Syntha 6 Review 2018- Benefits & Side Effects (Updated July 2019)

syntha 6

What is Syntha 6?

Syntha 6 is viewed as an ultra-premium fit muscle protein powder which is accessible in 20 gorgeous, heavenly flavors.  It is intended for people who need a protein shake that can meet their dietary needs and also achieve their nourishing needs to expand bulk and enhance his/her physical make-up. They utilize an exclusive combination of their protein mix, and for focused reasons can’t uncover that, yet basically, they utilize six unique sorts of proteins.

Insight: the reason it’s called “Syntha-6” is that it’s a combination of 6 superb proteins. In this review, we go over the benefits, ingredients & side effects of Syntha 6.

How does BSN Syntha 6 function? 

This is a standard whey protein powder and can be utilized as a feast substitution, pre or post-exercise shake. Syntha 6 is made out of protein and corrosive amino grid which is whey protein focus frame drain and soy. Whey protein is thought to be the best protein source as far back as it is effortlessly processed excellent protein that the body needs to grow more bulk.

The correct kind of protein is fundamental in proficient protein blend. Protein is the building square of building bulk and normally when you need to develop more bulk, you would need to utilize the best. Syntha 6 can improve muscle advancement and development. Beside developing muscles, there is additionally a truly necessary jolt of energy from Syntha 6 that you won’t get from any item, and that is a direct result of the counter catabolic nature of this astonishing protein blend.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of BSN Syntha 6?

  • Works & tastes great 

Most people who bought  BSN Syntha 6 loved the way this protein supplement works. Having the perfect protein blend work for your preference can have a significant effect in creating bulk. Syntha 6 likewise tastes extraordinarily superior to anything most protein shakes and may even be added to your preferred drink.

  • More expensive than other protein powders

The burden of this protein is that it is simply protein, period. No other vitamin or imperative supplement is available making it more costly than other protein supplement brands.

BSN Syntha 6 is the best protein combination supplement available with an excellent protein fixing list. It is excellent to any individual who needs to expand slender bulk efficiently and with the minimum conceivable time and unfriendly impact.

Keep in mind that for a protein supplement to work, it must be as one with the correct eating regimen, an effective exercise routine and a sound way of life. Syntha 6 will work for whatever length of time that you influence it to work through these segments of the correct muscle building design.

BSN Synth-6 is a top of the line range protein powder that is reasonable for competitors and genuine weightlifters that require higher than ordinary admissions of value proteins for muscle repair and recovery from their eating methodologies.

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Research and results have upheld the realities that quality coaches, dynamic physical wellness buffs, and sound way of life lovers regularly require up to 1.8 grams of protein for each kilogram of bodyweight relying on their activity schedules. This protein admission is considerably higher than the typical daily recommended. Protein utilization must come as numerous little dinners amid the day that is supplemented with either protein bars or shakes like BSN Syntha-6 for positive outcomes as dynamic bodies require an enduring and consistent stream of approaching proteins.

Ingredients of Syntha 6

BSN Syntha 6 has a novel mix of 6 proteins that discharge into the body at various rates of speed. This excellent tasting protein powder works as a period release item to keep your body in positive nitrogen adjust until the point when you’re next booked protein based supper. The proteins each have an alternate arrangement of corrosive amino profiles that together can supply up to 8-hours of recuperating protein and empowering protein properties for your body to appreciate. Amino destructive profiles are somewhat difficult to outline with words, so how about we simply express that BSN Syntha 6 is stacked with the accompanying time-discharge constituents.

Syntha 6 ingredients
  • Syntha 6 proteins time-discharge data:
  • Ultra-sifted Whey Protein Concentrate discharges for 2-3 hours.
  • Micro-Filtered Whey Protein Isolate discharges for 1-2 hours.
  • Egg Albumen discharges for 2-3 hours.
  • Milk Protein Concentrate discharges for 4-6 hours.
  • Calcium Caseinate discharges for 6-8 hours.
  • Micellar Alpha, Beta-Caseins, and Caseinates discharge for 6-8 hours each.

Muscle repair

Our body needs numerous sorts of amino acids to stay sound. A portion of the amino acids can be made by the body, while others must go into the body as sustenances. If our body is not getting enough calories from the proteins that we eat to make the important amino acids, the body will remove mass from muscles to use for its half of the amino corrosive assembling venture. This is the reason the BSN Syntha 6 protein powder is a fundamental fuel for muscle repair. The steady protein supply is utilized by the body to convey amino acids, with the goal that bulk can repair snappier and become bigger.

7 different flavors

It is uncommon to discover an item that offers such a great amount of and still convey an impressive taste. The BSN Syntha 6 protein powder comes in 7 flavors, with the most current kind of Chocolate Mint. Other famous flavors incorporate Chocolate Milk Shake, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Strawberry, Vanilla Ice Cream, Banana or Cookies and Cream flavors.

In the realm of high-gauge proteins, Syntha 6 is above all else. It is a standout amongst the most intense, wide range proteins powders that is perfect for each kind of competitor. Regardless of whether you do quality preparing or any high-force brandish, this protein will restore your body the way you require it to. It is implied by genuine competitors and weightlifters that require additional levels of protein, and amino acids (which are the building pieces of protein). If your eating routine requires a superior quality protein, you ought to very consider Syntha-6.

What’s in Syntha 6? 

To start with, they utilize a small scale separated whey protein segregate that discharges for 1-2 hours, so you can understand that initial burst of protein directly after your exercise. At that point they utilize an ultra separated whey protein that discharges for 2-3 hours. Likewise, an egg protein, called Egg Albumen discharges for 2-3 hours. To get you as the day progressed, a drain protein discharges for 4-6 hours, and calcium caseinate assumes control alongside micellar alpha, beta-caseins, and caseinates for 6-8 hours.

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The body doesn’t simply require protein; it needs the building pieces of protein (Amino Acids) to legitimately recuperate after an extraordinary exercise. Luckily, BSN’s six protein injected protein conveys the majority of the fundamentals to prepare your body to hit the stacks again ASAP. Goodness, and I neglected to say the best part – It tastes GREAT. Store mark proteins don’t stand a shot. Indeed, even contenders proteins don’t stand a possibility. This stuff tastes better than anything I’ve ever had.

Protein is said to be one of the principal building obstructs for muscle, bone, and tissues of the body. Competitors and wellness buffs devour protein shakes since they trust it encourages them to assemble fit muscle speedier and even shed pounds. Be that as it may, many cease taking protein shakes on account of the stomach related inconveniences that these supplements bring. BSN Syntha-6 is one protein supplement in the market today that is known to create scrumptiously seasoned shakes and, in the meantime, counter the stomach related reactions of protein.

This BSN item is well known among those into working out and genuine wellness schedules mostly because of its top-notch fixings that guide muscle-building and supplements that give sound processing.

  • BCAA

Among the muscle-building fixings are expanded chain amino corrosive (BCAA) and glutamine peptides, which are said to assume a noteworthy part in protein combination. Likewise included are medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), which are somewhat man-made fat normally utilized as a part of treating various maladies, and also to decrease muscle to fat quotients and expanding slender bulk.

  • Bromelain

Papain and bromelain are additionally present in BSN Syntha-6. They are catalysts that assistance in processing and softening protein. They are likewise prestigious for their dependable mending properties, especially to counter aggravation. Moreover, each suggested serving of this Syntha 6 item gives you 5 grams of fiber for slower assimilation. This is what makes this item a most loved now among numerous wellness fans. It guarantees that it wouldn’t cause swelling or stomach uneasiness. Its stomach related compounds advance intestinal wellbeing, besides simple protein use.

In fine powder frame, this item is typically blended with water, similar to your standard protein shakes so that you can expend it earlier or after exercise and whenever of the day that you may require it. It is accessible in flavors that you’d never connect with wellness – Chocolate Peanut Butter, Chocolate Mint, Caramel Latte, Cookies and Cream, Mochaccino, and others. Every once in a while, you can have it as a filling nibble elective or a dinner substitution, however, the last capacity ought not to be mishandled. To get your total nourishment, regardless you ought to eat 3 square dinners a day.

Many individuals who are into games and wellness swear by the muscle-building and weight reduction advantages of drinking protein shakes. Be that as it may, these are simply supplements. Never savor them overabundance and don’t make them the establishment of your wellbeing and health design. Ensure your wellness routine depends on a balanced eating regimen and a customary exercise schedule.

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BSN Syntha-6 is an ultra-premium protein supplement that makes yummy shakes to support your muscle-building capacity while providing your body with the essential stomach related chemicals you have to use this protein supply.

