Steel Supplements Review 2018-Pro’s & Con’s (Updated July 2019)

steel supplements

Steel Supplements Review

The supplement industry is booming and the demand for performance enhancing supplements is higher than ever. People are now more and more eager to push their limits and be the best possible version of themselves. To accomplish that, they are now even willing to experiment with supplements and steroids at times. As a result, the markets are flooded with all sorts of possible products that claim to change your life overnight and no surprise that people happily consume these products. If you are willing to step into the supplement game, educate yourself regarding the supplements that you are about to introduce to your body. There are multiple companies out there, claiming that their products are the best and some are very convincing, so let us dig deeper and find the truth.

Steel supplements are one such company that has an array of products ranging from supplements to enhancers that tend to all your supplement requirements. Steel supplements are based in the USA and are one of the few companies that offer a functional customer service along with its products. Their website says, “Steel Supplements are designed with your goals in mind. Build muscle, lose weight, stay more focused, get more sleep – we’ve got something for everyone. Clean, results driven, no BS products that actually work. In other words, we’re legit AF. We’re forged in Steel, backed by Science, and made in the USA. We are dedicated to using only the highest quality ingredients, devoted to helping you exceed your goals, and to push you past your fitness limitations!” So if we are to understand correctly, steel supplements are selling quality products or at least claiming to.

Let us take a look at their product range. Their products and services are grouped into four parts- Supplements, Meal plans, apparel, and accessories. In their Apparel and Accessories sections, have T-shirts and Tank tops, and bands etc. all of which are ‘steel’ branded. These branded goodies range from $5- $25. Their Meal plan section provides a 4-week meal plan that claims to create an absolutely effective plan to go along with your exercise regime and comes at $199.99. Taking a look at their supplements now, they have almost all kinds of supplements that are available to aid your workout goals as well as sexual health, mental precision, and overall wellness. Let’s look at some of their most popular products:

  • 4-Andro: This is one of the most popular products of Steel supplements and is testosterone booster that claims to improve your strength, vitality, libido and sexual wellness. 4 Andro claims to give you a muscular fullness and muscle growth that is difficult to achieve organically. It also claims to provide a faster recovery time. The most important feature of this product is the Estrogen inhibition that avoids gynecomastia in men. It is sold at $89.99 on the Steel Supplements website.
  • Pre-workouts: Steel supplements have multiple pre-workout supplements that claim to provide an energy boost along with a mental boost. These supplements come under various product names such as Charged AF, Pumped AF, Amped AF etc. All of them differ from each other slightly in terms of results and ingredients but all claim to improve your workouts multifold. Pumper and Charged are sold at $49.95 while Amped is sold at $54.95.
  • Recovery supplements: Steel supplements have two important recovery supplements which are Ada2Bolic and Rested AF. These supplements claim to not just improve your recovery but also to cut down the time and make you prepared for the next workout within hours. Ada2Bolic is their capstone product and claims to improve performance along with recovery for the users. It is sold for $69.95 and comes in three different flavors.
  • Mental support: Steel supplements sells a mental support formula by the name of Focused AF which claims to increase productivity and remain calm in stressed situations. It sounds like a nootropic because it is. One of the active ingredients in Focused AF is noopept, which is one of the strongest available nootropics on the market. Steel supplements claim that Focused AF is one of the best over the counter formulas available for mental support. Focused AF is sold for $54.95 for 60 capsules on their website.
  • Whey: There are two primary when products by Steel supplements- Whey ISO and Whey PRO. Both of these products are designed to improve muscle mass and enhance gains in a short period of time. Steel supplements claim that these products are free of lactose, gluten, fillers or impurities. Whey PRO is sold at $39.99, whereas Whey ISO is sold at $49.95.
  • Veg and Vegan: Steel Supplements seems to be taking the all-around concept way too seriously as they have Veg and Vegan products available in their catalog. The Veg PRO and V-BCAA, Vegan are targeted towards a niche market and is sold for $29.99 and $39.95 respectively.
  • ATP-Fusion: This Creatine supplement by Steel is yet another brand in the creatine market. Creatine is high on demand due to its muscle building capabilities and almost all companies have a supplement with Creatine in it. The ATP Fusion is stimulant free and is sold at $28.95.

Steel supplements have various other products but these are some of its most popular and bestselling ones.


The issue with Steel supplements is that there aren’t too many reviews available for its products. On the other hand, the reviews on the Steel supplements website are all 5-star positive reviews which makes it difficult to believe as not all products suit everyone equally. However, the pre-workouts and the Whey proteins by Steel supplements have a generally good reputation in the market. Although some people experience side effects such as jitters and difficulty in urination, most of the products are effective to its claims.

The verdict on Steel Supplements

Steel supplements are one of the well-known companies in the market that has a wide range of products easily accessible for those looking for faster gains. Most of the products by Steel supplements are high result driven products which are said to be effective by most of its users. However, there is an acute lack of reviews regarding most products. On the other hand, the prices of Steel supplements are on the higher end and are not justified completely by the results. These reasons make us believe that although not a sham, Steel supplements can be compared with its competition with scrutiny.


Kre Alkalyn Review 2018- Benefits & Side Effects (Updated July 2019)

Kre alkalyn

What is Kre Alkalyn?

People in the fitness community follow a strict diet and workout regimes. Well even though by eating healthy and food rich in vitamins and proteins because of the intense workout our body needs an excess of proteins and vital nutrients. Sometimes these nutrients and vitamins can’t be recovered through food and so the dietary supplements are the ones we turn to! We must have tried almost all the supplements necessary for the performance and endurance enhancement. One such supplement which is vital for the ones who are into fitness and mainly into athletics is creatine.

Creatine is a chemical found in our body, mainly in the muscles and in the brain. The outside source of creatine is by increasing the seafood and red meat intake. Creatine is involved in making the energy muscles to work. Creatine is mainly used for the athletes for improving performances and also in the older adults for improving their muscle composition. In athletes, during sprinting; it was proven that creatine was an essential supplement which will help them in improving their energy levels and their performance along with the most important aspect which is muscle strengthening.

Creatine, because of the benefits, it has been allowed to take the supplements by the international Olympic committee, National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and professional sports.

Creatine has proven to be the most useful supplement for the athletes and thus unless there are any side effects of it the NCAA has no plans to ban it. Apart from improving the athlete’s performance, creatine is also used for curing the creatine deficiency syndromes which affect the brain. The deficiency also leads to the depression, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, Huntington’s disease, muscle inflammation, etc.

As we know that creatine can’t be produced naturally and to meet the supply end it’s now being synthetically provided.

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Kre Alkalyn Creatine has succeeded to create “buffered creatine”, which means that the creatine will not convert itself into creatinine in the body until it reaches the skeletal muscle tissues. Since Kre-Alkalyn Buffered Creatine is free of unwanted creatinine conversion following liquid activation, it puts an end to the days of having to saturate your body with huge 10-20 gram amounts of creatine monohydrate in cycles to get the desired strength, endurance and muscle building effects. To explain in a few words, kre alkalyn is pH correct Creatine. No loading or cycling is required. Kre Alkalyn allows you to safely consume creatine to its full and most potent effect with only a fraction of previous dosages.

Kre Alkalyn is a patented formula which is been marketed to be the safest and most effective creatine as compared to the creatine monohydrate. As mentioned above, it was also mentioned in an article in the journal of the international society of sports and nutrition; the manufacturer adds an alkaline substance to the amino acid to increase its ph. Increase in the pH levels makes it’s less acidic. The buffering prevents the protein from turning into creatinine in the liquid you mix in it. Also according to the All American Pharmaceutical Website, it also helps in preventing the degradation of the amino acid in the stomach while making it more available to your muscles.

Kre Alkalyn is believed to have the benefit of the regular creatine but without the side effects of creatine monohydrate. Kre Alkalyn is processed at a higher ph level than the regular creatine monohydrate. Slowing the process of conversion of creatine to creatinine may help the body to absorb more creatine thus proving it to be more beneficial.

Kre alkalyn users have reported that it does not have any side effects which are mostly observed by consuming the regular creatine. The side effects of water retention or “creatine bloat.” While the users have said that they haven’t experienced any of these side effects!

We all know what Kre alkalyn creatine is but let is also understand who all can benefit from it.

Kre alkalyn Benefits

Each and everyone can benefit from Kre Alkalyn supplementation. Athletes can benefit from enhanced immune system function and increased muscle mass and functional strength that may be seen from creatine use. Senior adults may benefit from creatine use because creatine can help to maintain muscle tissue. Muscle tissue protects bone mass from stress and fracture, and creatine may thus help protect muscle tissue, thereby indirectly protecting bone mass.

Apart from who all can benefit from Kre alkalyn let us find what the benefits of it are:

  • Helps the muscle cells to produce more energy

Creatine supplements increase your phosphocreatine stores which allow your body to create more energy.

  • Supports many other functions in others

Creatine can stimulate many key biological processes that lead to increase in the muscle growth and size.

  • Improves high-intensity exercise performance

As creatine increases the ATP energy production in the body, it is the most effective supplement for high-intensity sports.

  • Speeds up muscle growth

Creatine may increase the muscle mass both in long term and in short term. It is the most effective supplement available for bodybuilding.

  • May help with Parkinson’s disease

Creatine may help in controlling the symptoms or severity of the Parkinson’s disease by maintaining the dopamine levels and muscle functions.

  • May fight other neurological diseases

Studies have shown that creatine helps with the symptoms and disease progression and even the life expectancy in neurological diseases.

  • May lower blood sugar levels and fight diabetes

After the meals, creatine may control or lower blood sugar levels.

  • Can improve brain function

Supplementing with creatine may provide the brain with additional energy, improves memory and intelligence in the people with lower creatine.

