Australian Dream Cream for Pain Relief (Updated July 2019)

Australian dream cream

What is Australian Dream Cream?

Both men and women alike want their muscles to be shapely. For men, bulking it up increases their masculinity, while for women slimming and toning it makes them more appealing. Some exercises include curls, chin-ups, and pull-ups.

Australian dream cream
Australian dream cream

But have you been bothered by pain in between your muscles and bones, which are also radiating to different parts of your body while doing your exercises? If you are having a hard time bending your elbow or flexing the muscles near that area, you might be suffering from musculoskeletal pain and it is about time for you to try the Australian Dream Cream.

Some tell-tale signs that you are having musculoskeletal pain include:

  • Sharp pain
  • Snapping sounds upon movement
  • Cramping of the muscles
  • Sometimes bruising
  • Tenderness
  • Weakness

Musculoskeletal system or the locomotor system, formerly known as the active system is the system which provides human the capability to move through the skeletal and muscular system. This musculoskeletal system gives the body stability, support, and locomotion. This organ system includes the connective tissue, cartilage, skeleton, ligaments, muscles, and joints. The prime purpose of this musculoskeletal system is to support the human body, protect the other internal organs, and permit movement. The skeletal system, being a part of the musculoskeletal system, is the primary storing structure for phosphorus and calcium which have in it the essential element of the hematopoietic system.

This system shows the bones’ connection with other bones and the fiber of muscles through the connective tissues namely ligaments and tendons. As bones give stability to the human body, the muscles are those which keep the bones in their proper places. Furthermore, the muscles also play an important role in the motion of the bones. Joints, which connects one bone to another, permit movement or motion. While the cartilage is the part which keeps the ends of the bones from rubbing against one another. Additionally, to allow the movement of the bone connected to the joint, the muscles contract.

Due to our diet and environment, disorders and diseases arise which has the hostile effect to the purpose and efficiency of the musculoskeletal system. These disorders and diseases can be at times difficult to detect and diagnose because of the tight relation with other vital internal organs of the musculoskeletal system. Since the musculoskeletal system is the systems which allow the muscles to be attached with the skeletal system and is essential for moving and doing activities comfortably for human, it is indeed necessary and important to be given priority. Orthopedic surgeons or physiatrist are those who handle the injuries and complex issues regarding the musculoskeletal system.

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How to use Australian Dream Cream?

The disorders and the diseases related to the musculoskeletal system which deteriorate the bones, muscles, and joints are:

  • Bone fracture
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Tendinitis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia


The sternness of these musculoskeletal disorders and diseases can vary. There are cases which cause discomfort and pain which hinder the attainment of a person experiencing these diseases from achieving his or her daily activities. The early and proper diagnosis and treatment of these musculoskeletal diseases can help lessen the symptoms and improve significantly the long-term effects and outlook.

Typing and walking, and other light daily activities can sometimes be affected still by the musculoskeletal system and thus limiting the patient from performing tasks due to the restricted variety or range of movements which he or she can perform. The major and common areas where the musculoskeletal diseases and disorder might occur are the following parts:

  • Knees
  • Hips
  • Shoulders
  • Wrists
  • Feet
  • Legs
  • Neck
  • Back


Now, the health risk and possible causes which exposes you to the development of the musculoskeletal disorders and diseases are the followings which can be and cannot be avoided:

  • Lifestyle
  • Occupation
  • Family history
  • Age
  • Activity level

These are the essential background information which will make you understand the musculoskeletal system and diseases more.

There could be several causes of musculoskeletal pain. But regardless of the culprit, Australian Dream Cream seems to be a lifesaver and is a popular choice for treatment!

How does Australian dream cream work?


Australian Dream Cream is popular as a pain relief option for muscle pains, back pain,  and arthritis. Patients need to apply just a small amount on the affected area. This Australian dream cream is odorless, making it easy and comfortable to apply just about anywhere.

The active ingredient of Australian Dream Cream is Histamine dihydrochloride. This acts as a vasodilator, making your blood vessels increase in size for a better circulation. Through an increased blood flow, pain the muscles or joints will be relieved effectively, helping you can back on the things you love doing the most.

Is Histamine dihydrochloride safe to use?

Yes, it is. Australian dream is an FDA approved ingredient taken from Histamine, which is an organic compound naturally produced by the body. It has proven its effectiveness in several therapeutic applications like back pain, sprains, bruises, arthritis, and more.

The US FDA recognizes has approved the acquisition of this active ingredient over the counter for use as a topical pain reliever.

Aside from Histamine dihydrochloride, Australian Dream Cream for arthritis also contain chondroitin, emu oil, glucosamine, vitamin E, and MSM, making it an all in one solution for arthritic patients.

Australian Dream Cream can work on nearly all common causes of musculoskeletal pain which includes the following:


Some physical reasons for musculoskeletal pain are commonly due to biceps problem and these include:

  • Bicep Tendon Injuries

Tearing of the bicep muscles can be due to a shoulder injury or an elbow injury. Fall, sports-related injury, or any forms of extreme wear and tear can cause damage to your bicep muscles. For some people, delayed onset muscle soreness is quite inevitable after a hard session of strength or weight training exercises. This is the reason why most people ignore the feeling until the pain turns severe. Bicep Tendinopathy is never focused on one area. It coexists with other muscles in close proximity to the biceps, making it hard to pinpoint where you are exactly aching. Seek medical professional’s advice for help, if deemed necessary.

Medical causes

This is one of the most common causes. People who are suffering joint pains experience terrible pain in nearly all areas of the body.

  • Angina Pectoris

Arm pain is normal for people who are having heart problems. Most people may identify the area to be along the biceps. Australian Dream cream can help alleviate muscle pain, which is a better option than taking oral pain relievers anxiety disorder. Since chronic pain is a sure sign of anxiety disorder, pain in the muscles could also be experienced by people with this mental health issue.

Other causes

  • Steroid shots

Some even reach a point where pus needs to be drained due to severe infection. Infected muscles are rare but possible.

These are some of the causes of musculoskeletal pain. Thankfully, there are easy ways to the use of topical medications like Australian Dream cream to get medical treatments for this problem.

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Other treatment options

Treatment for the physical causes of musculoskeletal pain is simple. Overusing these tendons can be sore and painful, which is why immediate attention should be given.


  • Ice Packs. Use cold packs or ice to remove the swelling. Initially, swelling may occur. Do not use heat packs.
  • NSAIDS or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can also be helpful in alleviating the soreness that goes with muscle injuries, but again, topical products like Australian Dream cream are of course safer and more convenient to use.
  • In the event of serious cases, surgery may be your best bet. It will instantaneously heal the injury. The procedure for the surgery is not quite complex. The lining around the tendon will be opened and the area which is considered inflamed will need to be removed. Further inspection of tears will be needed. The end result will be a shortened tendon, but at least you will be relieved of the pain.

For underlying diseases that cause musculoskeletal pain, you should consult a healthcare professional for proper medication. Once you have addressed the real cause or the disease, the symptoms are bound to go away eventually.



Since the most common reason for musculoskeletal pain is overusing the muscle, preventive measures should be employed. Some of these are:

  • Take things slowly when doing physical activities. When you are used to it, you can raise your activity level gradually. No need to rush.
  • Practice proper posture when performing exercises or doing some sports. Proper form will not only help you perform better but can also reduce your chances of getting any injuries.
  • Try avoiding or at least changing any physical activity that may seem to trigger pain.
  • Take a healthy and balanced diet.

If you suffer from musculoskeletal pain, professionals say a diet makeover with a focus on vegetables can have a huge effect.

Patients who have followed a strict vegan or Mediterranean diet have seen a complete turnaround in their musculoskeletal pain symptoms, said pain management specialist William Welches, DO.  According to Welches, getting regular exercise, controlling stress and eating a healthy and balanced diet all work together to reduce inflammation and chronic pain.

Research shows that diet should be an integral part of a pain management program especially in the elderly. A vegan or Mediterranean diet or anything inspired by these diets can control the levels of insulin and cholesterol in the body, which can reduce inflammation – one of the major culprits of pain.

These are the basic information you need to know to prevent musculoskeletal pain. Be informed and your treatment options to get your body productive once again!

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Plexaderm Review 2018 -Benefits & Side Effects (updated July 2019)


What is Plexaderm?

Skin is one of the most affected parts of our bodies as we age. Most of us, thus, turn to cosmetic products in an attempt to reverse or keep some of the effects away. This may sound like a straightforward thing but getting the right anti-aging product is anything but easy. There are so many products out there with vivid before and after pics and intriguing reviews but when it comes to performance majority of them fall short. Plexaderm, unfortunately, appears to be one of such products. Why is that so? The following review should help you understand why we think you can do much better than purchasing Plexaderm when looking for an anti-aging cosmetic product.

