The Best Crossfit Shoes to buy in 2018 (updated July 2019)

crossfit shoes

What are Crossfit Shoes?

Crossfit is a training program which is for athletes, especially former athletes to build their strength and stamina with various challenging workouts. Cross fitness is also suitable for people who are beginners but want to start weight training, and also for those people, who want to be fit and make new friends and company.

In a Crossfit program one is introduced to different levels of training which include;

  • Introduction class
  • Elements course
  • Regular classes

In order to enjoy cross fitting, one should ensure that they buy some Crossfit shoes which can withstand all the vigorous exercises that these athletes undertake. They include activities such as squats, splints, box jumps, heavy lifts, rope climbs among others.

There are a variety of Crossfit shoes. They include;

  • Classic Shoes – These Crossfit shoes are inexpensive, and can be bought at online stores such as Amazon. They are usually worn at the gym.
  • Minimal shoes – These Crossfit shoes are usually light in weight and have a good flexibility.
  • Olympic cross fit lifting shoes – These Crossfit shoes have a small elevated sole which is ideal for lifting weights and are manufactured using a hard material which ensures that they last longer.  They are also not prone to tear.
  • Toe shoes – These cross fit shoes are lightweight and have a ventilated mesh which makes them breathable. They are usually recommended for people who enjoy running.

Features of a Good Crossfit Shoe

  • Durability-While looking for a perfect Crossfit shoe, one has to look at the outer layer material if it can withstand the kind of activities that athletes undertake which includes; rope climb, trail run, and max lifts.

The outer layer of the shoe should contain traction on top because that traction will form a cage around the toes and midfoot which will protect the feet from rocks that cause damage. The traction also helps athletes grip ropes better and in realigning the squats.

  • A tough and hard sole – Cross fitting shoes with a hard sole help athletes while doing lifts to stay glued and grounded and not slip or trip because it ensures stability regardless of the number of weights one is lifting.
  • The height of the heel and forefoot – A good cross fit shoe have a 4mm drop compared to other gym shoes which contain an 8mm drop. The 4mm drop helps in the distribution of one’s weight evenly across the foot and ensures that one maintains a natural foot position suitable for squats and lifts exercises.
  • Activities – While looking to purchase a cross fit shoe for different activities such as running shoes should have a cushion if one is going to do some weight training one should purchase a cross fit shoe which offers more additional support and if one wants to undertake gymnastics one should look for one fit shoe that offers maximum protection.
  • Climate and Weight – A good Crossfit shoe should contain ventilated mesh which invites airflow in and out so that the body heat can flow out which ensures one performs better because when the soles are dry they tend not to slip. Breathable Crossfit shoes contain special woven material which absorbs sweat making one feel energized and refreshed, hence enhanced stamina.
  • Material – Crossfit shoes have different materials so when considering to buy one you have to ensure that it is suitable for indoors if it is for a gym setup or one that is suitable for outdoor activities.
  • Protection- Cross fitting exercises put a lot of pressure on one’s feet so when choosing a Crossfit you should ensure that the shoes have a hard outer material and a rubber cage which will provide protection to your feet and soles.


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Benefits of Buying Crossfit Shoes

  • They offer proper support to the knees and ankles during strenuous activities such as cross-fit workout.
  • They are more durable because they have been built to take the pressures and forces created by one’s muscles.
  • They offer proper stability and balance by helping one maintain stability while performing strenuous activities such as weight-lifting.
  • Helps one access potential energy by ensuring that an athlete is well ventilated hence increasing the stamina.
  • They have a capability to engage in different tasks by switching from one exercise to another.
  • They are more effective in weight-lifting because they have a good hard sole and traction to keep one’s feet grounded and stable.
  • They provide ankle protection because they offer a stable relationship between one’s feet and the ground to avoid spills and twisting of the ankle.
  • Since a Crossfit shoe is versatile, it saves time because one can switch tasks without changing the shoes.
  • Crossfit shoes look great and offer better workout experience because they are designed for specific purposes.

Advantages of Crossfit Shoes

  • Offer cushioning and flexibility
  • Offer shock absorption because of a protection (cage lining ) in all environments.
  • They are very comfortable
  • They contain dual density foam.
  • They have an inner mesh for breathability.
  • They have an elegant design.

