The Science of “Cheat Meals” (updated July 2019)

Science of “Cheat Meals

What is a “Cheat Meal”?

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We have all had those dinner parties where we are the odd man out. While everyone else is ordering their favorite cheeseburger and french fries or a classy ribeye steak with a side of potatoes, you went for the grilled chicken breast with steamed vegetables, but please not cooked in oil and with the sauce on the side. Or you forced yourself to eat a salad with no croutons or cheese and a side cup of your favorite dressing because your diet didn’t reach those parameters. But hey, you got a Diet Coke to “treat yourself”.

But what if there was a way to eat your favorite meal once, maybe even twice, a week and still lose weight? That is where the “cheat meal” comes into play.

A “cheat meal” is a saucier term for a diet break. It indicates that you’re “cheating” on your diet by having foods that you normally wouldn’t. Each person has their preference: some prefer a burger and fries, some a huge bowl of pasta, and others indulge in their favorite dessert. The possibilities are endless!

Treat Yo’Self, but Don’t Pig Out

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The purpose of a cheat meal is for it to be one meal, and one meal only. Having an entire day of indulging in foods you normally wouldn’t can have the opposite effect. The purpose of a singular meal that is higher in fat, carbohydrates, and overall total calories is to jumpstart your metabolism. However, if you are piling down pillars of food the entire day or eating that one meal until you cannot physically move, the body cannot metabolize it. Instead, it becomes sluggish and slows down. It simply cannot process that much food at once.

This is where “cheat meal” turns into fat gain, which is what most people think of when they imagine eating their favorite foods on a diet. The trick here is to indulge until you are pleasantly full and then stop. There’s no need to eat to excess because that food will still be there next week. It’s not the be all end all of meals. It’s a small diet break, a chance for your body to recharge for the upcoming week.

Tips and Tricks

Here are a few key things to remember before going out for a “cheat meal”:

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  1. Eat breakfast! Like any other day, breakfast is still the most important meal. Starving yourself from the get-go to “save calories” for your “cheat meal” reverses the purpose of the meal overall. Instead, make sure your metabolism is revving by eating a good, healthy breakfast within an hour of waking. Skipping breakfast will also make you hungrier later on in the day, which may cause you to binge on your “cheat meal”. Avoid the issue by having regularly scheduled meals throughout the day!
  2. Drink water! Drinking plenty of water throughout the day ensures that all the toxins are being flushed out and that your organs are well hydrated. Don’t skimp on water! Save the Diet Coke for dinner.
  3. Exercise before you eat! While you can have cheat meals on your rest days, the body better utilizes the increase in calories after an intense workout. The best plan of attack is to train heavy by targeting a large muscle group — such as legs, back, or chest — and then indulging in your “cheat meal” as your post-workout meal. After exercise your body is most ready to break down food for energy and amino acids, so the meal will be most beneficial.
  4. Train heavy the next day! After a long week of dieting, your glycogen stores will finally be full enough for a long, intense workout. Train the opposite muscle group from the day before — upper body V. lower body — and get to work.

The Science Behind the “Cheat Meal”

Believe it not, there actually are benefits to a “cheat meal”. Aside from the mental break of dieting, the body needs a break from the diet, too. The human body is very smart and adapts to its environment. If an individual is consuming less calories per day over an extended period of time, the body recognizes this. And with less food comes less energy, so the body’s processes must slow down in order to accommodate these new energy levels.

For the Body

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“Cheat meals” are often used to break fat loss plateaus. When the body adapts to its new energy environment and its functions slow down, so does the metabolism. When the metabolism slows, the body becomes less efficient at breaking down foodstuffs into ATP energy, which slows the metabolism more. The whole process becomes a vicious cycle of nonstop slowing until the metabolism reaches its bottom line. From there, the body has adapted pretty well to the amount of food that it is currently consuming.

So what happens when an individual consumes a cheat meal? Suddenly, the body gets an influx of energy. It has more capabilities than its had in a week or so and its processes can increase strength. Among those affected processes is the metabolism. With newly found energy, the body can break through fat loss plateaus as the metabolism revs back to life.

Imagine your body as a car. When it is low on gas, it’s sluggish. But as soon as you put gas in the tank, it can travel far and wide. That is what a cheat meal does to your body. So fill up that fuel tank and get to work!

For the Mind

Let’s not forget about the mental toll of dieting, however. Because your body processes are slowing down and you have less energy, you generally feel and have:

  • less energy
  • increased moodiness
  • depression
  • lower interest levels
  • shorter attention span
  • are quick to anger
  • generally exhausted

Among others. Not to mention, eating becomes a chore. It also becomes all you can think about because you are constantly hungry. This constant hunger is the body begging for more energy because it can feel its internal processes slowing down. But that hunger also just puts you in a worse mood, and the cycle continues.

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“Cheat meals” are that brilliant mental break that your brain needs. Not only are you firing up your internal processes, but your brain finally has more energy to think clearly again. Your mood lifts and your hunger is satiated. What’s more, “cheat meals” are also great for your social life. While events with friends and family should never be put on hold for a diet, they can sometimes take the back-burner without realizing. “Cheat meals” give you a great excuse to get dinner with friends and catch up, or finally go to happy hour with your coworkers after work one day. So use them wisely!

Overall, “cheat meals” are a great tool when used properly. They can boost the metabolism, boost one’s mood, and help individuals engage in social situations. And the possibilities are endless, so pick your favorite food and get snacking!


Bioxin Skin Tag Removal Review 2018 (Updated July 2019)

Skin Tag Removal

What is Bioxin Skin Tag Removal?