Are all protein powders made even? No, is the short answer.  Well as the name Syntha-6 as it proposes it is made of from 6 distinct proteins. The explanation behind this is it has been intended to discharge a constant flow of protein to be consumed by the body for a time of up to 8 hours. Each of the six unique proteins has an alternate rate of retention making a period discharge impact.


To begin with, there is smaller scale separated whey protein confine which is assimilated 1-2 hours after utilization. At that point, there is ultra sifted whey protein think which is assimilated around hours 3-4 and furthermore egg whites inside a similar time window. After that around hour, 4-6 protein is given by drain protein focus which is followed up by Micellar Alpha, Calcium Caseinate and Beta Caseins in addition to Caseinates covering hours 6-8.

So why do you require this? Well, it has been experimentally demonstrated that the body needs amino acids (the building obstructs influence protein) to repair to and develop muscle in addition to other things. The body can deliver some of these amino acids yet the rest it needs to get from nourishment. If the body does not have enough amino acids for the more fundamental capacities like breath compounds and platelets then it will take it from the muscles diminishing bulk and halting repair and re-development

Presently this has been experimentally demonstrated however the amount you should take is begging to be proven wrong, and everybody has their particular assessment, and nothing has been demonstrated to logically work the best. Be that as it may, generally the musings are somebody not intensely practicing ought to have around 0.8g of protein for every day for every kg of body mass. A perseverance competitor ought to have around 1.2-1.4g while a muscle head should hope to take 1.6-1.8g.

Presently, the body can just assimilate protein at a moderate rate and needs a consistent admission of protein to successfully repair and develop muscle after exercise. This is the reason Syntha-6 is so viable thus considerably more viable than bringing down evaluated protein powders. Their opportunity discharge equation guarantees a higher rate is consumed by the body and over a more extended timeframe, guaranteeing there are constantly adequate amino acids for muscle development and repair.

Individuals are getting extremely cognizant to get the administrator body with a specific end goal to accomplish and a la mode look. For men, it is extremely fundamental to have solid and puffed out muscles with the goal that they can look dashing in the thin fitted garments. This gets simpler with lifting weights supplements that guide the way toward conditioning up to the body and influences the muscles to look cumbersome.


Syntha 6 is a great protein supplement which is being used by millions of athletes and bodybuilders to increase muscle mass.

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5% Nutrition Product Review 2018 -Pro’s & Con’s (updated July 2019)

5% Nutrition

Rich Piana 5% Nutrition Overview

Rich Piana is one of the greatest and most popular persons in the muscle and lifting weights industry. A weightlifter since the age of 11, Rich began contending when he was only 15 years of age. He would go ahead to prevail upon various weight training rivalries the years and has since turned into a symbol. He propelled his own particular image of supplements, Rich Piana 5% Nutrition.

Rich Piana is a standout amongst the most notorious bodybuilders of the present era – his manager mentality, enormous 300lb + outline, a huge number of tattoos and mercilessly legitimate YouTube recordings have drawn him a gigantic fan base far and wide. He has taken a stand in opposition to supplement organizations exploiting innocent (and especially young) yearning bodybuilders, and that is the reason he showcases his new supplement line 5% Nutrition as just an extra to 5% Nutrition, smart preparing and rest. He even goes as far to state that on the off chance that anybody needs to increase measure or get fit, they shouldn’t utilize 5% Nutrition, unless the various bases are all around secured. It may not be incredible for deals, but rather it surely influences individuals to regard Rich Piana’s message.

What is 5% Nutrition?

Most importantly, 5% Nutrition is a company offering weight training and exercise supplements. The line incorporates creatine, protein and carb supplements, and mindset, center and energy enhancers and significantly more; including the prominent All Day You May. Among these products are additionally attire and sportswear, however, the supplements were our principle center.

5% Nutrition has been around since 2014 and is claimed by Rich and Debra Jane Piana. You purchase their products on the site or some other major online retailer. We adore the site, above all else. Rich Piana is a prominent face, and this company appears to have they are promoting down to a science. They have the site, advertisements and eye-getting product labels to demonstrate it.

Driving ingredients upheld by inquiring about consolidated with the top of the line quality, figured and fabricated in a front line, innovatively propelled office.

Rich Piana 5% Nutrition Ingredients

Caffeine – 5150 Stim-Crazy contains 8 sorts of caffeine as caffeine anhydrous, caffeine malate, theobromine, caffeine (from green tea (leaf)), yerba mate separate (leaf), guarana remove 22% (seed), green espresso bean extricate (seed), Gotu kola remove (Centella asiatica) (dried nut). This mix enacts the greater part of the distinctive caffeine receptors in the body to truly build energy levels.

  • Niacin (B3) – This advances bloodstream so you can feel the direct profound inside your muscles.
  • N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine – This is broadly utilized as a part of the supplement industry to advance concentration and fixation. This amino corrosive is utilized to enhance psychological capacity, manufacturing muscle, and animate cell development and recuperation.
  • Higenamine – Another stimulant that is utilized to expand heart rate and bloodstream. This expanded blood stream likewise implies that supplements are transported to the muscles speedier, decreasing waste products to build continuance.

How Does Rich Piana 5% Nutrition functions?

You may as of now know that yams, sweet potatoes, oats, and blueberries are a portion of the best nourishment that you can consume. Of course who has sufficient energy to buy a plan and eat these extraordinary super sustenances, while a large number of us battle to cover the essentials of the course our everyday lives. 5% Nutrition has taken the necessary steps for you, so you should simply to mix the delectable equation, and consume at whatever point required.

When you are attempting to lose or look after weight, there is a sure adjusts of nutrition classes that you have to consume with a specific end goal to accomplish the outcomes you need. 5% Nutrition utilizes an oversimplified technique, by consolidating a healthy type of carbohydrates and conveying them in a concentrated equation.

You don’t need to eat a bowl of yams, sweet potatoes, and oats, you essentially mix 5% Nutrition and drink your approach to wellbeing. The carbohydrates in 5% Nutrition are intricate carbohydrates, which are considered great carbs and won’t affect your glucose as consistent carbs do.

Low glycemic carbs are utilized at a moderate rate, which keeps them from being put away as fat and enables them to be changed over to energy. Simply mix 5% Nutrition with water, and you have an extraordinary tasting and nutritious feast. 5% Nutrition can likewise be utilized whenever of the day as a nutritious nibble, or as a pre-exercise nourishment that will support your stamina and enable you to get the most out of your exercise.

Many individuals endeavor to carry on with a healthy life and generally look for the correct diet. Many individuals likewise flop after they trust they found the privilege since it just is not what they anticipated. The issue with many diet supplements, feast substitutions, and diet themselves is that the measure of carbohydrates is greatly restricted. While protein is useful for your body, your body likewise needs carbohydrates. Carbohydrates give energy, and without energy, it’s really hard to influence yourself to get up and go, substantially less exercise and lose weight. The enter in benefitting as much as possible from your diet is to utilize the correct sort of carbs, the kind that is in reality bravo and separates gradually.

You need your body to consume fat, and customary carbs separate in a split second and instantly start swinging to fat. With 5% Nutrition and its wide range of healthy ingredients, carbohydrates will never again be an issue. 5% Nutrition has been intended to furnish your body with healthy carbohydrates, so when you drink the supplement, the carbohydrates will furnish you with ideal energy, while giving you the carbs you requirement for energy, it’s a win/win circumstance.

At last, you don’t need to yield all carbs to get a healthy supplement that you have been craving. You can give your body a glass of healthy energy and vitamins and realize that you have accomplished something positive for yourself. Don’t relinquish taste for an insipid or shake, and don’t purchase over the counter supplements that are loaded with produced ingredients or stimulants that can make you jittery. Get the best possible measure of carbs and feel your sudden burst of energy for a considerable length of time. No protein based diet can offer that.

What Makes Rich Piana 5% Nutrition Different

As said above, there are a few wellness and way of life programs that offer help for the individuals who need to shed pounds or pick up muscle. In any case, as additionally specified above, a large portion of these projects concentrate on the 95% who focus on the projects for a brief timeframe before slipping by over into old propensities.

What makes Rich Piana Nutrition diverse is that the supplements and feast designs made by the company are particularly for those as of now in the 5%, bodybuilders and competitors who are prepared to take their preparation and bodies to the following level. Along these lines, Rich Piana Nutrition is not for those quite recently beginning, but rather for the individuals who as of now have a firm handle on their wellbeing and health.

Another gigantic contrast between Rich Piana Nutrition and other nutritional organizations is that Rich Piana Nutrition just gives the most elite with regards to supplements. Such huge numbers of supplements nowadays are pressed with fillers, things that don’t profit the body, yet consume up room in the cases or powders.

