Megaplexx product review -Pro’s & Con’s-

What is Megaplexx?

Megaplexx is a prohormone that you may use to ensure that your body will improve its overall physique. You are using this supplement to ensure that your body will feel better after each workout, and you will use this supplements to bulk your muscles that you have been working on for some time. This article offers a general review of the product, and it will show what you may expect when you begin using it. Everyone has personal needs that must be met, and you will find them met more often than not with Megaplexx.


Overall Impression

Megaplexx is a prohormone supplement that has been created to boost your body’s natural hormones even more than they are surging at the moment. You will find that the users of his product have amazing results, and you will notice that many of the people who use this product to change their bodies look much like you.

The supplement may be taken in a number of dosages, and you will discover that there is a proper dosage for your body whether you are losing weight, gaining muscle or maintaining your current physique. Your physique will begin to change when you combine the supplement with a workout program that is right for your body. Everyone works out in a manner that is consistent with their personal needs, and you must ensure that you are working with a trainer or maintaining a program you had designed long ago.

Megaplexx works quite well for anyone who is serious about their physical appearance, and you will find that performs better when you are eating a proper diet. You may continue reading to learn how this supplement will help you, but you must ensure that everything about your diet and exercise program is clean before you continue to use Megaplexx.

You will find that there are many activities you may do when you are using the supplement regularly, and you will go on runs, go to the gym and have a more active lifestyle because you started with this supplement. You may begin to add items to your workout routine because you feel better, and you will change your appearance at the same time.

Eating a lean diet of protein and few carbs or fats will help your body gain muscle, and you will lean your body susceptible to the compounds that are found in Megaplexx. The results are far improved when you are eating properly, and you will notice that you have a brand new body when you are eating as you should.

Benefits of Megaplexx

The benefits of Megaplexx are vast. You will find that this supplement does more for you than any other, and it will help you when you have much ground to cover. The list below will help you understand what this prohormone does for you, and you will learn how it may change your body for the better regardless of the physical condition you are in today.

Megaplexx will give you amazing results that begin with the ability to gain muscle mass. The muscle mass that you gain with the prohormone will help you reach your fitness goals, and you will find that the prohormone is far more powerful than many others on the market. You are increasing your hormone levels at the same time that you are increasing your ability to workout more.

You will find that this is a powerful substance that vies you enough energy to get through the day. You are often recommended to work out in the morning before you head to work, and you should take the supplement, even before you run to the gym. You will have the energy for the gym, and you will have more than enough energy to run to work. Your energy will continue to course through you when you leave work, and you may have time for a second workout that day.

The overall amount of energy you get from the Megaplexx prohormone is so high that you will find yourself with more energy to live a fuller life. You may do a great number of things before you leave the office, and you will plan many different excursions with your family when you have this powerful supplement on your side.

Megaplexx will help you recover from your trips to the gym in such a way that you will not deal with nagging injuries that may have hit you in the past. The injuries are such that you cannot continue to work out, and you may feel as though every nagging injury will stop you from making progress. Your body heals perfectly when you fall asleep at night, and you will wake up with far less soreness than you would have felt otherwise. It is quite important that you have used Megaplexx long enough to ensure that all your results will be consistent.

Your body will grow accustomed to the supplement, and it will become much stronger as a result. You are growing muscle that you never had, and you will find that the muscle you have built using the supplement is easier to maintain. You have the raw energy to continue to improve, and you will recover from tiny problems that turned into injuries in the past.

You will notice that your hair and nails are much healthier when you use the supplement because it will help your body use protein properly. You will have amazing hair and nails that you have never had before, and your overall appearance will improve dramatically. You may not realize how much better you look until you look in the mirror to see that you have a brand new body, face, hair, and nails. You will look better in all your clothes, and you will feel more confident.

Your teeth and gums will be much healthier as a result of the Megaplexx supplement, and you will have better visits to the dentist. These may be small consolations when you are working out, but you must have a physical appearance that pleases you and those around you.

Your immune system will improve quite a lot when you begin using the supplement, and you will get sick much less often than you did in the past. You will feel as though your body is better aligned to fight the seasonal colds and headaches that you may have had, and you will notice that you have less runny nose and coughing fits than you once did. Your body and mind will begin to clear because there is far less standing in your way.

You will begin to synthesize the food you eat in a much better way when you are using this product, and you will find that you look much better because you are receiving all the nutrients from the food you eat. You deserve to have your food count for something, and you will create a diet that is perfect in all circumstances.

Side Effects

This supplement has side effects that are common in the industry, but they are quite mild as compared to other supplements. You may experience bouts of increased energy that are difficult to manage, and you may find that you have a reduction in sex drive before your body grows accustomed to the product. You cannot know for certain if you will have these problems, and you must ensure that you are using a proper dosage when you are managing your workout plan.

Anyone who is working out without a proper schedule could cause damage to their nervous system, and you will work your body too hard to the point of injury. Megaplexx is designed to ensure that you are recovering from the gym, but it cannot stop you from being injured. Working too hard, avoiding your limits or failing to control your energy may be a grave mistake.

You may be tired at the end of the day after you have used this product because it allows you to do so much when you are in the gym or at work. You are far more productive than you were before, and you will find you are tired for the few first weeks a your body learns how to remain so productive for so long. You may keep up the routine to ensure that you are awake at the end of the days and you will soon notice that you are far more energetic at the end of the day.

The side effects from the supplement may include a momentary amount of water weight gain. Your body will learn how to synthesize the product when you begin taking it seriously, and you must ensure that you are working out properly to remove any water weight you may gain. You will learn your true results by maintaining your workout routine. You will sweat off any water weight that was caused, and you will stop retaining water once you are accustomed to using Megaplexx every day.


The dosages of the supplement are recommended on the package, and the majority of users will create a meal replacement in the morning using this product. You may relate a shake in seconds that is comprised of the powder and little else. You will find that you may drink this shake in moments, and you will discover that it leaves you sated long into the day. Your lunch will be much lighter when you have used the supplement properly, and you will go to dinner without the immense hunger that is often associated with a meal at that time of day.

You may use this supplement with a partner who is using the same dose, and you two may create your drinks in the morning before you leave the house, You may bag your dosages to ensure that they are ready for you when you get ready in the morning, or you may keep the proper measuring spoon near the container when you are using a blender or making your drinks by the sink. Everyone who is using the supplement must create the exact dosage for every drink.

You may go so far as to use a scale to measure how much of the supplement you will use, and you will ingest the exact same amount every day. You may not realize how simple this is to do, and you may choose a scale that will help you measure everything as it should be measured.

The dosages you choose may change based on your weight, and you must check the package to scale your dosage down or up depending on where you are weighing in. There are many people who will weigh in at a low weight, and you will find that you must ensure that you have chosen a way to keep your weight rising or maintained based on where you are in your workout program. Using a lower dosage will help you maintain your weight and a higher dosage will help you put on weight that you have needed. Bulking up is a large part of a workout program, and you must bulk up until you have reached your magic number.


There are quite a few people who must use this supplement because they do not have any other way to gain weight. They are working out as hard as possible, but they cannot keep their weight on the rise without help. This supplement has been built with the help of a number of professionals who know how to use science to create a better supplement. This is the only supplement you may use on the modern market that will help you receive the prohormones you need along with the muscle mass that is required fo someone who wishes to complete. You will find that you may count your macros easily when you are using this shake more than once a day, and you may travel with the container when you wish to remain healthy while on the road.

Superdrol Review – Benefits And Side Effects (updated July 2019)

Because of the Anabolic Steroid Act, Prohormones were banned in 2014 which means they are no longer available on the market.  We recommend Legal Steroids as a great alternative since it will give you the same results without.

What is Superdrol?

Are you looking for prohormones to build endurance and mass gains? With the sheer range of bodybuilding supplements available in the market, it can take some time assessing all your options and choosing a product, combined with the general lack of accessibility to anabolic steroids. However, chances are that you’ve come across the name Superdrol in your research and are in the process of gathering information about it.


Superdrol is the brand name of a kind of anabolic steroid sold by Anabolic Extreme. The active hormone in Superdrol is called Methyldrostanolone, and it was launched in 2005 in the U.S. to huge success, but hit a roadblock when it was discontinued in 2006. While that marked the end of the brand Superdrol, its constituent compound continued to be sold freely in variations before finally being placed on a controlled substance list in 2012.

Despite known benefits, Superdrol is not the cleanest name in the game. Besides the risk and legality factors associated with acquiring it, there are several vulnerabilities that come with the usage of Methyldrostanolone. Let’s figure them out in detail.

Who Makes Superdrol

Syntex Corporation was the first pharmaceutical company to research this hormone and developed and brought into the market by Anabolic Extreme in 2005. It was carried by every major supplement company and enjoyed huge popularity among athletes before being discontinued.

Supplement companies and pharmacies have since tried to recreate the formulation of Superdrol to create similar compounds but none have been able to recreate the success of the original product. In recent years, overseas production of Superdrol has seen a resurgence and the product can now be purchased with little risk, though not completely free as yet.

Superdrol Ingredients

The most important active ingredient in Superdrol is an anabolic steroid called methyl drostanolone, with methyl groups added to make it safe to ingest and give the user enhanced anabolic power. This was also the reason behind it being discontinued in 2005. Superdrol’s anabolic rating is one of the highest in the steroid market at 400. It’s androgenic rating in shockingly low for a steroid of its power – a mere 20, which makes it incredibly easy to use compared to other steroids and also remains the biggest reason people are drawn to the product.

