Blackwolf Trail Review- Pro’s & Con’s (updated July 2019)

blackwolf trail

What is Blackwolf Trail ?

Fitness is the need of the hour, and it is not only for men but women as well. These days, women are fitness conscious, tends to for workout sessions at the gym, to shed the extra kilos. So, if you are searching for the most effective and best pre-workout supplement for women, then you can choose the best product available – the Blackwolf TRAIL. This supplement comes with an integrated and specially designed for women and with premium formula. It offers energy that you can get after the intense workout sessions. Whether you are taking this after the workout sessions in the morning or after the intense and most laborious days, Blackwolf Trail is the best pick for you.

Let us read on and find out about how you find the best supplement for women after research, and what the benefit of Blackwolf Trail, ingredients, is and so on.

blackwolf trail
blackwolf trail

Research is the key – Choose the best pre-workout supplement for women

At whatever point it is about any of the wellbeing and health-related solutions, it is constantly vital to ensure that you pick the best item. This is vital because you not just need to utilize the best item for your fitness, rather utilize it as the best solution for your health.

However, the inquiry is how you would pick the best workout supplement for women? Choosing the best solution or supplement for a pre-workout session for women is essential. As we realize that there are various items accessible in the market for the same, yet you have to know which workout supplement would be the best suited to meet your desired requirements.

As a matter of first importance, one should do an internet research about the best products available. You would find a full rundown of websites that would offer you data about various health supplements for women. Here, you would discover data about the item content, which would be useful for you to know whether any of the ingredients would not suit your health, fitness or the likes. You should simply take all the data and insights about the health supplements for women and look at these in light of value, content, and so on. One of the other most ideal approaches to look at the item is by doing a correlation of the item surveys. These item surveys can be discovered online at various websites offer ratings and reviews, and these can be useful for you to think about the different items and how great are these for use.

There are a number of forums online where you can find client surveys who have used the fitness supplements. You can think about these ratings and select the best pre-workout fitness and health supplements for women. If you are searching for the best reviews and ratings of Blackwolf TRAIL, you can discover these on different prominent sites and contrast the same with the supplement.

Why are pre-workout supplements necessary for women?

Supplements of pre-exercise are considered as a perfect decision to be taken before athletic movement with a specific end goal to expand your execution, strength, and perseverance.

Women require a dependable pre-exercise supplement to fabricate their stamina to perform with an additional lift amid their exercise sessions. Be that as it may, there are a few misguided judgments identified with pre-exercise supplements for women.

The vast majority of the supplements for a pre-exercise session are advertised towards men. However, Blackwolf has changed the standards by bringing a remarkable supplement for pre-workout particularly intended for the necessities of ladies. Those days are gone when it had been imagined that the pre-exercise supplements were related just for men.

Presently, Blackwolf Trail has broken every one of these misconceptions with the dispatch of TRAIL. On the off chance that you are one of those women who are troubled about taking supplements for pre-workout sessions, this is the best solution for you.

blackwolf trail women
blackwolf trail women


What makes this pre-workout supplement or solution for women?

Blackwolf is a top-notch, superior formula formulated explicitly for pre-exercise that is particularly intended for ladies.

Blackwolf Trail has a progressive way to deal with the vitality of a lady’s body that she needs to finish a thorough exercise session.

Regardless of whether you will play out your exercise as the first thing, or after the intense working day, you can exercise your best at your gym with the Blackwolf TRAIL.

This pre-workout supplement for women comes with a high-power equation that is particularly made considering the prerequisites and necessities of the ladies.

It is one of the across the board and best pre-exercise supplement that will help in expanding your concentration and give a lift to your vitality levels even after long working hours at home, gym or work. You need to take TRAIL before your exercise, and you will be altogether controlled up all through the extreme working out sessions. By using the TRAIL, you will encounter the distinction in your vitality levels more than ever.

The TRAIL from Blackwolf comes with a rich blend of more than 20 entirely dynamic fixings that contributes incredible towards burning fat and slender muscle improvement while bringing you higher vitality levels.

The cancer prevention agent properties of this pre-exercise formula dispense free radicals from your body as you exercise. This would leave you replenished, glowing, and fresh. This stimulating pre-exercise supplement will work towards your workout session and modify your working out session for a fitter you. Once you use this supplement, you would notice that Blackwold Trail is best for your wellness and fitness.

Blackwolf Trail Ingredients

Blackwolf TRAIL joins an amazing range of fixings that help keenly with fat consuming and destroying. It is particularly intended for ladies and is enhanced with beta alanine, amino acids like taurine and glycerine and L-Carnitine.

The establishment of TRAIL recipe is the Blackwolf Power Blend. One of the most necessary elements of the recipe is creatine monohydrate that provides extraordinary power and strength.

Other core contents of the TRAIL pre-workout supplement are L-Valine. This is best for muscle digestion and vitality generation.

The whey protein isolate and other important vitamins play a key role in bringing down the weakness. Blackwold Trail also contains B5, B6, and L-taurine and these are also to be found in other drinks that are consumed for energy.

It is seen that women who have used this pre-workout supplement regularly have shown positive results in improving the focus and also helps in developing muscle.

So, if you are looking for the best pre-workout supplements that do not have any side effects and harmful chemicals, then you should go for Blackwolf Trail.

Why should you use Blackwolf TRAIL?

  • It offers raised levels of energy
  • It improves physical drive and mental focus
  • Boosts endurance levels
  • Shreds fat
  • It helps in building a lean physique
  • Blackwolf Trail enhances the performance during the workout and post-workout and strength

Blackwolf Trail comes with the best of the formula that uses ingredients that are 100% active, and there are no binders. You can purchase this pre-workout supplement for women, and then you can easily buy it online from the official website of the brand. The delivery is free of cost.







Hyphy Mud Full Review – Pro’s & Con’s (updated July 2019)

hyphy mud

What is Hyphy Mud?

Kali muscle, the famous bodybuilder, and actor knows what you need to perform how to excel in the gym. He comes with an immense experience in bodybuilding and he knows just the thing you need when you are up for an intense training session. Hyphy Mu

hyphy mud

d is a great product invented by Kali Muscle and is now available to everyone. It comes in a convenient powder form and it also has some added ingredients now rather than just coffee grounds and Coke. If you are looking for a product that could help you have more focus, more aggression, and more drive, the Hyphy Mud is your answer. This new version of Hyphy Mud promises to make you do things you never knew you could.

What Hyphy Mud does to you?

  • Hyphy mud gives the user Off the Wall Energy*
  • Hyphy mud Fast Twitch Muscle Fiber Activation*
  • Hyphy mud Improved Athletic Performance*
  • Hyphy mud can Enhanced Muscular Endurance*

*These statements that are stated here are not evaluated by the FDA.

Hyphy Mud History

Hyphy mud, when it was first made, was a homemade drink to have before your workout. Kali Muscle who is an Actor and a Bodybuilder used it himself first and then after seeing what it can do, he made it popular. He made this drink in collaboration with a few others while he was in Prison. It was made with very simple ingredients, such as instant coffee and few ounces of Pepsi, however, it came out as a very effective drink.

Time passed and eventually, Kali muscle came in contact with a team of chemists who specialized in sports and together they innovated the special formula called Hyphy Mud. It’s a scientific formula that is very helpful for gym goers. It is a pre-workout formula that is said to enhance the mental focus, aggression, drive, and intensity of the gym goers. Hyphy mud claims that it has the capacity to flip your switches from somewhere deep within. It promises to give the consumer an energy level that even he was not aware exists inside of him. It is believed that consuming Hyphy mud gives you so much energy that you become dangerous and people around you start envying you see the level of your energy. Hyphy Mud gives you the power to break your own records and make new records for yourself.
Hyphy Mud is said to make the user take his mind and body to some other level with the euphoric energy. It makes the user want to spend the new energy found towards whatever task that comes his way.

Hyphy mud can be consumed by gym goers, players on a football field, basketball court, tennis court, octagon, etc.

Kali’s Mission

Kali Muscle has recently set up a scheme that is called from Ex-Con to Icon. The aim of the scheme is telling the youth that they don’t have to live up to violence, drugs, and crime and they can instead make themselves strong and stand for themselves.


From Ex-con to Icon

Kali was brought up in an environment which suffered from crime and poverty. He had personal experience of the criminal life and now Kali wants the young generation to know that there is much more than living a life that is full of crime and drugs. Kali is a changed person now and he has become a productive member of the society and he did all this by working out, bodybuilding, and living a crime and drug-free lifestyle. Kali is a firm believer that the current generation doesn’t have to put up with a criminal or drug-full life and there is a way out for them.

Not just this, Kali also works as a motivational speaker. He gives messages that are uplifting for the rehabilitation of people. He is close to completion of his book that tries to give hope to people, to come out of whatever situation they are in and make themselves stronger.