Disadvantages of Crossfit Shoes

  • Some cross fit shoes contain a lower capacity to absorb shocks
  • Some cross fit shoes are difficult to wear and take time putting them on.
  • There are cross fit shoes which are manufactured but have a limited color selection.

Top 5 Crossfit Shoes 

  • Reebok Cross fit Nano 6.0 cross trainer – These Crossfit shoes have a ventilated mesh which makes them breathable and airy. They also contain an excellent Kevlar upper structure which makes them hard and durable to withstand strenuous exercises such as weight-lifting. This is because of the support and stability that they offer. They have a textured grip which is suitable for mountain climbers.
  • Nike Metcon 2 Synthetic Trainers – Contains a ventilated mesh which makes the shoes breathable. They have a Flywire technology to help keep the feet in place to avoid slipping or tripping during workouts. The flywire build also ensures that the toes are cozy and locked for comfort and ease plus ensuring that they are not slippery during workouts. They also contain dual density foam in the mid sole to help athletes when lifting weights. This feature also helps one to avoid fracturing of the ankles and toes. Due to the ventilated mesh which has been inbuilt, it helps regulate sweat and make it more breathable. The mesh also helps one to avoid blisters caused by accumulated heat. They also contain Kevlar.
  • Puma Fierce Core – These shoes are recommended for people engaged in running and jogging. The materials used in manufacturing these shoes are of high quality. They have a ventilated mesh which promotes excellent blood circulation, breathability, and flexibility to enable athletes to continue training for hours without any strain. The soles in these shoes are purely made of rubber which maximizes on high flexibility in performing strenuous exercises. They also have a good grip to prevent them from being slippery when one is performing exercises.
  • Asics Met Conviction – These shoes are light in weight than any other Crossfit shoes in the market It is suitable for aerobics and weightlifting because it contains Speva foam technology which is inserted at the midsole which enables the shoe to be more flexible yet durable while having shock absorbers. It is also built with Asics high abrasion rubber which makes the shoe more durable. It is a bit pricey but worth the investment because of the mechanisms put in place to make these shoes last longer.
  • New Balance Minimum 40 – These shoes are manufactured with a Rev lite foam compound which helps the heels of the shoes be able to absorb shock and be more durable. They are recommended for athletes who specialize in aerobics and anaerobic training. The Rev lite heel technology also offers stability required when performing weight lifts, running, jumping and climbing. Also, the technology uses shock absorbed during activities and is reused.It also contains a Vibram outsole for optimized shoe traction and surface grip contact. It is a bit pricey but worth the investment because it is an efficient shoe.

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Why Buy Crossfit Shoes at Amazon

  • Amazon sometimes offers discounts and free shipping on selected products which saves consumers a certain amount of money.
  • They also verify the sellers who put up their goods up for sale which minimizes the chances of someone being conned or hoodwinked.
  • They are relatively faster when it comes to delivery because of it a maximum of 2-5 days for a customer to receive a product depending on where one is located.

Pricing of the Crossfit Shoes

The prices for Crossfit shoes depend on what kind of features were put up by the manufacturer. The cross fit shoe prices range between 70-100 dollars on the lower side while others range from 150 dollars and above on the higher side. Also, the pricing will depend on whether the manufacturer offers free shipping on eligible orders.

Conclusion on Crossfit shoes

While in the market and in need to purchase Crossfit shoes please ensure that you choose the ones that suit your needs and preferences, ones that are durable and comfortable to be able to exercise without any worries.

Also, while purchasing Crossfit shoes one should consider the kind of exercises they would be undertaking, and whether they will be outdoor or indoor. These considerations will help you to buy the right kind of Crossfit shoes. Depending on the price Crossfit shoes should be a must buy for everyone.

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Adidas Ultra Boost Review 2018 -Pro’s & Con’s (Updated July 2019)

Adidas Ultra Boost

What is the Adidas Ultra Boost?