The current Superdrol products being sold in the market contain none of the prohormones banned by the U.S. Instead, they use DHEA proponents to achieve the Superdrol formulation. The first ingredient, 4-DHEA or 4-Andro employs a conversion process with two stages so that it never converts to actual testosterone while in the body, but gives similar results. 4-DHEA also significantly reduces the hepatotoxicity of the original Superdrol formulation.

The second ingredient, 1-Andro or 1-DHEA, minimizes water retention and preserves lean muscle, giving you muscle hardness, while ingredient 6-oxo facilitates greater metabolism and allows you to accomplish much more than you usually do.

Benefits of using Superdrol

Superdrol was initially marketed as the big brother of Anadrol and said to be the biggest mass builder in the market. While it has not proved itself comparable to Anadrol or even others in its range, it does offer some significant benefits, which are:

  • Improves protein synthesis, leading to stronger metabolism and cleaner gains, while also allowing muscles to grow and repair much faster than usual.
  • Improves nitrogen synthesis, which is crucial for the production of new muscular tissue in the body and allow athletes to gain twice the amount of lean muscle mass in half the time.
  • Increases production of red blood cells to give you better endurance, energy and stronger immunity.
  • Allows for lean tissue to be preserved for those in the middle of dieting and causes loss of fat instead.
  • Does not require the use of an anti-estrogen as androgen levels are quite low.
  • Doesn’t cause water retention like Anadrol did, resulting in much cleaner and faster gains an overall sharper looking musculature.

One of the biggest reasons this product continues to enjoy popularity among athletes and bodybuilders is because it allows one to lose fat to dieting while simultaneously both preserving and creating new lean muscle tissue, a function almost unheard of in most steroids.

Side Effects And Vulnerabilities

Every steroid on the market currently comes with a huge pros and cons list. In this case, the cons seem to be much heavier than the pros. It is of utmost importance to do detailed research about the side effects of the steroid you’re choosing to go with, and only you can accurately determine that for yourself.

Let’s look at how the usage of this drug makes you vulnerable in three key areas:

  • Cholesterol: Causes rise in bad cholesterol levels while simultaneously lowering good cholesterol. Due to low water retention, can also bring about high blood pressure.
  • Testosterone: Suppresses natural production of testosterone, may need to be supplemented with exogenous testosterone.
  • Liver health: As a product of hepatotoxic nature, can cause significant damage to lungs in the absence of dietary and other precautions.

As far as androgenic levels go, Superdrol falls on the lower side. Most men fare decently as far as managing the androgenic effects of this product go, however, women can experience virilization in the form of body hair and clitoral enlargement.

Taking Superdrol

Dosage for most prohormones is decided based on individual sensitivity and biochemistry. Users are advised to start slow with a small dosage of 10 mg per day for the first week and increase it to 20 mg subsequently, for a period of two months. This usually means taking 1 or 2 capsules of food. Upping the dosage more than this is discouraged due to significant risks to liver health.

Due to its tendency to lower testosterone levels in the body, an exogenous supplement of testosterone is recommended during the cycle followed by a therapy program for restoration of testosterone post completion of the cycle. It’s perfectly fine to use Superdrol in a stack, provided one has learned all about the right combination of products. Make sure the different products you’re using aren’t canceling each other’s effects out or exacerbating side effects, which could be disastrous.

Who should not use Superdrol

The list of side effects of this steroid and the precautions that need to be taken with it is probably bigger than the benefits it offers. Those with cholesterol issues and poor liver health should not consume this steroid. Women are mostly advised against using this steroid, and for good reason: it can lead to increased body hair growth, enlargement of the clitoris and deepened vocal chords. These changes usually fade away with discontinuation of the product but can be irreversible in some cases. Those with a genetic predisposition to baldness can experience higher hair loss.

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It also comes with a lengthy list of precautions that must be observed while cycling with it. All other c17-aa steroids must be avoided while one is using this product. Consumption of alcohol is also a strict no while cycling with Superdrol owing to its hepatotoxic nature. If alcohol is consumed in addition to a product already stressful for the liver, the chances of damage are doubled. In addition to alcohol, there are several over the counter medicines also of a hepatotoxic nature, and these too must be avoided unless absolutely necessary. Take care not to go over the total usage period of two months, and refrain from going on any other anabolic steroids for at least the same period.

Where can I buy Superdrol

Buying Superdrol was both legal and easy until 2012 when it was placed on a controlled substances list. It was stocked by general health stores, pharmacies and supplement companies. Current over the counter availability of this product is almost nil since manufacturing was stopped several years ago. It has a cousin, however, Dymethazine, consisting of two Superdrol molecules, that is claiming the lost ground left behind by Superdrol.

Superdrol can be found online, however, though not in its original avatar, but as a methyl drostanolone hormone. While the U.S. has strict laws in place with both over the counter and online buying of this hormone, regulations are quite lax overseas.

Verdict on Superdrol

Superdrol is a product that promises a lot of benefits that sound seemingly impossible. And whether or not they are true, we may never know, since the product has been discontinued in the original form. If judging by the biggest ingredient in the product, it’s active hormone methyl drostanolone, Superdrol looks nothing spectacular. It sounds like a generic decent steroid with none of the “super’ benefits one hears of.

The most popular theory is that while it was unbanned and in the market, a group of marketers found what was lacking from the steroids market and crafted a marketing campaign for Superdrol that presented it as a miracle product and capitalized on it. There was a time it was easily available as well as affordable and gained popularity among athletes, but it remains a very basic steroid on its own.

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Primoteston Review 2018- Benefits & Limitations (Updated July 2019)


What is Primoteston?

Dear men, have you ever felt frustrated because you are unable to gain weight or muscles? Have ever been so let down that you can’t see the results in spite of chucking down boiled chicken and eggs? Every day you spend 2 hours in the gym sweating and working as hard as you can for that built up to look, the protein shakes seems to annoy you now because it has failed you? Have you ever been rejected by your crush just because you are as skinny as her? Every time trying out different dietary supplements but none of them gives you the desired effect. It breaks your heart at the time because things don’t work out the way you want. Well, I can understand how demeaning you must feel. First impression matters, boys. Well,  Primoteston (Testosterone Enanthate) might be just what you need.

How does Primoteston work?

Primoteston is used to replace the body’s natural hormone testosterone when the body can’t make enough. Testosterone is a natural hormone which is also known as androgen. This hormone controls the function in men and the normal sexual development. Testosterone is essential in men for the development and maintenance of the male reproductive productive organs and also other male characteristics, such as facial and body hair growth, deep voice, sexual drive, muscle mass and body fat distribution. Many times because of the stress or any outside factors the body is unable to produce or secrete the usual amount of testosterone, which results in the deficiency or abnormal bodily functions. To curb this need Primoteston Depot has been manufactured. Primoteston is the most popular anabolic androgenic steroid manufactured by a German-based pharmaceutical company. Primoteston is a Testosterone-Enanthate compound. Men who are into bodybuilding must be familiar with this steroid. When we workout in the gym religiously for 2-3 hours every day, the body needs time to recover the muscle wear and tear. During this process, the proteins in the body are used up leading to the low amount of proteins in our body. Therefore we take supplements which help us in the recovery. As we all know there are various hormones in our body.

Testosterone is an essential hormone in men. It’s very normal to have testosterone deficiency. Thus to overcome this deficiency Primoteston is the one remedy. For the one who desires to build up muscles and strength: Primoteston is the answer. It’s truly a remarkable product. Primoteston carries both properties of therapeutic and performance. For a person who has low testosterone, Primoteston can be the remedy and for a person who wants for strength endurance, this can be very helpful.  It’s a perfect supplement for bulking and cutting cycles, and fantastic for enhancing athletic performance. Although, this anabolic steroid – Primoteston is not advisable for women because the virilization rating is too high. Women need testosterone too but not as high in quantity as a man. Though, Primoteston can be used to treat the deficiency in women. Unfortunately, when you suffer from low testosterone and if ignored, there can be a various disease it can be linked to like diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, osteoporosis and many more. Of course, by the nature of testosterone, it’s very easy to see how Primoteston can help in treating a low testosterone condition. However, this doesn’t tell us a lot about the direct performance enhancement on the body.  In men, Primoteston will enhance the red blood cell count, the protein synthesis is improved, and metabolism is enhanced, etc.

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Side effects of Primoteston

It shouldn’t be hard to see the results of the Primoteston. As mentioned above, Primoteston depot has properties of therapeutic and performance-based. In a therapeutic sense, the benefits are simply the reversal of low-level symptoms. If you suffer from a low level of testosterone, you suffer from the symptoms of the deficiency. After the right dosages prescribed by the physician of Primoteston supplement, the symptoms go away. It’s as simple as it sounds! When it comes to performance enhancement, obviously the benefits are very easy to see. Primoteston can be used for numerous performances enhancing purposes but let’s put the benefits for more real-life understanding. For an off-season athlete, the individual looking for mass and strength gain there is nothing better than testosterone supplement which is Primoteston. Primoteston Depot is a high quality and pure testosterone compound which is a perfect solution for the above situation. For an individual, mass and strength will increase to a great extent but more importantly it will do so with less body-fat accumulation that often follows with the off-season periods of growth. But beware this isn’t the license to eat like a cow: to do this you will gain body-fat just as you would without supplementation.