Rich Piana Nutrition gives a portion of the most noteworthy quality supplements available today since it utilizes the best ingredients. The ingredients utilized by Rich Piana Nutrition have been sponsored by broad research and are particularly detailed to enable bodybuilders to take their preparation to the following level. What’s more, these supplements needn’t bother with fillers, on the grounds that for those in the 5%, potent should as much as possible.

At long last, Rich Piana Nutrition contrasts from different organizations since it gives finish bolster. While most supplement organizations offer their supplements and little else, Rich Piana Nutrition gives supplements, attire, and even dinner anticipates the individuals who are preparing or attempting to develop their bulk. Rich Piana Nutrition makes a group of the 5% who need to better themselves, offering counsel and data for everybody who is prepared to change their bodies and their lives.

Rich Piana 5% Nutrition Dosage

Mix a one scoop serving of 5% Nutrition with 12 to 16 ounces of water and consume in the middle of suppers, just before an exercise, amid an exercise, and after an exercise.

The prescribed use for this product is to put 4 scoops in a gallon of water, mix well, and taste on for the duration of the day.

  • Rich Piana 5% Nutrition Benefits
  • Well-adjusted pre-exercise equation
  • Contains basic minerals for continuance and energy yield
  • Creatine Blend advances muscle totality and unstable quality
  • Beta Alanine lessens lactic corrosive collection in muscle tissues
  • Citrulline Malate elevates nitric oxide production to upgrade pumps

Rich Piana 5% Nutrition Taste and Mixability

As fanatics of Rich Piana’s 5% Nutrition will know from utilizing his Pre-Workouts Kill It, 5150 and Full as F*ck, and recuperation products, for example, All Day You May and Crea-Ten, Rich doesn’t mess around with regards to making agreeable, satisfactory flavors that are invited by the taste buds. Safe to state, despite the fact that these flavors leave very a long way from the standard flavors we frequently observe involving dominant part of products consuming up rack room in stores, this one of a kind flavors are really justified regardless of an attempt. The utilization of healthy determined carbohydrates gives Rich Piana’s 5% Nutrition a genuinely normal tasting flavor, differentiation to numerous that have a fake taste that comes up short of the flavor it endeavors to imitate. The two flavors are sweet, yet extremely gentle, so clients require not stress over flavors being excessively overwhelming.

The surface unquestionably is the fate of intrigue given the uniqueness of this product. The ingredients utilized, despite the fact that some are given in a finely powdered frame, result in this product being very thick consistency. Oats that have been utilized are in their crude shape, not powdered. This gives an extra surface to this product, so when mixed with the assigned amount of water to make a shake, the product won’t be smooth in consistency. The consistency when mixed with water in a drinkable shape is practically identical to a smoothie; thick and fairly stout because of the entire oats included.

This surface, however, makes Rich Piana’s 5% Nutrition the ideal supplement to make the MassiveJoes notorious slop from. Fans will know about how every now and again MTS Machine Whey is utilized to make ‘slime’, whereby oats, rice cakes or oat are much of the time mixed in to consolidate a flavorful yet large-scale cordial breakfast or nibble. Rich Piana’s 5% Nutrition can be made similarly, joining less water than should be expected to make a shake. The ingredients genuinely retain the water, framing a thick, delightful glue. This implies clients can really consume this supplement as they would with ordinary nourishment, and will keep you full until your next feast. You can likewise mix in Protein Powder as your protein source to make this an entire feast, and also, completely heavenly!

Rich Piana 5% Nutrition Effectiveness

As addressed, I feel the energy part of this product, even with a joined mix of caffeine and Tyrosine, I didn’t get an extraordinary measure of a “bounce”. Dosing at 1.75 scoops, I’d be getting around 400 mg of caffeine and that ought to absolutely be all that anyone could need to lift me up, yet I didn’t get that from this product. The energy additionally didn’t support over the span of my exercises. I was never worn out, yet the tad bit of juice I acquired decreased around a half hour in each time. Continuance likewise was an issue as I seemed to weaken a bit amid exercises.

The concentration component of this product was non-existent. I adore it when a pre-exercise or pill gives me a vibe that I WANT to work out. I didn’t feel that with this product. I wound up resting all the more every single time, not having any desire to “kill” the lifts. There was no “signify” streak for me like the huge man needs you to feel with this product.

The best trait of this product is the pump. Taking a gander at Rich, you know his products aren’t going to give you a chance to down there in light of the fact that he’s a somewhat bigger than normal human himself. The pumps weren’t historic, however, they small entirely strong every single time I would hit my upper body. I added AAKG now and again, yet it was for the most part superfluous as this product alone does well.

I experienced a touch of abundance water maintenance while running this product. I could shed it rapidly with an hour of cardio not long after however.

Rich Piana 5% Nutrition Effects

Because of the assorted utilize potential and relevance, the effects will fluctuate contingent upon how you execute this supplement into your administration. There is presumably that Rich Piana’s 5% Nutrition will be an amazingly well-known supplement because of how close it can recreate 5% Nutrition, while likewise impacts affecting glucose levels the way existing Carbohydrate Supplements do.

Clients can hope to feel enhanced energy levels, without the crash that different supplements may cause. Accordingly, clients can approach their day or start their instructional courses with a lot of fuel in the tank and subsequently potential for a brilliant session. Also, the supplement idea of this Carbohydrate source implies that it is a fast and simple route for clients to guarantee they are admitting satisfactory calories and carbohydrates, so there is no reason for missing a dinner now!

As the ingredients utilized enjoy time to reprieve down and be caught up in the body, glucose levels are kept low. This is alluring as limiting insulin spikes will urge muscle to fat ratio ratios levels to be kept up or even diminished if joined with sensible dieting or preparing. Limiting glucose spikes will likewise favorably affect energy levels, as you won’t encounter the outrageous highs and lows in energy levels that brisk processing sustenances cause.

On the off chance that it’s 5% Nutrition you’re after, at that point Rich Piana’s 5% Nutrition is recently that. In the event that you require an advantageous approach to meet your calorie, sugar and energy needs, without sacrificing your wellbeing and prosperity, at that point Rich Piana’s 5% Nutrition is the supplement for you. Near nature, simple to get ready and totally scrumptious. Attempt it for yourself today!

Bucked Up Review 2018- Benefits & Side Effects (Updated July 2019)

bucked up

What is Bucked up?

People around the globe are obsessed with fitness and are posting their weight loss journeys or fitness journeys online. It’s so inspiring to see that people are so enthusiastic about the process and they share everything with the world! You must have come across a lot of profiles online where people share their daily regimes, diet plans, dietary supplements, etc. we all can understand the diets and the gym training but it’s still a big amusement to figure out how a dietary supplement might help in the fitness goals. We often find ourselves asking questions regarding these supplements because it’s so new to us. It’s so confusing figuring out what do these pre-workout supplements do to our body.

Pre-workout supplements are formulated in a way which helps us in maintaining the energy levels while working out. They work in such a way that they ramp up our endurance, increases strength, burn off muscle fat and helps in muscle growth.

There are a lot of pre-workout supplements on the market which helps us. Today let’s find out about the pre-workout dietary supplement; Bucked Up.

Bucked up is a pre-workout supplement by DAS labs which is a game-changing formula in this dietary supplement industry. Bucked up claims to have no fillers and consists of natural ingredients. It also includes growth hormones to enhance your workout.

bucked up
bucked up

Bucked up ahs a variety of dietary supplements in the market which is customized to alter one’s fitness requirement.

  1. Bucked up – Woke AF, high stimulant.
  2. Bucked up – pre-workout supplement
  3. Bucked up – Racked BCAA supplement.
  4. Bucked up – Deer antler velvet IGF-1 spray supplement.
  5. Bucked up – KETO protein.
  6. Bucked up- Buck feed protein.

Let’s see the ingredients found in the proprietary blend of bucked up:

  • L- Citrulline – to maximize blood flow (nitric oxide booster)
  • Beta-Alanine – promotes strength, endurance and muscle growth.
  • Alphasizetm Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline (A-GPC) – a growth hormone potentiate clinically shown to sharpen mental focus.
  • AstraGintm – clinically proven to increase citrulline absorption.
  • ActiGintm –  increase VO2 MAX and boost athletic performance
  • Himalayan rock salt- trace minerals
  • deer antler velvet extract – rich in IGF-1 and IGF-2
  • Vitamin B-12- gives you energy boos and does not lead to a crash.
  • Taurine – improves athletic endurance by helping the way your body supports oxygen.
  • Caffeine- provides the boost of energy, focus, and motivation.