The Early Years of Kali

When Kali Muscle was born in California in 1975, his neighborhood was troubled by crime and poverty. He was raised by his mother and step-father and he also had two more siblings. However, he was always unloved and neglected by his family. When he was a teenager, he developed a passion for the gym and he also got his first job in 24-hour fitness. Since his neighborhood had a lot of violence, he got his first gun when he was still in school. Gym was the only place where Kali used to find comfort. Kali was very good at sports and he used to do brilliantly in a lot of them, be it wrestling, tracking or football. Kali also received a football scholarship. Life seemed to be going fine until this stage.

kali muscle

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Tragedy Strikes

However, while Kali was in Senior Year his older brother got killed while he was playing with a gun. The situation went from bad to worse when Kali had to face great financial difficulties. The situation had gone so bad that he started robbery to make his ends meet.  He was later arrested for the same reason and was imprisoned for 11 years which were life-changing for him. Kali tells his motivational real-life story to the youth to give hope to the community and to remind them to never give up.

Life inside

Once Kali was convicted, he again started bodybuilding for comfort. Kali started to workout relentlessly. He used to get a little escape from his circumstances when he started focusing on bodybuilding. Kali started following a special diet. He was a very focused bodybuilder and he had built an outstandingly remarkable physique. However, life was never easy for Kali. He was once more in trouble in 1997 when the state prison of San Quentin removed the weights from the prison.

With no other option to show their anger, the prisoners started using oranges as projectiles. However, the fruit-based approach to show protest proved to be useless and their weights were taken away forever. The ‘Prison Work-Out’Kali was not an ordinary man, he was a determined bodybuilder and he decided that such small things are not going to take him away from his passion for bodybuilding. So Kali started using other techniques like using trash bags, water bottles and other men’s body as weights. The prison officers were very troubled by Kali’s determination. They were frustrated to the point that they once put him in solitary confinement for not giving up on his passion.

Life on the outside: turning things around

Kali left the prison in 2010 and he moved to Los Angeles to fulfill his dream of becoming a professional bodybuilder and an actor.

Soon after Kali moved to Los Angeles, he got a role offered by Director Matthew McConaughey. It was a role in a music video for Jamey Johnson, who is an icon from Nashville.

Review on Hyphy Mud

Hyphy Mud is a big hit and is getting a lot of great reviews from the gym goers and workout lovers from all over the world. It scores high in all fields as mentioned below:

  • Taste/ Flavor –  3.7/5
  • Price – 4.2/5
  • Result/Satisfaction – 4.8/5
  • Delivery Speed – 4.5/5


ATTENTION : We don’t recommend Hyphy Mud!Check the #1 Pre-Workout Supplement

Kodiak Cakes Review 2018-Pro’s & Con’s (updated July 2019)

kodiak cakes

What are Kodiak Cakes ?

The Kodiak Cakes was launched in the year 1995, but the origin goes back to ages. The pancakes of this brand are made with keeping the ‘hot cakes’ in mind that are a treat for every family’s breakfast. There is hardly anyone who would not want to have a delicious hot plate of pancakes but which ones are the best is the question. While you would spend time on figuring out which ones are the best and healthy options, we are here to help to fix on that.

kodiak cakes
kodiak cakes

Whether you have been into specialty foods or not, whether you have high-protein diet daily, pancakes are something that everyone enjoys. As a morning breakfast or a quick snack with a bunch of friends, pancakes can be a delight. These pancakes are packaged in a brown box with a bear on the front. Although the box looks adorable, the box mentions power kodiak cakes, which can be a bit confusing for many.

The packaging of the box looks as if it is created for a mix of target audiences. If you are thinking that it is for people who deal with healthy-protein diet, then you might be wrong. The box gives you the feel of the age-old traditions of baking and cooking – just like how you would feel like being around a hipster. 

There are a number of things you look at while buying a snack and same goes for pancakes too. Right from the price, to the taste of the ingredients and how healthy it is, we do look at multiple factors.

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Let us take a close look at some of the popular products of this brand and see what are the ingredients and how do they work for pancake lovers.

Kodiak Cakes Products

The box of Frontier Flapjack and Waffle Mix is the first product of the brand. It was launched in the market in 1995. The recipe is primarily based on one of the traditional family recipes. This particular product comes without any added sugar or fat.

The Frontier Flapjack and Waffle Mix are tasty and are an only water added flapjack. This one feature of this mix helps you to prepare them even when you run out of almond milk, or plain milk.

  • This is made using whole grains, which in itself is a healthy plate of protein. You can kick-start your day with this and have a stomach full of deliciousness.
  • Each of its serving comes with eight grams of protein. This makes it a good choice for breakfast or any time when you feel empty stomach.
  • It has natural honey that adds the natural sweetened flavor to the product. As mentioned earlier, it does not have any added sugar or fat, and therefore this is a healthy pick for you. The sweet of honey will be loved by every member of your family.
  • The product is free from any GMO contents, and therefore it is healthy and safe to consume.
  • You cannot find any artificial preservatives that keep these intact. You can be rest assured to give these to the children as well.
  • Every box of the Frontier Flapjack and Waffle Mix comes with 13 servings. So, you can prepare delicious and healthy pancakes for your family with a box.

If you look at the ingredients of the Frontier Flapjack and Waffle Mix, you can see that it contains whole grain, whole wheat, dry milk (non-fat), dried honey, sea salt and egg white as the main component. You just have to add in water as required and prepare these. You may also find some peanuts in the pancakes.


  • The waffle mix of buttermilk and honey – For the delicious pack

This particular product is one of the new products of Kodiak Cakes. It comes with the similar ingredients that are present in other packs. But you can find sweet cream buttermilk (non-fat) and some taste of vanilla in this pack. Also, you do not find any traces of added sugar, fat or cholesterol. You just need to add water as required and you are good to go.

  • This too comes with whole grains, making it a healthy option
  • As this contains the flavor of honey and sweet buttermilk, it would be a favorite for children as well as every other member of your family
  • You can have 13 servings from one box, you are sure to get a stomach full of protein and delicious pancakes
  • There are no GMO ingredients present and no artificial preservatives in Kodiak Cakes
  • Gluten-free frontier flapjack and waffle mix – For those with gluten-free life

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For those who are sensitive to gluten, do not have to worry anymore.  If you want to have Kodiak Cakes pancakes, try the gluten-free pack.

This pack contains ingredients that are made from flour of oat. The brand is happy to come up with Kodiak Cakes for those who are leading a gluten-free lifestyle.

To make these delicious pancakes, you just need to add the required amount of milk.

The main ingredients of this pack include flour that is made using oat of whole grain, brown sugar, tapioca starch, etc. You may also find some amount of tree nuts.

  • The waffle mix of pumpkin and flaxseeds – For the love of pumpkin spice

If you like the taste of pumpkin and have been thinking of picking this flavor for the pancakes, then here it is. The waffle mix of pumpkin and flaxseeds pack comes with a pack of wholesome ingredients. By having this, you will be stomach full with a delicious plate of pumpkin pancakes.

These pancakes contain proteins of high quality, and a few core vitamins to keep you energized and healthy all throughout the day. Also, the pack of Pumpkin Flax Flapjack & Waffle Mix contains super foods such as pumpkin and flax seeds. These core ingredients are good for a high metabolism, and flax seeds keep your cholesterol under check. There is also a great mix of cinnamon, ginger, ground cloves, nutmeg that adds natural sweetness to the pancakes. Your entire family would love the taste for sure.

Kodiak Cakes Summary

To make this pancake, you need to add water and prepare your power-packed breakfast.  If you have been looking for a nourished morning, then you can’t miss the pumpkin and flax flavored pancakes.

  • The pack contains whole grains, making the start of your day healthy and wholesome
  • The bunch of core ‘B’ vitamins offers energy, rejuvenating your body
  • Every pack of the Pumpkin Flax Flapjack & Waffle Mix comes with a top-notch protein of 10 grams of weight for each serving. This means you are sure to get a good amount of protein in a day.
  • The taste of the pumpkin-spice adds to the flavor. You would want to have more and get more of this.
  • The pack of ingredients does not have any GMO ingredients as it adheres to the strict manufacturing
  • You are sure to get ten servings in each box of the Pumpkin Flax Flapjack & Waffle Mix

So, keep these handy tips and reviews in mind before you pick your next pack of Kodiak Cakes.

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Xtend BCAA Review 2018-Pro’s & Con’s (updated July 2019)

xtend bcaa

Xtend BCAA Overview

Over the past years, BCAA supplements made a stellar comeback in the fitness community, and with very good reason. BCAAs are crucial in maintaining muscle mass while being on a calorie-deficit diet. They’re very useful for those who want to take their body to the lean extreme without losing muscle mass. If you’re serious about working out, gaining muscle mass and increasing your strength, BCAA is an absolute must in your daily supplement stack. In this article, we review the product Xtend BCAA by the company SciVation. For years this product has been reviewed by its users as one of the best BCAA supplements on the market. Let’s take a closer look why.