But you will still need excess calories to grow; you will be able to grow at a more efficient and cleaner rate. Now we have the cutting cycle use: this is the period when we are trying to lose body- fat. When you want to lose body-fat, it comes with the excess amount of muscle and energy loss. In- order to lose body fat, the calorie intake should be less or you should be in a calorie deficit. During this process of fat loss, our body will try and fight this even though this is in its best interest. As the body is in fight-mode the survival instinct will be awakened and the stored body fat will be used. This stored body fat will take what needs to be taken from the muscle tissue, now you lose muscle tissue which slows down your metabolism. Fortunately, Primoteston supplementation will stop all of this. You will lose body-fat while preserving your hard-earned lean tissue. The most important part is that your metabolism rate will be increased which will help you in the process of fat burning at a higher and more efficient rate.

Benefits of Primoteston

Now those are some amazing benefits of Primoteston Depot but if you are not happy with these, well then, there are more benefits! Regardless of the purpose of the use of Primoteston, as mention earlier, it will enhance your muscular endurance and promote healing, rejuvenate your body at a more efficient rate; in layman’s term people this is performance enhancement! You won’t tire out as fast as you used to be. Your energy levels will increase and your sense of well being will be increased. All of this will but obviously result in a better and happier you!

After all the good word let’s check out what the critics have to say; the side effects:

There are some known side effects which all the individuals who use steroids are very well aware of, like male pattern baldness, high blood pressure, fluctuating cholesterol levels, water retention, etc. Beyond these effects, there are two other side –effects of Primoteston use which are seen in all the men who religiously take Primoteston supplement. These two side-effects are completely depended on each other; testosterone suppression and testicular atrophy. When we supplement our body with Primoteston, our body no longer has a need to manufacture its own testosterone and as we all are aware of the fact that the testosterone hormone is manufactured in the testicles, they will atrophy. This atrophy doesn’t mean that they will disappear or vanish forever but it means that they will lose a good bit of fullness. During the supplementation, this is of very little concern; after all, despite the fact that testosterone is essential to our health and natural production has been suppressed we are still providing all our body needs through exogenous use. Then we have the issue of discontinuing use our natural production will return.

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When it comes to a natural recovery, first and foremost, this is assuming you did not suffer from testosterone deficiency before taking the Primoteston supplementation; this can be an issue for performance enhancers. When they discontinue the use of Primoteston they body will have to start supply it’s natural testosterone, this is going to take a lot of time to fully recover. For this reason, Post Cycle Therapy plan (PCT) is often advised; this plan should consist of one Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator (SERM) possibly with the inclusion of short-term Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) use. To be honest, this will not return your normal levels back to their prime all on its own, there is no PCT plan on earth that can do this. But it will stimulate your natural testosterone production and more importantly, it will ensure that you have enough of this essential hormone for proper bodily function while your levels continue to rise naturally and returning your testicles to its normal size.


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Andriol Review 2018- Benefits & Side Effects (Updated July 2019)


Andriol Overview

Testosterone is a vital hormone for most everyone, but men have it in higher quantities and it is this hormone that is responsible for male or masculine traits. Facial and body hair increased muscle mass, a healthy reproductive system are all male traits that indicate a healthy if the not high level of testosterone. Testosterone is also what is known as a naturally occurring anabolic steroid. A high amount can prove hugely beneficial to athletes and bodybuilders. Here we take a closer looks at Andriol, a synthetic version and a steroid that promises many things, but does it deliver?

What is Andriol and How Does It Work?

Andriol is known as Testosterone Undecanoate. Before we go further into what Andriol is, let’s talk about Testosterone undecanoate, because they are essentially one and the same. Andriol is one of several brand names under which this steroid is sold. There are several medical uses for Andriol.

Andriol is a synthetic androgen and anabolic steroid which is normally used as a medication to help treat low testosterone in men. It is also used as hormone therapy. Andriol is the oral version of this and it must be taken several times a day. There are several other testosterone esters but Andriol is perhaps one of the easiest to take because it can be taken orally and injections are not necessary.

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Although it was developed for medical use, Andriol and other products like it have become extremely popular in the world of sport and fitness. It is taken by many bodybuilders and athletes to help increase performance and improve physique.

Andriol works in an interesting way. It is absorbed through the body’s lymphatic system. Absorption is made easier because this particular testosterone ester is fat soluble, which is why the oral pills are often suspended in oil. Andriol is interesting because unlike other oral steroids this particular steroid bypasses the liver which means it is nontoxic to the liver.

Once you take Andriol, it travels to the digestive system and absorbs into the small intestine. From here, it then travels through the lymphatic system and then enters the bloodstream. Once it’s in the bloodstream, the testosterone is carried throughout the body and thus contributes all the benefits of testosterone; i.e., muscle growth and other wonderful benefits – we’ll go into the benefits of testosterone in just a bit.

Who makes Andriol?

Andriol is manufactured by an international pharmaceutical company, Organon. It was developed in the 1980’s and is easily one of the most well-known steroids out there for the simple fact that because of the way the steroid is delivered, it is one of the safest steroids available.

Ingredients in Andriol

Andriol has a very short list of ingredients which makes it very easy to understand the function of each one. You know you’re not buying any fillers with Andriol.

Andriol contains the following ingredients:

  • Testosterone undecanoate – Andriol contains about 40mg of testosterone undecanoate out of which 25mg is pure testosterone
  • Castor oil – This the chosen fat in which testosterone undecanoate is dissolved so that the body absorbs the maximum amount without any wastage.
  • Propylene Glycol Laurate – often used in skin care or as an emulsifying agent, this ingredient helps with dissolving the active ingredient into the fat (castor oil), emulsifying all ingredients and ensuring it absorbs into the body like it should
  • Gelatine – This ingredient helps with the consistency so that it can be produced as a soft gel capsule.

Claimed Benefits

The substance is perhaps one of the easiest steroids to use as it is taken orally. This means no pesky needles and no risk of infections. It can be taken discreetly without worry of needle tracks.

Andriol offers many benefits if it manages to successfully increase testosterone levels. These benefits include:

  • Improved sexual health
  • Increase in libido
  • Enhanced mood
  • Faster metabolism
  • Increased musculature
  • Enhances all male traits

It is a mild formula which is kind of a double-edged sword, its mildness means that it has few side effects, but it also means that it isn’t enough at its regular dosage to be entirely effective.

Things to Watch Out For

Although the product is perhaps one of the safest steroids out there it might not be a very practical choice. There are several factors about Andriol to take into consideration and when you do, it’s easy to see that dosing and pricing can be a bit of a problem.

Due to the fact that it only contains 25mg of pure testosterone, it is considered very mild. Due to this mildness, very few bodybuilders use it at the recommended dosage and they also tend to stack it with other steroids which can increase the risk of side effects. Since it is mild, those athletes and bodybuilders that do take it to tend to take a significantly higher dose, which even without stacking can lead to a higher risk of side effects.

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Side effects include those common ones that are usually associated with high doses of steroids including:

  • Acne
  • Aggressive tendencies
  • Hair loss (this is an uncommon effect)
  • Increased breast tissue
  • Mood swings
  • Sleep problems

It is also possible to be allergic to Andriol or one of the ingredients which is why it’s important to understand the ingredients and make sure you are not allergic.

The second largest problem with Andriol is probably the expense that goes into it. It is a fairly expensive steroid and the mildness of the dosage doesn’t help, because it means you have to buy more to see some result. The expense alone is enough to reconsider taking Andriol for the risk that you may not be able to afford it in the long term.

Another disadvantage is that even though it is safer and milder than most, it IS meant to be prescribed for medical conditions or hormone therapy at a doctor’s discretion. Andriol is a controlled substance and it might be illegal to procure it without a prescription.

Andriol is also convenient because it is meant to be taken orally but quick research will tell you that to maintain its effectiveness, you would have to take Andriol at least 3 times a day which can prove to be a nuisance, still this is a minor disadvantage but not entirely without merit since some people have trouble remembering to take pills on a regular basis.

The effects of Andriol have been reviewed to be pretty inconsistent with some users reporting massive changes and a lot of success, while others finding almost no help at all. Lymphatic processes can vary from person to person as well as how well the body absorbs things into the bloodstream. This could be the reason behind inconsistent results and reviews.

Is Andriol the same as Anadrol?

This is a very common question and one is often mistaken for the other. While they do have very similar sounding names and many would confuse the two – that is where all similarity ends. They are vastly different from one another.

Anadrol is a bulking steroid that is known to have many side effects and provide dramatic results. This is the steroid most people imagine when they think of steroids.

Andriol, on the other hand, is far milder and is accompanied with fewer side effects – because of this, andriol manages to stand apart from other steroids because of its uncharacteristic nature and method of consumption.

Final Say

There are very few things wrong with Andriol when you compare them to other steroids, especially one of a very similar name. The side effects are minimal but with the small dosage and high costs, this means you would have to take more and spend more just to see an effect that might be inconsistent.

It is worth a shot if you are considering starting somewhere and can afford the exorbitant costs, then many would recommend you start with it. It might be a better option for someone who is just looking to see better results in the gym as well as increase testosterone levels but not to the point you become a huge bodybuilder.

If you are looking to use it for non-performance enhancing reasons and you have concerns about your dipping testosterone levels, ask your doctor to prescribe it as you may eligible for hormone therapy.

With products of this nature, it is always important to recognize your needs and then weigh the pros and cons accordingly to make a well informed and viable decision for you.

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Deca 300 Review 2018- Benefits & Side Effects (Updated July 2019)

deca 300

What is Deca 300 ?