  • May reduce fatigue or tiredness

Creatine can reduce symptoms of fatigue and tiredness by providing the brain with additional energy and increasing dopamine levels.

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 Studies related to Kre Alkalyn:

Comparison of Kre Alkalyn to creatine on body composition, muscular performance, and safety.

This particular study was done by Dr. Kamen Stroychev and Neno Terziiski in Dr. I.S. Greenberg Medical Center, Sofia, Bulgaria.

The purpose of this study was to compare the effects of Kre Alkalyn and Creatine Monohydrate on training-induced changes in strength and body composition using Olympic-level weightlifters.

24 healthy men from Bulgarian National weightlifting team were selected and 10 capsules of Kre Alkalyn were given to the test group and 10 capsules of creatine monohydrate were given to the controlled group. The study duration was over the period of 60 days. The measurements were taken on the baseline day and every day throughout the study per each athlete’s schedule.

The conclusion of this study was that the subjects in the Kre Alkalyn group increased their weight poundage’s by an average of 28.25% over the subjects in the creatine monohydrate group.

Thus we can conclude that Kre Alkalyn helps in increase in the muscle performances and body composition.

I hope that the above information must have given you insight on Kre Alkalyn creatine. In addition to the information, it is always recommended to take your physicians advice before consuming any supplements. It is also important to make sure that you follow the prescribed amount of dosages and not more than that. I also hope that it will help you in making the right decision.

Consumer reviews on Kre alkalyn

Unlike all the other creatine supplements I’ve tried, Kre Alkalyn gives me the maximum amount of benefit in strength and endurance without any stomach upset or bloating. In about 9 years of dealing with MASS, I haven’t been steered wrong yet!”

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Organic Protein Review -Pro’s & Con’s (updated July 2019)

organic protein powder

What is Organic protein?

Whether you are a busy mother, an active professional, a strength training novice or a fitness freak, drinking organic protein shake is always the best way of gaining nutrition on the go. Considering the hectic lifestyle that most of us have, nobody really has the time to maintain a strict diet regime. Our body needs a proportion of every nutrient in order to function properly and stay fit. However, we don’t always have the time to take care of the things we eat, and this makes us unhealthy, sloppy, and inactive.

Nutrition drinks are particularly beneficial for those recovering from illnesses, who fail to maintain a balanced diet, and for those who struggle with the loss of appetite. Nutrition shakes are formulated to benefit people by allowing them to meet nutrition goals. Nutrition shakes are fortified with proteins, vitamins, good calories, minerals all that are required for maintaining a fit, active and a healthy body. These shakes are usually formulated with natural ingredients, making it safe for consumption by all, and do not need a doctor’s recommendation for drinking it. One such power packed, tasty and incredibly effective organic protein drink loaded with nutrients is organic protein powder nutrition shake.

organic protein powder

Organic protein Overview

Organic protein powder is delicious chocolate fudge shake and a beneficial nourishment drink filled with useful nutrients. The shake is available in a handy casing making the drink perfect for on the go occasions. Most organic protein shakes are created with the view of offering athletes and bodybuilders a replacement to protein-packed meals. However, organic’s healthy nutrition drink is made for everyone; it is a nutrition drink for the student, weight management experts, athletes, on the go moms, and busy professionals. The power-packed shake not only is delicious and chocolaty but is also a healthier alternative to curbing hunger whenever busy. Instead of munching on unhealthy snacks items like fries, and chips stick to something that’s effective, healthy and oh so delicious.

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Why are shakes good?

Nutrition shakes used to be one of the secrets of the bodybuilding world, it used to be drunk solely by fitness experts and trainees developing physique, and boosting muscle growth. Health nuts considered such shakes to be the best source of fiber, minerals, and vitamins; dieters used it to curb appetite and calories, whereas bodybuilders drank shakes for muscle enhancement. Its obviously no longer a secret, choosing nutrition and energy enhancement shakes is the first step towards a healthier lifestyle. It is an excellent ally for people leading a busy lifestyle, finding it difficult to keep up with nutrition and diet charts. The shake you opt for should have a high nutrient density, and should not be made from harmful substances or chemically treated ingredients.

Available options

This organic protein powder packed nutritional shake is available in two different categories; first is whey based one, and the other is a vegan one formulated with a blend of flax, chia, rice etc. this chocolate fudge shake which tastes more like a rich smoothie has a  mildly sweet flavor and has a powdery aftertaste.

Is Organic Protein healthy?

Organic protein powder is a pure protein shake with zero traces of herbicide, antibiotics, and hormones. It is a non-GMO, soy free, gluten free product and therefore is safe for consumption by all. It is at the top of on the go food category because of its convenient packaging and is meant to be drunk to curb hunger throughout the day. The drink is not only delicious, but has been formulated using organic protein fiber, brown rice, and ample amount of grass-fed protein. No preservatives, sweeteners, or artificial colors have been added, and it’s a 100% natural and safe product.

About the company

A famous physician Andrew Abraham founded the company Orgain in 2008. He is also a cancer survivor and while he was undergoing treatment he was distressed with the nutritional drinks available in the market. After he was diagnosed he went through a complicated medical procedure, and this forced him to drink liquid nutritional drinks. Most of the mainstream brands created products with a high level of added colors, preservatives, modified soy, fructose syrup and harmful substances. He started Orgain with the vision of creating products using organic protein ingredients and to make Organic Protein mainstream. The motto was to create nutritionally fulfilling shakes, of the highest standards.

Organic Protein ingredients Ingredients

Organic Protein has been formulated using a blend of effective natural ingredients that endow best health benefits. Organic protein rice, cane syrup, brown rice syrup, organic protein carbohydrate blend, grass-fed milk protein, cocoa, rice bran extract, vitamin blend etc are some of the ingredients used in organic protein powder shake. This effective blend is a safe and healthy source of nutrition for fitness conscious people and dieters. Each and every ingredient used is natural, organic protein and therefore can also be consumed by nursing women struggling with weight management goals.

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Why is the product perfect?

Liquid food products are always lighter on the stomach, easy to digest and do not make us feel heavy. This liquid nutrition drink is perfect for people who invest a lot of time in physical exercises, and do not want to eat normal meals while exercising in order to avoid feeling bloated. It is a delicious smoothie, packed with nutrition, perfect for those struggling with weight management goals, and also for the post and pre-workout replenishment. It is perhaps the healthiest and energizing breakfast and snacks product, that too with zero calories. Organic protein is ideal for those with an active and busy lifestyle who fail to maintain a strict diet regime. Nutritional drinks have a positive effect on the overall health, makes the digestive system stronger, makes one feel fit, and also helps lose fat. For best results combine drinking the product with at least one nutritionally fulfilling meal a day.


Pros of Organic protein powder

  • The shake is loaded with 23 different kinds of minerals and vitamins, making the drink perhaps the best nutritional shake available.
  • Flavored with organic cocoa, Organic Protein not only endows health benefit but is also delicious.
  • It tastes great and therefore can be fed to children above 12 after consulting the doctor, for making them meet their nutritional needs.
  • 10 types of organic veggies and fruits are used to formulate this shake, making the product even healthier.
  • No added flavors, preservatives, and artificial colors
  • Organic protein is soy free, non-GMO, gluten-free and 100% vegan.
  • Extremely good internet presence, you can get reviews of this product on a variety of websites.
  • The product has gained an alarming 94% positive feedback from consumers across the globe.
  • Perfect for athletes, students, moms and busy professionals who do not have the time to maintain a proper diet.

Cons Organic protein powder

While there are a lot of positives to this product, there are a few downsides too

  • A common complaint received by some of the consumers is its sweet taste. Many fitness freaks that do not like a sugary taste or have completely given it up are not find the shake’s sweet taste as well. However, the product was formulated with the intention of giving everyone an opportunity to meet their nutritional goals, and not just bodybuilders or athletes.
  • Many are skeptical about the use of sunflower oil in the product.

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MTS Nutrition Whey Protein Review 2018 (Updated July 2019)

mts nutrition

MTS Nutrition Whey Protein Overview

Whey Protein has been a vogue among gym-goers, largely because of the condensed protein it provides with low carbohydrates. It is also a very popular product category in health supplements, which is why there are dozens of similar products offering similar benefits. Amidst this, MTS Nutrition arrives and promises a Whey Protein product that can beat the competition with ease. But does it really deliver on the promise? Let’s find out.

mts nutrition
mts nutrition

What is Whey Protein?

Whey protein is considered the best kind of protein because it contains all the 9 essential amino acids. Traditionally obtained from milk after separation, whey protein usually contains low or no lactose (a primary component of milk).

There are three types of whey protein: concentrated, isolate and hydrolysate. The concentrate is the most popular type of whey protein as it could be easily processed by the body; however, it contains a significant amount of lactose. Isolate form is obtained by further processing and contains no lactose. Hydrolysate form is already pre-digested and needs minimal efforts to be digested by the body.

There are many potential benefits of whey protein, like weight loss and improved strength. However, some side-effects are also associated with it.

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What is MTS Nutrition?

Machine Training Solutions, or MTS Nutrition, is a supplement company founded in 2011 by Marc Lobliner. Lobliner himself is a health and fitness expert who currently serves as the lead of many other companies in the same sector.

Machine Whey has been the primary success story of the company, but it also produces a range of other products too.

What are the ingredients?

The ingredients of MTS Nutrition Whey protein are vast, ranging from significant amounts to mere traces. The full list of ingredients includes:

  • Optimal Biological Value Whey Protein Matrix, which contains both the concentrate and isolates form of Whey Protein
  • Xanthan Gum
  • Natural and Artificial Flavour
  • Salt
  • Sucralose
  • Acesulfame Potassium

Apart from this, additional ingredients are added as per the flavor.

What are the flavors?

MTS Nutrition Protein Whey presents a huge variety of flavors, for apparently every type of people. The flavors could be broadly classified into two categories.

