Atkins Shakes Review – Benefits & Side Effects (updated July 2019)

atkins shakes

What is Atkins shakes?

Everybody these days is health conscious. We all want to stay healthy and try our best to do so. It’s not necessary that everyone is doing this the right way. Therefore, despite their endless efforts, they don’t see results. It’s important these days to have an intelligent way of staying healthy. Doing everything won’t give results. We have to listen to our bodies and its needs and then decide what’s the best way to stay healthy. When it comes to having a great health we shouldn’t ignore the nutrients that are important for our body.

atkins shakes

Nutrition is something that is important for our body in relation to a good health. It is very important to have a nutritious diet. While planning our diets we must keep a check on calorie count as well. A poor diet can lead to deficiency diseases. So a balance is very important to keep in mind. Enter Atkins Shakes.

Obesity and overweight

As we all are aware of people suffering obesity and overweight issues. Both terms mean that a person’s weight is greater than what’s considered healthy for him or her. The best way to check your weight is by calculating it through BMI that is Body Mass Index. Being overweight leads to so many health issues like obesity, heart diseases, diabetes and many more. It can lead to life-risking threats. It’s so important to keep a check on the food intake. Excess of everything is bad and it can have dangerous side effects to your body.

How do we get overweight?

We gain weight when we don’t keep a check on what we are eating over time or when we eat more calories than we burn. There should be a balance between calorie intake and calorie burn. If we keep increasing the calorie intake and don’t try to burn it we will become overweight. One of the major reasons for being overweight is overeating and lack of exercise. Mindless eating is a disaster for your body.

Atkins Diet

It’s a low carbohydrate diet, which helps in weight loss. The diet claims that you can lose weight by eating as much protein and fat, as you want to avoid the food rich in carbs. Atkins diet is one of the most successful diets when it comes to losing weight.

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Benefits of Atkins shakes

Now I would love to introduce to you Atkins shakes. After reading above about how being overweight is a health hazard I would like to put light on the ways to work it out in the best way. These Atkins shakes can be very nutritious, healthy and tasty as well. Atkins  hakes are one of the best remedies to lose weight in the fitness fraternity. They are a great source of minerals, vitamins, and fiber. Everyone can drink this, from a bodybuilder who wants to gain muscle mass to an athlete who wants to gain strength to diet conscious person who wants to keep his or her weight in control. A lot of research shows that drinking Atkins shake can really help you. They can be a perfect meal replacement, which is as healthy as your meal.

The Atkins shakes are nutritious and its very filling as well. They can be replaced by snacking as well. We all would agree that snacking is something that we usually end up eating mindlessly and that guilt is something, which takes a toll on us. These Atkins shakes are therefore perfect to drink after workouts. After a rigorous workout or any simple workout also we tend to feel very hungry and eat whatever comes our way and that is the worse thing to do as it not only leads to an excess of calorie intake but even it doesn’t let the workout show good results. So it is very important to think before you eat and it’s very difficult too. Nobody has the time to sit and calculate calorie intake of each little thing they are going to eat or prepare special meals. When one is hungry they can’t control the urge to eat something or they can get super irritable and cranky like a child.

Weight loss with Atkins shakes

These Atkins shakes are great shakes; studies show that they have really helped in losing weight. Atkins shake has the right amount of calories and nutrition that a body needs to lose weight. Everyone today is not happy with his or her bodies if they are overweight. Everybody wants to look good and feel good. It can only happen if your weight is under control. There are millions of ways to lose weight but it’s important to find out the best way, which leads to good health as well. Crash dieting is something, which is so harmful. So it’s important to lose weight gradually with the help of good diet and exercise and Atkins shakes works really best as it just not help you lose weight but won’t let your health get affected too.

Muscle mass and endurance

Now we see a lot of athletes and bodybuilders who are into shakes. They are always enjoying these shakes and they make it an important part of their meals. Even if they won’t eat a meal they will replace it with Atkins shakes as they know it’s as good as a great and balanced diet. This Atkins shakes not only help in losing weight but also helps in gaining muscle mass and endurance. So its good news everywhere. What can beat the combination of great body and endurance all from one thing that is so hassling free and delicious? Atkins shakes have it all. The workouts, which are intense, can actually tear down out our muscle, therefore, we need proper nutrients to avoid any injury or deficiency. Here the Atkins shakes play an important role. So it not only gives you desired muscle mass but helps in endurance too.

Conclusion on Atkins shakes

All we can say that these Atkins shakes are very good for your body. It’s quite filling and can keep you away from hunger pangs the whole day. They provide the right amount of calcium, protein, minerals, and vitamins. They not only help you in weight loss but even help you maintain that weight you have lost as its another challenge to do so for a very long time. Losing weight is still easy compared to maintain weight. The good news is that they come in a variety of flavors and they are very tasty too. You must have heard people complaining about the taste of these Atkins shakes how they force themselves to just chug them down their throat. Atkins shakes are something that people relish and enjoy drinking. It gives such a great feeling to drink something that can replace your meals and can push away the mindless eating, which is so yummy and healthy. Yes, we are not joking here, its true and it’s not a miracle or dream. People all over the world are enjoying great results they are getting after they have added Atkins shakes in their diet on a daily routine basis. If you don’t believe us try it for yourself and you will b thanking us for introducing you to these Atkins shakes, which have done wonders to people’s body that have used them. It’s healthy, yummy and helpful!

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A1 Supplements Review 2018- Are they worth buying? (updated July 2019)

a1 supplements

What are A1 Supplements?

Nowadays, you can find countless companies selling and distributing nutritional supplements & related products on their websites. But in case of trust & reliability, only a few of them stand on the ground. Well, among those trustable and reliable ones, there’s A1 Supplements. All you need to know about A1 supplements is here.

History of A1 Supplements

A1 supplements were established in the year 1999. This website is considered as a legit online seller and distributor of nutritional supplements, protein powders, and various other products which are related to health and wellness of a person. A1 supplements were created to be one of the best sources of supplement selection and information available online. A1 supplements is based in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Since the start of A1 supplements, it has been treated as one of the largest online store which sells supplements along with that it provides everyone easy and convenient shopping experience. The best thing about their website is that you can find the best range of products at lowest prices!


Since the last few years, A1 supplements has become a trustworthy and reliable wholesaler of nutritional products and supplements. It also distributes products in stores and gyms for using purposes. As of today, it is one of the leading distributors of products which ships to all 50 states in the US. Furthermore, the products are also shipped worldwide to fulfill the needs of the people who live outside the United States.

Philosophy of A1 Supplements

A1 supplements have a very simple philosophy which is dedicated to providing quality products at cheaper prices. If compared with other companies, no one can beat the discounts available on their wholesale pricing structure.

Well, it not only offers you best products at lower prices but also the hottest products on the market are also available. Another best thing about their website is that it has supplement facts and articles which are helpful in providing information to help every person with their fitness or bodybuilding aims. After spending many years in this market A1 supplement has managed to gain support and loyalty from athletes, trainers, bodybuilders, health & fitness enthusiasts, and a lot more.

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Accreditation from BBB

If you still have a doubt on the trust and reliability of a1 supplements then one thing you should know about is that it is BBB Accredited. In simple words, the company standards meet the BBB accreditation standards in case of being able to provide quality products to the consumers. Well A1 supplements have also managed to live up to their commitments in marketing products which are effective and also beneficial.

Selection of Products

Well as you can see A1 supplements have a fantastic selection and collection of wide range of products. They have products from big companies and newly introduced ones too. They have proteins, amino, joint health, pct, post workouts and everything relatable by big brands.

Furthermore, they carry products by almost every brand you can think of except nutrabio and jym. Along with these products they also have accessories and clothing for a workout too. The collection of the clothing and accessories for work out seems pretty decent. Not to miss they also have shaker cups, jugs, etc as cheap as you can think of.



The site is well organized and easy to operate. You can also save your information so that the next time you order from them, it will be a matter of few clicks only.

Shipping of Orders

The shipping seems standard as they have a rate of $5.99 for a 2-5 days shipping. But on the other hand, it can be cheaper for you based upon the area you live in. If you are reluctant to spend a little more than you can get your products early by priority shipping.

You can say that their shipping is as fast as in the advertisements and doesn’t arrive early or late which is another reason to like A1 Supplements.


You will never face any problems with their service even after using them for ages. They will send you confirmation emails after your order after they ship and also before delivering! Along with your orders, they might sometimes throw in some samples too.

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Pros & Cons of A1 Supplements


A1 supplements’ website offers a lot of products with nutrients and supplements just like a person requires in his day to day life. If you are looking for products to build your body or even to get into diet regime, you can for sure find products you require on their website.

They also supply sports nutrition products like pre-workout supplements, recovery supplement, creatine supplements, and a lot more.