Benefits, side effects, and dosages of bucked up

Let’s see what the benefits of this pre-workout product are

  • Increases energy:

Bucked up products are guaranteed to increase your energy. The stimulant caffeine included with citrulline malate has proven to increase the oxygen level which naturally increases the blood flow. This increases in the oxygen and the blood flow results in the increases in the exercise capacity and improves muscle function. The caffeine as an added stimulus gives you that extra push!

  • Better performance and efficiency:

Bucked up is rich in IGF growth hormone and helps regulate metabolism and is natural anti-inflammatory thereby improving performance and efficiency.

  • Controls weight gain:

Bucked up helps in regulating the metabolism rate and this is very much regulated by the pre-workout supplements. It helps in preventing cravings of hunger afterward. Both the caffeine and the growth hormone will raise the body’s thermogenesis and delays the onset of hunger.

  • Improves mental health:

It acts as a natural anti-depressant its growth hormone potentiate that has clinically been shown to sharpen mental focus.

  • Helps the body to recover:

Many times after the gym workout, especially the following day the body can be very sore and tender. The inclusion of the amino acids and vitamins found in the bucked up products helps the body recover faster-minimizing discomfort.

Side effects of bucked up

    1. Some people do not like the tingling feeling caused by the beta alanine.
    2. 200 mg of caffeine may be too much for some users.
    3. Despite the claims of the clinical dosing, some of the ingredients are dosed far lower than clinical tests would dictate.

Dosages of bucked up

It is highly advisable to follow the recommended amount of product which in this case is 1 scoop. Because it has 200mg of caffeine per serving. If the double scoop is taken; naturally the content is doubled and it can be a serious issue.

Therefore double scoop is not advisable unless it’s an ice-cream!

It is highly recommended to consult your physician or your dietician if you are using this product. Do not consume this product if you are pregnant or undergoing any medications as it may have adverse effects. Also report immediately to the physician if any adverse effects found.

Customer reviews

The consumer review gives you an insight into how a product works and therefore we have made sure that the reviews reach out to you! Let’s hear out from the people about this pre-workout supplement.

  • “Best pre-workout supplement ever! Great flavor, great mixability, smooth, energy and immeasurable focus! Only one complaint is that the shipping is extremely slow! 10 days in the U.S is way too long. So don’t wait until the last minute to reorder” – Jennifer.
  • “The stuff tasted great and worked even better. Powered by my workout thanks to this.” – Jason Philips.
  • “I’ve used a lot of pre-workout in my time at the gym and had yet found one that gave me the focus and the push without making my face feels like it’s on fire (as awesome as that sounds… not a huge fan.) Then I stumbled on bucked up and everything changed. I was able to push heavy weights (PR’s have gone up an average of 50lbs in the last month)  for longer thanks to this stuff. Looking forward to trying Woke AF to see what it has to offer. Thanks bucked up!” – Jere.
  • “First of all let me start with the flavor. I have tried dozens of different pre workouts over the last 7 years and this is by far my favorite in terms of flavor. It could pass for Kool-Aid!! No chalky or bitter taste. Mixes amazingly with no residue left in the shaker. Secondly, dosages of Beta gave a great tingling sensation without being overwhelming. The focus was amazing; I was driven and intense in every rep of every set. Felt strong with amazing stamina. Caffeine content is just about right, great energy with no crash! This stuff is awesome but I like so many others always chase a gym high so I recently ordered Woke AF and I’m sure it’ll be amazing AF!!” – Hunter Hudson.

We hope that the above information helped you in understanding more about this product and help you in making the right choice.


Bucked up is a good pre-workout supplement to increase your performance and recovery during your workout. It doesn’t fit our list of top 3 pre-workout supplements but it’s still a solid product.

Ghost Pre Workout Review -Benefits & Side Effects (Updated July 2019)

ghost pre workout

What is Ghost Pre Workout?

Whenever you work out, using a pre-workout supplement almost enhances your performance every time. A pre-workout supplement improves your performance by increasing your energy levels along with pumping your muscles while you are working out. But out there, there are so many pre-workout supplements available that it makes choosing one of them almost impossible. Further, most of these supplements look at their financial gain rather than an actual benefit. So it is important to choose the right one. One of the pre-workout supplements which may interest you is ghost pre workout supplement. It has managed to gain a lot of attention, good feedbacks, and along with that is has been able to fit in the marketing places.

ghost pre workout
Ghost pre workout


About Ghost Pre Workout

Ghost supplements are one of the supplement companies and are the one behind the product Ghost Pre Workout. It was founded by three people and aimed to be a fresh, modern company. The company works together with a lot of celebrities, entrepreneur and athletes to endorse their products.


Ghost Pre Workout as the name suggests is a pre-workout supplement manufactured by Ghost. It comes for $44.99 for 30 servings. They have three different flavors, but they have recently added one limited edition Christian Guzman’s which is lemon-lime flavor and is available at the same costs. Ghost Pre workout is manufactured by the ghost and is an all-natural supplement available in the marketplaces. The Ghost Legend Pre-Workout claims to do the following:

  • Muscle pumping
  • Increasing energy levels
  • Increasing Strength
  • Boost your performance

Does it work?

Let’s answer the question you are looking for, “Does it work?”

Just like any other supplement, judging Ghost Pre workout is based on our own review but we think it gives a general impression of what to expect. We rated Ghost pre-workout in 4 categories Energy, Focus, Endurance, and Taste.

Energy 7/10

After trying out Ghost Pre Workout the results were pretty good, although I did use a double scoop. I drink 2-3 coffee’s per day so my daily caffeine intake is pretty normal compared to other people. I didn’t feel any side effects, tingles or jitters after using Ghost pre-workout. After an hour I felt the effect fading away but it did increase my workout’s performance and pump.

Focus  7/10

This is the section where Ghost pre workout is great. After using the double scoop,  I didn’t waste any time on my smartphone, talking to other people or taking too much recovery between sets. I personally think this product is also great for other activities than working out. I still have to try it for jobs which require a lot of focus such as administration but I’m convinced it works great too for those things.

Endurance 7/10

If there’s a minor drawback then it’s the endurance. Since I tend to do longer workouts ( up to 2 hours), I feel Ghost Pre workout wearing off after an hour. The solution here is to take another double scoop after the first hour, but then this will become an expensive product to use. It’s not a dealbreaker, but it depends on how your body reacts to the intake of caffeine in general.

Taste 8/10

After trying out the Watermelon sour head, we can honestly say it tastes great which is sometimes a problem with many pre-workout supplements.  Ghost Pre workout obviously has some artificial sweeteners added to the ingredients. We are yet to try their other flavors but based on customer reviews we expect them to be in line with the Watermelon sour head.

Pros & Cons of Ghost Pre Workout


  • Incredible flavoring
  • Open Label
  • Taurine can reduce cramps
  • Great Caffeine Dosage
  • Rhodiola Rosea boosts focus & reduces fatigue
  • Beta-Alanine improves muscular endurance
  • Dosages of Citrulline  supporting cognitive enhances


  • Underdosed in few ingredients
  • Not cheap

Ingredients of Ghost Legend Pre-Workout

Well as you can see below, a few ingredients seem underdosed while some combinations can cause some side effects.

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Core Ingredients:

It is an amino acid which promotes muscle pumping. It is converted into L-Arginine in your kidneys after it gets absorbed. A full dose of lactic acid prevention along with pumps. This ingredient also stimulates the blood flow in your body.

  • L-Arginine / Agmatine Sulfate

It is extracted from Arginine, and it promotes nitric oxides which act as a vasodilator. This vasodilator dilates one’s blood vessels and allows more blood to flow & reach one’s muscles. This increases the muscle pumps and also endurance when you train. It has poor absorption when taken orally so it might not work.

This ingredient is a nutrient partitioner as it improves muscle pumps through the inhibition of nitric oxide synthase.

It is used in ghost supplements to improve muscle endurance and fatigue. People who consumed ghost supplements containing beta-alanine have reported that they have experienced an increase in their workout volume while performing bench press along with that fatigue levels were decreased too. It may also help in improving one’s weightlifting performance. Beta Alanine is the ingredient that causes the tingling side effect in pre-workouts. It’s also widely known to increase the muscle endurance.

  • Norvaline

L-norvaline increases the inhibition of arginase production which will allow you to increase you maximum lift. This ingredient will make your pumps longer and stronger.

  • Taurine

It is also an amino acid which is related to absorption instead of performance. It helps in increasing circulation but not like L-Citrulline. It does not promote muscle pumps. It can stimulate the flow of nutrients to improve the absorption of Ghost Legend Pre-Workout in your body. Taurine is known for increasing cardiovascular health. Supplements which contains taurine can protect the body and increase longevity.

