Serious Mass Review- Benefits & Side Effects (updated July 2019)

serious mass

What is Serious mass?

Let’s start with talking about what is BMI? BMI is called body mass index. It is used to measure body fat grounded on your height and weight. Everybody wants to look great and have a good healthy body. Nobody is happy being too skinny or too hefty. To have a great body we must keep a lot of things in mind.  Having a good lifestyle is very important, but sometimes despite all the efforts and following a good diet, decent exercise regime and having a perfect lifestyle doesn’t help or it may help but it may take a lot of time to achieve the desired results. These days everybody wants to look nice and fit.

Ways to gain mass

There are a lot of ways to gain serious mass. Few we would like to talk about. Diet plays a very important role and that to be the right diet with proper calorie intake. Lots and lots of water are also very essential. It helps your body to absorb carbs and protein intake. And the serious mass gainer, it has no side effects. It is like a supplement which really helps. And if taken with right diet and exercise it can show quick results. Always remember balance is very important. Excess of everything is bad.

Mass gainer VS protein powder

A lot of people do not know that mass gainer is different from protein powder. They both are important supplements for a bodybuilder. They both help in gaining serious mass and weight and therefore help in recovery too. Therefore picking up the right supplement plays an important role. Mass gainers have higher calorie content when it comes to protein powder. They also have higher carb content which is equally important in a diet of a bodybuilder. It helps in improving your energy. It’s not good to miss a meal but sometimes we have no choice so serious mass gainers area very good replacement for it. Sometimes you don’t have a very good appetite; here comes the mass gainer for the rescue.

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Why mass gainer?

The mass gainer is an important thing in your diet when it comes to gaining serious mass. Sometimes everything fails but what helps is a mass gainer. Adding serious mass gainer to your diet improves your calorie intake. If taken with proper diet and exercise, it helps in gaining weight, and muscle building and in recovery. It very important for bodybuilders especially to gain muscle fat and to gain weight. They do a lot of hardcore exercises and to avoid any injuries they need serious mass gainers to recover as well. So all in all mass gainers play an important role if you are planning to work on your mass.

As we all know by now that mass gainer is very important to gain body mass. They also help in building a physique that is in building muscle and in gaining weight. Nothing can beat SERIOUS MASS GAINER when it comes to gaining mass and having a great body. You will see the results in a couple of weeks. It is the best and the quickest way. Its true to its name, it takes mass gaining very seriously. We don’t deny that there are no other ways but they are the slow ways. We all are busy these days; it’s a fast-paced world and why not use the better ways to have quick results. Everybody wants to see results. Serious Mass proves to be the best of the lot. It’s the best supplement so far and the most trusted one. We can rely on it and relax; the results will show in our body within weeks. Who doesn’t like getting compliments or getting wooed? Who doesn’t like looking good and strong?

How do Serious Mass works?

Some people think that bodybuilding is very tough and therefore they don’t even think about it. If you really try to gain knowledge about it, its nothing that’s beyond imagination or impossible. Working out plays an important role so does the nutrition. Now nutrition is what we can get from a good diet but for mass gain, we need o increase the calorie intake more than the usual and it’s not possible for some people who have less appetite, as they don’t feel like eating every two hours. Here serious mass plays an important role. It’s the best way to consume more calories. Serious Mass is worth the money and it delivers what is promised.

It is always significant to check out the ingredients for each supplement in order to choose whether you are satisfied or not before including it in your diet. The people who are health conscious and mostly the fitness freaks are, they will want to be aware of synthetic flavoring and other chemicals present in weight gain powders. But the good news is the main ingredients in the SERIOUS MASS GAINER are protein, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, and vitamins. Therefore you can trust it blindly. It’s the most dependable and trusted supplement. It helps in your growth immensely with aiding your recovery. So far a lot have people have trusted it and have benefitted from it.

Conclusion on Serious Mass Gainer

Why waste time in thinking? Why not go for the best? Why hesitate if you really want to have a great body. The answer to all your doubts and questions is serious mass. This is not a dream, its nothing magical but it no doubt does wonder to your body. It’s a dream come true for thousands of people. Overall, we assure it’s a great mass gainer for newbies and bodybuilders, keeping in mind the value for money its something won’t let you regret. Not forgetting the need for the body to gain mass, which is the number of carbs needed so for those of you who need the additional calories and have that rapid metabolism it works perfectly. It works perfectly for your body and has no side effects. A lot of people have tried it and written about it all over the web. All you will see is positive feedback. Everybody is satisfied and results are guaranteed.

Needless to say, Serious Mass is not a led down and Serious mass provides an enormous quantity of calories in one drink. It’s very simple to use and it’s worth all the hassle we do to gain serious mass. It’s a perfect supplement after the workouts or perfectly works well on the go when you miss a meal. It has all the benefits of the healthy diet. Like all the important nutrients that your body needs in a day, it has it all. It’s healthy and it’s nutritious. As you start the intake you will see the body changes in a couple of days itself. It’s nothing that will take years to show results. If used properly and regularly is a great way to support your growth of body mass. You have to try it to believe it.  Once you start using it we assure you great results and you will not get tired of sharing your experience with others as well. We believe in delivering the best and serious mass will never let you down.

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Kodiak Cakes Review 2018-Pro’s & Con’s (updated July 2019)

kodiak cakes

What are Kodiak Cakes ?

The Kodiak Cakes was launched in the year 1995, but the origin goes back to ages. The pancakes of this brand are made with keeping the ‘hot cakes’ in mind that are a treat for every family’s breakfast. There is hardly anyone who would not want to have a delicious hot plate of pancakes but which ones are the best is the question. While you would spend time on figuring out which ones are the best and healthy options, we are here to help to fix on that.

kodiak cakes
kodiak cakes

Whether you have been into specialty foods or not, whether you have high-protein diet daily, pancakes are something that everyone enjoys. As a morning breakfast or a quick snack with a bunch of friends, pancakes can be a delight. These pancakes are packaged in a brown box with a bear on the front. Although the box looks adorable, the box mentions power kodiak cakes, which can be a bit confusing for many.

The packaging of the box looks as if it is created for a mix of target audiences. If you are thinking that it is for people who deal with healthy-protein diet, then you might be wrong. The box gives you the feel of the age-old traditions of baking and cooking – just like how you would feel like being around a hipster. 

There are a number of things you look at while buying a snack and same goes for pancakes too. Right from the price, to the taste of the ingredients and how healthy it is, we do look at multiple factors.

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Let us take a close look at some of the popular products of this brand and see what are the ingredients and how do they work for pancake lovers.

Kodiak Cakes Products

The box of Frontier Flapjack and Waffle Mix is the first product of the brand. It was launched in the market in 1995. The recipe is primarily based on one of the traditional family recipes. This particular product comes without any added sugar or fat.

The Frontier Flapjack and Waffle Mix are tasty and are an only water added flapjack. This one feature of this mix helps you to prepare them even when you run out of almond milk, or plain milk.

  • This is made using whole grains, which in itself is a healthy plate of protein. You can kick-start your day with this and have a stomach full of deliciousness.
  • Each of its serving comes with eight grams of protein. This makes it a good choice for breakfast or any time when you feel empty stomach.
  • It has natural honey that adds the natural sweetened flavor to the product. As mentioned earlier, it does not have any added sugar or fat, and therefore this is a healthy pick for you. The sweet of honey will be loved by every member of your family.
  • The product is free from any GMO contents, and therefore it is healthy and safe to consume.
  • You cannot find any artificial preservatives that keep these intact. You can be rest assured to give these to the children as well.
  • Every box of the Frontier Flapjack and Waffle Mix comes with 13 servings. So, you can prepare delicious and healthy pancakes for your family with a box.