Well moreover:

  • Variety of body supplements
  • Specials and deals on a regular basis
  • Secure payment system on their website
  • Gift cards, coupons, and discounts available


I guess there’s only one drawback of A1 supplements and that is the varying shipping costs which depend on where you live. The farther you live the more are the shipping costs. If you want to check the shipping costs for your area then you can just simply add the products you want in the cart and later during the checkout the shipping costs are calculated accordingly and automatically.

Well, this might get frustrating for the people who live quite far and would have to undergo a few processes just to find the shipping costs for their area.

How to order from A1 Supplements?

Well, it is quite convenient to order from their website as the layout is quite simple.

  1. Look for the items you need and then add in your cart. Once added to your cart you can choose for either continue shopping or proceed to check out.
  2. After finishing adding products to your cart, you can simply click on proceed to check out and then select your desired shipping method. You can also add a coupon code or promo code if you have one. Well, the limit of using the coupons are once per shipping.
  3. You can order as a guest or register as a consumer.
  4. You will be forwarded to adding shipping and billing address and then the payment method. After adding and selecting them you can have an all total look on your order before submission.

You can also order from your phone!

Payment Options

A1 supplements accept various types of payments; they are:

  • Credit cards

Master Cards, Visa, Discover and American Express credit cards are accepted by A1 Supplements.

  • Money order

It must be drawn on US Funds. Make sure you add your name, invoice number, etc on the money order

  • Checks
  • It may get delayed for processing but hey except both business and personal checks
  • PayPal

If your order doesn’t violate any PayPal policies, then you can easily select this option during check out.

  • Wire transfer

It is available only on huge domestic and internal orders.

They currently don’t accept Cash on Delivery.

Opinion on A1 Supplements

Well, A1 supplements is a legit and great site to order from. Whether it is for ordering products to improve your performance or even general products like multivitamins, A1 supplements is definitely a recommended site for everyone who requires such products on daily basis.

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1-Andro review -Benefits & Side Effects (Updated July 2019)


Because of the Anabolic Steroid Act, Prohormones such as 1-andro were banned in 2014 which means they are no longer available on the market.  After thorough research, we recommend legal steroids Dianabol as a great alternative since it will give you the same results.

Building strength and lean muscle is not easy. It takes a lot of work and numerous hours in the gym to build a considerable amount of muscle weight. Fortunately, there are many solutions in the market designed to make a building of lean muscle easier and possible for the modern man. Among the best solutions available for people looking to accumulate muscle mass fast is  1-andro max.

Prohormones or andro are supplements that work to offset estrogen produced by the body and enable the user to build muscle within a short time. There are several prohormones in the market and though they work the same way, some produce better results than others. You, therefore, need to consider quality before you buy prohormones to ensure that the ones you pick work for you and are designed with your safety and overall health in mind. Below we take a detailed look at 1-andro, a supplement that features prominently in the list of best prohormones 2017.

About 1-andro

1-andro is a non-methylated prohormone. A prohormone is basically a hormone precursor that is transported by the blood as a hormone but in its inactive form. Prohormones come in two main groups: methylated and non-methylated prohormones. The non-methylated prohormones are considered safer and less taxing to the liver. They are, therefore, considered better for beginners and intermediate bodybuilders. The methylated ones though potent strain the body and are, therefore, not ideal for long-term use.

1-andro is a testosterone metabolite that is converted into steroid 1-testosterone. Once it gets to the body, it is converted to 1-testosterone. Just like other prohormone supplements, 1-andro is purely anabolic and does not convert into DHT or estrogen. It remains as 1-testosterone which means that people taking 1-andro do not have to put up with the negative side effects associated with these two hormones. It also means that the supplement comes without the side effects associated with testosterone supplements.

How 1-Andro works

When 1-andro is ingested, it is converted into 1-testosterone. 1-testosterone works just like testosterone, a hormone that is naturally produced by the body. The hormone initiates the muscle building process and also enhances the body’s ability to repair worn-out cells. This means that this supplement works to promote muscle synthesis, increase muscle mass accumulation, and ensure muscle hardness. The supplement also works to accelerate workout recovery time which makes it easy for bodybuilders to meet the rigorous workout regimen required to accumulate and maintain considerable lean muscle mass.

1-andro has a potent androgenic effect on the body. It, therefore, does not result in water retention mostly experienced with similar products. This means that though results are guaranteed, it takes some time for the results to show. These results are, however, lasting and the maintaining gained muscle mass even when not using the supplement is easy. It also means that users do not experience bloating and other effects brought about by water retention. 1-andro supplements are ideal for the cutting cycle where you want to build muscle fast and also considerably reduce fat deposited in different parts of the body.

1 andro infographic
1 andro infographic

1-andro Benefits

Highly Potent

Recent studies show that 1-andro comes with twice the anabolic strength of testosterone. It is quite potent and an ideal choice for bodybuilders looking to accumulate fat-free muscle mass and reduce body fat in a considerably short time. Some users have used these supplements to gain over 8 lbs. of muscle and lose over 4 lbs. of fat in a short 4 weeks.


This is as safe as it gets when it comes to body-building steroids. Since the compound in the supplement is not converted to estrogen or DHT, this supplement comes without the negative side effects associated with these two hormones. Thanks to its non-methylated nature this compound is also not toxic to the liver. Supplements with this compound are the best if you want to buy prohormones that will do help you gain your dream body without harming you in any way.


This is a legal steroid that bodybuilders can incorporate into their workout. All supplements with this compound can be found in most health stores and no legal implications come with using the compound. That said some athletes may want to stay away from 1-andro supplements since the substance can still be detected in the body even 7 days after taking a single tablet. The substance is also not a great choice for employees who have to be subjected to regular drug tests at their workplaces.

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Ideal for beginners and intermediate bodybuilders

Though potent, this compound is ideal for beginners and intermediate bodybuilders. One just needs to follow the instruction to the letter and only take the supplement as directed. In the case of 1-andro just like in the case of other prohormone supplements, more is not always better. You should not go over the recommended dosage to get better results. Care should also be taken to ensure that the compound in the supplement is well tolerated by the body and no adverse side effects are experienced.

Can be used with other bodybuilding supplements

1-andro supplements are great for staking. Some bodybuilders have found that staking the 1-andro supplement and a 4-andro supplement is a great idea. These two work together so well and guarantee great results where the building of lean muscle and increased strength is concerned. Best prohormone stacks are those that only contain non-methylated prohormones. Bodybuilders should be careful and stay away from methylated prohormones that task in the liver and can result in long-term organ related problems.

Side Effects 1-andro

Decreased Libido

Though there is no conclusive study that explains how and why this happens, some people using 1-andro complain of low libido. This, however, is short-term and the libido goes back to normal after completing the cycle. If low libido is a concern, one should reduce the amount of this compound they are taking daily.


Anxiety has been reported in people taking 1-andro. Extreme anxiety is rare but it may be wise to avoid this supplement especially if one has suffered from anxiety in the past.

Long half-life

1-andro has an unusually long half-life. In most cases, this compound can still be detected in the body over a week after taking a single capsule. It is, therefore, now a great choice for people looking for a product that has a short half-life. People who are subjected to frequent tests should buy prohormones with a shorter half-life.


The recommended dosage is 100mg though one can safely take up to 150mg in a day. 1-andro supplements come in tablet form and most of these tablets come with 50mg of this compound. 2 tablets are, therefore, enough in a day and at most, only 4 tablets should be taken.


1-andro supplements should be taken with food. The supplement is better digested and absorbed when taken together with food. You should avoid taking the supplement on an empty stomach as this can result in unpleasant side effects.1-andro cycles are either 4 or 8 weeks long. The duration of the cycle largely depends on the expected results and the daily dosage. All 1-andro supplements come with directions on how to use them and for how long. 1-andro can, however, be used safely for 8 weeks.

A support supplement when using 1-andro is recommended. A post-cycle supplement is also a wonderful choice. Taking these supplements both during, and after taking 1-andro helps ward off the negative side effects associated with 1-andro. These supplements also make the cycle more successful and ensure that the gains made when using 1-andro prohormone supplements are maintained.Though the consumption of alcohol when using 1-andro is not prohibited, users should try and stay away from alcohol. When these two are combined, they can cause considerable stress to the liver and this can only have a negative effect on body health.

1-Andro and other prohormone supplements should be used by men who are 21 years and over. Younger males should stay away from this supplement. The same applies to women and children.

Even men who are within the recommended age should consult a physician especially if they have a history of any disease or condition with lasting side effects. You should also get clear from your doctor if you are taking any prescription drugs.

Best prohormones on the market

From the above information, it is clear that 1-andro prohormones are without a doubt the best prohormones on the market. Below we take a look at 3 of the best 1-andro supplements that featured prominently in the list of best prohormones 2017. These prohormones not only contain the 1-andro compound but they are also designed to be highly efficient and cause minimal if any side effect during and after use.

IronMag Labs 1-Andro Rx

This supplement has been found to effective in helping users accumulate muscle fat and lose a considerable amount of the fat they have accumulated over the years.