Regular exercising comes with long-term benefits but when one turns into an exercise lover then their defense of immunity system starts to reduce. Hence to avoid this one has to take supplementary glutamine which will also stop them from getting prone to infection. In our body, nitric oxide helps the nutrients to reach our muscles easily by expanding them. The citrulline gives one strength and energy to do exercises in a better way. Xtend BCAA is a great alternative for this.

xtend bcaa
Xtend BCAA

Why is Xtend BCAA one of the best BCAA?

SciVation manufactures Xtend which is a BCAA. BCAA stands for Branched Chain Amino Acids which are building blocks of protein & increases protein synthesis. It also increases muscle recovery & endurance which one can face during workouts. This is great for people who are constantly sweating at the gym & needs to supply their body support for muscle growth. If you want to lose weight or get easily tired after working out then this is the one for you!

Xtend BCAA is carbohydrate and sugar-free and comprises 7 grams of BCAAs in each serving. There are 16 flavor variants of Xtend BCAA available in the market currently.

Pros & Cons of Xtend BCAA


  • Vitamin B
  • Premium BCAA
  • Helps in building muscles
  • Increases energy level
  • Increases endurance
  • Fast Recovery
  • Citrulline Malate
  • Electrolyte Blend
  • Well balanced amino acids
  • Amazing varieties of flavors


  • Pricey
  • Some people are allergic to glutamine
  • Not for athletes under 18
  • Workouts have to be intense in order to feel the effects
  • Artificial Taste

Key Features of Xtend BCAA

  • Sugar-free
  • Carbohydrate free
  • 5 grams/ per serving of glutamine
  • 1 gram/ per serving of citrulline
  • Zero calories

Ingredients of Xtend BCAA

In Xtend BCAA you get a blend of 7grams of BCAAs; leucine, Isoleucine, & Valine in the ratio of 2:1:1 and glutamine, citrulline, Malate along with electrolytes blend.

As the 3 BCAAs make approximately 1/3 of muscle protein, it is essential to utilize it to stimulate insulin production. Stimulating the insulin production increases energy & also repair muscle tissues which get damaged while working out.

You get exactly what you need at 7 grams serving. This is enough to be capitalized on the restorative properties. L-isoleucine is an essential ingredient which our muscles use as a fuel. L-leucine is used for maintaining our muscle tissues by preserving nitrogen balance in our body. L-Valine is essential for recovery & also for the growth of tissues in our body.

Besides BCAAs, the other ingredients in Xtend are listed below:

Sodium: It allows blood into muscles through sodium pumps. This results in the production of more powered muscular contractions and leads to more muscles in mass. Hence it provides us both energy and stamina

  • Potassium: It helps to carry glucose in our body. It is an important ingredient because it helps in the breakdown of glycogen for energy. If one is potassium deficient then he might feel nauseous
  • Vitamin B6: It helps in fine-tuning the important body processes which need to be in place so that you feel energetic & strong during a workout.
  • Citrulline Malate: It helps in supporting energy production in one’s body.
  • Trisodium citrate dehydrates: It helps in regulation of acidity. It is useful for decreasing acidosis effects one might feel while intense workout.


Xtend BCAA Taste 

There are almost 16 flavors of Xtend available in the market.

  1. Blue Raspberry
  2. Watermelon
  3. Grape
  4. Mango
  5. Green Apple
  6. Pink Lemonade
  7. Lemon Lime
  8. Orange
  9. Pineapple
  10. Mango Nectar
  11. Strawberry Kiwi
  12. Raspberry Blue
  13. Fruit Punch
  14. Orange Dream
  15. Black Cherry
  16. Raw


It gets easily dissolved in water without any clumps, though using a shaker bottle is recommended for better dissolving results.

Xtend BCAA Dosage

The dose for Xtend is mixing 1 scoop of Xtend BCAA powder with about 8 ounces of water. And it’s recommended to be mixed in a shaker cup for best results during workouts.


In order to avoid any counteractions with other medications, it is recommended that you consult with your doctor before using any supplements. Even if there are no side effects or minimal, it is still essential to take precautions in case you are suffering from any ailments or diseases. Expecting mothers and under 18 should not be allowed to consume this product.

Effects of the best BCAA

  • Fuller muscles during workouts
  • Faster recovery than before
  • Increase in stamina
  • Increase in energy levels
  • No feeling of sickness during work out
  • Increased body strength


Xtend BCAA Side effects

There are no reported side effects of Xtend BCAA yet.

Which form of BCAA is better?

The powder form of BCAA is a definitely better form of BCAA because of the right amount of amino acids for one is 5 gram to 10 grams. If you want them through tablets then you might have to consume 10 – 20 tablets for just 5 to 10 grams. BCAA powders are better in taste.

Who should consume Xtend BCAA?

  • People who work out for a longer duration
  • People who get tired easily during workouts
  • People who want to lose weight whilst maintaining muscles’ shape

When to consume Xtend BCAA?

  • When you’re looking for ways to gain muscles’ strength and energy at the same time. You can take Xtend BCAA drink before or whilst working out to nurture your muscles. As it will help in the recovery of your muscles after your work out is over and also improve your performance whilst working out because of the ingredients.

Research Studies

Even though Xtend BCAA is designed by nature, it is also proven by research studies. The blend of BCAA’s in Xtend made it one of the best selling drink mix and hence prominent athletes, renowned weight lifters, body builders, etc use it during workouts. They use Xtend BCAA in order to train for a longer period and harder along with intense workout. Two universities did research studies on Xtend BCAA and it was proven as the most advanced product of its category according to them.

The verdict on Xtend BCAA

The product Xtend BCAA comes with a great value and is definitely a product to be recommended to people who do intense workouts and require quick muscle recovery. The effects can be felt quickly after a few consumptions and intense workout. The perfect blend of BCAAs makes it even more effective than all other drink mixes falling in the similar category. Along with this it also offers a variety of flavors to choose from, varying from raw to black cherry. All total 16 different variants in flavor with same effective results!

There are proven researchers for Xtend BCAA which makes it even safer to consume along with being so effective. The thing which makes it even more likable is the electrolyte blend SciVation, which is one of the most trusted brands in the world of BCAA products.

Noticeable results, safe to consume, effective, a various variety of flavors, etc are a lot of factors that make this product considerable. And just like every other thing this product has cons too like it can’t be consumed by fewer than 18 athletes and some people don’t find the taste pleasant, etc.

Maybe because the level of BCAAs is too much for an under 18 to handle, and for the matter of taste, as said above, it offers various flavors too! So yes, Xtend BCAA is a must for people who work out.



Laxogenin Review 2018- Benefits & Side Effects (Updated July 2019)


Laxogenin Overview

Once we start working out and get into the fitness world; we come to know a lot about what to eat, how to do a particular exercise, etc. when we start seeing results, we take it seriously and we follow all the steps religiously. While we are talking about all the steps, the most confusing one is to choose the dietary supplements. As we know the fitness industry is growing vastly thus having a variety of products to meet our dietary needs. Having many choices leads to confusion so as to which one to choose and which on to not.

What is Laxogenin?

Laxogenin is a plant compound that exhibits anabolic properties. Laxogenin was isolated in 1992 from the rhizomes of smilax sieboldii, it’s a plant species found throughout the world but is native to Asia. Laxogenin is considered to be a type of steroidal sapogenin and this part is also called as brassinosteroids. Brassinosteroids are a part of a group of over 40 different types of steroids which are synthesized from plants. But Laxogenin is available to us synthetically and it’s also known as 5a-Hydroxy. Laxogenin creates its own anabolic by increases the protein synthesis, nitrogen retention in our body. By creating an anabolic environment in the body it gives the effects of increased muscle strength and mass. It helps in enhancing endurance, recovery and helping gain lean muscle mass. Laxogenin helps in controlling the glucose levels and helps in increasing the metabolism.

In addition to this, Laxogenin has known the only product in the market which gives you the anabolic gains in mass and strength without the steroidal suppression or the side effects caused by the steroids. Laxogenin is not a prohormone and it does not affect your Hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis i.e. HPTA and it can be used even by women. Laxogenin enhances muscle mass and recovery by increasing protein synthesis and reducing protein breakdown it is highly beneficial for anyone who wants to improve their physique. As it’s said that Laxogenin is not a testosterone booster and won’t affect your hormone levels so there is no need to restrict yourself to uses Laxogenin for a short time, your body eventually adapts by reducing its own test levels in response.

As I told you there are several muscle building supplements on the market that has the product in their ingredient list. Here are a few of the Laxogenin containing dietary supplement on the market.

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  • Fusion Supplements Progenadrex

Progenadrex is a non-hormonal muscle builder formulated to stimulate muscle growth naturally by leveraging the benefits of food. It optimizes the absorption of glycogen, amino acids, water and other energy compounds into muscle, it boosts the body’s natural testosterone levels, accelerating lean body mass gains and improves recovery.

  • Hydrapharm Adamantine

Adamantine is another natural testosterone booster which contains a lot of ingredients such as Laxogenin, epicatechin, creatine nitrate and vitamin D3. These ingredients work together and trigger anabolism which improves strength, size, recovery, performance, and endurance.

