P6 Extreme Review 2019 -Benefits & Side Effects

p6 extreme

What is P6 Extreme?

P6 Extreme is a testosterone booster manufactured by Cellucor. If you are a fan of bodybuilding supplements, then Cellucor must be a familiar company to you. They are specialized in producing a wide variety of supplements including pre, post and intra workout products. Their supplements have for the most part been quite successful helping to make gym sessions not just more natural and productive but also fun. P6 Extreme is one of their testosterone boosters made for people who are tired of the problems associated with low T-levels. Is this product added to the line of successful supplements though?

p6 extreme

P6 Extreme is a naturally made supplement formulated to work in conjunction with your body chemicals towards ensuring that testosterone levels are at their peak. When introduced into your body, these organic ingredients try to accelerate production of testosterone while simultaneously decreasing your estrogen. If the product can successfully achieve doing this, then your body is likely to enjoy enormous benefits such as an increase in energy, more muscle growth, endurance, and enhanced libido.

According to Cellucor, the product is also blended to boost your cognitive performance. Efficient mental functioning is crucial for any athlete. You see, the big, healthy and attractive muscles are not just as a result of excessive gym work and a useful supplement. Mental focus plays a vital role in the generation of such muscles. For you to reap the benefits in the quickest time possible, you need to have your body and mind in tune with one another. This ensures that you are always motivated to do your workouts stress-free. Enhanced cognitive functions will also contribute to better productivity and faster results.  If indeed P6 Extreme can deliver this then it’ll be beneficial for its users.

The p6 line of supplements, including P6 Extreme, do not contain any steroids or active hormones. It is hence purely natural, and this has been vital in making the supplements safe and usable to most people.

Cellucor market the P6 Extreme supplement as a 3-in-1 formula that works to improve your testosterone levels and muscle growth on three fronts:

  1. Boosting your natural testosterone levels – according to its manufacturers, the natural compounds added in this supplement help to stimulate your pituitary gland into promoting the production of natural testosterone. This will increase their levels, and as a result, you will experience changes such as better metabolism, enhanced sex drive, increased strength and stamina and better development of lean muscles.
  2. Preventing formation of estrogen – estrogen levels have been a challenge to most testosterone steroids and oral supplements. An increase in testosterone stimulates chemicals in the body to convert it into estrogen. If this is not stopped, therefore, all the testosterone, you are bulking up could end up being turned into estrogen. P6 Extreme is believed to have used organic elements that will inhibit this conversion. Too much estrogen in the system is known to cause an increase in fat deposits in the body. This is what causes enlarged breasts in men. Man breasts are common among bodybuilder who uses potent testosterone supplements that are not designed to deal with the sudden increase of T-levels.
  3. Decrease DHT in the body – Too much DHT has some crazy effects like baldness, oily skin, acne, etc. People hate this and P6 Extreme has tried to solve the problem but looking at the ingredients used we don’t think that has worked out well.

P6 Extreme Ingredients

Coming to the P6 Extreme ingredients lists you will see something that is a trend in most supplements. A proprietary blend. These are used by many bodybuilding products and they are quite unpopular. With such a blend the manufacturers don’t give you any information about what dosages of each ingredient are used. They can also decide to change some of the ingredients and continue selling the supplement under the same name. This is why a lot of athletes usually decide to stay away from such products. Some of the compounds in P6 Extreme formula include;

  • Diindolylmethane

Also referred to as DIM, is known to be capable of preventing the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. Several studies have shown that the compound is capable of doing so and it’s, therefore, a great addition in the P6 Extreme formula. It, however, only works if there is too much testosterone in the body but if the supplement isn’t powerful enough to cause huge T-levels then it is possibly useless.

  • Fenugreek Seed extracts

This could be the best t-boosting compound available in P6 Extreme. Research has shown that Fenugreek extracts can influence your body to secrete more testosterone. Furthermore, some claim that it can also increase your sexual desires and performance. The herb is very common in testosterone supplements mostly because there are studies to support its claims. Every supplement user feels a lot safer and confident using products whose contents are backed by research. Its addition to the proprietary blend, however, raises eyebrows. Unless there is enough of the extract in the supplement there is no way you are going to enjoy its benefits. Lack of information about how much is contained here could hence mean that there is too little of it to make an impact and thus ultimately it’ll be useless.

  • Nettle Root Extracts

Extracts from this stinging herb are another known t-booster whose benefits are supported by research. Unfortunately, it is also included in the proprietary blend.

  • Tribulus Alatus

The herb belongs in the same family as Tribulus Terrestris. The latter is more common in testosterone supplements than Tribulus Alatus. Tribulus Alatus is also the only compound whose dosage we are told and its 250mg. The herb is thought to be useful in boosting the production of testosterone in the body. Most clinical trials done on this herb do however show that you are going to need dosages much higher than the 250mg in this supplement for you to enjoy its benefits. Another problem with this herb is that it is not well researched. Most supplements prefer Tribulus Terrestris because there are more studies backing up its claims than Tribulus Alatus yet P6 Extreme manufacturers opted to use the latter.

  • Ashwagandha

It’s a common herb that was traditionally used to treat libido. Cellucor has added the compound in this supplement claiming it can enhance your physical energy, sperm count and sex drive. There is very little evidence linking this herb with an increase in testosterone though.

Other ingredients added in P6 Extreme include Saw palmetto, Arginine Silicate stabilized by Inositol, Agaricus Bisporus Extracts, Ovine Placenta, Bayberry Bark Extract, and Salvia Sclarea Extract. These are some weird additions, to be honest. Most of them are not common in the t-boosters arena because very little is known about them and have few studies to support their efficacy. Unresearched compounds are also quite dangerous because you even don’t understand how it can harm your body. They are, therefore, experimental and this reduces the chances of the supplement to deliver results.

Benefits of using P6 Extreme

The manufacturers of this supplement are confident that the formula used will deliver the following benefits:

This list is long, and I’m sure Cellucor could have continued to add even more items to it. In the end, however, the only way to estimate the benefits of using a particular supplement is to look at the ingredients used. By looking at the compounds in the formula, I can cancel off almost half of the benefits claimed here. This supplement has a considerable number of experimental ingredients which when checked against the listed benefits huge discrepancies show up. In the ingredients list, for instance, no used compound has been proven to be capable of providing anti-aging benefits yet this is listed as a benefit. Also, only a few used elements can impact on your T-levels, and they are also used in the proprietary blend which means that they might not be as effective as the manufacturers make you think.

Potential side effects of using P6 Extreme

P6 Extreme has been working quite well with minimal side effects. From online reviews several adverse effects were mentioned including:

  • Abnormal irritation and aggressiveness
  • Sleeplessness
  • Sweating
  • Dryness of the mouth

Taking P6 Extreme

This supplement is only used once per day preferably in the morning or before lunch. It works best when on an empty stomach, and hence you should plan to use it before any meal. Each serving of the supplement should include four capsules. Don’t take more than four pills within 24 hours.

Where can I buy P6 Extreme?

P6 Extreme can be purchased from GNC, the official manufacturer’s site and in many other supplement stores online. The supplement is usually retailed in 120 tablets which is a 30-day supply. This goes for $119.99, but other discounted outlets can sell the supplement for $89.99. It is considered as one of the costly testosterone supplements out there.


Most online reviews seem to show that P6 Extreme is an average or below average supplement. The reason for such a performance is due to the use of experimental compounds and the lack of proven testosterone boosters. Cellucor may have developed exceptional bodybuilding supplements in the past, but unfortunately, P6 Extreme doesn’t look to be one of them. It is probably one of the few t-boosters where you have no idea about what the majority of the ingredients used are, the dosages used and how they are dosed. Another problem is its price. Frankly, the ingredients used do not in any way justify the over $100 price tag. For $100 you can honestly get a way better t-booster.

Big T Review 2019-Benefits & side effects of this Test Booster-

big t

What is Big T?

Big T, the testosterone supplement, has been getting a lot of attention out there. The reason behind all this is obviously the supplement’s association with Jay Cutler. This product is manufactured and supplied by the Cutler Nutrition which gives it an added advantage over other testosterone supplements. I mean, how often do you come across a supplement being marketed by an athlete of Jay Cutler’s statue?! Not so often. Unfortunately, just because a supplement is being sold by your favorite or a highly decorated athlete doesn’t mean that you should blindly go ahead and purchase it. That’s a recipe for frustrations and anger. When it comes to supplements, thanks to the hundreds of scammers out there, you have to put your feelings and attachments aside if you are to come up with a useful product. So, is Big T the right T-booster for you or is it just riding its popularity on the backing of a big name with no actual results?

big t

Big T is a simple all-natural T-booster designed by Jay Cutler himself. Is he a scientist too now?? Well, at least that’s what the official website claims. For Jay Cutler to be the supposed maker of this supplement, you would expect it to address everything you want when looking for a Testosterone booster. By everything, we mean the energy, strength, stamina, muscle mass, off the chart sexual drives, etc.

This supplement is believed to be capable of increasing your testosterone levels and also contributes to the reduction of estrogen in the body. Presence of estrogen in male bodies has some discomforting results. One of these is an increase in fat deposits throughout the body. No one enjoys belly fat, and even if you don’t mind having the fat, you are still faced with the health risks that it exposes you to. If big T can help reduce fat in the body, then it not only facilitates room for more muscle gains but also increases your overall health saving you from hypertension and other possible cardiovascular diseases.

Big T Ingredients

A quick glimpse at the Big T ingredients gives you the sad news that other supplements have too. A proprietary blend. Manufacturers can try to change our impression about this by calling it a “Secret Formula” or other fancy names but let’s face it, the only “Secret Formula” that sounds cool is a CIA or MI6 operation. A secret ingredient list of something that I’m supposed to consume sounds more frightening than cool. Proprietary blends can be changed anytime and continue to retail under the same name without your knowledge, and that’s a big problem.