Plexaderm overview

Plexaderm is marketed as a skincare product formulated to eliminate visible signs of aging. According to the manufacturers, Plexaderm is equipped with the necessary compounds for tightening up the skin tissues. You see, as we grow old, the thick layers of the skin usually become thin and lose their elasticity. In the end, this skin tissue will become dry and sags bringing about that aged appearances you are experiencing. This affects various parts of the body including the forehead, cheeks, and underneath the eyes.

Plexaderm claims to have an instant solution for all these problems. In fact, the producers claim that its impact can be felt after just 10 minutes of using Plexaderm. Looking at the ingredients used and the customer reviews of Plexaderm you get a different picture. A lot of previous users are complaining about the inability of the product to meet their expectations.

So here is what eventually happens to our young & naturally glowing skin. When we age the thick layers are becoming looser and they become thinner. As a result, the skin loses its youth and becomes dry. After this process, all the symptoms of aging start to appear. The main spots which show the biggest signs of aging are underneath the eyes, the forehead and between the cheeks and mouth. Also, our cheeks become more shaggy.


  • Sodium Silicate

Sodium silicate is a very common compound in skin care products. This organic salt, when applied, dries up the skin, and as this happens, it starts to pull the tissues together eliminating wrinkles and eye bags.

The salt has been studied several times, and the results show that in most cases, the outcomes obtained are usually temporary. There have also been concerns regarding its safety because even though it doesn’t cause any severe adverse effects cases of skin irritation and other allergies are a bit prevalent. Presence of the compound in the product hence makes it hard for people with sensitive skin to enjoy it.

The fact that Sodium silicate is a temporary solution also makes it hard to recommend because you may have to use the compound daily or in other cases more than once in a day to enjoy its benefits. So, in short, if you were to skip or miss a single dose of the compound, then your skin will be back to its sagging nature. It’s for such reasons that we find its addition in Plexaderm somewhat unreliable and pointless. If you want to see decent results, it’s only fair that you get a product with potent compounds and a long-term impact where you can afford to forget using the product once in a while and still enjoy its benefits.

  • Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is a natural source of glycosaminoglycan, an element with decent skin moisturizing properties. This acid is supposed to ensure that your skin is well hydrated. If adequately supplemented Hyaluronic acid can fill the gaps between elastin and collagen replacing any lost moisture.

  • Magnesium Aluminum Silicate

The addition of Magnesium aluminum silicate is hard to understand given the dangers associated with aluminum silicate. The compound indeed has thickening abilities which can be very beneficial to the skin but does this justify the potential adverse effects it has?? It is well known that aluminum silicate is a potential neurotoxin which can affect your life. With that in mind, it’s hard to be convinced that its benefits are worth the risk.

  • Iron Oxide (CI 77489)

This is an inorganic chemical that’s used as a colorant to deliver a reflective effect that boosts the appearance of the skin. Iron oxide, however, joins Magnesium aluminum silicate in the list of potentially harmful ingredients. Remember that Iron oxide is also the compound forming rust! The plexaderm manufacturer may have tried to reduce the toxicity of the compound, but the thought of applying a rust compound on your face is more than enough for most of us to just stay away from the entire product. I mean, why would you expose your skin and entire body to even worse problems when all you are trying to solve is the sagging skin?

  • Phenoxyethanol

Phenoxyethanol is aromatic alcohol that’s also used as a fragrance. It’s a preservative and germicide compound that’s used in cosmetic products to assist with boosting collagen in the skin.

  • Ethyhexylglcerine

This is a natural preservative compound that’s believed to possess deodorizing properties. It is thus used as a skin conditioner helping to keep your skin elastic and moisturized. The compound’s benefits have, however, been overshadowed by its side effects which include skin irritation and some people may even get dermatitis

plexaderm review
plexaderm review


Working of Plexaderm

Another significant problem with Plexaderm is the limited amount of information given by the manufacturer regarding how it works. They have hardly given any detailed information showing us how the formula is supposed to deliver the promised results. Instead, they have focused more on marketing with dozens of before and after pics. This poses a severe challenge because while the pictures could be interesting, the lack of knowledge of how Plexaderm works makes it increasingly difficult to trust the product. Because, after all, how are you supposed to believe pictures when you have no idea what exactly happened in the event leading up to the claimed outcome? In such situations, you usually can’t help but start questioning the authenticity of the photos.

Without the said information, we are only left to speculate and as far as we can see Plexaderm may be relying on silicates to deliver the claimed results. Silicates come from certain types of rocks and have been used in various other skin care products. The idea behind Silicates is usually to form a thin film on your skin’s surface when applied. This is supposed to tighten any sagging skin in the area and is also believed to form a supporting layer under the eyes to reverse the eye bags problem.

This idea could work, but there have been insufficient clinical studies on humans to support it. Additionally, the little research done on it shows that its effect is usually mild and hence people with extensive aging skin are unlikely to get the big needed impact.

Pros of Using Plexaderm

According to its producer’s users of Plexaderm should enjoy the following:

  • A decrease in aging signs
  • Instant results within 10 minutes
  • Usable with different types of skin

Looking at the compound used it is, however, difficult to see how some of these benefits can be achieved. This is because most of the ingredients used provide only short-lived benefits. Majority of them are also toxic, and hence they may damage people’s skin regardless of their skin types.

Cons of Using Plexaderm

  • Excessive use of plexaderm can make the silicate pull your skin too much leading to an unfavorable appearance.
  • No details are given on how the compound is supposed to work
  • There is a minimal medical backup on some of the compounds used and the product in general
  • People with sensitive skin can quickly end up with irritations
  • Presence of some toxic compounds like iron oxide and aluminum silicate

Plexaderm working time:

It does stay till you wash although we would want it to last longer. But people with oily skin or others who workout tends to lose it faster. Plexaderm is not water resistant hence it is easy to erase. It’s completely temporary but anyone would instantly like the look they have as a result which is acquired in just 10 – 15 minutes.

To apply makeup, you have to wait. Once it is fully dry then you are good to go.

Below are few results found through Plexaderm clinical trials on 40 people:

  • 1/4th of the people show a decrease in crow’s feet and saggy wrinkles around the eyes.
  • 1/4th of the people have their under eyes bags/puffiness disappeared.
  • Forty-nine percent of the subject got their lines cleared
  • Forty-one percent of them got their forehead potion cleared with deep lines.

All the Plexaderm products come with 30-day money return guarantee.

How to use Plexaderm

Using Plexaderm is quite easy. Just put a droplet on your fingertip and then apply it in an upward and outward direction in the affected area. Give the compound a few minutes to dry up. The results should then appear a few minutes later, well, at least that’s what the manufacturer says.

    • You get this serum in special pumping container which allows Plexaderm  to come in the correct required amount
    • You have just pumped out one droplet and apply it evenly.
    • Use regular rubs around the eyes, lines near mouth and other wrinkles.
    • Let it dry for 10- 15 minutes resulting in long-lasting effect until you wash.

Plexaderm Reviews

A lot if doubts arise obviously here. The required answers should be given and the plexaderm experts make sure all queries are answered. Especially when it shows such promising effects even though temporary.

Reviews and the answer to various questions:

  1. One of the main questions asked is whether the customer could using moisture on top of Plexaderm – they answer was not to use any oil based moisturizer since the serum would show reduced effects.  Applying on the clean skin is good and use only the serum if possible
  2. It seems that the due to the application in a larger quantity which is bad. It creates a pulling effect on the skin
  3. Question – is it okay to use makeup on the Plexaderm application? Well, using makeup is fine if it is powered makeup in the areas where the serum is applied.
  4. Another question was on how long Plexaderm lasts. As told before it would last until we wash it off.

Where can I buy Plexaderm?

Plexaderm is currently available in multiple online stores including Amazon and the official Plexaderm website. A one month supply of Plexaderm goes for a discounted price of $59.95. You’ll pay $119.90 for a three months’ worth of supply and $229.80 for a 6-month supply. In addition to this, the company gives out a duo kit where you can get Hyaluronic acid as an extra thing in the pack. Only 20 dollars extra payment is required. People who want and take extra care of their skin can purchase it.

Verdict on Plexaderm

Plexaderm is an easy-to-use product that’s intended to offer a quick solution to aging skin. It is formulated with silicates for this purpose some of which are indeed effective. We, however, just can’t get over the fact that they offer a temporary solution that lasts for just a few hours. If you end up sweating or getting rained on and the compound is wiped out, then you will notice all its effects vanish just as fast as they appeared. The worst part yet is the inclusion of known neurotoxin aluminum silicate and the rust compound iron oxide. These can quickly end up giving you fatal diseases where you’ll end spending even more. It’s for such reasons that we find it difficult to recommend Plexaderm to you.