The Adidas Ultra Boost is a sneaker designed by the German company, Adidas for running. This shoe has gained the reputation of “The Greatest Running Shoe Ever” and is a top choice for not just runners, but also sneakerheads and style icons for being easy to match clothes with and its comfortability. In 2013, Adidas whose brand is recognizable by the three stripes introduced Boost, a revolutionary cushioning system which provides high energy return for any running sneaker. This technology was devised to give runners soft cushioning and long-lasting energy that was not available by the more rigid sneakers. In 2015 Adidas Ultra Boost was launched.

This sneaker was one of the first to ever be tested using the ARAMIS system which is used by top engineering organizations such as Boeing, Audi, and NASA to measure design, ergonomics, and vibration. This technology uses a system of cameras and sensors to envision the movement of the runner while wearing the sneaker. The purpose of putting the Ultra Boost through this technology was to ensure that it can deliver ultimate comfort and energy return mile after mile.

What separates Boost from any other used in any other sneakers is the material. Adidas joined forces with the leading chemical company BASF to create a solid material made of granules made from thermoplastic polyurethane or TPU that is puffed up and converted into small energy capsules numbering thousands. When combined together to form the Boost midsole, the capsules accumulate and dispense more energy than any other design of a sneaker in the market. Boost cushioning makes Adidas the preferred brand to shop for comfortable sneakers.

Features of Adidas ultra Boost

Prime knit upper part providing a precision fit and easy breathability. It also has Midsole technology that returns energy. Knit textile and synthetic fabric. It provides arch support for the user

Advantages of Adidas Ultra Boost

The Adidas Ultra Boost is a breathable shoe because of the prime knit technology that ensures air circulates easily in and out of the shoe. This shoe is known to for its adaptability meaning it readily takes the shape of the foot and provides the perfect fitting for one’s leg. The Ultra Boost has the closure design that is durable shoe laces that go through four durable shoelace eyelets. The lace-up closure feature on the shoe increases the level of fitting of the shoe, meaning one can further adjust the fitting level of the shoe by adjusting the shoelaces. This shoe ensures comfort. Due to the Boost cushioning, this shoe provides maximum comfort. It has versatility meaning this shoe comes in diverse colors and styles, making it ideal for running and day to day use. It is also easy to pair up with many outfits making a preferred choice for the fashion conscious and practical uses. This shoe is durable because of the quality of material and rubber sole used to produce it. It has an external heel counter that keeps the heel from wobbling or accidentally exiting the shoe. It also has supportive fit since the ultra boost adapts to the shape of the foot. The quality of the shoe allows it to be worn on different terrain without the shoes wearing off.

Disadvantages of the Adidas Ultra Boost

The ultra boost is an expensive shoe when compared to other types of sneakers. Extended running sessions with these shoes make the toes and heel feel uncomfortable.

The Adidas Ultra Boost is a sneaker that is used as a running shoe. It is also a good shoe to wear to the gym or when going for walks. It can be used as a shoe for daily wear and it pairs really well with denim jeans, shorts and summer dresses for women. This is also a good shoe to wear when looking to make a fashion statement as it is trending.

Types of the Adidas Ultra Boost

This shoe comes in different varieties, both for men and women.