Everyone’s looking for the right supplement and product to help increase their potential with their fitness goals and there are hundreds if not thousands of options to choose from. The only problem is, it’s hard to find products that work and it’s even harder to find the right combination that fits your needs, but with a little research, you can easily find the product that helps you go above and beyond your fitness goals.

Steroids get a bad rep, but natural steroids or steroids used with caution and safety can give you the results you want. For both seasoned and new members to bodybuilding, it is always gambling to find the right fit. Here we talk about Deca 300 and everything there is to know about it in an effort to provide some insight.

Deca 300 is one of the more popular anabolic steroids that is used by both professional and amateur bodybuilders to achieve major results in their strength training.

Deca 300 is the brand name for Nandrolone Decanoate which is one of the most popular steroids around. It is known for its high anabolic effect and while it is an injectable, its effects will last for up to two weeks. Developed in the late 1950’s this steroid has enjoyed a good reputation among users and continues to do so. It became officially available in the market in the early 1960s and has been popular ever since.

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Deca 300 also has many medical uses. It has been known to be useful in cases of severe trauma, anemia, and problems of stunted growth in cases of growth hormone deficiency. It has also seen uses in the treatment or prevention of breast cancer in women that might be at high risk.

This steroid has a low androgenic effect and because of this, it also shows very low levers of estrogen conversion, this means low risks of commonly known side effects.

Deca 300 works at a cellular level and helps increase protein production by the process of protein biosynthesis. It also works in a few other wars, namely by increasing nitrogen retention and by blocking or inhibiting catabolic hormones like cortisol. This means the body turns to fat and burns it as a source of energy while keeping muscle mass intact.  It also inhibits other steroid hormones that might potentially promote or cause muscle break down.

Who makes Deca 300?

There are several manufacturers of Deca 300, the most well-known or common one is probably Dragon Pharma that is based out of Thailand. They are well versed and known for their production of various steroids and products that help boost testosterone.

The website offers a good amount of information about the products and promises well-researched products only. They offer oral steroids, injectable steroids, anti-estrogens and products that help promote sexual health. The website is easy to navigate and lets you know exactly what they have on offer. They offer around 26 injectable and 12 oral steroid options.

Ingredients in Deca 300

There aren’t many to speak of, it isn’t a very complicated formulation. The main ingredient that makes up Deca 300 is Nandrolone Decanoate.

This is the chemical name for the steroid and it is normally safely metabolized in the liver. It is also known as 19-nortestosterone and is classified as an AAS (Androgenic Anabolic Steroid).

It is weak in its androgenic effect but very strongly anabolic, even more so than testosterone. This is the main reason it is popular among bodybuilders and as successful treatment of many medical issues.

Claimed Benefits

There exists a wide range of medical uses for Deca 300, which means there are definitely a lot of positives about this drug. If it were not effective in treating these medical conditions, it wouldn’t stand much of a chance in the world of bodybuilding.

Medical uses for Deca 300 are what put it on the market in the first place. It has been known to help treat the following conditions:

  • Muscle atrophy
  • Osteoporosis
  • Advanced Breast cancer
  • Weight loss as a result of disease
  • Frailty or in medical conditions that cause it
  • Geriatric medical conditions
  • Stunted growth
  • Trauma recovery
  • Severe ulcers
  • Treatment of burns
  • Severe anemia

It is available in different concentrations but Deca 300 stands for 300mg/ml.

Deca 300 also has a higher anabolic rating than testosterone making is much more effective. Some of the positive effects one can expect on Deca 300 are:

  • Significant gains of smooth muscle
  • Strengthening of ligaments as a byproduct of more collagen synthesis
  • Strengthening of bones
  • Increased joint lubrication
  • Elimination of joint pain
  • Stronger immune system
  • Better oxygen usage, leading to stronger and better endurance
  • Faster recovery time
  • Improved digestion and absorption of nutrients
  • Increase in metabolism
  • Increased insulin growth factor -1 production
  • Increased hemoglobin levels

Even if bulking isn’t your goal, Deca 300 is a good choice for those who want to preserve lean muscle mass which is normally lost in intense training. It also increases metabolism which means better fat burning and if you combine it with the right diet and exercise regime it can essentially help you with any and all fitness goals you might have.

The best news about Deca 300 is probably its half-life, which can last around 15 days. In a marketplace where most steroids must be taken every few days or on a daily basis or even several times a day, this makes a huge difference as it only requires that you use it once in two weeks for the duration of the cycle.

Things to Watch Out For

While the laundry list of benefits is very tempting, there are also some negative factors to take into consideration when thinking about taking Deca 300 for your fitness goals.

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Like many other steroids, it is not exactly legal in the United States and is often a controlled substance that is dispensed at a doctors discretion and recommendation.

Estrogen inhibitors become vital when taking this steroid if you want to avoid the many well-known side effects of steroids that are caused by the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. Also, as with all steroid use, the effects are certainly not long term, you will see fantastic gains and a dramatic difference in the way you meet your fitness goals, but as soon as you stop, you will not be able to sustain it.

The problem with this is that prolonged use is simply not an option. Prolonged use of steroids only complicates matters and no matter how responsible and safe you are, in the long term, it can and will cause many side effects that are just not desirable.

Some side effects one can expect with long-term and even in some cases short-term use includes:

  • Bladder irritability
  • Acne
  • Diarrhea
  • Gynecomastia
  • Nausea
  • Insomnia
  • Atrophy of testicles
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Impotence
  • The drastic decrease in libido
  • Suppression of natural testosterone production

The good news is that with a testosterone booster and aromatization inhibitor, it is possible to counteract some but not all of these side effects. There is also the possibility of horrible interaction between Deca 300 and the wrongly chosen supplements or medication that is taken for existing medical conditions.

While it has low toxicity for the liver, prolonged and irresponsible use can cause liver problems as well.

Final Say

Although fairly safe when used responsibly, let’s be realistic and recognize the fact that steroids would not have received such a bad reputation if irresponsible usage wasn’t so widespread. There are many natural products that mimic steroids even if they are less effective, but the bottom line is, to see the sustainable long-term growth that doesn’t just stop with a decrease in steroid use, it is imperative to avoid dramatic changes to your body.

If you feel like you qualify for Deca 300 on a medical level, it might be a good idea to consult a doctor before starting treatment. If you still are interested in pursuing usage of Deca 300 to help meet your fitness goal, it might be a good idea to still consult a doctor before starting use.

Responsible and safe use is the key to the healthiest way to meet your goals and then keep them.

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Methandienone Review 2018 -Pro’s & Con’s (Updated July 2019)


What is Methandienone (Dianabol)?

Competitive athletes, bodybuilders, and powerlifters have been trying to push the limits of their bodies for decades now, and a lot of them have been succeeding too. Exercise regimes and diet plans have undergone a profound change in the last few decades. However, there is a limit beyond which the human body does not allow muscle growth. But athletes have been successful in pushing these limits as well.

Methandienone, also known as Dianabol, is the means by which athletes push the natural limits of their bodies. Methandienone is an androgenic and anabolic steroid (AAS) that is taken orally and has been a favorite staple of bodybuilders and powerlifters for a very long time. It is known to create dramatic results in a very small amount of time and for that reason is very popular. It has been used for close to fifty years now, and even the great Arnold Schwarzenegger has admitted to using it during his peak form.


How do you administer Methandienone?

Methandienone is taken orally as it is available in tablets. For best effects, it should be taken in a cycle of six weeks. It should be administered in a pyramid scheme, which means to start and end on low doses and keep the middle doses the largest. So during the first two weeks, the dosage should be 50 mg per day. During the third and fourth week, the dosage should be 100 mg per day. And the last two weeks the dosage should be again brought down to 50 mg. The daily dose should be divided into four to five parts that are taken over the course of the day.

Always remember that no steroid should be taken without first having it cleared by your physician. Methandienone is a testosterone inhibitor and for that reason, it is usually stacked with either testosterone or a substitute. Thus during the cycle of Methandienone, it is recommended to take 250 mg of testosterone per week. It can also be stacked with an aromatase inhibitor. It is usually taken at the beginning of a cycle in order to get a great head start during your training. It can also be taken between cycles in order to break plateaus and give a push to growth. It is also extremely important to maintain a strict diet and exercise regime during the cycle.