African Black Soap Review – Pro’s & Con’s (Updated July 2019)

african black soap

What is African Black Soap?

Skin problems are getting more common due to the increasing level of pollution. A lot of people these days have problematic skin and have to take extra care to ensure it looks better. Majority of people use make up to cover the problems what they don’t keep in mind is that it would only last until they take the makeup off. Everything starts with a proper skin care routine, good soaps to moisturizers. To solve your skin problems especially if it’s on your face here is African Black soap which comes in either black or brown shade. It has a lot of benefits for the people who have unpleasant skin conditions.

african black soap
african black soap


African Black soap is usually known with the names black soap, anago soap, alata simena, dudu-osun, etc. It has been used for more than decades to heal or to prevent skin problems and is believed that it goes way back in ancient times in Africa.

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What does African Black Soap do?

African Black Soap has a lot of benefits for the one who uses it like thinning fine lines on the aged skin, curing skin of early aging which has been exposed too much to sunlight, even out age spots, scars, etc. You can use it to soothe razor bumps. You can also use it on problematic skin conditions like susceptible, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, etc.

You can use it simply for keeping your skin healthier as it has some exfoliation properties to remove dead skin and make skin glow. Hence it would leave your skin looking healthier along with feeling healthier.

African Black Soap can be used on any skin colors, types or within any age range. You can also apply your usual moisturizer and makeup after using it on your skin.

Most of the black soaps have a little smell to them which is almost negligible and hence it is suitable for people who have skin allergies or respiratory problems. A few brands add a natural fragrance in their black soap so be aware before you buy it.

Ingredients of Black Soap

African Black soap has some quite interesting ingredients, although it is made just the way soaps are made for centuries. Certain organic matters are converted to ash in the beginning. Later oils are added to the ash to create the soap. Oils and ash are the main ingredient of the black soap and are sourced to market for making a lot of sops in today’s market.

Plants like cocoa powder, palm leaves, shea tree bark, etc are harvested and then sundried. Next, the organic matter is roasted in a metal pot using an even temperature. Oils like coconut, palm, etc are added followed by coking of the mixture for at least one day. Finally, the result you get is the soap. When other ingredients are added or the African Black soap is molded then maybe a few other processes can take place.

African Black Soap for Acne

Acne is not only troublesome for teenagers but many adults too suffer from them in their 40’s. Acne is usually caused by bacteria so if you fail to take care of your face then they might start appearing all over your entire face and upper back. It will become worse if you burst or just scratch them. After a few times, they would leave some scars behind, a lot of people start opting out for different treatments to get rid of them faster.

There are a lot of topical treatments available for acne but hey eventually leaves your skin dry or exposed to medicinal side effects for a long period. The after effects of these treatments don’t even look so good.

Therefore, using a black soap is the best method to clear up acne faster and then you can use it regularly to prevent more of them from coming. It is also simple to use!

How to use African Black Soap?

It is simple to use and the result will be skin healing faster and also a natural healthy glow on your skin. Before using it on your face or body do a patch test on your inner wrist. If there’s no reaction then you are good to go. You can also use essential oils on your skin to keep it moisturized after wash.

  • Lather up the African Black soap in your hands using soap and water
  • Add 3 drops of any essential oil you want
  • Wash your face as you normally do
  • Rinse with water and then pat dry, don’t scrub

There’s no need of using additional moisturizer as those oils are already enough.

Precautions and Safety Measures

  • You may use your soap in a special way to avoid irritation and redness.
  • The African Black soap has little exfoliation properties so you don’t have to use it with a loofah, etc.
  • Use your hands when you use this African Black soap on your face if you want to use a cloth then choose the one which is 100% cotton.
  • You don’t have to use a lot of African Black soap at once
  • Pat dry your skin after wash don’t scrub
  • Discontinue the use if you feel any irritation.
  • Read the ingredients on the package before buying
  • If you’re using it for healing damaged skin then it might take up to a month
  • Avoid getting it in your eyes, if it does then rinse immediately
  • Don’t use it until you do a patch test

Uses of African Black Soap

The African Black Soap has a lot of benefits and uses. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Use as a general skin cleaner
  2. It is great for soothing itch and pain of eczema
  3. Use instead of your regular soap
  4. It can even out skin discoloration by sunburn or acne
  5. It will help to calm dry, itchy and flaky patches from psoriasis
  6. Controls overactive oil glands
  7. Unclogs clogged pores and keeps them clean
  8. Helps to get rid of blackheads
  9. It can soothe the burns and bumps caused by razor during shaving
  10. It can control bad body odor
  11. Cures fungal infection on any part of the body
  12. Helps to minimize fine lines and wrinkles on the face

Disadvantages of African Black Soap

There are not many disadvantages of African black soap except for a few like:

  • Damage to gastrointestinal soap

Very few people have reported this problem and scientists believe that it is due to the presence of cocoa in the African black soap

  • Stimulation

Again it might be caused due to the presence of caffeine in cocoa used for making black soap. So people who are sensitive to caffeine should avoid using African black soap.

  • Allergic Reaction

There is almost 0.1% chance of getting an allergic reaction by using African Black soap.

Opinion on Black Soap

Well, the African Black soap comes with a load of benefits and uses. Though there are a very few disadvantages like it can dry up your skin more if your skin is already dry, allergic reactions in some cases, etc. Almost all the disadvantages or side effects are negligible and you can also consult a dermatologist before using it on your skin especially if you are already undergoing some treatment.

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Dermawand Review 2018- Pro’s & Con’s (updated July 2019)


What is Dermawand?

Beauty has always been a quality of the human body that has been placed on a high pedestal for as long as one can remember. The downside though is that old age catches up and threatens to strip away our youthful spirits. Not everyone has the confidence that their looks will remain good forever as the years pass by. For that reason alone, skincare products have become a popular thing in today’s world. And with the influx of beauty products boasting about results that last; the line between what works and what doesn’t have become blurred even more. Nevertheless, there are certain beauty products out there that offer significant results however temporary they may be. Dermawand is a non-surgical product that claims to reduce wrinkles, face lines and other signs of aging. It certainly is a product with promising results from the manufacturer. But, the real question is whether they are true and if yes, how long will they really last? The following review talks in detail about Dermawand and whether it is worth adding it to your expenses.

Dermawand overview

Dermawand is ideally classified as a beauty product due to the claims that it can easily reverse the signs of old age if used daily. What is good about this beauty product and what solely makes it a considerably effective beauty item, is the fact that it uses a similar technology as used by Radio Frequency machines that are used by medical specialists and in salons and spas. Using similar frequencies, but at reduced amplitudes, the Dermawand utilizes this technology to deliver a massage-like effect on the user’s skin. When this happens, the collagen in the skin gets stimulated while receiving thermal energy and oxygen. As a result, it slowly eliminates the wrinkles and makes the skin tone look a lot more even. However, this effect lasts only for a short period of time. This goes to say that the results are temporary, and if you in order to enhance those results, you would have to use an additional pharmaceutical grade serum.

Dermawand Components

The Dermawand beauty product comes in the form of a kit, which has a few components:

  • Dermawand
    It is the main device, which uses radio frequencies and thermal energy to stimulate the skin, thereby reducing the size of the pores, and all the while releasing collagen. In addition, it directs enriched oxygen towards the skin.
  • Beauty guide
    The beauty guide with the complete set of instructions explaining how to use the product to get the best results.
  • Preface treatment
    The pre-face treatment kit plays the role of a moisturizer and makes sure the skin is hydrated before applying the process

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Working of Dermawand

The way in which Dermawand works is pretty straight-forward. At its core, the product uses radio-frequencies at low amplitudes that are generated by microcurrents. The device actively stimulates the skin using these frequencies at 168,000 cycles per second, in the process releasing rejuvenating thermal energy and enriched oxygen directly to the skin. As a result, oxidized oxygen is produced which incites underlying cells and collagen and kills bacteria. This continuous stimulation, along with the addition of thermal energy and oxygen makes the skin appear younger and wrinkle-free. The manufacturer confirms that while thermal energy exclusively supports providing your skin with a smooth wrinkle-free texture, the oxygen revitalizes the tissues that do not receive sufficient oxygen as a consequence of aging skin. In addition, the continuous stimulation improves the blood circulation, bringing forth important nutrients that are required for a healthy skin.

Dermawand operates by passing an alternating high-frequency electrical current into the skin that generates thermal energy. This energy is provided when the device comes into contact with the skin.