  • Caffeine

This is a no-brainer. This increases energy levels.  Caffeine is one of the natural and best stimulants one can find in the market. Everyone is aware of how effective caffeine is and can be. It increases your energy levels along with the power output. It also helps in boosting metabolism and improving focus and mood too.

  • Alpha GPC

It boosts cognition tied to performances. Several studies have proved that it improves focus and also power output. It may also increase your duration of work out. This ingredient is a Nootropic and also a cognitive enhancer. It increases your focus and mindset.

  • Rhodiola Rosea

It is a Scandinavian herb that is related to motivation. It seems to reduce fatigue and also depression while improving your mood and well being. It helps in improving your overall mental performance.

  • Theobromine

It can be found in chocolate and other related foods. This improves overall blood flow which helps with absorption along with the nutrient flow. But it is not enough potent to promote muscle pumping

  • Rauwolfia

Its structure is quite similar to Yohimbe, except for the fact that there are fewer studies or researchers related to its effectiveness as evidence. It acts as an appetite suppressant which can help to curb hunger cravings.

Overview of Ingredients

Ghost Legend Pre Workout consists of extensively impressive nutrition profile but not as good as when compared with other pre-workout ghost supplements. There might be a few drawbacks, but it still is a reliable option to go for.

We don’t recommend Ghost Pre Workout! Check the #1 Top Rated Pre Workout Supplement


Ghost Legend Pre-Workout is a light supplement and hence gets mixed easily. After shaking for 4-8 times, it gets dissolved and without any clumping. You can also try Ghost Legend Pre-Workout’s 1-2 scoops in almost 12-20 oz of water; it gets strong and powerful each time.

Side Effects of Ghost Pre Workout

In Ghost Legend Pre-Workout, there is nothing much to worry about except for the two ingredients Beta-Alanine and Norvaline. Many studies have shown that beta-Alanine can cause a condition called paresthesia which is itching of both face and hands. Well, this side effect isn’t much harmful but can act as a distraction during your workout sessions.

But Norvaline can cause the following side effects:

  • A headache
  • Nausea
  • Fatigues
  • Lightheadedness
  • Dizziness


When Ghost Legend Pre Workout was launched, it had originally only two flavors, but after some time, they added a third new flavor. The flavors list is as below:

  • Fruit Punch
  • Warheads
  • Blue Raspberry


For most, it is okay to take one scoop but for those who can’t tolerate the amount of caffeine can reduce it to half or if they can tolerate then 1.5 is enough. Don’t make it two scoops because it might be too much for you.

Ghost Pre Workout Review

Ghost Pre workout is a good pre-workout. It tastes great and the results are OK. Ghost Pre-workout is one of the few pre-workout supplements which tastes great. If you are an athlete who prefers focus on energy in your pre workout than Ghost Pre workout  is just for you. Make sure to use a double scoop when using Ghost Pre workout.

Overall, we rate Ghost Pre workout supplement as a good choice. It didn’t make it to our list of Top 3 Pre-Workout supplements, but it does the job.


Fitaid Review 2018- A great recovery drink (Updated July 2019)


What is FitAID?

On the off chance that you exercise seriously or for drawn-out stretches of time, FitAID is the drink for you. It was made mindfully to give the body the supplements it requirements for wellness execution and recuperation. It’s even made with every single common fixing! Put aside your old games drink and account for FitAID, you’ll express gratitude toward me later. Discover more about this unrivaled wellness invention with my FitAID Review underneath.


FitAID is not a caffeinated drink – it is an “execution and recuperation drink” that gives the ideal supplements to ideal execution and post-exercise recuperation. It is made to AID your exercise, henceforth the name.

More top to bottom, FitAID was made on account of in-your-face competitors and their needs including cardiovascular perseverance, speed, deftness, stamina, vitality, and quality; at that point coordinated fixings to help these requirements consequently creating a special recipe that enhances athletic execution and velocities recuperation.

Over that, the equation is paleo cordial, gluten-free and 100% normal. It doesn’t contain sucralose, aspartame, additives, high fructose corn syrup, and no manufactured hues, kinds of sweeteners.

A 12 oz container of FITAID contains just 9 grams of sugar (got from all regular crude natural blue agave and stevia) and has just 45 calories.

What’s in FitAID and why does it work?

Since we comprehend what’s not in it, it truly comprehends the fixings in it to value the energy of this drink.

  • Electrolytes for hydration and muscle stamina.
  • Expanded chain amino acids (BCAAs) including L-Glutamine which are imperative for muscle recuperation.
  • Glucosamine which gives joint help.
  • Vitamins C, E, and D3 as cell reinforcements and resistant help.
  • Turmeric, an enchanted calming.
  • Omega 3 EFA and CoQ-10 for cardiovascular help.
  • Quercetin, Green tea concentrate and B Complex for continuance and vitality.
  • Crude natural blue agave, a low glycemic sweetener.

What does it have an aftertaste like? 

Great! Notwithstanding every one of the fixings they packed in the drink they figured out how to make it taste great. It’s not the most flavorful drink ever, but rather not awful by any means. It’s yellow and has an aftertaste like a sound mountain dew, with a light citrusy enhance and sufficiently sweet.

I’ve had such huge numbers of things to discuss that I’ve sort of quite recently put off auditing things, yet today I have something I’m truly eager to get out there. So… right away…

We should discuss this little drink called FitAID. Long story short, they sent me a 4 pack to experiment with, I gave it a spin, and I was extremely awed. There’s a considerable measure to this flexible little drink – I had it prior and then afterward both a run and a quality preparing exercise. Since I’ve encountered it, I’m prepared to discuss it!

So… what’s the arrangement with FitAid?

FitAID is not a caffeinated drink – it is a “cooperative energy drink” (the organization likes to be sure at this point). The container has bunches of fine art and data on everything about the advantages of the drink… including a “Paleo Friendly” stamp. I will cover the “Paleo” thing in a future article (EDIT: after 3 years… still haven’t secured it. whoops), however, suffice it to state: it endeavors to evacuate everything “handled” from your life and take things back to stone age man essentials.

As you can well envision, a no-nonsense sustenance design like that would practically put the kibosh on most, if not all, pre-exercise supplements and caffeinated drinks. Paleo has pretty much been embraced as the go-to nourishment get ready for CrossFit (which has turned out to be enormous)… with the goal that left a GAPING gap in the wellness/sustenance world for somebody to fill. Lo and view – FitAID tagged along.

what I believe is similarly as critical is what isn’t in it. They say this item is 100% regular and they would not joke about this. Appropriate on the highest point of the container it rattles off a few things that DO NOT show up in this item: sucralose, aspartame, additives, high fructose corn syrup, crystaline fructose, “counterfeit anything”. This fulfills me extremely, and it should make YOU glad as well. Why? What difference does it make? Indeed, for one, aspartame – a simulated sweetener – has surely understood sick consequences for your wellbeing, high fructose corn syrup is quite recently terrible news, and the general absence of manufactured “anything” is recently extraordinary.

Consider it – your body needs to accomplish something with all that you put into it. In case you’re putting fake things into it, your body needs to make sense of what to do with it – our bodies aren’t intended to process simulated things… we drive our body to do it. A significant number of these simulated things we put in our body all the time wind up hanging out for some time. Ever know about somebody doing a “detox”? As a general rule, they’re attempting to flush the remainders of these fake things out. We should simply don’t bring them into our bodies in any case.

It’s entirely critical to comprehend what precisely is in this drink that is driving you through your exercise and helping your recuperation after. There’s a quite enormous scope of fixings in here! There are electrolytes and vitamins (in the same way as other different beverages contain), there are loads of amino acids (counting L-Glutamine, which is HUGELY essential for muscle recuperation), and there are different things, for example, glucosamine, tumeric, CoQ-10, bilberry… some of these aren’t things you by and large find in a “wellness drink” or a “pre/post exercise drink”, however, they are a piece of a general supplementation picture that FitAID is going for.

These fixings bolster adaptability, joint wellbeing, cardiovascular wellbeing, adjust, give cell reinforcements to your body… I’ve never observed such a sweeping scope of body-wellbeing fixings in a drink! Look at the mark underneath:

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FitAid Supplement Facts Label 

Keep in mind how I said there’s no aspartame, sucralose, HFCS, and so on? So it tastes terrible, isn’t that so? No. It really tastes better than average. How you inquire? It’s sweetened with Blue Agave Nectar… only 9 grams of all-regular sweetening in this thing. 45 calories add up to in the drink. Quite wonderful on the off chance that you ask me.

Genuine encounter With The Drink Please? 