Flavors with added ingredients that have no health impact:

  • Caramel Sutra
  • Chocolate
  • Peanut Butter Fluff
  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Vanilla
  • No Bake Cookie

Flavors with added ingredients that can have health impact:

  • Triple Chocolate Cake
  • Key Lime Pie
  • Gourmet Mint Cookies & Cream
  • Gourmet Mint Cookies & Cream
  • Cookies & Cream
  • Creamy Red Velvet Cake
  • Cookies & Cream
  • Banana Cream Pie
  • American Apple Pie
  • Peanut Butter Cookies & Cream
  • Cinnagram
  • Triple Chocolate Biscuit

The added flavors that have health impact usually contain ingredients that are not good for health (like corn syrup) or ingredients that might be allergic to some people (like soy).

What is the nutritional value?

The nutritional value of MTS Nutrition Whey Protein actually varies with the flavor, as some flavors bring significant fat and carb along with them.

For example, here is the nutritional value of a chocolate-flavored Whey Protein.

  • Total servings: 67
  • Calories: 150
  • Total Fat: 4g
  • Saturated Fat: 2.5g
  • Carbohydrates: 5g
  • Protein: 25g

For comparison, here is the nutritional value of butter cookies and cream flavor from the same company.

  • Total Servings: 60
  • Calories: 160
  • Total Fat: 4g
  • Saturated Fat: 1.5g
  • Carbohydrates: 6g
  • Protein: 25g

From what could be observed, protein is included as a constant in all flavors, since it is the primary reason why anyone would consume the product.

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How to consume it?

The whey protein powder can be mixed with any liquid. It works best with milk (as the flavors come out better), though you can also go with water if you don’t want to add any extra calories and/or you are lactose intolerant.

Generally, the product must be consumed before and after every workout. Many people prefer taking once with the breakfast and then post-workout. Other than that, you can consume it whenever you feel the need for extra protein.

What does MTS nutrition promise?

MTS Nutrition Whey Protein offers almost the same benefits that normally all whey protein supplement do, some of which are:

  • Growth in the lean muscles while burning fat simultaneously. Normally, lean muscles and fat either grow or shrink together.
  • Reducing the feeling of hunger, thus ensuring that you do not consume more calories than you should.
  • Improving the muscle strength of the body.
  • Strengthening the immune system so that minor infections and diseases do not affect you.
  • Helps in fighting cancer.
  • Reduces stress, which is a very common symptom among bodybuilders.

What are the benefits?

There is generally a huge gap between what the product promises and what the product delivers. The following benefits and advantages are listed by users who consumed MTS Nutrition Whey Protein:

  • The protein content of the supplement is good and can provide you the necessary protein you need in your daily diet. The overall nutritional profile is solid. There are no much carbohydrates (except in certain flavors).
  • The price is reasonable and around the same range as other whey protein powders. Hence, you do not pay more for the same benefits that others provide.
  • The flavors are plenty and so you have a lot of options to choose from. Some flavors like no-bake cookies and key-lime pie are applauded by customers to be great on the tongue.

What are the drawbacks of MTS nutrition?

As is the case with most supplements that claim to be the best, things are not always as rosy as they seem. Some flaws in the product are:

  • The saturated fat content in the product is 2.5g, which is significant for those who are looking to shed weight. The saturated fat hinders the spike in insulin, which is required to recover after a workout.
  • Since the insulin spike is hindered, the recovery period is similarly slowed down. It means that you need more time to recover from the fatigue caused by a workout. If you are a working professional, it can negatively impact the rest of your day.
  • Some people have complained about headaches and bloating of the stomach after consuming the product. Though the opinion differs on this and the company claims that the product has no side-effect on a healthy individual, the possible effects cannot be discounted.

Apart from this, there are certain things that refute the claim of the company that it is the “best product” in its segment:

  • The nutritional value is almost the same as other whey protein powders. Though the protein is a bit on the higher side, this is negated by the high sugars in case of certain flavors.
  • Many flavors are not what they are described as, and users often complain about this. Cinnagram and trip-chocolate biscuits are particularly criticised for their flavor.
  • Even though the label reads “a matrix of whey protein concentrate and isolate”, the concentrate form is higher than the isolate form. This is kept to keep the price steady, as the isolate form is more expensive. However, for people who are lactose intolerant, the high concentrate form may pose health issues.
  • The composition of MTS Nutrition Whey Protein is almost the same as other whey protein powders in the market, down to the basic ingredients. It gives rise to the suspicion that the product simply tinkers with the popular formulas and re-packages it under its own name.

The verdict on MTS nutrition

The problem with MTS Nutrition Whey Protein is that it is neither too bad nor too good. The side-effects are minimal and there is no real harm that would happen if you used the product. However, the product offers nothing special either. Despite the claims, the composition of the Whey Protein is a pretty staple and similar to dozens of products in the same niche. Same goes for its nutritional value. Even the price is around the same range, though it tends to be towards the higher end.

Overall, if you are a regular person who simply needs any whey protein powder to get the work done, then MTS nutrition is not a bad choice.

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Blackwolf Track Review 2018- Benefits & Side Effects (updated July 2019)

blackwolf track

Blackwolf Track Overview

Well, let’s start from the very beginning and find out why do we need to exercise. Exercise is very important for us and we have been hearing this all the time. It helps in lowering the risk of many diseases and moreover, people are so body-conscious these days, so it also helps in losing or maintaining weight. Whoever once starts exercising gets addicted to it, I can say this for everyone as exercise gives you that energy and stamina you need in your day to day life and otherwise also. So all in all, exercising is very important for everyone and age is no bar.

blackwolf track reviews
blackwolf track reviews

Reasons we don’t exercise?

Now we need to understand here that exercising is important but the work out should be intelligent and you should have the knowledge about it, otherwise you can give up on your exercise or can face injuries. So it’s very vital to exercise smartly not mindlessly. Another very common thing we hear is people feel lethargic and even if they want to go for a work out they cant, as they feel tired and not enthusiastic. So here we would like to introduce to you the use of supplements.

How do supplements help?

Supplements help in a lot of ways, and there are varied kinds and brands you can find in the market. It helps in increasing the metabolic rate or reduces food cravings and even gives you energy. We don’t feel the need of supplements but it’s an important part of your life if you are into exercising. It’s an addition which our body needs and which cannot be provided by even a diet sometimes.

Blackwolf track supplements

It is very normal to get lazy whenever we start something. This is due to the lack of enthusiasm to start any exercising regime. Now for even those who muster up all the will, when they have to exercise, they find it hard to keep the routine. Here, the pre-workout supplements play a vital role. When it comes to supplements, Blackwolf track is the best. It’s a natural pre-workout supplement, which is made to give you that energy and the kick. It’s natural and safe. Blackwolf supplements are here to revitalize your body and they are specially made for men. It can be taken before the workouts to give you that vigor and boost your need for a workout. Half of the battle is won when you make up your mind and the other half when your body is all ready to do it.

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How does Blackwolf Track help?

We need something to drink before a workout to be more alert or to be more energetic. Some people may take coffee, which is a good option, but not everybody gets a boost with it and moreover, it can leave you addicted to it and any addiction is not good. Some may take juice, tea or anything they like thinking it will help them get that kick. The whole idea is to get that boost which can help them do a good workout. As what’s the point in even working out when not doing properly, further, not getting any benefits. So Blackwolf track gives you that energy that zests your need to feel good about the workout, to feel motivated and popped up. The ingredients in the supplement are natural and therefore are designed to give you energy. So, Blackwolf Track helps you with the blood circulation and helps you convert your fat into energy. So it is very simple to understand how it works and it really does. The supplements really help. They help you in producing more energy, with leaving you feeling tired after the workout and leads you to have better results.

The benefits of Blackwolf Track

  • As we by now know that this is one of the best supplement specifically designed for men. So it works like wonders if taken before the workout. As its always in your head as you know that you need to work out but the body says. Otherwise here comes the supplements which if taken before the work out can really give you that energy and passion to exercise.
  • It brings out the best in you. The spirit you have is now that you will show in your workout and inspire people around. Sometimes, people are very headstrong but they lack that spirit so our supplements work for them.
  • As we all are aware of the fact that nothing can be done without attention and focus. We need focus and concentration for workouts as well and Blackwolf track helps in this too. It improves your concentration and responsiveness.
  • Every workout leaves you tired due to the movement of muscles more than usual. So the intake of these supplements helps you reduce that exhaustion.
  • Most importantly, it helps you reduce the body fat and helps you gain muscle mass and the muscle growth. So many bodybuilders trust our supplements and are enjoying its benefits. 

Ingredients in Blackwolf Track

We all are not in favor of supplements just because we feel it’s not safe or healthy. The problem is that there are so many options and every brand promises to be the best and it confuses the people. Some people share their bad experiences as well but you don’t know the whole story and it might not be true about the supplements not being good enough. The role of supplements are very simple, they help you enhance what your body is capable of doing they are not like medicines or drugs which have side effects. Especially our Blackwolf track supplements, they are made from all the natural ingredients. It has nothing that has side effects or is not good for your body. Our supplements contain vitamins, which are good for bones and proteins, which are again very good for our body. It contains all the essential nutrients that our body needs and can do wonders for our body.

Conclusion on Blackwolf Track

Blackwolf track is a great supplement so far. Regular intake of Blackwolf track can do miracles to your body. It not only helps you get instant energy but also increases your passion and spirit. You will feel so good before the workout, during the workout, and after the workout. You will not feel tired or drained and you can make the best use of your body without giving up too early. We also need a lot of concentration and focus in whatever we do.