Pros of Using Dermawand

  • Improves skin appearance, i.e. the skin appears evenly toned, tightened and lifted.
  • Reduces the size of pores in the skin.
  • Non-invasive, therefore, safe and painless.
  • Eliminates wrinkles, as well as laugh and lip lines.
  • Significantly reduces fine lines.
  • Helps reduce and improve the look of swollen and puffy eyes.

Cons of Using Dermawand

  • The results are temporary.
  • You will have to use pharmaceutical products, or DermaVital products to extend the results
  • Feels uncomfortable at higher intensities. Many users hesitate to increase the power.

Noticing any significant results requires patience. You cannot expect immediate changes after a single use. You would require at least 6 to 8 weeks of continuous use to experience any noticeable changes.

How to use Dermawand

The instructions of use for Dermawand are well presented on the DVD that comes along with the kit. It is advised to follow these instructions without any modifications for the best and quickest results.

Before commencing any treatments, make sure to thoroughly cleanse your skin.

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Pat your face completely dry.

Apply the Pre-Face moisturizer, an amount not more than the size of a nickel. This will make sure your skin is well hydrated. As a note of caution, the moisturizer is for external use only, so take care that it doesn’t go into the eyes, nose, or the mouth.

Remove the bulb cap. If you are using Dermawand for the first time, turn the dial to setting number 1. Test the intensity on your hand to make sure you would be comfortable applying it on your face.

Put the bulb gently on your face. If you are experiencing sensations, it means it has started doing its job. Always start on the lowest setting for the first few tries till you get comfortable.

Gradually, increase the intensity once you feel your skin can handle the device without any issues. Continue doing this till you reach the limit of your comfort zone. If your skin starts experiencing irritations, reduce the setting or stop using the device completely for a while.

Move the device on your entire face in a circular motion for 2-3 minutes.

Repeat this procedure once everyday.

Please Note, do not use Dermawand if you have a skin condition, especially one that is susceptible to broken capillaries.

Dermawand Reviews

With sales of over 2 million units across the world, Dermawand’s claims have undoubtedly lured customers into trying the revolutionary product. According to user reviews, Dermawand is an average beauty product whose results are visible only after a few months use. A quick and easy search of the product’s reviews will let you know that most customers noticed minimal to no change in the texture and tone of their skin until after using the device for a few months. Many have reported even being intimidated to use it in areas around the eyes. Others have responded by saying they have been reluctant to increase the power levels as the sensations aren’t really pleasant.

While most people say they wouldn’t buy this product ever again, some confirm that they go as far as even traveling with it, or carrying it around with them all the time they, as it has become a pivotal part of their beauty kit.

Where can I buy Dermawand?

You can easily find Dermawand on online stores like Amazing, eBay, and Walmart.
It is also available on Dermawand’s official website:
You should also be able to find it at a Target store near you.
It retails at $119.85 and comes with a 2-year warranty.

Verdict on Dermawand

DermaWand is a product that will not show results overnight. If you want it to be successful, you will require a lot of diligence and patience. You might even experience little to no change until after at least 2 months of regular use.

While radiofrequency treatments have the capability to tighten skin, reduce wrinkles, and improve fine lines, according to experts the assimilation of energy by Dermawand is a considerable week to deliver the results most people are expecting.

While Dermawand may work better for some than others, it certainly isn’t as effective as one would expect. The product stands out though when it comes to its price. It has a relatively attractive MSRP when compared to both, surgical as well as non-surgical facelifts. However, the changes are hardly noticeable and paying $120 for something that does almost nothing, may, in fact, be a waste of time and money. Maybe, a short journey to your cosmetic therapist’s office is a much better option.

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Zetaclear Review 2018- Pro’s & Con’s (updated July 2019)


What is Zetaclear? 

Fungus of the toenails and fingernails can be annoying and painful. It is also one of the reasons of keeping the toenails and fingernails dirty and unhygienic. Therefore, one should use the best of the preventions before this even occurs. But have you wondered among all the top products that are available in the market, which is the best one! Well, this is a million-dollar question, and you should find the most useful and top product as compared to others available in the market. If you are talking about treating toenail and fingernail fungus, then you should pick Zetaclear as this is the best solution for curing and as a long-term treatment of fungal infection of the nails.


In this article, we would discuss in brief about how to research and compare for the best solution, what are the ingredients of Zetaclear, benefits, usage, etc. Let us read on to find out more.

Research for the best product

Whenever it is about any of the health and skin related issues, it is always necessary to make sure that you pick the best product. This is important because you not only want to use the best product on your toenail and fingernail to treat the fungus but also do not want it to spread and generate some other skin or nail problem.

But the question is how do you choose the best toenail and fingernail fungus treatment product? In that case, it is simple. As we know that there are a number of products available in the market for the same, but all you need to know is which product would be the best pick and which one would be suitable for your specific needs.

First and foremost, do an independent search on the internet, and you would find an extensive list of websites that would offer you information about different products related to treating toenail and fingernail fungus. You can look at every product individually. Here, you would find information about the product content, which would be helpful for you to know if any of these contents would not suit your skin. All you have to do is, take all the information and details about a specific product for the fungus of the toenail and fingernail and compare these based on price, content, etc. One of the other best ways to compare Zetaclear is by making a comparison of the product reviews. These product reviews can be found online as there are a number of websites that offer product reviews and ratings and these can be helpful for you to know about the different products and how good are these for use.

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There are specific online forums for customer testimonials and reviews as well. These customer reviews are from the users who have used the Zetaclear, and they give their real-time reviews. You can consider these reviews and help yourself to find the best one. If you are looking for the product review of Zetaclear, you can find these on various popular websites and compare the same to go ahead with the product.

A brief overview of Zetaclear

One of the most effective products in the market when it comes to treating fingernail and toenail fungus, Zetaclear can be trusted for it is one of the most trusted products. It is a popular product among the users not only because of its effectiveness as a solution and treatment but also due to its success in the clinics and testing. It works for removing the fungal attack, and it does not include a rocket science to use this product.

All you have to do is, purchase Zetaclear from the pharmacist and use it as mentioned in the prescription. After using it for a couple of times, you would notice and feel the difference. Zetaclear effectively works and treats the fungus from its very existence. But one should make sure to use Zetaclear, both the topical spray and oral spray.

Although, some of the manufacturers do mention that one should consult the general physician if there is an overdose of the oral spray. But there is no harm even if there is an overdose as this is a homeopathic solution and there are no side effects of the same. But the users should not use the topical spray in the mouth or eyes.

How does this product help in treating fungus in the toenail and fingernail?

Zetaclear heals the fungus in the toenail and fingernail by effectively curing the same using two methods. We do know that homeopathic therapies, although take an elongated timeframe to treat the problem, it is an effective way of curing toenail and fingernail fungus. In the same way, homeopathic treatments are safe to use as they do not have any side effects and therefore, people who are allergic to other forms of medications or drops can use this without any doubt or complications. Zetaclear not only helps to cure the current problem of the toenail and fingernail product but also prevents the fungus to develop in the future. Also, the other ingredients of this particular product are taken from all natural ingredients. Again, these ingredients do not cause any harm to the people who are using these and are safe to use. The ingredients, especially oils used in Zetaclear are a topical and prominent solution that is effective in alleviating fungal infection and do not let that come again.

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Zetaclear Ingredients 

  • Almond oil
  • Lemongrass
  • Supplement E oil
  • Undecylenic acid
  • Clove oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Tea tree oil

All of these ingredients are best to be used on the skin and is great for treating any skin fungal infection whether it is even toenail and fingernail fungus.

As we have mentioned before that Zetaclear works in two ways and thereby it is the effective combination of these two ways works as an effective treatment of fungus in the nails. Let us see how this works.

Firstly, Zetaclear removes all the fungus out from the affected area and next it does not let it form again.

This happens through a two-way process. There is a topical spray that helps treat the fungal in the surface. On the other hand, the oral spray treats the fungal from within and removes the cause of the fungal infection. This does not let the fungus to thrive again. All these features of Zetaclear are equivalent to the long-lasting treatment for the fungus and the removal of the same from the nail cells and skin. The ingredients of the product clean up the skin cells completely and treat the very cause of the fungus; thereby you can trust zetaclear as a treatment that would last.

Purchasing Zetaclear

One can buy Zetaclear from online retailers. All you need to do is, search for the product online and buy from there. Zetaclear costs $49.95, and this is for a month’s medication. You need to pay extra for the shipping too. It is seen from the customer reviews that on an average it takes three to eight months for the product to clear out all the fungus, but this depends from case to case.

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Topricin Product Review 2018-Pro’s & Con’s (updated July 2019)


What is Topricin?