One thing we can all agree on is how annoying skin tags are. Different skin tags will manifest differently on your skin, but the results are almost always similar. These tags will make rubbing your skin unbearable. Every time you touch your skin you feel the bumps and other effects caused by these tags and this is even capable of affecting your self-esteem. With skin tags, you can’t help but feel the extra attention your skin grabs especially if your face is the most affected. Bioxin skin tag removal cream is here to help you through this devastating time. This cream is formulated to wipe out all sorts of skin tags including age and sunspots. The following information should help you understand why this Bioxin cream is your best remedy for removing skin tags:

Bioxin Regenerative Day Cream
Bioxin Regenerative Day Cream

Bioxin skin tag removal is an easy-to-use skincare cream formulated to assist with the reduction of skin blemishes. This cream is capable of dealing with various skin conditions that have proven to be very stubborn in the past. Sunspots, age spots, skin discoloration, and wrinkles are just but a few of some of the problems that Bioxin skin tag removal will solve. This Bioxin cream is manufactured with a combination of well-studied organic ingredients whose efficacy in different types of human skin is proven.

Bioxin skin tag removal cream will do more than just getting rid of the tags. It goes further to moisturize your skin eliminating sagging, itching, and dryness. The results, therefore, is a well-oiled and elastic skin with a youthful touch and appearance which everyone’s cosmetic dream.

Cosmetic products have always been feared due to the inclusion of chemical and synthetic binders. These have, in the past, resulted in adverse effects that end up in even more significant problems than the initial skin tag issue. To avoid all this, Bioxin, the manufacturers of the cream, have not included any of such binders or compounds. You, therefore, don’t have to worry about any adverse skin reactions. With its safe formula, the only responses you should be expecting is an insanely attractive glow up!

Why use Bioxin Skin Tag Removal Cream?

In an industry filled with dozens of skin removal options, why should you give the Bioxin cream a shot? Well, the best way of removing skin tags has always been through natural compounds. Some people opt for clinical procedures and other approaches which may work faster, but the problem is the extensive lists of things that could go wrong. In the clinical removal of skin tags, chances of ending up with scarring and other issues are widespread. Additionally, burning, excision, and ligation usually are quite painful. The procedures could be done under anesthesia, but convalescence will be marked with swallowing painkillers in an attempt to make you feel comfortable. So why would you go through this when there is a perfectly safe cream that delivers results just as good if not better? With the Bioxin skin tag removal cream, all you have to do is wash your face and apply it as you do with your other body lotions. Its natural ingredients will then slowly be absorbed into your skin repairing all the damages and problems underneath. You won’t have to endure burning sensations or cuts as is typical with surgical removal. Another significant advantage of using this particular cream is that the natural compounds offer more than just removing the tags. Some of the ingredients used in this cream will go as far as boosting your skin immune and saving you from free radicals that are so harmful to the skin.

How does Bioxin Skin Tag Removal work?

This cream works with the assistance of some natural ingredients. The manufacturers were keen to ensure that all of the elements used played a key role in solving some of the most prominent skin problems without harming the skin. These ingredients when introduced into your skin, trigger the cells into natural healing and restoring their initial elasticity and uniformity. As a result, the user can enjoy all the mentioned benefits with zero irritation and burning. Some of the ingredients utilized in this cream include:

  • Sweet almond oil

UV rays and free radicals account for some of the most significant reasons behind skin tags and other skin complications. Sweet almond oil is a powerful antioxidant that helps in protecting your skin from these two factors. The oil will also boost radiance and softness of the skin through promoting hydration around the skin.

  • Lemon essential oil

Your skin is regularly exposed to dirt and other impurities. These have an effect of blocking the pores which may make sweating and other processes difficult. As a result, your skin gets clogged then tags and other problems start to appear slowly. Some impurities can even find their way into the skin tissues beneath leading to other more severe complications. Lemon essential oil has exceptional cleansing properties that wipe away all the dirt and impurities on the skin surface. It also improves elasticity and tightness of the skin.

  • Greater Celandine Extract

These extracts have been used as a remedy for scabies, rashes, eczema, warts, among other skin problems. The extracts will also provide you with pain relieving and detoxification benefits that correct skin imperfections.

  • Citric Acid

Citric acid is another antioxidant compound included to tackle oxidative damage done on the skin. When used in large quantities the acid will also brighten the skin and actively remove skin tags without causing any pain.

  • Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has extensive benefits, and this makes it one of the most popular ingredients for skin care. This oil eliminates skin blemishes promoting even and radiating skin tone. The oils condition your while delivering essential fatty acids that aid in the repair and regeneration of skin cells.

  • Glycerin

Glycerin helps in removing skin tags while keeping it moisturized all at the same time.

  • Jojoba seed oil

Just because you are old doesn’t mean that wrinkles and fine lines get a free pass into your skin. Jojoba seed oil is included to ensure that your skin is moisturized effectively improving its volume and elasticity. This is one of the oils that give this cream its anti-aging properties.

  • Rose Geranium oil

Rose geranium oil is backed by reliable studies that are showing its ability to address various skin issues such as eczema, dermatitis, acne and even fungal infections.

  • Chickweed herb extract

This one assists in relieving inflammation which could be due to skin irritations, abscesses or boils. It also speeds up the healing process of damaged skin cells.

Benefits of Using Bioxin Skin Tag Removal

  • It delivers fast results
  • Effectively removes sun spots, skin tags, and other skin issues
  • It’s an entirely safe cream formulated with natural ingredients
  • Keeps the skin hydrated
  • Improves skin volume and elasticity
  • Protects your skin from free radicals

Drawbacks of Bioxin Skin Tag Removal

The only thing that you might find challenging with this cream is its price. To some people, the skin tag removal may be a bit expensive. Its price tag is, however, a bit understandable considering the results it delivers. In the end, therefore, the benefits to be enjoyed are worth the investment.