Big T contains just five active ingredients. These are;

  • Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is the dominant ingredient in this supplement. It is also the only compound whose content (1200) we know. Big T provides your body with vitamin D in the form of Cholecalciferol. This vitamin can also be acquired through the diet and exposure to good qualities of sunlight. The vitamin is essential and is used by our bodies to maintain healthy skin, teeth, and bones. A decline in the amount of D3 in the body has also been linked with a decrease in testosterone levels. Our bodies, however, cannot get enough of this vitamin through sunlight and a balanced diet. Cutler Nutrition, therefore, tries to increase the amount of D3 through this supplement.

The efficacy of Vitamin D3 is undoubted. Unfortunately, for it to be effective and deliver the desired results you will need at least 3,300IU, and Big T contains only a third of this!

  • Broussonetia Papyrifera

There is a huge chance that you are hearing about this herb for the first time today. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. This herb, originating from Asia (where it has been used as both a traditional laxative medicine and for making papers), is not very well known. It’s a strange addition to this supplement because there’s also very few research done on it to determine what exactly it does. Cutler Nutrition claims that it is capable of preventing the accumulation of estrogen in the body. We don’t however, have any study out there to quote alongside this claim. Perhaps that’s why we have not heard about the herb before.

  • Nelumbinis Semen

This is yet another ingredient that is hardly known. According to Cutler Nutrition though, it’s an Aromatase-inhibitor, but we can’t help but think that it’s not. No, actually we know that it is not capable of inhibiting aromatase activity. Aromatase is the hormone that contributes to the conversion of testosterone into estrogen resulting in testosterone deficiency problems. The studies done on this compound have conclusively shown that it is an inactive aromatase inhibitor and it also does not increase t-levels in the body. So, what exactly is this herb doing in the supplement?! The only thing positive that you can find regarding Nelumbinis Semen is its ability to solve depression. And this is from research done on rats, not humans!

  • American Saffron

There is not a single piece of evidence showing how the American Saffron influences an increase in testosterone, enhanced sex drive or a decrease in Estrogen. This is a highly questionable ingredient, and there are actually studies linking it with a reduction in testosterone! In that research, American Saffron seemed to decrease the amount of cortisol in the body. Cortisol is paramount in the secretion and functioning of testosterone. So what will such a compound be doing in a testosterone supplement? Another research showed that the American Saffron contributed to a rise in salivary estrogen among women. If there’s any chance that the same can happen in men, then this could reduce your testosterone even further.

  • Aspidosperma quebracho-Blanco

This is a bark of a tree commonly found in Argentina. The best research on this herb was done decades ago in Germany where they said that it might enhance libido. The active ingredient of the herb is known as Yohimbine that was traditionally used to treat erectile dysfunction. Others claim that it can cause some severe cardiovascular complications resulting in abnormal blood pressures and heart rates. Other than this old research nothing more is known about the plant and its benefits.

Benefits of Big T

From the review of the active ingredients in this supplement, it will take a miracle for this product to do anything at all. The manufacturers, however, are confident that it can deliver the following results:

As far as I can see, this is all marketing strategy. None of the five used ingredients seem even to hint an improvement in mental functions, yet they claim that it can give you a positive mood and attitude. The only functional element used here that’s capable of increasing your energy or testosterone is vitamin D3 which is hugely under-dosed.

Potential Side effects of using Big T

The usage of Big T hasn’t been linked with any side effects possible because it has a strange weak formula that probably doesn’t work.

Taking Big T

One capsule of Big T should be taken every morning on a full stomach. Cutler Nutrition asks you to be keen on the time that you are taking the supplement. You are advised to take at the same time every day because the routine will help to maintain a decent level of testosterone in the body. Big T manufacturers also recommend that you use the supplement alongside an intensive workout session and diet plan. You are also advised to use the supplement for four to eight weeks straight. After one cycle you should go for a four weeks break before starting another cycle.

Where Can I buy Big T?

Big T is available in many online stores including Amazon, GNC, and the bodybuilding website. Its price ranges from one store to another, but on average, a single pack will cost you $29.


The only person who probably knows what exactly goes on in this bizarre formula is Jay Cutler himself. Big T is a big misstep by Cutler Nutrition. They have used exotic ingredients that are little known about, and the only active component that they decided to include is Vitamin D3 which isn’t enough. Pinpointing anything useful from this product is hard. Unless there is a magical spell on this supplement, we honestly don’t know how in the world Big T can help to boost your testosterone levels. For this reason, we cannot recommend this supplement to you.


Battle Fuel XT Review 2019- How strong is this Test Booster

Battle Fuel XT

What is Battle Fuel XT?

Battle Fuel XT is a natural testosterone booster from MusclePharm. MusclePharm is an experienced and reputable company that has been releasing excellent supplements for years now. Some of their products have been an enormous success and a life-saver to a lot of people out there. Their knowledge and expertise, therefore, should be useful in helping them come up with a working T-boosting supplement, and maybe Battle Fuel XT is one of them.

Battle Fuel XT

This is a testosterone booster made of natural ingredients aimed at countering dwindling t-levels. The Battle Fuel XT is an improvement of the previous supplement known as Battle Fuel. The product takes on a unique approach to solving T-level issues which are rare to find in most other supplements. According to the manufacturers, boosting your t-levels and enjoying the vast benefits that come with it isn’t a one-off thing. For that reason, they have formulated the supplement to impact your T-levels in phases which will ensure that you not only experience an increase in testosterone but you are also in a position to enjoy the vast benefits of this hormone. This is a fascinating approach.

MusclePharm has gone further to claim that the supplement is designed to support and fuel everything male. This ranges from your sex drive, energy levels, aggression, attitude, muscle, and strength. This is a big list of promises, and behind it, all is an even bigger list of ingredients. Before going through these elements, we should, first of all, give you a brief review of the four stages of the Battle Fuel XT functioning and the ingredients that support these phases.

  • Stage One:  Testosterone Amplifier – This is the stage where the supplement stimulates your body to make more of its natural testosterone. The phase mainly relies on D-Aspartic Acid and Magnesium.
  • Stage Two: Testosterone Activator – This phase not only increases the secretion of natural testosterone but also tries to assist your body in utilizing the hormone. Some of the ingredients used here include N-Acetyl Acid and Anacyclus Pyrethrum.
  • Stage Three: Muscle Growth Complex – This is where some of the testosterone is now utilized to promote muscle growth and health. It gives your body the opportunity to increase lean muscle mass and overall energy and strength levels. The phase uses Suma extracts, Maca and some Propionyl Carnitine.
  • Stage Four: Estrogen Suppression and Anti-Aromatase Matrix – The levels of the female sex hormone estrogen in the body also tends to have an impact on the amount of testosterone. In this stage, estrogen levels are decreased which gives space for the availability of more testosterone for use. Diindolylmethane is one of the leading ingredients used here.


Battle Fuel XT Ingredients

The list of ingredients used in this supplement is enormous. A big list might be good because it shows the dedication of the manufacturers to try and offer you everything possible to solve your T-levels predicament. It is, however, a problem in that you can very quickly end up taking a lot of unnecessary compounds in your body. Many elements also expose you to the risk of experiencing severe adverse effects. It is important to note that MusclePharm has also added a few compounds that are still at their experimental stage. This could be a problem because some of us are not willing to introduce unproven compounds in our bodies. Some of the notable ingredients used in Battle Fuel XT include:

  • D-Aspartic Acid

DAA is a common amino acid that is also available in some of the foods consumed on a daily basis. The amino acid is also produced naturally in the body and is responsible for some of the most critical operations. One of these is in aiding the secretion and distribution of hormones such as testosterone. DAA hence makes sure that the hormone is produced and transported to all the target locations for use. As a result, it helps you to enjoy enhanced endurance, aggression, sexual arousal, and strength. This is useful as it allows your body to utilize all the workouts into visible results.

  • Magnesium

Magnesium is an essential element which ensures your body can continuously undertake its natural processes while regulating other minerals and vitamins’ levels. Magnesium is utilized in some of the most important organs like lungs, heart and liver. It activates enzymes promoting energy levels in the body. It is also useful in improving the efficiency of other compounds and chemicals present not just in this supplement but also those naturally made in the body.

  • N-Acetyl Carnitine

Carnitine is a compound that is also made by your body. When Battle Fuel XT increases the levels of N-acetyl Carnitine it boosts their ability to function. This chemical has been proven to be very effective in burning down fat cells to produce energy and is also thought to have positive effects on one’s mental performance. It can improve your attitude, mood and relieve you of stress. Its presence in Battle Fuel XT is very useful in giving athletes a positive mindset which will enable you to get the best out of your gym work.

We don’t recommend Battle fuel! Check the #1 Top-Rated Testosterone Booster


  • Anacyclus Pyrethrum

This a native plant from Asia, Europe and some countries in Africa. Over the centuries, this herb has been used to treat mental disorders, skin problems, and toothaches. The herb is also believed to have potent aphrodisiac properties making it ideal for individuals with erectile dysfunction problems. It is even thought that the herb can increase your sperm count boosting your reproduction. There is, however, not sufficient scientific studies conducted to support all these claims.

  • Suma

Suma extracts are well known for their ability to boost cardiovascular functions, blood flow, and immune functionality. Proper dosages of this herb will make sure that there is efficient blood flow to your muscle which should make muscle pumps more effective and visible. It hence helps you to build stronger and healthier muscle tissues. Proper blood flow has also been linked with better erections, but there isn’t enough research material to confirm that Suma can give you stronger erections. It is also believed to be useful in enhancing digestion of food which fuels you enabling a more vigorous and aggressive workout.

  • Maca

The primary role played by Maca is to promote energy and endurance levels. With more of these two you should see faster development in the gym and an increase in the time you spend on each session.

  • Propionyl Carnitine

This herb has always been linked to enhanced sexual performance and higher T-levels. It is, however, under-researched and hence we can’t conclusively say whether it actually works.

  • Diindolylmethane

Diindolylmethane is commonly found in vegetables such as broccoli cauliflower and cabbages. It prevents the activities of enzyme aromatase that is responsible for converting testosterone into estrogen. Conversion of testosterone into this female sex hormone reduces the amount of Testosterone in your body making it hard for you to enjoy enhanced energy, stamina and strength levels.

These are just but some of the ingredients used in Battle Fuel XT. Others include Indole-3-carbinol, Curculigo Orchids etc.

Benefits of using Battle Fuel XT

Battle Fuel XT has been associated with the following benefits:

  • Increased strength and energy
  • Enhanced libido
  • Better mental performance (Memory and Focus)
  • Lean mass
  • Regulated estrogen levels in the body
  • Improved T-levels

Side effects of using Battle Fuel XT

Due to the inclusion of a wide variety of compounds, Battle Fuel XT manufacturers recommend that you should consult your physician before using it especially if you are already on another prescription. This will prevent adverse interaction between the pills thus saving you from potentially dangerous side effects.

You are also advised to avoid using the supplement if you have or start experiencing abdominal pains, loose stools or diarrhea after commencing a Battle Fuel XT dosage. Other minor negative effects experienced by users are acne and mild headaches.

The biggest con associated with this supplement other than the use of some experimental compounds is the proprietary blend. They have hidden the quantity of some of the ingredients used in the “Top-Secrete Blend.” However, they’ve provided information about other useful components like the 3000mg of DAA! 3000mg is an incredible quantity of this essential amino acid which should be very beneficial.

Taking Battle Fuel XT

If you are planning to use Battle Fuel XT supplement, then you should be ready for huge dosages. The supplement needs you to take eight pills every day, four in the morning and four in the evening. These capsules should ideally be taken before a workout. A single cycle of using this supplement lasts for eight weeks. Don’t start another cycle until you have taken a seven days break.

Where do I buy Battle Fuel XT?

Battle Fuel XT is available in online retail stores like Amazon. One tub of Battle Fuel XT containing 160 pills sells at approximately $30. The price is even lower in other stores.


The negative things we can so far point out from Battle Fuel XT is the few under-researched ingredients used and the proprietary blend. They have, however, compensated on the blend by providing more information on some of the critical elements in the supplement. Other than this we really think that the supplement isn’t that much worse off. MusclePharm has also included almost all the big names known in the T-boosting arena. For its affordable price, we believe that it might be worth a shot.


Beast Super Test Review 2019- Benefits & Side Effects-

beast super test

Beast Super Test Review

Beast Super Test is an anabolic testosterone booster produced by Beast Sports. Beast Sports is a supplement manufacturing company that has been around for years. They have vast experience and research knowledge which helps them to identify what athletes need and then address these issues in their products. This is probably why they have over the years experienced significant success with most of their items. Moreover, in the year 2012 and 2013, they won the Annual Breakout Brand award putting them on the map as one of the most reputable supplement companies. This sounds like the perfect resume for a manufacturer who can formulate and deliver the results that you have always been looking for. But is Beast Super Test one of their best supplements? Can it return your T-Levels to their optimal levels? Let’s see:

beast super test

What is  Beast Super Test?

Beast Super Test is marketed is a revolutionary testosterone booster that promises to increase the productivity of your gym work and sexual drive. The inhibitor of the bulk and dense lean muscle mass is low testosterone levels. When your T-levels are low, which naturally happens when you grow old, you will notice an increased mass of fat, reduced sex drive, and decreased strength and energy levels. To best solve these problems Beast Super Test attempts to increase levels of testosterone in your system using natural herbs.

According to Beast Sports, Beast Super Test will do more than just increase your muscle mass. They also promise to enhance your kidney and liver detoxification. If indeed Beast Super Test promotes the functioning of these organs then this is not only brilliant but also lifesaving. A lot of people who have testosterone deficiency are mainly having the problem due to old age. The other thing that is common among the older adults is organ malfunctioning many of them revolving around the kidney and liver. For Beast Sports to claim that they can improve their activities, therefore, it means that a lot of these people will be tempted to go for the supplement. The best way, however, to determine whether the supplement will actually impact your kidney and liver is to have a look at the ingredients.

Beast Super Test Ingredients

One of the biggest con that you will notice the moment you take a look at the ingredients list is the proprietary blends. A proprietary blend is a combination, of more than one minerals or elements that have been grouped and listed down in one quantity. We have never been fans of proprietary blends, and one of the reasons for that is the lack of knowledge on how you can take the supplements. When you don’t know how much of individual ingredients are in a supplement, then there’s no way of knowing whether it will affect you or if it is concentrated enough for you to enjoy its benefits. If you love mixing supplements then interacting proprietary blends can be a bit challenging. Beast Super Test has not one, not two, but five proprietary blends! These can be categorized as:

  1. Nitric Oxide Support Complex

All the ingredients here are focused on increasing the amount of Nitric Oxide in your body. One of the elements found in this complex is:

L-Arginine – Arginine has been included in this formula to promote muscle pumps. The herb achieves this by increasing Nitric Oxide levels in your body which consequently leads to a better blood supply. A good flow of blood is essential in making sure that not just your muscles get to enjoy sufficient blood flow, but the rest of your body does too. Studies have shown that theoretically, Arginine is one of the best natural herbs that can increase Nitric Oxide in the body. The problem with this ingredient, unfortunately, is its absorption rate. Absorption of a compound is very critical in determining how and whether you will enjoy it in the first. If it has a low absorption rate, then it’s useless in your body regardless of how beneficial it may be on paper. That is why Citrulline Malate is preferred over L-Arginine. It has a faster absorption rate making it more useful.

The rest of the ingredients under this blend are merely other forms of Arginine like Arginine Malate. This is another problem associated with the supplement because we have already established that Arginine’s low absorption is an issue, so the effectiveness of Arginine Malate is also in question.

  1. Testosterone Support Complex

The only things you are aware of under this complex are the names of individual ingredients used and their overall quantity of 1000mg. This complex has a lot of elements and here are the main ones:

  1. Puncture vine – Commonly known as Tribulus Terrestris. The herb has been used in traditional Indian medicine to boost libido. Other benefits linked to the herb include increased T-levels, strength and body stamina.
  2. Rhodiola Rosea – It’s a beneficial extract that’s known for its power to boost mental performance regarding focus and memory. Mental performance is a vital part of any workout. Enhanced mental activities will go a long way towards ensuring that every weight you lift counts and also makes overall gym work enjoyable. It is also believed to be capable of improving your strength. For you to enjoy its benefits, however, you’ll need 289 to 680mg of the supplement. We have no way of knowing how much is in this supplement.
  3. Ashwagandha – This is another Indian medicine that has been used to deal with anxiety problems. It is also thought to be a strength booster, but there are few studies to support this. The fact that you need at least 300mg for the ingredient for it to be effective makes it ineffective in Beast Super Test because it is highly unlikely that a third of this blend is made of Ashwagandha.
  4. Fenugreek – Fenugreek is one of the best and proven T-boosting ingredients available. It also improves libido an excellent solution for people experiencing reduced sex drive. The herb contains 4-hydroxyisoleucine which assists in controlling glucose metabolism. When glucose levels are kept low, it helps to spike up T-levels. Too bad for us we can’t tell how much Fenugreek is in Beast Super Test.
  1. Estrogen Control Factors

This blend tries to suppress the levels of estrogen in the body. It contains Japanese Knotweed and Diindolylmethane (DIM). Diindolylmethane helps to control estrogen either by suppressing the production of this female sex hormone or preventing the conversion of Testosterone into estrogen. Unfortunately, we don’t think that these ingredients are useful because the supplement can’t be powerful enough to increase natural testosterone to the levels where it starts being converted into estrogen.

  1. DHT Control Factors

The usage of potent steroids boosts your cholesterol levels which can negatively affect your health. For Beast Sports to include the ingredient, they must be thinking that this supplement is as powerful as steroids which is highly unlikely. The primary element here is Nettle Root Extract. It is excellent for reducing inflammation and allergic symptoms and also assists in boosting T-Levels. The extract, however, has no recorded impact on Cholesterol levels.

  1. Kidney and Liver Detoxification Support

Kidney and Liver supporting factors are mainly used by steroids users. Powerful agents are known to overload kidneys and liver, and that’s why agents like, Cranberry and Milk Thistle are used to help with detoxification. When you are using natural testosterone, however, you probably do not need these ingredients because organic T-boosters don’t affect your kidney and liver the same way steroids do.

Benefits of using Beast Super Test

Beast Sports have outlined several benefits accrued from Beast Super Test. Its users have also witnessed some of the following benefits:

  • Strength and Muscle mass gain
  • Improved natural Testosterone secretion
  • Healthy libido

And a few cases of enhanced kidney and liver performance

Side effects of Using Beast Super Test

Usage of Beast Super Test has been linked to the following side effects:

Cons associated with Beast Super Test

Other than exposing you to the above side effects, this supplement is also a problem in a few fundamental ways, and one of them is the use of proprietary blend and the inclusion of some questionable ingredients such as Cyanotis and Diindolylmethane. The primary purpose of the Components is vague, and they potentially expose you to even more adverse effects.

Taking the Supplement

Take 3 or 4 pills of this supplement every morning and in the evening before a meal. You should never take more than eight capsules in a day. Also, the maximum cycle of this supplement shouldn’t exceed eight weeks. Take four weeks break once you’re done.

Where can I buy Beast Super Test?

Beast Super Test is available at multiple online retail stores. It is quite a costly supplement with a single bottle (One month supply) costing you $49.92 – $84.95 ranging from one store to another.


Beast Sports are incredible supplement manufacturers, but in overall their product Beast Super Test doesn’t live up to expectations. The proprietary blend and inclusion of some ineffective ingredients make the whole supplement not recommendable. The other issue is value for money. This supplement seems to be too costly, yet the benefits don’t seem to be justifiable. The only positives we can point from the supplement is the presence of Fenugreek which has helped benefit a few users, good for them. For over $50 though, you can get better more effective T-boosters.



Anabol X1 Review 2019- Benefits and side effects-

anabol x1

A short intro to Anabol X1

The effects of declining testosterone levels are very devastating. For years, supplement manufacturers have been using this disappointment and desperation from testosterone deficient people to sell them products that have no impact at all. An online search on what options of T-boosters you have will give you results of hundreds of products. Before you let your frustrating T-levels lead you into making a poor decision, you should know that only a handful of these supplements actually work. One of the supplements that you have probably already come across is Anabol X1. If you were to rely on the user reviews online, then you will probably think that Anabol X1 and any other T-supplements work perfectly, but that is not the case. To determine whether a supplement is right for you, you have to understand what the product is and study the ingredients used and how they work.

anabol x1

What is Anabol X1?

Anabol X1 is a supplement designed to improve your energy levels and muscle mass for better performance. This product is however not meant to be used independently. For best results, manufacturers recommend that you not only support it with productive gym sessions but also change your diet to add more proteins. Most other supplements will only need you to continue with your regular workouts. For Anabol X1, therefore, to say that you need a high-protein diet too it could mean that the supplement alone isn’t powerful enough. So will the supplement be ineffective if you don’t support it with a good eating plan? Probably.

The supplement is made using natural ingredients and not a synthetic hormone. These compounds then stimulate your body into producing more of its natural testosterone getting rid of all the adverse effects that come with low T-levels.

The manufacturers of the Anabol X1 also claim that it has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. If indeed Anabol X1 has these features then it can help an athlete to stay healthy, active and always prepared for workouts and any other physical activities. Otherwise, it could just be another marketing tactic with zero results. Let’s see if the ingredients used to support any of these claims:

Anabol X1 Ingredients

The Anabol X1 formula aims to raise testosterone levels into their natural peak point where they can be used for muscle growth, to release energy and boost one’s sexual drive. Hormonal balance is critical for bodybuilders, and that’s what this product tries to achieve. It ensures that you are well-fueled for effortless workouts that are less strenuous and more productive. Anabol X1 has utilized the following ingredients:

  • Chrysin

Clinical trials have shown that Chrysin, a natural bioflavonoid, is outstanding in increasing T-levels and boosting anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties in the body. That is undebatable. The problem, however, is the bioavailability of this hormone. Bioavailability refers to how a compound when consumed can be absorbed by your tissues to benefit your cells and body in general. So far, all the studies done on this compound have pointed out that it cannot be sufficiently supplemented into the body orally. The best and only way for anyone to enjoy its benefits is to have Chrysin directly injected into the testes. This, therefore, means that the presence of this compound in Anabol X1 is all useless because your body can’t absorb it fast enough.

  • Eurycoma Longifolia

Eurycoma Longifolia or Tongkat Ali is a common ingredient in testosterone supplements. It’s believed that this herb can increase testosterone among men with low serum testosterone. Eurycoma Longifolia will also reduce the amount of testosterone binding to Sex Hormone Binding Globulin. As a result, more testosterone becomes available for use. The Global Healing Center has also released research details showing that the plant possesses aphrodisiac properties which can treat issues of low libido. Perhaps this is why Tongkat Ali is so familiar with male supplements.

  • Diindolylmethane

This substance is made in our bodies naturally, and its supplementation in Anabol X1 only helps to increases its levels in an attempt to promote how it functions. Diindolylmethane is believed to be critical in preventing the conversion of Testosterone into Estrogen. When there is too much Testosterone, and in the presence of other chemical substances, your body can be covert some of this hormone into estrogen. If this process is not countered, then you can end up losing a lot of testosterone leading to reduced energy, stamina, sex drive and increased fat deposits. Moreover, Diindolylmethane can decrease 2-hydroxy estrogens a harmful type of estrogen that has been linked with certain cancers. There are also claims by the manufacturers that Diindolylmethane’s presence in this supplement is capable of burning down excess fat. This does not, however, have any supporting evidence.

  • Gamma Oryzanol

This ingredient is mostly found in rice bran oil, wheat bran and other natural sources. It is traditionally used to treat different kinds of diseases such as digestive disorders, cholesterol and anxiety issues. There are some unsubstantiated claims that it can boost your t-levels too. It has also been used by other people to promote the amount of human growth hormone in the body and to enhance physical strength. The problem with this compound is that most of its benefits are hugely speculative and hence there is no way of telling what it can do.

Anabol X1 has also used a few other inactive compounds whose role is to boost the availability and absorption of the above ingredients when you take the pills. Some of the inactive compounds used include calcium carbonate, magnesium stearate, and gelatin.

Benefits of using Anabol X1

According to the manufacturers, Anabol X1 promises to improve your dwindling T-levels to deliver all of the following benefits:

  • Mood enhancement
  • Greater physical endurance
  • Fat reduction
  • Enhanced sexual performance
  • Improved general well-being
  • Improved lean muscle

These are some of the benefits that you’ll enjoy from consuming Anabol X1. Looking at the ingredients, however, you don’t see how this supplement will be able to boost a person’s mood. Yes, some of the compounds used can supposedly treat anxiety, but there is no way of knowing how they will perform with the overall mental functions. The use of proprietary blend has also made it even more difficult to know how the ingredients can influence the above benefits. So the only way to know whether any of the benefits are real is by trying out the supplement, i.e., if you are willing and have the time to experiment with the product.

Potential Side Effects of Anabol X1

Anabol X1 is considered a very safe supplement with no reported side effects. The all-natural formula has made it a safe product to use and unless you have a worrying medical background utilizing this supplement shouldn’t cause you any troubles.

Other cons associated with the Anabol X1 especially for people who purchased it from the official manufacturer’s website is the auto-shipment. The company will charge your card every month for the supply of this supplement until you cancel the subscription.

A few people have also complained of a limited supply of this supplement. This is a problem particularly if you are not under the auto-shipment subscription. You might, therefore, decide to take a break from Anabol X1 and when you want to reuse it again, you start experiencing challenges getting the supplement. This has been a challenge to most people out there forcing some to remain on the auto-shipment option even when they’re taking a break from the supplement’s cycle.

Taking Anabol X1

You are directed to take Anabol X1 twice a day, one pill in the morning and another one in the evening. Do not take more than two capsules of Anabol X1 within 24 hours.

Where Can I Buy Anabol X1?

Anabol X1 is available in very few online stores other than the official manufacturer’s website. Like many other supplements, the price of Anabol X1 gets better the more you order. For a single month supply (60 capsules) you’ll be charged $86.27 and an extra shipping cost. If you buy more than two bottles, i.e., 3 going up, you will get better discounts.

Anabol X1 manufacturers offer a 14-days free trial for new clients. To get on this trial plan, you will only have to pay $9.95 for handling and shipment. If you are lucky, then you might get a trial promotion costing just $5! Once the trial is over, they will ship your first 30-day supply.


Anabol X1 has tried to include Eurycoma Longifolia and Diindolylmethane two known testosterone boosters. These are useful compounds, but unfortunately, we cannot tell the quantity used due to the proprietary blend. The inclusion of Chrysin is pointless because of its bioavailability while Gamma Oryzanol is under-researched. This hence doesn’t sound like a well-founded testosterone supplement. Additionally, the total dosage of the product is just 800mg, yet the quantities of Eurycoma Longifolia and Diindolylmethane needed for maximum benefits are much higher than this. For this reason, the supplement doesn’t make it as one of the best and most recommended Testosterone supplements in the market.


Test x180 ignite Review 2019 -Does it work?-

test x180 ignite

What is TestX180 ignite?

Test X180 is merely a unique formula that is tailored to boost testosterone without posing adverse effects of harsh chemicals on the body. Force Factor is the manufacturer of this supplement which was a brainchild of the former colleagues of the Harvard University’s rowing crew. The idealization of this supplement was from these famous sportsmen’s first knowledge about the nourishment of people with active lifestyle requirements.

Scientific research supports the reaction of Test X180 ignite which is an outstanding feature. It is proven to intensify the body’s ability to function by optimizing the testosterone count. A very notable highlight of Test X180 is that the defective principle of “one size fits all” does not work. Apparently, it provides a variety of testosterone boosters to suit every individual’s need. These types of testosterone boosters include Ignite, Standard, and Alpha.

If you are a guy who wants a better body, more energy and need more power and confidence to perform better at the gym moreover if you want to spice up your bedroom life then you have found the right product. Unlike other supplements where you have to consume random tablets to achieve separate goals, TestX180 Ignite is one powerful formula to help you achieve all your goals with just one supplement. It has been used and appreciated by millions of people.

TestX180 Ignite delivers much more compared to other supplements because of the enviable free testosterone boost it contains that helps in burning fat in the body easily. It promises to give incredible results to the users.

How is TestX original different from TestX180 ignite

TestX180 ignite is a better version of TestX original. A few key ingredients introduced in the ignite version were missing in the original version. Moreover, a few of the ingredients of TestX original product have been waved off to get the most effective and perfect formula that TestX180 delivers. Who endorses Testx180 igniteTestx180 is endorsed by Bo Jackson. He swears by all the products offered by the company and uses them every day himself. He firmly believes that there is no other product that offers better. It offers unmatched energy.

How does Test X180 ignite work?

With the combination of an individual’s consistent fitness routine, Test X180 supplement helps boost the testosterone levels. After you consume this capsule, it dissolves and gets into the bloodstream. It then releases Testofen that upgrades the testosterone content in the body. Some of its components function as catalysts that promote the energy levels as well as keeping testosterone working the whole day.

What is Text X180 made of?

It may be tough to add muscle mass mainly when you use the wrong supplemental testosterone. Usage of a bogus supplement not only thwart the process but also backfire leading to adverse consequences to the user’s body. Test X180 is safe for consumption and customers who have already used it can tell how effective the supplement is. Test X180 is the ideal product if you want to take an artificially augmented testosterone boosters. Its ingredients include:

  • Testofen is the base of Test X180. It is a substance that occurs naturally particularly in fenugreek seed extract. Research shows that Testofen boosts the testosterone levels which is a crucial step to achieving a chiseled body. It is a renowned male enhancement product that results in high muscle growth as well as stimulating sex drive. Testofen is a critical ingredient in most of the other popular supplements like Synthroid and Alpha T1. Although records reveal that this component does not have severe adverse effects on the body, it is seen to cause mild side effects especially in cases of overdose. Testofen enhances sexual desire and libido, helps in reducing body fat, and it is all-natural. Consuming Testofen may result in allergic reactions, diarrhea, bloating, and upset stomach.
  • Ginseng Mix is a mixture of Panax ginseng and Siberian. The mixture has grown popular because of its aphrodisiac and stimulative properties. Korean, Indian, Russian, and Chinese cultures mostly use it as a traditional healing method. It is a nutritious herb that many bodybuilders use as an energy tonic that also treats various health problems. Scientists state that Ginseng helps the brain to produce a higher level of endorphins that are essential in balancing both physical and emotional stress hormones from the adrenal glands. This ingredient has numerous benefits which include reducing fatigue, improving digestion, treating diabetes, and Stimulating both nervous and immune system. Additionally, it prevents the emergence of particular types of cancer cells, improves athletic endurance, and lower cholesterol levels.  Continued use of Ginseng causes hypertension and insomnia.
  • Vitamins Test X180 ignite contains vitamin B6, D, and B12 which energize the body and helps maintain its strength. These vitamins assist the body to successfully utilize the testosterone as well as ensuring its proper functioning. Vitamin D is essential for regulating and absorbing calcium and phosphorus as well as facilitating a healthy immune system function. An adequate amount of vitamin D is crucial for the growth and development of teeth and bones. Vitamin B6 supports the brain functioning, protects eye health, and treats both high blood pressure and anemia. Vitamin B12 is crucial for maintaining healthy nerve cells as well as supporting the production of the body’s genetic materials, RNA and DNA.
  • Tribulus Terrestris is a plant emanating from Ayurveda whose roots are beneficial for male virility while its fruits support general vitality. Its roots improve sexual wellness and libido, it does not affect testosterone, and its fruits protect organs from functioning. Tribulus Terrestris is a vital post-cycle remedy to help the body produce testosterone naturally. It is famous among bodybuilders and athletes who are after natural medication. Tribulus boosts the level of luteinizing hormone (LH) which is fruitful in synthesizing more testosterone in the testicles.
  • Cordyceps Sinensis, currently branded as Ophiocordyceps Sinensis is an entomopathogenic fungus, a fungus growing on insects, whose habitat is mostly in the mountainous area of Tibet and Nepal. It produces larvae of ghost moths and also brings forth a fruiting body which is an herbal remedy. Studies show that consuming Cordyceps reduces asthma symptoms, but only in adults. Oral intake of Cordyceps either during or after chemotherapy can help in improving the quality of life, as well as tolerance to the treatments. Consumption of Cordyceps by people with kidney transplant reduces kidney damage. Taking this ingredient by mouth also enhance kidney functioning mostly in individuals with hepatitis B. Additionally, it promotes sex drive in people with low sex drive when taken on a daily basis for 40 days. Cordyceps slows blood clotting, a problem in people who have bleeding disorders.

Test x180 ignite Pricing

According to the product range, Standard goes for $69.99, Ignite costs $79.99, and Alpha has a price of $139.99

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Detailed list of ingredients

Magnesium Stearate, Fenugreek Seed Extract, Epimedium Gandiflorium, Gelatin, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Silicon Dioxide, Titanium Dioxide, Testofen,  FD&C Red #40, FD&C Blue #1, Avena Sativa Extract.

Men who want to have the perfect body, have an energetic lifestyle and want to up their sex drive, in short, if you want to be the man you have always wanted to be then Test X180 Ignite is your perfect choice. Test X180 Ignite uses all safe and trusted ingredients and is the best all in one supplement in the market. Test X180 Ignite uses natural fenugreek seed extract. It is known worldwide that fenugreek seed extracts help the growth of lean muscle mass. It is also known to spur the sex drive, energy, and performance. It is your best partner when you are doing strength training.

Test X180 Ignite is unique also because it has EGCG, which increases thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is known to increase the fat burning in the body. It also has Caffeine, which is used to reduce the appetite which further helps you get the perfect body. Test X180 Ignite is different from anything you have ever experienced.

test ignite piture



What can you achieve by having Test X180 Ignite?

Test X180 Ignite promises to:

How to take test x180 ignite

Usage Instructions are as follows:

  • On workout days – it is recommended to take 2 capsules with breakfast and 2 capsules 30 minutes before working out.
  • On non-workout days –It is recommended to take 2 capsules with breakfast and 2 capsules with lunch.

About – Force Factor the Manufacturer of the supplement

Force Factor was originated by two fellow students of Harvard University in 2009. The company was a hit from the start. Force factor has won the GNC’s prestigious award of Rising Star. Force Factors success is a greatly successful product. It owes its success to the due to the excellence of the product as well as the effectiveness of the supplements. Force factor promises to make you healthier, tougher and quicker. Its nor mere a supplement rather it’s a routine and a program that has to be followed every day. Millions of sportspersons, bodybuilders, athletes and health enthusiasts trust this brand and this product. They choose it among others.

Force Factor has a team of highly trained professionals who believe in using best of the best ingredients when formulating supplements and that’s the reason they deliver the best sports nutrition. Force factor offers products that are meant to help you achieve your goals. In order to lose fat, have lean muscles and have a faster and safer recovery you need this supplement. Force Factor is popular among both men and women as it does make a difference to your body.

Test X180 ignite helps with vitality. It’s a potent fat burner and it helps build lean muscle.

This product not only helps in boosting your energy level but it also reduces your recovery time substantially. It greatly helps in building your muscles. It a very safe and effective formula that comes in small capsule size. The size of the capsules makes it easy to ingest. It is made by a very reputed firm who is famous for making great products.

A brief review of the people who use TestX180 Ignite

A lot of people have put a lot of positive reviews about TestX180 Ignite. It has also been suggested by many consumers that the supplement works undoubtedly and you can see great results in a very short span of time. There are a lot people are writing about the way It helps them build more strength, lose fat, ability to help out the wives with household work, better stamina, better sex drive, improved work out sessions, and improved lifestyle. Some say this product has magical powers to transform your body.

Advantages of Test X180 ignite

Test X180 is made up of natural ingredients that make it safe for human consumption in comparison with the other brands. It is of three different types that target a broad range of consumers according to personal needs. Test X180 has an extensive coverage compared to the many supplements available in the market. It is, therefore, necessary to compare the other most known supplement with Test X180.

  • Test X180 vs. Troxyphen

Troxyphen only contains Tribulus and Testofen, but it does not include the other ingredients listed under Test X180.

  • Test X180 vs. High T

Out of all the ingredients of Test X180, High T only contain vitamin B6 and its nutrition information does not state if the supplement contains Testofen.

  • Test X180 ignite vs. P6 Extreme

Both Test X180 and P6 Extreme supplements comprise of 60 servings per bottle and nothing else in common.

Disadvantages of Test X180 ignite

The supplement gives varied results for every user. Supplements do not require an FDA approval thus it is recommendable for consumers to seek doctor’s advice before consuming it.

Testro X Review 2019 – Pro’s & Con’s of This Testosterone Booster-

testro x

What is Testro X ?

Searching online for a testosterone booster will result in you being given a number of options that are worth exploring. However, with Testro X, you are going to be getting something that is different from the norm. How is it different? Well, we are going to explain. You see, most testosterone boosters focus on a short-term increase with things returning pretty much back to normal in the not too distant future. In other words, you get a small boost, feel the benefit of it, and then you wonder why you no longer feel that way again. It’s infuriating, depressing, and to be honest it makes it feel kind of pointless. That is not the case with Testro X. So, let’s look at it in more detail to show why this product is well worth the money.

testro x

As we just said, it is a testosterone booster. It is a 100% natural product that uses specially selected ingredients that are well known for their testosterone boosting capabilities. We aren’t just talking about a bunch of random things thrown together. This is the result of scientific research into the ingredients that have been carried out by various labs around the world for decades. What it Claims it Can Do. Here is where this product is different from the other testosterone-related supplements you may have previously come across. In this instance, the manufacturers state that it is not only going to boost your testosterone levels in the short-term, but it also works at effectively preparing your body for long-term boosts to those very same levels. This is an impressive claim to make and you can understand why this then becomes something that is very attractive to most people. If it can help your body for the sake of a higher baseline level of testosterone, then can you imagine how much better you will feel? The people behind Testro X have made it a central part of their entire marketing, and you can understand why especially when their claims are backed up and supported.

What Does Testro X Do?

Of course, boosting your testosterone levels brings with it a number of benefits that are associated with Testro X. In this instance, when you take the supplement on a regular basis, then you can rightfully expect to see a number of positive changes. These changes include A clear improvement in your stamina levels. A boost to your libido. An overall improvement in your general health. The ability to exercise for longer and make better gains. You have to admit, these changes could make a significant difference in your life and it is all possible thanks to the various items that are included in the product. Make sure to check our other reviews of testosterone boosters Testofuel and Prime Male.

Can I trust Testro X?

This is a big question regarding Testro X because you will rightfully be concerned about taking any kind of supplement. However, we just have a few important points to mention that will put your mind at ease. First, the manufacturers have spent a considerable amount of time doing their research to ultimately bring together the perfect ingredients that will make the biggest possible difference. We are talking about multiple scientific studies so there is real backing to what they claim. This actually increases the effectiveness of the entire product due to the research that has been conducted meaning you can fully expect that important boost to your testosterone. What are the Ingredients? The key to the success of the product is in the ingredients that make up Testro X. What we have here are a number of different components that are blended together to produce one powerful testosterone boosting package. Each thing works well on its own, but with Testro X you have something that is super-charged. So, the ingredients that you should know about are: Ashwagandha Extract, Zinc, Coleus Forskolin, Magnesium,Boron,L-Theanine, Glycine, Inositol, Black Pepper Extract.

How These Ingredients Help Your Testosterone Levels?

Of course, being aware of what is in the product is only one part. You want to know what they do and how they are going to help with your testosterone levels. In this case, the manufacturers of Testro X have been clever in their approach. They have identified different causes of lower testosterone levels in males and sought to tackle those different ways by including a range of ingredients in their product.

  • Ashwagandha Extract

This particular product is well known for its testosterone boosting products and that is why it is one of the main ingredients in Testro X. It does this by helping to reduce the impact of stress and anxiety on the body, and they are known contributors for inhibiting testosterone and your ability to perform to the best you can.

testro x ingredients
testro x ingredients
  • Zinc

Zinc is something we all need in our body, but we can often be deficient in it. In this instance, zinc has been shown in various clinical studies to boost testosterone. It helps the body convert cholesterol into testosterone but only when you have adequate levels.

  • Coleus Forskolin

This is an ingredient that has been written about extensively for its health benefits, and it is no different when it comes to boosting your testosterone levels. Forget that it comes from a plant because we are more interested in what it can do for your body. With this, it elevates levels of a particular enzyme in your body that is responsible for part of the production of testosterone. By boosting these levels, it brings that testosterone up allowing you to then feel the benefits.

  • Magnesium

Magnesium is more important to the body than most people realize. It has been shown to be fantastic at helping counteract high blood pressure, quality of sleep, help heart health, and also boost your testosterone. It does this as it stops certain molecules from binding together that then means your body cannot use them to produce testosterone. By counteracting this, it just means your natural levels of testosterone are going to be higher.

  • Boron

Boron works in tandem with magnesium in this instance. It stops the body from releasing magnesium through urine since a certain percentage is always lost in that way. By preventing this, it means more magnesium can be used by the body leading to that all-important boost in testosterone levels.

  • L-Theanine

L-Theanine is pretty cool. It helps to relax your mind and tackle stress, so instead of having cortisol rushing through your body it just means your body can focus on that all-important testosterone. Also, when cortisol is low, then it frees up your libido since stress is one of the major ways in which your libido can be oppressed. L-Theanine can do just that.

  • Glycine

Glycine is an amino acid that is going to help your body to recover from physical exercise as well as aiding muscle growth. This is clearly important for so many reasons, but it does even more than that. It also helps you to sleep better and this, as a result, can also improve stamina levels at the same time. Therefore, this ingredient is more about helping your body in other ways to then allow it to have the energy and ability to work on those testosterone levels. Also, it is known that glycine will improve your concentration and ability to focus, which is just another added bonus.

  • Inositol

You have probably never heard of Inositol, but that is all about to change. It has been shown in various scientific tests to have a positive impact on dealing with panic attacks and stress. Once again, this is beneficial to you when it comes to those testosterone levels simply because of it tackling the issue of cortisol in your body. When you then throw in its ability to improve the health of your sperm and reduce fatigue, then you are going to feel a real difference.

  •  Black Pepper Extract

Finally, black pepper extract is important because of one single component called Piperine. Once again, this has been shown to be effective at increasing testosterone levels in the body.

The Benefits of Testro x

There is a whole host of pros associated with this product, and as you will see they far outweigh any potential negatives that you may have been concerned about. First, the fact that it only contains natural compounds does mean that there is virtually no chance of your body reacting negatively to it. There are just so many components that your body needs and with them not having been artificially created in a lab, your body finds it easier to break them down and then use them as it sees fit. Also, the ingredients contained within the product help to prevent the way in which testosterone is broken down into estrogen. If this is stopped or slowed down, then it means your testosterone levels are kept higher than before. It really is so simple, and yet the people behind this product are light years ahead of others in how to tackle the issue. With almost zero chance of there being side-effects, it removes some of the stress often associated with other testosterone boosters that are far more chemical and artificial in their approach.

Actually, they have spent so long in putting the product together that this alone should give your confidence a boost. They don’t believe in using filler products just to bulk everything up either, so all of the ingredients are there for a purpose. Other pros of taking this product include:

  • It will increase energy levels.
  • It will improve concentration.
  • It will reduce fatigue.
  • It does indeed increase your libido quite considerably.

However, the best proof of Testro X is that it does get your body ready for that long-term improvement in your testosterone levels. Basically, it helps to regulate the hormone levels thanks to the levels of Forskolin in the product and this has been shown to work effectively in that area. In other words, you can rightfully expect some long-term gains thanks to the product, and then when you keep taking it over an extended period of time, then think about what that is going to feel like.

The Negatives of Testro x

There are no side effects connected to this product, so we cannot even say that this is a negative that is worth discussing. There is even no real issue in taking the product, as we will discuss next, so the fact it works, is easy to take and has been produced as a result of clinical studies, then you can see why there is nothing bad to say about the product. Actually, you have nothing to worry about at any point and can only benefit from basically including it in your daily routine.

How to Take Testro x?

Finally, you will want to know how to take this product and the good news is that it is all so easy. We are talking about simple tablets that you take up to 3 times a day. You need to be over 18 but apart from that there are no real problems to be concerned about. You should then begin to see an improvement in just a few days when you are suddenly more energized and feel more capable of just doing things in the world. Of course, the longer you take it, then the better the impact.


Overall Conclusion on Testro X

So, is Testro X worth the money? The short answer to this has to be yes it is worth the cash simply because it works and does what it has been designed to do. With it containing only natural ingredients, and with so much clinical research behind the product, there is absolutely nothing to fear about taking this product. There may very well be other testosterone boosting products out there that you can try, but they are often lacking in key ingredients or the levels of those ingredients are just not high enough to make a difference. That is certainly not the case here making Testro X well worth the money. If you are looking to boost those testosterone levels and wish to do so safely, then this is the product for you.

Cybergenics Review 2019- Does it work?


What is Cybergenics Iso-Test?

Cybergenics sounds like a hybrid creation of a human and a robot being. Pronouncing the name alone feels like you’re talking about something out of The Terminator film or one of those Hollywood AI sci-fi movies. It really sounds cool and would have been even cooler if you can walk around bragging to other bodybuilders that you are using a Cybergenics supplement! However, we don’t see you doing so because we don’t think the supplement is good enough for you. Fancy and sophisticated names can only get you far, but if the product is not doing what it is intended to do, then it is all rather useless and a waste of time. We are, however, not in the business of just trashing off supplements without giving you legit reasons for doing so. We are hence, going to provide you with a detailed review showing you why we don’t think the supplement is worth your time and investment.


Cybergenic Iso-Test is an all-natural supplement marketed as a Pro-testosterone Booster claiming to provide maximum testosterone results. According to the manufacturers, the supplement will increase your energy and stamina levels, muscle mass and your sex drive. If we were to believe in every marketing claims used in T-booster, then we will be spoiled with choices. Frankly, no manufacturer can say anything negative or downplay the effectiveness of their product. Cybergenic, therefore, weren’t going to be any different. Their claim, however, that this supplement provides maximum testosterone performance is simply absurd. A few people may have witnessed one or two positives after using this product, but the majority remain unsatisfied. A quick look at the ingredients used answers the question why Cybergenics Iso-Test is an ineffective supplement.

Cybergenics Iso-Test Ingredients

Cybergenic Iso-Test contains only four ingredients! This is brilliant and genius if the four ingredients are blended properly. You see, a lot of supplement manufacturers are used to adding lots of garbage in their products. They try to include each and every element that is linked with boosting T-levels regardless of whether they have positive clinical trials results or are just experimental compounds. Others merely add irrelevant compounds in an attempt to diversify the functions of the supplement and charge you more. Such products end up filling our bodies with a lot of irrelevant elements yet all we were looking for is increased T-levels. For a product to come up with a supplement that has only four ingredients is outstanding but only if the formula works. So are these components useful?

  • Eurycoma Longifolia – This is the foundation upon which Cybergenics Iso-Test operates on. It is a favorite herb that ancient Asian elders used to treat low sexual drive problems. Eurycoma Longifolia, also known as Longjack, has been very useful in dealing with libido issues. Perhaps this is why its extracts are typical in most other supplements in the market. It’s capability to boost libido is well backed up with several clinical trials done in Malaysia. When it comes to increasing Testosterone the story is however different. There aren’t enough studies showing how the plant can affect people with testosterone deficiency. The only individuals that this herb can impact are the ones with severe lack of testosterone, a condition referred to as Hypogonadism. If your T-levels are extremely low then Eurycoma Longifolia can be useful in slightly boosting them. This is nothing unique though because most other compounds can achieve the same. If your T-levels aren’t very needy or if you just want to build up your muscles then this ingredient won’t be helpful. There is 100mg of Longjack extracts in this supplement.
    • Nettle Root – The thorny herb has been very useful in increasing the amount of free testosterone in the body. Presence of Sex Hormone Binding Globulin affects how much Testosterone is available for anabolic use. This protein tends to attract testosterone which binds on it making them useless. If not controlled, SHBG can claim a lot of testosterone reducing the amount available for use in increasing your muscle, energy, stamina and also for sexual performance. Nettle Root helps to free testosterone from this protein making them available for use. Additionally, the herb inhibits the functioning of enzyme 5-alpha reductase. This enzyme converts Testosterone to DHT and estrogen. When your natural t-levels are low the last thing you want, is to lose the few still existing testosterone. Unfortunately, this is precisely what will happen if the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme is allowed to operate. Male bodies contain female sex hormones like estrogen and this enzyme assists in converting more of your testosterone into these hormones. Nettle Root is hence very useful and yet Cybergenics haven’t included enough of the extract in this supplement. There is only 30mg of Nettle Root Extracts which seems to be too low for it to have an impact.
    • ChrysinChrysin is usually extracted from Blue Passion Flower. It is used in quite a number of bodybuilding supplements claiming to be capable of reducing estrogen and boosting testosterone. Some studies have indeed shown that Chrysin can achieve this. Our problem, however, has nothing, to do with the effectiveness of the compound but is about how it is administered. Clinical trials have in more than one occasion determined that oral usage of Chrysin is useless. Scientists have established that you can never, at least not yet, get sufficient Chrysin to affect Estrogen and Testosterone levels through a capsule. Currently, the best and only way to enjoy the benefits of Chrysin is through a direct injection into the testicles! Hell, that sounds painful! It’s hard to understand why some of these companies including Cybergenics are still trying to add the compound to oral supplements. 30 mg of Chrysin in this supplement is nowhere close to enough.
    • Bioperine – Bioperine is an extract from Black Pepper which has been added to do nothing other than enhancing the potency of the rest of the compounds in this formula. It has no Testosterone boosting properties at all. It is useful in bolstering the absorption rate of the rest of the nutrients used in the supplement. Absorption is a very crucial property that every supplement should have. If the contents in a T-booster capsule are not absorbed fast enough then chances of being digested, destroyed and excreted from the body are high which will make them useless. As far as I can tell, Bioperine is much useful than Chrysin yet it isn’t even responsible for directly boosting T-levels. The Iso-Test formula has 2mg of Bioperine.
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Benefits of using Cybergenics Iso-Test

The following are the benefits you can hope, if you are lucky enough, to enjoy as purported by the manufacturers:

  • Regain sex drive and performance
  • Increased stamina and energy
  • Promotes vitality and positive mood

As you can see, the list is short and within the three benefits, two of them seem very unlikely. The only thing that we think you can gain from the supplement is mild sex drive.

Potential Side Effects of using Cybergenics

There aren’t any serious reported side effects linked with this supplement. This is partly due to the use of natural ingredients that interact well with the human body. It is also more probably due to the low dosages used. I mean, if something isn’t powerful enough to work then chances of it affecting you are also very minimal. So I guess what I’m saying is that taking Cybergenics Iso-Test is like filling your body with useless junk which doesn’t give you or take anything from you. It’s all very pointless.

Other cons associated with using this supplement include:

  • They have a strict refund policy. On their website getting a refund may seem easy but trust me, it’s not. The restrictions are so tight that you will probably give up midway and just throw the poor bottle in the bin. In fact, we think the refund option is a mere PR tactic to lure customers in.
  • The low dosages of Nettle and Eurycoma Longifolia also don’t feature well with the supplement. What’s the point of adding something useful if you’re not going to include enough quantity for it to work?! Smh.
  • Finally, it’s the inclusion of Chrysin. There is more than enough studies to show us that this compound due to its bioavailability is useless in oral supplement yet Cybergenics is still trying to convince us that it will have an impact on our T-levels.

Taking Cybergenics

  • Take one capsule per day for 3o days.

Where can I buy Cybergernis Iso-Test?

The supplement is available online and other T-booster retail stores. A one month supply of Cybergenics Iso-Test retails at $29.99. In other shops, it’s even more discounted where you can get a bottle for less than $20.

Cybrgenics Verdict

The idea of using a few ingredients to make the supplement was honestly brilliant. If the Cybergenics had actually pulled it off and made the product effective then, it would be unbeatable in the market. Unfortunately, they didn’t so we are not sure who exactly the supplement is made for. Maybe if you are feeling lucky and are willing to experiment with a product, you can go ahead and purchase it. If all you’re interested in is to see results and your T-levels off the chart, then Cybergenics Iso-Test is not the product for you.

Blue Star Status Review 2019- Pro’s & Con’s-

blue star status

What is Blue Star Status?

Looking for a testosterone booster is a hectic activity. There are so many supplements out there and a lot of details to look into which can cause a headache leading to a poor decision. When you are trying to purchase a T-booster, you have to look at who makes the product and how safe is it for consumption? Does it work or it’s yet another scam? What sort of side effects should one expect? What ingredients are used? These are critical questions that help you to separate an effective supplement from scam products. So where does Blue Star Status stand in all this? We have collected all the information provided to determine whether the product works.

blue star status

The first thing you notice when you come across a Blue Star Status commercial is its claim to increase your T-levels by 434%! This is an insane number, and you can right away start getting skeptical with this supplement. On average, as you cross the 30 years age mark, you start losing at least 1% of your testosterone. By claiming that this product can increase your T-levels by 434% means that you are probably going to get an even more massive amount of this hormone than your body had when you were a teenager. This begs the question of if this is even possible, to begin with, and whether your body can withstand it. We also know that high levels of testosterone can trigger chemicals in your body to turn some of the hormones to Estrogen. Does Blue Star Status have any plan in the formula to prevent this?

According to the manufacturers, this dietary supplement does not contain any harmful artificial steroids or hormones. It is therefore considered as a purely natural supplement which has helped to significantly reduce the number of side affects its user’s experience.

Other than helping you to build up muscles, Blue Star Status is believed to promote libido, boost energy and reduce belly fat. Let’s see if the compounds used are good enough to deliver these results.

Blue Star Status Ingredients

Blue Star Nutraceuticals, the manufacturers of Blue Star Status, have for some reason refused to provide full details of all the ingredients used in this formula. They have only pointed out the few essential compounds added. Blue Star Nutraceuticals are probably just telling us what we want to hear, but by ignoring to disclose the full list of ingredients, it’s made it hard for users to know how they will react to the supplement. We can, however, commend them for including some of the best known and proven elements that can enhance Testosterone levels. Some of the disclosed compounds used include:

  • Trigonella Foenum

Trigonella Foenum or fenugreek is a Mediterranean herb that has been used to treat kidney and inflammation diseases. It’s also believed that this herb can treat infertility and erectile dysfunction problems. Additionally, Trigonella Foenum is thought to be capable of reducing blood sugars, promoting healthy digestion and to induce labor! Some of these claims, however, are not supported by any concrete evidence. Research by International Journal of Medical Science did, however, point out that Fenugreek improved free testosterone by as much as 46% among 90% of the population studied.

The problem with the inclusion of the compound in this supplement has to deal with dosages because if it is not sufficiently supplied, then it won’t be useful. There is only 100mg of Trigonella Foenum in this supplement, and that isn’t enough.

  • Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 also referred to as Pyridoxine is an essential compound used to boost the immune and nervous system and brain development. It is available in foods such as fish and poultry. A decent supply of vitamin B6 can treat anemia, blood vessel issues, premenstrual syndrome, heart problems and morning sickness. Vitamin B6 in this supplement, however, has been used to enhance muscle growth and for regulating neurotransmitters and body metabolism. By promoting metabolism, Pyridoxine helps to ensure that there is a consistent supply of energy to fuel you for your workouts. An efficient metabolism also assists in cutting down fat which will help in boosting muscle growth.

  • Magnesium

Magnesium is another vital mineral that’s used to support your body’s day-to-day activities. According to the National Institute of Health, Magnesium promotes the functions of over 300 enzyme systems that are responsible for regulating biochemical reactions such as nerve and muscle functions, blood pressure, protein synthesis, and blood glucose. Blood glucose levels are known to influence the amount of testosterone in your body. A sharp increase in insulin results in decreased testosterone. If the quantities of Magnesium in Blue Star Status are sufficient, they can be instrumental in helping to boost T-levels.

Biological Trace Element Research conducted a study which showed that Magnesium could increase testosterone. The study also pinpointed that for maximum results, one needs to exercise more in order to get the best out of this element.

  • Eurycoma Longifolia

Eurycoma Longifolia has been used to treat weak libido, infertility, erectile dysfunction, and cancer too in some cases. Most of its benefits revolve around sexual performance, and that’s why the herb is frequently used in sexual and testosterone boosters. Research done on rats by Experimental Animals showed that Eurycoma Longifolia is a potent sexual stimulator. Presence of this ingredient in Blue Star Status makes it very useful for people whose testosterone deficiency has affected their sexual performance. Unfortunately, there’s just 300mg of Eurycoma Longifolia in this supplement which seems to be a bit too low. You will hence have to consume the supplement for long before you can start enjoying its benefits.

  • Saw Palmetto

It’s hard to make sense of why this ingredient was used in Blue Star Status. Saw Palmetto had not been researched much and the few studies conducted show that it does not in any way boost testosterone levels and neither does it improve your sex drive. Some claim that it can prevent the conversion of testosterone into DHT a potentially harmful hormone that enlarges prostate and causes urinary tract infections. With the lack of research materials on this herb, however, we cannot tell whether this is true.

Other ingredients found in this formula include Black Pepper, Chrysin, Fumarate, Succinate, Diindolylmethane, etc.

Benefits of Using Blue Star Status

Blue Star Nutraceuticals claim that using this supplement will give you the following benefits:

When you take a look at user reviews online, you will realize that not everyone has had a positive experience with Blue Star Status. While some are claiming that the supplement is magical, others are complaining that after weeks of using it they still cannot feel any changes. People react differently to supplements, and this may be one reason for that. It might also be about the dosages used. In as much as Blue Star Nutraceuticals have tried to add some beneficial compounds, the quantities used are still needing and this has affected its performance.

Potential Side Effects of using Blue Star Status

Theoretically, Longjack, saw palmetto and chrysin are known to have adverse effects particularly in men who are already suffering from other medical conditions. Saw palmetto, for instance, can thin your blood resulting in blood pressure issues while Longjack can cause nausea, diarrhea, headaches and stomach complications if used for more than six months. For this reason, Blue Star Status manufacturers advise you to make sure that you take breaks between cycles of using this supplement.

The inclusion of a lot of compounds in this supplement might also be a cause for concern among people with common allergies. To avoid having allergic reactions you should consider talking to your physician before using the supplement.

In general, most users have not suffered any major side effects.

Taking Blue Star Status

With Blue Star Status, you are supposed to use three capsules per day all of which should be taken on an empty stomach in the morning.

Where Can I buy Blue Star Status?

This supplement is in good supply in most online supplement stores. You can purchase it from the official Blue Star website and also on Amazon, eBay, GNC, bodybuilding website, and on Jet just to mention a few.

A 30 days’ supply, which is 90 capsules, of Blue Star Status costs around $69.99, and that’s not inclusive of the shipment charges. The supplement is, therefore, a bit costly and you can see this from online reviews of users complaining about its costs.

Blue star status review

There is no questioning that Blue Star Status standouts among other testosterone supplements. Part of the reason for this is its utilization of a clinically-validated formula and active natural ingredients. The supplement has been useful to a group of people who have witnessed an increase in energy and sexual performance. Its performance has not been uniform, and some people have hardly seen any positives from using this supplement. This has left an even larger group of people disappointed with Blue Star Status. The prominent reason behind this is the lack of sufficient dosages of the compounds used. This together with the use of too many experimental ingredients and its high price makes the supplement an unfavorable investment to most athletes. It will, therefore, be reasonable if you are to look for another proven supplement that’s worth the cost.


Test Reload Review 2019- Benefits & Side Effects-

test reload

What is Test Reload?

In the past, before technology and all the poor lifestyle and junk food that came with, a lot of the eating and living habits were good enough for men and women to enjoy excellent health even in their 80s. With time, however, a lot has changed. Men are no longer capable of maintaining as much energy as they did in their teenage years. Remaining physically fit and with enough endurance to last through weekly gym sessions is becoming impossible. The luxury of having a healthy erection whenever needed for optimal sexual performance has become even harder. And these are just but a few of the significant problems men face as they age.

test reload

When all these issues are examined, they all point to one element, insufficient testosterone. Testosterone is the primary hormone that drives most of the men’s day to day activities. We enjoy the effectiveness of these hormones when we are teenagers, but as years go by, they reduce significantly causing the problems mentioned above. Due to our poor 21st century lifestyle, some men even experience these issues as early as in their 30s. Imagine being 35 or so and you already have excessive belly fat and are unable to form an erection! You will find men this young unable to go for more than 20 minutes of intensive workouts. This is due to the decline in t-levels and increases in the hormone Estrogen.

The good news is there are products that can turn back the clock. T-boosters are supplements used to increase one’s testosterone levels either by stimulating your body into manufacturing it or by supplying the hormone directly into your system. Most of the supplements that introduce the hormone into the system are provided using injections. These are however associated with major side effects, and that is why oral supplements are recommended. One of the hundreds of these oral supplements is Test Reload. Identifying a supplement and getting one that actually works are two different things. We, therefore, have to answer the crucial question of whether Test Reload is one of the useful testosterone supplements or its part of the massive list of ineffective products.

Test Reload is a dietary or testosterone supplement that is formulated to achieve the hormonal balance necessary for sufficient natural production of testosterone. By attaining hormonal balance, the product should, therefore, be able to influence the functioning of crucial glands such as pituitary glands to ensure that there is proper stimulation of organs that can achieve the balance claimed by this product. Test Reload is manufactured using purely natural ingredients. We all love natural ingredients because they are always safer than chemically engineered compounds.

Test Reload is designed and manufactured by Mike Chang. “Chang, the famous Six Pack shortcuts YouTube guy?” Yes, that Mike Chang. Mike Chang may be brilliant in giving people hacks on gaining six-packs and other fitness tricks but altering hormonal balances to increase amounts of testosterone in the body is much more complicated than that. In fact, one of the red flags we get about this product is the lack of supplement or nutrition background by the developer Mike Chang. Lack of experience in a particular field always points to the possibility of the manufacturers to fail in addressing specific details that bodybuilders face in their daily routines.

How Does Test Reload Work?

Inadequate Testosterone in the body is best addressed by helping the body to boost production of the natural hormone. This is the best and safest way of restoring T-levels and can be achieved by using natural ingredients.

Test Reload has used such ingredients in helping the male body to improve its functionality through a boost in testosterone. Before we even get into the individual components used, we come into our second red flag, a proprietary blend. Test Reload has been manufactured with some nutrients which we have no idea how they are dosed. This has become a common trend in the supplements industry, and it is one of the reasons why people stay away from most supplements. In a proprietary blend, a manufacturer could have supplied very little of a known useful compound and then claim that is beneficial. We all know that to enjoy the benefits of some compounds, there is a minimal dose required otherwise it is all pretty useless.

The nutrients used include:

  • Fenugreek

Fenugreek is a popular herb originating from India and Arabic countries that were traditionally used to treat libido problems. Over the years a few detailed studies showed that it could also assist in boosting the amount of free testosterone in the body. This is achieved by reducing the actions of Sex Hormone Binding Globulin. SHBG is a chemical that traps testosterone reducing the cumulative amount of usable testosterone in the body. There are some positive clinical trials on this herb, but it is hard to determine whether there is enough to provide its benefits given the lack of information on how much is in Test Reload.

  • D-Aspartic Acid

DAA is a trendy ingredient in testosterone supplements. The various clinical trials were done on this amino acid point at a promising outcome every bodybuilder would wish for. According to the research done, this acid helps to enhance the sensitivity of testosterone receptors in the brain. These help in stimulating the testes to make more testosterone.

DAA is useful in increasing testosterone, but studies point that its impact is never long-lasting. A testosterone boost achieved by D-Aspartic Acid can only last for 7-10 days. It is difficult when it comes to maintaining testosterone at a high level. To keep the testosterone high, most supplements usually include other chemicals.

  • Maca Root

Maca root has always been linked with lots of benefits such as increased testosterone, energy levels, mental focus, hormonal balance, sperm count, reducing soreness, etc. Limited research was done on this herb, however, show that there is no sufficient evidence to prove most of these benefits. Some of the studies did point out that Maca Root can help in boosting libido. It has in fact for centuries been used in promoting sex drive and maybe this is why some people thought it could influence the amount of testosterone in the body.

Majority of the benefits linked to Maca Root are therefore speculative, and hence we can’t conclusively determine how beneficial it is to this supplement.

  • White Bottom Mushroom

Extracts from these mushrooms are used to counter the effects of high levels of testosterone in the body. You see, when there is too much testosterone, your body converts it into estrogen reversing all the incredible feelings you were getting. This estrogen will then result in problems like belly fat and quick fatigue. The mushroom extracts are hence vital if you want to enjoy long-term benefits of high testosterone levels.

White bottom mushroom is an excellent addition, but it will only be useful if the product can actually increase your testosterone levels to the extent where your body is converting it into estrogen. If this is not happening then its consumption is rather useless.

  • Beta Alanine

Beta-alanine is an amino acid (non-essential) used in boosting energy levels and promoting one’s endurance. Every bodybuilder can use an extra 30 minutes, 1 hours or even more in their workout plans. Fatigue is usually the biggest barrier for this and hence compounds promising to increase stamina are always bound to be very popular. Unfortunately, Beta Alanine is a bit under-researched, and thus we can’t tell if it is beneficial at all.

Benefits of using Test Reload

From the ingredients used, it is hard to be convinced that all these results will be delivered by the supplement. There is, for instance, no one tested and proven nutrient that can improve muscle mass. Sexual performance is the only likely benefit that one may get from this supplement, and this may also be impossible if the ingredients are under-dosed.

Potential side effects of Test Reload

Test Reload is not linked with severe side effects. A few of the possible theoretical adverse effects connected to the above-used ingredients include:

  • Stomach upsets
  • Bloating
  • Acne
  • Diarrhea
  • Headache
  • Mood swings

From online reviews, a majority of the people have successfully used the supplement without experiencing any severe side effects. People allergic to stimulants are advised to stay away from the supplement.

Taking Test Reload

The directions on taking Test Reload are not adequately supplied. Some users choose four capsules once every day, but this can usually make the effects of the supplement wear off as the day goes by. To avoid the problem, other users may hence take two capsules twice per day. This supplement should be used in cycles of 12 weeks each. Users should take 4 weeks break after every cycle.

Where can I buy Test Reload?

Test Reload is available on various supplement stores online. Amazon and the Six Pack Shop offers the product at $67-$97 for a 30-day supply (120 capsules).

Verdict on Test Reload

There are very few positive things we can get out of this supplement. Ingredients like DAA and Fenugreek are useful but too bad we don’t know if there are enough dosages in the supplement. Another problem with Test Reload is its price. The supplement can cost you an excess of $97, yet its ingredients list and track record don’t seem to justify the price. With such issues, I think that I’d be more confident spending my $97 on other more proven supplements out there.