The Essence of Physical Fitness for Race Car Drivers

A healthy adult resting heart rate ranges from 60-100 beats per minute, according to the America Heart Association. The numbers can rise to 200bpm for drivers during a race. Professional car race drivers spend most of their time sitting down behind the wheel. I bet this is why they do not cross our minds when we picture professional athletes. Considering that racing drivers are mechanically-assisted, how hard can their job be? Is physical fitness essential in this line of work? The answers to these questions are explained in this article.


The Intense and Hot Environment.

Racing car drivers work in an intense, hot, and physical environment. Any race car is hot, and drivers have to be physically fit to remain calm and collected in a cockpit that is generally 77°F (25°C,) above ambient. Racing cars are not equipped with air conditioning because it reduces power and increases weight. Drivers, therefore, reduce fatigue through intense cardio. It is consequently imperative that the drivers’ physical fitness has to be excellent.


Racecar drivers spend time in the sun before races to reduce the body’s core temperature. They also eat icy poles and wear ice vests. Air is also fanned through their helmets, and cold water is pumped through their suits to regulate temperature.

The Physicality of Racing Cars.

Many people fail to realize that race car drivers experience forces that cars on the road cannot experience. Race cars are very physical. They are subjected to intense forces running through the brakes, steering, and the immense acceleration. This makes them very difficult to drive. Driving a race car through a turn at a speed of 200mph is physically demanding, and it takes extraordinary stamina and concentration to control it at such speeds.


It takes a physically fit individual to guide and drive successfully. During every brake application, the driver’s lower back bears between 80-100kg. Drivers also deal with constant lateral and longitudinal forces. Mental and physical fitness is required to generate energy to maintain control and finesse.

Relationship Between Physical And Mental Fitness.

A fit driver has a mental, emotional, and physical edge over their rivals. Concentration is critical for a driver, and that is only sustained if the driver is physically fit. Drivers spend hours fighting G-forces from the high speeds and high temperatures of between 130-160 degrees. Mental fitness is mandatory to keep calm in such an environment. Physical fitness allows you to concentrate more on the mental aspect. Races last for several hours, and it takes a lot of strength to maintain a high standard of physical and mental concentration. A racecar driver needs a sharp mind and physical fitness to be able to enter or exit the car quickly.


It is apparent that race car driving is very physical, and it requires physical fitness to produce peak performances. Different disciplines of racing require varying levels of physical fitness, but we can all agree that a fit driver is better equipped to win races.

The Best AB Workouts To Get a Six Pack (Updated July 2019)

ab workouts

What are Ab Workouts?

The abdominal muscles form the lateral and anterior abdominal wall and they consist of external abdominal oblique’s, the rectus abdominis and the transversus abdominus and they function together to form a very firm and tough wall that helps in protecting the viscera and also in maintaining a good posture.

The abdominal muscles help to increase the intra-abdominal pressure that is used in childbirth, lifting, defecating, coughing and sneezing.

There are machines that help you to exercise the abdominal/stomach muscles. Abdominal exercises are very useful in building abdominal muscles which are useful for improving the performance of certain sports, back pain and also for withstanding abdominal impacts like taking punches to the stomach. It is said that these exercises are known to increase the endurance and strength of the abdominal muscles.

There is various equipment that can be used to help you to strengthen your abs and core areas and they include the AB crunch machine, The wonder core smart, Elite core exercise sliders, Perfect Fitness AB carver pro roller for core ab workouts.

AB Crunch Machine

It has a smooth moving mechanism and solid workmanship that isolates the AB muscles for a complete workout. This machine is perfect for anyone working to achieve powerful and tight abs. It is efficient for both beginners and advanced users. This machine works on different muscles all in one making the user to avoid purchasing a couple of equipment to achieve the workout they were aiming at.  This makes it ideal compared to other equipment out there in the market.

The Wonder Core Smart

This type of equipment has a simple design but it is highly effective. It is a Great equipment to use at home since it doesn’t occupy a lot of space.  It is very portable and not healthy carry. When it comes to core workout, it gives the user an intense workout that can be done in the comfort of their home. It is small, lightweight and easy to store and transport. It provides adjustable resistance when working out.

This equipment allows the user to have various exercises including some leg and glutes workout that gives the user a more toned and sculptured look.

Elite core exercise sliders.