How to use Bioxin Skin Tag Removal

The cream should be used twice a day. Make sure that you clean your skin properly with a non-irritating soap and dry it before applying the cream. Some people prefer applying it to the areas affected by sun damage or aging alone, but others would instead use it more extensively to achieve even results throughout. This cream is gentle enough to be applied on the face, neck, shoulders, hands, and chest which are typically the parts most exposed to sunlight.

User Testimonials

“The cream works gradually with no pain or acids to remove skin tags and age spots. I saw immediate improvement, and within weeks the tags and spots were gone.” By Valerie Atmar

“Finally got the perfect product that helped me in removing the ugly skin tags. I also noticed that my skin elasticity changed incredibly within a few days. Thank you Bioxin.” By Emma

Where can I buy Bioxin cream?

Bioxin is available in various online stores. One unit retails at $64.95 while two pieces go for $129.90 and come with one free piece. The best deal is purchasing three pieces where you will pay $194.85 and receive other three pieces for free!


The Bioxin skin tag removal cream is proven to be an effective natural product that works with all skin types. Its formula is perfectly designed to eliminate different skin tags and promote collagen synthesis which improves skin tightness thus removing wrinkles and sagging. In short, this cream solves all the skin problems considered aesthetically and cosmetically unacceptable. It effortlessly achieves all this with zero side effects. Bioxin skin ta removal might just be the final missing piece you needed to get that long overdue glow up you deserve.

The Best Ab Roller to buy in 2018 (Updated July 2019)

ab roller

What is an  AB Roller?

AB roller is an extremely simple device. It just looks like a piece of a wheel with a stick passing through it but this very device can do phenomenal things to your fitness goals when used appropriately. AB roller provides an excellent opportunity for you to build your core and other body parts without having to worry about space, electric cables, and other expenses. With this device, all you need is sufficient space to accommodate your body and you’ll be ready to get started.

AB roller is a popular device. There are commercials about this item and gyms also do have it but what most people don’t know is how effective it is. Its simplicity can almost fool you into thinking that not much can be achieved from it but let’s just clear the air for you by telling you why exactly AB roller needs some space in your fitness regimen.

Why Use an AB Roller?

AB rollers have been around for decades now and there is a reason why they’ve managed to stay relevant throughout this period. A lot of people have benefitted hugely from this device in various ways. The following are just but a few of the reasons why you need to get an AB roller:

  • Boosts Core Stability

Just because it’s called an AB roller doesn’t mean that it is solely meant for working your abs. This device will help to develop and work out the core muscles within your midsection. This also explains why so many women out there have successfully used an AB roller to get a stunning flat tummy.

When the core muscles are well developed and strengthened, undertaking strenuous activities becomes a lot simpler. Moving, bending, lifting and stretching will be much easier. A more developed core will also help in keeping the spine stable which saves you from a lot of aches and other complications.

Your posture is also likely to benefit from AB roller workouts. You no longer have to walk around or stand in a bent position thanks to a stable midsection.

  • Reduces Back Pain Problems

80% of adults go through excruciating back pain problems at some point in their lives. Majority of these cases can be attributed to two causes. One of the reasons is injuries suffered in your day-to-day occupation or due to an accident. If this is the reason behind your back pain issues, then you probably need to visit a doctor or physiotherapist. If, on the other hand, you are experiencing back pain and you haven’t been involved in any accidents, then the likely cause is poor or weak abs.

When your abs and entire core area is weak, the impact will be felt in your back. Sleeping becomes an issue and lifting objects become impossible. Walking alone could be too painful for you.

AB rollers can help to relieve all these issues. What this item does is to strengthen your muscles which in turn align your spine properly resulting in a more stable and strong mid-section. When the spine is well-aligned then your immediate backaches will be eliminated and chances of the same pain coming back in future will also be reduced significantly.

  • Improves your strength

AB rollers can be used to workout multiple muscles boosting overall body strength. There are so many ways you can use the AB roller and each of these methods is tailored to work out a different section of your body. The body parts that are commonly improved is the abs and core but did you know that your hips, lower back, upper, arms, and shoulders can also benefit from AB roller workouts? Yes, you can find multiple workout guides, some of which are included when purchasing the item, or you can go online and find video tutorials of the same.

It is, therefore, fair to say that the AB roller is one of the few versatile pieces of equipment that can benefit different parts of your body and yet it doesn’t demand too much space.

  • Enhances body mobility and coordination

Some workout devices are effective in doing just one or two exercises but using them for prolonged periods is likely to affect other body parts. Take crunches, for instance, it involves exercising in short range movements which over time will affect your hip flexor muscles and shorten your abs. This may not sound like a huge drawback until you realize that it can result in poor posture and backaches.

AB roller provides the perfect opportunity to work out various muscles in the body at the same time. It, consequently, improves the coordination between intramuscular sections which is good for both the muscles and joints involved. The multiple movements involved will also boost your flexibility and mobility and this improves your overall fitness and will also make workouts involving other equipment seamless.

  • It is compact

We all wish that we had enough space to put up an entire gym with rowing machines, treadmills and power cages within our homes but sadly for a majority of us, we can’t do that. At least not yet. The AB roller is an extremely compact item that’s both easy to use and store. With this device, you can even use your hallway to work out and then store it inside the drawers without inconveniencing anyone. Its compact nature also means that you can carry it around and use it when you’re out of town for a meeting or pleasure.

  • It is affordable

Nowadays, gym memberships are expensive and in some cases, you are forced to drive for minutes before getting to the best gym near you. This adds more expenses to your fitness budget. Purchasing more advanced equipment is also not as easy it sounds with some machines costing an excess of $800 and that, of course, is if you have sufficient space to house them.

AB roller is an affordable alternative with magnificent benefits. You can get this item in stores like Walmart for less than $10 which is probably cheaper than your daily expenditure on food.

Best AB Roller

Now that we have established why an AB roller is crucial for you, we are going to highlight the best AB rollers. We picked these rollers after analyzing various factors i.e. stability, comfort, and materials used. Our picks have also taken into consideration various user reviews which further helped informed us on how they perform.

  1. Valeo AB Roller Wheel

Valeo AB Roller wheel makes it to the top of the list because it offers a wide variety of benefits at a very affordable price. For just $16 you get an item with two wheels that are finished perfectly to boost both stability and aesthetics. These wheels slide swiftly and hence you will never have to worry about skidding.

The Valeo AB roller is also designed to support various workout positions and loads which will exercise your arms, back and shoulder safely without exposing you to unnecessary injuries.

This AB roller is available in black and red.


  • Packed with an exercise guide
  • Strong handles
  • Dual wheel system offers maximum stability
  • The handles are covered with rubber for a firm grip
  • Extremely smooth rolling
  • Affordable


  • A few users found the handles uncomfortable in the first few days until their hands got used to the handles.


  1. Perfect Fitness AB Carver Roller

This is one of the most unique AB rollers in the market. It features smart ergonomics and a solid structure that can support the heaviest of users out there. Unlike traditional rollers, this perfect fitness equipment is equipped with a durable carbon spring system that offers additional resistance when you are rolling out and back. This helps in engaging your muscles, even more, something that other competing AB wheels don’t offer.

The treaded wheels run very smoothly and the grip is also firm to avoid slipping.

To boost portability and storage, this roller is designed in a collapsible manner where you can remove the handles and store it more conveniently.


  • Features a unique inbuilt resistance system
  • Inbuilt kinetic system
  • Engages the arms, chest, back and body core
  • Accommodates more weight
  • Comfortable handles
  • Comes with a 21-day workout guide
  • The treaded wheels improve stability significantly


  • It features bulky wheels which seem too much for athletes that prefer thin AB wheels
  • At $39.99 it is also among the more costly AB rollers


  1. Elite Sportz AB Roller

The Elite Sportz AB roller is one of the most solid rollers right now. It is made using heavy-duty materials that enable it to withstand your weight and all the wear and tear activities it is subjected to. This material is so strongly built that its manufacturer offers a 100% money-back guarantee on both quality and its effectiveness. They will, therefore, refund you if you purchase it and find out that it is not offering the type of benefits you are looking for.

The handles are non-slip and the double wheels provide optimal stability.  Elite Sportz AB roller is definitely up there among the very best rollers and there are enough user testimonies attesting to that.


  • Affordable
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Sturdy build
  • Stable
  • Durable
  • Ergonomic design


  • None


It’s incredible how much your body can benefit from a single affordable and extremely lightweight equipment. These items can be used in place of the expensive gym equipment and your fitness levels will increase significantly. You can also use them to complement your gym sessions and they will allow you to utilize the few minutes you get to work out from the comfort of your home.

Getting the Perfect Body with a Personal Trainer in Utah

personal trainer utah

Where to find a personal trainer in Utah


Working out with a personal trainer has many benefits. First of all, with a personal trainer, you will get a customized workout routine that will target all the body parts that need some attention. Furthermore, the personal trainer will know you inside and out — literally. This person will know what you eat, how much you sleep and if you’ve had a cookie or two this week.


So in essence, having a personal trainer means having someone to keep you accountable for your actions. Now, that sounds a bit strict, but sometimes it’s what we have to accept in order to get the body we want.


Nevertheless, it’s not easy choosing the perfect one, especially when you’re looking for a personal trainer in Utah. The sheer lack of options doesn’t make it simple — it just makes it that much more complicated.


But we’re here to help you on this new journey. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about personal trainers in Utah and the facts you should pay attention to.


Going for a mobile personal trainer in Utah vs. hiring one at the gym


We wanted to start with a well-known dilemma that’s been on everyone’s mind lately. It’s the ultimate battle of personal trainers — are mobile trainers better, or are those found at the gym the right choice?


Well, it all depends on what you’re looking for. A mobile personal trainer in Utah will help you lose weight and tone your body. However, they won’t restrict you to using just the machines found at a gym. You will use pilates balls, small weights, benches and maybe even trees at the park! Essentially, this sort of trainer will probably make you go outside and get used to working out in front of other people.


That sounds scary, doesn’t it? But it will help your confidence and thus help you accept your new body when it finally gets the desired shape.


However, if that’s not appealing to you and if it won’t ever be appealing, then going for a personal trainer at the gym will still give you the benefits you’re looking for. These trainers know everything there is to know about workout machines and exercise. Thus, they will guide you through your journey with their expertise and make sure you avoid injuries at all costs.


What’s more, if you tend to get bored quite easily, you’ll find that gyms offer a lot of space for all sorts of exercises. Therefore, you can surprise your body with a new one at each session and make those muscles really burn.


What do the statistics say?


Before you opt for a personal trainer that someone has recommended to you, it’s best to know all your options. For that, we went to the Bureau of Labor Statistics website and found out how many trainers there are in Utah.


The results? According to the statistics from May 2017, there are 2,960 fitness trainers, as well as aerobics instructors in Utah. That’s not that high of a number, is it? But it’s just enough for everyone in Utah to lose weight or tone their bodies.


Furthermore, when we delved a bit further into the matter, we found out that 1,280 of fitness trainers are located in Salt Lake City. So that essentially leaves the other parts of Utah in a bit of a pickle. There aren’t many personal trainers to choose from, so it’s vital to make the selection process even more thorough.


And how will you do that? Well, it’s easy. You have to think about your goals and what you want to achieve by hiring a personal trainer in Utah.


And how much?


According to those same statistics, these personal trainers are earning somewhere between 16 and 19 dollars on average per hour. So for about three training sessions per week, you’d need almost 60 dollars.


But those are just the statistics — know that some personal trainers will charge you more if they are experts at what they do. Likewise, if you live in a small town, a personal trainer there cannot keep their price at the same level as in other majors cities in Utah.


The ultimate goal — weight loss


More often than not, the ultimate goal for all trainees is to lose a bit of weight. Sometimes it’s just 10 pounds; sometimes it’s 50. But either way, the point is to get rid of excess fat once and for all, as fast as possible.


Nevertheless, most trainees already know that you cannot rush weight loss. Thus, if you want to lose weight effectively without any consequences, then you ought to find a suitable trainer. But which one?


Cardio coaches: for those who want to lose weight, but don’t want to lift weights. Cardio coaches will get you on a treadmill, or make you run around a park. Furthermore, they love HIIT exercises — and you should too! These types of workouts are vigorous and energetic. Thus, they pay off in the end, as they can get you the results quickly.


These coaches are found in gyms, but they also often run boot camps for those who need to lose weight fast. If that’s something you find appealing, then go for it. You will feel pressure, but in a good way. What’s more, the burn in your muscles will just solidify your wish to have a perfect body.


Weightlifting and strength training: for those who want to lose weight and make sure they don’t have any excess skin. Weightlifting is a skill not many can hone, but it’s crucial to use it to your advantage if you want to sculpt your arms, legs and backside. Likewise, strength training will also give you similar results, but you can also use your own weight to achieve the desired effects.


Yoga & Pilates: a mix of these will improve your well-being in more ways than one. Yoga will help you relax your mind, eliminate negative thoughts and elongate your body. Meanwhile, pilates will hit your core hard and increase your flexibility and endurance.


Functional training: perfect for those who want to look good and feel good all day long. This form of training originated in rehabilitation, and it’s designed for people with some movement disorders. The target results of this form of exercise depend on the trainee, which is great news, as the routing will be customized according to your personal needs. Furthermore, functional training will help you regain your independence. It will allow you to take care of yourself while performing all sorts of daily activities.


And these are just the tip of the iceberg. Barre workouts, Zumba classes, martial arts — you can find a personal trainer in Utah for each of these and many other types of training. But the choice is entirely on you and on your preferences.


Just know one thing — getting a personal trainer will probably be the best decision of your life. So make it count, and make sure you’re doing everything you can to use their expertise to tighten up all the loose bits of your body and gain incredible endurance and strength.



Where to find a personal trainer in Pittsburgh?

personal trainer pittsburgh

Choosing a Personal Trainer in Pittsburgh


When it comes to looking good, there’s hardly a better way of achieving the perfect physique than by hiring a personal trainer. In fact, personal trainers are a must-have for all those individuals who just need someone to push them in the right direction.


Now, Pittsburgh is not a huge city like New York. However, it might prove to be quite difficult to find the right personal trainer there. But that’s why we’re here to help you out. We’ve researched the statistics, and we’ve gathered information about all sorts of trainers you might be interested in.


Does this sound like something you’d love to read? Then read until the end — this is your ultimate guide for choosing a personal trainer in Pittsburgh.


How many personal trainers are there in Pittsburgh and are they expensive?


If you’re anything like some other people in this incredible city, then you probably know someone who knows someone who has a personal trainer. Nevertheless, maybe a word-of-mouth recommendation is not what you’re looking for. Maybe you need some cold facts about personal trainers in Pittsburgh.


Well, we’re here to deliver those facts. According to the official statistics found on the Bureau of Labor Statistics website, there are approximately 2,080 fitness trainers and aerobics instructors in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


That’s good news for those who want to lose weight, shape their bodies or tone up once and for all. However, what you’re not going to like is the fact that an hour of training with these trainers will cost you about $20.


For some, that amount is not that high. But there are people out there who just won’t be able to afford to pay that much for one single training session. In any case, since there are many choices, about 2000 of them to be exact, you’re bound to find a personal trainer in Pittsburgh that will tick all your requirement boxes. All you have to do is focus and decide what kind of a personal trainer you are looking for.


Types of personal trainers — how to pick the right one


The personal trainer you go for will have to meet your needs completely. Thus, it’s vital to ensure you’ve made a good choice before you commit to a few training sessions per week.


So what are you looking for? What does your dream body look like? More importantly, are you willing to commit and sweat almost every day for it? These are all valid questions you ought to have answers to. But let us help you out a bit. Here are some of the goals you might have and the personal trainers that will certainly help you achieve them.


For a lean, strong body and lots of energy


Yoga is one of the best types of exercise you can opt for nowadays. Not only does it nourish your body from within, but it also calms your mind and reduces the amount of stress you might be feeling.


However, yoga is not that easy to do without a good personal yoga instructor. Thus, it’s always better to opt for a personal trainer that will show you all the moves and correct your technique whenever possible. In essence, you should either pick a small yoga group or hire a personal instructor. In our experience, having someone’s undivided attention when practicing yoga is always a fantastic choice.


With yoga, your body will elongate, and you will build lean muscles that will never give off a bulky vibe. Furthermore, since yoga requires you to learn how to breathe properly and carry your own weight, you can bet you’ll get stronger with each session.


For a strong core


Pilates is somewhat similar to yoga, in the sense that it also relaxes your mind while you’re working out. Nevertheless, a fantastic Pilates instructor will also make you work on your core and hit those muscles you never knew even existed. Moreover, unlike yoga, Pilates sometimes entails the use of certain machines, which can give you a toned and flexible body.


For weight loss


There’s nothing better than an incredible boot camp instructor to get you in tip-top shape. In fact, boot camps are extremely popular today, mostly because they provide you with incredible results in just a matter of weeks.