Do you feel guilty each time you pop in that painkiller? Are you the one who vouches each time to not to consume any of those pain killers as you are cognisant of the ill effects?  All of these promises you make to yourself are the failed ones. The reason is simple, you cannot go around your routine life bearing such pains.

The reason why we are so skeptical of consuming these pills and evening applying medicated creams is that it has a number of side effects which shall show its effects somewhere in the future. Some people are also of the view that a little pain should be borne rather than subsiding it by popping a pill.

All of the painkillers and pain relief ointments and sprays consist of petroleum products and harmful chemicals which is not good for liver and skin. The moment you apply a pain relief ointment it starts to irritate your skin and if you use it over a regular period of time, your skin shall become dark from the area of application. Moreover, it also has a strong odor. These creams will surely give you ease by reducing the pain but is not a healthy option.

Topricin is a homeopathic, non- analgesic cream which shall help reduce pain over a period of time. It is an award-winning cream. Topricin is claimed to be free of harmful preservatives and petroleum products. It shall have no side effects like the other over the counter products do.


Topricin Benefits

Let us discuss the features and benefits of the Topricin cream:

  1. How is it Different

Our body has a natural system of overcoming diseases. It just needs a bit of a support and good immunity from you in return. Do you know the reason why you suffer from fever whenever there is an infection in your body? Your body is fighting the disease and thus the temperature of your body increases. With fever, your body is asking you to take rest and eat right so that it can recover on its own.

We do not have the patience to wait for our body to overcome such infections on its own and resort to taking pills or other alternatives to expedite the recovery process. The body shall recover faster with the help of pills but then it would become dependent on them. It would stop making even slightest effort to recover on its own.

Topricin, on the other hand, enhances your body to induce its healing effects. The body needs just a bit of support to remove the toxins to get rid of the pain. By doing this it does not reduce the immunity of the body and rather increases its healing power. It is a non-analgesic homeopathic cream which shall work wonders in reducing the pain.

  1. Free of Side Effects

Topricin does not have any side effects associated with it. It is a cream which empowers your body’s healing effects and has no ill effects at the same point in time. Topricin has gained a lot of popularity and it recommended to people of all ages, from a baby to an elderly person. It is free of odor and does not have any color either. You can apply the cream at ease without having to worry about announcing the pain with the strong smells which other ointments have and won’t spoil your dress either.

The side effects are caused by harmful chemicals which are not present in Topricin. There is nothing better than letting your body overcome its pain and problems on its own. This shall increase the immunity and will have long-lasting effects on your body.

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  1. When to apply

It is best to apply the cream overnight for best results. It is recommended that you apply this cream at least twice a day in the affected area. It is best to cover the affected area post application. Although this cream won’t affect any other medication you are taking, you must consult your doctor before you start using one for you. It can be applied 3 to 4 times a day and gives instant relief within 15 minutes or so. It also heels other skin problems like dryness, bruises, cracks etc.. as opposed to other over the counter creams which burns the skin and causes dryness.

  1. Foot Pain

Topricin specializes in foot pain. It has a variant which has 14 biomedical as opposed to 11 biomedicals in the regular cream. The regular cream is for pains like a muscle, knee, backache, shoulder etc. The foot specialized cream is for gout, nerve relaxation, foot pain and fasciitis. The specialized cream for foot can come handy for airlines employees or anyone having a standing job. Constant standing or running around also cause swollen feet and severe pain. Regular use of this pain can help eradicate the pain.

  1. Topricin during Pregnancy

Topricin is a reliable pain relief cream which can be used during pregnancy as well. The reason why it is so safe that it is homeopathic and does not contain any harmful chemicals. Topricin should, however (like any other medicine or cream) should be used after consulting the doctor during pregnancy. Pregnancy is a stage of life when women have to take utmost care of what she is consuming and its effects on the baby. Anything and everything we do during pregnancy have some kind of effect on the baby thus, it is highly recommended to consult your doctor before going forward with this as well.

Topricin shall help you relive the pain and swelling in feet during the pregnancy which is much needed. It can be seen as the only reliable cream to be used during that special period of your life.

  1. Topricin and Diabetics

Diabetes patients suffer a lot of discomforts like swollen foot or pain in feet and even dryness and pain in nerves. Topricin shall aid in relieving you from this pain as well. Topricin has such ingredients which enhance the healing power of the body which is much required for a diabetes patient. However, this is a self-help treatment and you must let your doctor be aware of it. As diabetes patients do have to pay a visit to the doctor every once in a while to keep their sugar level under control. This homeopathic cream shall also reduce the pain in legs and burn and throbbing in feet as well.

  1. Availability

Topricin stores locations can be checked on its website which is. You may order it online by visiting its official website. It is also available on online shopping portals like Amazon. It is not very expensive as well. If you look at the advantages it has, the cost seems to be very little.

  1. Money Back Guarantee

What if Topricin does not meet your expectations or does not live up to its claims? If there are any such doubts of wasting your money over a product you have never tried so far, worry not! Topricin provides a money back guarantee. A money back guarantee can only be provided when Topricin makes are 100 percent confident of its success.

Conclusion on Topricin

Going by the above points it seems that Topricin is a more viable option in comparison to other medicated creams.  So go ahead and grab one for yourself.

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City Lips Review 2018- Pro’s & Con’s (Updated July 2019)

city lips

What is City Lips?

Beauty doesn’t define how you look outside, but also how you look inside. In this modern world, there are a lot of things in order to make you beautiful outside. You don’t really have to change yourself just to be beautiful. There are a lot of ways such as wearing fancy clothes. You can also buy some cosmetic products that can increase your confidence. No girl wants to look ugly or pale, that’s why a simple lipstick, lip gloss, or lip balm in order to put color on your lips is a must. Wearing a wonderful smile will make you very beautiful but adding some lipstick as well will also add confidence to that smile.

There are a lot of cosmetic brands all over the world – Internationally and locally which aims to provide beauty in every individual, most especially to girls. And one of those famous brands is the City Lips. City Lips provide quality products that will surely change your looks and will make you really beautiful.

City lips don’t only offer great beauty products to girls but also help elevate their confidence in all aspect. Here are the few things that you need to know about city lips:

City Lips is unlike any other beauty and cosmetic products because it aims to provide quality products that will surely elevate the beauty of every girl. City Lips is one of the products that every girl should have. City Lips provides the best quality products that will elevate anyone’s beauty.

City Lips is also the prowess of all the products by City, because of its wonderful effect that it gives. City Lips is one of the best lip plumpers because once you apply it to your lips, it will have a long-lasting effect. Unlike any other products, City lips provide a more comfortable feeling when the consumer uses it. It doesn’t give any irritation to someone’s lip.

City Lips uses the most natural ingredients available, in order to make sure that it will not give any adverse effect.

What Are the Active Ingredients?

City Lips products aim to create quality products to make sure that they provide high standard through the use of natural ingredients which will give a more effective and beautiful lipstick. One of the key ingredients present in City Lips is the HA Plumping spheres, which is responsible for maintaining collagen. Collagen in our lips is the most important substance in order for it to become softer, lighter and brighter. Also, hyaluronic acid is the so-called fountain of beauty of all products.  The hyaluronic acid provides moisture to the lips. It is also responsible for making sure that there are no fine lines in our lips. This is why City Lips includes it to the product because it will allow you to plump your lips. Hyaluronic Acid is the number one substance used by surgeons as a lip filler. In just a very cheap price, you are able to achieve this product because Hyaluronic Acid is too expensive and it is very rare in the market. The ingredients of the City Lips doesn’t only provide a one-shot effect, rather it provides a long-lasting effect. The ingredients of City Lips will allow your lips to grow its own collagen. The reason why they used these ingredients in City Lips is that they wanted to make sure that the spaces in your lips will be filled by these ingredients, without even applying harsh ingredients or substances that could possibly irritate your lips. No one wants to feel any pain or irritations on their lips that is why City Lips make sure that the product they will be producing are products that are of good quality.

What Do the Reviews Say?

As expected the City Lip receives the fame and respect from its consumer because they make their promises true. For them, they will offer the best and advanced quality beauty products and City Lips is their breakthrough in the cosmetic and beauty industry. People loved the City Lips so much because most of the customer who gives reviews to the product says that their lips become brighter and softer. For them, City Lips add confidence to their smile and their beauty because it is all natural.

Of course, in every product, there will always be non-believers, there are some that won’t appreciate it. There are also some people saying that it has no any effect on them. There are also some who say that it is hard to apply and it has no effect on their lips.

But what City would like to assure their future customer and users is that the products they created, specifically City Lips is a product with the best and highest quality. Their product is all natural and whatever kind of lips you have, there would be no any irritation.