This is also simple equipment used for ab workouts. It can be used when doing some cardio, strength training, yoga or Pilate’s body. These sliders can be used on carpet or hardwood floors. They are lightweight and can be carried with a lot of ease. They don’t occupy a lot of space and can be easily stored.

 Perfect Fitness AB Carver Pro roller for Core Workouts

This type of roller contains a special spring which drives the kinetic assist engine inside the roller. The engine is designed to make the AB circuit more efficient. It also helps to perform the required motion working out by making it be more accurate to improve the results and lower the risk of injury from poor form.

The roller is a bit wider and the handles stick out further to help the user balance with a lot ease.  It helps the user focus on the workout and not on trying to stay upright.

It is durable since it is made to be heavy duty meaning it will serve the user for a very long time.

Benefits of AB Workouts

  • These ab workouts provide the athlete with enough power to your limbs so that you can be able to punch harder and overall helps you train your core and also provide you with speed and strength
  • These ab workouts will help you have a strong core which will help you be able to keep your torso balanced even if you are walking or playing fitness sports and this helps you also to avoid injuries and your movements will be more efficient
  • They help you to prevent and control lower back pain, especially those ab workouts such as side planks, bird dogs, curlups, are an exercise that helps you be still and not harm your spine
  • It can help you stand up taller by improving your posture and such kind of exercise is Pilates
  • When your core is strengthened it lets you as an athlete is able to have a strong base from which you can be able to lift more weight
  • It helps you to become agiler and be able you take on more strength training activities
  • They help to enhance recovery and control inflammation and let you be able to live longer


  • Ensure that you maintain the correct position before it is very vital and if you do not do it might cause the neck to be strained
  • That the workout you have chosen you can be able to increase the resistance level as you wish
  • That the ab workouts help you to add muscle mass
  • It can be able to maintain the stability of your body as you go through the motion of each exercise
  • It will help to protect you from lower back problems
  • It will help you to improve your posture

Disadvantages of ab workouts

During some of the ab workouts when you do not maintain the intended corrected form it might make you have neck injuries and also put a strain to your back area

How to do These AB Exercises

Sit-ups – First you lie down on the floor placing your feet under something that will not move make sure that your legs are bent at an angle. Then you should place your hands behind the back of your head and clasp your fingers together this should be your starting position, lift your upper body making sure that you create a v shape with your thighs then breathe out when you start feeling the contraction lower your body back to the ground and inhale repeat this movement for the recommended amount of time

Flat bench lying leg raise – First you should lie with your back flat on a bench then slowly extend your legs in front of you then place your hands by your sides holding onto the bench  or under your glutes with your palms facing down this will be the starting position of your workout then keep your legs extended forward as straight as possible and you should be slightly bent then raise your legs till they form a ninety  degrees angle on the floor exhale and hold the contraction at the top of the ground then inhale as you return your legs to the starting position and  repeat this movement for the recommended amount of time

Jackknife Sit-Up

You first lie on your back on the exercise mat then ensure that your legs are extended, and also your arms should be extended straight back behind your head this is your starting position then exhale and bend your waist a bit and raise your legs and arms at a thirty five to forty five degree angle from the floor this is known as the jackknife position. Your arms and legs should be extended and parallel to one another then inhale and lower your arms and legs back to the starting position ensure that you repeat this workout as recommended

Toe Touchers 

First you should lie on the floor making sure that your back is pressed on the floor and your arms should be across your side while the palms should be facing down the slowly extend your legs up in the air till they are almost perpendicular and parallel to the floor  make sure you bend your knees slightly and then move your arms making sure that they are fully extended at a forty-five degrees angle from the floor this should be your starting position continue to keep your lower back pressed on the floor then lift your torso up slowly and try to use your hands to touch your toes make sure to remember to inhale when you do this routine then begin to lower your torso and arms  down slowly and revert to the starting position repeat this workout as many times as possible


Ensure that you first lie flat on your back  on an exercise mat or a bench making sure your knees are bent at a ninety degree angle and if you are doing this exercise on a bench make sure that your feet are three  to four inches apart and the toes are inward then place your hands gently on either side of your head ensuring that your elbows are locked in then push the small part of your back down on the floor and begin to roll your shoulders off the floor then continuously push down with your lower back  as hard as you can to isolate your abdominal muscles and contract the abdominals for a second  and then exhale. After the one second contraction, start coming down slowly to the starting position. Repeat this workout as much as you can


The prices on the ab workout equipment will always vary depending on the different varieties available in the market and their specifications and features on each one of them and it is always recommended to check the Amazon website for more information concerning the price

Conclusion on Ab Exercises

AB workouts can be used by beginners who are looking into exercises that can straighten their core and the best time to do these ab workouts should be first thing early in the morning and it will help to spice up your metabolism.