If you’re not ready to feel the pressure and feel the burn, then maybe opt for boot camps after a few yoga sessions. But if you want your body to be strong and without any excess fat, then you should consider them. Boot camps are the perfect type of exercise to keep yourself accountable. Furthermore, sometimes we need someone to push us and take us out of our comfort zone so as to improve our health.


For weight loss and maintaining a perfect physique


There are many gyms in Pittsburgh where you can hire a personal trainer to just maintain a healthy body weight. These trainers are mostly known for their love of cardio, so expect that you’ll spend a decent amount of time on treadmills and stair-steppers.


For reducing fat


Back in the day, people thought that cardio was the only way you could lose weight effectively. However, nowadays, it’s best to opt for weightlifting if you want to reduce fat in all parts of your body.


Weightlifting is a skill, and it’s a mighty one at that. After just a few sessions, you’ll feel the burn in almost every single muscle in your body. Moreover, you will gain a lot of energy, and after a while, you won’t find weightlifting difficult at all. And the results? Fantastic muscles, great flexibility, lift in areas that were never lifted before and weight loss.


Hiring a mobile personal trainer in Pittsburgh vs. gym trainers


Lastly, we ought to talk about whether you’d prefer to hire a personal trainer at the gym or have a mobile one visit you whenever you want.


Both of these choices are a good option for busy professionals who don’t have the time to create their own workout routine. However, when it comes to mobile personal trainers in Pittsburgh, you will be getting a lot more than just a trainer.


You will get a friend who will cheer you on whenever a sit-up gets too tough. You will get someone who will adjust their schedule according to your own. Thus, you won’t ever have to make up excuses, as you’ve already cleared a part of your day for a workout. What’s more, by hiring a mobile personal trainer, you’ll get a chance to work out everywhere. Your office, your home, a park nearby, or even at the local stadium — the choices are endless.


But if you prefer gyms and using machines, then make sure you hire a personal trainer there. These machines may look simple, but they are far more complicated than you might think. So for best results, you need someone to show you which ones you should use and for how long. This personal trainer will also work on your flexibility and posture. What’s more, they’ll make sure you’ve warmed up and cooled down before and after each session.


Where there’s a will, there’s a way


You have all the necessary information that will help you choose the right personal trainer in Pittsburgh. All you have to do now is determine what your goals are and embrace the personal training routine. Trust us — it will be worth it!


Where to find a Personal Trainer in San Diego

personal trainer san diego

The complete guide to personal trainers in San Diego

Getting in shape is not an easy task. It demands a lot of work, planning, and, most of all, dedication. However, the willpower that you have to exhibit is not always easy to find. So a lot of people turn to measures that are a bit more serious. When they run into this issue, most people in San Diego might want to turn to personal trainers or boot camps.

What type of personal training do you want?

Before you even go into weighing your choices regarding personal trainers and boot camps, you should figure out what type of personal training you are looking for. After all, people have different goals in life. Some people want to get a strength coach, others train for weight loss, and some people focus on functional training.

Personal Trainer San Diego — Strength Training

If your goal is to become stronger, you have a long road ahead of you. Generally speaking, you can get incredible results when you first start training. However, once you get to a certain level, every bit of improvement takes a lot of time and effort. Moreover, if you don’t train properly, you might not see any results at all. That is why there are a lot of people who spend years in the gym without getting really strong. That is where personal trainers step in. These people are experts that can show you exactly how to get stronger.


And while there are examples of bodybuilders who made it on their own, it is all but impossible to be a competitive bodybuilder without a personal trainer to guide you through your muscle-building plan. And we should also mention the fact that no one should lift heavy weights alone. At the very least, you want to have a training partner that can spot you during your exercises.

Personal Trainer San Diego — Weight Loss

Losing weight is one of the most common fitness goals that people have. A lot of people are unhappy with how much they weigh. That is one of the reasons that treadmills in the gyms are always occupied right after the holiday season. However, most people don’t understand how much science goes into weight loss.

Wasting hours on the treadmill will not get you anywhere without proper nutrition. In fact, there is a saying that goes: “You can’t outrun a bad diet.” But that doesn’t mean that you can stop training. Training is a necessary step in creating a perfect beach body.

But all of that can easily overpower your motivation. That is why hiring a personal trainer is incredibly important.

Personal Trainer San Diego — Functional Training

Some people aren’t looking to get huge in the gym. They just want to become functionally strong. If you are one of them, that means that you want to prepare your body for difficult activities. Personal trainers can help you minimize the effort it takes to perform daily activities and all but remove the risks that come with them. Furthermore, having a personal trainer help you in your functional training is incredibly important while you are recovering from injuries.

Personal Trainer San Diego — Yoga

There are a lot of personal trainers in San Diego that can help people looking for a better life balance. Yoga trainers can help you develop your flexibility, posture, and overall health. But more importantly, a good personal yoga trainer can help you maintain the mental balance that you need to be able to handle the stress of everyday life. Yoga also slows down the heart rate of the practitioners, making it great for people who have issues with high blood pressure.

Personal Trainer San Diego — Boot Camps

Not everyone likes one-on-one training sessions. Some people feel better in larger groups and they do get better results from those. Having other people to train with can greatly help people who are competitive or simply like sponging off of the energy of the group.

Personal Trainer San Diego — Costs

Not everyone can afford the same commodities in life. So, naturally, we should consider the costs as one of the important factors when it comes to choosing the approach you want to take.


We do understand that not all personal trainers in San Diego cost the same. However, we can give you the average costs of personal trainers in San Diego.


Namely, the average hourly rate for a personal trainer in San Diego, California is $34. So, if you plan on having 12 training sessions per month, you can expect to pay slightly over $400.


Of course, the prices range depending on the plan you want to choose. Boot camps can go for as low as $10 per one-hour session. Conversely, if you choose some of the most premium packages from the expensive personal trainers, you can expect to have to pay over $100 dollars per session.