If you look at the ingredients of the Frontier Flapjack and Waffle Mix, you can see that it contains whole grain, whole wheat, dry milk (non-fat), dried honey, sea salt and egg white as the main component. You just have to add in water as required and prepare these. You may also find some peanuts in the pancakes.


  • The waffle mix of buttermilk and honey – For the delicious pack

This particular product is one of the new products of Kodiak Cakes. It comes with the similar ingredients that are present in other packs. But you can find sweet cream buttermilk (non-fat) and some taste of vanilla in this pack. Also, you do not find any traces of added sugar, fat or cholesterol. You just need to add water as required and you are good to go.

  • This too comes with whole grains, making it a healthy option
  • As this contains the flavor of honey and sweet buttermilk, it would be a favorite for children as well as every other member of your family
  • You can have 13 servings from one box, you are sure to get a stomach full of protein and delicious pancakes
  • There are no GMO ingredients present and no artificial preservatives in Kodiak Cakes
  • Gluten-free frontier flapjack and waffle mix – For those with gluten-free life

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For those who are sensitive to gluten, do not have to worry anymore.  If you want to have Kodiak Cakes pancakes, try the gluten-free pack.

This pack contains ingredients that are made from flour of oat. The brand is happy to come up with Kodiak Cakes for those who are leading a gluten-free lifestyle.

To make these delicious pancakes, you just need to add the required amount of milk.

The main ingredients of this pack include flour that is made using oat of whole grain, brown sugar, tapioca starch, etc. You may also find some amount of tree nuts.

  • The waffle mix of pumpkin and flaxseeds – For the love of pumpkin spice

If you like the taste of pumpkin and have been thinking of picking this flavor for the pancakes, then here it is. The waffle mix of pumpkin and flaxseeds pack comes with a pack of wholesome ingredients. By having this, you will be stomach full with a delicious plate of pumpkin pancakes.

These pancakes contain proteins of high quality, and a few core vitamins to keep you energized and healthy all throughout the day. Also, the pack of Pumpkin Flax Flapjack & Waffle Mix contains super foods such as pumpkin and flax seeds. These core ingredients are good for a high metabolism, and flax seeds keep your cholesterol under check. There is also a great mix of cinnamon, ginger, ground cloves, nutmeg that adds natural sweetness to the pancakes. Your entire family would love the taste for sure.

Kodiak Cakes Summary

To make this pancake, you need to add water and prepare your power-packed breakfast.  If you have been looking for a nourished morning, then you can’t miss the pumpkin and flax flavored pancakes.

  • The pack contains whole grains, making the start of your day healthy and wholesome
  • The bunch of core ‘B’ vitamins offers energy, rejuvenating your body
  • Every pack of the Pumpkin Flax Flapjack & Waffle Mix comes with a top-notch protein of 10 grams of weight for each serving. This means you are sure to get a good amount of protein in a day.
  • The taste of the pumpkin-spice adds to the flavor. You would want to have more and get more of this.
  • The pack of ingredients does not have any GMO ingredients as it adheres to the strict manufacturing
  • You are sure to get ten servings in each box of the Pumpkin Flax Flapjack & Waffle Mix

So, keep these handy tips and reviews in mind before you pick your next pack of Kodiak Cakes.

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Quest Protein Review 2018- Pro’s & Con’s (Updated July 2019)

quest protein

What is Quest protein?

Quest protein is a company best known for selling its protein bar which is known to have a good nutritional value as well as great taste. Though a little less popular than their bars, quest also sells protein powder which has the almost same taste and nutritional value as their bar but being a powder its use is quite versatile.

If you are making a list of protein powders available in the market then this review might prove to be helpful for you.

quest protein
quest protein

A brief on quest protein powders

According to the product manufacturers, quest protein powder contains high-quality protein sources like whey isolate, micelles casein, and milk protein isolate. The company also claims it to have an amazing taste and excellent nutritional value.

Quest Protein Nutritional facts

Let’s look into some basic nutritional facts of the quest protein powder:

Quest protein powder contains 110 calories per scoop and the stats are as follows

  • Protein: 23 grams
  • Carbohydrates: 4 grams (2  fiber and less than 1 gram of sugar)
  • No fat.

The three major nutritional advantages provided by quest protein is:

  • High protein-to-calories percentage which is the greatest measure of protein
  • Low-fat and low-cholesterol
  • No junk added (as claimed by the manufacturers)

Stats for micronutrients are as follows

  • sodium is slightly more than the average quantity i.e. 170 milligrams per scoop (that makes up to 8 percent of your daily intake)
  • also, it has about 6 percent of your daily cholesterol, which is pretty low.
  • Makes up to 35 percent of your daily intake of calcium which is quite high
  • 4 percent of your daily intake of iron
  • 6 percent of your daily magnesium which is a mineral that you don’t usually find in protein powders.

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Ingredients of Quest Protein

Quest protein provides basic information about all the ingredients present in the powder but in addition to that, it also provides the percentage of each of the ingredients present in one serving of the powder. Many food companies don’t clearly mention what’s in the product but quest protein wins in this race by providing a little transparency which is quite beneficial for the consumers.

The ingredients are listed as

  • 50% whey isolate
  • 40% micellar casein
  • 10% milk protein isolate.

Note: The exact blend slightly varies depending on the flavor of the product; Vanilla and Unflavored have 60% whey isolate, 40% micellar casein, with Chocolate and Strawberries & Cream using the same 50/40/10 blend as peanut butter.

  • One serving contains:
    Calories: 110
    Fat: 1 gram
    Carb: 2 grams, (1 gram fiber and <1 gram sugar)
    Protein: 23 grams
    Cholesterol: 15 mg

In addition to these, there is no added artificial flavor and sugars except for an artificial sweetener, splenda. No digestive enzymes like lactase or amylase are present.

Why Quest Protein?

You might still be wondering why you must choose quest protein when you have umpteen number of options available in the market as well as online. Well, all your doubts can be answered here.

The protein in the quest protein powder is all about 60% whey isolate and 40% micellar casein, which is higher than any other powder present.

It has a generous amount of micronutrients beneficial for your health.

One of the major benefits that this powder provides is versatility in use. You can use this powder to make a great number of things. A box also comes with a recipe booklet which has a list of food you can make like protein brownies, cakes etc.

Another beneficial quality of quest powder is that it is a low-carb, low-fat protein powder that helps you bake a lot of things. It has casein since it helps in thickening the batter. The casein present in the product increases its mixability.

Packaging and labeling

Quest’s protein powder comes in a white tub and is little taller and slimmer in appearance than many other 2 lb. boxes. The size is often found to be a plus point when considering where to store it as compared to other protein powder boxes. The label is made quite clear and readable with all the required standard nutrition info, providing suggestions, along with a few cooking/recipe ideas. As an addition, it also comes with a recipe booklet in which most of the recipes look delicious.

One stand out feature of their label is that it provides the percentage value of each content in the product especially each type of protein content. In the section where ingredients are mentioned, most companies provide a list of blended protein such as whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, calcium caseinate, hydrolyzed whey protein, etc. Quest provides the basic information along with the percentage numbers in easy to read font on the left side of the box.

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Benefits of Quest Protein

The benefits of the powder have been listed above which contain high protein to calories percentage, low fat, and cholesterol, no added junk and versatility.

  • Taste

The blend of nutrients in the protein shake is quite different yet similar from the bar and hence taste is quite good. If you have tasted its bar then you would also like the taste of the powder. It will provide a good taste when mixed with a food to be baked or cooked like pancakes, cakes, brownies etc.

  • Value for money

Quest protein is available in the market as well as online for a price of 40$ (approx.) for two pounds, for the largest available size. It provides 29 servings and has a price of 6 cents for each scoop.

This price is a little more than other similar products available in the market but for such versatility and protein content, it is quite an affordable price.

  • Suitable for?