The Best Triceps Workouts To Increase Muscle Mass (Updated July 2019)

triceps workouts

What are Triceps Workouts?

Triceps are the muscles at the back of your arms and their main role is to help you push, pull and extend your arm. They are the extensor muscle of the elbow joints and can be used through isolation or elbow extension movements to ensure that the arms are strengthened against resistance.

The isolation movements include arm extensions behind the back, lying triceps extensions and cable pushdowns while the elbow extensions include press movements such as military press, dips, close grip bench press and push up.

The triceps are sometimes known as the three-headed muscles because of the three bundles of muscles of different origins but they all join at the elbow.Each head works in a different way. The triceps comprises of two-thirds of the upper arm mass and they play a major role in some of the most popular exercises routines and especially in press movements, they depend on the triceps strength.


In your triceps workouts employ supersets with a high volume of work to build better triceps definition

You have to ensure that you start with exercises that you can be able to push the heaviest weights for overall triceps mass

The medial head stabilizes the elbow joint and contributes to the elbow extension and ensures that the emphasis is on the medial head to provide a more direct stimulation

Put your arms in the overhead position to ensure that emphasis is on the long head

Focus on the lateral head which helps to bring variety to the routine and you can do a single or multi-joint movement but particularly those with an overhand grip

Ensure that you are trying different movements and exercises and pick those that are working all three triceps heads

Benefits of triceps workouts

  • It helps to create the balance needed for a strong biceps and if you as an athlete have balanced muscles you are less likely to have injuries
  • Improves your flexibility and range of motion to prevent soreness and the tightness of muscles
  • It lets you as an athlete lift heavy loads through a large range of motion in order to produce large muscles and also gain strength
  • They are super easy to set up and perform
  • Helps to increase the amount of compression force on the joints which helps to ensure that the joints have stability
  • Helps to stimulate the triceps as well as the biceps simultaneously
  • It is an effective way of developing good triceps strength and builds more muscular triceps
  • Helps to stimulate the triceps fast twitch muscle fibers that are responsible for strength training
  • It is a fun way to exercise and add mass in the long head region
  • Helps to improve scapular retraction, increase shoulder range of motion and strengthen the weak middle and lower trapezius muscles
  • Helps to stimulate the triceps for a longer duration and in a great number of positions

Disadvantages of triceps workouts

When doing triceps workouts in a continuous manner it might inflame the biceps tendons especially at the shoulder joint most commonly seen during bench presses

Before doing any workout routine ensure that you must first stretch and this is how you can stretch your triceps;

Stand straight with your feet hip-width apart then lift and bend one arm until your hand is in the middle of your upper back. With the other hand grasp the elbow then gently pull hold for ten to twenty seconds and repeat on the other side

Ensure that your back is straight and the shoulders and neck are relaxed, breathe out while you stretch and breathe in as you release the stretch and maintain a natural deeper breathing pattern. This stretch helps to improve your flexibility and range of motion because after a tricep workout routine it is important to stretch to prevent tightening of the muscles and soreness. Stretch the muscles by extending the triceps and pulling your elbows slowly and hold for ten to twenty seconds then switch sides

Examples of Triceps Workouts

Close grip bench press- Procure a flat bench then lie on top of the bench and ensure that you place the barbell on the pins. Plant your feet on the floor then retract your shoulder blades and arch your back slightly then grab the bar with the shoulder width grip then unrack and bring the bar over your chest. Keep your elbows tucked to your sides throughout the lift then lower the barbell until the bar touches your abdomen. Press it back to the starting position then repeat

Rack lockouts– First you have to move the flat bench into a power rack then adjust the height of the bar place the barbell on the catches and load it with weights. Lie on the bench with the barbell above your eyes hold your shoulder blades together and plant your feet together on the floor behind your knees then push against the floor to shift your weight onto your butt and shoulder blades forming an arch on your back. Press the bar straight up off the catches until you are able to lockout then lower it back onto the catches and repeat the triceps workout