Blackwolf Track helps you get alert and super active. So once the concentration is at its best so would be the endurance. So make sure you plan an intelligent workout as the balance of everything is very important. Don’t you just rely on supplements and not work hard or just work out mindlessly and not take care of your body by making it healthy with rich diet and supplements. So everything goes hand in hand and our supplement is for people, especially bodybuilders who plan to work out with a plan. We can just share our experiences and it’s up to you to decide and you can only believe its good only after you try it. So try it to believe it and inspire people around.

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Almased product review – Benefits & side effects (updated July 2019)


What is Almased?

Fat is truly an issue as far as individual general wellbeing because of its generous effect on a few parts of general strength. Clearly, alongside your want to be more advantageous, everybody wants to look his/her most extreme and commonly these calls for diminishing your weight. Innumerable weight reduction designs are available, yet many raise fears concerning security and viability. When picking an answer which will help to shed pounds, particularly in a period when fast and uncomplicated cures have requested, it truly is indispensable to choose a brand name that conveys a sheltered item, and it is had practical experience in advancing the customer’s general wellbeing.

Almased USA conveys an extraordinary wellbeing supplement that supports nutritious weight reduction even while increasing your vitality and also enhancing all round health. Almased, or The Almased Synergy Diet Plan, incorporates powdered fixings made with soy-based proteins, i.e., soy, skim drain yogurt powder and also nectar chemicals. It is comprised of no simulated fixings, sugars, flavors or additives and instead of a few some other eating routine arrangements accessible, it’s free from added substances and perhaps undesirable stimulants including ephedrine and caffeine. The fixings work together to create sound prosperity and furthermore to make beneficial outcomes. The framework is intended to work with the entire body to advance an ordinary working digestion.

History of Almased

An expansion in digestion is an essential segment of wellbeing and prosperity. A broken metabolic process might be the trigger of some particular issues, alongside poor sustenance and undesirable eating rehearses, for example, superfluous utilization of sugars, sodium and also fat may obstruct the digestion. This could add to overweight, low vitality levels, and genuine wellbeing conditions.

Almased was initially presented as a typical prosperity supplement in the time of 1985 and had been later sold as an eating routine arrangement program in 1998. In 1985 Hubertus Trouill, a German researcher, and options specialist made the Almased recipe to help metabolic rate. Amid the treatment, he found that Almased adequately helped weight lessening. The organization is presently possessed by the child of Hubertus Trouville, Andr Trouill, and in the time of 1998 Almased was first delivered and made accessible in the United States of America. The assembling determinations and strategies remain precisely the same days similarly as when it was at first created, additionally, the enterprise furthermore includes a natural Wellness Tea that animates more beneficial weight reduction and furthermore enhanced vitality.

The Almased weight reduction design at first capacities utilizing a supper substitution arrange for which makes a caloric shortage. The body responds to this lack by drawing from its undesirable fat supplies to kick off your weight reduction. In spite of getting considerably fewer calories, your body does not experience the ill effects of lacks in vitamins and supplements. The item gives the solid proteins and fixings which outfit your human body with fundamental nourishment and ensures fit muscle even as you’re diminishing your weight. The compounds in the Almased powder empower it to be promptly absorbable with the goal that the solid proteins and supplements are utilized successfully. It along these lines supplies the whole body with adjusted nourishment even while empowering sound weight reduction that has been found to stay viable long haul.

Almased Program

A “figure” procedure is incorporated on the Almased organization site as a feature of the Almased weight reduction intends to convey nutritious recommendations and invigorating formulas. The system depicts three phases of weight reduction and contains a regular dinner design. There is likewise the last stage which handles deep-rooted support. When utilizing this program, it is conceivable to shed up to 10 lb. Inside a two-week interim, and it’s made to expel vibes of being ravenous through the weight reduction technique.

  • Stage 1 of the program traverses the initial three days of your arrangement which requires expending three beverages of Almased every day for you to settle your digestion.
  • Stage 2 will start on day four when two beverages regular drink and also only one dinner. This is certainly the minute the digestion starts to lose fat. The third stage or
  • Stage 3 is centered around normalizing one’s digestion in addition to it comprises of two suppers every day alongside one Almased powder drink. Amid this period, the digestion will move toward becoming streamlined and stable.
  • Stage 4 will be alluded to as your Life Phase. This can be designed for supporting the solid body weight that has been come to. In stage 4, three everyday suppers and a solitary Almased drink are expended. Stage four advances nutritious weight reduction and furthermore secures the loss of fat that has previously now happened.

Amid the soonest periods of this arrangement when caloric confinement starts to decrease fat, the to a great degree edible and absorbable protein in Almased protein brings about a feeling of totality which may continue for upwards of 4 hours. The thing adequately controls hunger sensations; this viably makes it effortless to remain on the arrangement and be fruitful in diminishing calorie consumption.

Logical Studies on the Efficacious of Almased 

Clinical examinations performed in Germany in addition to the United States have affirmed Almased’s favorable circumstances with respect to weight lessening. The item again has been assessed and seen to be viable for individuals that are overwhelming and overweight, incorporating people with sort two diabetes. The investigations moreover discovered that the nutritious supplement will successfully bolster and keep up the well-being and soundness of purchasers that are as of now solid and fit.

Almased Benefits 

While numerous different eating regimens can without much of a stretch loot the whole collection of urgent nourishment, Almased may furnish the body with ideal levels of vital supplements. In this way, it can be utilized as a part of the blend with various eating methodologies to upgrade their execution and assurance that your body will get right sustenance while getting in shape.

Almased keeps on being medicinally settled to help weight reduction, as well as upgraded levels of vitality, loss of overabundance weight and also, fit bulk maintenance. Almased enhanced energy levels as a result of the vitamins and supplements in the Almased powder. It appeared to have positively affected the purchasers’ capacities in executing undertakings.

Almased powder has moreover been learned to improve mitigating profound rest and furthermore reinforce your guard systems.

Almased powder keeps on being turned out to be more secure for individuals experiencing diabetes fundamentally because it has a low glycemic file and additionally glycemic stretch load. Almased does not have an extremely striking effect on glucose, and in light of higher measure of the proteins and amino acids, it contains it can helpfully impact blood insulin and glucose levels. Also, Almased makes a sentiment totality which more often than not reduces the penchant to snack on nourishment that may end up plainly harming people with sort two diabetes.

These are a portion of the further discoveries that will bolster the reason that Almased powder is unquestionably advantageous to get finish wellbeing and health and a protected and valuable technique for getting more fit and supporting a typical body mass.

John Montague DC is the proprietor of Dr. Montague has expounded on, addressed on and showed weight reduction for a long time. By and by Dr. Montague help patients by and by with an assortment of medical issues including weight reduction for more than 30 years. Amid that 30 years, he has considered and rehearsed elective prescription with his patients including nourishing advising, chiropractic, connected kinesiology, and needle therapy.

The individuals who have bought the Turbo Protein Diet Book and effectively finished the two weeks quick have encountered weight reduction from anyplace in the vicinity of 10 and 18 pounds. Tragically the two-week quick is a distinct disadvantage, and it is impossible many will succeed.

This eating regimen isn’t for everybody – in actuality you would should be entirely solid to most recent two weeks on the eating regimen substitution powder especially since the taste is not appallingly engaging Almased is included soy drain protein and nectar catalyst so in the event that you loathe the essence of soy drain or cereal be set up for an extremely dull eating regimen for two weeks.

As this eating routine is only a quick, it is inescapable that you will get more fit however as with any quick it includes not having strong sustenance for two weeks. Once the two-week quick is over you at that point move onto the following stage which is an eating routine made up of 15% protein, 55% starches, and 30% fat, albeit some may think the sugar segment very high.

After a time of 4 to two months, you would then be able to backpedal on the two-week quick on the off chance that you require additional weight reduction.

One other disadvantage of this eating routine is that notwithstanding the cost of the Turbo Protein Diet Book is the cost of the Almased slim down supplement which must be taken for this eating routine to work. Roughly 2-3 jars of Almased are required for a two-week time span, so this will cost you simply finished $100 for two weeks. It is additionally recommended that a diuretic is taken the main day to wipe out the stomach related framework so this might be another additional cost.

You may likewise need to begin this eating routine on an end of the week as an initial couple of days might be somewhat intense with hypoglycaemic sort impacts, and conceivable cerebral pains as your body start the detoxification procedure.

Due to the outrageous fasting time frame, you are encouraged to counsel your medicinal professional before acquiring the Turbo Protein Diet Book and setting out on this eating routine.

It is safe to say that you are nourished up of experimenting with different eating regimens that are difficult to keep up? On the off chance that so then Almased Multi-Protein Powder could be exactly what you require. This special supplement is intended to help you to get more fit, as well as to increase most extreme vitality levels. The inquiry is how it can contrast from other weight reduction supplements?

The Ingredients in Almased

The exceptional thing about this powder is that it has been aged. There are three unique fixings aged together including:

  • Nectar Enzymes
  • Soy Protein

Skim Milk Yogurt PowderThe motivation behind why the fixings are aged together is because it empowers the body to pass on around 90% of the protein and soy isoflavones. Giving you blend it effectively you should encounter most extreme advantages. You can supplant one, two or even three dinners with this protein powder. The sum that you need will especially rely on your tallness.

Step by step instructions to Take Almased

  • Purging Phase
  • Lessening Phase
  • Holding Phase
  • Standard Eating Phase

The purging stage tends to be the most essential. How you take after this stage will to a great extent decide the general outcomes you are left with. It should take up 1-2 days, and you should take a diuretic the prior night you begin. You’ll have to begin the day with an Almased Multi-Protein Powder. Amid this stage, you shouldn’t eat any strong nourishment.

The diminishment stage goes on for whatever length of time that it takes to achieve your optimal weight. You’ll need 2 Almased suppers every day and have one strong nourishment dinner as well. Endeavor to restrain the strong sustenance supper to 500 calories and have it best case scenario comes about. Expanding the sum you drink and taking hostile to oxidant supplements will tend to accelerate this procedure.