  • Men’s Adidas Ultra Boost
  • Adidas Men’s Ultra Boost Clima Shoes- they are breathable and have a primeknit top. They have a black Boost midsole that provides cushioning. The shoes are tied together with a heel cage and a durable continental rubber outsole. They come in different colors; that is grey, black and solar red.
  • Adidas Ultra Boost Parley Shoes– these shoes have Booster midsole and are made of 95%Parley Ocean plastic Primeknit upper. The release of these shoes was geared towards supporting Oceans Initiative that continues the fight against the biggest threats to the world’s oceans and the plane. Adidas applies eco-innovation in the creation of this shoe. The available colors are blue night, core blue and blue.
  • Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged Men’s Running Shoes– these running shoes have a combination of blue and grey and have the Ultra Boost stretchy heel collar. They have a black heel cage that gives support and premium cushioning is given by the white Boost midsole. The colors available for this shoe are carbon, white and core black.
  • Adidas UltraBoost All Terrain Shoes– these shoes were designed with winter in mind, and as the name suggests were purposed for various terrains. This makes them versatile and well-performing shoes. The shoes are flexible; function well on a variety of surfaces and do a good job of repelling water. The available colors are grey and black.
  • Adidas Ultra Boost Parley Ltd Shoes– these highly responsive shoes are created with yarn spun from recycled plastic reclaimed before it could reach the oceans.  It has an ultra-cushioned boost midsole that returns energy from one’s foot strike to propel them forward. This shoe is available in white and blue colors.
  • Ultra Boost Laceless Shoes Men’s Running Adidas- these are lightweight shoes with heavy performance. It has a snug midfoot area that has brought more stability while wearing the shoe. The outsole technology is efficient and is good for both wet and dry conditions. Despite the lack of shoelaces, the shoes are still supportive and have neutral arch support.
  • Adidas Consortium x Wood Wood’s Ultra Boost –these shoes were released in 2016 and were inspired by Wood Wood’s research on astrophysics, Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity and gravitational waves. This shoe model’s creation was conceptualized around the Big Bang model, more specifically gravitational waves that followed the Big Bang event. As a result, the Ultra Boost collaboration manifests with alternating orange and blue color highlights found on the heel tab of the shoes. It has a lace closure.
  • Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged “Triple Red”– these were the first sneakers with colored Boost to be released by Adidas in 2016. The primeknit upper is red-based and done by a mix of scarlet and solar red, a black heel cage, a red Boost midsole and a black continental Rubber outsole. These shoes were popular during that year, and have remained popular since then.
  • Adidas Ultra Boost LTD 3.0 Burgundy Black– these shoes that have a textured effect, guarantee comfort and have a synthetic lace cage. They also have a matte black overlay on the heel complemented by dark burgundy on the primeknit upper. A set of burgundy colored laces are in included.
  • Adidas Ultra Boost 2.0 “Gold Medal” – these are special edition shoes which have a black primeknit upper with excellent gold detailing on the heel counter.

Women’s Adidas Ultra Boost

  • Adidas  Performance Ultra Boost Uncaged for Women– The features are similar to the men’s Ultra Boost Uncaged, with the difference being the colors available for women which are vivid yellow, ray pink, shock red, cloud white and night steel.
  • Women’s Adidas Ultra Boost X clima – these shoes are made using the same technology as the Ultra Boost X Clima for men, with a slight differentiation is designed in order to appeal to the woman. These shoes can be found in cloud white and ash pearl colors respectively.
  • Women’s Adidas Ultra Boost Parley– these shoes are fashioned with the same process as those for men. Its available colors are legend ink, blue spirit, and carbon.
  • Women’s Adidas Ultra Boost X parley– with these shoes, one has a stylish and comfortable experience. Its colors are carbon and blue spirit.
  • Adidas Wood x Wood’s Ultra Boost Women– Just like the men’s version, it was inspired by astrophysics and features a white and grey-based upper with blue and orange touches. The iteration is fitted with an elastic mid-panel creating a slip-on style.


The prices of the shoes will vary due to the variety of types available. The price will range from 120-230 dollars. It is recommended that you check the Amazon website for more information concerning the price.


The Adidas ultra Boost is a practical shoe that ensures one reaps maximum benefits while providing value for money. Before making a purchase, it is advisable that you be clear on the need you have for purchasing. For example, do you want a running shoe or a day to day shoe to use? These factors will help you pick out the right shoe for you.








3 Best Running Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis 2018 (Updated July 2019)

plantar fasciitis shoes

Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Is it possible for a plantar fasciitis patient to run? Does having this condition mean that I should forget all about engaging in competitive running? These are some of the biggest worries among people with plantar fasciitis. The disease can be quite painful and if you are not careful about running will very quickly make the whole situation worse. So, how can you move past it? How do you keep your body and cardio healthy by running without experiencing excruciating pain from your fascia tissue? Physicians will prescribe some cream remedies for you then recommend that you get lots of rest but what if you really need to keep your body active with some running? The good news is it’s still possible to run even with your fascia inflammation problems and all you need is to get the right gear. The sort of footwear that’ll offer maximum protection and comfort to your heel while making sure they remain as light as possible for smooth running. Is there any type of running shoe that fits this description? We made a top 3 list for best shoes for plantar fasciitis :