FitAid PouredTake a gander at that drink. Believe it or not in the wake of emptying it into the glass. (Indeed, you’re intended to drink it from the can, I simply did it to see the shading, carbonation, and lucidity.) That bubble faded away before long – FitAID is gently carbonated to help with retention of the considerable number of supplements in it. The yellow/orange shading is just an aftereffect of the fixings – there are NO manufactured OR common things included a request to shading it. No colors, no beet squeeze, no nothing. That is exactly what shading it wound up being.

In the event that you look carefully, you’ll see it’s not perfectly clear… it’s sort of “shady”. The organization really discusses this on its site, saying this is on account of it’s so stuffed with supplements – 2343 mg of supplements and dynamic fixings, to be correct. They move you to inquire as to why different games execution drinks aren’t shady (they’re inferring this is on account of different beverages aren’t pressed with well done, on the off chance that you were pondering).

… is the manner by which expansive a measure of supplements is really packed into this little 12 oz can. Most vitamin beverages and games execution drinks have generally followed measures of these things. The levels of focus in FitAID makes it something you can take before an exceptional exercise and really feel certain you’re getting a lift. This drink was outlined by previous competitors to control individuals through CrossFit – if it’s adequate for them it’s sufficient for ANY exercise. On the off chance that you were concerned – there was no residue in there… while it WAS overcast, there was not all that much, no dregs, and nothing isolated out… it truly was quite recently shady in light of how immersed with supplements it was.


It’s entirely yummy, I need to state. Sort of a black out orange taste, sufficiently sweet, not very sweet. They truly nailed the taste despite every one of the supplements they packed in… most other execution drinks I’ve tasted are either too sweet or too sharp/pasty… I’d drink this for taste on an off-day. Can’t say that in regards to other execution drinks.

So How About The Run You Tried It On? 

I was somewhat of an imbecile that day. It was an early evening run – I was in a clumsy post-breakfast pre-noon and I had not eaten enough, mostly in light of the fact that I continued deferring my run being diverted with different things. I additionally got some answers concerning a mile into the run exactly how dried out I was. I got a handle on worn through my run, needed to walk more than expected, and was somewhat moderate all-around.

FitAID is most likely the main reason I completed the run. It was hot, damp, and I was getting dried out and under-supported… I shouldn’t have possessed the capacity to endure that. I ought to have needed to walk the distance home. By one means or another, I wrapped up. I’m genuinely sure that FitAID is the main reason I really made it. My muscles weren’t exhausted (Thanks FitAID) and I had the concentration, drive, and assurance to complete it. My issues were an immediate consequence of being so got dried out. I had a moment FitAID in the wake of completing the run, and I need to state I felt truly great. In the wake of having the second drink and hydrating, it resembled the run never happened (as far as negative impacts)… I could rest easy, incredible recuperation. Chalk up a win for FitAID.

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FitAID During Strength Training? 

I utilized FitAID before my Body Beast Tempo: Chest and Triceps exercise. For the individuals who don’t have a clue, Body Beast (by Beachbody) is a quite serious quality preparing program. Rhythm Chest and Tri is about the beat with which you do the moves, here and there. You go much moderate.

Supplements or caffeinated drinks are broadly utilized by individuals who prepare and individuals who don’t, particularly those beverages that reestablish glycogen stores or reconstruct harmed muscle tissues. Cases of these might be supplements with high starch focuses (to recuperate glycogen stores and prepare the competitor for the following instructional course), those with high protein fixations (to repair harmed tissues and fabricate muscles), those containing stretched amino acids (for a speedier recuperation of the competitor and to abandon them prepared for the following instructional course), or even those containing glutamine (a critical amino corrosive used to anticipate catabolism and loss of bulk). It is hard to discover great supplements that can cover the greater part of the above or different requirements. The competitor needs to comprehend what sort of movement he or she does, what he or she is preparing for, how often he or she prepares, and so on.

A few supplements are made to cover a tremendous interest in body needs, across the board item. They are exceptionally valuable since there is no need such a significant number of items and to recollect when to expend every them. These sorts of supplements, that have a considerable measure of supplements and substances, are precisely and entirely intended to streamline the life of the competitor, to upgrade their outcomes and accomplish extraordinary enhancements in the briefest time conceivable. These are supplements or beverages that were delivered for those competitors who prepare with high forces or incredible exigencies, in spite of the fact that competitors who simply start to prepare can expend them and these items may even help them a considerable measure; these items are made for the individuals who are more experienced and experience extraordinary powers of exercises.

In the wake of having met in that place, an awesome kinship was conceived between them which brought about a difficult work between the two to have the capacity to offer to the immense measure of shoppers different options in regard to the beverages that are sold in the market which are counterfeit and have abnormal amounts of caffeine and sugar.The makers of this item met in a CrossFit put 8 years back, in other words in 2009, in California. One of the originators, Orion Melehan, is a Certified Financial Planner, while the other, Aaron Hinde, is a specialist in chiropractic who figures out how to function with countless competitors.

In the wake of having met in that place, an awesome kinship was conceived between them which brought about a difficult work between the two to have the capacity to offer to the immense measure of shoppers different options in regard to the beverages that are sold in the market which are counterfeit and have abnormal amounts of caffeine and sugar.

The makers of this item met in a CrossFit put 8 years back, in other words in 2009, in California. One of the originators, Orion Melehan, is a Certified Financial Planner, while the other, Aaron Hinde, is a specialist in chiropractic who figures out how to function with countless competitors.

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Body Fortress Whey Protein – Pro’s & Con’s (updated July 2019)

body fortress whey protein

What is body fortress whey protein?

If this is the first time, you are looking to take body fortress whey protein be sure to understand what exactly it is you are taking. People who work out heavily tend to take extra nutritional products straight after working out, but then there are also those that like to take them before they start their gruesome routine. They do this to replenish the muscles energy very fast. As the protein gets deep into the muscle tissue quickly, it revitalizes it much quicker than normal foods would.

One thing to remember that there is no substitute for normal food, the nutritional content and value of fruit, vegetables, and meat cannot be replaced by body fortress whey protein, so always use it as part of balanced food and exercise program. Those that do use it too much and for too long can suffer from liver and kidney problems so take great care. If ever in doubt always consult your doctor or a nutritional expert. There are many types out on the market and as it becomes more and more popular especially amongst the bodybuilding circles more suppliers are introducing different variants.

They come in some great flavors from all the major drug stores so you are sure to find a flavor that you like. Maybe try buying a small tub first to see how your body reacts and how your taste buds like it before buying one of those king size tubs. Preparing is easy if you take your time with a blender, as this mixes the powder perfectly, trying to mix it by hand can leave it lumpy, especially at the bottom of the glass, which you can’t consume and have to dispose of. Finally, for whatever reasons you want to take it, it’s always best for you to do a body fortress whey protein before you start your program.

This happens every time you train and if you train frequently you will need a supplement in your diet as you will not have enough protein to go around your system. This means you can do long-term damage to your muscles, rendering them weak and more susceptible injury. This can be avoided by intake of a supplement after regular exercise.


Body fortress whey protein is a supplement which is used by people who train regularly; it comes in various flavors and different size tubs. It is very easy to mix, and you can use either water or milk, once mixed it doesn’t form an unattractive sludge it makes a nice consistency which goes down easy and it tastes great. There are many different brands when it comes to supplements but Body Fortress Whey Protein does the job, and its price is not extortionate. As it has a good price, you can buy a couple of tubs and know they will last you at least two months.

So if you’re looking to bulk out in size in a short amount of time, or you just want a steady increase in your muscle mass, definition or size; Body Fortress Whey Protein will ensure a great source of protein which will benefit your training and even though the cheap price you can be sure of an excellent quality product.

  • Weight Training Benefits

Whey supplements are commonly used to help bodybuilders, who take the supplements immediately before or after working out. The idea is that athletes need more protein in their diets to build and repair their muscles. Whey protein is called a “fast” protein because it’s absorbed into the system more quickly and can, therefore, provide more immediately nourishment for the muscles. It includes amino acids that are metabolized quickly into the muscles.

  • Weight Loss

Most of the protein supplement gurus also talk about the weight-loss properties of whey, but they seem to be in disagreement about why they’re helpful. Some claim that the increased energy allows the body to digest things more quickly and to burn more calories during digestion. They claim that amino acids improve body composition and slow the absorption of glucose into the blood. Others claim that drinking protein before meals make smaller meals more satisfying because they allow for more amino acid absorption and slow down the intake of calories.

The bottom line is probably along the same lines as the weight-training benefits. Whey protein can help burn more calories into muscle while burning fat.