But you should also bear in mind that most personal trainers offer monthly and yearly plans. So, if you are willing to commit for a full year, you can save up a lot of money. In fact, there are excellent trainers that charge around $2,000 for a full year of unlimited personal training sessions.

Personal Trainer San Diego — Mobility

Since training as such can take up a lot of your time, you don’t want to spend even more time on your way to the gym. So it is fairly important to know what your options are. Of course, there are benefits of working out in a gym. Most homes don’t have the equipment that comes even close to that of a gym. And outdoor training supports a lot of calisthenic workouts, but working out in a gym will always have its advantages.


Some personal trainers are able and willing to change their plans for you. So, if you want to move the location of your training, you can ask them to. In fact, depending on the trainer you choose, you can even work out from your home. The fact that there are over 4,000 personal trainers in San Diego, California, just makes it easier for you to find the trainer that fits your preferences the best.


SARMS and Post Cycle Therapy : What you should Know

sarms & PCT

Sarms & PCT

Using bodybuilding and performance-enhancing supplements come with as many concerns as to its benefits. When you artificially increase your body size and strength using therapeutic compounds with anabolic properties (such as SARMs), you obviously expect to deal with some side effects. Some of these effects can be severe and health-threatening and it makes sense to take solid measures to avoid them.

Following is a discussion of SARMs, why they are preferable to steroids, and the necessity of using them with Post Cycle Therapy (PCT).

What are SARMs?

SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators) are therapeutic compounds with more anabolic properties and less androgenic properties. SARMs offer many advantages over steroids, including tissue selectivity and androgen-receptor specificity. They don’t cause steroid-related side effects. This means you can enjoy enhanced muscle growth without experiencing the androgenic side effects that are associated with using steroids. SARMs also take away the concern of using needles since they are available in oral form.

This isn’t to say that it’s all smooth using SARMs. Their greatest effect is the suppression of the natural production of hormones by the body. This is where the discussion of the importance of using SARMs and Post Cycle Therapy starts.

SARMs and Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)

Experts advise that you should plan to use SARMs and Post Cycle Therapy together for maximum benefits and minimal side effects. You can face real trouble after finishing a cycle of SARMs without PCT.

Cycling SARMs with PCT means taking your SARMs for a certain amount of time followed by a specified period on PCT.

Post Cycle Therapy is an essential process that one needs to go through once they have finished a SARM cycle. It can last 30 to 45 days. PCT helps to rebalance the body’s natural hormone production, the objective being to take the body back to its normal state. You want to optimize your Post Cycle Therapy to ensure you get to the next SARM cycle on a healthy basis.

How PCT works

To understand the PCT process and why you need it, it’s important to understand the body’s reaction when using performance enhancement compounds like SARMs and when you stop using them.

We start off by appreciating that testicles play a critical role in producing testosterone. There are two other hormones involved in the process, however. These are luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH). Higher levels of LH and FSH in the body enhance testosterone production.

When you start using SARMs, LH and FSH are blocked and this means less testosterone is formed. The idea is to use the anabolic-like compounds to top up the testosterone levels.

What happens when you are off the SARM cycle? Your body will need some stimulation to start producing testosterone naturally again otherwise you’ll be stuck with a low-testosterone problem. PCT does this work.

What could happen if you don’t use PCT?

The best-case scenario is loss of the muscle growth gains you worked so hard to get with the help of your SARM of choice. A worse case is that your testosterone levels could remain completely screwed even for weeks after you finish a SARM cycle. This could result in other issues including low sex drive, acne, and high blood pressure.

Post Cycle Therapy is, therefore, extremely important after every SARM cycle. In fact, it is equally important to the actual cycle. Incorporating the best PCT into your plan will help you to avoid the severe testosterone “crash” possible when coming off a SARM cycle.

How to cycle SARMs and Post Cycle Therapy

Even though some SARMs claim that you don’t PCT when using them, the risk of attempting to use SARMs without a PCT plan is not worthwhile. You don’t want to stop your SARM cycle abruptly and suffer severe consequences such as bloating, gynecomastia and hair fall.

How long you go on PCT depends on the SARM you are using and how long the SARM cycles are. Trustworthy PCT supplements for SARMs have specific dosage instructions on the package. It’s only wise to follow the manufacturer’s directions for the safety of your health and to get the maximum benefits of the supplement.

Benefits of PCT

The simple act of taking the inhibited hormone creators in the body and waking them up brings you so many benefits. Here are the PCT benefits to expect:

Avoid SARMs side effects: PCT reduces the possibility of SARMs side effects such as gynecomastia, hair loss, visual impairment, and infertility.

PCT allows you to enjoy the benefits of artificial testosterone and then re-establish your body’s natural hormone production levels.

Many PCT supplements block the action of aromatase, a hormone that converts testosterone into estrogen.

PCT supplements also kick your Leydig cells into high gear.

By boosting testicular activity, PCT helps to keep other hormones such as cortisol at healthier levels. The process also regulates metabolism to more desirable levels.

Precautions to take when cycling SARMs and Post Cycle Therapy

Ensure that your testosterone levels are frequently tested as you cycle SARMs and PCT. Get tested before cycling, at the end of the SARM cycle, and after your PCT. Monitoring your testosterone levels will help you to get a sense of how the body is changing.

Be careful not to use PCT supplements for extended periods. Overusing PCT supplements may lead to liver damage. Women can experience unwanted body hair growth, while men can be faced with baldness. Too much intake of testosterone boosters can cause prostate enlargement and urination problems.

According to a study by the City University of New York, high testosterone levels can significantly increase the risk of blood clots, stroke and heart failure in men.