The manufacturer recommends that you take one to two tablets of this supplement daily in the beginning and not more than four tablets in a day. If you have not used similar products in the past, start with one tablet and slowly transition to two tablets in a day. If you are using more than one tablet, you should spread them throughout the day and ensure that you take the supplement with food. You can cycle for 6-8 weeks and repeat until you get the results you desire.

Primeval Labs 1-Andro Max V2

Another great 1-andro supplement that is quite popular with bodybuilders and people looking to tone and lose fat without all the hard work. For best results, you should take 2 tablets of this supplement on a daily basis for 8 weeks.

A support supplement and post support supplement are recommended when using this supplement and all other 1-andro supplements. As long as you take the supplement as required and also incorporate regular exercise into your lifestyle you can expect to see results from the fourth week.

Blackstone Labs Chosen 1

Powerful, quite safe, and high quality, this pretty much sums up this Blackstone Labs supplement. The supplement comprises of 1-andro that works to accelerate the accumulation of muscle mass and help the body burn more fat. The supplement is able to do all this without causing bloating, gyno, and water retention often associated with testosterone supplements.

Blackstone Labs makes use of the Liposomal technology to produce this supplement. Thanks to this technology, this supplement is absorbed fast and well assimilated in the body.

The manufacturer recommends two tablets per one, one tablet in the morning and the other one in the evening. Though the supplement can be safely taken without food, one should be careful and never exceed the 2 tablet limit in 24 hours. The supplement can be used for 4-8 weeks cycles. One should take at least a one week break in between cycles.

From all the information above, it is clear that 1-andro supplements are a great choice. These supplements will help you lose fat fast. The supplements are also great for building muscle mass and the good thing is that they do all these without causing adverse side effects to the user.

If you want the buy prohormones, you are better off buying the best prohormones on the market. In most cases, such prohormones come with the 1-andro compound that is known to deliver fast results and is safe. There is a variety of 1-andro supplements and 3 of the best prohormones 2017 with this compound are discussed above. You can check out these three supplements and other options among the best prohormones on the market. You can be sure that you will find one or more of these supplements that you can incorporate into your daily routine and use to achieve the results you want in no time at all.

Just like other solutions, these supplements are not magic tablets. To gain muscle, you have to work hard and make regular exercise a part of your daily routine. You also have to change your diet and incorporate foods that are high in protein but low in fats. These supplements will, however, make your work easier and make it possible for you to get your dream body.

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Mesterolone (Proviron) Review –Pro’s & Con’s (Updated July 2019)


Mesterolone Overview

Using steroids comes with a lot of taboo and stigma which may or may not be a well-earned reputation, but it’s important to know your facts and understand that the bad reputation that steroids have received over the years stems from examples of overuse. After all, too much of a good thing can be bad. That said. With precaution and if you have a certain medical reason, steroids are a blessing. Here we take close look at Mesterolone to understand its place in the world of steroids just a little bit better.

What is Mesterolone and How Does it Work?

Mesterolone (Proviron) is the chemical name for an anabolic steroid that is perhaps more commonly known by its brand names. It is an AAS (Anabolic androgenic steroid), however, in the case of Mesterolone, it is more androgenic than it is anabolic. It is often used for its androgenic properties and while it is meant to be used for medical conditions it is also used in the world of bodybuilding stacked with other steroids.

Unlike many other steroids, this one is taken orally and is commonly used to treat deficiency of male sex hormones. We’ll go into the uses for Mesterolone below. Before that though, let’s take a quick look at how it works.

Dosage can vary between 50 to 150 mg depending on need and goals. Since it is more androgenic rather than anabolic, this steroid works by increasing androgen receptors in the body. What this means is that it won’t actively increase or affect production or testosterone levels but it will help with male sex traits and to a large extent reduce the production in estrogen which often causes the main side effects of many steroids.

Who makes Mesterolone?

Mesterolone is the chemical name for the steroid, it is sold under various brand names from various manufacturers. The most well-known brand name for Proviron. Other brand names include – Pluriviron, Vistimon, Androviron, Testiwop and Mesteranum to name a few.

Proviron is the best known perhaps because it was at the forefront of developing Mesterolone. It is known as one of the oldest steroids and was developed in the 1930s.

There are most brand names available for this particular steroid but it’s important to check the product and who manufactures it to ensure you are getting a safe product of good quality.

Uses for Mesterolone and Other details

Most importantly Mesterolone is used to treat androgen deficiency in male hypogonadism and to help support male fertility. It is also used to treat delayed puberty in boys. In these disorders, the body doesn’t produce enough male hormones naturally. This drug helps to address that and treat it.

It is also used as an estrogen inhibitor. A very common side effect of steroids is that the way they are metabolized if they are taken in excess – which is usually the case, they create estrogen as a by-product. This leads to two of the most well-known side effects of taking steroids, steroid gut and enlargement of breast tissue. Using Mesterolone helps inhibit and in some cases block estrogen production which makes it ideal for stacking with other steroids.

It is also used by bodybuilders to increase muscle hardness, libido, improve sexual health and provide an overall sense of well-being.

Mesterolone can be prescribed to treat sexual dysfunction or to treat male menopause which experienced by older men who notice a drop in their testosterone levels.

While it is highly recommended that women avoid steroids and Mesterolone is no exception, this is one of the steroids that women do take in much smaller doses to help burn fat and help with fitness goals. Women who plan on getting pregnant or already are should avoid Mesterolone at all costs. Hormone therapy of any nature is incredibly unsafe for a developing fetus.

Men are often recommended to take for up to 12 weeks at a time and for women who might consider it that recommended time is close to 4 weeks and not more.


Claimed Benefits of Mesterolone

There are a number of benefits to using Mesterolone as long as it isn’t abused or done in excess it can offer great benefits. It is a fairly popular choice as an aromatase inhibitor and an anti-estrogenic compound.

It is manufactured in many different countries under many different names, this means it is fairly widely available.

Although mild, it still possesses anabolic properties that could help contribute to tissue (muscle) growth.

A fairly large benefit of using Mesterolone is the way it resists aromatization, which is the process that converts testosterone into estrogen in males. Everyone produces the same hormones in different quantities, this means that women and men BOTH produce testosterone AND estrogen. However, men produce more testosterone which helps provide all the masculine traits and women produce more estrogen. The varying levels exist to provide balance and promote good health. When testosterone levels in men increase from use of steroids, so do the estrogen level. This imbalance is what causes the many side effects associated with steroids. The benefit of Mesterolone is that it allows for high levels of testosterone but blocks and/or inhibits the release of more estrogen which means no steroid gut, no bloating and no oversized breasts in men.

It is also extremely useful and successfully so in the treatment of certain hormone disorders and the issues of delayed puberty in males.

Things to Watch Out For in Proviron

Ultimately, it’s not exactly a natural product which means it comes with a lot of cautionary points that need to be taken into consideration if you are at all giving Mesterolone a thought.

The very first thing to keep in mind is that there are several factors that affect the effectiveness of Mesterolone. Age and weight are the most obvious ones, but one of the most important factors to keep in mind is the way it might interact with other steroids or even medication that might be prescribed. Since it is a chemical, there are chances that it might react both positively and negatively with other medication, steroids, and supplements that one might be taking. This means it’s vital to consult a doctor before you consider taking Mesterolone. Dosage and frequency are also important to help understand effectiveness.

It is not very effective if you are looking to use it as a bulking agent, while it might provide mild anabolic properties, by itself it is not ideal for bulking.

Some negative side effects of Proviron include:

  • Suppression of testosterone
  • Increased levels of bad cholesterol – this means increased risk of heart problems
  • Acne
  • Excessive growth of hair
  • Issues with high blood pressure

This list is admittedly short when compared to adverse side effects that one might be victim to when taking steroids but they are still fairly serious and must not be taken lightly.

Women should avoid high doses or extensive use of steroids and Mesterolone is no exception. An increase in androgens can lead to male traits becoming more prominent is a semi-permanent to the permanent possibility. Side effects include:

  • Shrinking of breast tissue
  • Enlarged clitoris
  • Change in voice – deeper and more masculine
  • The growth of facial hair
  • Disruption in the regularity of the menstruation cycle

This steroid has successfully been credited to improve sex life, sexual health, and increase in libido. Making it a good choice for older men who are looking for a way to avoid the downsides of male menopause.

Finally, everyone who has ever thought about steroid use must consider the fact that steroids essentially are a form of hormone therapy that when used in excess or improperly can create imbalances. It is these imbalances that provide both the dramatic results and the horrible side effects.

Final Say on Proviron

Although they are illegal in the United States without a prescription, they are more easily available in many other countries. This makes it an actually viable option for many people.

If you are considering Mesterolone, its important remember that by itself it probably won’t do you much good unless you are looking to take it for medical reasons. Stacking is the only way in which anyone would be able to really reap this steroids benefits.

Remember that moderation and careful cautioned use is the only way to avoid major side effects even if it also means no dramatic changes. The best gains and changes are sustainable only because they happen over a steady period of time.