  • IronMag labz 4-Andro 60 capsules:

Anyone who wants to make strength look dramatic and gain power and this is a non-methylated prohormone in the market.

  • IronMag labz 1-Andro Rx 60 caps:

This is again a non- methylated prohormone that helps you quickly put on size and strength without converting to estrogen or DHT.

  • Redcon 1 halo:

This is the best Laxogenin supplement on the market, allowing you to add size and strength without nasty side effects.

  • Blackstone Labz anogenin:

Anogenin contains a full 25mg pure Laxogenin per serving to drive a dramatic increase in protein synthesis, promoting lean muscle mass gains, significantly increasing strength and minimizing muscle soreness post workout. It does not affect the testosterone levels and thus it can be used by both male and females as it has no reported side effects.

Benefits and side effects of Laxogenin:

  • Laxogenin is an effective alternative to prohormones, if you consider the types of muscle building supplement, you disregard those that impact hormone levels such as prohormones, SARMS, testosterone booster and estrogen blockers, the list of ingredients that can help users improve performance and recover faster become relatively limits. Laxogenin is one such ingredient.
  • With Laxogenin supplements tending to kick in very quickly, they are ideal for anyone looking to build muscle and strength quickly.
  • Results can be very fast with Laxogenin, unlike some injectable steroids, which take to give any considerable results.
  • Just like anabolic androgenic steroids, Laxogenin also inhibits cortisol without other side effects. Hence, it can prevent fat gain.
  • Laxogenin does not cause liver strain like oral anabolic steroids or prohormones do
  • Laxogenin does not cause increases in DHT, which can fry your head hair follicles. Thus, your hairline will stay intact.
  • Laxogenin increases protein synthesis by over 200% giving you the advantages of steroid use, without the harsh side effects found with steroids.
  • It has no effect on the HTPA (hypothalamus-pituitary-testicular axis) or estrogen levels, so it is not necessary to run a post cycle therapy (PCT) or use an aromatase inhibitor.

There are no side effects reported for the product as it’s a very safe compound.


Ideally, Laxogenin should be taken with food in order to maximize absorption. There should be 3-6 doses a day; 75mg-150mg for a total daily consumption.

Even though the product is a very safe dietary supplement, it is highly recommended to consult your physician before consuming any supplements. It is also advisable to follow the instruction on the label.

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Laxogenin consumer review

Craig says,” I was a bit doubtful that adamantine could live up to the review but if anything it’s actually better than I imagined. I’m not normally someone who leaves reviews but after such an experience I felt I had to. Gains in just three weeks so far of use: adding 10kg bench going from 120kg for 6 to 130kg for 6. That’s pretty amazing given I had been stuck for months and nothing else changed. Squat- increases by 10 kg and added two reps to my best efforts.

Pull-ups-added weight and reps going from 40kg for 4 sets of 4 to 4.5kg for 6,6,5 and 5 reps.

Other things worth mentioning: great recovery, increases in sex drive, seems to have less joint aches, feel better in terms of mood. Overall if you’re on the fence with this one ask yourself if when you get a protein shake, intra workout, test booster etc. if you can get the kind of results I’ve gotten. If the answer is no, get this and even at the prices the fact it’s a 30 day supply and you don’t need to take anything with it. IME means adamantine will be a lot cheaper than most supplement stacks and unlike then it actually works.”

Killahertz has to say,” this product is a bit of an in-thing at the moment, but it’s actually been around for many years. Done right it is a pretty potent natural anabolic and Progenadrex is Laxogenin done right. Progenadrex is well beyond simple Laxogenin thanks to Rob (the formulator), who has the knowledge of natural anabolic for leverage the most from them. Both in terms of actual formation but also the quality of raw ingredients those go into them. In use, Progenadrex kicks in within a day or two, with a general sense of mental wellbeing and a marked increase in pump factor and vascularity. As the cycle settles, energy availability and mental drive seriously improve. But the stand out improvement for me was recovery, which was off-the-charts good. 4-6lb gain, and retained post cycle. Energy availability and drive are holding too, which suggests a possible regenerative effect natural product, and one I’ll be running again very soon.”

As we all know that there are a lot of products on the market. Because of the variety of the supplements we are pretty much confused in order to make a right choice. We have tried to gather all the relevant information which is needed to know about Laxogenin.


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Quest Protein Review 2018- Pro’s & Con’s (Updated July 2019)

quest protein

What is Quest protein?

Quest protein is a company best known for selling its protein bar which is known to have a good nutritional value as well as great taste. Though a little less popular than their bars, quest also sells protein powder which has the almost same taste and nutritional value as their bar but being a powder its use is quite versatile.

If you are making a list of protein powders available in the market then this review might prove to be helpful for you.

quest protein
quest protein

A brief on quest protein powders

According to the product manufacturers, quest protein powder contains high-quality protein sources like whey isolate, micelles casein, and milk protein isolate. The company also claims it to have an amazing taste and excellent nutritional value.

Quest Protein Nutritional facts

Let’s look into some basic nutritional facts of the quest protein powder:

Quest protein powder contains 110 calories per scoop and the stats are as follows

  • Protein: 23 grams
  • Carbohydrates: 4 grams (2  fiber and less than 1 gram of sugar)
  • No fat.

The three major nutritional advantages provided by quest protein is:

  • High protein-to-calories percentage which is the greatest measure of protein
  • Low-fat and low-cholesterol
  • No junk added (as claimed by the manufacturers)

Stats for micronutrients are as follows

  • sodium is slightly more than the average quantity i.e. 170 milligrams per scoop (that makes up to 8 percent of your daily intake)
  • also, it has about 6 percent of your daily cholesterol, which is pretty low.
  • Makes up to 35 percent of your daily intake of calcium which is quite high
  • 4 percent of your daily intake of iron
  • 6 percent of your daily magnesium which is a mineral that you don’t usually find in protein powders.

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Ingredients of Quest Protein

Quest protein provides basic information about all the ingredients present in the powder but in addition to that, it also provides the percentage of each of the ingredients present in one serving of the powder. Many food companies don’t clearly mention what’s in the product but quest protein wins in this race by providing a little transparency which is quite beneficial for the consumers.

The ingredients are listed as

  • 50% whey isolate
  • 40% micellar casein
  • 10% milk protein isolate.

Note: The exact blend slightly varies depending on the flavor of the product; Vanilla and Unflavored have 60% whey isolate, 40% micellar casein, with Chocolate and Strawberries & Cream using the same 50/40/10 blend as peanut butter.

  • One serving contains:
    Calories: 110
    Fat: 1 gram
    Carb: 2 grams, (1 gram fiber and <1 gram sugar)
    Protein: 23 grams
    Cholesterol: 15 mg

In addition to these, there is no added artificial flavor and sugars except for an artificial sweetener, splenda. No digestive enzymes like lactase or amylase are present.

Why Quest Protein?

You might still be wondering why you must choose quest protein when you have umpteen number of options available in the market as well as online. Well, all your doubts can be answered here.

The protein in the quest protein powder is all about 60% whey isolate and 40% micellar casein, which is higher than any other powder present.

It has a generous amount of micronutrients beneficial for your health.

One of the major benefits that this powder provides is versatility in use. You can use this powder to make a great number of things. A box also comes with a recipe booklet which has a list of food you can make like protein brownies, cakes etc.

Another beneficial quality of quest powder is that it is a low-carb, low-fat protein powder that helps you bake a lot of things. It has casein since it helps in thickening the batter. The casein present in the product increases its mixability.

Packaging and labeling

Quest’s protein powder comes in a white tub and is little taller and slimmer in appearance than many other 2 lb. boxes. The size is often found to be a plus point when considering where to store it as compared to other protein powder boxes. The label is made quite clear and readable with all the required standard nutrition info, providing suggestions, along with a few cooking/recipe ideas. As an addition, it also comes with a recipe booklet in which most of the recipes look delicious.

One stand out feature of their label is that it provides the percentage value of each content in the product especially each type of protein content. In the section where ingredients are mentioned, most companies provide a list of blended protein such as whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, calcium caseinate, hydrolyzed whey protein, etc. Quest provides the basic information along with the percentage numbers in easy to read font on the left side of the box.

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Benefits of Quest Protein

The benefits of the powder have been listed above which contain high protein to calories percentage, low fat, and cholesterol, no added junk and versatility.

  • Taste

The blend of nutrients in the protein shake is quite different yet similar from the bar and hence taste is quite good. If you have tasted its bar then you would also like the taste of the powder. It will provide a good taste when mixed with a food to be baked or cooked like pancakes, cakes, brownies etc.

  • Value for money

Quest protein is available in the market as well as online for a price of 40$ (approx.) for two pounds, for the largest available size. It provides 29 servings and has a price of 6 cents for each scoop.

This price is a little more than other similar products available in the market but for such versatility and protein content, it is quite an affordable price.

  • Suitable for?

Anyone who’s willing to get lean muscles or meet daily protein and other micronutrient requirements and increase strength can consume Quest protein. If you are looking for an alternate source of protein then you might consider taking Quest protein.