  1. Hoka One M Bondi 5

Hoka One One has been breaking new ground in running plantar fasciitis shoes with each one of their products. Every time they release a shoe it comes with new and innovative features and their Bondi 5 running shoe is no different. This shoe is insanely cushioned to ensure maximum comfort and support is provided to anyone with foot problems. This cushioning also makes the shoe an ideal option for long distance runners. It’s terrific to see Hoka One One have been learning from past mistakes and user suggestions and that’s why this shoe is a significant upgrade from its predecessors. All the great things about the previous plantar fasciitis shoes have not just been maintained, but they’ve also undergone robust improvements to make them even better. The problems from past shoes have also been addressed through some of the latest technological equipment. What else makes this shoe stand out?


The upper area of the Bondi 5 is engineered with a seamless mesh. This mesh hasn’t just been fixed to facilitate ventilation, but the manufacturer made sure that it is also brilliant aesthetically and it won’t take you long to notice this. The upper material is also very flexible which should allow your feet to move comfortably with minimal resistance. The toe box is spacious and well ventilated. Your toes will have sufficient space to spread naturally and hence cases of blisters or fitting problems have been eliminated.

Outsole and Midsole

The outsole here is all about support and durability. No one should have to replace a running shoe after just a few times of using them and that’s the manufacturer has used the high-abrasion rubber. This rubber is all over the toe and heel area where it offers protection which is useful for plantar fasciitis patients. The rubber also provides excellent grip that’ll allow you to run in different weather conditions. The middle layer of the outsole is also covered with plush EVA cushioning. All problematic points that are known to wear out have been reinforced with rubber making the shoe one of the most durable out there.

Lots of runners loved the fantastic cushioning in the midsole which runs all the way from the toe to the heels. The cushioning will make your feet feel at home and the time you spend running or standing will no longer have an impact on how your heel and entire foot feels.


The Bondi 5 has somehow managed to achieve remarkable breathability without compromising on comfort or fitness. The mesh area at the upper sides allows for an efficient flow of air in and out of the shoe. This should keep your feet feeling fresh and free from moist and sweat.


Responsiveness of the Bondi 5 is not as great as most people would have wished for, but it’s easy to understand why. The shoe’s excellent cushioning meant that it couldn’t be very responsive. This does not, however, say that it is totally unresponsive. Runners will still feel the shoe react mildly to the road which to some people is good enough.

Hoka One One Bondi 5 Features

  • Excellent cushioning from the toes to the heels
  • Available in various stylish colors
  • Zonal rubber placement
  • Spacious toe box
  • Comfortable upper area
  • Weighs 10 oz.

The Hoka One is our number 1 pick on our list “the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis”.

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  1. Saucony Triumph ISO 4

The Saucony Triumph ISO is made for runners with overpronation and other foot problems. The shoe has found the perfect balance between the needed cushioning and the right responsiveness where every runner feels comfortable and supported. Expect maximum protection from road impact and your weight distribution will be the least of your worries. In short, the plantar fasciitis shoes lift all the burdens regarding weight, grip, traction, etc. allowing you to fully concentrate on your running with, absolutely nothing to worry about.


The upper bit of the plantar fasciitis shoes is designed to fit like a glove. The eyelets are also not sewn which means that the shoe will take up your foot’s shape, size and movement conform to it and then offer the best comfort and flexibility possible. This upper area is made using Isofit a highly breathable and stretchable mesh material. This will make your foot fit in the shoe tightly but nicely so without it becoming too snug. The interior of the shoe is formed with an elastic sock liner and the heel collar is covered with a Run-dry lining that helps in keeping moisture away. Most users also found it amazing that the Saucony Triumph’s tongue stays put.

Outsole and Midsole

The outsole of the shoe is made using a carbon rubber, a compound known as XT-900. It’s a long-lasting material that provides maximum heel protection. The forefoot has utilized the latest IBR technology making it highly responsive and very well-cushioned. This outsole is designed to withstand continuous pavement running while cushioning and protecting your heel to prevent plantar fasciitis problems.

The cushioning in the Saucony Triumph ISO is carefully made to provide all the needed protection but the manufacturer was not taking any chances with your foot, and that’s why they further included the PWRGRID technology in the midsole area. This gives you even more protection against road impact. The Super Rebound Cushioning in the midsole will ensure the transition from the heels to the toes is as smooth as possible and that shock absorption is done efficiently.