Anyone who’s willing to get lean muscles or meet daily protein and other micronutrient requirements and increase strength can consume Quest protein. If you are looking for an alternate source of protein then you might consider taking Quest protein.

Final summary of Quest Protein


  • High protein-to-calories percentage. Twenty-three grams protein and only 110 calories per serving.
  • Low-fat and low-cholesterol: Always a good thing.
  • Rich in calcium i.e. Thirty-five percent of the daily value.
  • Contains sSplendasplenda) Natural sweetener which helps regulate blood sugar levels.


  • A little high than normal sodium level i.e. 170 mg per serving (Chocolate Milkshake flavor).
  • Also contains carrageenan but only in the Strawberries & Cream flavor.

Quest protein summary

If you’re in the market and looking for a high-quality protein blend that tastes good as well as provides decent per-serving value then quest protein powder is highly recommended. It comes in 3 flavors chocolate, strawberries, and vanilla which gives you a good number of options to choose between. It is a little pricey but is good for the amount of protein it contains.

Thus, if you are still confused about buying a protein powder for completing your daily protein needs and gaining strength then you must end your quest now and immediately go for quest Protein Powder!

You can find more information on the product by visiting the following links

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Alpha Cut Review 2018 -Benefits & Side Effects (Updated July 2019)

alpha cut

What is Alpha Cut?

Alpha Cut is the ultimate supplement that exclusively caters to men prioritizing health and fitness. But that does not mean that the benefits of this supplement are limited to improving your health alone, Alpha Cut will also provide phenomenal advantages to bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts as well.

alpha cut

This muscle boosting supplement has been designed exclusively to increase the level of testosterone in your body that will subsequently, increase your vitality and health, enhance your body fat loss and muscle size, as well as help you gain energy for longer workout sessions that will improve your health. This supplement takes control over your estrogen levels and increases the level of testosterone in your body for maximized effects. Apart from muscle building, this supplement is also supposed to contain anti-aging ingredients. Moreover, the increased level of energy will assist you to overcome fatigue and getting tired too early when exercising.

The claim that your overall appearance will also improve is backed by the fact that Alpha Cut will burn your body fat causing the underlying lean muscles to show off. Alpha Cut  functions to balance the production and secretion of testosterone via its main ingredients, namely Diindolylmethane, Indol 3 Carbinol, Chrysin, and Curcumin. These ingredients allow your body to detox and work to lower estrogen levels while increasing the production of testosterone in your body. This supplement also functions to strengthen your immune system while decreasing your bloated body. Find out how this amazing supplement works to help you build a stronger and better body.

Alpha Cut Ingredients

The success of Alpha Cut depends mainly on its four key ingredients that are listed below:

  • Diindolylmethane– This is one of the most crucial compounds in this supplement. This compound helps in the production of testosterone in your body. It also helps in maintains the equilibrium between the good and bad estrogen.
  • Indole 3 Carbinol– This ingredient comes with anti-estrogen function. It also cleanses your gut and ensures that healthy production of testosterone is maintained in your body.
  • Chrysin– This ingredient plays an important role in helping your body gain maximized benefits from the healthy production of testosterone in your body. It prevents the abnormal transformation of your body’s testosterone into unnecessary estrogen.
  • Curcumin– It regulates the production of estrogen in your body. Additionally, it also encourages the good estrogen production while controlling the production of bad estrogen in your body.

These four ingredients are primarily found in the supplement. They help your body to detox, control and limit the production of estrogen in the body, and essentially increase testosterone production, along with improving your immune system. They also help your body to stop bloating and reduce it significantly. Bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts can make good use of these ingredients to exercises for longer time periods without feeling tired, thereby getting faster results from their prolonged workout sessions.

The Workings of Alpha Cut

Since the ingredients of this supplement are natural, they work to naturally trigger the production of testosterone in your body. Along with increasing the testosterone levels, Alpha Cut also the ability to efficiently manage the estrogen conversion balance. When all three- production, conversion and release- take place in a controlled way, there are no side effects for you to worry about. Basically, this natural booster has been designed for men to fulfill their requirements that they cannot accommodate in their day-to-day lives. The ingestible formula of the supplement can be used for helping out with numerous fitness and health-related issues. In short, this supplement has the capability to help you meet all the physical targets you need to meet for a better and stronger body. Here are some notable functions of this supplement:

  • Helps you maintain a healthy weight
  • Enhances your mood and improves your sleep
  • Helps your lean muscles grow, get nourished and stay protected
  • Increases your energy levels so that you can get rid of fatigue
  • Solidifies your muscles and maximizes their power
  • Prevents the breakdown of muscles in your body
  • Fights off aging effects
  • Eases the bloating in your body, and purges the unnecessary fat as well as water weight
  • Offers you a healthy and satisfied sex life
  • Provides you with a chiseled body
  • Helps you get rid of toxins and fortifies your immune system


This natural muscle booster is highly promising with its competent formula that bestows unlimited advantages upon those that opt to use this supplement. Apart from the fact that it has the testosterone boosting ability, this supplement also has the ability to help you build muscles that you have been longing for over the years.

It is amazing to see that this supplement not only helps in the onset of testosterone production but can also effectively lower estrogen product, helping you ward off medical conditions like gynecomastia. With the help of its premeditated plan, this supplement is able to maintain a balance between the production and conversion of the hormones in your body. The power of its ingredients helps cleanse your body from external and internal toxins that may threaten your well-being. It also diminishes the production of bad estrogen that may cause the problem with your health. So, from the health point of view, Alpha Cut has the ability to safeguard your immune system while making it more active. There is no doubt that Alpha Cut is the best testosterone booster that you will come across and its unique ability to act as a testosterone booster will enrich you with energy and strength.

The Benefits of Alpha Cut

The manufacturers of Alpha Cut claim that it is a 100% natural product which makes it completely safe for use. It does not contain any artificial or synthesized ingredients, which is why it is free of chemicals and can be safely ingested. No side effects can be encountered if the product is not taken with some other medication. While other testosterone boosting supplements cause gastrointestinal problems, and steroids come with long-term health issues and side-effects, there is no such problem with taking this supplement.

Not only will you be able to improve the strength and quality of your muscles, but you will also benefit from the control of estrogen level in your body. Moreover, the increase in production of testosterone and further regulation of this testosterone offer maximized health benefits. Alpha Cut also provides anti-aging effects that make you look younger and more vibrant while lowering the fatigue that you experience at the gym. You can also effectively lose fat from the body and get over the bloating that forms in the body. Eventually, this supplement helps you to exercise for extended time periods at the gym, which leads to increased muscle production in the faster time period. Therefore you have ensured overall health as well as fitness by using Alpha Cut.

This testosterone booster can increase the muscle mass, lower the fat content, and also improve the energy level in your body for extra time during workout sessions for improved overall health.

You can take this supplement two times a day (one capsule each time) and accompany it with food to avoid feeling nauseated.

The ingredients in this supplement are 100% natural so you will experience no bad or harmful effects while using this supplement that you generally encounter while using steroids or other such supplements.

According to reviews, using Alpha Cut for some months continuously can help you increase 6-12 pounds of muscle mass gain!


  • Rob– Alpha Cut is the real deal. I have noticed that my muscles are much harder and bigger. Moreover, I feel that my body also looks much better. I don’t feel tired much and have the power to perform the toughest exercises. I have also lost the body fat that has helped me appear much better. Before using Alpha Cut I already tried various supplements, treatments, and medications, but without any success. But this is the product that I will recommend to anyone looking for a better physique.
  • Andrew– I totally love it that Alpha Cut has cut down my fat without affecting my muscle mass. I look leaner and feel stronger all at once. Even my wife says that my skin appears much better, thanks to the detoxifying properties of Alpha Cut.
  • Brandon– Having opted for Alpha Cut has been the best decision of my life. I can now spend more time with my friends and colleagues. I feel more confident and sleep better. And my body fat is all gone. My girlfriend is happy to see me charged up all the time and my appearance has changed drastically, all because of this supplement. My biceps and flat tummy have gained me much popularity, making me feel like a celebrity.