Ball pushups – Place a medicine ball in front of you then keep your palms on the ball, fingers facing out your arms should be fully extended then ensure that your legs are straight then lower your body by flexing your toes and touching the floor with them for support. Now slowly go down until your chest touches the ball then use your strength to rise back to the starting position. Ensure that you do a set of two for ten reps

Close hand pushups – Lower yourself down in a standard plank or pushup position then bring your hands close to each other at chest level with your thumbs touching one another then also ensure that your spine is straight and that your core and glutes are squeezed tight bend your elbows at a forty-five degrees angle making sure that the elbows do not flare out to the sides but are locked in place then push back up to the original position by straightening your arms

Skull crushers – Lie in a bench then hold a five-pound dumbbell in each hand with your palms facing each other and the arms extended up now flex your elbows and bring the dumbbells towards your shoulders. In that position pause for a moment then bring your forearms back to the starting position and ensure that you do two sets of ten reps

Decline Triceps Extension

Firstly you should set up an adjustable bench to a slight decline of around thirty degrees and lie on it with a dumbbell in each hand. Hold the weights over your chest with your palms facing each other. Bend your elbows and lower the weights to the sides of your head and choose a weight you can do 12 reps with on the first set, and use it for every set

 Close-Grip Floor Press

You should lie on the floor and roll the barbell up to your chest then grasp the bar at about shoulder-width, and arch your back so there is space between your lower back and the floor then lower the bar to your sternum and tuck your elbows about forty-five degrees to your sides. When your triceps touch the floor ensure that you press the bar back up.

Lying Triceps Extension

First, you should press the bar over your chest then let your upper arms drift back to about a 45° angle.  Slightly bend your elbows to lower the bar behind your head, and then extend them to return to the starting position.  Ensure that you keep your elbows and wrists in line throughout the whole exercise

Pullover – First you should hold the bar overhead with a shoulder-width grip then lie back on the floor. Press the bar over your head and reach back over your head while slightly bending your elbows repeat this movement until you feel a stretch in your lats, then pull the bar back over your chest then flex your triceps as you go , ensure that you focus  your mind on your triceps then  you will feel them engage  throughout the  whole routine

Tate press–  You first lie down on a flat bench with a dumbbell in each hand on top of your thighs make sure the palms of your hand are facing each other then use your thighs to help you get the dumbbells up, clean the dumbbells one arm at a time so that you can hold them in front of you at shoulder width length  always ensure that when holding the dumbbells in front of you, make sure your arms are wider than shoulder width apart from each other using a palms-forward grip.  This should be your starting position, slowly move the dumbbells in a semi-circular motion until they touch the upper chest while inhaling. Ensure you have full control of the dumbbells at all times. As you breathe out, move the dumbbells up using your triceps but in reverse use the same semi-circular motion. Try to keep the dumbbells together as they progress up. Lock your arms in the contracted position then hold for a second and then start coming down slowly.

Conclusion on Triceps workouts

Triceps workouts are a very essential workout regimen for people who are looking for ways to improve their flexibility and increase their range of motion in their routine. It is suitable for both men and women because it creates a balance needed for an athlete to have muscles that are balanced and well-toned and that prevents the likelihood of having injuries

The Best Forearm Workouts to Increase Strength (Updated July 2019)

forearm workouts

What are Forearm Workouts?

They are one of the most neglected parts of many gym enthusiasts routine. When trained well they are capable of absorbing a huge amount of training and punishments. The forearms are mostly utilized in many exercise routines such as deadlift, barbell row, bench press and when you have strong forearms you can be able to engage more muscles, generate more force during forearm workouts.

The muscles which are located in the forearms include;

Brachioradialis is located above and below the elbow on the outside of the arm. It is used to move the lower arm when the palm is facing down.

Wrist flexors are located on the inside of the lower arm and it is used to flex the wrist.

Wrist extensors are located on the outside of the lower arm and they are responsible for the extension of the wrist.


It is a perfect tool for rehabilitation it can provide four pounds of resistance on each finger and might be a good rehab tool for surgery recovery, arthritis relief, and carpal tunnel treatment

It helps in providing a balanced forearm workout because it tends to isolate each finger and help in balancing finger strength to prevent muscle imbalances and injuries.