Some of the strengths of the product

  1. Ingredients in the product are clinically tested to be proven safe and effective in any type of lip. There are researches that prove that there are no any irritations.
  2. The product contains collagen. Collagen is the one that is responsible for making sure that the lips are brighter, soft and smoother. It also makes sure that the lips of the user will stay healthy and in good health even after the City Lips faded.
  3. It also contains substance hyaluronic acid, which is responsible for filling up the spaces in the lips. And these substances are way too expensive to be on a lipstick. This hyaluronic acid also plays as the moisturizer in the lips in which it removes the fine lines in the lips.
  4. City Lips is available on the market and also in online. The good thing about the payment of the product is it is safe and free from any scam or robbery.
  5. Unlike any other products, City Lips provides deals and packages at very affordable prices, which anyone can buy.
  6. Manufacturer contact details are provided on the product that is why you are guaranteed to know who the people behind City Lips are.
  7. City Lip is better than any other cosmetic brand because it contains substances that will stay for a long time in your lips.


Every individual has its own beauty. There are some that are very beautiful because of their skin tone, or some because of their eyes, or some because of their posture and many other reasons. Most importantly the real beauty is coming from what’s inside. City Lips aims not just only to earn, but also to be part of someone’s life in lifting the confidence. City promises to continue in creating high-quality products using the advanced technology available. Also, they want to create difference among any other product and cosmetics brand and that is to offer HEALTH AND BEAUTY at the same time. A beauty that will last, and a health that will stay whenever you use their products, most especially City Lips.

Now Essential Oils Review – Pro’s & Con’s (updated July 2019)

essential oils

What is Now Essential Oils?

NOW Essential Oils are pure essential oils known for their usage in aroma therapy. Each pack of NOW Essential Oils contains ten various oils. It includes Jasmine, Lavender, Peppermint, Clove, Orange, Rosemary, Tangerine, Eucalyptus, Tea tree and Citronella. There are other types of oil products too that come in packages. Natural essential oils have been used for aromatherapy since ancient times. It has been a time-honored traditional method to lift your spirits, relax and enhance your mood.

essential oils

History of Now Essential Oils

The company of NOW Foods essential oils are also called NOW Solutions. The names are used interchangeably. In the year 1948, Paul Richard, an entrepreneur purchased a manufacturing company in Chicago. This company manufactured legume and grain-based products. This company was turned into a family business for six decades and is still growing strong as family owns the company. NOW Foods manufactures and distributes more than 1400 oils, dietary supplements, sports nutrition, natural foods, beauty and personal care products. The Company believes that good health shall be a luxury available to all classes of people, and not only to the wealthy. That is why they produce products of high quality and make it available at affordable prices. since 1968, NOW Foods has been like “a helping hand”, who helps its consumers to lead a healthy life.



Essential oils have proved to be effective for homeopathic treatments and aromatherapy. They are naturally derived and are “neat”, meaning that they are not arbitrarily manipulated or diluted with chemicals or artificial additives. These are pure oils that are well processed. Just a few drops of oil in a diffuser can fill your room with the peaceful aroma of jasmine, lavender and other scents available. These oils can also be used for massaging.

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NOW Food Company consistently focuses on using the best raw botanical resources. They believe in extracting the ingredients meticulously and gently. The process of extracting oils from the botanical sources is one of the toughest and important steps. This determines the manufacturing quality of the products. The different processes of extraction are listed below:

  • Steam Distillation– In this process of steam distillation, essential oils are converted into vapor. By the process of condensation, the vapor is turned into liquid. This is done very carefully and gently. All the unwanted components are left behind so that the liquid is ready to be bottled for your benefit. Traditionally, hydro or steam distillation was extracted using chemical solvents like hexane and heptane. NOW essential oils do not use unsafe chemical solvents and give you full quality assurance.
  • Carbon Dioxide Extraction– In this process, compressed carbon dioxide is used to extract oils from the primary sources. In this process of technology essence of oils are extracted from the plant matter without heating. It involves maintaining low temperatures and high pressures. The CO2 extraction process is known to be environmentally friendly and uses energy efficiently. Distilled essential oils and Co2 extracts are quite similar and have often been used for natural perfumes and aromas. This CO2 is a by-product of fermentation.
  • Solvent Extraction– Rose and Jasmine are mainly solvents extracted. The raw ingredients are too delicate for distillation which is a costly process. Therefore, the oils having risen and jasmine aroma is extracted by using ethanol. It is solvent which is generally safe.
  • Cold Press Extraction– Cold pressed method is also called scarification method. In this mechanical process, heat is regulated, mainly reduced throughout the extraction process of the raw materials. This process of extracting oil is especially used for citrus ingredients like orange, tangerine, lime, grapefruit, mandarin, lemon and others. The fruit peels are rolled over a trough and penetrated. Then the fruit is squeezed and pressed to extract the oil from the pulp. This method is considered to be one of the best methods to extract essential oils. The oils are of the highest concentration.

now essentiall oil



Scientific testing information about products doesn’t really matter for the consumers in general. But it is always good to be aware of things. The NOW team have provided information to their consumers. NOW Foods use their own personalized team of quality control experts. They conduct a series of clinical tests to make sure of the quality of their products. Their laboratories are handled by qualified technicians and chemists. Analytical equipment such as Infrared Spectrometry and Gas Chromatography enables them to perform a specialized analysis. Almost all the NOW essential oils are verified by GC and Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR). Other scientific information available about the NOW oils is a partial list of components that involve Optical Rotation, Refractive Index,  Infrared Absorption, Flash Point, Specific Gravity. Ultraviolet/Visible Spectroscopy is used for solvent and pigment detection. They also test the oils’ solubility, odor, color and the active components in it.


NOW essential oils are certified as Organic. They are free of synthetic compounds, are naturally pure and highly concentrated oils. The botanical sources of these oils are grown on pesticides free soil. There are no herbicidal and toxic residues in the soil. But the consumers should note that not all the NOW Food oils are organic. The organic products are specifically labeled. You can be sure of the fact that certified organic essential oils and pure essential oils are not diluted. There is no water content in them. NOW Essential Oils consists of blends. Many often combine such blends with carrier oils. These blends are manufactured exclusively and are clearly labeled. NOW Solutions themselves have assured safety and assurance of their oil products:

“We use our own analysis results to confirm specification sheet reports and certificates of analyses received from 3rd party outside laboratories and vendors. As always, when it comes to Essential Oils, individual practitioners and consumers will decide for themselves which variety of a flower or leaf produces the essential oil that best suits their particular need. With NOW pure essential oils, you can be assured that you have the real thing.”

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Specific instructions for the usage of NOW Essential Oils are given in the official website of the company. Consumers should carefully follow the caution label on the products before purchase. The website ensures that the oil recipes have been evaluated and crafted by expert professionals and should not be used in any other way. You will find that NOW Solutions keep their own comprehensive safety database on all the essential oil products. These data sheets are included with the product as a quick reference for the customers. This is just another way that NOW Solutions assure us. They are determined to provide the best quality essential oils.


As mentioned before NOW Solutions‘ objective is to provide good health to everyone. And so the prices of their products are considerably low. When the founder of NOW Solutions, Elwood Richard was questioned as to why NOW’s prices are so low compared to their competitors, he replied: “The question shouldn’t be why are our prices so low, but rather, why do our competitors price their products so high? We use the same quality essential oils as other companies. We just choose to price our essential oils with the best interests of the consumer in mind. By not marking up our essential oils like perfumes, as many competitors do, we can offer essential oils of comparable quality at a lower price. Citrus fruit essential oils are 100% cold pressed. Our other essential oils are typically 100% steam distilled. The products are available in the market and on online websites at an affordable price of $53.95. This price is subject to variations and discounts too.

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Breast Actives Review 2018- Pro’s & Con’s (Updated July 2019)

breast actives

What is Breast Actives?

Breast is the wonderful set of assets that women possess. A well-shaped breast instills a sense of confidence to portray an attractive figure with any outfit. But sadly a large section of women lack the perfect set of twins on their body. And this the result why many women today opt for silicon treatment to get desired breast size. But it is equally important to have a good pair of inner wears to keep them in shape. Often loosely fitted inners are the reason for the unshaped breast with loosened muscles. So a right pair of bras with proper toned up muscle is the need of today’s women. So ladies, who are gearing up to explore new inventions to keep their beasts in shape, can try out Breast Actives, which comes in the form of cream and a supplementary pill. Read on to find in details about this product!

breast actives
breast actives

An overview of Breast Actives

Every woman aspires to have a set of well-toned breasts so that they can look gorgeous in anything they wear. So Breast Actives is here to solve your problem. It is a dual package product that comes in the form of cream to shape your breast and pills to balance your nutritional supplements. Breast Actives also consist of an exercise and massage program to shape up your breasts. Being herbal it has negligible chances of having a side effect. The entire system of Breast actives depends on the formula of enlarging breast but equally giving importance to the dietary supplements.