Once you’ve achieved your objective weight you at that point proceed onward to the holding stage which endures four a month and a half. You’ll begin to decrease the measure of Almased suppers slowly. One every day to begin with and after that inevitably you’ll bring down it to 1 each other day. The key here is not to indulge. If you slip by then your weight will rapidly return.

At last the standard eating stage carries on for whatever is left of your life. You will be accustomed to eating substantially more advantageous suppers. While picking what to eat concentrate more upon the fat substance than the calorie content. Low fat, adjusted dinners will keep your weight off.

Why Antioxidants are Important 

While you’re taking Almased, it can truly take cell reinforcement supplements. They truly help to dispose of free radicals in the body and purify your framework. Expanding the measure of green tea, you drink too will give your body extra cancer prevention agents. The motivation behind why they are so imperative is because they can stop the reactions of detoxification. Migraines are regular when you are purifying the framework. Cancer prevention agent supplements will constrain the odds of building up a migraine and other potential side effects.

Vitamin Grocer’s Almased’s special equation contains the key elements for effective weight reduction, ideal wellbeing, and most extreme vitality. For Almased multi-protein powder visit their website on the web.

One issue that has been a subject of concentrate in the wellbeing business and that has many individuals astounded is the shape in which vitamins ought to be taken to receive their greatest rewards. In the market, one can discover fluid vitamins and fluid minerals, and to the ignorant, it can be a significant test choosing to go fluid or strong. An investigation of particular properties will edify shoppers on the upsides and downsides of each frame with the goal that they can touch base at an informed choice.

Assimilation Rate 

Assimilation, in pharmacology, is the development of medication from its entry point into the circulatory system. The retention rate, communicated in rate, ought to ideally be high for the medication to be best.

Assimilation includes a procedure of going through organs and films before it achieves the circulatory framework. The strong type of any medication or supplement must break up before it can be retained. Consequently, a tablet must remain in the stomach, digestive organs and liver for disintegration. The stomach, GI tract, and liver are places where corrosive discharges and corrupting catalysts advance medication digestion. At the point when enormous digestion happens, vitamin extraction can be excessive to the point that no supplement achieves the circulatory system any longer. Then again, a recent report demonstrated that vitamins in tablet shape did not break down in stomach liquids following 20 minutes. In spite of the fact that the examination was not indisputable, it demonstrated the likelihood of vitamin tablets being discharged in the stool as opposed to having them ingested into the body.

Interestingly, the fluid vitamin supplement promptly goes through the gastrointestinal tract without lingering in it. Disintegration is a bit much and keeping in mind that retention is not 100 percent finish, it is twofold the rate of tablet vitamins at the cell level.


Bioavailability, characterized by the Merck Manual as “the degree to and rate at which the dynamic medication enters the foundational course, along these lines getting to the site of action,” is the most noteworthy property of a medication as it decides the therapeutic viability to create the coveted reaction. The rate and degree of ingestion are two basic highlights of a medication’s bioavailability. The higher a medication’s rate and degree of ingestion, the more noteworthy is its bioavailability, which makes the medication more powerful in accomplishing its prophylactic and remedial purposes.

In this time where a fit and attractive body is desired by many, individuals are frantic to get down to business their bodies. Everybody realizes that great general wellness is because of physical exercises, however truly, it’s less demanding said than done. Many individuals know the approaches to work their muscles and sweat it out however the issue comes in keeping the inspiration alive.

Learning about wellbeing and getting to be plainly fit is, in fact, pointless on the off chance that you can’t try them. Along these lines, enough of gathering exercise recordings, wellness magazines, and exercise hardware. Concentrate on working your body and getting it fit as a fiddle with activity. You have to search for things to remain persuaded in doing your customary exercise schedules since consistency is one of the keys to progress.

As expressed over, the tablet type of vitamin supplements has a lower assimilation rate contrasted with fluid vitamins that don’t need to pass the disintegration procedure. It’s just legitimate to finish up then that fluid vitamins have higher bioavailability and are in this way better in conveying their advantages to the client.

Office in Ingestion 

The fluid shape is less demanding to swallow than tablets and pills. Fluid vitamins used to be just for kids, the elderly and the individuals who experienced issues taking drugs in a strong frame. Not any longer. Fluid vitamins have picked up permeability because of their expanding ubiquity. Since most vitamins don’t taste sharp like pharmaceutical, its fluid rendition isn’t hard to take in as well. Knowing their favorable position over the tablet shape in retention and bioavailability, various buyers have moved from tablet vitamin supplements to fluid vitamins.

Conclusion on Almased

As a matter of fact, fluid vitamins cost somewhat more than their strong partner. What’s more, it’s just normal; quality, all things considered, accompanies a heftier sticker price. Disregard the “top-notch, low value” attempt to sell something. It’s an urban myth that representatives get a kick out of the chance to elevate to guileless purchasers.

Taking everything into account, fluid vitamins offer a few points of interest over the tablet shape in the pharmacokinetic edge. The micronutrients are caught up in the body quicker when taken in a fluid frame as opposed to in their strong adaptation. Speedier retention compares to higher bioavailability, separating the estimation of each drop of vitamin, boosting a man’s invulnerability and at last creating a more advantageous individual.

eVitamins is the main solid way of life administration goal over the web. We offer a variety of devices, applications and different things to enable you to take control of your own wellbeing! Regardless of whether you are searching for data or simply looking for vitamins or supplements, we’re sure we can help you. Get rebates on different vitamins and supplements including the well-known Jack3D, Almased and Oxyelite Pro.

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Fitmiss Delight Review 2018 – Pro’s & Con’s (Updated July 2019)

fitmiss delight

What is FitMiss Delight and how does it work?

Protein supplements like shakes are often advertised and heavily marketed toward men, which is a shame because women need protein too! The common myth of protein supplements being more suitable for those who want to put on muscle is a thing of the past. High protein diets are now known as a surefire way to shed excess weight. FitMiss Delight is a product that is specifically designed to meet the needs of women and help them lose weight. It’s not just a protein shake, but the combination of protein and green superfoods! Let’s take a closer look at FitMiss delight to see if it is the right choice for you.fitmiss delight

FitMiss Delight is part of the FitMiss line of products that includes a variety of fat burners, pre-workouts and protein supplements that are specifically designed to meet women’s physical needs. FitMiss delight is more than just a protein shake, it is low calorie, low carb and contains a variety of powdered superfood fruit and vegetables. FitMiss Delight is commonly used as a holistic meal replacement shake. It can be used up to 3 times a day and claims to help build muscle, lose fat and keep users fuller for longer.

FitMiss uses a combination of various protein sources to provide 16g of protein in each serving, an active ingredient called SolaThin, is a patented protein derived from potatoes, it helps to keep the body full for longer while keeping things low in carbohydrates. FitMiss also uses fruit and vegetable powders and extracts to help provide nutrition along with the protein so that the shake is a proper full meal replacement that will ideally keep you full until the next meal.

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Who makes FitMiss Delight?

FitMiss is a branch of MusclePharm, a company that advertises itself as “The Athlete’s Company”. MusclePharm, located in Denver, Colorado, is a company that develops, manufactures and distributes nutritional supplements that are well known and trusted in the market. It is best known for its “Combat” line of whey supplements and for being an active sponsor for MMA fighters. The brand has strong associations and ties with the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, which is an impressive little-known fact!

While MusclePharm has been around since 2010, FitMiss entered the market a couple years later in 2013 with a line of products that includes a variety of supplements and physical fitness aids, such as protein supplements, fat burners, and pre-workouts.

Ingredients in FitMiss Delight

FitMiss is a protein shake and since it’s a meal replacement, it’s all the more important to understand what goes into it and the role it plays. Below is a full list of ingredients, we’ll also take a closer look at the most active and primary ingredients in FitMiss Delight and their role.

Whey Protein Concentrate, Solathin, Egg Albumin, Micellar Casein, Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Hydrolysate, Flax Seed, Inulin, Natural Flavors, Artificial Flavors, Silicon Dioxide, Calcium Silicate,              L-Glutamine, Citric Acid, Reed Beet Juice Powder, Carboxymethylcellulose, Salt, Protease, Acesulfame Potassium, Sucralose, Lactase, Potassium Citrate, L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine, Apple Extract, Artichoke Leaf Extract,(gluten free) Barley Grass Powder, Black Berry Fruit Powder, Blood Orange Powder, Broccoli Powder, Cherry Extract, Citrus Flavonoids, Cranberry Extract, Lemon Bioflavonoids, Mango Seed Extract, Pomegranate Rind Extract,         Red Currant Powder, Spinach Powder, Watermelon Powder, Wheat Grass Powder.

The primary ingredients are different forms of proteins, greens & superfood mix, and other additions to help absorption and efficiency of the product.


  • Whey Protein Concentrate and Isolate – This ingredient is common by-products of the cheese making process. It is a well-balanced protein source and a high number of amino acids.
  • Solathin – This is a patented form of protein that is found in red potatoes, it claims to help suppress appetite
  • Egg Albumin – Sourced from egg whites, this ingredient is dried and powdered that is a straightforward and cheap source of protein
  • Casein – this is a milk protein that is absorbed slowly into the body as opposed to whey protein. The slow absorption means the body can synthesize the protein significantly as well as keep the body full longer.

Greens and Superfood Blend:

FitMiss Delight also includes a proprietary blend of 17 greens and superfoods that aim to give you a complete nutrition filled meal replacement.