It also strengthens your grip and finger for excellent performance with forearm workouts at the gym, musical instruments, and rock climbing

Benefits of forearm workouts

They build forearm muscularity because fingers are usually controlled by the muscles located in the forearms they help build hand strength and also thicken these muscles by giving your forearms a strong powerful appearance.

They help in strengthening the fingers, wrists, and forearms and you can be able to hold onto heavy weights without losing your grip and it is important especially in sports such as gymnastics where you are required to support your own body weight with your grip.

When you increase the amount of force on your hands you increase your endurance levels which can be helpful especially during times where you need to apply force for longer periods of time and also fight fatigue.

They help in building your fingers independently by applying pressure on each individual fingers especially in with musicians they use grip tools with separate springs for each finger to build their grip strength and also improve typing and dexterity.

It is one of the best ways to shape and sculpt your forearms that sends out a clear message that you are strong and fit.

They contribute to more power in most lifts because forearms are attached to your fingers and you will be able to do any lifts that involve holding the weights.


When you workout your forearms daily you might lack a single day of recovery and recovery time is very important is slowly and if you lack it your recovery will be slower and that might stagnate your progress.

 Examples of forearm workouts

A farmer walks – It helps in building your wrists and finger flexors and also engages every muscle in your body. First, you stand with feet hip-width apart holding a pair of heavy dumbbells at your side’s palms facing in. Make sure your core is braced and your spine is straight then starting walking in a straight line with your shoulders engaged for steps. Make sure you repeat this movement and you rest

Pull up hang bar – It helps in tackling scapular pull-ups and other pull up variations and also build wrist and fingers flexors. Ensure that you have a pull-up bar with a shoulder width grip palms facing forward then hang at arm’s length for about thirty seconds making sure your arms are straight and your ankles are crossed behind you. Repeat this movement and rest

Wrist curl flexion– It helps in building grip strength by targeting and strengthening wrist flexors. The equipment used for this exercise is bench and dumbbells. First, you get a hold of two dumbbells then you kneel and rest your elbows on a bench with the ninety-degree bend at the elbows letting the dumbbells to hang freely at the edge of the pad. Rotate your forearms so that the tops are along the bench and the palms are facing upward. Ensure that your arms are not in flexion or extension but are in a neutral position. Inhale and slowly allow the dumbbells to move towards the floor without releasing your grip then extend your arms and hold this position briefly whether you are leaning forward or backward. Exhale and slowly contract your forearms flexor muscles rolling your wrists towards you and return the dumbbells back to the starting positions

Wrist Extension – It helps to add size and strength to your wrists extensor muscles. Sit on the edge of the bench holding a dumbbell in your right hand then place your right arm on your thigh with the back f your right wrist on top of your kneecap. Move your hand in a slow-motion lower the dumbbell as far as you can maintain a tight grip the entire time. Without lifting your arm off your thigh curl the dumbbell up towards your biceps and slowly lower it back to its neutral position. Repeat this movement then switch sides

Dumbbell reverse curl – it helps to assist the muscle to build elbow flexion because on tends to work on the brachialis and pronator teres forearm muscles. Make sure that you stand with your feet hip-width apart holding a dumbbell in each hand arms  by your sides then make sure that the palms are facing behind you and your elbows are tucked then slowly curl the weights up slightly above ninety degrees the reverse the move to return to the starting position then repeat.

Knuckle pushups – It helps in building the forearms and wrist strength. First, you place your fists shoulder-width apart on the floor then you balance your weight on the first two knuckles of your hands and assume a pushup position. Ensure that you do many reps as you can without rolling back to the last two. One can benefit from it because the isometric contraction ensures that your wrists are always straight and that they develop endurance and stability.

Wrist pushups – It is usually a normal pushup whereby a user does it on the back of his or her hand with little or no movement of the elbows. First you assume the pushup position the wrists should be bent to ensure that the weight is resting on the back of your hands rather than the palms then from this position you must first straighten your wrists so that you are resting your weight on your knuckles repeat this movement as much as you can but do it gradually as you progress. Once you start doing this exercise your wrists will be powerful and stable and that will prevent future injuries and also build extensor strength

Using your legs – In this forearm workout, you do not require any equipment you just sit down and lay your right hand on your right leg with your wrist and hand hanging in the air. Pick up your left leg and place your ankle in your palm then curl your wrists up using just the weight of your leg as resistance. Ensure that you do it as many times as you can while you switch your hands