With an ever-increasing hype for desired breast size, the media has taken abuzz with lots of supplements and products that claim to help in enlarging breast with a guarantee of 100%. Many women fall prey to such advertisements and end up buying products that often have adverse effects on their health because a lot of such breast enlargement pills contain silicon which disrupts the natural hormonal system of our body. But Breast Active is unique!

What differentiates Breast Actives from its counterparts?

The basic differentiation lies in the composition of breast actives. The product is 100% herbal other than its counterparts. It contains natural substances which include Fennel seeds, dandelion roots, blessed thistle, and much more such ingredients. Due to its herbal natural, breast actives helps in the natural growth of the breast other than the available market products that mostly contain steroids which leads to bad health and toxic effects on your skin. With such proven records, breast actives lead in the world market and have no side effect. So, if you are thinking about getting a well-shaped breast, the Breast Actives is the right choice for you.  This product helps you develop natural, curvier and attractive breasts naturally. Besides it also keeps a check on you dietary supplements that are required for body development.

How does Breast Actives work?

Breast Actives work in collaboration, and all the three components work together to shape up the breasts finally.

  • Breast enhancement cream:

For developing a good pair of more noticeable breast, it is important to have it massaged regularly with gentle hands. Breast actives contain a breast enhancing cream that contains aloe vera, red clover extracts, and Pueraria Mirifica. All these ingredients make it rank as one of the best product of modern times. All these components together help in increasing the flow of blood to the breast tissues and thus render a permanent increase in their size.

  • Supplement Capsules:

Often many women complain of lumps in their breast. If you have faced so then, it can be small fatty cells that accumulate on your breast. Breast actives powered supplement Capsules efficiently eradicate any stored fat in the breast tissue, which otherwise creates a blockage in the passage of blood transmission.

  • Exercise Programs:

Apart from applying cream and in taking supplementary pills, it is also important to some basic exercises to keep up the toned shape of your breast. So in the package of breast actives, comes an exercise program that educates women regarding the dietary changes that they need to undergo. It teaches them the basic ways of massaging using breast enhancement cream and also teaches them the basic chest exercises that they need to follow regularly to strengthen the pectoral muscles, which is responsible for tightening your breast and making them look raised. To get a better result, it is advised to continue these exercises regularly for nearly six months. After six months, you can yourself feel the change and see the effective outcome. These simple exercises take only a few minutes from your hectic schedule, and if one desires to maintain the shape of her breast, then taking out time for exercising regularly is mandatory. However, by maintaining proper guidelines, as instructed in the exercise program, women have claimed to view desirable results after the completion of 4 weeks. Now, that pretty impressive! Isn’t it? Such an early outcome is the proof of the potentiality that breast actives have.

All the three components of Breast Actives work hand-in-hand to produce the desired result. The shaping of the breast begins at puberty and is controlled by certain hormones like prolactin, estrogen, progesterone, and prostaglandins. The growth of the breast depends on the production of breast tissues. But often, due to the accumulation of fat, the production of these tissues often gets hindered; thereby causing an abnormality in the size of the breasts. Therefore, it is essential to maintain a balance between these hormones. And this is exactly what Breast actives do. The supplementary pills offered by breast actives breaks down the fat and help in the growth of new breast tissues. Furthermore, both the cream and the pill enhance the glandular tissues that reside in the breast and strike a balance between the contents of phytoestrogen group.

breast actives review
breast actives review

Breast actives reviews

In order to get a set of curvier breast, a little hard work and dedication are required. Women who start the usage of breast actives should make it a point to consume them every day without a miss. A miss in the cycle can distort the production of new breast tissues. Medication that includes both the pill and cream should, however, be done under the guidance of a medical practitioner. For better results, it is advisable to apply the cream twice daily and also take the pills twice a day. Before applying the cream, the breasts should be massaged gently so that the process works faster. Massage should also be done with a proper technique while applying the breast enhancing cream. This cycle should be repeated daily.

Advantages of using breast actives

Using breast actives is most advantageous for women who have odd breast shape and size, sagging of breast, and has lack of firmness. So using breast actives can render them firm, lifted and wells shaped breasts. Most of the doctors today, often suggest using breast actives than going for a breast implantation surgery. This method of increasing breast size is completely natural.

One question which women frequently ask is related to its effectiveness. Well, the effect of product often varies from person to person. If your colleague got results in 4 weeks, it might be that you after three months. But this product is completely natural is 100% devoid of any side effects. Lastly, while buying the product keep a check on its date of expiration. It is recommended not to use a six-month-old product.



Crepe Erase Review – Benefits & Side Effects (updated July 2019)

crepe erase

What is Crepe Erase?

Crepey skin is a nightmare. No one wants to have excessively dry and sagging skin all over their faces, yet we all have to deal with this problem as we age. Aging usually results in damaged skin cells and collagen fibers which are responsible for keeping our skin healthy, elastic and good looking. Old age will also prevent the regeneration of new skin cells resulting in the crepey skin. This not only destroys your looks but research shows that people with sagging and other poor skin conditions typically have low self-esteem issues that can affect their social interactions and productivity.

Crepe Erase is a skin care product that claims to be powerful enough to reverse all the effects that damaged collagen, and other skin cells have had on your skin. Crepe Erase will hence help to restore your elastic and good looking skin throughout your body. Crepe Erase endorsed by the likes of Jane Seymour will have you witnessing positive results after just one use. Your skin will fully regain its youthful appearance after just a few weeks of using it.

Now, we are used to skin care products undergoing vivid marketing without living up to expectations, and if that’s your perception on Crepe Erase, then you are very wrong. Crepe Erase and the ingredients used are clinically proven not just for their efficacy, in dealing with crepey skin but also on their safe nature that will allow different users to enjoy its benefits without any side effects. Crepe Erase is hence, the ultimate solution that finally puts an end to dry, and sagging skin but first, what causes crepey skin?

Crepe Erase Overview

Crepey skin is like a tissue paper. You have this beautiful piece of tissue paper. You crumble it all up and then open it back again. What you see is exactly how our skin starts to look like once we get to a certain age. Of course, the aging process of the skin is different for everyone and is affected by the environment we live in, our genetics, and most importantly how we’ve treated our skin till date. One may have had a sun damage, a burn, or a disease which might have cured for sure but not without a repercussion to the skin. According to a relatively new product in the market, Crepe Erase, your crepey skin problems might have just found a remedy that would make you look a lot younger in a matter of weeks. Too good to be true, isn’t it? Well, the following review will explain in detail how effective the Creme Erase cream is and whether it does what its manufacturer’s claim it to do.

Crepe Erase is sold as a skin care health product for external use which doesn’t require a doctor’s prescription (OTC drug). According to the manufacturers of Crepe Erase, their TruFirm exclusive technology tightens the skin and treats its elasticity problems making the person look a lot younger. They also claim that 82% of their users experience a smoother skin right after the first application, while 90% of the users notice improvements in the skin’s structure after a month’s use.


Causes of Crepey Skin

Understanding the causes of Crepey Skin in details is a step closer to knowing how Crepe Erase works and what you can do to avoid it in future.

The most common cause of crepey skin is aging. This natural process causes the two major structural proteins in the skin (elastin and collagen) to grow thin affecting the entire matrix of the skin. If you don’t do anything to counter this process your skin will end up being unhealthy and losing its elasticity. This results in wrinkles and other problems that are prevalent among the aged. Over time, when these structural proteins are damaged the skin can form diamond-like shapes between the hair follicles. This escalates making your skin to look like a piece of tissue paper which is honestly very disheartening.

Crepey skin can also appear in relatively younger individuals, and in such cases, the cause is usually due to:

  • Excessive weight loss that has reduced the amount of fat present to plump your skin
  • Smoking
  • Sun exposure
  • Excessive consumption of sugars etc.

Crepe Erase will hence help to reverse the damage suffered by your skin, but for you to enjoy the results for long, you have to lead a healthy lifestyle. ,

Crepe Erase Ingredients

The primary ingredient in Crepe erase is made of a TruFirm Complex in which the manufacturer doesn’t give out too much information about. This can, hence, be a bit of an issue when trying to identify what role each compound used plays.