Final summary of Quest Protein


  • High protein-to-calories percentage. Twenty-three grams protein and only 110 calories per serving.
  • Low-fat and low-cholesterol: Always a good thing.
  • Rich in calcium i.e. Thirty-five percent of the daily value.
  • Contains sSplendasplenda) Natural sweetener which helps regulate blood sugar levels.


  • A little high than normal sodium level i.e. 170 mg per serving (Chocolate Milkshake flavor).
  • Also contains carrageenan but only in the Strawberries & Cream flavor.

Quest protein summary

If you’re in the market and looking for a high-quality protein blend that tastes good as well as provides decent per-serving value then quest protein powder is highly recommended. It comes in 3 flavors chocolate, strawberries, and vanilla which gives you a good number of options to choose between. It is a little pricey but is good for the amount of protein it contains.

Thus, if you are still confused about buying a protein powder for completing your daily protein needs and gaining strength then you must end your quest now and immediately go for quest Protein Powder!

You can find more information on the product by visiting the following links

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Alpha Cut Review 2018 -Benefits & Side Effects (Updated July 2019)

alpha cut

What is Alpha Cut?

Alpha Cut is the ultimate supplement that exclusively caters to men prioritizing health and fitness. But that does not mean that the benefits of this supplement are limited to improving your health alone, Alpha Cut will also provide phenomenal advantages to bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts as well.

alpha cut

This muscle boosting supplement has been designed exclusively to increase the level of testosterone in your body that will subsequently, increase your vitality and health, enhance your body fat loss and muscle size, as well as help you gain energy for longer workout sessions that will improve your health. This supplement takes control over your estrogen levels and increases the level of testosterone in your body for maximized effects. Apart from muscle building, this supplement is also supposed to contain anti-aging ingredients. Moreover, the increased level of energy will assist you to overcome fatigue and getting tired too early when exercising.

The claim that your overall appearance will also improve is backed by the fact that Alpha Cut will burn your body fat causing the underlying lean muscles to show off. Alpha Cut  functions to balance the production and secretion of testosterone via its main ingredients, namely Diindolylmethane, Indol 3 Carbinol, Chrysin, and Curcumin. These ingredients allow your body to detox and work to lower estrogen levels while increasing the production of testosterone in your body. This supplement also functions to strengthen your immune system while decreasing your bloated body. Find out how this amazing supplement works to help you build a stronger and better body.

Alpha Cut Ingredients

The success of Alpha Cut depends mainly on its four key ingredients that are listed below:

  • Diindolylmethane– This is one of the most crucial compounds in this supplement. This compound helps in the production of testosterone in your body. It also helps in maintains the equilibrium between the good and bad estrogen.
  • Indole 3 Carbinol– This ingredient comes with anti-estrogen function. It also cleanses your gut and ensures that healthy production of testosterone is maintained in your body.
  • Chrysin– This ingredient plays an important role in helping your body gain maximized benefits from the healthy production of testosterone in your body. It prevents the abnormal transformation of your body’s testosterone into unnecessary estrogen.
  • Curcumin– It regulates the production of estrogen in your body. Additionally, it also encourages the good estrogen production while controlling the production of bad estrogen in your body.

These four ingredients are primarily found in the supplement. They help your body to detox, control and limit the production of estrogen in the body, and essentially increase testosterone production, along with improving your immune system. They also help your body to stop bloating and reduce it significantly. Bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts can make good use of these ingredients to exercises for longer time periods without feeling tired, thereby getting faster results from their prolonged workout sessions.

The Workings of Alpha Cut

Since the ingredients of this supplement are natural, they work to naturally trigger the production of testosterone in your body. Along with increasing the testosterone levels, Alpha Cut also the ability to efficiently manage the estrogen conversion balance. When all three- production, conversion and release- take place in a controlled way, there are no side effects for you to worry about. Basically, this natural booster has been designed for men to fulfill their requirements that they cannot accommodate in their day-to-day lives. The ingestible formula of the supplement can be used for helping out with numerous fitness and health-related issues. In short, this supplement has the capability to help you meet all the physical targets you need to meet for a better and stronger body. Here are some notable functions of this supplement:

  • Helps you maintain a healthy weight
  • Enhances your mood and improves your sleep
  • Helps your lean muscles grow, get nourished and stay protected
  • Increases your energy levels so that you can get rid of fatigue
  • Solidifies your muscles and maximizes their power
  • Prevents the breakdown of muscles in your body
  • Fights off aging effects
  • Eases the bloating in your body, and purges the unnecessary fat as well as water weight
  • Offers you a healthy and satisfied sex life
  • Provides you with a chiseled body
  • Helps you get rid of toxins and fortifies your immune system


This natural muscle booster is highly promising with its competent formula that bestows unlimited advantages upon those that opt to use this supplement. Apart from the fact that it has the testosterone boosting ability, this supplement also has the ability to help you build muscles that you have been longing for over the years.

It is amazing to see that this supplement not only helps in the onset of testosterone production but can also effectively lower estrogen product, helping you ward off medical conditions like gynecomastia. With the help of its premeditated plan, this supplement is able to maintain a balance between the production and conversion of the hormones in your body. The power of its ingredients helps cleanse your body from external and internal toxins that may threaten your well-being. It also diminishes the production of bad estrogen that may cause the problem with your health. So, from the health point of view, Alpha Cut has the ability to safeguard your immune system while making it more active. There is no doubt that Alpha Cut is the best testosterone booster that you will come across and its unique ability to act as a testosterone booster will enrich you with energy and strength.

The Benefits of Alpha Cut

The manufacturers of Alpha Cut claim that it is a 100% natural product which makes it completely safe for use. It does not contain any artificial or synthesized ingredients, which is why it is free of chemicals and can be safely ingested. No side effects can be encountered if the product is not taken with some other medication. While other testosterone boosting supplements cause gastrointestinal problems, and steroids come with long-term health issues and side-effects, there is no such problem with taking this supplement.

Not only will you be able to improve the strength and quality of your muscles, but you will also benefit from the control of estrogen level in your body. Moreover, the increase in production of testosterone and further regulation of this testosterone offer maximized health benefits. Alpha Cut also provides anti-aging effects that make you look younger and more vibrant while lowering the fatigue that you experience at the gym. You can also effectively lose fat from the body and get over the bloating that forms in the body. Eventually, this supplement helps you to exercise for extended time periods at the gym, which leads to increased muscle production in the faster time period. Therefore you have ensured overall health as well as fitness by using Alpha Cut.

This testosterone booster can increase the muscle mass, lower the fat content, and also improve the energy level in your body for extra time during workout sessions for improved overall health.

You can take this supplement two times a day (one capsule each time) and accompany it with food to avoid feeling nauseated.

The ingredients in this supplement are 100% natural so you will experience no bad or harmful effects while using this supplement that you generally encounter while using steroids or other such supplements.

According to reviews, using Alpha Cut for some months continuously can help you increase 6-12 pounds of muscle mass gain!


  • Rob– Alpha Cut is the real deal. I have noticed that my muscles are much harder and bigger. Moreover, I feel that my body also looks much better. I don’t feel tired much and have the power to perform the toughest exercises. I have also lost the body fat that has helped me appear much better. Before using Alpha Cut I already tried various supplements, treatments, and medications, but without any success. But this is the product that I will recommend to anyone looking for a better physique.
  • Andrew– I totally love it that Alpha Cut has cut down my fat without affecting my muscle mass. I look leaner and feel stronger all at once. Even my wife says that my skin appears much better, thanks to the detoxifying properties of Alpha Cut.
  • Brandon– Having opted for Alpha Cut has been the best decision of my life. I can now spend more time with my friends and colleagues. I feel more confident and sleep better. And my body fat is all gone. My girlfriend is happy to see me charged up all the time and my appearance has changed drastically, all because of this supplement. My biceps and flat tummy have gained me much popularity, making me feel like a celebrity.

Alpha Cut Side Effects

This natural muscle booster is perfect for men desiring to improve their level of testosterone in the body without having to encounter any risk. Alpha Cut is not known to cause any physical or mental complications that you encounter while using other supplements for boosting your testosterone levels. While there are some that reported of improvement in the quality of their sleep, there are others that reported of improvement in their mood and confidence as well. The control over the production of estrogen helps in lessening the fat that develops when you reach your middle –age. Moreover, there is an improvement in the lean muscle quality that comes without working hard for it. Reports have also been made on the ability to lift extra weights and doing more reps without any fatigue. Users have also claimed of showing an increased level of energy with the recommended use of 2 capsules every day. One of the lesser known side effects is nausea and that can be avoided if you eat some food along with the supplement.

Recommended Dosage

The manufacturers opine that the ideal dosage is 2 capsules per day with water. You don’t need to either increase or lower this recommended dosage. If you do so, the chances of being affected by side effects will be high. The results will start showing visibly within 4-8 weeks of usage. Don’t forget to drink lots of water when consuming Alpha Cut. Moreover, intense workouts along with a healthy diet are crucial to get desired results when using this supplement. Although there are various reports on the outcome of using this supplement, most agree that proper results start showing within 2 months of using the supplement.

Usually, the normal processes are hindered when you have excessive fat in your body, which is why fatigue sets in so easily. This fatigue also hampers your regular workout sessions, and as you get tired more often, you start spending less time doing your exercises at the gym. In fact, lethargy prevents you from doing your daily chores as well.

However, using this supplement on a regular basis along with exercises and proper diet, you will get back your energy and strength that will help burn all the excess fat and help your muscles grow stronger and make you more energetic at the end of the day. Also, with the loss of fat in your body, your overall appearance will also change and you will get the desired chiseled look in due time. With the balance in lowered estrogen and higher production of testosterone in your body, you will enjoy the benefits of being energized all the time as well as less fat and more muscles in your body. A point to note is that this supplement is recommended only for men and not children or women.

Final Words on Alpha Cut

So, the bottom line is that this supplement will offer returns on your investment by leaps and bounds. This natural boosting supplement contains natural ingredients which are the main reason why you should not hesitate opting for it. Moreover, you can carry it around with you everywhere you go as it comes is easy-to-carry bottles. This estrogen inhibitor and testosterone booster have been uniquely designed to improve the strength and build of your muscles, to increase the loss of fat in your body, along with increasing your energy levels for prolonged and harder workouts with an overall improvement in health. You will be left with a better figure which will, in turn, boost your well-being sense and confidence. Within 2 months of using Alpha Cut along with dedicated workout sessions as well as balanced diet, you will get a strong and perfectly-shaped body.

D ribose Review 2018- Benefits & side effects (Updated July 2019)

d ribose

What is D ribose?


There are a lot of energy supplements available on the market nowadays. But how do you know whether the particular product which you have selected is the one? Most people order/buy such products to improve their lifestyle and boost their energy. Technology and competition in the day to day life has taken a major role where the mere food, diet or the exercise is not enough for a person to function at the same pace.Hence what do we do? We turn to several health supplements and try to get the most favorable product in the market for us.

It should fuel us with energy and at the same time with minimum or without side effects. What if the product is easily available and even more easily consumable? Well, here comes the role for one such energy producing supplement available on the market currently.

D-ribose is basically a type of sugar often used for energy production. Several multi-level marketing companies and their organizations produce the same product i.e, d-ribose.

This type of sugar is used as a medicine too. Some people use it for diseases like cardiovascular problems, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome to improve the symptoms. D-ribose supplements are known to be used also by athletes to tighten their muscle energy level so that they could improve their performance during training.

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Role of d-ribose in the body:

  • All living being have DNA or RNA in their body which differentiate them from each other.
  • The DNA/RNA is made of purines and pyrimidines which are critical cellular compounds.
  • The d-ribose are sugars which are naturally produced in the body. They form a backbone for DNA/RNA binding purines and pyrimidines together.
  • Our body has a good amount of these purines and pyrimidines so that they can be synthesized the genetic material required for the body along with numerous cofactors, vitamins, and Adenosine triphosphate or ATP molecules.
  • The starting of all these syntheses is from the d – ribose which is attached along with the purines and pyrimidines.
  • Hence according to the amount of ribose in our body it is determined how much of our cells and tissues are made.
  • D-ribose is the structural compound which is found in DNA, RNA, ATP, GTP, FAD, Riboflavin and all other important nucleotides in the body.
  • Ribose is formed in the body through a metabolic pathway called Penrose phosphate pathway.
  • Pentose phosphate pathway is slow and only to an extent in cardiac and muscle cells since the enzymes – glucose-6-phosphate hydrogenase and 6- phosphogluconate dehydrogenase are low.
  • This pathway produces ribose-5-phosphate which is finally converted into 5- phshotibosyl1-pyrophosphate/PRPP which is the initial compound required for purine production.
  • No other compound can replace ribose here.
  • Purines which are lost during ischemia, hypoxia and genetic predisposition are regained through this process.
  • Hence ribose is important and when extra D-ribose is supplied to the body more PRPP is produced. Finally resulting in high level of purines and ATP.
  • High ATP = high energy
  • High energy in heart and skeletal muscles can increase the activity of the person. The different functions such as – contraction, cell wall maintenance, relaxation, the polarisation of cell membrane etc are escalated to providing a better performance.

How to use D-ribose?

There are several uses of d-ribose:

  1. One of the use would be the one which was mentioned in the above topic – to produce more energy
  2. People taking d-ribose supplements have reduced muscle cramps, soreness, and stiffness after extensive physical exercise.
  3. Effective in improving the health of skeletal muscles and their performance in people who have a deficiency.
  4. Ribose can also be used as a therapy to enhance exercise ability in some people who suffer from McArdle’s disease.
  5. D-ribose injection helps in identifying the coronary artery disease.

D-ribose has also opened possibilities for new uses as well like:

  • Enhance the heart’s ability to manage blood flow fluctuations in those with coronary artery disease (clogged arteries);
  • Improve the sleep cycles, energy levels and overall well-being of those with CFS;
  • Improve the functioning of the heart muscle and the quality of life for people with congestive heart failure;
  • Improve heart functioning during and after surgeries, including coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) procedures;
  • Improve sleep, energy, and well-being, as well as reduce pain, for those with fibromyalgia;
  • Improve the symptoms associated with restless leg syndrome;
  • Decrease incidences of seizures and improve behavioral patterns of epileptics.

Top 10 D ribose supplements

  1. Nutricost D Ribose

The gluten-free product is made in States in a high quality under a facility which is made according to the standard quality. This product with is able to push up your energy in just intake of 5 g. The energy production, its maintenance and helping good heart function along with the helping the athletes in their day to day activities.

  1. D-ribose powder- life extension

There is a process happening in all the cells to produce energy or ATP. Well, the D ribose from Life Extension will help you to carry out this particular process. Fast healing from vigorous exercise, good health of the heart, increasing the energy production, all this is possible with 5 grams of the Bioenergy D ribose every time you use it.

  1. D Ribose – Doctors best

This is again gluten free and they use some authorized ingredients in their products so that it could help them the individuals with ATP synthesis and maintain it. Just 5 g of the product is required to supply a good amount of energy to the heart which in turn helps in fast healing of muscle.

  1. Source Naturals

This particular product provides vegetarian tablets. It gives a great deal of energy and helps in muscle healing after a vigorous exercise. Three gram is all it is required in which fifty milligrams is Calcium and it is effective in energy production and to increase the strength of our skeletal system

  1. D-Ribose Powder-Now

This is another product again having a high amount of energy producing d ribose. It has a good quality and the product is lactose-free since no dairy products are used for this particular product. 5 grams of the product is all it takes.

  1. D-Ribose – Nova Nutrition

It is again a vegetarian product. It is mainly used in the sports world. It increases the energy and also helps the individual to recover the energy lost. Nova nutrition product act as an antioxidant helping in the process of energy production in the muscle along with reducing tiredness in the muscles. Cardiovascular health is another important criterion which this product works on.

  1. D Ribose – Jarrow’s formulation

It is one if the kind which uses patent ingredients and process. Microbial fermentation is the method used which gives out a very effective product. Ribose is required on the road to energy production. It is meant to be excellent if 2 grams of the product daily thrice can do a good job in energy production. Hence the Jarrows formulas have created this product.

  1. D Ribose – muscle feast pure

This product is found in the body already through the natural formation. Cells of a living body have processed this and help with fitness and reduce fatigue.

  1. D Ribose – Douglas Lab Corvalen

This product is easily dissolved and taken up by the body to give out a good amount of energy. 5 grams of D ribose product give heightened results in cardiovascular health and in fitness by more energy production and by decreasing the tiredness.

  1. D Ribose – Bulk supplements Pure powder

This product in each using give out carbohydrates and ribose sugar which is naturally produced by the body. Studies show that it can increase the energy production and help in post recovery of muscles after a workout it heavy exercise. If you need instant energy you could have this product and work longer. 5 g of this product is taken at the time and this dosage of bulk supplement help to help you from muscle fatigue.

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Mitochondrial Functioning

There are few diseases which cause reduced energy production in our body which in turn cause certain side effects. They are diseases like fatigue syndromes and fibromyalgia.

Few of the effects of such diseases are:

Sore muscles, pain, and stiffness, hormone imbalance, more prone to infections, improper detoxification of liver and kidneys, dysfunction, sleeplessness etc.

Usually, these symptoms are drawn back to mitochondrial dysfunction.

The mitochondrion is known as the power production unit in a cell. All the calories consumed are burned here to produce energy or ATP. So the cells in our body individually produce the energy required for different cell functions. Hence the energy production does not happen in a single place.

Mitochondrial function at its good state and help us to come over all the symptoms the deficiencies can cause to our body for our own well being.

For the body of any person to function properly according to the daily exercise we do, we need to maintain mitochondrial health as well. The D ribose help in filling in any gaps caused due to a deficiency in our body through mitochondrial dysfunction.