The upper is made of a breathable mesh to keep your feet cool and dry. The sock liner inside is also key to ensuring that your feet remain cool even when running under a scorching sun. You will also benefit hugely from the Run-dry material inside that makes sure sweat evaporates as fast as possible to prevent accumulation of moisture.

Saucony Triumph ISO 4 Features

  • Neutral cushioning
  • Isofit floating cage
  • Run-dry interior liner
  • PWRGRID midsole cushioning
  • 8mm heel drop
  • Open toe box
  • A highly elastic sock liner
  • XT900 and IBR+ outsole technology
  • Weighs 10.3 oz. (men’s shoe) and 9.0 oz. (women’s shoe)

If you are looking for plantar fasciitis shoes that combine quality with a cool design, this shoe is the perfect match for you.

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  1. Asics Gel-Nimbus 20

Asics have harnessed the latest technology and utilized their vast experience to come up with this fantastic running shoe. This shoe is ideal for individuals that prefer higher feel drop and provides excellent support in the heel and upper areas. Plantar Fasciitis patients can hence run in this shoe without feeling any problems on their heels.


The upper area is designed to conform to the shape of your foot offering support as needed. You will notice that the upper fits snuggly but this has been achieved without interfering with air circulation. The fluid fit mesh has further improved ventilation. The shoe has also utilized a 3D printed overlay system that will make sure your foot stays in place throughout your running.

Outsole and Midsole

The Nimbus 20’s outsole is created for maximum shock absorption making it ideal for long runs and people with foot problems. Asics forefoot and rear-foot gel technology are responsible for delivering the remarkable sure foam cushioning. You will also find vertical flex grooves at the bottom of the shoe which promotes flexibility.

The midsole is designed to provide the ultimate gait cycle that any runner could ever ask for. This area contains Asics’s Flytefoam material that’s highly responsive and creates a fun bounce back effect. Asics’s durable Fluideride tech is also integrated here. The heel clutching system has also been added in the midsole, and this helps with keeping your foot in place.


The upper is made of a Fluid fit material meshed multi-directionally. This meshing is stretchable and will move with your feet allowing for steady airflow in and out of the shoe.


Thanks to Asics’s flat foam midsole the shoe is one of the most responsive you’ll ever come across. Its bounce-back effect is sublime and will keep you connected to the ground beneath.

Asics Gel-Nimbus 20 Features

  • Heel clutching system
  • Exoskeleton heel counter
  • Fluid-Fit Upper
  • Forefoot and rearfoot gel
  • Organic super fibers
  • 3D printed overlay
  • Guidance Trusstic system
  • Ortholite lasting
  • Ortholite sock liner
  • Weighs 10.7 oz.

The Asics Nimbus is a household brand when it comes to plantar fasciitis shoes. A well-earned third spot for this one.

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Conclusion plantar fasciitis shoes

Plantar Fasciitis may be a painful condition but it no longer has to stop you from your workouts. The discussed list of best shoes for plantar fasciitis is the best choice you can make in 2018. The above plantar fasciitis shoes will give you an upper hand allowing you to remain active and free from pain. These plantar fasciitis shoes could be costly but the sort of impact they’ll have will be worth every penny you spend!

The 3 Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet (Updated July 2019)

best running shoes for flat feet

What are the Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet?

Everyone knows that running with flat feet is an uphill task. In fact, some people had to abandon their running dreams and goals just because they felt like their feet were not good and strong enough to support their goals. While it is true that running with flat feet is difficult, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are utterly doomed. When you take care of several factors and get the right gear, you will not only be able to run again, but you’ll be able to do so competitively! What factors are we talking about? We are talking about improving your self-care program, getting the right help from a professional and most importantly, getting the proper footwear for the job. Our objective today is to take you through the best footwear that’ll make running almost effortless for you. These are shoes that are uniquely designed to fit all the necessary needs of a flat-footed athlete.