Some of the few ingredients that we know of are popular natural plant extracts that are scientifically proven to be exceptional in rejuvenating the skin and promoting healthy elastin and collagen structures. These include:

  1. Shea Butter – This compound is rich in omega 9 and 6 fatty acids. These are useful in nourishing and hydrating the skin which will leave your skin glowing. The butter also has soothing properties that will help with dry and rough skin.
  2. Cocoa Seed Butter – This is a very popular compound found in most skin care products out there. Cocoa seed butter is a fantastic emollient that has, for decades, been used to strengthen the skin and treat wrinkles. This ingredient will make sure that your skin is constantly moisturized and what makes it even more brilliant is how fast it works towards achieving a soft and smooth skin.Coconut oil has been used in medicine and ancient remedies for centuries as well as in today’s world of modern skin care products. It has become increasingly popular for beauty purposes. In itself, using coconut oil on your skin is an all-natural method to eliminate many of the toxic components from the skin. It is a very positive ingredient for dull and dry skin and tremendously helps people with hard skin to gradually soften it.
  3. Hyaluronic Acid – You could have all the best compounds possible in delivering smoothness in the skin, but if your skin is incapable of retaining the oils and softness then any results you achieve are likely to be short-term. Hyaluronic Acid is included here to boost your skin’s ability in maintaining the moisture delivered by other ingredients. This acid provides supple and soft skin which stays moisturized for long hours. Hyaluronic acid is also a soothing and protective agent that’ll keep your skin safe from harmful radicals and other similar elements.
  4. Vitamin E – Vitamin E is a nourishing compound with skin protection qualities. The vitamin will reduce wrinkles and fine lines while also keeping you safe from harmful rays.
  5. Skin smoothing exfoliators – Crepe Erase is formulated with AHA and physical exfoliators that remove dead skin cells. This facilitates the development of younger and healthier skin cells boosting your overall appearance. Removing the dead skin will also make it easier for this lotion and all its ingredients to be absorbed for even better results.
  6. Super Hydrating Oils – It’s inevitable coming across coconut oil when looking for the best hydrating oils. This oil does an excellent job of keeping the skin moisturized while eliminating irritation and flaky skin issues. This is why coconut oil has been included in the crepe Erase formula, and for faster results, the manufacturer has also added olive fruit oil.
  7. Beeswax – Beeswax is used in softening and conditioning of dry and rough skin. This ingredient provides both the needed hydration and protective barrier to keep your skin looking good and safe. Beeswax is a natural wax compound produced by a special species of bees, called Genus Apis. Natural beeswax contains fatty-acids and chain alcohols. It contains significant amounts of hydroxypalmitate, palmitoleate, and palmitate. These components together produce properties that help maintain the moisture in the skin. The presence of Vitamin A in beeswax facilitates the production of skin cells and protects it from environmental threats. Beeswax also provides the necessary antioxidants required for a healthy skin.
  8. Cassava Plant – It’s included to promote smooth and silky skin. It will also protect your skin against irritation. Cassava is rich in both, Vitamin C and folate. Vitamin C plays an important role in collagen synthesis, a component responsible for speeding up the healing process, preventing stretch marks, and reducing wrinkles and fine lines, while folate is responsible for moisturizing and anti-aging properties. In addition, it is also known to smoothen the skin, brighten the complexion, facilitate healing of scars and wounds, provide nourishment to the skin, and improve its overall quality.
  9. Olive oil Olive oil is a good antioxidant due to the presence of the following components: vitamin E, polyphenols, and phytosterols. When applied regularly it may help decelerate the aging of the skin. Vitamin E also plays an important role in enhancing the tolerance of the skin against ultra-violet radiations. Hydroxytyrosol, a relatively rare compound is also found in olive oil in decent traces that prevents free radical damages to the skin.  Unlike conventional moisturizers that are thick and can clog the pores of the skin, defeating the purpose of what they are meant for, olive oil penetrates nicely into the skin.

Crepe Erase Kit

When purchasing Crepe Erase, you’ll have an option of buying a 2-piece or 5-piece set. Looking at the prices and the uses of each set its fair to say that you get more value for money when purchasing the 5-piece. This allows you to transform your skin right from the face all the way to the toes. The 5-piece set is made up of:

  1. Exfoliating Body Polish

This Exfoliating body polish is made of the revolutionary TruFirm complex that helps in rejuvenating crepey and aging skin on the arms, legs, neck, and chest. It’s very soft and safe for the skin allowing you to attain the needed results without harming the skin. Use this polish in the required area and exfoliate it for a minute or so before rinsing. You’ll also notice that it smells very nice.

  1. Intensive Body Repair Treatment

This set contains both the TruFirm complex and a few botanicals. It is added to boost smooth and firm skin. Crepey skin will never be an issue again after a few times of using it. For best results use this treatment after exfoliation.

  1. Refining Facial Scrub

This works like a body scrub except it is a lot gentler. Massage it on your skin for 2 minutes and rinse it off. The aftermath is a refreshed and soft skin that’s good to look at and touch.

  1. Restorative Facial Treatment

If you have sensitive skin, then you’ll find this treatment very useful. It’s an incredible hydrating agent that works perfectly with sensitive skin be it on the neck, face or any other body part. It’s silky and will keep your skin plumped for extended hours. The best part is that you’ll only need to use a tiny amount of this treatment to cover a large surface because it is quite concentrated.

  1. Ultra-Hydrating Body Lotion

The Ultra-hydrating body lotion can be used instead of the intensive body repair treatment. It is lightweight and can be used in areas where the body butter wasn’t applied. Most users normally prefer using the body butter on the arms and legs and then apply this body lotion on the chest and neck.

Any Side Effects of Crepe Erase?

Crepe Erase hasn’t been linked to any severe side effects. A few individuals reported skin irritation, but this was due to their skin’s sensitivity to some of the compounds used. To confirm that you are an ideal candidate for Crepe Erase you should consult a dermatologist before you start using it.

Where can I buy Crepe Erase?

The best place to purchase Crepe Erase is from the manufacturer’s official website. This saves you from scam products in the market. The 2-piece set, also known as the introductory line goes for around $39.95 while the Crepe Erase Maximum Result line (5-piece set) retails at approximately $59.95. Note that these charges are per month and when purchasing it you should check whether you are enrolled in their automatic monthly renewal services.

  1. Working of Crepe Erase


According to the producer’s of Crepe Erase, the product uses a first of its kind technology, named TruFirm developed by the company for their line of products. The way it functions is that it repairs the fibrous tissues in our skin that get damaged due to various factors including aging, skin diseases, lack of nutrition, excessive tanning or exposure to sun etc. Crepe Erase penetrates your skin with extracts that improve the condition of the skin tissues.
Cold weather, ultraviolet rays, and many other harmful factors make your skin dry and age faster. These are mostly the very first causes of crepey and wrinkling skin. Crepe Erase helps your skin regain its elasticity by repairing the skin cells responsible for it.


Pros of Using Crepe Erase

  • Though not for everyone, the Crepe Eraser cream has been known to show some improvements for many users who have been using it regularly.
  • It works as an impressive moisturizer and can be used on non-crepey skin too to keep it healthy.
  • It doesn’t have any side effects and can be used by anyone (unless he or she is undergoing some kind of medication).
  • The manufacturers provide a money-back guarantee if customers are not satisfied with the results.

Cons of Using Crepe Erase

  • The Crepe Eraser cream is very expensive, retailing at an MSRP of $39.95.
  • There are no scientific research claims that back-up the ones made by the manufacturer.
  • While most users claim they do not notice any improvements using this product, the ones who do say it is very slow in producing results.

Crepe Erase Reviews

The Crepe Erase cream has a lot of mixed reviews with some even declaring it a scam. Certainly, there a lot of people who are happy with the results claiming they have achieved a much smoother, younger, and hydrated skin. However, the group of customers saying they do not notice any reasonable results is much larger. One reason behind Crepe Erase being ineffective might be its high price. Since the cream doesn’t show instant results and might require using it for a few months, a significant number of users stop using it once they finish the first set of creams they had bought. The high price and the lack of quick results cause customers to stop further using it.


Bottom Line on Crepe Erase

While Crepe Erase isn’t the worst skin-cream out there, it certainly has some imperfections. When it comes to keeping the skin hydrated, it doesn’t do any better job than coconut oil or shea butter alone. It certainly doesn’t make your skin look younger as quickly as the company advertises it will, but your skin will show a few changes once you use it regularly for at least a month. You might experience a little change of appearance of the skin which might also start to feel a lot smoother and hydrated.

Of course, you cannot experience a miracle and undo what has happened to your skin in the course of so many years, but in most cases, the results of Crepe Erase are hardly noticeable. In fact, once you stop using it, your skin will very quickly get back to where it started. Certainly, it might improve the condition temporarily but it is only a temporary fix to a permanent problem and unfortunately, that problem is known as aging.