Door pull-ups – This is one of the most effective ways of developing upper forearms ensure that you find a stable sturdy door open it wide then use the doorstep to prevent it from swinging. Hang on top of the door while bending your knees to clear the floor and chin yourself as many times as you possibly can. This pull up pushes forces in your forearms muscles by ensuring that your body moves up and down and quickly adds mass and strength to your forearms while ensuring a great back and shoulder workout

Place a chair in front of you in an area where there is no furniture lies on your stomach facing the front of your seat and extend your arms to grasp each front leg with your thumbs up. Now try to lift the rear of the chair off the ground by moving your wrists upwards

Zottman curls – This targets the biceps brachii, brachialis, and brachioradialis muscles and you first need to grab a pair of dumbbells then let them hang at arm’s length next to your sides. Turn your arms so that your palms are facing forward ensuring that you do not move your upper arms bend your elbows and curl the dumbbells as close to your shoulders as you can then pause. Rotate the dumbbells so that the palms face forward again then slowly lower the weights down in that position. Rotate the dumbbells back to the starting position then repeat

Standing resistance band hammer curl – These bands help you to work through a full range of motions by offering resistance while the hammer grip works on the brachialis muscles. Your first step in the middle of the resistance band gripping one end of the implement in each hand.Hold the band with your palms parallel to each other than curl your hands towards your shoulder maintaining the position of your arms then squeeze your biceps at the top movement before lowering your hand back to the sides. Ensure that you maintain constant tension on the band and your elbows should be stable and in position throughout the whole movement.

Conclusion on forearm workouts

Forearms workouts provide a combination of strength and functional training and it is a perfect tool for encouraging beginners who are looking for a way of engaging their muscles and you do not need some of the equipment to perform some of the exercises but you can use things like a chair, the floor, the wall and the door to achieve your targets.







The Best Overhead Press Exercises To Do (Updated July 2019)

overhead press

Overhead Press Overview

This press is also known as the shoulder press and it is a go-to exercise for people who are looking to build their upper body strength and the best way to do an overhead press is to ensure that you check your form after each lift then start lifting lighter weight until you are confident enough to add more while still maintaining the proper form.

The perfect position of doing an overhead press is to stand with your feet width apart then hold the bar on the heels of your palms with your palms facing forward and ensure that you avoid arching your back then tilt back from your hips as you move the bar past your chin this will help in protecting your lower back and also keep your head clear from the bar to prevent accidents.

This is one of the best full body compound exercises but it usually targets the shoulders.   This is whereby your shoulders and arms press against the weight over your head while your legs, lower back, and abs help to balance you.

It saves time by working out your three shoulder heads at the same time and an effective way to fix and prevent shoulder injuries because it helps in strengthening the rotator cuff muscles. The rotator cuff muscles are added weight using dumbbells exercises. The back is strengthened not only just the front shoulder.

It also helps in building and supporting a stronger bench, stronger lockout, and stable core. This exercise is undeniably one of the most difficult movement exercises for beginners to grasp quickly because it requires a certain level of body awareness, strength and a degree level of mobility.

The user is required to be able to understand how the bar works to be able to track the moving weight.

There are a couple of things people tend to do erroneously and they include;

  • They forget to reposition their elbows and chest after each start of the press
  • They forget to get under the bar enough at the top of the lift
  • To keep a slow controlled motion throughout and they always bounce after each lift while moving from one rep to another
  • At every lift, they arch their backs
  • Moving the head excessively backward and forward


It provides a combination of strength and functional training and it is a perfect tool to encourage users to use it for personal training

It uses full gravity technology that the users can use to activate kinetic chains rather than isolated muscles

It can be integrated to form dynamic movements that can be customized to suit   various training objectives

It provides free movements and fewer adjustment and double weight stack that allows each cable to control a single independent resistance level

It allows the user to perform a push movement activities from a comfortable sitting position because the seats are usually adjustable to ensure a correct seat height

Benefits of the Overhead Press

It helps in providing a total full body workout in such a way that the shoulders triceps, upper chest, and the upper back muscles help in providing movement but the lower back muscles and core they contract throughout the whole movement to provide a workout

This exercise helps in pushing a great amount of weight overhead using the upper body muscles which increases the stress in the muscle area overtime in order to build muscle mass and have a progressive strength gain.