1. Asics Gel Kayano 24

Asics is a highly reputable shoe manufacturer with dozens of loyal fans including marathoners. This is not so hard to believe given their excellent history in making some of the best running shoes ever. The Gel Kayano is one of the best ones yet. This shoe has received significant improvements from the previous version. It has also, somehow, managed to maintain the same personality so that users can easily relate to it. One of the biggest challenges that users of the previous version had was the toe box. This has been adequately addressed by improving the size of this box. As a result, people of different toe sizes can comfortably fit in the shoe. It has also helped in boosting ventilation in this area without compromising on the fit. Generally, the shoe still offers the same fantastic stability that has seen runners keep their form high even when running over long distances.


This shoe is designed to fit like a glove, and that’s why it features Asics FluidFit. The shoe will wrap around your foot, and it’ll still be able to offer sufficient breathability and flexibility.

Outsole and Midsole

The outsole of the Gel Kayano is designed to ensure that overpronation is never an issue. This is why there’s an Impact Guide System. How does this system work? This system completely changes how you lift your foot and how it lands when running. It has helped to eliminate cases of runners putting excessive weight around the inner edges of the feet resulting in various issues. Instead, it promotes the distribution of weight across multiple points on foot. This system does a great job and no wonder the shoe is one of the best in preventing over-pronation.

The midsole is made to provide as much comfort as possible while keeping it lightweight. It is made of a Flytefoam cushioning that provides an excellent spring-like bounce-back effect.


Spending so much time on your feet is bound to cause some sweating and swelling all of which can be extremely uncomfortable. The Gel Kayano ensures that you can run for long distances without experiencing these problems. This is why they’ve added extra ventilation in critical areas that allow for maximum circulation of air in and out of the shoe. It has been achieved through a mesh at the upper side, and an Ortholite sock liner is fitted inside to prevent accumulation of moisture.


Shock and cushioning will be the least of your worries when running in these shoes. They contain a Dynamic Duomax and flat foam that offers a spring-like feeling absorbs shock and provides unbeatable cushioning. All this allows the shoe to respond to your feet’s movement facilitating smooth running efficiently.

Asics Gel Kayano Features

The Asics Gel Kayano is a deserved winner when in our top 3 best running shoes for flat feet. These running shoes are daily used by millions of runners for a reason.

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2. Saucony Guide 10

At spot number 2 on our list of best 3 running shoes for flat feet, we find The Saucony Guide 10. This running shoe is an upgrade of the initial 9th edition and is designed to enhance stability, comfort, traction, and flexibility. How does it do so? The shoe has an 8mm offset that’s been vital in distributing weight evenly from the forefoot all the way to the heel. This provides an incredible cushioning that enables the user to enjoy comfortable and balanced runs. The manufacturers have also utilized some of the latest technological equipment like the Flexfilm to promote flexibility further. This is melded in the upper area, and one of the biggest advantages of using this film is that it is strong and lightweight. You can hence, expect to enjoy all its benefits on a long-term basis and its lightweight nature will ensure that it doesn’t affect you’re running negatively. The middle layer has also received a significant boost when compared to the 9th edition. This provides decent support and holds when running.


Unlike the previous version, Saucony Guide 10 has much fewer stitches and more non-sewn patterns. How is this helpful? A reduction in stitches has hugely helped in eliminating the extra heat and blisters that are common in most other running shoes. To make it even more comfortable is a ventilated mesh on the top and sides that boosts air circulation and the soft Run-Dry fabric that prevents sweat and moisture accumulation. The plush heel grip and midfoot area are well secured while the toe box height is carefully measured to offer just the needed space. The shoe’s tongue is padded to keep you safe from the laces.

Outsole and Midsole

The outsole of the Saucony Guide 10 provides everything an athlete would need. Support, smooth transitions, grip, and balance, are all very well taken care of here. The forefoot is made of a chevron-lugged soft rubber while the midfoot and heel area contains both rubber and a hard IBR material boosting traction. Saucony understands that every runner out there wants a shoe that can withstand wear and tear and that’s why the shoes are fitted with XT-900 carbon rubber around the tip and heel area.

You won’t find the crashpad of the previous edition in the midsole area of this shoe. The Saucony Guide 10 is made with a solid SSL EVA foam that provides deeper grooves that make the feet feel centered. There is also some hard foam integrated here while the removable insole is made of EVA foam. The construction of the midsole offers fantastic flexibility, responsiveness, and support.