Be sure to check the laws in your country before you consider using Mesterolone and always consult a doctor so that you can use a safe dosage and avoid troublesome interactions with other medication or supplements. Caution and moderation is always the best way to go!


Nitro Tech Review 2018-Pro’s & Con’s (Updated July 2019)

nitro tech

About Nitro Tech

Protein powders are all about making sure that you get the proper amount of BCAAs, protein blends fraught with proper nutrients to keep your body in top condition, boost your energy, and help you in a lot more ways. Nitro Tech is a protein powder and was made for helping you to optimize your muscle growth and also to decrease your recovery time.

nitro tech
nitro tech

As said above, nitro tech is a protein powder which was made in order to help you to get the most out of your efforts during training and workouts. It uses a blend of protein which is sourced from why and protein peptides. Well, they claim there was a study conducted which showed that the product was helped people in gaining approx 8.8 pounds of lean muscles and the people who took other whey protein gained about 5 pounds of lean muscles.

How does it work?

Nitro tech was created by muscle tech works; it was created by utilization of protein which is derived from two sources; whey peptides and whey isolate. These proteins are easily digested by one’s body to promote muscle growth & recovery during and after training and workouts.

Ingredients of Nitro Tech

In one scoop serving you will find the following:

  • Calories: 160 grams
  • Total Fat: 2.5 grams
  • Cholesterol: 80 mg
  • Total Carbs: 4 grams
  • Protein: 30 grams
  • Calcium: 135mg
  • Iron: 1.03 mg
  • Sodium: 150mg
  • L-Leucine: 3.3 grams
  • L-Isoleucine: 1.8 grams
  • L-Valine: 1.7 grams
  • Creatine: 3 grams

Other than that:

  • Protein: 30 grams
  • Creatine: 3 grams
  • BCAA’s: 6.8 grams
  • Glutamine and Precursor: 5 grams
  • Protein Blend:

The protein blend used in nitro tech is quite simple. The protein is utilized from 2 different sources; whey isolate and whey peptides. Well, this is essential to look at, the protein sources as it might ruin the blend instead of making it better.

  • BCAA Count:

It is an extremely essential factor to consider whilst ensuring that your body lasts through the workout & along with that also recovers to help you get back to your training. Usually, these are made up of amino acids which help in building muscles back and soothe your level of soreness. It usually works with glutamine to help your body recover even faster and help your muscles in growing much larger.

Testing for Quality & Purity

The whey protein in Nitro Tech has been filtered using Multi-Phase Filtration Technology to ensure its high standard of both quality and purity. Along with that it also undergoes strict quality check and third part testing and later verified to make sure that every bottle meets the standards of consistency along with purity and quality.

  • Protein

Each and every scoop of nitro tech consists of a 30g protein blend from;

Whey Peptides; Whey Protein Isolate; and along with that Whey Protein Isolate 97%. A lot of protein powders use various inferior forms of protein with usually have very low biological value and along with that also have significantly less protein in each scoop.

  • Canephora Robusta

Nitro tech has a dose of 200mg C. canephora Robusta that has been suggested in two studies; double-blind, placebo-controlled and seemed to help the subjects to lose weight. While other weight loss proteins under does this critical ingredient or doesn’t consider including it totally. And instead, they use an ingredient which is way cheaper, less effective or untested.

  • L-Carnitine

Nitro Tech consists of 500mg L-Carnitine L-Tartrate and this is 33% more than the competitor protein powders!

  • Cla

Each scoop of Nitro Tech consists of 250mg of CLA powder which is totally tasteless.

  • Green Tea Extract

Each scoop of Nitro tech consists 100mg of Green Tea Extract and this is quite a popular ingredient is not included in many other protein formulas/ powders.

Directions to Use

Take one serving with a rounded scoop in 8 oz of cold water or milk twice daily. You can have it 30 to 60 minutes before lunch and dinner daily. Read the label for more directions and information before use.

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Side Effects of Nitro tech

Usually, we like to see the low amount of cholesterol and sodium and if you look at the nutrition facts then nitro tech is fairly a good product. It consists of the protein which is derived from good sources and also good amount per serving/ scoop. Nitro tech is a sports nutrition supplement which primarily comprises whey protein concentrate with ingredients such as creatine, amino acids, etc. It is available in the total of 7 flavors and helps in building muscles faster. But along with so many effects there comes the side effects. So prefer consulting a doctor before opting out for not only nitro tech but any other such products.

A few of the side effects are listed below:

  • Gas and Bloating

Whey Protein Concentrate is the primary ingredient in Nitro Tech Protein which is derived from dairy. Along with all other dairy products, this concentrate also contains a sugar named lactose. This lactose is not properly digested by some people’s body and may cause gas and bloat.

  • High Blood Pressure

Nitro Tech protein has another ingredient creatine which is an amino acid which helps in improving your performance during the workout. This takes place by creatine being converted to ATP or adenosine triphosphate which is a cellular energy source. Hence creatine intake in large quantities or more than required can cause high blood pressure.

  • Kidney Damage

The high protein content along with creatine in nitro tech may cause or increase the risk or severity of kidney damages whether it is new or old. High protein diets promote kidney damage. Each scoop of nitro tech contains half of the daily suggested intake & then muscle tech recommends taking nitro tech’s three servings. This would be 150% of the daily protein requirement. And then again creatine can cause kidney damage.

  • Liver dysfunction

Well, it is another side effect or more like the risk of high protein consumption; liver dysfunction. A few researchers state that creatine use can cause liver problems so if you carry on using nitro tech for longer periods then it might lead to liver dysfunction.

  • Nausea

Nitro tech may cause nausea as creatine trigger this effect. Whey protein can also cause nausea if you are lactose intolerant. Furthermore soy lecithin another one of the ingredients of nitro tech may also cause nausea. In rare cases, it can also cause severe allergic reactions which include hives and swelling of the face along use with difficulty in breathing.

Pros & Cons of Nitro tech


  • Digested With Ease
  • Uses whey isolate & whey peptides
  • Nice amount of protein per scoop


  • High Sodium level
  • Too much of cholesterol
  • Not a product for vegans

The Verdict on Nitro Tech

Except for the side effects which are rarely caused, nitro tech protein seems like a good protein supplement. For less protein requirement you can reduce the servings to 1.5 – 2.5 or just 2 scoops.

Therefore, after doing a little research even you can find that Nitro Tech Protein is one of the best proteins available in the market. So it is definitely a recommendation without any second thoughts!

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Androstenedione Review 2018-Pro’s & Con’s (Updated July 2019)


What is Androstenedione?

Androstenedione is a steroid hormone which is mainly used to make medicine. It is widely used in the production of several drugs, but it comes with its own set of issues. Now, the main problem with this product is that it has been banned by a lot of reputed organizations, yet still, a lot of companies use it as it comes with its fair share of advantages. Androstenedione is mainly used to increase the production of testosterone in the body. The main aim is always to enhance athletic performance, increase energy or even to keep red blood cells healthy. It also helps in enhancing recovery as well as growth from exercise. It is also highly used to increase sexual desire and performance as well as the supplements that have the same functionality. Due to its advantages, several people prefer to use the substance, but as there is no way you can directly ingest Androstenedione, it is highly advised that you check the main constituents of testosterone or estrogen supplements to get the benefits of it.


The product is popularly used as a common supplement by various known celebrities as well. It is known to be used by the baseball home run hitter Mark McGwire and a few other professional sports players in the initial times as it was widely used back then. In January 2005, the United States passed legislation which was known as the Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 2004 and androstenedione was reclassified from a dietary supplement and was put under the category of an anabolic steroid, which is a schedule III controlled substance. Androstenedione is known as a precursor of testosterone and other androgens, as well as of estrogens like estrone, in the body, and is used in addition to functioning as an endogenous prohormone. This product also has a weak androgenic activity.

While it has mainly been found to possess a lot of estrogenic activity, which is similar to other DHEA metabolites, it is also in contrast to androstenediol, which has a low affinity for the estrogen receptors, with less than 0.01% of the affinity of estradiol for both the ERα and ERβ.

It is also often described as a ‘pro-hormone’ because it has very few effects itself. But, it is also crucial because of its ability to different parts of the body to convert it into various hormones- namely testosterone and estrogen, which exert many effects on both- males and females.

When it comes to females, the outer part of the adrenal glands (known as the cortex), as well as ovaries, release androstenedione into the bloodstream which is then converted to provide around half of all the testosterone required along with all of the body’s oestrone, which is a form of estrogen. Although the testes produce large amounts of androstenedione in males, they secrete only a little amount of this into the blood and, instead, it rapidly converts it into testosterone inside the testes. The adrenal glands are also known to produce androstenedione in men, but this contribution is nothing as compared to the overwhelming production of the other androgenic hormone, testosterone by the testes.

How can one control androstenedione?