How Should You Use Body Fortress Whey Protein?

Body fortress whey protein obviously doesn’t have the same goals as people who are simply trying to lose weight. Highly concentrated whey protein supplements might be helpful to people who are working out enough to metabolize it, but people who are just using it to metabolize their food more effectively shouldn’t take too much and should consider using less concentrated forms than the hydrolyzed or isolated whey proteins. There are whey proteins formulated specifically for weight loss for a reason.

Don’t use body fortress whey protein to excess. Though most of the risks of using it are minimal, long time use can cause some kidney and liver problems. Whey protein is also a risk for people who are lactose intolerant, since whey is, of course, a milk by-product.

Deemed by many for a reason that best method to obtain protein, body fortress whey protein is often a pure by-product produced throughout the processing of cheese through cow’s exploit. It is a mixture of globular meats that is definitely out of the way throughout cheese production. Aminoacids Whey is generally grouped straight into three types, particularly Whey Isolate, Whey Target as well as Whey Hydrolysate. However, most usual varieties are whey protein segregate in addition to whey put the emphasis.

Body fortress whey protein ingredients

Body fortress whey protein could include L-Glutamine and Branch Sequence Proteins, which often helps immediate rehabilitation connected with muscles. It may also help within the consumption of important healthy proteins. Both of these options convert it into an invaluable merchandise in ways that it is most often made use of as being a supplement.

Typically whey protein will be promoted as a body fortress whey protein that is employed for making necessary protein rattles. The fast muscle mass recovery properties, developing regarding slender muscle size along with enhanced particular sports functionality can make it a favorite before work out and also publish exercise session beverage. Whey protein is also known to become ‘fast ingesting’ which means the reaches which portion of the system in which it is essential along with a very speedy extend to.

Body fortress whey protein is a breeze to absorb and could be utilized with alternative food whey protein supplements as well. Additionally, its Organic Cost BV is approximately One hundred seventy-five, that’s amazingly excessive at the same time chicken eggs endure like a normal at One hundred. A lot of principals are recently done to analyze the benefits as well as results of amino acids whey protein. Research shows this health proteins whey protein might significantly add to the prevention of allergic reactions with babies, for easing allergies, assisting fat reduction, also examining high-cholesterol and also morbid obesity.The most up-to-date homework for proteins whey protein shows that it may include anti-cancers homes. Additional whey protein plays a role in greatest nitrogen maintenance.

Body fortress whey protein proves to be a superb alternative for those who have lactose intolerance. It can help for making right up for any protein wants which continue being unsatisfied resulting from the deficiency of taking advantage of. Even so, the beauty of whey protein is that it lacks the unwanted effects and could be utilized securely by way of everybody.

At first amino acids body fortress whey protein or shakes were very expensive, but ever-increasing popularity, more manufacturers are usually manufacturing necessary protein whey protein which costs a lesser amount of. The increasing understanding of the primary advantages of whey has got hence resulted in the output of low priced proteins whey protein or even shakes. They are usually known as cheap whey protein. The reality is that a cheap whey protein isn’t reduced top quality, but it is listed rather less.

This what are named as cheap body fortress whey protein is popular amongst students that happen to be within weight loss plans and also muscle tissue building. Proteins Whey powder seems to have a completely different potential using a rising amount of brands developing their particular variants, in a great many tastes which include, Vanilla, Chocolate, Banana, Bananas yet others.

Individuals who have tested whey protein are getting to be loyalists because they discovered it to be very helpful and effective, which is maybe the reason it’s setting up a trend over international locations.

Body fortress whey protein is becoming an interest in the field of science and medicine because of its therapeutic properties. Clinical studies have shown that whey protein may possess anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory effects. The key to a healthy life may just lie in this mixture of these globular proteins.

A Background on Whey Protein

Composed of mixed globular proteins derived from whey; body fortress whey protein is a by-product of cheese production, (the liquid material). It is available in the market as a dietary supplement, and it is used in alternative medicine. This type of protein sparks interest in the healthcare industry, as clinical tests show it possesses significant health benefits. In rodents, for example, whey protein had been found to exert anti-inflammatory effects. Although human studies are yet to be done, the result of the test can also be related to the processes in the human body.

The process of cheese production gives birth to whey protein. After the milk coagulates, it leaves a liquid from which whey is derived. This liquid contains milk proteins lactalbumin and some minerals. After the coagulated milk is removed, this liquid is further processed to extract the proteins for human consumption. This is where whey protein is born. Processing of the protein involves the removal of fat or lipids from the liquid whey only leaving the essential proteins behind.

The whey derived from milk is composed of several types of proteins, this includes beta-lactalbumin (occurs in greater amounts), alpha-lactalbumin, serum albumin and immunoglobins. These proteins contribute greatly to human functioning and in health.

Why Do We Need body fortress whey protein?

Body fortress whey protein is called the “building blocks of life.” Every inch of our body is composed of proteins, from our hair to our skin, to the muscles as well as to the vital organs. Because every structure in our body is composed of proteins, we need a good supply of protein from our diet. Aside from being served as the foundation for the structures in our body, proteins also play an important role in regulating our blood pressure, hormonal or enzyme synthesis and immunity. Proteins, such as albumins contribute greatly in maintaining the balance of fluids within our body. Hormones and enzymes are also made up of protein, and even our immune cells are made up of these compounds. If the body is rid of a good protein supply, all of these bodily structures and functions would be greatly affected. Muscles and vital organs will disintegrate, there would be fluid imbalance causing edema and swelling, hormones and enzymes would not work properly, and the immune cells would not be able to protect the body from harmful invaders.

What are the Benefits of body fortress whey protein?

Body fortress whey protein is beneficial for the body because it is a concoction of the different types of proteins. Four major proteins and the six minor proteins exert different health benefits for the body.

Body fortress whey protein and muscle building – researchers have shown that a supplement of whey protein is beneficial to those who undergo muscle building training compared to those who do not have any supplement of proteins. This may be because muscles are also made up of protein. Having a good supply of proteins also promotes tissue building and amino acid synthesis. This process leads to the production of more proteins, and more tissue mass which is needed in muscle building.

God of Rage Pre Workout Review 2018 (Updated July 2019)

god of rage pre workout

God of Rage Pre Workout Overview

What comes to your mind when you think about pre-workout supplements? Are you thinking about a light powder product that’s supposed to make your gym sessions a bit more comfortable? A supplement that can hardly do anything other than extending your workout time? If those are the pre-workout supplements, you are used to then, let us introduce you to the God of Rage. This supplement isn’t for the light-hearted! This is not the kind of supplement for someone who is still not sure what exactly they are looking for in the gym. This is a product meant for die-hard athletes that are seeking intensity. It’s a supplement formulated to stretch your endurance to its max and extend your workout threshold to unimaginable lengths. God of rage is the kind of supplement that will get you through robust workouts, and its impact will be felt long after your gym sessions. This pre-workout regimen is perfectly formulated to help you witness insane muscle growth within a concise time. How does it do so? What exactly is in it? Who makes it? We will address all of these concerns and tell you why exactly God of Rage pre workout is the best pre-workout formula you could ever come across.

god of rage pre workout
god of rage pre workout

Who makes God of Rage?

God of Rage is manufactured by Centurion Labz. If you are well versed in the supplement arena, then you’ve probably heard of their products before. They have various lines of workout supplements some of which have enjoyed excellent success, and God of Rage pre workout is understandably one of them.

Centurion Labz was founded in 2014 by two experienced physicians Dr. Nick Puccio and Dr. Joe Kepko. The two came together and combined their vast knowledge of various natural compounds to come up with this amazing supplement.

How does this supplement work?

God of Rage is formulated with stimulants that are supposed to push your limits to the max. These compounds will double up your energy levels making it much easier for you not just to extend your workout time but also to increase the weights and intensity with which you are working out.

God of Rage pre workout Ingredients

A first glimpse at the ingredient’s list will immediately let you know that this is not a typical pre-workout supplement. You will also realize that it is not meant for any uncommitted athlete. If you don’t take weightlifting seriously and you do it as a causal side thing, then this supplement is not for you. God of rage pre workout is a compelling product for weightlifters that are done with shady pre-workout supplements and want to finally get their hands on something beastly or rather, godly.

