secure a steady source of supplements.

Delivery System

Noopept is quite bitter to the taste, so it is taken through easily digested capsules or in liquid form. Once the capsules come into contact with digestive acids, the peptides react with enzymes and are immediately delivered to the bloodstream. Since an immense amount of blood is cycled through the system that provides the brain with nutrients, the brain is adequately stimulated by its presence.

The capsules are easy to swallow and can be taken along with other multivitamins and fitness supplements. They do not, however, require other supplements in order to work. This peptide is so powerful, it takes effect with the normal cycling of blood throughout the system, which in most people is only a few minutes. This is true of people with normal brain function and capacity, and for those people who have experienced some type of traumatic brain injury.

Once the best nootropics are transferred into the blood system, they are free to affect the function of the brain. Its specialized molecular composition allows it to pass effortlessly across the Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB). Very little is truly known about how the BBB works, but it is proven that cognitive function relies heavily on these pathways. Both memory and higher thought processes are supported through the “firing” of glutamatergic receptors. This nootropic stimulant crosses the BBB immediately and enhances neurotransmitter efficiency. This interaction can be felt by people as soon as Noopept reaches the important areas of the brain.

Benefits of Taking Noopept

There are primary and secondary benefits to taking the best nootropics on a regular basis. The primary benefits obviously have to do with brain performance. The executive functions of the brain are intertwined with the regulatory functions. Executive functions include non-physical aspects like problem-solving, emotional, creative, and memory-based functions. Regulatory functions include the brain’s ability to control all glandular, organ, and nervous occurrences in the body.

The immediate executive benefit of this supplement is a feeling of renewed clarity. When the neurotransmitters in the brain are “opened up,” a person will notice an increased sense of awareness. Brain fog is cleared, and easier analytical views of surroundings happen. In some ways, taking this supplement is like having a “brain reset.” With continued use, people notice that their stress in analyzing the world around them is diminished. This is due to the brain working as it should.

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Secondary benefits mostly include body performance acceleration. Since the brain controls all aspects of the body, it naturally follows that better brain function equals better body function. For instance, bodybuilders often come to a point where they cannot focus in the gym. Whether it is due to stress, worry, or the inability to resolve both, not having focus sabotages workouts. With the inclusion of this peptide, bodybuilders can focus on their lifts, thereby increasing the ability of their lifts to produce muscle growth responses. Brain clarity and mental vividness also tend to provide confidence. Any athlete who approaches their workouts with greater confidence will achieve better physiological results.


Recommended Noopept Dosage

The makers of Noopept are explicit in their warning to consult with a physician before starting a regimen of this supplement. This is true for people who are unfamiliar with how the best nootropics can radically affect the brain and those who have had previous brain trauma. Noopept is extremely potent. Its formulation is not regulated by FDA testing but is safe for those who adhere to dosage recommendations.

In general, is taken in dosages ranging from 10-30mg. Doses are to be taken once each day for a maximum of 56 consecutive days. This is the optimal dosage for most adults possessing healthy brain chemistry. The half-life of this supplement is 30-60 min, which means in less than one hour, its effects can be perceived fully. In order to digest well, it should be taken with an ample amount of water, or with a supplemental meal replacement shake. Since its action in the body is intimately tied with amino acid and glutamine responses, combining it with other supplements is absolutely acceptable.

Other Noopept review supplements that are often combined with the best nootropics include,

  • Alpha GPC: accompanies acetylcholine as an important brain neurotransmitter and is responsible for the transfer of neurons in vital nervous system complexes.
  • Aniracetam: stimulates the specific AMPA receptors and other racetams actions in the brain.
  • CDP Choline: one of the best nootropics that convert to choline, cytidine, and uridine in the body, and is proven to be cognition-enhancing.
  • Centrophenoxine: nootropic that was specifically designed to treat Alzheimer’s patients, and to increase memory functions in healthy individuals.
  • Piracetam: mild nootropic that is considered to be the parent compound of most other modern brain function enhancement supplements.
  • Sulbutiamine: a synthetic derivative of vitamin B1 that passes through the Blood-Brain Barrier easily.

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Noopept Testimonials

“Stress, age, and life itself has gotten me down in the past few years. My workouts are great, but my focus has been off. The first time I tried Noopept I noticed a substantial difference in the way I approached my day.”

– Sean, 45

“I have a long history of fighting mental problems like depression and anxiety. While Noopept doesn’t take care of some of my deeper issues, it does help me tackle my problems with what seems like a full mental fuel tank. This type of powerful non-prescription supplement is rare.”

– Annelise, 32

“It’s hard to believe that a supplement this powerful isn’t under lock and key. I’m glad Health Naturals is around to provide the best nootropics because I can’t always afford to have prescriptions. It is evident that Noopept truly does help with the brain performing at its peak.”

– Mike, 35

“I don’t have Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia, but I do worry about those times when I can’t seem to see my way through a confusing issue. It’s more than forgetting where I put my keys. Some days, I really feel lost when it comes to memory. I have taken Noopept for about a month. Each day now starts with what seems like a more youthful outlook and clarity that I haven’t had in years.”

– Eddie, 72

“I have a Spartan race coming up next month. There is no way I can complete 14k and 30 stations without an exceptionally high degree of mental focus. If I lose the ability to convince myself I can excel, I know the race is lost. So far, every grueling training session has been better than the last. I know it is from my religious daily use of Noopept.”

– Eric, 26

Are There Side Effects Produced by Noopept?

This peptide is proven to be extremely powerful and more potent than any similar compound. Not only do the effects create a more optimal environment for mental processes, but can accentuate mental states. This means it can create mild and moderate psychostimulatory effects. As the term suggests, all functions of the brain can be affected by its use. This includes physical and psychological functions.

Some people can experience side effects from taking the best nootropics that seem different or contributing to slightly adverse changes in their behavior. These changes can include excitability, which is obvious since this peptide increases mood levels and restores a sense of wellness. Other obvious things like restlessness, irritability, and agitation can occur but should be associated with a general restoration of nervous function.

In very rare cases, people taking this supplement will experience what seems to be heart palpitations, dizziness, and asthenia. These side effects are indications of health conditions that are present before taking this supplement. This product’s manufacturer is absolutely explicit in recommending that anyone with a pre-existing condition attain the permission of a supervising physician before beginning a supplementation regimen.

Some people will experience the onset of nausea and headaches while taking the best nootropics products. This is not unreasonable considering the powerful formulation is designed to affect the blood and electrical performance of the brain. Persistent headaches are often an indication that the Noopept dosage is too large. Adjusting doses from 30mg to 10mg often alleviates headaches.

Overall Noopept Review

It is absolutely clear that concrete science regarding brain health is new at best. Fitness and health supplement companies understand that mental health is determined by things like blood flow, neuro connectivity, and the presence of key compounds in the body. Without the ideal combination of nutrients and conditions for each person, the brain begins to diminish in its capacity for sharp thinking and controlling the body’s vital functions.

This is one of the only supplements available that uses proven science to address the reasons behind decreased brain function. This peptide doesn’t allow digestive functions to diminish potency. Its ingredients are absolutely metabolically fluid, and they are proven to provide an instantaneously noticeable change in the way the brain behaves.

The best nootropics like this supplement address the concerns of modern people who are looking for ways to combat decreases in perceptible mental performance. With minimal side effects and multiple applications for people with extraordinary brain trauma, this Noopept review identifies an extraordinary product. From people who are concerned about age-related mental conditions to bodybuilders needing ultimate focus for contest preparation, this supplement is a breakthrough in brain health supplementation. The formulation is affordable and can be used with other products. It is an easy addition to a supplementation schedule geared toward body and brain health.

Ginkgo Biloba Review 2018- 5 Health Benefits (Updated July 2019)

Ginkgo Biloba Introduction

Ginkgo Biloba is one of the oldest tree species on earth. This plant originates from parts of Asia but it has also been found in Europe and the US from the 1730s. Ginkgo Biloba has been used for medicinal purposes for more than two centuries. The plant is very common in Chinese herbal treatments for different ailments.

Due to its wide usage and huge demand in recent times, several studies have been carried out to pinpoint the efficacy of the plant and whether it can harm the body. All of these studies have confirmed the medicinal benefits of this tree. Before we get into these benefits, let’s first try and understand what this plant is and how it works.

What is Ginkgo Biloba?

Ginkgo Biloba is an extract from a Chinese plant known as Ginkgo tree or maidenhair tree. This extract is scientifically referred to as Salisburia Adiantifolia.

This tree has been subjected to so many clinical trials in different countries and the one thing they all pointed out is the plants remarkable benefits particularly in matters of the cognitive and circulatory system. The Chinese have been enjoying this and more benefits from dried ginkgo leaves but recent research shows that standardized ginkgo biloba extract is just as effective.

The best part about this extract is that we can enjoy their benefits without having to worry about any major adverse reactions.

How does Ginkgo biloba Work?

Ginkgo contains two key ingredients; terpenoids and flavonoids. These compound have antioxidant properties that protect the cells of your body. They help in preventing oxidative stress which is usually rampant among the aged. In general, this slows down the aging process and diseases that come with it.

According to the University of Maryland, the antioxidant properties of Ginkgo offer effective protection to the heart muscles, nerves, retina and blood vessels. Additionally, they reduce the dilation of blood vessels and prevent platelets from becoming sticky.

People of different ages have been able to enjoy the cognitive benefits of Ginkgo but recent trials show us that the aged (50-59 years) are the ones who are likely to witness more enhanced brain performance than younger individuals. This is why there is even a report in the International Journal of Physiotherapy and Psychopharmacology explaining that the tree is the leading herbal remedy for Alzheimer’s diseases and other cognitive disorders.

Ginkgo Biloba is also believed to boost brain performance by increasing the uptake of glucose by the brain cells. As more sugars are broken down and absorbed by the brain cells, transmission of nerve signals becomes more efficient and this results in better memory, heartbeat, mood, eye health and overall performance of the body.