Benefits of Methandienone

Methandienone, as mentioned earlier, is very popular due to the fact that it works very effectively. When cycled properly and with guidance from a trained physician, it helps athletes achieve desired results. The benefits of Methandienone include:

  • Increased protein synthesis – Methandienone is particularly effective in protein metabolism and promoting protein synthesis. As a result, it provides better results than taking the same amount of testosterone. As mentioned earlier, it also does this in much shorter a time frame as compared to the other steroids in the market.
  • Nitrogen retentionProteins, the building blocks of muscles are made from amino acids. As the body uses proteins the amount of nitrogen in the body goes down. A negative nitrogen level points at the fact that the body cannot repair muscles. Methandienone helps in providing the body with excess nitrogen so that the body can recover faster and put on muscle mass.
  • Efficient absorption – Methandienone is one of the, if not the, most potent anabolic steroid that can be orally administered. This is because as the pill passes through the liver only a small part of it is absorbed, thus leaving the remaining chemical to help the body put on muscle mass. This is one of the major reasons for its popularity.
  • High predictability – Methandienone has been popular in the bodybuilding and competitive athlete circles for around fifty years now. This means that a wide variety of athletes have used it, with a wide variety of effects both positive and negative. As a result, Methandienone’s effects are highly predictable, and users are well aware of them. There is no surprise on any part of the spectrum.
  • Perfect for bulking – Methandienone has been particularly sought by athletes who are trying to bulk up during the offseason, and time and again Methandienone has not let them down. It also helps in increasing the stamina and endurance of the athletes. Thus it is a great drug to be taken during the run-up to a big event. Users have reported gains of twenty to thirty pounds in a single week, and while part of it is water retention, a good part is also lean muscle.
Dianabol results
Dianabol results


Drawbacks and side effects of Methandienone

Methandienone is not all flowers and rainbows, however. Like every other anabolic steroid, it has its own share of drawbacks that you should be aware of before taking it. The side effects include:

  • Symptoms of male hormone imbalance – Methandienone is an androgen and anabolic steroid (AAS) which means that it increases the proportion of androgen a male hormone in the body. As a result, its side effects are typical to those of a hormonal imbalance. Acne, increased body hair growth, male pattern baldness, voice changes, and increased sexual desire are frequently observed.
  • Symptoms of female hormone imbalance – Methandienone sometimes causes the estrogen levels in the body to go up. As a result, the side effects observed are those of an estrogen overdose like fluid retention, breast enlargement, and liver damage.
  • Controlled substance status – Methandienone is a controlled substance in USA and UK. While it is available without prescription in Mexico, one cannot deny that controlled substances are banned for a reason, and that is usually because they cause harm to the body. Also, while it is used by bodybuilders and athletes, the proved possession is a felony and punishable by law.
  • Legal alternatives – There are certain legal alternatives available for Methandienone. These are available in the USA without a prescription and their possession is obviously not a felony punishable by prison time. These can be looked at as viable substitutes by bodybuilders and athletes.
  • Testosterone inhibition – Methandienone causes inhibition of testosterone. This is one of the reasons why it is usually stacked with testosterone or a substitute. A small miscalculation in this stacking is what causes hormonal imbalance and the effects mentioned above.

Final verdict

The final verdict is a mixed bag and the user must, in the end, decide what is most beneficial to them. On one hand, with the popularity staying undiminished for fifty years it is clear that Methandienone will be here for the foreseeable future. Add to it the fact that when cycled and stacked correctly, and overdose avoided, the results achieved are phenomenal, it makes Methandienone the go-to steroid for any athlete. However, the controlled substance status, and the risk of jail time and hormonal imbalance makes it moderately dangerous. However please note that no amount of research is a substitute for getting professional advice from a physician. Be sure to check with your doctor before taking any performance-enhancing drug.


Trenbolone Review 2018-Benefits & Side Effects (Updated July 2019)


Trenbolone Product Review

Trenbolone is an anabolic steroid that is currently one of the most powerful available. It most commonly is injected intramuscularly, which means into a muscle through one of the many injection points within the body. The other option is the oral form ( Trenorol) which is a much safer alternative. Trenbolone is not for those who are new to taking anabolic steroids. It is an intermediate to advanced steroid only to be used by those who have used many cycles of testosterone or another steroid in the past.

There are three different variants that oral tren can be found in. These variants are Trenbolone Acetate, Trenbolone Enanthate, and Trenbolone Cyclohexylmethylcarbonate, which is easier known as Parabolan. The half-lives of these three variants of Trenbolone are the biggest differences between them. The most commonly used variant is Trenbolone Acetate.

Trenbolone is one of the most powerful anabolic steroids available but unfortunately, it’s also illegal and extremely dangerous. The side effects caused by using Trenbolone can lead to kidney failure, strokes, and even death.

Luckily, the supplement & pharmaceutical industry has evolved rapidly over the past years resulting in new steroid products which give the same effects as anabolic steroids, but without the nasty side effects. Enter Legal Trenbolone.

Advantages of Trenbolone

Currently, Trenbolone Acetate is one of the most popular steroids that is in use by bodybuilders, weightlifters, and athletes. Trenbolone, or a Tren cycle, is most often used by people who want to increase muscle growth that is seen in their body but it is also used by those who want to increase their appetite. It lately has been increasingly used by those who also want to increase their body mass.

  • Trenbolone is an anabolic steroid, so it increases the performance of athletes. It has many different effects that are viewed as positive by those who are interested in using this steroid. These effects are very appealing to bodybuilders, weightlifters, and most athletes.
  • Trenbolone Acetate, also known as a Tren cycle, has the ability to give the user a great increase in size as well as gains in strength. Because of how strong this steroid is, this can happen in just a short time. Using Trenbolone Acetate on a regular basis, the user will easily begin to see an increase in muscle as well as in body mass. The user will experience an ideal shape in their body as well as an increase in their strength.
  • Trenbolone Acetate during a Tren cycle has the ability to be used during both the bulking phase as well as the cutting phase. Oral tren and a Tren cycle will work during both of these cycles. The user will also be able to see results quicker when sticking with Trenbolone during both the cutting and the bulking phases.
  • Trenbolone Acetate has amazing components that also help the user be able to more efficiently as well as more quickly burn fat. It is important to reduce the amount of fat on the body before body mass, as well as muscle, is increased. The reduction of body fat will help the athlete achieve an ideal body shape and will also make workouts quite a bit easier. Trenbolone Acetate gives the athlete the ability to reduce their body fat quite quickly.
  • Trenbolone is both anabolic as well as androgenic. Most steroids on the market today are mainly just anabolic. Because it is both anabolic and androgenic, it is able to give the user the benefits of both of these. Drastic body changes that are positive will easily be seen because of this. These changes are all healthy and safe for the body.
  • Trenbolone Acetate used during a Tren cycle helps the athlete be able to better diet. Dieting can be difficult for many different people, but for those using it, this will help it become drastically easier. Although the product does increase the user’s appetite, it still allows them to be able to better control their diet and this, in turn, will help them better control their ideal body shape. Dieting helps bodybuilder and athletes be able to achieve their goals more quickly as well as more successful.

Trenbolone Side effects

As discussed above, Trenbolone has great benefits and muscle building abilities. The bad news is that the side effects are no joke.

Some of the most common of these side effects are an enlargement of the prostate, oily skin and also some acne. Some users have also found that they experience some hair loss while using Trenbolone Acetate. That’s why we recommend using the legal steroid, which gives the same results but no side effects.

Other known side effects :

  • Intramuscular injection ( needles, we don’t like them)
  • Insomnia
  • Gynecomastia (man boobs)
  • Acne
  • Depression
  • Tren cough ( when you hit a capillary when injection, very dangerous!)
  • Excessive sweating
  • Liver damage
  • Kidney damage
  • Aggression: Anger issues
  • Erectile dysfunction (erection problem

As you can see, these side effects are unavoidable and not worth the risk, especially with the new development of legal steroids which will give you almost the same results but without all these side effects.

Safe & Legal Trenbolone

I know, you’re probably thinking, legal trenbolone doesn’t exist.

Luckily for you, you’re living in the year 2018 and the medical sector has been evolving at an insane pace the last decade. Just look at all those new medications which can treat cancer, HIV, Alzheimer’s, etc…

So what are these legal steroids? Legal steroids are premium natural products which have the power to mimic the effects of steroids but without any side effects. This means you will almost get the same muscle building results by using these products, and without risking your health.

Before and After 30 days of Legal Trenbolone

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Let’s be clear here, don’t expect to gain 25 pounds in 6 weeks with these legal steroids, they work great but since they are safe, they don’t contain the same ingredients as anabolic steroids. A realistic forecast would be around 10 pounds in 6 weeks time.

Pros of Legal Trenbolone

  • 100% safe and legal
  • No needles
  • No prescription
  • Increases Muscle size & strength
  • Burns fat fast
  • Increases protein synthesis
  • Enhances vascularity

Cons of Legal Trenbolone

  • Not cheap
  • International shipping might take up to 2 weeks
  • Only available online through the official website


If you’re still convinced that you need the anabolic Trenbolone, we recommend continuing reading where we will talk about cycles, dosages, and recomping.


More side effects & the “Tren cough”

Some users have also had an aggression increase. This is due to how the androgenic compounds affect the chemistry in the brain. This may cause the user to have increased feelings of aggression, anxiety and even anger. If the steroid and the Tren cycle is stopped drastically, this may also affect the chemistry of the brain and cause the user to experience levels of depression and even a lowered sex drive. These symptoms would only continue until the body started it’s natural production of testosterone again.

Because this product is an anabolic steroid, which increases the body’s metabolism, a user may also experience an increase in their sweating. This may be most prominent while sleeping. Water intake should be increased if this symptom is occurring, due to the fact that an increase in sweating can cause dehydration rather easily.

It is very important for users to pay attention to their kidney as well as their liver functions while using oral tren and to note if there are any side effects which may show kidney or liver damage. In some users, these functions can be negatively affected. Dark urine may start occurring while using the steroid, as well.

There is also a common cough that Trenbolone users may experience. This cough is known as a Tren cough. This typically happens soon after the user injects themselves with Trenbolone. Typically, this occurs because the user may have accidentally punctured a capillary or a vein when pushing the needle into and through the skin. Because many anabolic steroids are typically oil based, oil will enter the capillaries or the vein that is punctured. It then will get transported to the lungs which try to get rid of it by coughing.

Users may also experience an increase in their sleep disturbances or in insomnia. This is due to the fact that oral tren has an effect on the nervous system. This is most likely to occur is the product is being taken in large amounts. Due to this, users may experience a difficulty in falling asleep or in staying asleep. They may feel restless or just not tired at all. Many users have reported that using a sleeping pill has helped with this side effect.