SARMs provide muscle growth and strength enhancement benefits but steer you clear of the severe side effects associated with steroids. You need to cycle them with PCT to avoid common SARMs side effects and ensure that you retain all the gains of testosterone supplementation. Cycling SARMs and Post Cycle correctly and overdoing PCT enables you to gain all the bodybuilding and enhancement benefits of SARMs in a safe manner without worrying about any serious side effects.

Are Supplements Necessary For Bodybuilding?

Most men have been there before, searching high and low to find a quick easy fix to get washboard abs and bigger muscles overnight. Typically, bulking up on protein filled foods is the best way to gaining muscle but protein supplements are becoming increasingly popular. The question is if they work or not.

The best way to research further about supplements related to bodybuilding is the Supplement Investigator website to see what the best fit is for you.

What’s the secret?

Food. Bulking up on protein filled foods such as;

  • Egg whites
  • Chicken/turkey
  • Fish
  • Beans/legumes
  • Lean Red Meat
  • Water
  • Protein bars

Even still with eating these protein filled foods, its best to watch the amount you’re eating, overeating can cause weight to be added to your waist line instead of muscle mass. Supplements can’t be a replacement for the exercise necessary to bodybuilding but they do assist with the nutrients needed to help gain muscle mass.

The more you exercise, small tears begin to occur in muscles, this increases blood flow to the muscles, and protein synthesis molecules repairs these tears, this then makes the muscles bigger and tougher. Muscle protein synthesis starts with two stages, one – the breakdown stage, and two – the growth stage, this can be accelerated by consuming more proteins.

To increase muscle growth, it’s imperative you focus on a workout regime and more importantly, a diet. It’s also important that your body has access to as much protein as possible to supply the fuel your body needs.

Muscle Tension: In order to gain muscle, you need to carry a large amount of stress to what your body or muscles have previously adapted to, this can be done through lifting weights.

Muscle Damage: Ever felt really sore after a workout? That’s due to localized muscle damage during the workout. This then causes a release of inflammatory molecules, and immune system cells that cause satellite cells to jump into action.

Metabolic Stress: That burning feeling during exercising is called metabolic stress, in which causes swelling around the muscles, this helps with muscle growth.

Caffeine is a commonly used stimulant before working out, it has been scientifically shown to increase endurance, muscle power, and exercise performance in all athletes that are in a tired or in sleep deprived state.

Multivitamins are another popular helpful tool to assist with bodybuilding, they’re mainly essential when dieting for competitions, eliminating foods that contain calcium, iron, zinc, vitamin D and magnesium means a loss of valuable vitamins, so that’s when multivitamins come into play.

Whey is a liquid that remains after milk has been curdled and strained, this is rapidly digested and has an amazing ability to stimulate muscle protein synthesis. There are three different ways to take Whey.

  1. Whey powder – 11-15% protein and can be used as an additive for many food products
  2. Whey concentrate – 25-89% protein and is used in supplements
  3. Whey Isolate – 90+% protein and is used in supplements

In 2016, statistics show that 28.37 billion dollars was spent in the sports nutrition market in the U.S, and it’s predicted to increase to 45.27 billion by 2022.

Statistics also show what proteins were popular in 2016;

  1. Multivitamins (75%)
  2. Vitamin D (37%)
  3. Vitamin C (34%)
  4. Calcium (29%)
  5. Vitamin B/B Complex (24%)
  6. Omega 3/Fatty Acids (20%)
  7. Vitamin E (16%)
  8. Fiber (16%)
  9. Magnesium (15%)
  10. Protein (15%)
  11. Probiotics (13%)
  12. Green Tea (13%)

75% in which were taking multivitamins, which are a key pill to take during bodybuilding.

In the end, you need to force stress on your muscles, load your body up with protein, and supplements will definitely help and ensure that you’re getting that much needed vitamins as you bulk up. Supplements are a great help to speed up the process but you have to put the extra work in so that the supplements actually do their job.

How CBD Can Help To Relax Your Muscles after a Workout

Working out is good for your health. However, some exercises can leave you stiff and sore for days. But why?

Working out leads to microscopic damages to your muscle fibers. These muscles then become inflamed triggering repair response on your body leading to muscle stiffness or soreness.

So, how does CBD help relax your muscles?

CBD, formally known as cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive compound found in the marijuana plant. It’s among the many chemicals you get from marijuana.

CBD products help boost your workout by relaxing your muscles. With this, you’re able to hit the gym more often. The products make workouts more bearable and comfortable. Good thing, use of these CBD products is now legal in many states; Vsavi CBD is one example.

Keep reading to see how CBD boosts your exercises.

  1. Reduces Inflammation on Your Muscles

Well, muscles breaking down after a workout is healthy. The process results in inflammation that rebuilds your muscles to stronger versions.

However, overexertion of these muscles can result in extreme inflammation effects. Such leads to injuries, poor performance, and pain in general. Taking a break from your regular training schedule due to an injury can be very depilating.

Studies show that CBD can help reduce inflammation and pain, two results that an athlete wants to get. Cannabidiol also lowers the risk of muscles breakdown in your body.

  1. Improves the Quality of Your Sleep

Our bodies need a comfortable and quality sleep to heal and function better the following day. Without it, your body doesn’t get enough time to refresh, regenerate and heal itself.

Exercising may seem exhausting to those who are tired and fatigued. In most cases, people opt not to exercise during these periods. Other than this, over 70 million people in the US have insomnia that leaves them completely worn out.

If you’re in this state, don’t worry. CBD can be of assistance. Extensive research shows CBD is the sleeplessness solution that we’ve been all looking for.

Therefore, consuming CBD in the evening or before bedtime can increase your workout. It makes you rest comfortably allowing you to be alert the following day.


As an athlete, CBD plays a vital role in managing pain and reducing inflammation effects. Further, the chemical allows you a sound and high quality sleep that soothes, the tense and inflamed joints in your body.