The production and conversion of androstenedione within the body are very complicated because of its rapid conversion and production by different glands which are present in the body. In other words, androstenedione reacts in a complicated way with the body. However, there are two critical parts of the brain (the hypothalamus and pituitary gland), which are known to be crucial for the control of androstenedione secretion from the testes, ovaries as well as the adrenal cortex. The release of androstenedione by the adrenal cortex is considered to be connected to the secretion of a specific hormone, adrenocorticotropic hormone by the pituitary gland. The testes and ovaries are further stimulated to release it by the luteinizing hormone as well as the follicle stimulating hormone. These are then further released from the anterior pituitary gland in response to a hormone signal that comes from the hypothalamus.

What happens if one has too much androstenedione?

The effects of too much androstenedione can only rise as a result of its conversion in the body to either of the hormones- estrogen or testosterone.

  • In men, if it is too much, then it will lead to an imbalance of estrogen and testosterone production, which can further aggravate into effects such as breast development. It highly depends on the cause of the excess androstenedione. There may be other changes too, for example, the testes becoming smaller. These appearances are rare but not unheard of.
  • In women too the imbalance can occur, and the excess body and facial hair growth (also known as hirsutism) might be one of the most prominent blows to one’s look. After which, the stopping of periods (also known as amenorrhoea), aggravation of acne as well as changes to the genitalia may occur as a consequence of too much androstenedione.
  • Androstenedione is highly abused by bodybuilders, especially to build muscle bulk, related to which, some studies have proven that its long-term use may also decrease muscle strength. However, fixed and clear consequences of too much androstenedione being present are still unknown.

What happens if one has little androstenedione?

Men, who have very little androstenedione may fail to develop various sexual characteristics which are associated with puberty, such as the growth of public and body hair, the growth of the sexual organs as well as the deepening of voice and baritone. Similarly, even girls may fail to get their periods and may not face any of the changes usually witnessed in puberty. Additionally, a male fetus which has very little androstenedione may also be born with abnormal genitalia. Low production of the product in later life would cause the same changes for both men and women as would be caused by the low production of testosterone and estrogen. Androstenedione is a good supplement to fix issues such as the above-mentioned ones.

There is no product which gives out pure androstenedione. It is a component of most hormonal medicines. However, the excess and the deficiency both can create a problem, and you are highly advised to consult a doctor before starting consumption. Overall, it is a fairly decent supplement for those who want to fix their hormonal issues and problems. But it must be noted that these issues can only be diagnosed by licensed medical practitioners and self-diagnosis or self-medication can have some serious ill effects on the body. Medicines and supplements with Androstenedione are available throughout the United States with a prescription, but you may come across issues regarding the procurement in other countries as the laws and the practices differ from country to country.

Clenbuterol review – Benefits and side effects (updated July 2019)


Clenbuterol Overview

On June 15th, 1978, the Food and Drug Administration gave a German-based company permission to treat horses suffering from respiratory illness with a new stimulant drug called Clenbuterol. Since initial testing, farmer’s began using the drug to increase the muscle to fat ratio in poultry, cows, and pigs. The use of Clenbuterol in livestock increased the size of livestock while reducing the amount of feed need to sustain the animals.

In 1988, this new revelation leads farmers to a larger profit margin by making more money off their livestock and reducing their cost to raise them. However, human consumption of meat containing Clen leads to illness in large portions of the population. Without the ability to limit the amount humans would consume from meat, the US and EU prohibit the use of Glen in food-producing animals.

Clenbuterol approved by the FDA in several countries for the treatment of asthma; except in the US where the FDA did not approve of the use of Clenbuterol. The US failed to approve Clenbuterol because they had no need for other asthma medications when there are a plethora of success treatments already available. Despite the backlash Clenbuterol received during the FDA’s investigation into the rightful use of livestock, it’s become one of the most commonly used fat burning tool across the world. In fact, it’s used by competitive athletes, anabolic steroid users, and users who don’t use steroids but are looking to burn excess fat due to its fat loss properties.



How Does Clenbuterol Work

Clenbuterol is known by many names including Clen, Spiropent, Clenbuterol, Ventipulmin, Clenbuterall, and others.

Clenbuterol belongs to a class of drugs called Sympathomimetics and has structural similarities to Epinephrine. Deeming it the nickname, cousin of Epi. In regards to respiratory disorders, Clen works by relaxing muscle tissue and smoothing them out to improve the users breathing.

For fat burning purposes, Glen works in a similar fashion to treat respiratory disorders. It affects focus on the sympathetic nervous system as a beta-2 selective, affecting only one of the beta receptors instead of all three subsets. As Clen begins to attach to the nervous system, it allows the user’s body to transport more oxygen to their cells. With more oxygen to the cells, muscles become stronger and the user experiences an increase in their endurance.

In addition, Clen speeds up the user’s metabolic process almost 10 fold. It does this by stimulating the user’s fat cells and increasing their body’s ability to break down triglycerides. When these triglycerides break down, they’re formed into fatty acids. When they form into fatty acids, a process called fatty acid oxidation takes place acting as the second phase of weight loss. The fatty acids will then travel to various cells and then to the mitochondria where they will be burned off. Resulting in a significant amount of weight loss.

In this process, the body then begins to burn excess energy causing the user’s body temperature to rise. Typically, users will experience an increase of 1/2°F to 1°F in body temperature. This rise in temperature is very subtle and usually goes unnoticed by the user. Having this slight increase in the body’s core temperature, the body’s ability to burn more fat at a faster rate.

This entire process allows the body to burn off stored fat in the body at a faster rate. Giving users better gains in a shorter period. However, in order for users to see the best results while using Clenbuterol, they’ll need set up a regular workout routine to combine with their Clen cycling schedule. Even more so, users will still need to watch what they put in their body and keep up a healthy diet to get successful results. Clen’s used to boost the effects of diet and exercise not replace them completely.

The use of Clenbuterol’s typically seen during a pre-contest phase or during a weight loss or cutting cycle. It’s uncommon to use Clen during a bulking phase or during the off-season. However, some users have had success using Clen during a bulking phase. It helps them prevent weight gain during this phase, usually due to the higher calorie requirements. Use of Clen during a bulking phase usually doesn’t produce results in the mass majority of users.

crazy bulks

Benefits Of Using Clenbuterol

There’s a proven record of the benefits users received when using Clenbuterol. The main benefit centers around Clens ability to burn fat in a shorter time frame when combined with diet and exercise. However, Clen doesn’t focus solely on its fat burning capabilities. In fact, Clenbuterol aims at boosting every user’s overall well-being including the user’s brain function. In fact, Clen gives users a better mental clarity that allows them to focus on their daily tasks, improve their mood, and boost their overall cognitive functioning.

Aside from boosting mental clarity, users will also experience an unstoppable amount of energy without causing the jitters commonly seen with caffeine and other stimulants. This gives users the chance at being fat burning machines with the ability to do an intense workout and finish all of their daily tasks without feeling drained. In addition, this new-found energy does not affect the user’s ability to get a restful nights sleep. Make sure to check our reviews on other legal steroids anadrol, deca durabolin, and winstrol.

In addition, Clen offers many other benefits that a lot of users may not know about. For example, Clen allows users to have better and longer workouts by increasing strength, and endurance levels This allows users to make better gains and boost their muscle mass faster while spending less time at the gym. In addition, Clen causes the users metabolism to works at a faster pace allowing them to keep up their ideal weight and keep their gains until their final goal’s reached. A faster metabolism also plays a role in increasing energy and a boost in the user’s overall mood.

Users will also benefit from Clen in regards to recovery time. After every intense workout, the body will begin the recovery phase of the process. When taking Clen, that recovery time’s cut in half. Allowing users to workout more often and experience less pain and sore muscles. These sore muscles would otherwise inhibit the user’s ability to perform a quality workout. A better recovery time also allows users to build more muscles at a quicker rate than if they had to endure a standard recovery time.

Another benefit of taking Clen revolves around how convenient it is. It doesn’t take weeks for users to see their results like most other weight loss supplements or steroids. Clen begins to work immediately and users can expect to see results in less than a day. A rise in body temperature occurs almost immediately, energy increases, and users will begin to feel eager to hit the gym more than ever before. In addition, people who use Clen with certain steroids will enjoy the benefit of lowering their steroid dose and usage. Since Clen has Anabolic properties, there’s no need to continue higher doses of anabolic steroids. All around reducing the negative side effects that are commonly associated with regular, high dose steroid use.

Despite its anabolic properties, Clen is not a steroid. It has a smaller side effect profile than steroids and even other fat burning supplements. The small tablet size makes them easy to swallow and doesn’t cause a disturbance to the users daily routine. It’s one of the few fat burning supplements that offer a wide range of benefits without risking long-term side effects. Plus, Its available for both men and women of all fitness levels.