Tren Cycles

Trenbolone while used during a Tren cycle also has properties of a progestin meaning that it will bind to progesterone receptors in the body which will, in turn, lead to higher prolactin levels in the body. These higher levels may cause lactation as well as some breast growth. These effects can be avoided, however, if the Trenbolone Acetate is paired with a B6 Vitamin or bromocriptine. Trenbolone may also cause the user to have a temporary increase in their thyroid hormone levels. This also may increase the prolactin levels in the body. To avoid this, it is best that the user pairs their Trenbolone with a T3 compound. This will negate any of the effects that may be experienced.

Because of the fact that the product is a progestin, it will decrease the testosterone that is produced naturally. The body will temporarily stop producing testosterone and this can present to the user as a decrease in their sex drive and even sexual dysfunction as well as mental effects. These effects can be avoided if the athlete pairs the use of Trenbolone with the use of a human chorionic gonadotropin. The product will also lower the production of estrogen, or inhibit and stop it all together. Males need estrogen for their sperm to be able to mature. Because of this, Trenbolone may affect and lower male fertility. Low levels of estrogen may also lead to other issues. This may include a complete loss of sex drive. Low estrogen levels may also increase the user’s risk of developing a certain degenerative disease. These degenerative diseases include Parkinson’s disease as well as Alzheimer’s.

It is highly recommended that women do not use this steroid or do a Tren cycle. This is because it does have vitalizing effects which can create a deeper voice, enlargement of the clitoris and also some hair growth in unwanted places such as the body and the face. These issues can cause problems for many women.

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When to use Trenbolone?

It is important to again note that the product is not intended for users who are just starting out on steroids or who have never used steroids before. A beginner user is completely different than a beginner user. As a beginner user, these users should be people who have already done many cycles of testosterone or another steroid.

The product has both five times the anabolic strength of testosterone as well as five times the androgenic strength of testosterone. Because of this, begging the use of Trenbolone should be done so at a low dose. It is important to continually remember that 500mg of Trenbolone is equivalent to 2,500mg of testosterone, or 100mg of Trenbolone is equivalent to 500mg of testosterone. It is never to be taken lightly because of the amount of strength that it has.

Someone who is new to Trenbolone and is a first time user would benefit from starting out at 300mg each week. It has been reported that doses as low as 200mg of the steroid each week have shown body changes that were very satisfying to the user. This low of a dose, though, is more suited for when the user wants to experience fat loss.

Those who have been taking it frequently for a while, or who are intermediate users of the steroid , may take the steroid in the 400mg-500mg dosage each week. Advanced users of this steroid may be as high as 800mg-1,000mg each week. The higher the amount of Trenbolone each week, however, does not define what level users are.  These users have a complete understanding of Trenbolone and the Tren cycle and they also understand and know how their body will react to the different dynamics of the product and during a Tren cycle.

It is important that users understand that the higher the dose of Trenbolone, the higher the number of side effects that will be experienced. The higher the dose will also increase the health effects that Trenbolone has on the body. These extremely high doses have to be done with extreme caution as well as extreme care, and should not be done for long periods of time.

The product is very popular among bodybuilders, weightlifters, and many athletes because of all of the advantages that it holds. This steroid has the ability to give the user an exponential amount of growth in their body mass as well as in their muscles. It is also used quite frequently for its strength enhancement abilities and many bodybuilders and weightlifters will incorporate it into their regimen to ensure that the strength is at its peak.

Recomping and fat loss

Oral tren is great for recomping, which means gaining muscle, as well as it’s ability to help the user achieve a quick fat loss. Trenbolone also has the ability to clean a user’s bloodstream very quickly. This can be done in as little as a week. Because of this, any side effects that are experienced by the steroid will diminish in just a couple of days, which is great for many people!

Trenbolone may not be for everyone and it is important to recognize if it is not affecting one’s body right. If a user feels as though they really aren’t able to be themselves on oral tren and they don’t feel comfortable while taking it, use should be discontinued. However, Trenbolone has many proven great effects and advantages for users. Many bodybuilders, weightlifters and all around athletes have found great success while using oral tren, which is why is currently is one of the top anabolic steroids that is used. If an experienced steroid or testosterone user wants to try using Trenbolone, don’t forget to start out with a lower dose and work up slowly! This will ensure that the least amount of side effects are experienced and will give a more enjoyable result!

Best Legal Steroids for Sale in 2018 (Updated July 2019)

legal steroids

Introduction to Legal Steroids

Legal steroids have been used for several decades by bodybuilding enthusiasts and athletes. They are widely consumed for their far-reaching benefits in terms of muscle growth, development of lean muscles and enhancement of stamina. So if you are an athlete who’s looking for some safe yet legal way for maximizing your workouts- legal steroids can be a great option. This supplement will induce you to lift more, build stronger lean muscles and maintain your overall bodily health. You can always pack your body with strength and stamina by using these legal steroids.

But if you’re someone who is just starting out and is not very familiar with the term- here’s everything that you need to know about legal steroids.

Legal Steroids Benefits

  • Made from natural ingredients

One of the primary benefits of these legal steroids is simply the fact that they contain pure, organic, natural ingredients. While every product might not be the same and come with their own set of ingredients, yet almost all of them are completely natural. The legal steroids are made with ingredients that are sourced from plant extracts. They are then combined with chemical-free vitamins and amino acids. As the supplements are made from natural ingredients they ensure that you experience no side effects after consuming them. Being legal, these legal steroids are highly authentic and safe for consumption. So if you follow the instructions and consume them according to the legal dosage, you will experience no discomfort in using them.

  • Speeds up your time of recovery

All of us are aware that the process of bodybuilding is incredibly challenging. At times it gets very tedious and completely tires you out. But when you consume legal steroids, you will no longer experience this issue. These legal steroids for sale will help you in building lean muscle, increase your stamina and also ensure that your recovery time is faster. Once you consume it on a consistent level, you will no longer feel tired after your workouts. Additionally, it’ll also induce you with greater energy while giving you the strength to work out faster. This will eventually result in toned muscles.

  • Helps you in burning fat

Another pertinent benefit of using legal steroids is the fact that it helps you in burning your excess body fat. On consuming the steroids regularly, the fat content of your body will be incinerated at a faster rate. Additionally, the supplements will also ensure that you do not gain excessive weight. So by taking legal steroids, you can now get a well-chiseled body while losing weight and burning fat at the same time.

Legal Steroids results after 30 days
  • Does not require a prescription

Unlike the illegal, chemical steroids, legal steroids do not require any prescription. These products are completely safe and can be easily purchased by everyone. Being legal in nature, the suppliers too, ensure that the products are shipped everywhere across the globe. So you can now access and purchase the steroid irrespective of your location. But while you purchase the supplement from an online store, make sure the store is authentic and completely legal. Stay away from frauds and check the reviews of the online store before you make a purchase.

  • Does not require any injections

Usually, people take normal steroids by injecting it into their veins. This not only causes pain, but it also leaves scars throughout your body. Owing to the discomfort and complexity, injecting steroids becomes slightly difficult for the people who are just starting out with bodybuilding. But the situation is completely different for legal steroids. These legal steroids are available in the form of tablets and capsules and can be taken orally. As a result, this definitely a much more viable way for building your muscles and burning your fat.

  • Legal steroids vs injectible steroids

When it comes to taking steroids for building muscles or losing weight, it often gets quite baffling to choose between legal and injectable steroids. As I already mentioned, legal steroids are the steroids that can be taken orally. They are available in the form of capsules or tablets and are usually recommended by health experts. These steroids are consumed by ingesting them through your mouth. The dosage, however, might differ and is usually chosen according to the type of workout program the bodybuilder is performing. At times, some dosages might be slightly higher than the others. Injectible, anabolic steroids, are an entirely different kind of steroid that is introduced into your body or muscle through the subcutaneous layer of your skin, with the help of a syringe. Here too the dosage is likely to vary according to the workout. Here, the faster this steroid will work, the lesser dosage it will require and vice versa.

So which one is better among the two?

Well, if you’re looking to stay fit and healthy and are willing to build your body without any side effects, legal steroids will definitely be a better option. These legal steroids for sale are safe, easily accessible and also incredibly effective.

Top 5 Best Legal Steroids for Sale

So what are the best legal steroids for sale? We list our top 5 here.


Dianabol, popularly known as D-bal is a legal steroid that strengthens and hardens your muscles. This steroid lets your muscle tissue retain greater amounts of nitrogen, which is one of the primary building elements of protein. After the nitrogen retention is increased in your system, the supplement will then create an anabolic state which is needed for the quick growth of your muscles. Taking this steroid frequently will result in quick and effective muscle gains. It will also increase your muscle mass. While Dianabol comes with several benefits, one of the primary benefits of the product is the fact that you don’t have to take the supplement by injecting it into your system. Unlike other steroids for sale, Dbal can be taken orally and is, therefore, a popular option for beginners who are not comfortable with injecting these steroids. On top of that, once you start taking the steroid, you are guaranteed to avail the best benefits in as less as two weeks. The manufacturers of the product guarantee its quick performance, thereby making it more authentic.


Finally, what sets Dianabol much ahead of other legal steroids for sale, is the fact that you do not require prescriptions for purchasing it. Once you choose the supplement, it will be delivered right away irrespective of your location. The manufacturers ship this product to every corner of the globe. So no matter wherever you are, you can be assured about receiving it on time. When it comes to dosage, the product is usually available between 5 mg to 50 mg. It is available in the form of legal steroids and should be taken regularly for effective results.



Product review winstrol

Winstrol is another leading legal steroid that is designed for increasing your strength, helping in weight loss and building your muscles. The steroid comes in the form of a tablet and it plays a vital role in melting your fat so that you finally get to enjoy the well-sculpted body you always wanted. The supplement helps in sculpting your abs, enhances your overall muscle density, increases your muscle strength and also prevents gain in weight. This steroid will also boost your physical power and speed thereby keeping you active all way around. Like Dbal, Winstrol too will aid in nitrogen retention which further leads to the increase in your muscle’s strength. The product is also used as a leading cutting steroid because unlike steroids it will not be converted to estrogen. This will reduce the possibilities of adverse health conditions like gynecomastia.

Although Winstrol comes with several benefits, what truly sets it ahead of contemporaries is the fact that it helps you in burning fat, without affecting your muscle mass. The product will also provide you with greater vascularity. Once you start taking this steroid, you will notice that your body no longer has the excess water which initially acted as a hindrance to the development of your lean muscle mass. Winstrol is also available in a tablet form. So if you’re just starting out as a bodybuilder and are not really comfortable with injections, this product is the ideal option for you. The steroid is currently available in doses between 2mg and 50 mg and while therapeutic patients can take 2mg, bodybuilders are required to take around 25mg to 50 mg of the steroid on a daily basis.




Trenorol, also known as Tbal is a legal steroid that boosts your overall strength, muscle mass, and power. Although the product works amazingly well when consumed alone, it is recommended to combine this steroid with Dbal for the best results. When you take equal doses of Dianabol and Tbal, your strength will be doubled almost immediately. This supplement plays a vital role in releasing the free amounts of testosterone while also increasing your nitrogen retention at the same time. This collaborative effect empowers your body for gaining more muscle mass. The most distinctive features of this steroid are the fact that it incinerates your subcutaneous and visceral fat, aids in quick muscle gain, promote free testosterone in greater levels and also assists in the synthesis of protein. When you use Trenorol for cutting and bulking, the results are more superior, than any other bulking supplement because of Tbal tones and rips your muscle way faster than any other product.

Besides the mentioned benefits, Trenorol will also help you in burning body fat, increase your red blood cells and reduce your glucocorticoid hormones without posing any health risk because of the side effects. Being a legal steroid pill, you can always consume it orally and will also be able to notice great impacts in as less as two weeks. The tablet is available between 5 and 50 mg and you can easily purchase it from anywhere across the globe. It is highly recommended that you take about three tablets on a daily basis for quick and effective results. The strength of the capsule, however, will depend on your purpose. While therapeutic patients can take 5mg tablets, professional bodybuilders should make it a point to consume the 50 mg variants.



Anavar is a bodybuilding steroid for athletes who are looking to maintain their power, strength, and agility while following a cutting circle. The steroid is widely popular among individuals who prefer consuming wet steroid during their cutting phase and are willing to increase the hardness of their muscles, in the post-cutting phase. One of the most interesting aspects of this steroid is the fact that it works efficiently for both men and women for offering a lean look to them. It does not compromise on your body’s muscle mass to provide this lean look and ensures that your body looks chiseled and well-built. The anabolic elements in this steroid automatically increase your body strength. The compounds in this product also promote the retention of nitrogen along with sugar metabolism. This means that the athletes and bodybuilding enthusiasts who take this supplement will enjoy massive boosts in their strength and that too within a relatively shorter timeline. The product will also metabolize your calories so that you have a consistent energy source for your challenging and complex workouts.

Anavar stands much ahead of similar steroids for sale because it ensures that you enjoy high-quality gains. The gains last long and are likely to consistently be there for a longer period of time. The steroid will also increase the production of red blood cells while keeping you healthy and fit all way around. Currently, Anavar is available as 10 mg and men can take 50 mg for cutting fat and 25 mg for boosting strength. The steroid does not have any side effect associated with it.


Testomaxtesto max

Testo max is a steroid that is used for successfully increasing the impact of Sustanon in your system. However, unlike the mainstream products, this steroid works in a safe and effective way. Testo max is made from a highly effective formula that will boost the testosterone levels in your body. It contains both anabolic and androgenic properties, due to which the benefits offered by the steroid are maximum. When you use Testomax on a consistent level, you will enjoy greater protein synthesis, which in turn will help you with your strength gains. The benefits are not just limited here because the supplement also helps you in cutting down body fat while inducing your inherent characteristics like fertility and libido.

As evident from its name Testo max plays a vital role in developing your testosterone levels. It is one of the primary supplements that are required for the development of your libido. This is significantly associated with your strength gains, because of higher the level of testosterone, greater the possibility of your body for bulking. This steroid, if taken on a daily basis will also cut down on your stress and help you to focus better on your workouts. It will improve your level of stamina and endurance, thereby help you to perform better as an athlete or bodybuilder. Another feature which sets this steroid much ahead of its contemporaries is the fact that it supports the development of your lean muscles, while also helping you to lose weight. The supplement works best as a post-workout recovery agent. You can also consume this before your workout because the product will increase your overall nitrogen retention while also increasing your blood circulation levels. You can combine Testo max with other supplements like Dbal and Tbal for greater energy, improved performance and excellent results in every task. Use it to cut down on your body fat naturally without any side effects. Additionally, the steroid can also be used for increasing your overall protein synthesis. This will further assist in enlarging your muscles. This steroid is only available in capsules and cannot be injected physically. It is available between 10 mg and 50 mg variants. Testomax, when taken regularly will offer immense strength and stamina, enhanced sex drive, quick recovery and huge muscle gains. The product is completely safe for consumption and it provides quick and effective results in as less as two weeks. You can also order it from anywhere across the globe because it offers free delivery.


Bulking Stack

Bulking stack is a steroid stack which is designed for people who are willing to gain muscle mass. These stacks play a vital role in enhancing your muscles and increasing your strength, stamina and muscle mass. When combined with the right diet and exercise, the bulking stack can effectively assist skinny people in gaining weight. The process will hardly take around eight weeks and it is also equally viable for bodybuilders. These stacks not only bulk you up but also speed up your recovery time so that you do not experience any unnecessary strains while working out. Bulking stacks too is available in dosages of 10mg and 50 mg. Take them regularly for quick, effective and viable results.


This is one of the best legal steroids for sale and an effective pre-workout supplement. Decaduro is made from a combination of Panax Ginseng Root, Roots of Wild Yam and a highly beneficial blend of amino acids. This supplement is designed for improving your overall performance during the workouts. It also enhances your strength and aids in muscle gains. Most athletes use this supplement for gaining strength during workouts, melting the unnecessary fat and obtaining a toned and lean set of muscles. This supplement also helps in the transportation of energy. As a result, it is also highly beneficial for more challenging exercises.


Conclusion on Legal Steroids

Legal steroids are a great way to increase your muscle mass & strength without risking your health. Because of rapid innovation in the supplement industry, these supplements mimic the effects of anabolic steroids without the dangerous side effects. If you plan to use legal steroids, make sure to keep working out and following a strict diet. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Stanabol Review 2018-Benefits & Side Effects (Updated July 2019)


What is Stanabol?

Stanabol, one of the most popular products that use stanozolol, has been a known name among gym freaks. Aimed at mimicking the natural testosterone in the body, stanabol has been known to greatly enhance physical performance and maintain a great physique. But amidst the benefits, there are also some side-effects that many people unwittingly ignore. To make an informed choice, you need to take a deeper look at both the aspects.

Understanding stanozolol

Stanozolol is an AAS medication. It is composed of androgen (responsible for maintaining male characteristics by binding to the androgen receptors) and anabolic steroids (which in turn consists of both natural and synthetic androgens). Stanozolol is derived from dihydrotestosterone, an endogenous androgen steroid.


How Stanabol works

Stanabol, or stanozolol, is basically the synthesized version of the testosterone hormone that is responsible for the masculine characteristics in humans.

Stanabol works according to its two components we mentioned above. The androgen introduces effects which are a resultant of the androgen-binding receptors. On the other hand, the anabolic steroids promote anabolic cellular growth.

How Stanabol is used

In most cases, Stanabol is consumed orally in the form of tablets, which could range from 2mg-10mg. In some cases, a liquid solution could be ingested, while injections are rarely used.

Stanabol is mostly used during the cutting cycle, which is simply a fancy term for dieting. Stanabol has shown great promise in helping to shed fat while retaining muscle mass. It can be used as a standalone drug or combined with other steroids. It can also be used while gaining mass back, as it prevents from gaining fat while you are building muscles.


Needless to say, there are multiple benefits that have made Stanabol so popular among gym lovers and bodybuilders. Some of the benefits it provides are:

  • Increased RBCs

It has been observed that Stanabol promotes the growth of red blood cells. More RBCs is definitely better for blood circulation and thus for the efficient functioning of the body.

  • Less fat build-up

A major concern that bodybuilders have is that once they start using mass gainers to bulk up their physique, they notice an equivalent increase in the fat buildup. However, this product really helps in reducing the buildup of adipose, so you could get buff without the associated fat.

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  • More stamina

Since stanabol mimics natural testosterone, it naturally gives more energy to the muscles, which translates into enhanced stamina. Less fatigue is experienced and you could work-out for a longer time, which is why many athletes have used it before competitions.

  • More energy

Another advantage of mimicking the natural testosterone is enhanced strength. Testosterone is one of the primary reasons why men are physically stronger than women. Stanabol works on the same principle by giving you better strength and endurance, which is why bodybuilders use it regularly.