Other Ingredients:

  • Protease & Lactase – These are digestive enzymes that help with digestion and absorption of the drink
  • Inulin – a naturally occurring fiber that assists in weight loss.
  • Cellulose gum – a thickener and stabilizer for a consistent product
  • Artificial sweeteners – Sucralose and acesulfame potassium are both low-calorie artificial sweeteners
  • Artificial and Natural Flavours – these are added to make the drink palatable

Now that you know what’s in FitMiss Delight, it’s time to check out the nutritional information

  • Calories: 90
  • Total Fat: 1.5g
  • Cholesterol: 50mg
  • Sodium: 95mg
  • Total Carbohydrates: 4g
  • Protein: 16g

While the protein content is on the low side, it should be noted that the product is designed to primarily help with weight loss. The product also works under the assumption that women using this product are not looking to gain muscle. We’ll go a bit more into detail about this and some other things to watch out for in just a moment.

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Claimed Benefits

FitMiss Delight claims to provide low cal, low fat, and protein supplement without sacrificing strength or muscle growth.

The ingredients used to aim to provide the protein from various sources to provide maximum benefits as different proteins behave differently. Solathin protein, for example, will keep you full longer, while micellar casein ensures a slow and long absorption of protein that is beneficial for the body.

FitMiss Delight is low calorie, low fat, and low carb. It also contains a proprietary blend of fruits and greens to help provide a complete healthy meal replacement. It promises to help women lose weight and help keep the body full for longer periods of time

Things to watch out for in  Fitmiss Delight

Looking at the ingredients list and the nutritional information there are certainly some points of concern. Firstly, the use of sucralose means there are some side effects to be wary of, the long-term impact of sucralose on the body may leave you with digestive issues as it tends to disturb the community of bacteria that help your body. The flavor of this kind of artificial sweetener is quite intense and not for everyone.

FitMiss Delight is also on the lower side for a protein supplement, there are other similar products for women with higher protein content.

The packaging warns that the product may not be suitable for those with allergies to soy, milk, eggs, and nuts. Which is an important factor to take into consideration? This product also contains egg albumin and may not be suitable for vegans and those with egg allergies.

The biggest point of concern is the greens and superfood blend, while it is a very interesting feature in the product, the nutritional information only shows a high amount of Vitamin B12, and negligible amounts of magnesium. Something doesn’t quite add up when there are more than a dozen extracts and powders from fruits and greens and little to no nutritional information to back it up. Since it is a proprietary blend, there is no way to know how much is in the product, but because of the lack of information, it is safe to assume the quantity is on the low side.

Customer reviews are very mixed. Some users found no change in weight despite regular use, but women who took it at least 3 times a day on a regular basis saw good results. So the product works, but seemingly only if you use it three times a day and complement the use with a balanced healthy diet and exercise. This, unfortunately, plays on the affordability of FitMiss Delight, while 2lb container costs around $28 which is reasonable, using it three times a day will ultimately prove expensive.

Many users have also complained that it doesn’t mix well and usually has lumps, this problem can possibly be eliminated by the use of a blender. Users also complained that it tasted gritty and the flavor was not very palatable, but there are also users who love the taste and have successfully made a delicious shake by adding extra ingredients such as cocoa powder or peanut butter to the mix. Inconsistent reviews and disappointment with the product is most likely a product of the mismatch between the ingredient list and the nutritional information

Final Say on Fitmiss Delight

FitMiss Delight does work, but the disappointing lack of nutrients from the greens and superfoods blend does beg the question “is it worth it?” The answer to this lies in your goals. Make sure you know what you’re looking for before your purchase. FitMiss Delight could be exactly right for you in the long term, but if it isn’t, there are other products that offer more.

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Protein Pancakes Review 2018- Pro’s & Con’s (Updated July 2019)

protein pancakes

What are Protein Pancakes

A pancake is usually a thin and flat cake that is made from starch-based butter that incorporates eggs, milk, and butter. It is usually cooked on a hot stove or surface using a frying pan then fried with a little bit of vegetable oil or butter.

Protein pancakes is a pancake mix that is mixed usually with protein powder or substitutes such as oats, eggs, and baking powder and it is blended till it has a smooth consistency then fried like normal pancakes. They are really beneficial because due to its protein content and it generally left you feeling a lot fuller and prevents hunger pangs for a longer period of time and it is a great option especially for people who want to manage their eating habits and provide more brain power and help in managing blood sugar levels.It also provides variety especially if you are looking for ways of eating protein for breakfast but don’t want to go with the norm such as bacon and eggs.


Help in providing twice as much protein of traditional pancakes but with just as much delicious flavor. Light and fluffy, these tasty pancakes will add a protein punch to your regular breakfast.

It is a delicious protein-rich breakfast option and to add more flavors, try adding cinnamon or vanilla or add fresh fruit like strawberries, bananas, apples or blueberries for a sweet breakfast treat for a low fat and high protein meal

When incorporated with protein supplements they help in enhancing workouts and also help in supporting exercise recovery and provide amino acids to help in fueling the muscles.

Benefits of protein pancakes

  • A pancake that is high in protein can help to stabilize the blood sugar and also prevent you from feeling hungry for a couple of hours.
  • They help to nourish the brain and body because protein is an excellent source of amino acids and the brain requires amino acids so that it can be able to produce neurotransmitters that are the most important part of the brain communication system network when you eat protein pancakes your brain will stay active and alert and function at a high capacity.
  • Protein pancakes are rich in minerals that help you to stay full for a longer period of time when compared to carbohydrate pancakes when you are full one can be able to do other pending tasks rather than focus on how you are hungry.
  • It is highly recommended for children suffering from ADHD because it allows your brain to function at a higher capacity.
  • It helps to reduce cravings because once you have eaten it helps to sustain the feeling of fullness throughout the whole day.
  • They are a great way to help you to grow bigger muscles and help you keep your leaner mass.
  • They are easy and fast to prepare and will give your body the needed nutrients.
  • Because proteins have a higher thermic effect compared to carbohydrates it helps you to boost your metabolism because they take a lot of energy to be able to digest them.
  • Helps you to regulate your insulin levels and protect you against diseases such as diabetes.


  • When you take too much it might cause gas and bloat
  • Some protein pancakes ingredients may cause the body to take a longer time to get absorbed
  • Some of the recipe ingredients may cause the levels of sodium to be  high and cause allergies


Basic protein pancakes

First, you will need a ¼ cup of raw oats, a ¼ cup of cottage cheese, ½ scoop of protein powder and ½ cup of egg whites. Ensure that you blend all the ingredients until batter forms then pour the batter bit by bit over a hot griddle or frying pan and start flipping when you notice that the pancake edges have started browning you can serve these pancakes with a tablespoon of natural peanut butter and top it all off with almonds.

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Two ingredient pancakes

First you need 1 whole egg, 2 egg whites and 1 small ripe banana, start by mashing the banana and crack the eggs in it then start stirring until the mixture becomes homogenized then heat up and grease  a griddle or a frying pan on medium heat and then pour about 2 ½ inches wide puddle of batter and then after about twenty-five seconds or has browned gently flip the pancake . This recipe will make about three to four small pancakes

Fit men cook lean pro8 blueberry pancakes

You will need one scoop of lean pro 8, a half a cup of egg whites, a half a cup of oatmeal and ensure that they are uncooked, a half a cup medium banana, a half a cup of blueberries, two tablespoons of baking soda. Firstly you should place the raw uncooked oatmeal in a blender or a food processor then blend it still has a fine powdery texture then add the eggs ,banana, baking powder and protein powder and blend till it has a smooth consistency then toss the blueberries in the batter and mix using a spoon or a spatula , place a greased up griddle or frying on medium heat and take out a tablespoon and measure two tablespoon of batter per pancake then cover the pancake while they are still cooking so that it can cook inside faster ensure that you cook them for about forty-five seconds to one minute on the first side and thirty to forty-five minutes on the other side

Almond Butter Protein Pancakes

First you will need one scoop of optimum nutritional gold standard a hundred percent whey vanilla ice-cream, three egg whites, a quarter cup of water, one tablespoon of almond butter, one Splenda packet, two tablespoons of sugar free syrup then you mix all the ingredients in a bowl until it forms a smooth batter but if need be you might add a little bit of water then cook them over medium heat and plate them on top of each spread one tablespoon of almond butter then sprinkle them with one packet of Splenda and drizzle maple syrup if you desire you might add a few strawberries and bananas

Protein Pow Pancakes

First you need a quarter cup of rolled oats, a quarter cup of gasperi nutrition cinnamon roll  myofusion elite protein series, a half a cup of liquid egg whites, 1/8 cup of vanilla pea protein powder, a quarter cup of flaked coconut, a quarter cup of almond milk and a half teaspoon of baking soda, ensure that you blend all the ingredients together and spray a nonstick pan with coconut flour , PAM or use a low calorie spray the turn your heat to medium or high flame then once your pan is sizzling hot pour your batter on it and then turn the heat back to medium or low to make sure that the pancakes cook through without burning flip the pancakes once bubbles start to form on the surface then flip again and they are ready to be eaten

Banana Pancakes

You will need a quarter cup of unsweetened coconut flakes, one to two scoops of optimum nutrition a hundred percent gold standard whey vanilla ice-cream, six whole eggs , two egg whites, one tablespoon of coconut oil , one whole banana, sugar free maple syrup to taste, cinnamon to taste ensure that you preheat your pan to three hundred degrees then in a bowl mix the eggs a quarter cup of coconut flakes a half of a mashed up banana and a half drop of liquid stevia then melt the coconut oil in a microwave and add to the mixture stir in the flax meal and protein to a desired creamy consistency and add cinnamon then pour on the pan and cook a few minutes on each side then once all pancakes have been prepared slice up the remaining half of the banana and top the pancakes with the zero calorie maple syrup.