How To Take Clenbuterol

Clenbuterol is available in pill form, usually administered about 45 minutes before the user’s scheduled workout. Always take each dose with a full glass of water every time you take a tablet. All Clenbutrol users will need to take their dose every day for two weeks and then stop for two weeks. Better known as the two weeks on two weeks off cycle. Additionally, It’s important to start Clenbuterol at the lowest possible dose and then taper your way to a dose that’s most suitable for you. The most effective doses for men range between 60 mcg up to 100 mcg and women tend to see the best results between 10 mcg to 40 mcg. It’s important that users do not exceed 200 mcg per day.

During the first two dosing weeks, users should start with one 20 mcg tablet per day. One the next two-week cycle, users can increase their dosing to two 20 mcg tablets per day. Users can taper up to 200 mcg a day by increasing their dose with every two-week cycle and separating doses into three even increments. To make dosing easier to remember, take each dose close to the same times you’d eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner time is helpful. Due to having a half-life of 36 to 48 hours, users will get the best results if they take their doses at the same time every day. This will keep the amount of Clenbuterol in their body at a constant level.

Regardless of whether a user is looking for a quick weight loss supplement or are training for a competition, users should not use Glen permanently. It’s recommended that Clen’s only used for 16 weeks in a 12 month period. Users who are planning to compete several times in twelve months should spread their usage out evenly and stay as close to 16 weeks as possible. Clenbuterol should not be used by anyone under the age of 21 as it may cause harmful and unwanted side effects. Users can find more information about dose options by clicking here.

Clenbuterol infographic

Potential Clenbuterol Side Effects

As with any medication, there are some side effects associated with Clenbuterol. Those with underlying heart conditions or blood pressure problems should avoid taking this product. All users should consult with a physician before starting Clen and discuss any side effects they may experience during their treatment. Most side effects are common during the first few days of use and will subside when your body adjusts to the medication.

The most common side effects experienced when taking Clen include Headaches, nausea, and an increase in appetite. Users may also experience overheating, abnormal sweating, and dizziness. Other common side effects can include dizziness, Anxiety, insomnia, muscle cramps, and muscle tremors that typically appear in the hands. Side effects from using Clen’s greatly reduced by only using it in two-week increments. In addition, side effects can also be reduced if users use the medication properly and by following the directions provided. Other common side effects include:

– A faster than normal heartbeat
– Awareness of heartbeat
– Hot flashes
– Chills
– irregular menstrual cycle in women
– Decreased appetite
– Feeling Nervousness or on edge

Unfortunately, some users may experience more serious and bothersome side effects such as blood pressure problems, cardiac hypertrophy, and heart muscle necrosis. While these side effects are rare, users should stop use immediately and consult with their primary care physician if they occur. For more information about Clenbuterol and potential side effects, click here.


Interaction With Clenbuterol

Currently, there are no known interactions between Clenbuterol and other medications or food. However, interactions may still occur. As with adding any new medication or supplement to your daily intake, it’s important to discuss any interaction Clen may have with your current medications.

It’s important to take a list of all your medications to your primary care physician. This will allow them to get access to any interactions that may occur. Some medications may need to be adjusted or stopped altogether to avoid interactions.


Clenbuterol’s been used for a variety of purposes, displaying successful results across the board. However, Clen’s become one of the most sought after fat burning aid for decades, with users achieving impressive results all across the world. From a professional bodybuilder to those looking to lose a few extra pounds, Clenbuterol’s the go-to choice for both men and women for burning fat and getting massive gains.


Evogen Review 2018 – Benefits & Side Effects (Updated July 2019)


What is Evogen?

Evogen was founded by Hany Rambod, he is known as “The Procreator.” He has been constructing award-winning physiques for over 20 years. His groundbreaking FST-7 system has helped a lot of his clients win a total of 15 Olympia titles. All of Evogen’s formulations are created by Rambod and previously they were available for only the elites Hany was training. But over the past few years, it has been made available to the public. The formulations within the Evogen nutrition supplement line are crucial to the success of the FST-7 program because of their effect on the repair, growth, and muscle volume. FST-7 is one of the most popular and successful physique transformations systems ever created.

FST-7 stand for Fascia Stretch training and the 7 refers to the seven sets performed usually as the final exercise for a target body part. The main goal of FST-7 is to bring as many as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, blood, oxygen, etc. into the muscle and stretch the fascia surrounding it to help encourage maximal muscle growth.

Similarly, Evogen has made sure that the products they formulate are of high quality and are categorized in order to cater to all the needs of a potential and a professional bodybuilder.

Evogen products were specially made for the “elite” users but as its now made available to the public we can say that it’s the finest of the products available on the market!

Evogen Products:

  • Evogen EVP (Evopoitetin One-Alpha):

Evogen EVP is a pre-workout supplement for maximum strength, size, and pump. EVP is the combination of the biotechnology, nutraceutical creativity and the knowledge of super performance nutrition.

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This product claims to be the finest of the pre-workout supplement as it has been used by the elite bodybuilders. But Evogen EVP is not only useful for the bodybuilders but also for endurance in athletes for muscle developing and performance improvement qualities.

Why this product is more effective is because of the secret ingredient FUSIL; which is a patented component along with the other ingredients.

FUSIL (Fermented, Ultra-soluble L- Leucine):

It is the most inspirational formula which is used in EVP. EVP has the highest quality of fermented L-Leucine which is super soluble and with high absorption. L-Leucine is known as the anabolic trigger, as it energizes protein synthesis and initiates anabolic reactions inside the body which increases the process of muscle development and restoration.

Other than FUSIL, EVP has other ingredients which are natural and has artificial flavors;  malic acid, Dipotassium Phosphate, Dicalcium phosphate, tri- magnesium phosphate, sodium citrate, Acesulfame potassium, sucralose, FD&C Red no 40, tixacan Xanthan gum. Citric acid USP. It also has vitamin supplement along with an anabolic catalyst.

EVP is the product which will help you in the bodybuilding process as it is a product of optimum researched technology. EVP helps in building the muscle as it ignites the muscle building mechanism in the body. EVP supports the cellular energy corridor thus maximizing the training results. It helps in the maintaining and improving the muscle cell capacity for enormous pumps. As EVP has no stimulants still it has proven in improving the mental concentration.

  •  Evogen Carnigen:

Carnigen is a blend of different types of carnitine and Evogen introduces it as an energy and recovery supplement. Carnigen is a stimulant free carnitine blend that helps to convert fatty tissues into energy while enhancing the post-workout recovery process.

Carnigen works mainly because of it helps in burning off the excess of fat, enhancing the recovery process and increasing the endurance. It works as an enzyme on the cellular level that transports fatty acids into the mitochondria, which then turn them into energy by oxidizing them. Carnigen helps in gaining muscle mass along with the fat loss. Carnigen also has vitamins, minerals and bioavailability enhancers that increase the absorption.

  •   Evogen CELL K.E.M (Cellular kinetic expansion matrix):

Evogen CELL K.E.M is primarily BCAA but mixed with a lot of vitamins and minerals which enables the consumers to take in a complete blend of nutrients which helps them in building muscle and prevent muscle loss. CELL K.E.M has  BCAA – 4:1:1 ratio, Arginine AKG, citrulline malate and vitamins such as vitamin C, Niacin, and B6 while the minerals are calcium and phosphorus. CELL K.E.M had also included Glutamine and creatine. These two ingredients are particularly important to reduce muscle breakdown while enabling the users to perform at a higher level.

  • Evogen Lipocide:

Lipocide is both an energy booster and fat burner. This a supplement which is specially made for the ones who want to lose weight and love bodybuilding. It reduces your appetite and reduces your cravings. Evogen claims that lipocide helps you lose weight from the fats but not from the muscles. Lipocide ingredients include caffeine anhydrous, acetyl L-Cartinie, yohimbine HCL, Choline Bitartrate, Evodia fruit, N-Acetyl L- tyrosine, Capsicum Annum, etc. other ingredients included in liposome are bitter orange, 5HTP, Piper nigrum, n-methyl tyramine,  velvet beans and beta- Phenylethylamine. All these ingredients have said to curb your appetite and curb your craving which indeed leads to weight loss.

  • Evogen Aminojet:

It is an amino acid based supplement. It is called a premium amino acid accelerator. When it comes to an amino acid, Evogen has always set the standard when it comes to ultra clean and pure fermented sources like FST-7!  Evogen Aminojet is packed not only with BCAA but also glutamine and betaine to accelerate recovery. Aminojet has fermented L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, and L-Valine, BCAA; these ingredients help in minimizing the soreness of the muscles and provide fast recovery. It also helps in protein synthesis and shut down the catabolic processes in the body. Betaine anhydrous is essential in balancing the water in the muscles and is effective in increasing the performance. Citrulline Malate assists the body in providing help to ATP to the working muscles.

  • Evogen Glutamine:

Glutamine is the perfect supplement for the recovery, performance, hydration and overall health.  Glutamine provides maximum training recovery; it enhances our immune system and enhances the performance. Glutamine contains calcium, magnesium, L-Glutamine (as BioFemQA fermented), magnesium glycinate glutamine, alanyl-glutamine (peptide), etc. Evogen is the only brand on the market which provides Glutamine blend to contain a potent mineral that supports over 300 physiological relevant processes in an athlete’s body.