The supplement is formulated with the following compounds:

  • L-Arginine – L arginine is a popular compound in workout supplements. Its benefits are undebatable, but the biggest problem is formulating enough of it in a single product. This was, however, not a problem to the Centurion Labz who successfully added 3 grams of it. This is more than sufficient for you to enjoy all its benefits. What benefits are these? The compound works as Nitric Oxide, an excellent vasodilator. Its presence in this compound enhances blood flow in your muscles. They’ll consequently be receiving sufficient oxygen and other nutrients boosting their health and growth. All these are internal benefits that you can’t see, but there is something else. Something that is visible and very motivating to any athlete and this is Muscle Pumps. Once the compound starts working in your system, you’ll be able to see your muscles pumping more rigorously, and we all know how fantastic this site is.
  • Creatine Monohydrate – Creatine is essential in helping your muscles to store up some energy and power. This keeps your muscles ready whenever called upon and it should help you gain bigger muscles in a much shorter time. The compound, at 3 grams, is adequately dosed to deliver the desired results.
  • Beta Alanine – A few hours into a workout session muscles are likely to witness an accumulation of lactic acid. This results in fatigue and muscle soreness all of which will not only make it impossible for you to carry on with your workouts but also turn your recovery sessions into a complete nightmare. This is a problem that most supplements have been unable to address but not God of Rage pre workout. With Beta-Alanine, accumulation of lactic acid is hugely slowed down. The pH levels in your muscles will also be lowered. In the end, you’ll enjoy longer hours of workouts and shorter periods of recovery, and all this will be achieved without compromising the health of your muscles. There are 2.5 grams of Beta Alanine in the supplement which is within the recommended dosages
  • Caffeine – Caffeine is great in promoting fat burning, boosting metabolism and focus. If you are sensitive to caffeine, then you might have a problem with its presence here because there is 300mg of it! Its, however, a fantastic addition if your body is tolerant to caffeine.
  • Agmatine Sulfate – This ingredient has various health benefits the majority of which are within cognitive functions. It will improve your brain’s performance, mood, reduce your stress levels and then go ahead to boost strength and overall wellness. In the end, therefore, the compound will not just give you strength and good health to go to the gym but will also make sure you are adequately equipped mentally to handle everything the gym has to throw at you.

At 1 mg, Agmatine Sulfate is very well supplied.

Most of the other compounds used are stimulants. They include Theobromine (200mg), Synephrine (65mg), 1,3-Dimethylamylamine (60mg), Yohimbine HCL (2mg), Mucuna Pruriens, Higenamine, Vitamins B6, B12, C and D and Hordenine.

How do you use God of Rage?

As we have already told you, the supplement is rich in stimulants and as we all know these compounds are a variable thing. For any beginner, therefore, it is vital that you start at low dosages of around half a spoon mixed with water and taken 30 minutes before working out. After you’ve gauged your tolerance, you can gradually increase the dosage to one full spoon. This is the recommended dosage, and you’d be crazy to increase it any further considering how rich in stimulants the supplement is.

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Any Potential side effects?

Yes, all supplements come with possible side effects, and God of rage pre workout is no different. This supplement has lots of stimulants dosed at high levels which can be a cause for concern. Some of the adverse effects you may experience include jittery, irritability, skin flushing, dizziness, nausea anxiety, heart palpitation, etc. If you find your body’s tolerance level for this supplement, you should be able to use it without experiencing these problems.

Where can I Buy God of Rage?

God of Rage pre workout is available on multiple online shops. A 33 serving tub can retail for $35 to $50 depending on the retailer. You, therefore, just have to look around and find the right price but you should also be keen to make sure it’s of the right quality.

The verdict on God of Rage pre workout

God of rage is without a single doubt a highly intensive supplement that will shoot your energy levels off the roof. The formula has all the right stimulants supplied at adequate levels to deliver the needed results. The compounds are also well studied, and hence we are not talking about a speculative or experimental product. All you have to do is get the right balance where your body gets tolerant of the chemicals used, and you’ll start enjoying its benefits in no time without worrying about the side effects.

User Reviews

God of rage pre workout has been around for some time now, and several people have been lucky enough to use it and here are their thoughts on its performance:

“As an avid user of pre-workout powders for over 15 years, God of Rage pre workout is the only one I never had to use more than one scoop. I’m now on my 6th container of God of Rage pre workout and still only one scoop. It truly is the greatest one designed ever, and I have tried most on the market. I like high stim powders so to those who are sensitive, I wouldn’t recommend. I get a good kick of energy for approximately 5 hours from 1 scoop. The focus is amazing.” By Jeremy Pezzeca

“There are only two other pre-workouts that can even somewhat compete with this but are either always out of stock or are double the price. This stuff is incredible, and it always ships to me two days before scheduled time, thank you, thank you, thank you!” By Kyle Moss

“Tastes great. Help get my body fat low while gaining incredible strength. My number 1 pre-workout.” By Chrikritze

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Creatine Supplements: The Hows and Whys (Updated July 2019)

Creatine Supplements

What is Creatine?

Creatine is a chemical that is naturally produced by the body. For short bursts of bodily stresses, such as exercise, the ATP-PCr Pathway is recruited. In this case, “PCr” stands for phosphocreatine (creatine phosphate). More specifically, the ingredient is released to help aid cellular function. The more creatine available to the muscles, the more can be released to adapt to stressors.

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How to Take Creatine

Food and Supplements

The ingredient can be found in some foods, such as eggs, meat, and fish. However, the amount in these foods is not normally enough to make significant differences in our energy pathways. Instead, ingredient can be supplemented into the diet in either powder or pill form.

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There are also several different types of it available, but the cheapest and most abundant is creatine monohydrate. Creatine Monohydrate is normally sold in powder form and is mixed with water.


The body already makes enough for the average person, so quickly doubling that amount can lead to bloating, diarrhea, or nausea. Instead, a loading phase is necessary. When first adding a creatine supplement to your diet, start with 0.3g/kg of body weight for 5-7 days. Then, slowly increase by 0.03g/kg per day for about three weeks. The prescribed amount is typically 5-10g per day, depending on your size.

The only difference for the amount of creatine to take depends on your gender. Because males typically hold more muscle mass than females, they can ingest closer to 10g per day. Women, on the other hand, stay closer to 5g per day.

But be Warned!

It should also be taken with ample amounts of water. Creatine monohydrate is generally ingested by dissolving in water (don’t straight shoot it), but drinking enough water throughout the day is also imperative. Without, stomach cramping and bloating can occur.

If you take too much at one time, then diarrhea and nausea may occur. If this happens, spread out your 5-10g over the course of the whole day. The benefits will still occur, just without the nasty side effects.

Creatine Benefits

There are plenty of benefits to taking creatine daily. These benefits also apply to both men and women and can happen while taking 5g, 10g, or any amount in between per day.

  1. Increase Muscle Creatine Content — This one is self-explanatory. As you take in more creatine, your muscles are capable of holding more creatine.
  2. Increase Power Output — Because the ATP-PCR Pathway is recruited for power movements, increasing the muscle’s creatine load will also increase its power output. This is most handy for “fight or flight” movements initiated by the sympathetic nervous system, or for intense exercise (sprinting, powerlifting, etc.)
  3. Increase Weight — This is mainly from water retention. However, overall weight can increase as muscle density and strength increase. It is also linked to an increase in lean body mass. However, more studies show a weight gain due to water retention than lean mass.

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  4. Increase Hydration — When you start to ingest more creatine monohydrate, you need to drink more water. By doing this, your daily water consumption will increase, and you will become more hydrated. Huzzah!
  5. Increase Anaerobic Capacity & VO2 Max — Daily ingestion has been linked to minor increases in anaerobic capacity. The ATP-PCr Pathway is utilized without the aid of oxygen, so strengthening this system will help increase anaerobic capacity in most athletes. Increased creatine will also lead to more oxygen that can be taken up by the muscle. This leads to increased muscular capacity, which is beneficial for intense exercise.
  6. Decrease Fatigue / Increase Muscular Endurance — It is linked to increased energy production in muscle cells. With an increase in creatine phosphate in the body, the muscles will have an increased energy store. Thus, the muscles are capable of completing more work and the time to fatigue increases.
  7. Decrease Muscular Damage — As the muscles increase anaerobic capacity, they also become more capable of doing work. They become more efficient, thus decreasing their chances of injury.
  8. Increase Testosterone — Muscles require testosterone to grow and function. An increase in muscular capacity will increase serum testosterone in the body.
  9.  Increase Glycogen Resynthesis — Glycogen Resynthesis is the time required by the muscles to replenish glycogen stores. By increasing your daily intake, your muscles become more efficient at replenishing their glycogen stores. This makes them fatigue more slowly and increases their capacity for work.

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In all, it is a powerful and highly beneficial supplement to add to your daily regimen. Creatine monohydrate is one of the most cost-effective supplements available to date and has more than enough benefits to make up the price. However, remember to slowly increase your intake and to drink plenty of fluids while supplementing with it . Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing!