Bremelanotide Review 2018- Benefits & Side Effects (Updated July 2019)


What is Bremelanotide?

Peptides have found way more success and popularity than any other substance when it comes to bodybuilding, especially because of their muscle-enhancing, recovery and healing properties. Lately, a particular peptide called bremelanotide or PT-141, has gained much exposure both among the public and the media as a result of investigations for studies related to its potential in healing and recovery from physical injuries and also shock due to hemorrhages, along with its role in treating low libido and sexual dysfunction. For those that are interested in finding out the potential benefits of using this peptide, the lines below throw light on various significant information related to the PT-141 so that one can make a decision with access to proper and relevant information.

There are many aspects related to the use of PT-141 and how it benefits men as well as women in getting rid of their sexual dysfunctions to find their way back to a healthy, sex life. To begin with, the first thing that anyone needs to know is what actually the PT-141 is.

Bremelanotide History

Bremelanotide is also known as PT-141 and is undergoing significant research and study for the possible use of this peptide in providing relief from sexual dysfunction, both in women (sexual arousal dysfunction) and men (impotence or erectile dysfunction). The PT-141 was first developed from Melanotan 2, a tanning peptide that is produced as a synthetic variant of the naturally occurring peptide hormone called alpha-Melanocyte stimulating hormone (MSH) responsible for stimulating melanogenesis. The MSH causes activation of specific melanocortin receptors during the process of implementing its effects. In fact, MSH is known to exert potential influence over appetite, lipid metabolism as well as sexual libido. As a result, the PT-141 has also shown to exhibit its effects on libido enhancement through activation of the melanocortin receptors known as MC4R and MC1R. However, it has not been successfully used in skin tanning.

The PT-141 has shown potential remedy for sexual dysfunctions, mostly the erectile dysfunction in males. According to studies, PT-141 produces no action on the human vascular system unlike other compounds in this category but supposedly functions through the activation of melanocortin receptors inside the human brain, thereby helping one to show an increase in sexual stimulation.

Mainly used as a solution for erectile dysfunction, men opt for Bremelanotide to re-ignite their passion for engaging in sexual activity and obtaining extremely hard erections that do not just satisfy them but also their partners at the time of physical intercourse. While opting for the PT-141, individuals don’t need to undertake other medications or therapies like the hormone replacement therapy for effective results. Studies have proved the ability of bremelanotide pepin treating sexual dysfunction by performing an experiment on laboratory rats in which the male rats having erectile dysfunction were subject to the PT-141 and showed improvement in sexual performance when compared to the control group that was not subject to this peptide. Apart from the male rats, PT-141 or bremelanotide also showed significant changes in female rats that displayed an increase in sexual performance has been subject to bremelanotide. With reference to humans, it can be said that the potential benefits of sexually active life is guaranteed by the PT-141.

Therefore, those that are looking for a comprehensive therapy to improve their sexual desire and sex life, bremelanotide is exactly what they need. PT-141 is a perfect alternative to opting for a number of therapies or medications for treating sexual dysfunctions of men or women.

Functioning Of Bremelanotide Or PT-141

As far as scientific studies are concerned, the PT-141 has proved its worth in solving the sexual problems in women and men by enhancing their desire to engage in sexual intercourse and by improved sexual performance. The reason this happens is that this peptide stimulates mPOA terminals of one’s brain. Such an action made the researchers identify bremelanotide as a stimulator that has the potential to activate the brain’s dopamine hormones, which play a key function in sexual motivation among humans.

Dopamine is a compound that is known to work as a neurotransmitter for stimulating performance. When the level of dopamine is low in one’s brain, the libido of that individual is also low and therefore the individual shows less attention towards sexual desire or sexual activities. When compared to another individual with sufficient dopamine level, it has been found that the latter shows more interest in sexual desire and gets aroused more easily than the former (with low dopamine level).

It is possible to treat one’s low libido by looking into the neurotransmitter problems related to low levels of serotonin, testosterone, and dopamine. The PT-141 peptide can solve the sexual dysfunction issue, both in the case of women and men, but the individual needs to be willing to opt for this peptide treatment first.

Reviews show that bremelanotide can successfully treat low libido problem and has become popular because of this benefit provided by the PT-141. The best part is that this effective treatment for overcoming sexual dysfunctions including erectile dysfunction is extremely pocket-friendly. One can avail this treatment at highly reasonable rates. So, if one is running low on budget, he/she can still opt for this peptide treatment to get over his/her low libido. The latest rage with regard to this peptide treatment is that couples are using the PT-141 together in order to get maximum benefits from this peptide to improve their sexual activities and overall sex lives.

There are many who are intrigued by the PT-141 treatment for increasing their sexual desires for one another as well as trying to weigh out the effects of this treatment on their sexual performances. Today, users themselves are advocating raving reviews online about how this peptide has played a crucial role in rejuvenating their love life. But a point to note here is that the effect of this bremelanotide treatment does vary from one person to another and is affected by factors such as body functions and reactions.

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Not only have users benefitted in terms of longer duration of erections and higher libido levels, but they have also reportedly displayed youthful energy that they never did in their entire lives. Users are of the opinion that the PT-141 treatment has assisted them in gaining more energy as if they were re-living their 20s. Such users are large in number and they have to intention of going back to the sex-enhancing conventional treatments or medications like Cialis or Viagra that are targeted only at men. In fact, there are not many known medications or treatments that help women find success in dealing with their sexual problems and the PT-141 is one of the few treatment options that can actually help women regain their sexual arousal and increase their libido levels. So, it is not only men that can benefit from bremelanotide, but women too can make the most of PT-141 to rekindle their love life and enjoy sex life to the fullest by using this peptide.

Users don’t just appreciate the assistance of PT-141 in enhancing their sexual functionality, but they are also amazed at the way in which bremelanotide provides them with a high level of energy to lead a fuller and happier life. All in all, it can be said that people, in general, are all praises about the PT-141 and regard it with much appreciation and gratitude. This is possibly the most sought after treatment method for improving one’s sex life with higher libido and stronger or harder longer-lasting erections without much expense involved.

Bremelanotide For Bodybuilding

The PT-141 has been subject to much experimentation and is still undergoing major researches and clinical studies, especially to find out its effectiveness in bodybuilding. Although scientists and researchers have found out the ability of PT-141 in aiding recovery from injuries as well as shock caused by hemorrhages, there is still a lot to find out in this area. However, it is clear from such healing property of the PT-141 that bodybuilders and individuals undergoing rigorous physical activities on a daily basis can use this peptide to recover from post-workout physical injuries and muscle exertions.

No concrete use of bremelanotide solely for post-workout recovery has yet surfaced but if someone uses PT-141 for improving his sex life while engaging in the strenuous physical activity, then he can enjoy this additional benefit of the PT-141 peptide. Hopefully, the benefits of this peptide will be explored even in the field of bodybuilding or the profession of sports as more and more studies come up with new discoveries related to the positive effects of this peptide.

Coming to the Side Effects

No conclusive study has been made on the side effects of the bremelanotide or PT-141 and this research area is still in progress. Although this peptide is still to receive FDA approval, this research chemical has obtained many positive reviews regarding its efficiency in treating sexual dysfunctions in women and men. Recently, some cases have surfaced that reported of flushing, nausea, headache, infections in the respiratory tract (upper) and itchiness and pain on injection site. But as mentioned earlier, different people react differently to this peptide treatment and there might be some unfortunate cases of grievance. However, that does not rule out the fact that the majority of the users have profited from using PT-141 and brought back their sexual life on track, thanks to bremelanotide.

Bremelanotide Dosage

Bremelanotide is commonly administered as an injection on the subcutaneous layer of the human body. Alternatively, nasal atomizers are also opted by many users. It does not matter what route one selects, the important thing is to read as well as understand the instructions on the PT-141 label to get maximum results in a safe and protected manner. PT-141 is also available in the form of a powder that has to be reconstituted in specific bacteriostatic water before administering.

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Few facts to note about the dosage of PT-141:

  • One should take a dose of 0.5-2 mg each time.
  • The PT-141 should be taken within 2-4 hours before engaging in sexual intercourse.
  • If one is stacking several PT-141s, it is recommended that one should mix the contents in the same syringe for reducing the total number of regular injections.
  • One should inject the peptide subcutaneously; it is best to select the abdomen surrounding skin for injecting the peptide with the help of an insulin syringe.

It is best to practice efficient self-injection as well as disposal methods so that one does not need to depend on others while opting for this peptide treatment. In case one is new to such a task, it is best to take the help of experienced medical practitioners to learn how to properly self-inject. All one has to do is make up his/her mind about opting for this peptide treatment for getting back one’s libido and overcoming sexual dysfunctions.

One should not increase the dosage without recommendation or advice from one’s physicians despite the fact that no word of caution has been raised in case of overdose. Nothing ever comes easily; one needs to be patient even while undertaking this peptide treatment to obtain positive results with reference to sexual problems and low libido levels.

Final Words on Bremelanotide

Finally, bremelanotide happens to be one of the most promising peptides that can deliver the best results when it comes to improving one’s sexual life (in case of women) and offering stronger, longer lasting erections (in case of men). If anyone is suffering from an inferiority complex because of lacking sexual arousal or erectile dysfunction, this peptide can help do away with such problems and help one get access to a healthy sex life along with an active and energetic lifestyle. The PT-141 is highly recommended for anyone, men as well as women, who feel that they are missing out on the best part of their lives because they cannot actively engage in sexual intercourse due to physical inhibitions. This peptide works in a natural way to activate those parts of the human body that lie dormant because of inefficiency or sexual dysfunctions. It would be unwise to miss this opportunity to find such a great solution for one’s sexual dysfunctions and start living a normal life filled with enjoyable sexual activities as it forms a major chunk in any human’s life.

Etizolam Review 2018-Pro’s & Con’s (Updated July 2019)


What is Etizolam?

Etizolam is a drug that belongs to the class of medication called benzodiazepine. This particular drug is known to help in controlling one’s mental state that may affect the body in many ways. Since time in memorial, this drug has been in existence although not commonly used. Several attempts have been made in many research centers to test it and give reports on it. Unfortunately most of these tests are carried out on laboratory rodents making it quite hard to clearly determine whether they are safe for humans or not. Etizolam is mostly found in the form of pills to be taken orally or in powder form. It is easy to spot the pill as it is blue in color, round in shape and has a line at its center, dividing the pill into halves.

It has other names that are used to refer to it, especially where it is illegal. Some of these names include the following;

• Etizola
• Etizest
• Etilaam
• Arophalm
• Depas
• Sedekopan
• Pasaden
• Capsafe

Despite its scarcity, Etizolam commands a lot of attention from all over the world. There are even people who use the drug not because they need it but just for recreation purposes. They do not really need it but just want to try out a new thing and see how it can affect them.

Benefits of Etizolam

  • Treating anxiety disorder
    This is normally the main function of Etizolam. It helps one calm down and promotes positive feelings. It works well to handle panic attacks that may be caused by some mental issues. People who are constantly worked up by things happening around them are advised to take Etizolam as it soothes them and makes them feel more comfortable in life.
  • Insomnia treatment
    It is commonly used by people who complain of lack of sleep even when they are tired. It helps to make one relax and creates a good mood that promotes sleep. It also reduces the number of awakenings one has once they fall asleep, making naps a thing of the past. There are even instances when one finds themselves sleeping way more than they wanted to. Imagine taking your dose of Etizolam only to fall asleep on the train and miss your stop on your way to an important job interview.
  • Muscle relaxation
    Etizolam is very good for calming down nerves and ensuring the muscles are relaxed. This is particularly after a long day and the body is very exhausted. A dose of Etizolam will relieve one of this and make them feel unperturbed. A good dose of this drug can also help to significantly reduce pain in the lower back and make the patient feel more relaxed in the end.
  • Controlling nerve-related diseases
    Although Etizolam does not completely get rid of these diseases, it may ease their effects to make one more comfortable. For instance, a patient suffering from epilepsy and is using Etizolam is likely to experience fewer seizures. This makes them more productive in their daily activities.
  • Boosts self-confidence
    For those who perceive themselves in a negative way, Etizolam helps to enhance their self-esteem and see themselves from a better point of view. Such people are the ones to most likely stand out in a crowd even when they do not really have much to offer.

Etizolam Side effects 

There have been a few complaints from the users of Etizolam. Some of them have complained of feeling nauseated, especially after a meal. Other common side effects include the following;

  • Skin irritation
  • Drowsiness
  • Lower sex drive
  • Weight gain
  • Reduced appetite
  • Digestive problems
  • Diarrhea
  • Weakness in the limbs
  • Physical euphoria
  • Slurred speech
  • Headaches
  • Constipation

To add to the list is blepharospasms, which can be caused by the excess use of Etizolam. Blepharospasms is a condition that involves the unusual contraction of the eyelid which may develop into serious eye problems for an individual.

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For most people, these side effects wear off with time hence no reason to worry. However, if they do persist, the wise decision would be to stop taking Etizolam. If a doctor had prescribed the drug, book an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible so that they can examine you. The doctor has the discretion to allow you to continue using it or to completely stop its intake.

Long-term effects

It is highly advisable that one only uses Etizolam when it is necessary and not every time they feel like using it. This is because there have been cases of people who have used the drug for a long time until a point when they have become dependent on it. Such people cannot function normally without Etizolam. They may even appear as different people as they show different behaviors. They withdraw from the world and disconnect from whatever is happening around them. This is seen mostly seen four weeks after the onset of its use. Of course, addiction can begin at an earlier time for other people.

Another common side effect of Etizolam is emotional suppression. What this means is that one’s emotion starts to fade away. For instance, if they were a caring person, you will begin to notice that they seem to care less. What is dangerous about this is that it can reach a point where these emotions are completely non-existent, making the person less human as they have no feelings.

When users of Etizolam overdose on it, they are likely to experience serious withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms are not exactly pleasing as they can really drain one. There have been instances when its users suffer from amnesia as they lose their memory slowly by slowly. This is often followed by unintended blackouts that may put one in danger. It can be very perilous for such a person to be left alone as these blackouts are very unpredictable.

It is unfortunate that there are some families that have been affected by death because of Etizolam. Their loved one used the drug so much, and end up committing suicide unintentionally. They thought that they were taking it to get better only for them to fall short due to its effects.


The problem with using this drug is that there is no clearly outlined dosage that everyone can take, this is because the dose usually depends on the extent of the depression of the patient and how much sleep they lack. Furthermore, doctors usually avoid giving same prescriptions as it can lead to the abuse of Etizolam. For beginners, it is recommended that your dose should be between 0.5mg to 2mg. for others, about 5mg should be enough to fully serve its purpose. Do not be in a hurry to increase your dose because you do not seem to experience the above-stated benefits. The effects of Etizolam start to kick in about fifty minutes after its intake after which one will experience them for about 7 hours.

It is only after 8 hours that another dose should be taken. Remember, it is a drug that is meant to be taken in doses. If you skip one dose, you need to start afresh. Within four weeks, one should be feeling better and the use of Etizolam should be reduced and eventually stopped. It is not advisable to just stop using it at once as it can affect one’s health seriously.

To note is that the reason you are using it for also contributes to the amount of Etizolam that you are supposed to take it. People using it for anxiety are meant to take lesser doses of it than those who use it for curing insomnia. One’s health history may also determine how much of the drug one can use at a time.

It’s users

Not everyone can comfortably use Etizolam just because they feel need to. There are certain groups of patients who are not advised to use it as it can harm them in many ways. One such group is that one consisting of expectant women and lactating mothers as the drug can affect both the mother and child. It is also sagacious that children be kept away from Etizolam as much as possible. If their anxiety and insomnia conditions are very serious, forcing them to use it, they should see a doctor first.

Furthermore, if one has a history of allergies, it is not recommended to use Etizolam until a certified medical practitioner has agreed to it. Patients with serious medical conditions such as liver malfunctioning, respiratory problems or are in a coma should completely avoid Etizolam at all times.

If you notice that you are heavily affected by Etizolam, it is sensible that you restrict your movement to a single room or stay put in bed. This reduces any potential harm you may expose yourself or others too. It also helps you monitor the extent to which you are affected by the drug so that the next time you reduce the dose you take.

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Where to buy Etizolam?

Etizolam can be easily found in a number of states such as India, Japan, and Italy. The best place to quickly buy it from is online stores that deal with a range of medicinal products. Buying from these stores requires someone to be very keen as to get authentic Etizolam. Due to the large demand, there are companies that are producing and distributing fake versions of Etizolam. Most of the members of the public are, unfortunately, unaware of this and continue purchasing this drug from them. Counter-checking the authenticity of these products is astute as it will help one save both their money and health.

In many countries globally, the use of this drug is controlled in that one may be expected to produce a prescription from a doctor before purchasing it. Moreover, in such areas, only specific people have the permission to produce and mete out Etizolam. This is to prevent the abuse of the drug as its use is monitored by those in authority.

If you intend to buy it without a prescription, you will be forced to look for street peddlers who are not authorized to vend it. The disadvantage with this is that it may be hard to locate such vendors. And even if you do, you are not sure whether the Etizolam you are getting is the real thing you want.

In other places like the United Kingdom, it is quite the opposite as Etizolam is listed as an illegal drug that should neither be produced nor distributed. Being found manufacturing, using or in the possession of Etizolam can be a criminal offense that amounts to imprisonment.

To note
Once one begins using Etizolam, they need to be careful about the things they mix it with as severe consequences may arise. For instance, alcohol and other depressants should be avoided at this time. This is because these combinations can alter the normal functioning of the body and put one at a risk of contracting other health problems.

Immediately after taking Etizolam, it is only logical that one should not operate any machinery for some time. This is because the drug may impair one’s judgment, putting them at a risk.

For those taking Etizolam for the first time, they are advised to go slow on the drug as it acts quite fast. Give your body enough time to adjust before you increase your dosage. This way, you will also begin to notice the changes that are taking place in your body.

It is also safer to take the drug in its common form, the pill form rather than in its powder state. This is because one is sure that it has not been chemically tampered with when it was being crashed.

Conclusion on Etizolam

All in all, Etizolam is an effective drug for controlling anxiety and insomnia-related problems. Nevertheless, it is prudent that one only uses it when it is absolutely necessary and in the right manner. It is even better if you get a prescription first as it will steer you in the right direction. It was not made to destroy people’s lives but to make them better, only at a price that one should be ready to pay. One should also be aware of the use of the drug is allowed in their country before purchasing it. Remember, ignorance of the law is no defense.

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Oxaloacetate Review 2018-Top 5 Health Benefits (Updated July 2019)


What is Oxaloacetate?

Oxaloacetate is a salt/ ester of oxaloacetic acid. This crystalline organic compound is usually formed by replacement of hydrogen in an acid by a metal or a radical which acts like a metal. Oxaloacetate is a conjugate base for Oxaloacetic acid and is metabolic medium in a lot of processes in animals. You can find it taking part in a lot of cycles such as urea cycle, glyoxylate cycle, citric acid cycle along with gluconeogenesis, amino acid synthesis, fatty acid synthesis, etc.

C4H4O5 is the formula for Oxaloacetic acid and has a molar mass of 132.07 g/mol and C4H2O5^-2 for Oxaloacetate & molecular acid 130.055 g/mol.


A Few Chemical and Physical Properties:

  • Molecular Weight: 055 g/mol
  • Complexity: 147
  • Formal Charge: -2
  • Hydrogen Bond Donor Count: 0
  • Hydrogen Bond Acceptor Count: 5
  • Rotatable Bond Count: 1
  • Heavy Atom Count: 9
  • Isotope Atom Count: 0
  • Covalently-Bonded Unit Count: 1
  • Defined Atom Stereocenter Count: 0
  • Undefined Atom Stereocenter Count: 0
  • Defined Bond Stereocenter Count: 0
  • Undefined Bond Stereocenter Count: 0


Oxaloacetate Health Benefits

  • It can reverse and also prevent the brain damage which is caused by the exposure to pesticides

Organophosphates are present in pesticides which are responsible for causing high glutamine levels in one’s brain. Furthermore, high glutamine levels in one’s brain may lead to severe brain damage. But Oxaloacetate helps in reducing the levels of glutamine in your brain and hence reduces the damage too. A study showed that it can also prevent & reverse neural damage caused by organophosphates in one’s brain.

  • It can help you to protect your brain from any traumatic Brain injury

After a traumatic brain injury, one’s glutamine levels may rise up further leading to cell death in a lot of brain cells. But after a study, it was proven that rise in the levels of Oxaloacetate can help in reducing the levels of glutamine leading to decreased cell deaths after a traumatic brain injury.

  • It can help you in reducing the neurodegenerative effects due to strokes

According to a study conducted on rats using Oxaloacetate, it showed that Oxaloacetate helps in reducing glutamine levels in the brain which eventually permits cells to survive and also get recovered after a stroke.

Due to decreasing amounts of mitochondria in one’s brain, Alzheimer, Parkinson, etc types of diseases can be caused.  According to a study conducted for Oxaloacetate effects, it showed that Oxaloacetate also helps in encouragement of making new mitochondria in one’s brain which can help in the prevention of these types of diseases.

  • It can also help you in the reduction of aging

Organelle and cellular dysfunction caused by Methylglyoxal can lead to being one of the main causes of the aging of your skin. According to a study for Oxaloacetate done with worms revealed that Oxaloacetate can help in decreasing the levels of Methylglyoxal and hence reduces aging effects along with it.

It can also help in reducing aging by protecting the mitochondrial enzymes from the oxidative damage which is also responsible for aging.

  • It may help you to increase your life efficiency

Oxaloacetate works similar to a caloric diet. Furthermore, according to the same study on worms revealed that supplements containing Oxaloacetate help in increasing lifespan.

  • It may help you in the treatment of brain cancer

Oxaloacetate is good to be used as a complementary treatment which can be used along with the chemotherapy. High glutamine levels can increase the brain cancer growth along with decreasing patient prognosis.

According to a study, Oxaloacetate showed that it can help in reducing levels of glutamine in one’s brain and hence can also decrease the growth of the brain tumor.

The life expectancy of the subjects used for the study was also prolonged.

  • It may help you with cancer too

For growing pancreatic cancer cells, glutamine is an essential element. As the studies reveal that reduction of levels of glutamine can help in stopping the growth of various forms of cancer.

Furthermore, you must be familiar with how Oxaloacetate can help in reducing levels of glutamine along with decreases growth rate of cancer cells. Hence it makes both chemotherapy and radiation treatment more efficient and effective.

  • It may help you in reducing your blood glucose levels

A study conducted on humans using Oxaloacetate revealed that Oxaloacetate can help in reducing blood glucose levels in both diabetic and healthy study subjects. The study also showed that Oxaloacetate can also help in improving insulin resistance. Therefore, this may help in reducing the risk of type II Diabetes.

  • It may help you in increasing the regulation of blood glucose levels

The blood glucose levels can be different and vary from every individual and can also affect their productivity levels on a daily basis.

Furthermore, a study on effects of Oxaloacetate revealed that Oxaloacetate can help in reducing the variation in the levels of glucose & eventually help in maintaining productivity.

  • It may also help in reduction of risk of heart diseases

According to the study conducted for Oxaloacetate, it showed that it can help in reducing the heart disease risks by reducing the intake of calories. Furthermore, this process of reducing calorie intake is done by increasing the NDA+ levels that are responsible for the production of protein and eventually reduces the heart disease risks.

  • It may also help in reducing the risk of kidney diseases

As you already know that it can help in increasing the NDA+ levels which are responsible for the protein production, similarly this can also help you by reducing the risk of kidney diseases.

  • Low levels of it in the early months of an infant can cause death

If the level of Oxaloacetate is low in infants during their early months then it can lead to the failing f nervous system which eventually will be responsible for their death.

  • It may help you in increasing energy levels

According to a study done on rats using Oxaloacetate, it revealed that Oxaloacetate may help you in improving levels of energy in your body. Furthermore, the energy levels are increased by activating the mitochondria to increase the production of energy. Hence, using Oxaloacetate can be really helpful for elderly peoples who do have low energy levels.

  • It may also help in increasing endurance levels

Studies show that Oxaloacetate can help in regulation of blood glucose levels along with can help in increasing your energy levels too by activating the mitochondria to produce more energy. Therefore, it was also revealed that it can also help in increasing your endurance levels.

  • It can help you in reducing the effects of diet rebound

If you think that after dieting you can easily lose fat then you are wrong. As when you do dieting, then after a little while your metabolism levels in your body changes which can lead to increased weight.

Furthermore, Oxaloacetate can help you in reducing the effects of this diet rebound as it can reduce the ability of your body to store fat.


In some food, you can easily find Oxaloacetate. But the levels of Oxaloacetate which can be found in foods can be too low and hence can’t make any difference. Furthermore, you may require at least doses of 100 mg per day for the effectiveness of the supplement towards heart diseases, kidney diseases, endurance, aging, lifespan, etc. In addition, you may have to take immediate large doses of 1000 mg for effectiveness towards brain trauma, brain cancer, and various types of cancer during their treatments

Side effects

 Even after so much research and study on animals using Oxaloacetate, no side effects were found. Though there can be a few side effects depending on the people who consume it and their body. It doesn’t have FDA compliance yet.

Top 3 Oxaloacetate Products & Supplements


You can find this name anywhere on the internet when you look for Oxaloacetate. This is because it is considered as an original supplier of Oxaloacetate.

It is sold by the name “beneGene Oxaloacetate supplement” and can be found on Amazon easily. The manufacturer of this product is Terra Biological LLC and this company has a goal to supply neurological protection basing upon glucose supporting supplements.All their products are available on their website after a strict quality control and check procedure to make sure that the products are safe along with being effective.

You can trust their products as the customer service is their priority & their always increasing standards make this brand stand out from other companies and brands for a nutritional supplement. There’s a pack of 30 capsules beneGene product available which can provide 100 mg of Oxaloacetate along with Vitamin C in 150 mg. Furthermore, this quantity is formulated to act like the caloric content of a fasting diet and doesn’t reduce the intake of calorie. Well, fasting showed that it can benefit the neurological health along with overall well being.

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The product works by allowing your body to have a more efficient metabolic process along with allows the cells in one’s body to reach their optimum functionality. Hence, it provides more Oxaloacetate in one’s body in addition to the already occurring levels in the body and eventually results in increased levels of energy for the rest of the day ahead.

Oxaloacetate is involved in various functions of the body which includes synthesis of amino acids such, utilization of citric acid, the process of metabolism, synthesis of fatty acids along with the urea cycle in one’s body. This product works specifically to build up Oxaloacetate in the body over with time. Though the burst of energy is not immediate and nor the effects can be seen in a short period but definitely with a long-term usage, one can see that there’s better efficiency of Oxaloacetate in the body which leads in promoting longer and healthier life ahead.

Specifications of beneGene

  • Considerable dosage is 100 mg which comes with Vitamin C of 150 mg
  • Has a month’s supply (30 capsules for 30 days)
  • It needs to be taken every day at the same time along with food


  • Coated capsules which are easy to swallow
  • The dosage is enough for promoting better neurological & metabolic functions
  • No negative side effects are yet reported regarding the product or dosage
  • The product intake can be stopped whenever you prefer as it is not habit forming
  • No artificial colors are used and no unwanted fillers are added during the production of the product

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Life Extension Mitochondrial Energy Optimizer with BioPQ

The aim of the company of this product, Life Extension is to supply products which are pure, effective and is of high quality. Furthermore, the raw materials used are of high quality and are processed without the use of artificial ingredients or chemicals or unwanted fillers.

Every capsule has Oxaloacetate of various Vitamins, Minerals and amino acids which help in a lot of different metabolism processes of the body. Therefore, the aim of the product is to boost your metabolism which leads to weight loss and increased energy levels.

Specifications of Life Extension Mitochondrial Energy Optimizer with BioPQQ:

  • Low dosage which provides enough for effectiveness
  • The dosage has no side effects
  • Every dosage will provide 100 mg of Vitamin B6,!00 mg of Carnosine, 230 mg of Calcium Carbonate, 25 mg of Sodium, 150 mg of R-Lipoic Acid, 675 mg of Argino Carn Acetyl-L-Carnitine arginate dihydrochloride, and finally 10 mg of BioPQQ Pyrroloquinoline quinone disodium salt.
  • Each bottle has 120 capsules
  • The dosage recommended is 4 capsules at a time
  • The supply is of one month ( 120/4 = 30)


  • Some ingredients is specifically formatted and are only available through Life Extension
  • The product is designed to help people who want to lose weight, increase their energy levels & their alertness and promotes health as well as well-being.
  • The product comprises no alcohol, artificial ingredients or colors, no additives and no high fructose corn syrup.
  • It contains natural anti-inflammatory which can help in the anti-aging process of the body.

Bulletproof Keto Prime High-Performance Brain Food

This product is formulated to provide energy at a cellular level and also shows effectiveness in a short period of time. It is made with a lot of beneficial ingredients which help in absorption to help your body receive at least 90% from the supplement you consume. It is easy to consume as well as to carry it around on the go.

Furthermore, the product works by reducing the build-up of glutamine in your body which results in prevention of excessive brain fog. You can check the product reviews by the consumers and the explanations too, they say the product is both effective and impressive and is created using high-quality ingredients.

Specifications of Bulletproof Keto Prime High-Performance Brain Food:

  • The product comes with a monthly supply
  • It can be consumed at any time of the day
  • It can be taken with or without any food
  • The supplement has to be melted slowly for a duration of 10 minutes which makes it chewable and you can easily swallow it.
  • If you feel tired or weak then you can consume this product at that time
  • It not only improves your energy levels and provide energy but also improves your ability to focus the energy for a better result.
  • The product is also used by athletes in order to get a boost of energy levels during their performance.


  • This product doesn’t form any habit
  • The product also comprises Vitamin C which helps in absorption
  • If you follow a Keto Diet along with this product then you can increase the effectiveness.





GHRP-6 Review -Benefits & Side Effects (updated July 2019)


What is GHRP-6?

Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide 6 ( GHRP-6) is a peptide which substantially activates the pituitary gland into releasing high levels of growth hormone for a few hours. The increase in growth hormone comes from your own body, not synthetic growth hormones which can suppress your natural production. GHRP 6 is a first generation GHRP and has a few side effects which could be annoying.

Exercise and sports have, in recent times gained the credit it is due. Not only are these sports a testament to the fortitude of the athletes, but they are also a science in themselves. Each sport has different exercise regimes and different dietary requirements. While some athletes face the same environment in each competition, there are those who have to face a different environment every time they compete. What remains constant however is the importance of growth hormone and the effect it has on the athlete’s body.

It is here that Growth Hormone Releasing Peptide 6, or Growth Hormone Releasing Hexapeptide comes into the picture. Also called as GHRP-6, it is a synthetic met-enkephalin analog. It includes unnatural D amino acids. It is instrumental in releasing growth hormone that helps in muscle recovery, strengthing of joints and tendons, and fat loss. It is distinct from Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone or GHRH which causes a higher amount of growth hormone to be secreted during the body normal secretion time. GHRP-6 on the other time will target a pulse and force the pituitary to release the growth hormone that is stored there. It helps a particular muscle group to achieve maximum growth.

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Is it safe?

Yes, GHRP6, like all GHRPs’ are very safe to use for both short and long periods of time. No serious problems have been encountered from the use of GHRP-6 aside from the usual side effects which will be discussed later.

How to administer GHRP-6?

GHRP-6 while being the penultimate in strengths of GH release in its class, it is still quite potent and can be taken 2-3 times in a day. It is available in a freeze-dried powder and should be reconstituted in bacteriostatic water and stored in the refrigerator. It is available in 5 mg packets, and one dosage should not be more than 100 micrograms. A dosage of more than 200 micrograms does not any significant impact on the muscles. It should be injected using an insulin syringe either under the skin or between muscles.

Similar to other enhancers, it is observed that administrating GHRP-6 along with insulin gets an increased GH response. However, in presence of elevated glucose levels, GHRP-6 does not work well. As a result, consuming carbohydrates or dietary fats before administrating GHRP-6 is a bad idea. Thus the dose should be taken two hours after your last meal and at least thirty minutes before your next meal. Also, GHRP-6 has saturation points. As a result, you want to put a healthy interval between two doses so that your receptors are clear. The best schedule is one dose upon waking up, one post workout, and one before sleeping.

What can I expect from GHRP-6?

GHRPs’ release growth hormone, you can expect higher levels of IGF-1 in your body, which comes with a lot of benefits. These benefits include increased muscle gain, more muscle fibers, rapid fat loss, faster healing abilities and stronger bones just to name a few.

Benefits of GHRP-6

Just like all other performance-enhancing substances, GHRP-6 has its own set of benefits. It is for the following reasons that it has found such an ardent following amongst athletes.

  • Increase in ghrelin – Ghrelin is a hormone that the stomach releases when it is empty. It also helps regulate appetite, promotes fat loss in muscle tissue, and helps in healing damaged tendons. There are studies which also point to a direct link between elevated levels of ghrelin and faster repair of tendons. GHRP-6 causes an increase of ghrelin in the body.
  • Not sex-specific – One of the biggest advantages of GHRP-6 is the fact that it can be used by both men and women in the same dosage without causing a lot of complicated side effects. This sets it apart from a lot of other performance enhancers that regulate growth hormone.
  • Non-desensitizing – One of the biggest problems with performance enhancers is that the body builds up a certain tolerance or resistance to it. As a result, athletes either cycle their enhancers or end up taking a higher dosage to get the same result. GHRP-6 on the other and does not have a desensitizing effect on the body.


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Are there any side effects?

However, not all aspects of GHRP-6 are positive. The moment you put something additional into your body, there will be side effects. These can range from mild to dangerous, sometimes even fatal. The drawbacks of GHRP-6 are listed below.

  • Increase in appetite – GHRP-6 causes an intense increase in appetite. While this is a valid strategy for athletes and bodybuilders, without the necessary discipline, this can mean you just end up putting extra weight. It can result in opposite results to what you wanted.
  • Not the strongest in the family – GHRP-6 is the one with penultimate potency. There are two members of the GHRP-6 family which are stronger. However, compared to their side effects, GHRP-6 makes a lot more sense.
  • Drop in body sugar – The use of GHRP-6 is associated with a fall in blood sugar. This is frequently known to cause headaches. Diet adjustments an help the user adjust his / her body sugar level to match the drop. With time, as the body gets used to the GHRP-6 administration these headaches disappear.
  • Not cleared by FDA – GHRP-6 is not cleared by FDA for human consumption. Athletes and bodybuilders still get it by purchasing it for research purposes, but it cannot be ignored that a substance that has not been cleared should be regarded with a certain hesitation.

What should I use GHRP-6 with?

As said before, it is versatile in the fat it can be used as a recomp drug, or for cutting and bulking.

It is best used if you are planning on a bulk due to the increased hunger, combining it with SARMs such as LGD-4033 (extra muscle gain) and S4 (strength and recomp) as well as peptides such as IGF-1LR3 and Follistatin 344 are great as these add some serious mass quick. The following peptides are useful for cutting:

  • IGF-1 LR3
  • GHRP-2
  • Hexarelin
  • HGH Fragment
  • Ipamorelin

The Following Peptides are useful for adding muscle and is a good idea to add to any stack where you are trying to add muscle:

  • MGF
  • IGF-1 LR3
  • ACE-031
  • Follistatin 344

Storage and Dosage information

When it is in powder form, it’s smart to store it in a freezer for long periods of time (around 12 months).

But once reconstituted with either Bacteriostatic water or acetic acid, it should be in a refrigerator for up to 5 weeks.

The typical dosage commonly used with GHRP-6 is approximately 3 doses of 100mcg daily, split when you wake up, after your workout and before bed.

Verdict of GHRP-6

The final verdict is to go for it. GHRP-6 is not your garden-variety performance enhancer. One of the most important aspects of it is that it does not cause desensitization. This means that it will not cause overdose and that works best for athletes. Also since it increases appetite, it forces you to make more calories available to your body for exercise and for recovery. It does not boost unnatural muscle growth like other performance enhancers and the result does not put extra pressure on your tendons and ligaments.

  • Reduces body fat
  • Increase Lean Body mass
  • Helps with sleep.
  • Has anti-aging properties
  • Improves recovery time
  • Great to stack with SARMs and Peptides
  • Increases hunger

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Anastrozole Review 2018 -Benefits & Side Effects (Updated July 2019)


What is Anastrozole (Arimidex)?

Anastrozole is used to treat some specific kinds of breast cancer.Some doctors apply this medicine for treating some other conditions as well. It is an aromatase inhibitor and helps to decrease concentrations of blood estradiol that will eventually inhibit the growth and size of the tumor.

Arimidex, also known as Liquidex or Anastrozole, is classified best as an aromatase inhibitor and is recommended all over the world by medical practitioners. It is mainly recommended as an adjuvant treatment in case of women undergoing menopause and afflicted by a disease called “hormone receptor-positive” breast cancer in early stage or metastatic breast cancer. Please also note that Arimidex should not be prescribed for premenopausal women with endocrine status, and also for individuals having hypersensitivity to Arimidex.

Anastrozole can be termed as a hormonal treatment or called a hormonal therapy; it is not a cytotoxic chemotherapy. This works mainly by reducing estrogen amount generated by your body.

How does Anastrozole work?

Estrogens mainly stimulate and maintain the growth of most cancers that occur in the breast. In case of postmenopausal women, estrogens get derived mainly as a result of the action of the aromatase enzyme, and this gets converted to androgens and adrenal known as testosterone and androstenedione generally to estradiol and estrone. So if the biosynthesis of estrogen in peripheral tissue or other cancer tissue can be suppressed, it will prevent breast cancer growth and this can be achieved by inhibition of aromatase enzyme basically.

Anastrozole is basically a non-steroidal selective aromatase inhibitor. It can lower serum estradiol concentrations significantly with no detectable effect information for aldosterone or adrenal corticosteroids.

Use of Anastrozole in bodybuilding

Arimidex is a trade name coined by the pharmaceutical company the drug called Anastrozole. Majority of bodybuilders prefer taking this drug as it can inhibit the estrogen synthesis (it’s used in the so-called PCT, post cycle therapy). When bodybuilders use “anabolic androgenic steroids” some specific compounds aromatize to estrogen. If the level of estrogen is not restricted by use of Aromatase inhibitor, it may result in high-estrogen side effect and the most common of this symptom is the development of ‘gyno’ or ‘man breasts’. Another lesser known side effect happens due to water retention, giving a bloated look and it can damage a good physique. Internally, if you carry excess water weight around it will strain the lipid of the body across the board. A person may also expect an increase in his blood pressure reading, loss of energy and heart strain. Moreover high estrogen level in man can affect libido adversely.

If you are very aggressive and determined to reduce estrogen level, on the other hand, you may use compounds which is chemically harsher than Anastrozole or Arimidex, and it may cause to drop your estrogen level too low. A man can suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED), depression, loss of energy, and low libido as a result of this.

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Anastrozole is a very effective drug to combat estrogen-related concerns as it is an aromatase inhibitor blocking aromatase enzyme and prevents estrogen production to a great extent.

Advantage of Arimidex 

The main benefit in intake and use of Arimidex as compared to a SERM, such as tamoxifen or Nolvadex, is the fact that Arimidex can block aromatase enzyme level; thereby preventing the estrogen production at first place. When you compare you see that Tamoxifen hinders the estrogen receptors to receive estrogen hormone, instead of inhibiting production at source. So you still have Estrogen hormone floating in your body when SERM is used.

The half-life for anastrozole is about forty-six hours, and it has a tendency to build up in the system when used every day.

Application of Anastrozole

Anastrozole is usually taken orally without or with food, generally one time a day, or the way your doctor has prescribed. This medication must be taken daily to get the most amount of benefit from it and preferably it should be taken at the same time each day for maximum results.

Generally, a leaflet of extra patient information is found with Anastrozole. You can talk to the pharmacist in case you have a query about this.

You must continue taking anastrozole even when you feel well without missing any doses. If you have missed the dose of this medication, it should be taken at the soonest. And in case you have reached the time for next dose, you must skip the missed one and continue with your normal dosing routine, avoid taking two doses at the same time.

The dose should not be increased or the frequency of taking this medication must not be enhanced without doctor’s advice. The main reason being this will not improve your condition any quicker and alongside it will increase the risk of some serious side effects. This drug gets absorbed through the skin, so it is advisable that pregnant women or those who may get pregnant do not break or handle tablets of this medicine.

It is known that recommended dosage for Arimidex is usually one tablet of 1 mg daily or as instructed by a medical practitioner. The doses must not be modified at your own will, as some patients do and a strict management and regulation of qualified medical practitioner must be followed. It is very important to note that Arimidex must not be blended with some other therapies for breast cancer like Tamoxifen. It is worthy of mention that Arimidex overdose may lead to certain side effects like depression, hypertension, insomnia, nausea, arthritis, and headache. Arimidex must be stored at a very controlled room temperature around 25C or 77F and excursions with a permissible limit of 15to 30C or 59 to 86F. Arimidex may be said as some wonder drug but must be used with proper medical advice and used for legal purposes like treating breast cancer.

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Conditions treated by Anastrozole

Anastrozole oral mainly treat certain particular breast cancer condition like “Hormone Receptor Positive Breast Cancer” and “metastatic breast carcinoma”. It is also used to cure or prevent breast cancer in case of high-risk woman and cancer condition for the ovary.

Before using anastrozole:

Few medical conditions interact with Anastrozole. So you must make your doctor or physical practitioner aware if you are under any of the following conditions:

  • if you are breastfeeding, or are pregnant, or plan to get pregnant anytime soon
  • if you take any kind of non-prescribed or prescribed medicine, dietary supplement or herbal formulation
  • if you are having a history for thin or weak bones(osteoporosis), liver problems, ischemic heart disease where blood vessel or heart problems occur or increased lipid or cholesterol levels.
  • if you suffer from allergic conditions to a certain food, medicines or other substances

If you are in taking Estrogen-consisting products like some birth control tablets or therapies for hormone replacement and also tamoxifen since it may lessen the effectiveness of this drug.

This list provided above may not be an exhaustive list of all interactions that can take place. Ask your health care provider if Anastrozole may interact with other medicines that you take. It is a must that you should check with the healthcare provider once before starting, stopping, or changing the medicinal dose.

Usage and Indications for AnastrozoleFirst-Line Treatment

Anastrozole tablets are used for first-line treatment and prevention for women in the postmenopausal state having hormone receptor or hormone receptor-positive’.

  • Adjuvant Treatment

Anastrozole tablets indicated basically for adjuvant treatment in case of postmenopausal women having hormone receptor-positive’ early breast cancer.

  • Second-Line Treatment

Anastrozole tablets are also used in treating breast cancer of advanced stage in postmenopausal women having disease progression after tamoxifen therapy. But reports and studies show that patients having ER-negative disease who have not responded to earlier tamoxifen therapy will rarely respond to Anastrozole tablets.

  • Patients with Hepatic Impairment

There are no dosage changes recommended for patients suffering from moderate-to-mild hepatic impairment. Anastrozole tablet usage in patients having severe hepatic impairment is still not done.

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Some possible anastrozole side effects:

Every medicine has some side effects or the other. Anastrozole may lead to certain side effects in some cases or it may not. You must immediately report to your medical expert in case some common side effect continues or gets bothersome. Some known side effects are, bone, Back breast, joint, and muscle pain, cough, constipation, dizziness, hair loss, diarrhea, flu symptoms with muscle tiredness or aches, hot flashes, headache, appetite loss, nausea, mild stomach pain, stomach upset, sore throat, sleep patterns, trouble, vaginal dryness, weakness, vomiting and weight gain. But this list of side effects may not be complete that occurs. Consult your doctor if any medical advice is needed for side effects.

To list a few more consitions that may intercat with intake of this drug are Exterme allergic reactions like rash, hives, itching; tightness in chest; difficulty in swallowing or breathing; burning, swelling of the face, mouth, throat, lips or tongue; unusual hoarseness in voice; numbness or tingling in calf or leg pain, chest pain; tenderness; fainting; confusion; fever, persistent soring of throat; chills, mood or mental changes like depression; painful and frequent urination; one-sided weakness; numb arm or leg; persistent or severe bone pain; swollen, red, blistered, peeling skin; persistent or severe dizziness and headache; shortness of breath; persistent and severe weakness or tiredness; speech problems; skin ulcers, lesions or blisters; unusual and sudden weight gain; lymph nodes swollen; high blood calcium levels symptoms like change in quantity of urine excreted; increase of thirst; irregular heartbeats; mood changes; muscle weakness or aches; Continuous and severe vomiting or constipation; liver problems symptoms of like yellowing of eyes or skin; severe or persistent nausea, dark urine, stomach pain and vomiting; pain, tingling, coldness, weakness in the wrists, fingers, or hands; vaginal bleeding and unusual discharge; vision changes and a general fee of being unwell.

This may not be a complete list of side effects that can take place. When you have some query about side effects, please contact a proper health care provider or calling a doctor to get medical advice on side effects is recommended.

In ATAC trial, most common adverse reaction reported (>0.1%) which leads to discontinuing therapy for treatment was mainly hot flashes. But statistics show that very few patients decided to discontinue this therapy due to hot flashes results in Anastrozole group. Clinical trials have been conducted under many diverse and varying conditions, and adverse reaction rates are observed in clinical trials for a drug that cannot be compared directly to rates in clinical trials for other drug and it may not be able to reflect rates that are observed in practice.

Proper storage of anastrozole: 

Anastrozole must be stored at room temperature, around 68 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit or 20 to 25 degrees C, in some airtight container. It must be kept away from moisture, heat, and light. Never store in the bathroom and keep anastrozole away from children and pets.

Safety information about the drug:

Anastrozole can result in dizziness and this effect can worsen if taken with certain medicines or alcohol and it may be used cautiously. You must not drive or do any other unsafe task after intake of the medicine as you do not know how it will react.

Women having a history of heart arteries blockage like in ischemic heart condition may find an increase in the symptom of reduced blood flow to the heart. You must immediately consult a doctor once you feel worsening chest pain or feel short of breath while you are in the process of taking Anastrozole.

Anastrozole reduces estrogen hormone level in the body that may result in causing to make your bones weaker and softer. This can increase the chance for fractures in bone, especially in hip, spine, and wrist. Any questions must be discussed with a doctor.

Certain lab tests, such as blood cholesterol level, liver function, bone mineral density, can be done while you are using anastrozole. These tests can be used for monitoring the condition or checking side effects.

Since safety or effectiveness of this drug in children is not yet confirmed so it should not be administered to kids.

Anastrozole has been found harmful to the foetus, so it is not to be taken before or during pregnancy.

Do not use this information for deciding whether you should take or not take anastrozole or for that matter any medicine. Only a registered doctor or health care provider possesses the training and knowledge in deciding the right medicines for you.

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Guanfacine review 2018- Benefits & Side Effects (Updated July 2019)


Guanfacine Product Review

Guanfacine is a type of medication used (alone or in combination with other medication) to treat high blood pressure. High blood pressure is a condition that mostly affects the functionality of the heart and arteries. If not treated, it can cause damage to the blood vessels of the heart, brain, kidney and other parts of the body leading to stroke, heart failure, kidney failure or even loss of vision. High blood pressure can also increase the risk of experiencing heart attacks. Guanfacine helps controls the blood pressure thus reducing the occurrence of these problems. The medication is an alpha agonist. It works by controlling nerve impulses along the major nerve pathways, which relaxes blood vessels for smooth flow of blood in the body.

Guanfacine extended-release tablets can also be prescribed, alone or with other medications, for patients suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The condition is usually characterized by difficulty in focusing, remaining still or quiet or controlling actions, especially among children and adolescents. The medication works by increasing attention and/or decreasing restlessness, distraction, and impulsiveness. Guanfacine is used as a major part of a treatment program that includes social, psychological and educational treatment.

How Guanfacine Should Be Used

Guanfacine comes in two forms: as a tablet and as an extended-release tablet. All these forms of medications are taken by mouth. The Guanfacine tablet is usually taken once a day when going to bed while the extended-release tablet is taken once a day but the patient is not required to take a high-fat meal. Doctors recommend patients to take Guanfacine about the same time every day. All the directions provided on the prescription label should be followed to the latter and in case of any problem or misunderstanding; the patient should contact a professional doctor or pharmacist.

Extended-release tablets should be swallowed whole with a small amount of water or liquid. It is not advisable for the patient to break, chew or crush the tablets. Usually, the doctor will prescribe a low-dose guanfacine and may increase the dose gradually. For extended-release tablets, the doctor might increase a dose once a week and not more than once in every 3 to 4 weeks for those taking tablets.

Guanfacine tablets and extended-release tablets are meant for controlling the patient’s condition and not curing it. A patient might take up to 2 weeks to experience the benefits of the medication, upon the first dosage. Guanfacine should be taken continuously as per the prescribed dose as stopping to take the medication might increase the blood pressure, anxiety or nervousness.

Special Precautions before Using Guanfacine

Before using guanfacine ensure you do the following:

-Let your doctor or pharmacist know if you’re allergic to guanfacine or any of the ingredients included in the tablets or extended-release tablets.

-Don’t take guanfacine tablets and extended-release tablets at the same time unless guided by doctor’s advice

-Let your doctor know about any prescription or non-prescription medication or dietary supplements you’re currently taking. Be sure to mention to your doctor any of the following medications: antidepressants, barbiturates like Phenobarbital (luminal); antihistamines; clarithromycin(Biaxin);carbamazepine( Epitol, Carbatrol, Tegretol, Equetro); itraconazole(Sporanox, Onmel);ketoconazole(Nizoral): medications for high blood pressure, anxiety, seizures, mental illness or nausea; phenytoin (phenytek, Dilantin); nelfinavir(Viracept); rifabutin(Mycobutin); sedatives; tranquilizers; sleeping pills; and valproic acid(Depakene). Telling your doctor the medication you’re taking or planning to take will help him change your doses or monitor the side effects.

-Tell your doctor of your history or any recent cases of fainting, heart attack, stroke or low blood pressure; a slow heart rate; heart disease, kidney disease or liver disease. Be sure to also disclose any details of bipolar disorder if any. Bipolar or manic-depressive disorder is a condition characterized by episodes of depression, mania and/or other abnormal moods.

-let your doctor know if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding or planning to become pregnant

-If you’re having any form of surgery, it’s important to inform the surgeon or concerned doctor that you are using guanfacine

-Seek advice from your doctor about the safe use of alcoholic beverages, especially when you’re beginning your guanfacine dose.

-You should know that guanfacine treatment may cause fainting due to dehydration or overheating of the body.

-You need to understand that guanfacine may cause such side effects as dizziness, fainting or lightheadedness, especially when you are taking the medication for the first time. To avoid these effects, it’s advisable that you get out of bed slowly as you rest your feet on the floor for some time before standing up.

-Know that guanfacine should be used in the total ADHD treatment program which includes special counseling and education.

Key Things to Check On Before Taking Guanfacine 

  • Pediatric 

Numerous studies have indicated a significant relationship between guanfacine tablets effects and age. Children under 12 years may experience some side effects from use of eh medicine. Hence safety and efficacy needs to be checked with a healthcare professional before administering a dose of guanfacine extended-release tablets to children.

  • Pregnancy and Breastfeeding 

Pregnant women (regardless of the trimester) may use guanfacine under the doctor or pharmacists prescription. Though there’re no confirmed side effects to the fetus, it is important to ask for expert advice on the right dosage to take on.

There may be minimal or no side effects of guanfacine on a breastfeeding child. Before taking on a given dose, it may be important to eight of the potential benefits of the medication against the potential risks on breastfeeding.

  • Suicidal Ideation

Patients who have been diagnosed with emergent suicidal behavior or ideation during ADHD treatment should be thoroughly evaluated by their physician or doctor before administering guanfacine. Treatment of any underlying psychiatric conditions might be necessary with major consideration on changing the entire ADHD treatment program.

  • Alcohol and Tobacco Interactions

Using alcohol and/or tobacco during guanfacine medication (when used alone or combined with other medications) may cause interactions to occur. For safety and efficacy of the medication, you might need to talk to your doctor to get advice on the best way to reduce or stop the use of these drugs.

Are There Any Dietary Instructions That A Patient Should Follow When Using Guanfacine?

Before getting a guanfacine prescription from your doctor, be sure to talk with him or her about eating grapefruits or drinking grapefruit juice. However, you might be required to make dietary and lifestyle changes so as to help control the body’s blood pressure. Patients on guanfacine prescription are required to adhere to a diet low in fat and salt, maintain a healthy weight, exercise for at least 30 minutes daily and avoid smoking cigarette and moderate alcohol consumption.

Guanfacine Dosing

The amount of guanfacine dosage prescribed is different for different patients. It is always important for patients to follow the orders or directions provided on the label. Each dose is administered based on the type and severity of the condition. Also, the amount of medicine a patient is given will depend on the strength of the medication. However, there are general guidelines on dosage with recommended time in-between doses, and length of time the medication should be taken based on the medical problem. Here is the average amount of dose you can expect for the following medications:

Extended-release Tablets for ADHD: adolescents and children aged 6 years and above should take 1 milligram (mg) of the medication, once a day; the medication can be taken in the morning or evening but it should be the same time each day. The doctor may gradually adjust the dosage if necessary. However, the dosage cannot exceed 4 mg per day. Children aged below 6 years must receive a proper determination from the doctor before they can use any of these medications.

Prior to prescribing, the doctor may need to conduct a baseline evaluation to help identify patients with increased risk of sedation, somnolence, hypotension and/or bradycardia. Other important aspects that may need to be evaluated include weight increase or the risk of obesity. Evaluating and documenting a patient’s blood pressure and/or heart rate can provide a clear platform for proper prescription.

Oral Dosage Tablets for High Blood Pressure: Adults are required to take 1 milligram (mg) of guanfacine per day, at bedtime. The doctor might increase the dose up to 3 mg/day if necessary. Children that require this dose must consult the doctor to determine their case.

Guanfacine is cleared by the liver and kidneys, with about 30 percent of the medicinal product being excreted in urine. Thus for patients suffering from renal impairment, there might be a need for dose reduction to ensure the effectiveness of medication and reduced side effects. Regardless of the age of the patient, it’s important for the doctor to evaluate conditions relating to liver and kidneys before administering the medication.

Effects of the Medications on the Height, Weight, and Body Mass Index (BMI)

Adolescents and children treated with extended-release tablets (Intuniv) may show an increase in BMI. Therefore, you should monitor your height, weight and BMI prior to the initiation of the therapy. You can also keep track of your BMI after every 3 months for the first year you’re under medication while taking into consideration clinical judgment. As your dose administration changes, you should change your evaluation time intervals.


If you miss a guanfacine medication dose, you should take it as soon as you remember. However, if it’s almost time for the next dose, you can skip the missed dose and continue with your regular dosing schedule. Never double the doses as that might cause adverse side effects.

If you forgot or missed taking the extended-release tablets for two or more days, it is necessary to consult your doctor. Suddenly cutting off your body form medication can cause unwanted effects. So checking with the doctor might help you answer the more pressing questions.

What Are The Possible Side Effects Of Guanfacine?

Guanfacine may have side effects to patients, which might manifest the symptoms upon the first or subsequent doses. Here are some of the common side effects experienced by patients taking guanfacine tablets or extended-release tablets:

  • Dry mouth
  • Fatigue
  • A headache
  • Irritability
  • Decreased appetite
  • Decreased sexual ability
  • Stomach pain
  • Vomiting
  • Constipation
  • Nausea
  • Some of the more serious side effects may include:
  • Fainting
  • Blurred vision
  • Skin Rashes
  • Slow heart rate


What Are The Symptoms Of Overdose? 

Taking an overdose of the guanfacine medication may result in dizziness or unusual weakness or tiredness. Some of these effects may last for some time and might go away during treatment as the body adjusts to the medication. It is always important to contact a healthcare professional to advice on ways or preventing or reducing some of the side effects. In case of an emergency, you can also call your local poison control center for assistance if the victim or patient collapses or stops breathing abruptly.


Guanfacine should be stored in a closed container at room temperature and away from heat, moisture, and direct sunlight. The medication should also be kept away from freezing. Always keep it out of reach of children.

Do not keep any expired medication in your home

In case of any questions on safe disposal, contact a healthcare professional for advice

Where Can You Get The Best Guanfacine Medications?

Guanfacine tablets and extended-release tablets are available both in online and local registered pharmacies and clinics. Patients can also get prescriptions from either private or public hospitals. It’s always important to consider getting these forms of medication from licensed and qualified professional doctors and pharmacists so as to be assured of getting the right prescription. Always do your research to ensure you’re buying the medication from the right professional healthcare provider.

Conclusion Guanfacine?

Upon prescription, you should remember to keep all the appointments with your medical doctor or pharmacist. That’s to ensure to undergo regular check-up for your blood pressure and heart rate in order to determine the response of guanfacine to your condition.

Never share or allow anyone else to take your prescribed guanfacine dose. In case you have any questions about refilling your prescription, it’s important to consult or ask your pharmacist.

Always keep a written list of all the prescription and over-the-counter medicines you’re taking. Also be sure to include such products as vitamins, minerals or any other dietary supplements you’re taking. Bring the list along every time you visit your doctor or whenever you’re admitted to a hospital. That can provide great information that can be used in treating you in case of any medical emergency.



Eptifibatide Review 2018 -Benefits & Drawbacks (Updated July 2019)


What is Eptifibatide?

Eptifibatide, also known as Integrilin, happens to be a drug that works by assisting in the prevention of platelets fusing with each other, an occurrence which causes blood clots. When these blood clots occur for no medical explainable reason, it usually tends to infer that the affected individual is suffering from certain cardiovascular conditions or blood vessels disorders. To which end, this medication is normally prescribed by physicians to prevent the coagulation (clotting) of blood, which in the extreme scenario has been known to cause heart attack and other cardiovascular health challenges.

This given clotting of the blood is prevalently manifested among those persons who suffer from chronic chest pain along with other related medical conditions of the same nature. On the other hand, Eptifibatide can be administered to those individuals who have undergone a surgical procedure, which is referred to, in medical circles, as angioplasty. Angioplasty, for the most part, is usually executed by surgeons in the attempt to unclog blocked arteries. This drug was first discovered by a team of researchers led by Robert. M. Scarborough and David Phillips. They made this groundbreaking discovery at the facilities of COR Therapeutics in the year 2001. This company was later on acquired by Millennium Pharmaceuticals.

Eptifibatide benefits

Besides just being able to effectively prevent the formation of blood clots in your bloodstream, Integrilin can as well come in handy if you are a bodybuilder or fitness freak. This is especially so if you happen to integrate a vigorous exercise regimen that triggers the bruising of your body. When you go through the intensive training exercises that are a must to realize all your bodybuilding or fitness goals, it is very easy to sustain some injuries that can lead to bleeding of varying intensity. If you happen to suffer from a bleeding condition or disorder, this can, in turn, make you bleed uncontrollably even from minor injuries or grazes you sustain in your workout sessions. If this continues and you do not take any steps to curb such kind of bleeding, you will be most definitely putting your wellbeing, health and even life at risk.

On the other hand, if you have been diagnosed with a condition, which causes your platelets to stick together, and in the long run, trigger coagulation of your blood, this medication can also be beneficial to you in your workout regimen. This cases of clots of your blood can, in turn, trigger other potentially dangerous cardiovascular medical conditions that can greatly impair your efforts to train well. However, by consulting your doctor, he or she will be able to prescribe Eptifibatide to deal with this serious issue and completely prevent the clotting of platelets in your bloodstream. This way, you can be able to work just as hard as any other bodybuilder or fitness enthusiast, without having to worry about your overall health and wellbeing. So, as you can evidently see, this drug can be a veritable lifesaver if you suffer from a condition or disorder, which causes your platelets to clot. But still, wish to continue with your bodybuilding or fitness training as you previously did.

Eptifibatide Dosage 

Eptifibatide can only be administered directly into the veins via an IV by a healthcare provider. In some specific circumstances, it can be administered round the clock for the upwards of 4 full days consecutively. When it comes to the earlier mentioned angioplasty surgical procedures, this drug is administered all through the surgery, and for up to 24 hours afterward or until the patient is discharged from the hospital. Let us now take a closer look at the right dosage, which is prescribed for patients that suffer from notable cardiovascular conditions by the maker of this drug.

Angina pectoris

Eptifibatide is administered to individuals with angina pectoris in the following manner. Healthcare providers normally commence with an initial 180 mcg/kg IV bolus dose immediately after the diagnosis has been made or as soon as possible after that. Then a 2 mcg/kg/min continuous infusion is consecutively administered until the moment the patient is discharged from the hospital or is scheduled to undergo a CABG surgical procedure.

Acute coronary syndrome

For those people who have the acute coronary syndrome, the initial dose that is administered for this drug is 180 mcg/kg IV bolus, which is done immediately after the diagnosis has been made. Then a 2 mcg/kg/min continuous infusion follows until the moment the patient is discharged from the hospital or before the commencement of a CABG surgical procedure ( up to 72 hours later).

Percutaneous coronary intervention

Below is the manufacturer recommended dosage for those individuals who have been scheduled to undergo the percutaneous coronary intervention procedure. Ideally, the Eptifibatide administration starts with 180 mcg/kg IV bolus just before the surgery kicks off. They then get a 2 mcg/kg/min dose after the initial IV bolus. This infusion is then continued until the moment the patient can be safely discharged from the hospital.

All in all, since this drug can only be administered by trained and experienced healthcare workers, it is very unlikely that you can get an overdose or miss the prescribed dosing in your treatment plan.

What are the side effects of taking Eptifibatide?

Eptifibatide has, over the passage of time since its discovery in 2001, been known to trigger a number of side effects whose severity varies from mild to severe. Some of the most common of these include:

  • Hives
  • Shortness of breath

Swelling of the face, lips tongue and even throat should you manifest the above symptoms, make sure that you get emergency medical assistance as soon as you possibly can to prevent complications.You may also experience lightheadedness or bleeding that does not cease. The last side effect can occur around the IV needle or catheter and in those particular areas of the body, which have been punctured by injection needles. Also, you can start passing red or pink urine together with a bloody or tarry discharge in your stool, coughing up blood or passing out a vomit that looks like coffee grounds. If you exhibit any of these symptoms after the administration of this drug, alert your physician as soon as you possibly can to get proper treatment. Nevertheless, the most commonly reported side effects of taking this medication are uncontrollable bleeding. This normally happens due to the earlier noted fact that this drug carries out its work by preventing platelets to coagulate in the bloodstream. A circumstance which makes it extremely easy for the user to start bleeding even when they have sustained a very superficial injury.

Which kinds of people should not use Eptifibatide?

Quite naturally, as with other similar medications, there are certain individuals who are advised to avoid using this drug in order to prevent serious side effects. This includes those that have certain medical conditions or a certain physical status. Well, let us now take a look at some of these given individuals. To begin with, at all costs, never accept the administration of Eptifibatide if you are, at the same time, receiving treatment with the same class of medicines like this one. Some of the most notable of which are abciximab and tirofiban that are also prescribed to prevent blood clots. You should also avoid using Integrilin if you happen to suffer from chronic or an uncontrollably high blood pressure.

If you are undergoing dialysis treatment for kidney failure, it is also highly recommended that you do not use this medication at the same time with such treatment. This is also the case for those people who have been diagnosed with a bleeding condition or disorder such as hemophilia or even thrombocytopenia. You should, at the same time, avoid using Integrilin, if you have suffered a stroke or bleeding episode within the past 30 days prior to using this drug. Additionally, those individuals that have undergone any type of surgical procedure or experienced a medical emergency within 6 weeks before being prescribed this medication are also dissuaded from using it.

Side Effects

Finally, it will be very prudent to consult your physician if you are an expectant woman or if you intend to get pregnant during Eptifibatide treatment. It is quite true that virtually all the clinical studies, which have been conducted on this drug have failed to indicate it can be potentially dangerous to unborn babies. Yet, in most cases than not, it is normally administered in conjunction with aspirin. It is important for you to note that aspirin has been known to trigger bleeding among pregnant women, particularly in the last trimester of their pregnancies (6 to 9 months). Aspirin has also been shown to cause serious and potentially life-threatening side effects in newborn babies. At the same time, it has not been fully demonstrated if this medication can be able to pass into breast milk or even if it has the potential to cause any kind of harm to those young children who nurse. Still, to be prudent, make sure you always consult with your doctor to obtain advice if you can still be able to continue nursing your child during your treatment with Integrilin.

Can Eptifibatide have any adverse interactions with other medication?

Eptifibatide has been revealed to cause some adverse reactions when it is taken at the same time with certain other drugs. So, it is very important to alert your physician to all the other medicines you might currently be using if he prescribes this one. To be on the safe side, always make sure that you get his or her approval to use Integrilin, if you are on any non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) NSAIDs can be usually prescribed by healthcare providers to treat medical conditions such as arthritis, fever, swelling or as effective pain relievers. These particular medications have been comprehensively proved to interact adversely with Integrilin, once they are taken at the same time. Some of the most notable non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs which are currently made available in the market include the above-mentioned aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen.

All of these kinds of medicine have been known, when used along with Eptifibatide simultaneously, to trigger bruising that can then lead to unrelenting bleeding. On the other hand, you should make sure you avoid taking this drug, if your doctor has prescribed the use of blood thinners such as warfarin, Coumadin or even santoven. All of these medications have been known to interact adversely with Integrilin when they are taken together. Therefore, always desist from using the latter if you are on any blood thinners, and make sure your physician knows about it, prior to accepting his or her prescription. This should also be the case, like it was earlier stated, when you are taking drugs which are meant to treat blood clots, just like this one. Some of the most notable of which are plavix, xarelto, ticlid as well as pradaxa, to mention but a few.


On a parting shot, it is always vital for you to make sure the dosage you take is the right one to avoid the dangerous repercussions of overdosing that can be potentially life-threatening in the extreme. Also, make sure you avoid taking Integrilin at the same time with the medications that can interact negatively with it. This if you remember, includes the earlier noted non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), blood thinners and even those similar medications that are prescribed to treat coagulation of the blood in your bloodstream. Additionally, ensure you avoid using Eptifibatide if you have been diagnosed with any of the medical conditions that were outlined above.

This, of course, includes having an uncontrollably high blood pressure, suffering from kidney failure or if you have suffered from a stroke. Also, avoid using Integrilin if you have undergone a surgical procedure until your wounds can properly heal to avoid uncontrollable bleeding. By making sure, you follow the tips listed here, you will be able to effectively deal with incidents where your blood clots and blocks your arteries. Finally, as was elaborated in the previous paragraph, this drug can be of immense use to you have a bleeding or blood clotting medical condition, but still, wish to realize your bodybuilding or fitness objectives.

Sustanon Review 2018- Benefits & Side Effects (Updated July 2019)


What is Sustanon?

Controversial as they are, no one can say that they do not provide guaranteed results and while there are definite factors to take into consideration, there is no reason steroid use cannot be responsible. If you do your homework, and avoid and/or are mindful of a few things, there is a good chance that steroids could work positively for you. It is already an unspoken secret that certain parts of the competitive sports world are heavily reliant on steroids to help them go above and beyond, chiefly bodybuilding. It definitely depends on what your goals are. Here we talk about a steroid that has seen a lot of popularity over the years. Taking a closer look, we’ll tell you all you need to know about Sustanon.

Sustanon picture

Sustanon is one of those drugs that isn’t any one particular steroid. Instead, Sustanon is a mixture, a combination of 4 testosterone esters that combined together, make a fantastic choice of treatment for hormone replacement or testosterone replacement therapy in people with low testosterone among other medical conditions that could require HRT (hormone replacement therapy) or TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy)

The point of mixing four testosterone esters to make an injectable like Sustanon is to provide near instantaneous and long-lasting benefits of testosterone to the body, which helps give that extra edge in terms of gains, workouts and other benefits.

While it was originally developed to provide TRT, Sustanon is also a leading choice for athletes looking to enhance their performance and give themselves and their regimens an edge. While for TRT the recommendation is to take injections of Sustanon once every 10-14 days or more, at the doctor’s discretion, advice and the medical requirement at hand, for athletes looking to enhance performance, it is recommended to take the injectable around every 2 or 3 weeks to keep levels up.

Sustanon is an AAS and an interesting one because while some steroids hare more anabolic and others are more androgenic, Sustanon is equally androgenic and anabolic in a high but effective quantity.

Sustanon works in a few different ways. For one, it works by increasing protein synthesis, enhancing nitrogen retention and producing more IGF-1 (Insulin Growth Factor -1). Sustanon also increases red blood cell count. Why is this important? An increase in red blood cells means there is more oxygen circulated in the body, this is always a good thing. This drug also suppresses stress hormones that are largely catabolic in nature like cortisol. This means better fat burning ability.

Sustanon Composition and Different Versions

Sustanon is essentially a testosterone compound which consists of differently sized esters. It is made up of 4 testosterone esters. They are as follows

The main difference between these esters and their combination is that they all have different half-lives and this means that the period over which the effects can be felt last for a certain number of time. By combining different esters it helps create a product that isn’t required to be taken every few days, and the user can easily do it close to 2 times a month and still see impressive results.

There are different versions of Sustanon available, these are:

  • Sustanon 100
  • Sustanon 250
  • Sustanon 300

All three contain the same esters and the only real difference is in the concentrations. Sustanon 250 is the most popular of the three and comes in a 1ml ampule that would need to be injected once every 2 or 3 weeks.

Who makes Sustanon?

Organon is a pharmaceutical company that has been around for a really long time. Having been around since 1913 and at the forefront of a lot of development and provision of many different drugs for a variety of medical conditions, Organon is also well known for its development of steroids.

Founded in the Netherlands, the company enjoys an international reputation is not part of the Schering-Plough Corporation. It has many production facilities across the world including Germany, Ireland, USA, China, Japan, UK and the Netherlands.

Benefits of Sustanon

When it boils down to it, Sustanon is a very straightforward compound. It is pure testosterone, which means for men suffering from low testosterone, your doctor might possibly recommend it as testosterone replacement therapy. It also has some applications in other medical conditions like osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s.

In terms of performance enhancement, there are a fair amount of benefits to look forward to, here we look at the main 3 that most people would consider using Sustanon for:

  • Putting on Bulk – One of the main reasons for steroid use is to increase muscle mass. Combined with a protein-rich diet, you can be sure to gain a lot of lean muscle mass
  • Cutting – The problem with finding the right drug to help with your cutting cycle is to find a product that cuts the fat and gives you a dry, vascular look and deals with any bloating that might occur. More importantly, you want to do all this without losing lean muscle tissue. Sustanon helps with this
  • Overall Enhancement – Known to be one of the most versatile steroid compounds available, Sustanon will provide your body with a host of benefits to take you that extra mile including increased strength, better bone density, mental clarity and all the other positive effects that come with a high testosterone.

If Sustanon is stacked and supplemented correctly, there is a good chance of minimizing or avoiding some of the side effects that you would be at risk for.

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Things to Watch Out For

Sustanon’s versatility and benefits make a good fit for many people who use steroids are strongly considering it, but like any steroid, there are potential side effects that should be watched out for. All side effects are entirely dependent on how your body reacts – everyone is different after all, so while there potential, not everyone would suffer from the side effects in the same way and to the same degree.

Some of the most common side effects of Sustanon include:

  • Gynecomastia
  • Water Retention
  • Hair Loss and excess body hair
  • Acne
  • Drop in natural testosterone
  • Problems with sexual health

A lot of these side effects can be curbed with use of an androgen inhibitor to help reduce aromatization where testosterone gets in converted into estrogen.

Another thing to watch out for is perhaps not a big deal to many, but those wary of needles should be well aware that it is an injectable, so careful, hygienic use is of great importance to avoid infections. The compound itself also makes for a painful injection as compared to some other testosterone esters.

While it is recommended to take every 2 to 3 weeks, some users inject at more regular intervals to achieve dramatic effects as soon as possible. This is potentially dangerous and should be avoided because it increases the risk of side effects. Although, to be fair anyone using Sustanon for performance enhancing and not medical reasons is automatically at risk for side effects because you are essentially messing around with natural steroid function in your body. It is better to avoid increasing that risk.

Finally, because it is ultimately a drug and produced synthetically and makes hormonal changes in the body, it is STRONGLY recommended that people with the following problems should avoid steroid use:

  • Men with the propensity for high blood pressure
  • Issues with high bad cholesterol
  • Prostate enlargement sufferers

These above issues could become exacerbated and cause some detrimental effects with continues steroid use.

Final Say

The balance on Sustanon doesn’t really tip either way because while there are things to watch out for, with careful consideration of your body and needs combining with responsible use, you could consider Sustanon as a steroid that will help you meet your goals.

The one note we would like to add though is that most steroids, including Sustanon, do come with the fact that they are prescription only. If it hasn’t been prescribed to you or isn’t a medical requirement, it is illegal because of the potential side effects it could cause in healthy men due to hormonal imbalances.

The final say on Sustanon is that like any other drug that is taken for performance-enhancing that truly works. It is important to be responsible and work toward your goals in a sustainable manner. This reduces the risk of side effects and offers your body a chance to adjust and grow at a healthy pace albeit somewhat more dramatically than without Sustanon.

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Exemestane Review- Benefits & Side Effects (updated July 2019)


Exemestane and how it works

Exemestane helps lower down the levels of estrogen in a woman’s body. It is effective in slowing down the growth of breast tumors which rely on estrogen to develop. It is generally used as a treatment for breast cancer patients who are already in the postmenopausal period. Breast cancer patients who have had surgery use exemestane to help heal their condition. It is mostly prescribed to women who have undergone radiation or surgery yet was unsuccessful. The medicine is most commonly known as Aromasin. Before taking the medicine, you must ensure that you are not allergic to it to prevent serious illnesses. If you are pregnant or a woman who hasn’t reached menopause yet, it is not advisable to take this medication. In order to ensure that it is safe for you to take, inform if your doctor if you have kidney or liver disease. One of its side effects is having a decreased bone mineral density. As a result, a patient may be at a higher risk of having osteoporosis. Exemestane is also known to cause birth defects in pregnant women.

It’s important to use a pregnancy test first to ensure that the results are indeed negative. Women who are in the postmenopausal period, estrogen relies on the change of sex hormones from androgen to estrogen. Aromatase is needed in order for this change to occur. Exemestane blocks and inhibits the enzyme. As a result, it effectively reduces the amount of estrogen in the woman’s body which slows down the growth of cancer cells.


The exact dosage of exemestane that should be used would depend on your doctor’s prescription. It’s important to follow the instructions of your doctor accurately. You shouldn’t take a smaller or bigger amount than prescribed. Generally, exemestane is taken once a day after a meal. Patients are usually prescribed 25mg a day. Although you can take your medicine with whichever meal you prefer, it’s recommended to take it at the same time every day. This ensures that you’ll be able to remember taking it regularly. If in case you forget to take it during one of the meals in the day, take it after eating a snack instead. If in case you completely forget to take it for an entire day, only take the prescribed daily amount the next day. Do not take two doses of exemestane to make up for the missed dosage. In order to enjoy its full benefits, make sure to take it regularly. Before you run out of the medicine, have your doctor refill your prescription.

If you experience any side effects from taking the medicine, you should consult a doctor immediately. Its most common side effects include difficulty breathing, hives and swelling of the tongue, throat, lips or face. You should immediately get medical assistance if you experience unusual bone pain, shortness of breath from mild exertion, swelling in your hands and feet, chest pain or sudden weakness and headaches. You may also experience problems with speech, vision or balance. Other common side effects of exemestane include joint pain, hot flashes, severe headaches, insomnia, nausea and increased sweating. Keep in mind that your doctor provided you this medication because he has calculated that you will be experiencing more benefits of the medicine compared to its side effects. Therefore, if you experience any of these serious side effects you must contact your doctor immediately. An extreme allergic reaction to exemestane is very rare. However, if you begin experiencing rashes, severe dizziness, swelling, or difficulty breathing you must call your doctor for medical advice immediately.