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  • Evogen EvoVite:

EvoVite is a potent nutritional insurance for your fitness lifestyle. EvoVite is not just a mere high potency multivitamin but it’s a combination of three supplements in one! EvoVite contains bioavailable vitamins and minerals, CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine and Longvida SD Curcumin. These ingredients help in maximizing the performance and endurance and support the health of the body and its organs.

It is a multivitamin/mineral formula; it is a beta-alanine supplement and a superior curcumin supplement. EvoVite helps to fill the gaps of the daily nutrition dosages but along with providing the nutrition it also enhances the energy levels of the user.

Potential side effects of Evogen products:

Almost all the Evogen product users have claimed that there are negligible or almost no side effects noticed. Although there are some users who have reported that they have noticed some effects of Evogen. These side effects are basically observed after using most of the pre and post workout supplements, like irritation, stomach issues, increase in blood pressure, elevated heart rate, nausea, jitteriness, headache, etc.

It is advisable for the users to consult your physician or dietician before using any supplement as you might be allergic to some of the ingredients in the products. It is also very important to stick to the mentioned dosages or the dosages prescribed by the physician.

We made sure that we provide you with all the relevant information regarding Evogen supplements. We also hope that the above information regarding Evogen must have helped you in making the right decision in order to choose the right supplement for your fitness process.

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Primobolan Review 2018- Benefits & Side Effects (Updated July 2019)


Primobolan Overview

If you are an athlete and you are looking at ways and means to increase your muscle mass and have that enviable body with six pack abs and much more, then you will find quite a few things which are interesting as far as this article is concerned. Building that wonderful body is no easy task and it takes a lot of hard work, patience, perseverance.

Since ages, Primobolan is widely known as a very powerful anabolic steroid which increases muscle mass fast. It’s also considered as one of the safest anabolic steroids on the market, with mild side effects. This makes Primobolan a very popular steroid.

It is not only about the best of workouts and food habits. There are quite a few other things also which one need to take into account. You must have a good trainer who can help and guide you on the right path. Further, there are quite a few other things you should also be doing. The need to use the right steroids forms an important part of any body-building regimen. The market is filled with dozens of brands of anabolic and other steroids which are considered helpful for bodybuilding. In this article, we will try and a product called Primobolan which is evincing quite a bit of interest amongst bodybuilders. Is it really a good product? What are the main ingredients of this product and what sets it apart from others?

As mentioned above, though there are many such anabolic steroids on the market there is obviously something special as far as Primobolan is concerned. Before getting into the details about this product, there are a few things which we must understand. There is an injectable version of this product and it is referred to Primobolan Depot. However, we will be talking only about the orally administered version of Primobolan because this is more prominent and more widely used amongst bodybuilders.

What Is Primobolan made of?

The main ingredient around which this steroid is built is referred to as Methenolone. This hormone was first released in the year 1962. After a few years of intermittent use, the right to this hormone was obtained by Schering a huge German pharmaceutical company. This hormone was named as Primobolan. It basically is a European product and has never been manufactured in countries like the USA and others.

What Makes It So Special

The steroid has been in use for many years now and there are reasons to believe that it is one of the safest anabolic steroids available on the market today. It has an excellent safety rating behind it and it has been so for many decades now. It would be pertinent to mention here that this product has been used to treat children who are underweight and even premature infants. The results have been astounding and it continues to be used even today. It also would be pertinent to mention here that it is also regularly prescribed for those patients who suffer from osteoporosis and Sarcopenia, which is a loss of skeletal muscle mass because of aging. But at the end of the day, there is no doubt that this steroid is mainly is used for treating various muscle wasting diseases and for treating symptoms associated with long exposure to certain corticoid steroids.

Yes, it continues to be used quite commonly by bodybuilders for increasing their muscle mass. It also continues to find favor with athletes who use it as a performance enhancing tool. But it would be pertinent to mention here that the injectable form is more popular with athletes and bodybuilders because the oral version of Primobolan is much weaker. The problem with the injectable version is that there quite a few counterfeits available in the market. Secondly, the injectable version (referred to as Depot) is more expensive and not all can afford it. It would be pertinent to mention here that many famous personalities have been using this steroid and one such name which comes to our mind is Arnold Schwarzenegger. These are unconfirmed reports but the fact is that it is a highly popular steroid because of various reasons of effectiveness and safety standards.

It also would be pertinent to mention here that it is a female-friendly steroid. It has been used by many women quite successfully and safely. This is because steroids such as Primobolan have very low virilization ratings. This makes them perfectly safe and effective for female use.

We need to understand that Methenolone is a derivative from DHT or dihydrotestosterone. It is a structurally changed formed of DHT. A double bond is added at carbon one and two to the DHT hormone. This goes a long way in improving the anabolic properties of the hormone. It also comes with an added 1-methyl group. This helps a lot in protecting it because of hepatic breakdown. The further acetate ester is added which also helps in preventing it from hepatic metabolism. Though both the oral and injectable versions are of the same compositions there is no doubt that the injectable Depot Version is more effective. Women often find the oral version quite okay because of it mild nature.

We need to understand some traits of methenolone hormone to better understand Primobolan. This hormone is known to play a big role in enhancing protein synthesis. It also could have a role to play in moderately increasing the red blood cell count. There are however a few distinguishing features which separate it from other such steroids. One of the main reasons why this steroid is chosen over others is because it helps a lot in nitrogen retention. This goes a long way in ensuring that a catabolic state is prevented. It is also extremely useful for the building of lean tissue. But it needs to be kept in mind that it will not be able to increase mass and size quite dramatically. It also has a very strong binding affinity as far as androgen receptors are concerned. While most anabolic steroids do play a big role in increasing the metabolic rate, there are studies to prove that Primobolan could play a big and direct role in fat loss. When compared with its capacity to aid nitrogen retention, it certainly is a cutting edge tool for building the best of lean tissue and muscles, safely and effectively.

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It Also Works Well On The Immune System

It also would be pertinent to mention here that this steroid is known to have a positive impact on the immune system. Methenolone in many situations has shown to be quite effective in boosting the immune system. It has therefore been used for treating patients who are suffering from AIDS. Apart from giving a boost to the immune system it also could play a big role in negating the impact of muscle wasting which is a common problem with patients suffering from AIDS. It is the same benefit which helps athletes as far as their cutting phase is concerned.

primobolan infographic

Some Proven Effects Of Primobolan

It would be wrong to presume that using Primobolan will not work the same say as Anadrol and it certainly will not have the big impact of creating huge muscles and body mass. It certainly will not have much of an impact as far as offseason bulking cycle is concerned. However, it can work quite well as far as women are concerned. This is because women are much more sensitive to various anabolic steroids and therefore even a milk anabolic steroid go help a lot. It will help them to gain small and manageable increases. Hence as a man if you are planning to use it for off-season cycle, you may not get the desired results.

Does It Burn Fat On Its Own?

While there is no doubt that it will work perfectly well as a cutting steroid, those who are keen on losing body fat must keep a few things in mind. Unless we burn more calories than we consume, weight loss would not be possible. Further, you must also bear in mind that weight loss with this steroid could prevent you from the risk of muscle and tissue loss which often is a problem. Hence when you use Primobolan your muscle tissue and muscle mass always stay protected.

Benefits Of Primobolan 

Now that we have a broad idea as to how this steroid works, it would be interesting to have a look at a few benefits:

  • It is proven and time-tested as a safe and efficient steroid which helps in building muscle mass naturally without overdoing it.
  • It is also is known to be quite useful in burning those extra inches of fat provided it is used the right way.
  • It is also extremely useful as an agent for boosting immunity functions of the body. It is in fact used quite regularly for treating patients who are suffering from AIDS and other diseases where muscle wastage is a big problem.
  • It is also used on children and infants who need the right drug for enhancing muscle and tissue mass.
  • There are reasons to believe that Primobolan is also cost-effective and not very expensive as is the case with many other anabolic steroids.


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Primobolan Side Effects

It would be wrong to state that there are no side effects as far as this steroid is concerned. Like all anabolic steroids, this one also comes with its share of side effects. However what makes it different from others is the fact that the side effects are mild and not very difficult to control. However, it would call for the responsible and mature use of Primobolan. Anyhow it would be interesting to have some basic information about the various side effects that it comes with.

Estrogenic Side Effects: There could be some mild estrogenic side effects associated with this steroid. However, it could be safe to assume that the common problems associated with other anabolic steroids are not present in this drug. The risk of water retention or gynecomastia is almost not there. Therefore the risk of high blood pressure on the use of Primobolan is impossible. Though there is no need to go in for an anti-estrogen medication when using this steroid, your doctor could be the best person to decide on it.