D-ribose Side Effects

There is definite evidence through scientific research to use D Ribose for following purposes:

  • Clogged heart arteries (coronary artery disease) – Taking ribose by mouth seems to be effective for improving the heart’s ability to manage low blood flow in people with coronary artery disease.
  • Myoadenylate deaminase deficiency

Consuming via mouth seems to be effective for symptoms such as cramping, pain, and stiffness after exercise in people with MAD

  • Athletic performance

It suggests that consuming ribose supplements through the mouth, alone or with any other supplements, do not increase power or improve muscle strength in trained or untrained individuals.

  • McArdle’s disease

Studies show that taking ribose orally does not improve exercise ability in McArdle’s disease suffering people.

Possibly can be used for following issues

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome

Earlier studies claim that taking a ribose supplement by mouth might improve energy, sleeping habits and sense of well-being in people with chronic fatigue syndrome.

  • Mental function

Several studies say that taking ribose by mouth for 8 days do not improve performance during works that cause mental fatigue.

  • Congestive heart failure
  • Coronary artery bypass graft surgery

Studies show that people who take a ribose supplement through mouth immediately before the surgery, have better heart function after surgery.

Earlier studies say that taking ribose by mouth may improve behavior and reduce seizure frequency caused by deficiencies in few people. There are no serious adverse events noted so far for d-ribose though.

D-ribose powder is a natural substance that is produced in the body, D-ribose is known to be likely safe for most individuals.

However, there are some cases of side effects including nausea, stomach upset, diarrhea, low blood sugar and/or a headache. No serious or long-term D-ribose side effects are known.


There are no specific results or clinically proven data to say that this product is safe for pregnant women to consume. Also taking D ribose for those who suffer from diabetes is risky. The glucose in the blood may shoot up.

People with low BP are not advised to take this product as it may lead to the lowering of BP even more which is dangerous. And the people to undergo a surgery should not consume D ribose for about 2 weeks before surgery.

D ribose should be taken while taking aspirin, it might cause hypoglycemia and do not have it while taking alcohol since it may again decrease the BP level.

D-ribose Dosing

The first and foremost thing to be noted is that this supplement should be consumed by doctor’s prescription. Few people coronary artery disease are recommended to take 15 grams (4 times daily) to decrease muscle pain and tension 3 grams are recommended. But it is always better to do a body check up and see everything is fine before taking the supplement. Consult your doctor and discuss the need if taking the supplement. Then check for all the factors which may cause side effects.

D-Ribose and Athletes

D-ribose is suggested for sports and people who work for fitness activities because it helps in reducing the loss of energy during stress and accelerate energy and tissue/muscle recovery. Mainly athletes and fitness training people benefit the most from d- ribose.

Until our hearts have an adequate supply of ribose, they simply cannot fulfill their astonishing energy demand. Usually, ribose is produced in our bodies naturally, but sometimes because of stress, the need is more than our supply to satisfy the loss of energy from our cells. Hence providing with d-ribose can support proper functions of the heart and helps to maintain healthy stroke volume during and after high-intensity exercise. One of the studies performed found that providing with D-ribose after cardiac ischemia resulted in a shorter duration of diastolic recovery time against the control group (2.8 days vs. 9.4 days). Another study showed positive effects on diastolic function and quality of life in compromised patients after only three weeks of consuming D-ribose. Although D-ribose is a five-carbon monosaccharide, it does not raise blood sugar.


Ribose is a sugar or energy supplement produced by our body from food. Few data show that ribose can be successfully processed outside and taken by individuals that require extra energy in their day to day life. The ribose if taken continuously it would increase the quality of life and the person achieves a lot.

The following doses have been studied in scientific research-

By Mouth:

For improving the ability of people with coronary artery disease to exercise: 15 grams four times daily. Starting from 1 hour before exercise until the end of the exercise, 3 grams every 10 minutes has to be used to reduce muscle stiffness and pain/cramps caused by exercising.

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Kratom Powder Review – Benefits & Side Effects (updated July 2019)

kratom powder

What is Kratom Powder?

Though Kratom powder  is used as a remedial herb since many centuries in Southeast Asia recently it has gained popularity all over the world due to its medicinal properties. It is a tree-like plant which belongs to the family of gardenias and coffee. It has been used herbal remedy for treating a number of ailments in Thailand and its neighboring countries since long. Though it is traditionally used for relieving mild pains and boosting energy due to its opium-like stimulating effect today it is also considered helpful in managing withdrawal symptoms related to addiction with opium products. It is normally used as kratom powder. In this write-up, brief information about the uses and dosage of Kratom powder is provided to help you in understanding its benefits more closely.
Kratom is used by people for many centuries to enjoy a wide range of its health benefits. The use of kratom powder has been grown at an exponential rate since last few decades. The leaves of Kratom tree contain a large number of natural alkaloids which help in boosting various types of vitalities among humans. Today people from all walks of life around the world are using it as an effective herbal medicine. Some of its effective and wonderful results may include:
  • Calming the nerves
  • Natural energy boosting
  • Concentration improving
  • Getting an optimistic and joyful state of mind
  • Reliving body aches and pains
  • Increasing sexual desire
  • Reducing blood pressure
  • Improving mental ability
  • Controlling the symptoms of depression
Kratom Powder Leaves
Kratom is available in three forms, raw leaves, powder and extracted powder of kratom. The effect of kratom is almost the same in all the three forms. So you can choose one as per your convenience as well as on their availability. Traditionally raw leaves of kratom were chewed for long for medicinal purposes due to their most natural form. However, today people like to use kratom powder due to the ease of consuming it. So the form of kratom is immaterial. The main thing that matters is its right dosage.

How to take Kratom powder?

Kratom powder can be ingested in several different ways. Some of the popular ways to consume powdered Kratom may include:
  • Toss and wash: It is the simplest way to ingest kratom powder. You only have to put the required amount of powder into your mouth and swallow it with the help of a glass of water. Some people mix this powder into the water to drink it in parts whereas some split its dose into several parts to swallow them one by one, depending upon the amount of dose.
  • Drink kratom powder tea: Another popular method of ingesting kratom powder is to boil it in some water for few minutes. Then allow it to settle down in the pan. Then strain off the liquid to drink like tea. You can drink it hot or cold, as you like. But, being a time-consuming method, people usually search for more alternative methods.
  • Consume with yogurt: Some people also recommend to consume kratom powder by adding it to some yogurt, flavored or normal as you like. But most people do not use this method as it is more effective if taken empty stomach, which will not possible in this case.
  • Mix in protein shake: Another popular way to consume kratom powder is to mix it in the glass of tasty and healthy protein shake as some people find it more effective by taking it in this way. But this thought has no scientific support.
  • Capsule: Though kratom powder pills are also available in the market but people usually recommend to make its capsules yourself to swallow it easily without noticing its taste. Although it is a convenient way to ingest kratom powder, you may have to make several capsules to adjust your entire dose.
So after knowing various methods of consuming kratom powder, you should also know its right dose for you.
Determine the dose of Kratom powder
There is no set dose of kratom powder which can be taken to see its effects. You will have to find out your Sweet Spot by using trial and error method as it varies from person to person. So to find out your sweet spot the beginners are advised to start with a lower dose of 2-3 grams and increase it gradually up to 10 grams. Normally 3-5 gram dose of high-quality kratom powder is considered as sufficient but it can be increased depending upon the requirement of the individual user. If you feel some effect of the dose after 20 minutes of taking it then you should not take additional dose otherwise you can have a bit more to observe its effectiveness in your case. You can feel heaviness in your head if taken in excessive dose, so please keep it in mind while finding out the right dose of kratom powder for you.

Beginners Guide on Kratom Powder

The tips provided hereunder will help the beginners to know their right dose of powdered kratom. The first thing that beginner should keep in mind that they should consume kratom powder empty stomach to see its best results. So they should take it either in the morning or 2-3 hours after meals. Though you can also ingest it after eating food but to get effective results you will have to consume it in more quantity. So it is better to take it empty stomach. In order to know their right dose of powdered kratom the beginners should follow a step-by-step method.
Initially, they should start to take 2-3 grams of kratom powder on empty stomach to feel something different in around 20 minutes. It is enough time to feel the difference if they are taking good quality kratom powder. Then they should evaluate their feelings after 30-40 minutes. They should take 1-2 gram powder more if they feel its need.
If you still feel that you should take more powder then you can take another booster dose of 0.5-2 grams.
You can certainly feel good for at least 4-5 hours after taking that much amount of kratom powder.
After 4-5 hours you can take another dose 3-5 grams of kratom powder in the same manner as used earlier.
In fact, 3-5 grams of powdered kratom is enough for the fresh receptors of the beginners. But your initial dose should start from 1.5 grams if you are a woman or a man with less than 65 kg weight. This dosage is also suitable for you if you rotate strains regularly or take it irregularly to improve your tolerance power.
Important precautionary tips for the beginners
If you have never tried kratom powder even while suffering from strains or started to take it for the first time then you should keep following things in your mind before trying it.
  • Take it on empty stomach: It has been proved through various experiments that kratom is more effective if taken on an empty stomach, especially in case of beginners. Though they can also take it after eating meals but in that case, they will have to take its higher dosage than required.
  • Drink lots of water: Kratom dehydrates you considerably like coffee. So you should keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water throughout the day. You should also drink more water if you have taken its higher dose as it can make you feel heady otherwise. So if you are going out after taking kratom powder then you should keep in mind to drink more liquid than you drink in daily routine.
  • Maintain record: While taking kratom powder first time the beginners should maintain the record of their experiences with their strain after taking it every dosage. When you write down your feelings and thought sin this regard then it can also help you to use them as a reference in future. It will also help you in saving time and money next time as you know how much kratom can be effective for you.
  • Use different doses to ease your strain: If you are unable to control your strain by taking your sweet spot dose then you can take its additional dose also but in a gradual manner as detailed above. Some people take its higher dosages to get quick relief which is not advisable in any case.