The shoe is covered with a meshing material at the top and on the sides. It has more holes that are reasonably big. You can hence, expect maximum air circulation when wearing this shoe. Reducing stitched patterns has also prevented chances of overheating and development of blisters.


Responsiveness of a shoe is very crucial as it can determine how smooth your running is and can also help to reduce the frequency of injuries. Saucony Guide 10 has an Everun topsole that provides impressive takeoffs and soft landings. Its Tri-Flex outsole is perfectly made for ultimate flexibility and ground contact. You’ll also experience a fantastic bounce off effect from the plush cushioning.

Saucony Guide 10 Features

  • 8 mm offset
  • A lively and highly responsive Everun cushioning
  • Flexfilm material in the upper area
  • Integrated with flexible Tri-flex
  • Men’s version weighs 10 oz. while the females’ is 8.9 oz.

The Saucony Guide 10 has received great feedback from runners and we can’t argue with them. This shoe combines quality with design and that’s why we put this shoe at number 2 in our list of 3 best running shoes for flat feet.

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3. Brooks Beast 18

Last but not least, our number 3 on our list of best running shoes for flat feet, the Brooks Beast 18. The first shoe in the Brooks Beast series was released in 2014, and since then significant upgrades have been done to match with the constantly changing needs of runners. The Brooks Beast 16 is an outcome of collective years of experience in the making of shoes. It has hence learned from its predecessors, and the manufacturer was keen in ensuring that all the necessary upgrades are included. You’ll, therefore, notice its upper area and cushioning is revamped, and the aesthetics have also received a significant boost. What we have here, therefore, is one of the most recommended shoes for individuals with excessive pronation and those with flat feet. It’s a remarkable piece of art that you can use for easy trail running, indoor and pavement running.


The upper layer features beastly synthetic overlays connected to the lacing system. These are carefully fitted for maximum flexibility. The toe bumper is also quite big, and unlike in the previous versions, the shoe’s tongue is not connected to other upper parts. The manufacturer has maintained the same laces, but the padding has been improved to prevent pressure from the laces.

The shoe is also fitted with an element mesh that ensures there’s adequate ventilation. They have maintained the padded insole from previous versions, and it still offers the same generous comfort and responsiveness.

Outsole and Midsole

The outsole is made of full-contact rubber. There are uniform lugs fitted around the sole to provide appropriate traction. In the forefoot area, you’ll find a soft blown rubber integrated with Omega Flex Grooves. As if that isn’t enough the forefoot was further fitted with Flextra Rubber! You’ll enjoy optimal comfort and flexibility in this area. The rear end, on the other hand, is made with the rigid and durable HPR rubber. HPR rubber provides outstanding traction regardless of whether you are running in dry or wet conditions.

The midsole area is softer than ever after receiving great plush cushioning from the Super DNA foam. This foam is highly responsive ensuring that your contact with the ground is well recorded before it responds by providing cushioning as needed. The high-density foam of Roll Bar is also included in this layer to boost stability and deal with over-pronation.


The shoe is fitted with breathable mesh in various parts. Ventilation is also boosted by the ultimate sock liner which does a great job keeping moisture away.

Some individuals have, however, complained of the shoe’s breathability due to the small toe box that felt a bit too tight. This shouldn’t be a problem if your toes fit well in the box.

Brooks Beast 18 Features

  • Super DNA plush cushioning
  • Made with an extended progressive diagonal roll bar for stability
  • Element lining
  • Element mesh in the upper area
  • Removable sock liner
  • All leather upper side
  • Weighs 13.6 oz.

For decades Brooks has manufactured great running shoes and their latest model the Brooks Beast 16 is another fine product. A well-earned third spot for this shoe in our list of best running shoes for flat feet.

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Conclusion on Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet

Based on thousands of customer reviews and our personal opinion, the above shoes are currently the best running shoes for flat feet. Flat feet shouldn’t stop you from enjoying either leisure or competitive running. These shoes will give you that extra edge you need to run comfortably, and that’s why you owe it to yourself to get any one of them today.