There are some Androgenic side effects of acne, hair loss, and other such problems. However, hair loss is more prominent in men who are known to suffer from pattern baldness. There are quite a few drugs including 5-alpha reductase inhibitors which could fight the negative androgenic side effects associated with this drug.

As mentioned above the risk of high blood pressure is not there unless there is an underlying issue which causes spikes in blood pressure. Hence it would be better to keep a close watch on it. There have been some issues pertaining to either reduction or suppression of HDL cholesterol. It could also lead to increased levels of LDL cholesterol. However, this problem can be overcome by making some changes to diet or going in for some supplements. Diet rich in omega-3 or a quality omega-3 dietary supplement should be enough to take care of the above side effects. Finally, there are no reasons to believe that it is hepatoxic because it is well tolerated by the liver and metabolized and excreted quite efficiently. However, care has to be taken that the dosage is exactly as suggested by the doctors.

Primobolan Dosage 

The standard dosage for men would be in the range of 100 to 150 mg per day. The same will also be applicable for performance doses. There are studies to prove that men have started seeing very positive results even on a dosage of 50 to 75 mg per day. Higher dosages are also tolerated quite well in most of the cases. As far as women are concerned, the standard dosage is 25 to 50 mg per day. The total usage with a starting dosage of 25 mg should not exceed 4 to 6 months (with incremental intake) as far as women are concerned.

Conclusion on Methenolone

After factoring the various uses, results and various other attributes, there are many logical and proven facts which point to the immense benefits of using Primobolan. It is one of the most effective, safest and result oriented anabolic steroids. The reason why it has stood the test of time is that it is extremely safe and it works on small doses. While it works exceedingly well in bodybuilding, muscle building, and tissue building, it also improves metabolism and also can play a big role in improving the immune functions of the body.

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18 Shake Review 2018 -Benefits & Side Effects (Updated July 2019)

18 shake

What is 18 Shake?

18 Shake is marketed as a meal replacement supplement shake containing all-natural substances and no artificial sweeteners. The producers claim it is also free from gluten, soy, and other unhealthy components that various other meal replacements contain.
Certain the promises advertised aren’t something we have never heard of before, however, surprisingly 18 Shake users find it to be different. This review explains in detail how 18 Shake works, what ingredients it contains, what are its advantages and disadvantages, how much it costs, how it should be consumed, and most importantly where it serves the purposes it was created for.

18 Shake overview

18 shake contains only natural ingredients including a wide array of wide vitamins, minerals, proteins, fibers, and a sweetener all packed into 90 calories per serving. It uses a duo-protein formula containing 15 grams of whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate, both are renowned for their ease of digestion and rich amino acids. A 5g of fiber per serving can help suppress your appetite for hours. This formula is also great in helping build lean muscle mass and is also used for fat loss. To sweeten the food supplement, an all-natural Stevia is used which is a good sugar substitute as it does not lead to tooth decay and has minimal effect on blood sugar levels. This makes it a preferred sweetener for diabetics and for those who want to limit their intake of unnecessary sugar.

The 18 Shake meal replacement supplement comes with what the manufacturer calls “18 Shake Diet”, which is basically a diet plan that revolves around replacing the correct meals with this nutritional supplement. It comes as an eBook which provides detailed weight-loss information.

While the producers make bold statements saying you do not need to exercise while following this diet plan, we do not recommend listening to them. They certainly might be true, but, even if they are, exercising, combined with having this shake would certainly provide faster and better results. What’s interesting is that since the company had made such statement, many consumers of 18 Shake literally started exercising lesser than before.

Ingredients in 18 Shake

The shake contains the following ingredients.

  • Maltodextrin

It is a soluble digestive resistant fiber, which means that it gets digested slowly. It is flavorless and facilitates better digestion and is capable of preventing gas and bloating. As it feeds beneficial gut bacteria, maltodextrin has the potential to improve the body’s immunity system. However, the most important function that it serves is suppressing hunger desires.

  • Stevia

Stevia is a sweetener and sugar substitute that has no calories at all. It is obtained from a plant species known as Stevia Rebaundiani, which is densely found in Brazil and Paraguay.

  • Whey Protein Concentrate

This ingredient is one of the most ordinary forms of protein which is formed as a byproduct during the production of cheese. It is a beneficial substance that facilitates the treatment of diabetes, particularly type-2 diabetes they also help to aid glycaemic control. Whey protein concentrate also enhances the production of muscle proteins and affects glucose metabolism.

  • Whey Protein Isolate

This ingredient is synthesized by splitting the components of milk. It is a dietary supplement which is produced by filtering the obtained whey protein using a microfilter. What it does is it removes the byproducts – ash and lactose. It is also a rich source of important amino acids which help to maintain muscle mass and to enhance athletic performance.

  • Fibersol-2

Similar to Maltodextrin, Fibersol-2 is a soluble fiber with a low viscosity. Many clinical researchers have often mentioned that it helps in managing intestinal regularity. In addition, recent studies of Fibersol-2 have proved that only 10 g of this fiber with your average meal is enough to produce signs of weight-loss.

While these were the main ingredients, it also contains other important ingredients in smaller amounts. They are as follows:

  • Iodine

It increases metabolism and is important for many other body functions.

  • Chromium

Boosts insulin and helps in burning carbohydrates

  • B-vitamins

Increases energy levels

Lowers cholesterol levels and boosts the immunity system

  • Potassium

Helps to control the blood pressure

  • Copper

Improves the functioning of the immunity system.

Working of 18 Shake

Its weight loss effect is associated with its 90 calories per serving which is significantly less than the average meal replacement shake. Also, it contains a full range of vitamins and mineral which is important when replacing meals. This supplies the body with the nutrients that it needs to keep energy levels high and to operate many important processes. Also added, is an appetite suppressing fiber which is a good source of protein. All of these benefits make it easier for you to sustain reliable weight loss since you can replace a high-calorie meal with just a 90 calorie meal per serving

Pros of Using 18 Shake

  • The producers of 18 shake promise that their users would experience the following benefits:
  • High content of quality minerals, vitamins, and proteins.
  • Increased body metabolism and faster blood pumping. Therefore, burning fat quicker.
  • Very high content of fiber which enables suppression of hunger, eventually facilitating weight loss.
  • Easy and fun to use.
  • Does not have any artificial flavors and made up of natural ingredients.
  • Has a pleasant sweet taste without any extra calories due to the presence of natural stevia.
  • Contains only natural ingredients.

Cons of Using 18 Shake

  • Some users complain that it is too expensive.
  • While very few, there have been claims about lack of results.
  • The product is limited to online sales only.
  • Sometimes the producers may run out of stock.

How to use 18 Shake

18 Shake comes with a special measuring scoop. It is recommended to have 2 scoops of 18 Shake mixed with a non-fizzed drink of your choice. If you wish to use your blender, you may try one of the many recipes that are on 18 Shake’s official website. Each bag of 18 Shake should be enough for servings. You may replace one or more of your meals with a serving of this shake. However, we do recommend eating enough as well. For best results, it is advised to the “18 Meal Plan”. If done correctly, the company says, you may lose about 5 to 10 pounds a month.

18 Shake Reviews

Users of 18 shake have provided rave reviews and impressive before and after photos to reveal how it has helped them with their weight loss. Often customers added that the supplement had a pleasant texture and didn’t taste artificial. It blended with ease and help suppress their appetite for hours. It is also great on the go as you can mix it with water or a liquid of your choice without a blender. With a blender – you may try making different recipes to suit your needs in the different flavors offered by 18 shakes.

As of now, most of the feedbacks about 18 Shake have been positive and very few customers have reported any complaints. Not much has been heard about any negative side-effects as well, except a few cases of mild stomach related problems.

Where can I buy 18 Shake?

For someone who is in a hurry to buy this luxury replacement supplement, you might be out of luck and would have to wait for the shipping to take place as it is mostly only sold online. In addition, it would be difficult to find it even on the internet, except the most popular online store Amazon and the official website itself,
Moreover, users have also reported that 18 Nutrition very often runs out of stock.
The company doesn’t offer any auto-enrollment plans but they do offer discounts on bulk purchases, as well as a 1-month money back guarantee. Most customers said that the company is easy to deal with and they are very straightforward in how they operate.
The product retails at $47.99 and is available in various flavors.

The verdict on 18 Shake

18 Shake suppresses appetite and provides the right amount of proteins, vitamins, and minerals to support your muscles. The idea is that you lose weight since you get three times fewer calories per meal without the desire to intake more food. Not only does it help with weight loss, it also aids faster recovery from exercise. It certainly is not a regular protein shake as it contains a special blend of fibers as well that help to block hunger better than other products. Moreover, all its ingredients are obtained entirely from natural sources, it neither has soy added flavors nor any artificial sweeteners making it free from any dangerous components. With 18 Shake, you also get calcium for your bones, zinc for your skin and seven other vitamins for that are required for your body. This shake contains only 90 calories and it’s a perfect meal replacement for weight loss. Undoubtedly, is worth adding this meal replacement to your monthly expenses.