Alpha Cut Side Effects

This natural muscle booster is perfect for men desiring to improve their level of testosterone in the body without having to encounter any risk. Alpha Cut is not known to cause any physical or mental complications that you encounter while using other supplements for boosting your testosterone levels. While there are some that reported of improvement in the quality of their sleep, there are others that reported of improvement in their mood and confidence as well. The control over the production of estrogen helps in lessening the fat that develops when you reach your middle –age. Moreover, there is an improvement in the lean muscle quality that comes without working hard for it. Reports have also been made on the ability to lift extra weights and doing more reps without any fatigue. Users have also claimed of showing an increased level of energy with the recommended use of 2 capsules every day. One of the lesser known side effects is nausea and that can be avoided if you eat some food along with the supplement.

Recommended Dosage

The manufacturers opine that the ideal dosage is 2 capsules per day with water. You don’t need to either increase or lower this recommended dosage. If you do so, the chances of being affected by side effects will be high. The results will start showing visibly within 4-8 weeks of usage. Don’t forget to drink lots of water when consuming Alpha Cut. Moreover, intense workouts along with a healthy diet are crucial to get desired results when using this supplement. Although there are various reports on the outcome of using this supplement, most agree that proper results start showing within 2 months of using the supplement.

Usually, the normal processes are hindered when you have excessive fat in your body, which is why fatigue sets in so easily. This fatigue also hampers your regular workout sessions, and as you get tired more often, you start spending less time doing your exercises at the gym. In fact, lethargy prevents you from doing your daily chores as well.

However, using this supplement on a regular basis along with exercises and proper diet, you will get back your energy and strength that will help burn all the excess fat and help your muscles grow stronger and make you more energetic at the end of the day. Also, with the loss of fat in your body, your overall appearance will also change and you will get the desired chiseled look in due time. With the balance in lowered estrogen and higher production of testosterone in your body, you will enjoy the benefits of being energized all the time as well as less fat and more muscles in your body. A point to note is that this supplement is recommended only for men and not children or women.

Final Words on Alpha Cut

So, the bottom line is that this supplement will offer returns on your investment by leaps and bounds. This natural boosting supplement contains natural ingredients which are the main reason why you should not hesitate opting for it. Moreover, you can carry it around with you everywhere you go as it comes is easy-to-carry bottles. This estrogen inhibitor and testosterone booster have been uniquely designed to improve the strength and build of your muscles, to increase the loss of fat in your body, along with increasing your energy levels for prolonged and harder workouts with an overall improvement in health. You will be left with a better figure which will, in turn, boost your well-being sense and confidence. Within 2 months of using Alpha Cut along with dedicated workout sessions as well as balanced diet, you will get a strong and perfectly-shaped body.

A1 Supplements Review 2018- Are they worth buying? (updated July 2019)

a1 supplements

What are A1 Supplements?

Nowadays, you can find countless companies selling and distributing nutritional supplements & related products on their websites. But in case of trust & reliability, only a few of them stand on the ground. Well, among those trustable and reliable ones, there’s A1 Supplements. All you need to know about A1 supplements is here.

History of A1 Supplements

A1 supplements were established in the year 1999. This website is considered as a legit online seller and distributor of nutritional supplements, protein powders, and various other products which are related to health and wellness of a person. A1 supplements were created to be one of the best sources of supplement selection and information available online. A1 supplements is based in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Since the start of A1 supplements, it has been treated as one of the largest online store which sells supplements along with that it provides everyone easy and convenient shopping experience. The best thing about their website is that you can find the best range of products at lowest prices!


Since the last few years, A1 supplements has become a trustworthy and reliable wholesaler of nutritional products and supplements. It also distributes products in stores and gyms for using purposes. As of today, it is one of the leading distributors of products which ships to all 50 states in the US. Furthermore, the products are also shipped worldwide to fulfill the needs of the people who live outside the United States.

Philosophy of A1 Supplements

A1 supplements have a very simple philosophy which is dedicated to providing quality products at cheaper prices. If compared with other companies, no one can beat the discounts available on their wholesale pricing structure.

Well, it not only offers you best products at lower prices but also the hottest products on the market are also available. Another best thing about their website is that it has supplement facts and articles which are helpful in providing information to help every person with their fitness or bodybuilding aims. After spending many years in this market A1 supplement has managed to gain support and loyalty from athletes, trainers, bodybuilders, health & fitness enthusiasts, and a lot more.

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Accreditation from BBB

If you still have a doubt on the trust and reliability of a1 supplements then one thing you should know about is that it is BBB Accredited. In simple words, the company standards meet the BBB accreditation standards in case of being able to provide quality products to the consumers. Well A1 supplements have also managed to live up to their commitments in marketing products which are effective and also beneficial.

Selection of Products

Well as you can see A1 supplements have a fantastic selection and collection of wide range of products. They have products from big companies and newly introduced ones too. They have proteins, amino, joint health, pct, post workouts and everything relatable by big brands.

Furthermore, they carry products by almost every brand you can think of except nutrabio and jym. Along with these products they also have accessories and clothing for a workout too. The collection of the clothing and accessories for work out seems pretty decent. Not to miss they also have shaker cups, jugs, etc as cheap as you can think of.



The site is well organized and easy to operate. You can also save your information so that the next time you order from them, it will be a matter of few clicks only.

Shipping of Orders

The shipping seems standard as they have a rate of $5.99 for a 2-5 days shipping. But on the other hand, it can be cheaper for you based upon the area you live in. If you are reluctant to spend a little more than you can get your products early by priority shipping.

You can say that their shipping is as fast as in the advertisements and doesn’t arrive early or late which is another reason to like A1 Supplements.


You will never face any problems with their service even after using them for ages. They will send you confirmation emails after your order after they ship and also before delivering! Along with your orders, they might sometimes throw in some samples too.

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Pros & Cons of A1 Supplements


A1 supplements’ website offers a lot of products with nutrients and supplements just like a person requires in his day to day life. If you are looking for products to build your body or even to get into diet regime, you can for sure find products you require on their website.

They also supply sports nutrition products like pre-workout supplements, recovery supplement, creatine supplements, and a lot more.

Well moreover:

  • Variety of body supplements
  • Specials and deals on a regular basis
  • Secure payment system on their website
  • Gift cards, coupons, and discounts available


I guess there’s only one drawback of A1 supplements and that is the varying shipping costs which depend on where you live. The farther you live the more are the shipping costs. If you want to check the shipping costs for your area then you can just simply add the products you want in the cart and later during the checkout the shipping costs are calculated accordingly and automatically.

Well, this might get frustrating for the people who live quite far and would have to undergo a few processes just to find the shipping costs for their area.

How to order from A1 Supplements?

Well, it is quite convenient to order from their website as the layout is quite simple.

  1. Look for the items you need and then add in your cart. Once added to your cart you can choose for either continue shopping or proceed to check out.
  2. After finishing adding products to your cart, you can simply click on proceed to check out and then select your desired shipping method. You can also add a coupon code or promo code if you have one. Well, the limit of using the coupons are once per shipping.
  3. You can order as a guest or register as a consumer.
  4. You will be forwarded to adding shipping and billing address and then the payment method. After adding and selecting them you can have an all total look on your order before submission.

You can also order from your phone!

Payment Options

A1 supplements accept various types of payments; they are:

  • Credit cards

Master Cards, Visa, Discover and American Express credit cards are accepted by A1 Supplements.