Negative consequences

That being said, there are numerous side-effects that have been associated with the use of stanabol. Some of them have been established medically, while others are largely correlated with Stanabol users who suffered side-effects. However, each of them must be taken into account before you make the decision to buy the steroid:

  • Liver damage

Hepatotoxicity is one of the established side-effects of the product. It is also perhaps one of the primary reasons why it is discontinued in many countries, including the USA. Even controlled use of stanabol puts a strain on the liver and leads to chemically-driven liver damage. According to health blog Medline, numerous liver diseases have been attributed to the prolonged use of anaerobic steroids like it . In some cases, it was even found to cause liver cancer.

  • Blood sugar levels

It has been observed, though, under lab conditions, that use of the substance leads to a drop in the blood sugar levels. For people already suffering from low blood sugar, this could be a dangerous and possibly fatal side-effect.

  • Cardiac Issues

Prolonged use of stanabol has been found to be a factor in weakening the left ventricle muscle of the heart. The muscle, which is responsible for pumping blood in the body, can lead to numerous issues if affected adversely. It has also been observed that stanabol users are more prone to heart diseases and cardiac arrest. American Health Care Association lists edema as one of the conditions triggered by stanozolol and its products, among other cardiac diseases.

  • Adverse impact on prostate

Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers in adult males, particularly in the older ones. It has been observed that it could often lead to prostate cancer, especially if you are using it after the age of 40. Stanabol can also be a factor in other prostate-related conditions, including an enlarged prostate.

  • Growth impairment

This side-effect is caused particularly due to negligence. Most medical authorities recommend the use of steroids only after the age of 21. Stanabol, like most other steroids, adversely affect the growth if taken by teenagers. In fact, it can even result in stunted or permanently impaired physical growth, which is often irreversible.

  • Skin issues

In some cases, it was found that it reacted adversely with the skin and caused acne and cysts. In some other cases, it caused skin discoloration. The effect varied from people to people, so it is imperative that you check if you are allergic to the steroid before using it.



There is no doubt that it has numerous benefits. It has the USP of a good body-building drug: offering something to every kind of person. For people who simply want a lean body, stanabol offers accelerated shedding of fat without loss of muscle. For athletes, it provides enhanced stamina. For professional bodybuilders, it provides greater strength and endurance.

However, the negative side-effects of stanabol cannot be ignored. Some of them are specific to certain conditions like low blood sugar and allergic reactions. However, other effects like liver damage and cardiac arrest could happen to anybody. Some of the side-effects are chronic and potentially fatal.

When you weigh the pros and cons of the product, it is clear that stanabol is not a drug anyone should recommend. The same advantages could be achieved by opting for safer steroids or simply by working harder; however, the drawbacks could severely affect your body or even result in death. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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Finaplix Review 2018- Benefits & Side Effects (Updated July 2019)


What is Finaplix?

Fitness goals can vary from person to person, and some people will do whatever it takes to hit their goals. Some people use supplements both natural and chemical to help get that extra boost that takes them to the next level but then there are those people who take it one step further and use steroids to achieve what they want. Steroids are definitely a controversial issue for most and whatever side of the fence you fall on, one thing cannot be disputed, knowledge is power and knowing what is what can help you avoid harmful practices. Here we take a look at Finaplix which is a very interesting steroid.


Finaplix is a powerful and potent anabolic steroid that is commonly used for bulking. It is more commonly known by its chemical name which is Trenbolone acetate. Finaplix is a source of pure trenbolone acetate, which is the reason behind its potency and popularity with competitive bodybuilders who really want those dramatic gains that could help them win.

Although Finaplix is now discontinued, it is still available under another brand name – Revalor. Whatever the name, it can be argued that the effects and end result do not change although it should be noted that Revalor which is very similar to Finaplix also contains a small amount of estradiol which is a synthetic form of estrogen.

The most interesting thing about Finaplix is probably the fact that that is was designed for cattle, to help cattle bulk up and increase muscle mass. It is very easily available via veterinary websites and the like. Old versions of the brand and the like are still floating around and while they are not easily found, a determined bodybuilder could probably find it in the black market, effectively putting Finaplix as an option in a morally grey area.

Another interesting point about Finaplix is perhaps how it works. Since it was originally designed for cattle it usually comes in the form of pellets or an implant. It is used by grinding up the pellets and mixing them with water, this mixture is then applied to the skin on a daily basis for maximum effect. The way that trenbolone works are that it promoted nitrogen retention in a very effective way which can help with the increase in hormone levels. It also increases sensitivity and levels of growth hormone, insulin growth factor, and fibroblast growth factor. All this essentially does two main things – dramatic increases in muscle mass and dramatic fat loss.

Uses of Finaplix and other details

Primarily used for cattle, Finaplix has been successfully used with proven results to increase mass bulk. While it was more commonly available as pellets, it also exists in the form of an implant which would commonly be used to administer to the animals through their ears roughly six weeks before slaughter. The practice of using drugs like these are commonplace and largely frowned upon but an unfortunate reality of the meat industry.

The main function of Finaplix is to enhance muscle bulk, increase lean muscle to fat ratio and for optimal use of nutrients. In the cattle industry, this is known as feed efficiency.

This same concept, because of its proven success can and has been applied to humans, although no doctor would ever recommend it, it is a practice that is prevalent largely among professional bodybuilders.

The standard dosage can vary between 50 to 200mg and because of its strength and original use, it is not required to be used several times a day the way most regular steroids are.

Many bodybuilders who use this, normally use it right before competing and are most likely seasoned steroid users since this one is probably not a good choice for beginners. It is also incredibly fast acting and results can be visible in less than 6 weeks of use.

While it is commonly used for bulking, it can also be stacked with other steroids to help with cutting as well. Finaplix is well known for the dry and vascular look it lends users, making muscles not only large but well defined.

Injectable versions of Finaplix also exist, but these are even more controversial because of the fact that they are essentially pellets that are ground up and then mixed with other things to make them injectable and effective as such.

Claimed Benefits of Finaplix

Benefits of using Finaplix include:

    • Increased muscle mass – Many bulking steroids also have the unfortunate effect of fluid retention and bloating, giving users what is known as “steroid gut”. This is the side effect of a process called aromatization. With Finaplix, this process doesn’t occur which means muscle mass increases without worries of gaining water weight and experiencing bloating. Instead, it gives a “dry” and “vascular” look that many men associate with a well built and well defined muscled frame.
    • Fat burning – a key function of Finaplix is to increase muscle mass to fat ratio, with keeping fat on the low side. Finaplix reduces catabolic hormones that increase body fat percentage. By reducing these catabolic hormones users would be able to burn fat a lot more effectively while building muscle.
    • Increased Strength – Like many other steroids, with the gains in muscle one, can also see great gains in strength. It performs similarly to other commonly known and used steroids.
    • No aromatization – This means that the drug will not cause any conversion to estrogen which the main reason steroid users deal with the most well-known typical side effects like gynecomastia (increase in breast tissue, giving the look of having breasts), water retention and a block in gains. These side effects happen because of a spike in estrogen levels which happen because of some steroids.
    • An accelerated rate of recovery – This one needs a little explaining, but because of higher levels of nitrogen in the body, stamina and recovery also increase allowing users to go further than they could before
    • Increases nutrient absorption – in its use for cattle, feed efficiency can also be applied to humans. In that, it helps the body absorb nutrients better
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With a high protein diet, Finaplix can only be more effective in providing the above benefits.

Things to Watch Out For

Its potency comes with a dark side. There are side effects that one must be wary of including:

  • High Blood pressure
  • Tren Cough (this is a cough that is a very common side effect of trenbolone because of the way it enters the lymphatic system)
  • Liver toxicity – it is not exactly toxic to the liver, but it does produce a lot of strain on the organ which means it can create more problems
  • Acne
  • Hair loss
  • Change in urine color (must be monitored as it can signal potential kidney damage)
  • Excessive sweating (side effect of high-fat burning)
  • Erectile dysfunction

Many of the above side effects are common with other steroid use as well, and if one takes Finaplix as a part of a stack, there is a much higher chance of dealing with these side effects. Many bodybuilders who use Finaplix and/or other steroids, try to counter these side effects with the help of natural supplements but the effectiveness of battling these side effects is not well proven.

Another point that works against Finaplix is the fact that it is illegal for human consumption and not even produced for human consumption. It is meant for cattle, this means it must be purchased on the black market. Not only that, but there are only old versions of Finaplix available because the drug has been discontinued for unspecified reasons.

A drug meant for cattle carries some worrying implications. It is more than likely that the production of Finaplix was not governed by the same practices that must be in place when producing anything for human consumption. This means the production process might create a product that while effective and entirely safe for veterinary use, is probably not very safe for human consumptions because of pollutants and the like.

There is no doctor that would recommend using Finaplix, which means you might have to go to a more unethical doctor for any treatment with regards to interactions and side effects.

It is definitely not recommended for human use even if it is fairly popular with pro bodybuilders, but those who do seek it out should definitely avoid it if they are beginners.

Final Say

It would be wildly unethical and unsafe to recommend a steroid like Finaplix, but those who do take it must be cautious and vigilant to avoid bodily harm.

There are far safer alternatives available out there including FDA approved, natural supplements that use high amounts of naturally occurring anabolic steroids that mimic Finaplix, albeit with less efficiency. What you give up in efficiency and swift, dramatic results you make up in safety and a more sustainable form of gains. An alternative worth considering if you are looking for Finaplix results but don’t want to go about unethical means and risk your safety while doing it.

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