Kratom powder Reviews

Though you can purchase kratom in pills or capsule form in the market it is better to crush its raw dried leaves at home. Most of the consumers of kratom prefer to make its powder themselves by crushing the dried leaves of kratom powder with the help of a blender. Some of them also add this powder to the liquid or foods they consume to make it easier for them.
Some of the kratom users have extracted its powder from resins. They produced extracted powder by converting the powder of dried raw leaves into the resin by adding water into them and boiling the mixture. This resin can be grounded with a blender to form extracted powder of kratom. Most people like this powder due to its pleasant taste though it consumes enough time. Moreover, you will have to consume lesser powder in each dose due to its concentrated nature.
Safety level of kratom powder
Though kratom powder is completely safe still you should consume it sensibly to relive your strains and pains. No serious side effects have been noticed so far after consuming kratom as it neither promotes withdrawal nor addiction. On the contrary, kratom is known as an effective tool to help out people dependent of hardcore drugs like opium and heroin etc. But you can experience mild side effects to handle your body like sleeping problem or nausea, if you have taken it in higher dosage in any sitting. The alkaloid effects of Kratom can be responsible due to the distinctive effects of the plant. This alkaloid affects the opioid receptors of the brain which can cause mood swings and anxiety in some cases. But such effects usually go away after some time.
In fact, like other herbal medicines, you have to use trial and error method to determine the right dose of kratom powder for you. So, instead of starting from higher dose it is recommended to start with a smaller dose and increase it gradually as per your needs. Ordinarily, the dose of less than 10-gram kratom is considered as mild whereas the dose of over 10 grams up to 20 grams may give intensive effect. You may get most powerful sensation if you take its 20-30 gram dosage. You should take it safely as per your physical requirements.
Legal status of kratom powder  in the US
The trading and consumption of all kratom powder based products is legal in almost all the states of US except Louisiana and Indiana. While buying any herbal product online, you should check its legal status from the website of local government, if you live outside the United States or not sure about the law of your state in this regard. Thus the use of kratom products is considered protected by law and legal. So it can be easier to buy it online as most of the online stores ship it directly to your doorstep. While purchasing kratom powder online you should compare the offers of different online stores to find the most effective and reasonably priced product for you. In this way, this gift of nature will help you to enjoy your life in a relaxed and fun manner.

Conclusion on Kratom Powder

So, after getting almost complete information about the effects and usage of kratom powder through this write-up it becomes easier to make a well-informed decision to buy it to get rid of your strains and pains in a natural manner, without using chemical-based pharmaceuticals. But you should find your ‘sweet spot’ carefully as it can be frustrating to change your dose every time to find the right one for you. But once you are able to find the best dose for you then you can live a more relaxed and comfortable life after consuming this natural product extracted from plants. However, you should observe its effectiveness from time-to-time to reset its dosage according to your physical needs.

No Xplode Review 2018 -Pro’s & Con’s (updated July 2019)

no xplode

Introduction No Xplode

We all need one or the other supplement to make our workout more effective. During the workout, we work hard and regular diet is not enough to compensate for the hard work and strength used during a workout. Apart from this if you are planning to build muscle you need more.

no xplode

What is No Xplode?

It’s a pre-workout supplement. A nitric oxide muscle building formula. It contains ingredients like caffeine, creatine, and l-arginine.

What is muscle building?

Like it’s not everyone who is into muscle building but whoever is should understand the process first then start working on it. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Therefore we all should understand the process. After you workout, your body maintenance or substitutes injured muscle fibers through a cellular procedure where it blends muscle fibers together to form new muscle protein strands. These repaired myofibrils increase in thickness and number to create muscle development. If you are working with weights you are planning to work not only trying to lose some fat but also trying to gain muscle.

Why is muscle important for your body?

The muscles help the movement of the human body. It’s very important to have a healthy amount of muscle in your body, strong muscle mass helps us in a lot of ways. It helps in doing a lot of heavy workouts and also helps in making our bones stronger. The muscle mass supports the overall fitness and well-being.

How No Xplode helps?

We all know that our body needs more when it comes to building muscle. Regular diets are not sufficient. The athletes, bodybuilders and other sports enthusiasts are working more than a normal person to attain the desired body. The supplements play a vital role. If you don’t prefer using supplements then you must have a lot of patience and time. We all want results and why not take advantage of something that helps. When we are working so hard it’s not only the mental strength we need but also the physical strength. The combination of both is required.

Nothing is important more than a willpower and right guidance with the right kind of diet. A pre-workout supplement should have it all. No XPLODE is a perfect blend of all what you need to gain muscle and strength. Our supplement helps to produce increased vigor and perseverance, aids mental focus and muscular power, and provide the exact strength to help sportspersons of all types boost workout performance.

The benefits of No Xplode

Every supplement has its own benefits. No Xplode is considered the best so far because it has helped a lot of athletes all over the world. It has done wonders to their body and they are very happy to use it and even happy to share their reviews about it all over the web. You can’t doubt it. You can’t know unless you try it. It’s a great way to start a workout. Let’s see how it benefits you.

  • Better endurance: the supplement helps you have a way better endurance than without a pre-workout drink. In the gym, we tend to lift heavy weights. Our body needs additional strength. We can push our limits to an extent; it helps it in pushing further. Endurance is the skill to tolerate a difficult process or situation without giving way. No Xplode perfectly well in this situation.
  • Highest performance: By now we know that we need muscular strength, power, and endurance to perform and it’s sustained. No xplode has this magic ingredient that is very advanced. The performance it promises is beyond your expectations and your imaginations but surely up to your expectations.
  • Awesome taste: now this is like the cherry on the cake, I mean supplements are usually not very great to taste. But we made sure NO Xplode is not only effective but has great taste too. It comes in five flavors. Fruit punch,razz, watermelon, grape and green apple. What else can you ask for? It’s the best and it’s delicious too.

Let’s learn about creatine?

We are reading again and again about creatine. So we would like to put some light on it and try and explain it. It is a component that is found in our tissues. It helps your muscles produce vigor throughout heavy lifting or high-intensity workouts. The body produces some of the creatine it uses. Usually, we find creatine in foods, which are rich in proteins. You can have proteins in the form of food but it tends to get so boring eating the same food every day, but what can replace the protein in your food? Yes, we can, by using our supplement. It has the exact amount of ingredients, which your athletic body needs. So its one of the magical ingredients that work best for your body.

How does caffeine help?

Caffeine is another wondrous ingredient. Caffeine helps increase blood pressure and pulse rate. In endurance workouts, caffeine helps to organize fat. It helps stores and boosts working muscles to use fat as fuel, thus sparing glycogen. It gives you an awesome kick. Caffeine can build circulatory strain, beat rate and stomach corrosive generation. Caffeine prepares fat storage and urges working muscles to utilize fat as fuel, in this way saving glycogen. The glycogen spared toward the start of an exercise is then accessible amid the later phases of activity and weakness and weariness are usually drawn out.

Conclusion on No xplode

All we can say is that we prose the best of the supplements and we don’t fail to deliver it. It shows great results once you start using it regularly. You don’t have to wait for years. You can see great desired results within a couple of weeks. No one is born as a champion, champions are made and we make champions. We promise you to take your workouts to next level. Intelligent workouts are so more effective than the other unplanned mindless workouts.

It’s so important these days to take an extra dose to reach to that an extra edge and we deliver this to you in such a simple hassle free way. Mix our power does to water, that’s it. This is all you need, no more mindless eating or strict diets to get that next level body. Whether its lifting heavy weights or running in fields what you just need is No XPLODE it gives you the right amount of energy, vigor and focuses needed to help maximize every minute of your workout. It has improved the Thermic Energy combination so you can push your workout greatness to new heights.

Get ready to be a champion. A champion is one who surpasses all rivals and competitors. If you have that dream, we are going to help you make it come true. We beat all when it comes to understanding the anatomy of your body and to transform it into your dream body which can beat anyone in strength, endurance, power and looks as well! Everybody wants to have a great body, which is not only fit but also is so good it looks, and nothing can beat the deadly combination. So if you want to have a dream body try No XPLODE, it will never leave you disappointed.