  • Money order

It must be drawn on US Funds. Make sure you add your name, invoice number, etc on the money order

  • Checks
  • It may get delayed for processing but hey except both business and personal checks
  • PayPal

If your order doesn’t violate any PayPal policies, then you can easily select this option during check out.

  • Wire transfer

It is available only on huge domestic and internal orders.

They currently don’t accept Cash on Delivery.

Opinion on A1 Supplements

Well, A1 supplements is a legit and great site to order from. Whether it is for ordering products to improve your performance or even general products like multivitamins, A1 supplements is definitely a recommended site for everyone who requires such products on daily basis.

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Evogen Review 2018 – Benefits & Side Effects (Updated July 2019)


What is Evogen?

Evogen was founded by Hany Rambod, he is known as “The Procreator.” He has been constructing award-winning physiques for over 20 years. His groundbreaking FST-7 system has helped a lot of his clients win a total of 15 Olympia titles. All of Evogen’s formulations are created by Rambod and previously they were available for only the elites Hany was training. But over the past few years, it has been made available to the public. The formulations within the Evogen nutrition supplement line are crucial to the success of the FST-7 program because of their effect on the repair, growth, and muscle volume. FST-7 is one of the most popular and successful physique transformations systems ever created.

FST-7 stand for Fascia Stretch training and the 7 refers to the seven sets performed usually as the final exercise for a target body part. The main goal of FST-7 is to bring as many as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, blood, oxygen, etc. into the muscle and stretch the fascia surrounding it to help encourage maximal muscle growth.

Similarly, Evogen has made sure that the products they formulate are of high quality and are categorized in order to cater to all the needs of a potential and a professional bodybuilder.

Evogen products were specially made for the “elite” users but as its now made available to the public we can say that it’s the finest of the products available on the market!

Evogen Products:

  • Evogen EVP (Evopoitetin One-Alpha):

Evogen EVP is a pre-workout supplement for maximum strength, size, and pump. EVP is the combination of the biotechnology, nutraceutical creativity and the knowledge of super performance nutrition.

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This product claims to be the finest of the pre-workout supplement as it has been used by the elite bodybuilders. But Evogen EVP is not only useful for the bodybuilders but also for endurance in athletes for muscle developing and performance improvement qualities.

Why this product is more effective is because of the secret ingredient FUSIL; which is a patented component along with the other ingredients.

FUSIL (Fermented, Ultra-soluble L- Leucine):

It is the most inspirational formula which is used in EVP. EVP has the highest quality of fermented L-Leucine which is super soluble and with high absorption. L-Leucine is known as the anabolic trigger, as it energizes protein synthesis and initiates anabolic reactions inside the body which increases the process of muscle development and restoration.

Other than FUSIL, EVP has other ingredients which are natural and has artificial flavors;  malic acid, Dipotassium Phosphate, Dicalcium phosphate, tri- magnesium phosphate, sodium citrate, Acesulfame potassium, sucralose, FD&C Red no 40, tixacan Xanthan gum. Citric acid USP. It also has vitamin supplement along with an anabolic catalyst.

EVP is the product which will help you in the bodybuilding process as it is a product of optimum researched technology. EVP helps in building the muscle as it ignites the muscle building mechanism in the body. EVP supports the cellular energy corridor thus maximizing the training results. It helps in the maintaining and improving the muscle cell capacity for enormous pumps. As EVP has no stimulants still it has proven in improving the mental concentration.

  •  Evogen Carnigen:

Carnigen is a blend of different types of carnitine and Evogen introduces it as an energy and recovery supplement. Carnigen is a stimulant free carnitine blend that helps to convert fatty tissues into energy while enhancing the post-workout recovery process.

Carnigen works mainly because of it helps in burning off the excess of fat, enhancing the recovery process and increasing the endurance. It works as an enzyme on the cellular level that transports fatty acids into the mitochondria, which then turn them into energy by oxidizing them. Carnigen helps in gaining muscle mass along with the fat loss. Carnigen also has vitamins, minerals and bioavailability enhancers that increase the absorption.

  •   Evogen CELL K.E.M (Cellular kinetic expansion matrix):

Evogen CELL K.E.M is primarily BCAA but mixed with a lot of vitamins and minerals which enables the consumers to take in a complete blend of nutrients which helps them in building muscle and prevent muscle loss. CELL K.E.M has  BCAA – 4:1:1 ratio, Arginine AKG, citrulline malate and vitamins such as vitamin C, Niacin, and B6 while the minerals are calcium and phosphorus. CELL K.E.M had also included Glutamine and creatine. These two ingredients are particularly important to reduce muscle breakdown while enabling the users to perform at a higher level.

  • Evogen Lipocide:

Lipocide is both an energy booster and fat burner. This a supplement which is specially made for the ones who want to lose weight and love bodybuilding. It reduces your appetite and reduces your cravings. Evogen claims that lipocide helps you lose weight from the fats but not from the muscles. Lipocide ingredients include caffeine anhydrous, acetyl L-Cartinie, yohimbine HCL, Choline Bitartrate, Evodia fruit, N-Acetyl L- tyrosine, Capsicum Annum, etc. other ingredients included in liposome are bitter orange, 5HTP, Piper nigrum, n-methyl tyramine,  velvet beans and beta- Phenylethylamine. All these ingredients have said to curb your appetite and curb your craving which indeed leads to weight loss.

  • Evogen Aminojet:

It is an amino acid based supplement. It is called a premium amino acid accelerator. When it comes to an amino acid, Evogen has always set the standard when it comes to ultra clean and pure fermented sources like FST-7!  Evogen Aminojet is packed not only with BCAA but also glutamine and betaine to accelerate recovery. Aminojet has fermented L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, and L-Valine, BCAA; these ingredients help in minimizing the soreness of the muscles and provide fast recovery. It also helps in protein synthesis and shut down the catabolic processes in the body. Betaine anhydrous is essential in balancing the water in the muscles and is effective in increasing the performance. Citrulline Malate assists the body in providing help to ATP to the working muscles.

  • Evogen Glutamine:

Glutamine is the perfect supplement for the recovery, performance, hydration and overall health.  Glutamine provides maximum training recovery; it enhances our immune system and enhances the performance. Glutamine contains calcium, magnesium, L-Glutamine (as BioFemQA fermented), magnesium glycinate glutamine, alanyl-glutamine (peptide), etc. Evogen is the only brand on the market which provides Glutamine blend to contain a potent mineral that supports over 300 physiological relevant processes in an athlete’s body.

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  • Evogen EvoVite:

EvoVite is a potent nutritional insurance for your fitness lifestyle. EvoVite is not just a mere high potency multivitamin but it’s a combination of three supplements in one! EvoVite contains bioavailable vitamins and minerals, CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine and Longvida SD Curcumin. These ingredients help in maximizing the performance and endurance and support the health of the body and its organs.

It is a multivitamin/mineral formula; it is a beta-alanine supplement and a superior curcumin supplement. EvoVite helps to fill the gaps of the daily nutrition dosages but along with providing the nutrition it also enhances the energy levels of the user.

Potential side effects of Evogen products:

Almost all the Evogen product users have claimed that there are negligible or almost no side effects noticed. Although there are some users who have reported that they have noticed some effects of Evogen. These side effects are basically observed after using most of the pre and post workout supplements, like irritation, stomach issues, increase in blood pressure, elevated heart rate, nausea, jitteriness, headache, etc.

It is advisable for the users to consult your physician or dietician before using any supplement as you might be allergic to some of the ingredients in the products. It is also very important to stick to the mentioned dosages or the dosages prescribed by the physician.

We made sure that we provide you with all the relevant information regarding Evogen supplements. We also hope that the above information regarding Evogen must have helped you in making the right decision in order to choose the right supplement for your fitness process.

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18 Shake Review 2018 -Benefits & Side Effects (Updated July 2019)

18 shake

What is 18 Shake?

18 Shake is marketed as a meal replacement supplement shake containing all-natural substances and no artificial sweeteners. The producers claim it is also free from gluten, soy, and other unhealthy components that various other meal replacements contain.
Certain the promises advertised aren’t something we have never heard of before, however, surprisingly 18 Shake users find it to be different. This review explains in detail how 18 Shake works, what ingredients it contains, what are its advantages and disadvantages, how much it costs, how it should be consumed, and most importantly where it serves the purposes it was created for.

18 Shake overview

18 shake contains only natural ingredients including a wide array of wide vitamins, minerals, proteins, fibers, and a sweetener all packed into 90 calories per serving. It uses a duo-protein formula containing 15 grams of whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate, both are renowned for their ease of digestion and rich amino acids. A 5g of fiber per serving can help suppress your appetite for hours. This formula is also great in helping build lean muscle mass and is also used for fat loss. To sweeten the food supplement, an all-natural Stevia is used which is a good sugar substitute as it does not lead to tooth decay and has minimal effect on blood sugar levels. This makes it a preferred sweetener for diabetics and for those who want to limit their intake of unnecessary sugar.

The 18 Shake meal replacement supplement comes with what the manufacturer calls “18 Shake Diet”, which is basically a diet plan that revolves around replacing the correct meals with this nutritional supplement. It comes as an eBook which provides detailed weight-loss information.

While the producers make bold statements saying you do not need to exercise while following this diet plan, we do not recommend listening to them. They certainly might be true, but, even if they are, exercising, combined with having this shake would certainly provide faster and better results. What’s interesting is that since the company had made such statement, many consumers of 18 Shake literally started exercising lesser than before.

Ingredients in 18 Shake

The shake contains the following ingredients.

  • Maltodextrin

It is a soluble digestive resistant fiber, which means that it gets digested slowly. It is flavorless and facilitates better digestion and is capable of preventing gas and bloating. As it feeds beneficial gut bacteria, maltodextrin has the potential to improve the body’s immunity system. However, the most important function that it serves is suppressing hunger desires.

  • Stevia

Stevia is a sweetener and sugar substitute that has no calories at all. It is obtained from a plant species known as Stevia Rebaundiani, which is densely found in Brazil and Paraguay.

  • Whey Protein Concentrate

This ingredient is one of the most ordinary forms of protein which is formed as a byproduct during the production of cheese. It is a beneficial substance that facilitates the treatment of diabetes, particularly type-2 diabetes they also help to aid glycaemic control. Whey protein concentrate also enhances the production of muscle proteins and affects glucose metabolism.

  • Whey Protein Isolate

This ingredient is synthesized by splitting the components of milk. It is a dietary supplement which is produced by filtering the obtained whey protein using a microfilter. What it does is it removes the byproducts – ash and lactose. It is also a rich source of important amino acids which help to maintain muscle mass and to enhance athletic performance.

  • Fibersol-2

Similar to Maltodextrin, Fibersol-2 is a soluble fiber with a low viscosity. Many clinical researchers have often mentioned that it helps in managing intestinal regularity. In addition, recent studies of Fibersol-2 have proved that only 10 g of this fiber with your average meal is enough to produce signs of weight-loss.

While these were the main ingredients, it also contains other important ingredients in smaller amounts. They are as follows:

  • Iodine

It increases metabolism and is important for many other body functions.

  • Chromium

Boosts insulin and helps in burning carbohydrates

  • B-vitamins

Increases energy levels

Lowers cholesterol levels and boosts the immunity system

  • Potassium

Helps to control the blood pressure

  • Copper

Improves the functioning of the immunity system.

Working of 18 Shake

Its weight loss effect is associated with its 90 calories per serving which is significantly less than the average meal replacement shake. Also, it contains a full range of vitamins and mineral which is important when replacing meals. This supplies the body with the nutrients that it needs to keep energy levels high and to operate many important processes. Also added, is an appetite suppressing fiber which is a good source of protein. All of these benefits make it easier for you to sustain reliable weight loss since you can replace a high-calorie meal with just a 90 calorie meal per serving

Pros of Using 18 Shake

  • The producers of 18 shake promise that their users would experience the following benefits:
  • High content of quality minerals, vitamins, and proteins.
  • Increased body metabolism and faster blood pumping. Therefore, burning fat quicker.
  • Very high content of fiber which enables suppression of hunger, eventually facilitating weight loss.
  • Easy and fun to use.
  • Does not have any artificial flavors and made up of natural ingredients.
  • Has a pleasant sweet taste without any extra calories due to the presence of natural stevia.
  • Contains only natural ingredients.

Cons of Using 18 Shake

  • Some users complain that it is too expensive.
  • While very few, there have been claims about lack of results.
  • The product is limited to online sales only.
  • Sometimes the producers may run out of stock.

How to use 18 Shake

18 Shake comes with a special measuring scoop. It is recommended to have 2 scoops of 18 Shake mixed with a non-fizzed drink of your choice. If you wish to use your blender, you may try one of the many recipes that are on 18 Shake’s official website. Each bag of 18 Shake should be enough for servings. You may replace one or more of your meals with a serving of this shake. However, we do recommend eating enough as well. For best results, it is advised to the “18 Meal Plan”. If done correctly, the company says, you may lose about 5 to 10 pounds a month.

18 Shake Reviews

Users of 18 shake have provided rave reviews and impressive before and after photos to reveal how it has helped them with their weight loss. Often customers added that the supplement had a pleasant texture and didn’t taste artificial. It blended with ease and help suppress their appetite for hours. It is also great on the go as you can mix it with water or a liquid of your choice without a blender. With a blender – you may try making different recipes to suit your needs in the different flavors offered by 18 shakes.

As of now, most of the feedbacks about 18 Shake have been positive and very few customers have reported any complaints. Not much has been heard about any negative side-effects as well, except a few cases of mild stomach related problems.

Where can I buy 18 Shake?

For someone who is in a hurry to buy this luxury replacement supplement, you might be out of luck and would have to wait for the shipping to take place as it is mostly only sold online. In addition, it would be difficult to find it even on the internet, except the most popular online store Amazon and the official website itself,
Moreover, users have also reported that 18 Nutrition very often runs out of stock.
The company doesn’t offer any auto-enrollment plans but they do offer discounts on bulk purchases, as well as a 1-month money back guarantee. Most customers said that the company is easy to deal with and they are very straightforward in how they operate.
The product retails at $47.99 and is available in various flavors.

The verdict on 18 Shake

18 Shake suppresses appetite and provides the right amount of proteins, vitamins, and minerals to support your muscles. The idea is that you lose weight since you get three times fewer calories per meal without the desire to intake more food. Not only does it help with weight loss, it also aids faster recovery from exercise. It certainly is not a regular protein shake as it contains a special blend of fibers as well that help to block hunger better than other products. Moreover, all its ingredients are obtained entirely from natural sources, it neither has soy added flavors nor any artificial sweeteners making it free from any dangerous components. With 18 Shake, you also get calcium for your bones, zinc for your skin and seven other vitamins for that are required for your body. This shake contains only 90 calories and it’s a perfect meal replacement for weight loss. Undoubtedly, is worth adding this meal replacement to your monthly expenses.

Blackwolf Hunt Review 2018 -Pro’s& Con’s (updated July 2019)

blackwolf hunt

Introduction to Blackwolf Hunt

Do you find it hard to persist through the entire workout session? Most women struggle to maintain a tough workout routine. Working out helps maintain your weight and keep your muscles toned. What if you are not able to keep up with such a beneficial workout because of the fatigue? There is a solution to this problem. You can carry on with toughest of workout sessions and achieve your fitness goals. Now you can achieve the desired results by using a premium workout supplement called Blackwolf Hunt.

There is a strong argument against the use of these supplements. It is said that supplements like these gives superficial energy and creates dependency on them. The effects of the workout supplements are short-lived and the side effects last longer. If you want to reduce weight or tone your body then supplement’s use should be avoided.

All of these arguments are not completely incorrect but it is not the case with Blackwolf Hunt. Blackwolf hunt stands out from the rest of its likes in the market. It comprises such ingredients which would aid your strenuous training session without any side effects. Read more to know how is it different from others in the market and what are the benefits which compel you to buy work out supplements.

blackwolf hunt

What is Blackwolf Hunt?

Blackwolf hunt is a premium workout supplement for women as well as men. It consists of necessary ingredients which boost your energy and keep you going. This supplement, unlike others, has high carb protein ratio which keeps your stamina alive all through the workout. You can use this supplement as per the need or the entire package at different stages of the workout.

  • Pre Workout

The Pre-workout variant of Blackwolf Hunt gives you the energy to start your exercise or training session. A scoop of the same mixed in water or juice right before the workout would boost your stamina. There are days when you feel tired after day-long work in the evening or too tired to get up early in the morning to hit the gym. Black wolf hunt pre work out is the right thing for you.

  • Intra Workout

Once you get started with your training routine it is pertinent to keep up the same energy levels. Any dilly dally won’t yield the desired results. Your aim is not to while away your time in the training session but to utilize it fruitfully. Else there is no point making the entire effort if it is doing no good.

  • Post workout

After you are done with your strenuous exercise session it is obvious to feel low on energy. You would be left with very little energy and would just feel like hitting the bed. A workout session, however, is a part of daily routine and you cannot keep up with it if you get so tired of it. If such a situation continues you would eventually discontinue it or worse give it up. A post workout dose of Blackwolf hunt would avert such situation.

How does Blackwolf Hunt Work?

Blackwolf Hunt has rich ingredients which our body requires while we exercise. Some of the ingredients are not produced by our body and are extracted from the dairy products and meats. While some are produced in small quantity. When we work out our body requires such supplements to expedite repairing of cells and avoid breaking of muscle protein during the training session. These are the ingredients Blackwolf Hunt is packed with:

Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs)

Blackwolf Hunt  aids in burning excess body fat and helps in repairing muscles quickly. BCAA’s have the property to cut the fat faster while you are working out and your recovery is fast too.

  • L-Valine

L- Valine is another ingredient which is required by your body to aid the muscle recovery process and keep up the endurance level.

  • L-Leucine

L-Leucine is an amino acid which would be purely extracted from your diet if not taken in the form of supplements. For that to happen you would have to consume large quantities of it which would do more harm than good to your body. It helps in keeping your muscles lean and toned and aids in burning fat. It is also responsible for repairing your muscles post and during the training session.

blackwolf hunt reviews

What are the benefits of Blackwolf Hunt?

  • Expedite Recovery Time

The first and foremost benefit of this supplement is the recovery of muscle tissue. Blackwolf Hunt achieves this aim in a very commendable manner. Most of its ingredients are aimed towards the recovery of body muscles.

  • Boost Energy and Stamina

To complete a strenuous workout session you need the stamina to endure through it. Tough workout sessions need yield quick results as opposed to the less taxing one. If you want fast results, you will need the stamina induced by this supplement.

  • Say no to Fatigue

Fatigue is the biggest enemy of your training session. Eliminate this feeling by consuming this helpful supplement. Blackwolf hunt kills the fatigue by boosting your energy and stamina. Blackwold Hunt is different from its competitors in the way that it does not comprise of just fillers. Fillers are of little help for workout session as it gives a feeling of fullness and might not give you as much energy and stamina as required.

Where to buy Blackwold Hunt?

Each container of Blackwolf hunt consist of 450 grams of powder which costs $37.5 each. One container would yield 15 scoops in all. Make sure you purchase Blackwolf Hunt from the official website only. Buying Blackwolf Hunt from the official website would guarantee genuine product.

The verdict on Blackwolf Hunt

Should you use this supplement to boost your training session?

A big Yes! Endurance is the key to successful training session so you must go ahead with it. Boosting your energy would not only help you during the workout but would also keep you going throughout the day keeping aside the tiredness post the strenuous exercise.

Is it worth spending your money on Blackwolf Hunt?

Looking at the success of the supplement you would not repent investing money in it. The cost is pretty reasonable as compared to the benefits you can reap.

Is it safe to use or does it have any side effects?

It does not have any side effects, be rest assured of the good results without any ill effects. The ingredients are mentioned on the container and you may cross check its effects on the internet. If in doubt, it is best to consult your doctor or dietician. It wont interfere with any medication you are taking but again you must make your doctor aware of the consumption of this supplement.

How is Blackwolf hunt in comparison with the other supplements in the market?

It is the best supplement you can ever have to support your training session. So go ahead and buy one for yourself. You will surely like the results and recommend Blackwolf Hunt to others.

Going by the merits and demerits of Blackwolf hunt, we would say that the benefits claimed by the company are worth a try and as it is your body does need some kind of support to keep up with the workout session. So why not give this supplement a try.


Blackwolf Eliminate Review – Pro’s & Con’s (updated July 2019)

blackwolf eliminate

 What is Blackwolf Eliminate?

Maintaining a strong and fit body is the need of the hour. Every person today takes extra effort in maintaining a fit and healthy body through working out in the gym. There are a number of people who take up supplements to add on to the nutrients and work out session. One can find a wide range of supplements to augment one’s workout. Supplements have a broad series of nutrients and ingredients that are best for maintaining the muscle strength and also build required muscle. People often get confused about taking the right supplement. As there are a number of brands that provide an extensive series of supplements, people often find it tedious to get the right product in hand. Therefore, it is always necessary and advisable to research before you pick any supplement from the market.

blackwolf eliminate

If you do not know how to research then we would tell you some simple ways that would help you in shortlisting the product that is the best for your specific needs. First of all, always do a research on your own and find all the popular brands and then choose the one that offers a product that suits your needs and demands. Now, you would find a list of popular brands, so see the range of supplements that these brands offer and pen down the ones that are for your workout needs. So for example, whether you are looking for a pre-workout supplement or post-workout supplement, you can choose the product accordingly. Also, it is extremely important that you choose the supplement with the right blend of nutrients, proteins, and ingredients. This is crucial to supplement your workout regime an also should compliment your health needs. Therefore, see to it that you go through the entire list of ingredients in the supplement box and shortlist those that are best for your specific prerequisites and health needs.

Blackwold Eliminate Review

Another important part of researching for your best supplement is to read the customer reviews. Customers never go wrong and you can benefit a lot from their reviews and ratings. There are a number of online forums that discuss different types of health supplements and how they have benefitted from these. You can check out the customer reviews online and also take part in such discussions. These reviews would offer you a real-time review and first-hand experience on the same. So, customer reviews are one of the best ways of understanding the pros and cons of a product and a supplement (in this case).

One should not compromise on anyone’s health and therefore we recommend that a thorough research is important to maintain a healthy body, at least when it comes to choosing the best supplement.

Check Best Price

If you are looking for the best post workout supplement, then you should always go the most popular one – Black Wolf ELIMINATE.

The Blackwolf ELIMINATE is a brand of post-workout supplement. This is a scientifically designed formula that is curated to offer the right source of carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, and vitamins to the body after the workout session. Blackwolf Eliminate is best in order to speed up the recovery of the muscle damage and also effectively supports the growth of lean muscle. In short, if you use this post workout supplement, you would get the right nutrients after the intense workout and you would feel all freshen up for the next workout session.

Blackwolf Eliminate offers a complete blend of supplements for post workout sessions. So, instead of consuming various other supplements to suffice the ingredient balance, you can opt for Blackwolf Eliminate for the most effective results.

How does Blackwolf Eliminate work?

One of the most important parts of any supplement is the core ingredients that it is made of. In this case, the primary ingredients of Blackwolf Eliminate are a formula that is known as the Blackwolf Power Blend™. This is a blend of effective and powerful ingredients such as whey protein isolate. This ingredient encourages the building, repairing and growth of the muscles. Apart from these, the other main ingredients of Blackwolf Eliminate include a mix of isoleucine, valine, BCAAs leucine, etc. These components work together for building protein for the muscles. There are a lot of people who consume these ingredients separately. In case, you are choosing Blackwolf to eliminate supplements then you would get these all in one go.

It is seen that an intense regime of working out reduces the glucose as well as glycogen levels in the body. This particular post-workout supplement is designed in a way that it comprehends these specific needs of the body and feeds the right amount of carbs to the body. Along with carbohydrates, there is the right amount of minerals, vitamins that your body would be getting after consuming Blackwolf Eliminate.  The vitamin C works towards releasing stress and reducing the feeling of being tired along with building up the imm8une system.

A premium supplement for your post-workout sessions, Blackwolf Eliminate is designed with a formula that speeds up the growth of the muscle and recovers any damage.

Benefits of using Blackwolf Eliminate

It is a scientifically-designed and scientifically-proven formula that is aimed at providing you the right balance of nutrients and proteins after the post-workout session. The brand understands that every individual’s body is different and so are the requirements of the post workout sessions. Therefore, Blackwolf Eliminate specifically aims to provide the core proteins that the body needs after the workout. Active ingredients help to supplement the body with 100% pure mix of components. This product does not have any binders or fillers. So, the product that you get is completely pure and filled with active ingredients, which would, in turn, help the body with healthy muscle growth.

By using Blackwolf Eliminate, you are ensured to get faster results. There is a number of supplement brands in the market who promise to provide fast results but with this brand, you would get better and quicker outcomes, mostly in two to three weeks.

blackwolf eliminate

When you buy Blackwolf Eliminate, you get a free shaker from the Blackwolf. So, now you can have your personal shaker every time you prepare a shake with Blackwolf Eliminate. The brand offers free delivery of your products. Now, no more paying any extra penny for ordering Blackwolf Eliminate and getting it delivered to your doorstep. The brand offers 24/7 customer support with professionals and experts who are always ready to help its customers with the right knowledge!

If you are looking for a premium guides offering training, then here is the right solution. When you buy Blackwolf Eliminate, you get training guides from Blackwolf that can help you with the workout as well.

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Why should you use Blackwolf Eliminate?

There are a number of factors that make this post workout supplement the perfect pick. In case you are thinking of using this post-workout supplement, then you would get the following uses:

  • A faster recovery of muscle
  • Effective promotion of growth of muscles
  • Restoration of strength
  • Reduced soreness of muscle
  • Neutralizes the free radicals

So, what are you waiting for? Get your next post-workout supplement from this popular brand and have a healthy mix of right nutrients after every workout.

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ZMA Review 2018 -Benefits & Side Effects (Updated July 2019)

How and Why of ZMA

What is ZMA?

ZMA is a supplement composed of zinc, magnesium, and aspartate. It also contains some amounts of Vitamin B6. When taken in the correct dosages, ZMA is mainly used as a sleep aid. In addition, it has also been linked to increasing zinc and magnesium levels in deficient peoples.

However, the product is mainly known in the fitness community as increasing testosterone levels in men. This is due to zinc and magnesium’s link to increase testosterone in both men and women in vitro. (However, most studies have only tested men.) However, studies show that ZMA only has a significant impact on testosterone levels that are already low. If your testosterone levels are healthy, chances are ZMA will not help. (source linked here.)

The Main Functions

Primarily, ZMA is used as a sleep aid. This is because of zinc and magnesium’s part in:

  • increased immune function
  • hormone regulation
  • normalizing sleep patterns
  • normalizing protein synthesis
  • reduced fatigue
  • protection from oxidative stress
  • improved exercise recovery

However, women are normally tentative to supplement with this supplement because of its link to increasing testosterone. While ZMA does increase testosterone in unhealthy males, its impact is too insignificant to really impact females.

In fact, everyone should be supplementing with ZMA, especially if they are: heavily active, have trouble sleeping, or are deficient in zinc, magnesium, or Vitamin B6. (However, these minerals and vitamins can also be supplemented individually. Ask your health care provider which is the better option for you!) But if you are heavily active, then ZMA will do more than increase zinc levels. It also helps with protein synthesis by promoting healthy sleep. Over time, this helps to increase muscle growth. It also protects the muscles and organ systems from oxidative stress, which have been linked to decreasing muscle density. Preventing this also helps muscle growth. So basically, supplementing with this supplement is another surefire way to make some gains. (source linked here.)

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How and When to Take ZMA

This supplement is taken as similarly as other supplements. For best results, take ZMA on an empty stomach. This will ensure maximum absorption because the body can immediately digest the ZMA. For even better results, do not supplement ZMA with additional zinc, magnesium, or copper. An overdose of any one of these minerals can be toxic to the body, even when naturally deficient in one or all of them. So stick to either additional supplements or ZMA. Or ask your doctor. Or both.

  • Women and ZMA

There is a stigma among women and increasing testosterone levels. The media has it that women with “too much testosterone” will become “bulky and manly”. This, however, is simply not the case. Women straying away from ZMA, for this reason, is also ludicrous because ZMA is only linked to increase testosterone in males who are deficient; no tests have been run on females. Besides, the benefits of This supplement should outweigh the overrun possibility of slightly increased testosterone levels.

  • Women and Testosterone
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Against popular belief, women contain some testosterone in vitro. Men also contain some estrogen (but no one ever really talks about that). However, testosterone is imperative to proper hormonal regulation, bodily processes, and everyday living. It’s simply the ratios of testosterone per gender that vary, not the hormone. For women who are looking to gain significant muscle mass, regulating their testosterone levels is even more important because it’s linked to muscle growth.

Testosterone is a hormone that is naturally produced in the ovaries and adrenal glands. For men, it’s naturally produced in the testes and adrenal glands. On average, women only produce about 0.5-2.5 nmol/L. Comparatively, men produce approximately 9-38 nmol/L on average, depending on the man’s size. Physically, women cannot handle much more than 3 nmol/L of testosterone. Even with additional supplementation, the female body will eventually cap out.

In fact, women have to be physically ill to handle significantly high testosterone levels. Most notably, high testosterone levels in women have been linked to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (POS). However, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is also linked to increased hair loss or growth, weight gain, acne, and/or menstrual problems, as well as increased testosterone levels. So, more than likely, you would know if your testosterone levels were becoming a problem.

Testosterone is an important hormone in women. Not only does it support muscle growth, but it also:

  • fuels sex drive
  • increases muscle density
  • increases bone density
  • aids in metabolism regulation
  • has some anti-aging effects

So the hormone you’ve been fearing this whole time can actually be the key component to most Cosmopolitan ads. Testosterone can help women to look younger and boost their metabolism, without deepening their voice or increasing chest hair production. Testosterone is wonderful! (source linked here.)

  • Is ZMA Safe for Women?
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The short answer is yes. ZMA should be taken by both men and women, especially if heavily active. As mentioned, ZMA has such beneficial effects that not including it in your daily regimen is more harmful than straying away.

Zinc and magnesium additions to the diet will not spike testosterone levels in healthy women. Or, if they do, it’s not insignificant enough amounts. Instead, adding ZMA will add to the many benefits of zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B6 I’ve listed above. Why not bask in the benefits of improved sleep quality and hormonal levels? Or improved exercise recovery? Decreased fatigue? How about increased oxidative function?

Who Should Take ZMA?

In short, everyone should take ZMA. The benefits are too numerous to count, and it will definitely help more than it will hurt. So what’re you waiting for?

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