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Berries and Crème Protein Pancakes

First, you will need a three-quarter scoop of cellucor COR performance whey strawberry milkshake, a quarter cup of blueberries, a third cup of oats, one tablespoon of light or unsweetened almond milk and four egg whites. Start by mixing all ingredients together in a bowl and then spray the medium sized skillet with a nonstick spray then place on medium heat when the pan has heated up pour in the batter and once you start seeing bubbles appearing on the top of the pancake flip it when each side is golden brown the pancakes is ready to be eaten

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pancakes

You will need a half a scoop of monster milk peanut butter chocolate, one cup of liquid egg whites, two tablespoons of raw coconut flour and one tablespoon of betty Lou’s organic powdered PB . First, you should mix all the ingredients in a bowl until they form a thick batter then pour the batter onto a greased skillet and then cook it like you would a pancake top it with all natural peanut butter or sugar-free maple syrup


The protein pancakes ingredients will vary in prices depending on where it was manufactured, the features it has it is always recommended to check the Amazon website for more information concerning the prices

Conclusion on protein pancakes

These types of pancakes are a delicious protein-rich breakfast option and they are easy and fast to prepare and will give your body the needed nutrients. It is suitable for people who want pancakes that are rich in minerals and those that help you to stay full for a longer period of time.

Pro Muscle Fit Review 2018- Pro’s & Con’s (Updated July 2019)

pro muscle fit


Since every man loves the attention that women give to their bodies, they usually leave nothing to chance when it comes to shaping up their bodies. While testosterone levels decrease with age, Pro Muscle Fit is a supportive supplement that helps men to build their body and perform well in the gym.

What is Pro Muscle Fit?

Pro Muscle Fit is an over the counter supplement that contains both amino and supplements that plays a very important role in the body. When you regularly exercise, amino acids help to ensure that your muscles are supplied with nutrients, oxygen, and vitamins that you need to stay healthy. To help you achieve your goals, Pro Muscle Fit contains a 24000mg of L-Arginine and other types of amino acids such as glutamine and OKG. Some of the goals include boosting lean muscle growth, increasing your strength, and energy and speeding up your post-workout recoveries.

Your body normally uses amino acids to repair, strengthen and rebuild muscles after a workout. By taking this supplement, you can rest assured that you will enjoy all the benefits that come with it. According to the creator, this supplement is manufactured in the USA and it does not have any side effects. For you to start enjoying its benefits, you must take 3 capsules daily. If you do this you will start experiencing results within 2-3 months of use. Whether you are just starting out or you are looking forward to pushing your current workout regimen, Pro Muscle Fit is there to help you. When you take it 3 times daily it will build ionic compounds into your body that will consistently help you in muscle repair to enable you to have a safer and consistent workout.

Pro Muscle Fit Company

While the company is currently offering the supplement as a free trial they will certainly bill the customer if it is not canceled thereby leading to a charge of $80.

How Pro Muscle Fit works

Pro Muscle Fit contains different amino acids that. However, the manufacturer of the product does not include exactly the different types of amino acids that are contained in the product nor does it contain the specific amounts. While L-arginine is a healthy amino acid it could be anything. However, since he has added the word blend it means he has also added some other amino acids to the blend. For instance, apart from L-arginine, Pro Muscle also contains GKG Glutamine, A-AKG Arginine-KIC Arginine Ketoisocaproate, and OKG Ornithine. However, the manufacturer does not mention the dosage of these products. He, however, says that the formula contains only amino acids and no other supplements. This means he has not added ingredients such as caffeine to trick the users into imagining that they have high energy levels. Most of the Pro Muscle claims are true and have several applications in the medicine and fitness industry. For instance, it helps to:

· Improve blood flow- The L-Arginine blend in the Pro Muscle helps to boost muscle growth and increase strength. This is due to a compound neutralized by the amino acids alpha-ketoglutarate and arginine. This is supposed to build muscles by increasing the production of Nitrous Oxide

· It’s an endurance catalyst- This supplement also boosts Nitrous Oxide to help improve power and stamina as well. Considering that this supplement is taken 3 times a day, it will still be in the blood by the time someone is going for a workout. However, it’s still unknown whether the supplement can be able to boost stamina in the long run.

· Preserves muscles tissue- This supplement also enhances protein synthesis which helps to prevent muscle breakdown and protect muscle tissue. Additional research has also claimed that it can help to reduce degeneration of the muscles. When this process was tested on rats, it showed that there is a release of growth hormones which promotes proteins synthesis. Because of this, Pro Muscle Fit has the capacity to repair and preserve the muscles.

Pro Muscle

Does it have any side effects?

When the side effects outweigh the benefits you should not take a supplement. Thankfully, this product does not have any risk factors or any side effects that you can worry about. All the ingredients contained in it have been tried and tested by scientists. However, this product is not meant for those who are below the age of 18 and it’s only meant for bodybuilding and athletic purposes. To avoid any potential dangers you should ensure that you use it according to the directions. Before taking it and any other supplements ensure that you talk to your doctor. For you to get the best results only take it after a workout. Currently, there are no side effects that can be associated with this supplement. However, since it may react differently to different users, it’s very important to take it only after consulting a health expert. It’s also good to exercise under the guidance of an expert for you to be able to get effective results.

When to use it

According to the manufacturer, you should take the supplement 3 times a day for you to realize any results. Since it’s advertised as a post-workout supplement, you need to plan well so as to know the best time to take it. Depending on your schedule you need to take the capsules whenever you feel that it’s necessary. Ideally, you can take it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner so as to develop a schedule which is very easy to follow. Since one of these is accommodated by a workout it’s very easy to take the capsules as a post workout drug.

For instance, if you start by working out in the morning before taking your breakfast, you can take a capsule with your breakfast. The same way if you workout late in the evening you can take it with your dinner. However, if you do a workout after dinner you should wait until you are done with your workouts. While it’s recommended that you take it after a workout, it’s not very clear that it cannot be taken before working out. To make a decision on when to take, it’s very important to look at your timetable and your diet

However, you need to remember that research has found out that some of its nutrients can work well even without taking any meal. The only problem is that if you take any drug without meals it can cause stomach irritation hence it’s very important to take note of this especially if you take it without meals.

How to buy Pro Muscle Fit

Pro Muscle is currently only available on the official website of the company at This means you cannot purchase it from amazon or any other retailers in the market. Since there are many scammers on the internet do not fall to their trick. You need to ensure that you buy it from the company’s website. While the manufacturer advertises a free trial, you need to fill in your credit card details before you can order the product.

It’s advertised as a free trial but you will have to pay $5 for shipping. This will give you a 15 days trial and then they will deduct $79 from your credit card. Once you have been charged $79 the company will still continue to charge you $79 plus a shipping fee of $5 every month until you cancel the order.

Why you should choose Pro Muscle Fit

The reason why you should choose this product is that it is backed by scientific research. If you are asking whether it’s a scam or not it’s definitely not a scam as it functions practically to help in muscle recovery and protect the muscles from degeneration. It also has some medical applications. For instance, if you experience some problems after an injury that require muscle preservation it can help a lot. The capsules are also very easy to take, convenient, and easy to get connected to the muscle enhancers.

It does not require any shot, mix drinking or taking any weird diet. You only need to take it 3 times a day after working out. The ionic compounds and the nitrous oxide will remain in your body once you take it thereby enabling you to enjoy the benefits throughout the day. The specific ingredients in the supplements also have additional benefits that you can enjoy.

The benefits of Pro Muscle Fit

Some of the benefits of this product include:

  • It enables your muscles to recover faster.
  • It preserves the muscles and prevents any breakdown.
  • It improves your blood flow thereby allowing nutrients to reach different parts of the body more efficiently.
  • It promotes the development of additional strength and facilitates muscle growth in the body.

Because of these tried and tested benefits, it’s important to ask your doctor to try out these supplements so that you can experience its benefits. For instance, if you are suffering from muscle degeneration you need to look for specific ingredients with the help of your doctor. However, above everything, it’s very important to consult and stay within the borders of working out.


While Pro Muscle Fit users know their own recommendation for supplements that they should use with it, it’s very important to consult your physician before taking any other supplement. One of the supplements that is usually taken with it is the Forskolin Fit Pro. This is a supplement with a formula that promises to improve metabolism, burn fat, and help build leaner muscles. It does this by reducing the amount of fat in the body instead of building any muscle. The other recommended supplement is the Alpha Man that helps you have a better performance. However, you should note that these recommendations might be biased since it’s the same manufacturer who sells them.

In general, any supplement that fits this niche can definitely be accommodated. Any application for improving cardiovascular health, burning fat, and covering nutritional requirements seem like the best combination that you can use with the supplement. Considering blood flow and the provision of amino acids through the bloodstream, the cardiovascular health is usually very important. These include garlic fiber, heart health blends, and other supplements that are provided online and in retail locations.

Pricing and Free Trial

The providers of this supplement provide a free trial of 90 capsules with the only money you are expected to pay to be for handling and shipping. While this is a one month offer, once you have started on the free trial it automatically put you into the subscription program since you are expected to fill in your card details. However, you are allowed to cancel the order and return the product within 15 days. There is no other method for purchase that has been mentioned on their website. With no higher or lower quantities provided, the prices offered are not flexible. This means you cannot purchase any quantity that lasts less than a month.


  • It helps you with endurance especially if you are doing lengthy workouts.
  • If you take it consistently it will ensure that it’s always in your bloodstream hence you will easily facilitate the rebuilding of your muscles and make your workout easier.
  • It prevents you from undergoing muscle degeneration which is very good for medical and fitness applications
  • It’s natural and diet friendly.
  • It comes in an easy to use capsules.
  • It does not have any added binders or fillers.


  • The research about the supplements is still inconclusive.
  • It can only be found on the manufacturer’s website.