It’s important to let your doctor know if you are allergic to the medicine before taking it. You should also let your doctor know about any other allergies you may have to make sure that you wouldn’t experience major side effects. Exemestane contains inactive ingredients which may cause various types of allergic reactions. One of the first steps you have to do before taking it is informing your doctor about your complete medical history. This is especially important if you have experienced high cholesterol levels, blood clots, stroke, bone problems like osteoporosis and osteopenia, high blood pressure, heart attack, liver problems and kidney problems. The medicine may cause you to feel tired or dizzy. According to recent research, patients who are taking exemestane are more prone to experience a heart disease. The medicine will not affect the estrogen levels produced by the ovaries for pre-menopausal women. Its safety and effectiveness have not yet been established for women who haven’t reached their menopause period yet. It is also known that exemestane increases the risk of stomach problems such as an ulcer. If you are currently taking Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Medications (NSAIM) or you’ve had a stomach problem in the past, inform your doctor before taking the medication. The safety and effectiveness of exemestane for children has not yet been established.

To help ensure that your medication is working, it’s important to have regular doctor’s appointments all throughout your treatment. Your doctor will be able to check your progress and adjust the dosage of exemestane according to your needs. Since the medicine lowers down female hormone levels in your body, it can cause your bones to become weak. It is recommended to take bone density tests in order to ensure that your bones are in good condition. These tests are usually done before and during your treatment. If you will be having a dental treatment or operation in the near future, make sure to let them know that you are currently taking exemestane.

Exemestane belongs to a group called antineoplastics which is a group of cancer-fighting medications. It is the most common medication prescribed to breast cancer patients who are past their menopause period. The system of these patients is no longer responding to tamoxifen which is should provide increased health benefits. Tamoxifen is also part of the antineoplastic group of medications. The medicine is used to treat advanced breast cancer situations in postmenopausal women. If a patient has already undergone an anti-estrogen treatment yet cancer still continues to develop, exemestane is prescribed. It fights off cancer cells by inactivating an enzyme called aromatase. Once it attaches to the enzyme, it effectively prevents it from providing estrogen to the body. Estrogen helps certain types of breast cancer cells to increase, grow and survive. Exemestane is available under multiple brand names and is also available in several different forms.

Bodybuilders who use steroids can benefit from using exemestane or Aromasin. This is because estrogen is unwanted by-product of steroid usage. Certain tissues of the male body contain the aromatase enzyme which is mainly responsible for turning testosterone and other male hormones into female hormones such as estradiol or estrogen. An increased amount of female hormones in a man’s body can cause several negative side effects. The most common ones include water retention and breast tissue growth. In general, bodybuilders make use of a variety of drugs and compounds to aid them in their workouts. To be able to successfully combat these negative side effects, it’s important to make sure that estrogen levels cannot multiply exponentially. Estrogen is a female hormone and it shouldn’t be seen in excess in males. Bodybuilders will be able to use the medicine to inhibit the aromatase enzyme. By taking Aromasin, bodybuilders will be able to ensure that testosterone and other steroids will not be converted into female hormones such as estrogen. An Aromatase Inhibitor (AI) is a compound which effectively prevents the aromatase enzyme to create estrogen. Although there are several methods which makes use of AI, exemestane or Aromasin is the most popular one among bodybuilders. It is considered to be a suicidal inhibitor which makes it the best choice compared to other AIs. Exemestane effectively binds with the aromatase enzyme and then immediately disables it permanently by destroying it.

Aromasin is referred to as a steroidal AI because it ensures that your lipids will not be negatively affected. Exemestane isn’t liver toxic either. This means that it could be used for an extended period of time without having any harmful side effects. Therefore, it is a great alternative compared to another run on cycles looking at a fitness standpoint. It will not hurt your gains on cycle unlike other types of AIs. It also lowers down the SHBG levels in your body which increase the ratio of testosterone. It can also help bodybuilders have a very positive impact on their gains. Aromasin is able to effectively block aromatization which inhibits estrogen production. According to recent studies, exemestane has very beneficial effects to steroid users, such as bodybuilders. There are plenty of anabolic steroids which can increase estrogen levels because of the aromatase process. When there is excess water retention in the body, the person will experience an increased risk of developing high blood pressure.

In a therapeutic point of view, Aromasin effectively blocks the aromatase enzyme which then prohibits the cancer cells actively from feeding off the hormone which it needs to survive. It’s important to understand the functions and traits of Aromasin for anabolic steroid users. Excessive estrogen levels may cause water retention and gynecomastia. Testosterone is the primary aromatizing steroid. However, testosterone which has been derived from Dianabol may cause a strong estrogenic reaction. The Boldenone hormone aromatizes at 50% the testosterone rate. This amount is still capable of causing an estrogen buildup for some people. For 19 nortestosterone anabolic steroids, it will always include all forms of Trenbolone and Nandrolone. Nandrolone aromatizes at 20% the testosterone rate. However, it also carries a strong progestin element. As a result, it can provide a good amount of estrogenic activity in males. Trenbolone isn’t capable of aromatizing at all. However, it has a strong progestin element which may aid in the development of gynecomastia. Regardless of whatever type of steroid is being used, exemestane or Aromasin offers protection for bodybuilders to prevent unwanted estrogenic effects.

Aromasin is easily accessible and widely available in the prescription market. The original exemestane tablet can only be found under the Aromasin brand. It is usually administered in the tablet form. In recent years, there have been several research chemical laboratories who have been developing their own version of exemestane. Legally, these laboratories are allowed to produce their own versions of the medicine. They have started to develop it in liquid form which contains Letrozole and Anastrozole. However, most people still prefer the tablet version. There is also an abundance of online websites which sell exemestane under the Aromasin brand. Normally, you would need a prescription to purchase it. Besides for breast cancer treatment purposes, Aromasin is rarely prescribed for any other health condition. By purchasing Aromasin online, you wouldn’t have to worry about the prescription.


In conclusion, Aromasin is a very effective and powerful AI which is beneficial for both breast cancer patients and bodybuilders. It has several benefits which are valuable to the health and well being of the aforementioned individuals. If you are a bodybuilder who wants to try Aromasin for the first time, make sure to think about the cholesterol issues it may provide. It is strongly suggested for anabolic steroid users to take Aromasin together with a low dosage of Nolvadex. This will help ensure the person’s protection from experiencing any cholesterol issues in the future. Nolvadex is an anti-estrogen which performs the role of estrogen in the liver. As a result, it helps promote healthy cholesterol levels. No matter how you prefer to take Aromasin, keep in mind that you should have a healthy lifestyle to support it. By practicing a cholesterol friendly lifestyle and diet, you’ll be able to reap the full benefits of the medicine. Avoid eating saturated fats and foods which are high in sugar.

IGF-1 Review 2018- Benefits & side effects (Updated July 2019)

Want to use IGF-1 (Lr3 or DES)?

What is IGF1?

IGF-1 is a polypeptide hormone which has a similar chemical structure to the storage hormone “insulin”. In fact, IGF actually stands for the Insulin-like growth factor. IGF-1 is simply one of many growth factors in the body which are responsible for all sorts of cell synthesis. IGF-1 primary use in the body is to cause bone growth in children, and muscle growth and repair in adults. Of course, it has more uses, but they are just the main ones. Human Growth Hormone is responsible for stimulating the liver into producing IGF1 into the body.

This protein is essentially a hormone that has a molecular structure which is similar to the insulin and has been found to play a crucial role during childhood growth. Also in adulthood, the hormone also continues to have some great anabolic effects as well. Synthetic IGF has been going through a lot of researchers in the recent years as a way of ascertaining its use in dealing with growth failure.

The pituitary gland release growth hormone which is then transported to the liver and within 90 minutes, it is destroyed. This is used by the liver for manufacturing somatomedin before the hormone, I, IGF 1 is destroyed, and this is regarded as one of the most important roles played by growth hormones. If you want to purchase peptides, it is very important that you use them only to do research. This particular hormone has a very short lifespan, and in fact, recent studies have proved that some people have very low levels of this crucial hormone. This is more particularly for insulin-dependent diabetics who always face great difficulties in their efforts of increasing muscle mass.

How do IGF-1 works?

According to new research, it has been demonstrated that the body produces IGF in a big squirt within the first few minutes of training. This happens as the body muscles usually undergo a high overload contraction and this leads to the hormone being produced. According to scientists, synthetic IGF-1 helps a lot in providing support for the cellular division as well as muscle growth. This hormone is produced automatically by the body at birth, and it is one of the main factors in muscle growth and height not just in childhood but also in puberty as well.

While many reports have been made available regarding the incredible health benefits of this research chemical, it is important that it is used for purposes of research only. Scientists advise that even though the chemical has shown some efficacy in promoting body repair and cellular growth, it should only be used for purposes of research only as misuse of this synthetic hormone can have some devastating health effects as well.

Most researchers across the globe have been evaluating at how IGF 1 can help in the growth processes, and many studies have been undertaken in this regard. Most of the results are very promising, and further experimentation and research work are still being recommended as a way of ascertaining the effectiveness of the hormone in boosting one’s health wellness.

Like a remedy to the actual dilemma how to get rid of bodyweight and attain muscle is stability from strength coaching, cardiovascular workouts, wholesome and right taking in, and not to forsake adequate amount of money of ease and comfort.

The LR3 actually stands for Long R3 which means that it increases the half-life of the growth factor to about 20-30 hours. Whereas DES is about 5x more powerful than LR3, but the halflife is only about 30minutes.

Is IGF Safe?

IGF-1 is known as pretty safe to use, with little side effects and no known adverse long-term effects.

How strong is IGF-1?

IGF-1 allows us to go beyond our bodies genetic capabilities, by creating NEW muscle fibers (instead of just making them bigger) it gives us the ability to get even bigger than normal.

What can I expect from it, and how can it benefit me?

With IGF1, you can expect increased pumps, muscle hyperplasia ( an increase of muscle fibers) and hypertrophy ( an increase in size). Along with this, it will burn fat off your body and improve the usage of your nervous system.

IGF-1 Side Effects

Side effects of both IGF1-LR3 and IGF1-DES can include headaches, low blood sugar (in some people) and possible nausea.

How to store and use IGF1?

Storing IGF-1 is the same as any other peptide. You need to store it dried in a freezer, and can do so for up to 12 months. However, you need to mix it with some sort of sterile solution, in which it will be safe to use for up to 4 weeks if you have stored it in a refrigerator.

IGF1 use depends on what type you are using. However, the best method for both is to inject it SubQ (into fat) immediately after your workout, split bilaterally. Dosages range anywhere from 40mcg to 120mcg.
You will find some localized fat loss in the areas you inject.

You should not use IGF1 for longer than 6 weeks, during which you take about 4 weeks off.

Summary on IGF-1

  • New development of muscles fibers
  • Hyperplasia (increase numbers of cells)
  • Hypertrophy (increase size of cells)
  • Anti-aging
  • Improve the nervous system
  • Fat loss