Proven Benefits of Ginkgo Biloba

If online articles and publications are anything to go by, then Ginkgo Biloba can treat virtually anything. Most, if not all, online retailers, will publish anything about this herb just to get you into clicking that “Place Order” button. The truth, however, is that Ginkgo Biloba cannot do most of the things that are claimed online.

The following, are some of the proven benefits of this extract and this is based on independent clinical trials done on humans.

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  1. Improves Concentration

There is more than one research confirming Ginkgo’s ability to treat cerebral insufficiency. This is a disease that results in confusion, low concentration, fatigue, headaches, mood swings and poor physical performance. By reducing oxidative stress, improving circulation and increasing antioxidant properties, the extract is able to maintain optimal cognitive health.

One key study that proves this benefit is from the University of Munich’s Institute of Medical Psychology. Their trial involved healthy adults who were placed under a monitored dosage of ginkgo for four weeks. At the end of the research period, the researchers found that there was a significant improvement in the mental health and overall quality of life among the individuals taking the extract compared to another placebo group. The adults under ginkgo supplementation enjoyed better emotional health and motor performance with zero side effects.

This study didn’t just prove the ability of ginkgo to improve one’s concentration but also confirmed the safe nature of this tree.

  1. Prevents Anxiety and Depression

Ginkgo improves your body’s ability to deal with stressors and prevents the increase of stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol.  This assists in getting rid of depression, mood swings, and nervousness.

Generally, anxiety disorder patients taking ginkgo have been able to adapt to troubling and worrying situations in a more calm way. If you are one of the individuals that have to deal with seasonal depression, social phobias, and panic attacks then this extract is your ultimate solution.

  1. Protects you from Dementia and Alzheimer’s

Ginkgo does an incredible job of improving mental functions. Individuals experiencing mental performance decline due to aging stand a better chance of enjoying this benefit than anyone else and this is why the extract is very useful when it comes to Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

You should understand that ginkgo biloba is not really a cure for Alzheimer’s. Research on how this extract can eradicate Alzheimer’s is still ongoing. Instead, the extract helps to reduce the symptoms of Alzheimer’s. Research shows us that ginkgo does an even better job when it is used alongside other Alzheimer’s drugs and this has been confirmed by going through the Activities of Daily Living and Alzheimer’s disease Assessment Scales.

  1. Treats Traumatic Brain Injuries and Stroke

In China, ginkgo has successfully been used to treat acute ischemic stroke and traumatic brain injuries. The Beijing University of Chinese Medicine carried out 14 randomized trials involving subjects with brain injuries. In 9 out of the 14 studies, ginkgo biloba extracts were found to have had a positive effect in improving neurological impairment and overall quality of life.

Another study was done in seven Chinese hospitals within the Jiangsu Province. In this study, ginkgo was used with aspirin on 438 patients with neurological and cognitive deficits caused by acute ischemic stroke. The test group was treated with 450mg of ginkgo biloba and 100mg of aspirin daily while the control group was only given the aspirin. At the end of the study, the scientists recorded a significant difference in cognitive controls between the two groups and this was attributed to ginkgo supplementation.

The ability of this extract to improve cognitive performance has also led to the exploration of its potency in treating psychological disorders such as schizophrenia. A few studies looking into this report that using the extract with antipsychotic drugs can help in reducing the symptoms of schizophrenia. More studies are needed to conclusively prove this.

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  1. Reduces PMS Symptoms

PMS and the post-menopause period is marked with lots of symptoms that women usually find annoying. Headaches, mood swings, anxiety, muscle pain, fatigue are just but a few of the problems that ladies have to deal with during this period.

Ginkgo biloba offers a natural solution to all these symptoms. In 2008, the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine published a report involving a study of two similar groups of women with PMS symptoms. One group was given 40mg of ginkgo extract daily while the other was used as a control. After six months, the group taking ginkgo experienced less painful psychological and physical symptoms compared to their counterparts.

Taking Ginkgo

In overall, the more you take ginkgo biloba extracts the more you are likely to enjoy its benefits. However, the recommended dosages range from one individual to another depending on the condition in question.

For Example:

  • Alzheimer’s disease and other memory problems should be treated with divided daily dosages of 120-240mg.
  • Asthma, PMS, fatigue, pains and other inflammatory diseases should be treated with 120-240mg per day.

Take note that ginkgo needs between 4-6 weeks before you start noticing its impact. The effects may come sooner but don’t panic or stop using the extract if the benefits delay.

Side Effects

Ginkgo Biloba is a very safe natural remedy with no severe side effects linked to it. For patients taking other types of medications, consulting with your physician before using this extract is a good idea. Children should avoid taking ginkgo supplements.


Natural herbs are much better than pharmaceutical drugs. An effective natural remedy will provide more than one benefit in the safest way possible. Ginkgo Biloba is one of such remedies. The extract has undergone robust clinical studies proving both its benefits and safety. Just imagine how well your life will get when you live a depression-free life with better brain performance!