Wrapping up

Since Pro Muscle Fit uses some natural herbs, it contains a lot of promising ingredients. However, for you to get the results that you want you must take them daily especially if your goal is to have leaner muscles. You must also take it after workouts, take nutritious meals and drink plenty of water. All these will assist you with the effects of this supplement in your body. If you do this consistently, very soon you will not only have lean muscles but also look your best. This combination of some of the best ingredients can help you achieve your goal faster than you imagine. However, before taking the capsules, consult your doctor.


Premier Protein Review 2018- Benefits & side effects (Updated July 2019)

premier protein

What is Premier Protein?

Premier Protein is a renowned brand of protein bars and shakes. The brand aims at manufacturing protein products that strive to assist consumers to achieve the best results from their workouts. Premier Protein recognizes that everybody deserves to live an active and healthy life and this heavily depends on their nutrition. However, the hectic life that most people lead makes staying active and eating healthy quite challenging. This is why Premier Protein products strive to be the nutrition and health partner of consumers by helping them to make powerful and healthy choices.
Premier Protein
Premier Protein

Premier Protein works in an amazing way. It efficiently derives protein from a variety of sources before putting them into a premade protein bar or protein shake. This is good as it simplifies the process required to digest the necessary proteins levels. The products are portable and easy to consume. This eliminates the need of having to mix protein powders in order to replenish the nutrients utilized by the body following a hard workout session. This means that lazy people can greatly benefit from Premier Protein products.

Nutritional benefits

There are several nutritional benefits that are associated with the use of Premier Protein products, the main ones include the following:

Maintainers and muscle movers

Protein is known to assist the body to do the heavy lifting. This is because it allows people to optimize the use of their muscles. A lot of the daily activities that people engage in require muscle power but these muscles require protein in turn. It is a protein that repairs the muscles after they are damaged during workouts or physical activities. The human body functions in such a way that it absorbs the most nutrients shortly after a workout session. Protein helps the body to maintain in toning thus consumers of Premier Protein can keep moving but still look good while doing it.

Ultimate energizers
Premier Protein products allow consumers to benefit from the ideal combination of fats, carbs, and protein. Simple carbohydrates are good for providing quick energy. The ideal mix of fats, carbs, and proteins is recommended because it provides the body with a source of energy that lasts much longer. This is because each of the macronutrients in Premier Protein products takes different durations to be broken down by the body. The carbohydrates get absorbed first, followed by protein and ultimately fat. This means that the body has a much longer duration in which to enjoy an energy boost. Furthermore, the daily consumption of Premier Protein bar products that contain Soy is good for the heart because they are low in cholesterol and fat.

Hunger Busters

Protein is good for satiety, this is because its digestion is significantly longer. This is why the consumption of protein naturally makes people feel fuller for a longer period. Individuals who are watching their diet can benefit from Premier Protein products in this aspect. In addition, it means that these products can function as whole meals because they are balanced with regard to nutrients and exhibit satiety on consumption. It is not uncommon for people to use Premier Protein products as meal replacements in long flights and journeys

Healthy aging

Protein assists in building muscle. Strength and muscle mass get depleted with age and that is why Premier Protein products are important for people who are aging. The consumption of sufficient quantities of protein in every meal might help in retarding the loss of muscle mass. The recommended quantity is 25-30 grams of protein in every meal that is consumed. The consumption of protein combined with resistance training will assist in maintaining a vital and strong body.

Weight control

Protein helps in the management of weight. Reputable research by reliable institutions reveals that consumption of sufficient quantities of protein together with carbohydrates allows the body to utilize the extra calories as heat rather than to store them in form of fat. In addition, the feeling of satiety derived from the consumption of protein enables people to effectively control their cravings. Therefore, Premier Protein products can readily be used in weight management rather than the numerous unconventional methods available on the weight loss industry today. Generally, these Premier Protein products are high in protein but low on both carbohydrates and calories that are responsible for weight gain and a myriad of other health issues.


Protein is required for the growth and maintenance of strong bones and body muscles especially for children who are still growing and developing. However, most children do not love eating protein from conventional sources and that is why the delicious and nutrient-packed protein bars and shakes from Premier Protein are a good choice. This way, parents, and guardians can be assured that their young ones get adequate protein needed to grow up strong and have fun while doing so.

Premier Protein Products

There are several products under the Premier Protein brand name, these include the following:
  • Protein Shakes

Premier Protein Shakes include Shake Variety Pack, Caramel, Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberries and Cream, Bananas and Cream, Organic Chocolate and Organic Vanilla.

  • Protein Drinks

Premier Protein Drinks comprise of Orange Mango Drink, Raspberry Drink, and Tropical Punch Drink.

  • Protein Powders

Premier Protein Powders include Vanilla, Chocolate, Vanilla 100% Whey* Powder and Chocolate 100% Whey* Powder.

  • Protein Bars

There is a wide variety of Premier Protein Bars such as Peanut Butter Caramel FIBER, Cookies ‘n Cream FIBER, Chocolate Mint FIBER, Fiber Variety Pack, Yogurt Peanut Crunch, Peanut Butter Crunch, Double Chocolate Crunch, Dark Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Peanut Lover’s Variety Pack, Chocolate Lover’s Variety Pack and Complete Variety Pack.

  • Protein Variety Packs

The product under this category is Peanut Lover’s Variety Pack, Chocolate Lover’s Variety Pack, Fiber Variety Pack, Complete Variety Pack and Shake Variety Pack.
The above insightful information about the products clearly indicates that the brand really strives to produce as many flavors as possible just to cater for the diversity of tastes.


There are a good number of pros that are associated with the use of Premier Protein products, the main ones include the following:

  • The products are a portable source of protein. This is beneficial because consumers can conveniently carry them anywhere they are going. Most people lead a life on the go and such healthy, as well as portable protein products, are highly appreciated.
  • Premier Protein products provide adequate quantities of protein that are required for the proper functioning on the body. The nutritionists and fitness experts that form the team at Premier Protein have put in the extensive scientific research to ensure that all the products are fortified with enough protein for the needs of the body.
  • Products such as Premier Protein Clear are excellent for hydration and can perfectly replace the commonly used unhealthy sports drinks and sugary juices. This is because it contains no sugar a few grams of protein and a significant quantity of calories.
  • These products are enriched with minerals and vitamins that play a vital role in promoting the immune system and general health of the body. This means that it does not only provide protein like a majority of the products in the market do.
  • The Premier Protein products have a pleasant taste thus making them very enjoyable. The taste helps in encouraging young children to consume the products to promote their good health. The good taste of the Protein shakes and bars from Premier Protein simplifies the consumption of protein required post workout for muscle repair and as fuel for the body.
  • Premier Protein has an array of flavors for every protein product that they manufacture. This is good because it caters to the taste buds of everyone, it is natural for people to have preferences and the brand fully acknowledges this fact.


  • Premier Protein products are fairly priced compared to other protein supplements out there on the market. In fact, the price gets better when purchases are made in bulk as it is with any other product on the market. It is like killing two birds with one stone because the products provide nutritional value while still assisting you to save some money.
  • The quantities of Premier Protein products is astounding. Each product is packaged generously with adequate quantities. This is because the manufacturer wants to provide value for the money that the consumer is spending on the product. The quantity mentioned on the label is exactly what the consumer gets if not slightly more.
  • The product packaging is nothing short of amazing. This is because the products do not require refrigeration and are easy to use. For instance, the shakes have a cap that only requires being twisted off in order to open. The twist to open technique helps to avoid causing a mess to clothes while trying to use the product. The lack of refrigeration aspect of the product also makes it ideal for it to be carried along to remote areas and to be used by people who cannot access a refrigerator.
  • The texture of Premier Protein is just superb as the products are smooth and creamy. The protein shakes are not too thick thus allowing consumers to pour them easily and ultimately consume them. The texture might seem like a trivial factor but the Premier Protein brand knows its significance in promoting the palatability of food products and that is why all their products aim for the right texture.
  • Premier Protein bars are larger in size and are packed with additional protein compared to the protein bars on the market. This means that Premier Protein bars provide a higher value for your hard-earned money. This helps a lot especially in such tough economic times where every dollar that is spent counts.

Premier Protein products are loved because they lack an aftertaste that does not augur well with most consumers. The last thing that anyone wants after consuming products is an aftertaste and that is why all the protein products are formulated in a way that eliminates an aftertaste occurring.

All the nutritional values and ingredients used in making the products are properly displayed. This ensures that the consumer has good knowledge of what they are purchasing and its impact to their overall, health and wellbeing. The list of ingredients on Premier protein products is not long as they only specify what has actually been used in the manufacturing process.
The sources of protein used in Premier Protein products contain both slow and fast absorbing protein. These proteins assist with functions such as overall satiety, muscle building, and muscle recovery. This can be quite beneficial to individuals who work out at the gym either by lifting weights or cardio as it significantly reduces their recovery time. In fact, many athletes are already incorporating the product in their workout routines because of its benefits in both recovery and nutrient supply.

The protein shakes of the Premier Protein brand come complete. This means that people do not have to mess with protein powders, shakers or even blenders. It is sold ready to use thus convenient for people who have very busy lifestyles but still need to eat healthy foods.

Premier Protein products provide consumers with 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means that people who are not happy with the product they purchased can either get a full refund or have it replaced for another one. This displays the amount of confidence that the company has on the quality of their protein products. It is good on the side of the consumer because it eliminates all risk and this is why people should sample the products. This satisfaction guarantee is not accompanied by any time restraints and this makes it even better.


The addition of protein bars and protein shakes to an individual’s fitness routine can be an overwhelming affair, particularly if they see the numerous rows of choices they have to make at health food stores. This is why Premier Protein products are so valuable to the working class as it saves you a lot of time while providing your body with the recommended quantities of protein and other essential nutrients. Get your Premier Protein products today and start enjoying the benefits that they provide to the body. There are no more excuses for eating poorly with Premier Protein products available on the market. The availability of Premier protein products gives you the best opportunity to get the best protein products.