It helps to improve and increase lockout strength by increasing the power throughout the end of every repetition and it all transfers to all other exercises that involve themselves in elbow lockout.

The exercise is very versatile and can be performed while sitting, standing, and kneeling or when doing lunges and it gives the athlete the option on whether he or she wants to sit or stand when performing this exercises.

This press also gives the athlete a choice on which type of equipment to use such as the dumbbell, barbell or a kettlebell and all equipment provide different benefits and athletes of different skill set can be able to do it.

It has the ability to adjust the movement style in a way that you can angle, rotation, grip, stance, the width of your arms, your reps, your sets, momentum and overall speed and you end up reaping more benefits from it.

Helps in training most of the muscles when bench pressing but the focus is a little bit different because it focuses a bit more on the shoulders and triceps with the assistance of the muscles associated with benching and increasing the bench press strength.

It helps to improve shoulder health and protect them against injuries especially when it is performed correctly. It makes the shoulders muscles to become stronger and help in training the anterior deltoid, lateral deltoid, and posterior deltoid evenly and help the body maintain proper muscle balance.

During overhead pressing the stabilizing muscles to kick in to create great posture and torso and in the activation of three selected muscles groups which includes the rectus abdominus, external oblique and erector spinae which presses and engages the core and provide it with epic strength.

The posterior deltoid is strengthened because the press relies on the strong deltoids to be able to move weight and the anterior deltoid focuses on initiating movement, the medial deltoid on the lift and posterior helps in stabilizing and finishing the press.

It helps an athlete to have an increase in the jumping ability because it requires a certain level of coordination and mechanics to ensure that the multiple joints work in a uniform manner and the press generates more arm swing power which increases the jump height by thirty percent and also helps in improving velocity because stronger press makes quicker sequencing arm movements better jumping mechanics

The heavy presses help to strengthen and build upper and middle traps to engage and stabilize the weight overhead and complete the lockout

It helps in strengthening the back and torso by helping the athlete to resist going to hyperextension of the lumbar. The strengthening of the oblique erectors, rectus abdominis, deep core musculature and improve sports performance by resisting early extension during a sprint and also the athlete’s strength on the feet when in contact with others


The press must be executed correctly in order to avoid injury. You have to pay strict attention to the form and always consult a personal trainer to show you the ropes

The athlete cannot be able to lift very heavy weights because it tends to compromise your forms and put a lot of strain on the lower back

Examples of the Overhead Press

Push press- First you clean a loaded barbell from the floor to the shoulder level or just take off the pins in the power racket. Hold the bar with an overhand grip, palms up and elbows pointed forward. Your upper arms should be parallel to the floor as the bar rests at a point on top of your chest. From a standing position lower your hips and bend your knees to dip down into a quarter squat. Then dive upward with your legs as you extend your arms and lift the bar overhead to full elbow extension. Hold the bar in that position then lower it back to its resting position on your upper chest area

Seated dumbbell shoulder press – Sit on a low back bench the hold the dumbbell in each hand above shoulder level with a grip while the palms are facing forward, Make sure your head is straight and have an aligned spine and your eyes are facing forward and the shoulders are shifted back as you press the dumbbell in an arc towards each other. After each squeeze reverse the motion in order to position and start to repeat

Military Press – Place the barbell that is chest high on the squat rack then grab it with your palms facing forward. Slightly bend your knees then place the barbell on your collarbone lift the barbell up making sure that it still lies on the chest. Take a step back and position your feet shoulder width apart from each other lift the bar over your head by locking your arms after you have picked up the barbell up with the correct grip length then hold it at the shoulder level and this should be your starting position. Lower the bar down to the collarbone as you inhale slowly lift the bar up to the starting position as you exhale.

Conclusion on Overhead press

This overhead press is a fantastic strength-and-muscle builder for the entire upper body and core and if you are a beginner and are really interested in this equipment ensure that you contact a trainer who will show you all the ropes because it tends to be one of the most difficult movement to learn quickly and you have to allow your body to progress slowly so it can be able to grow strength properly and avoid injuries





The Best Shoulder Workouts To Increase Strength (Updated July 2019)

shoulder workouts

What are Shoulder Workouts?

The shoulder is made up of three bones which include; the collarbone, the shoulder blade and the upper arm bone as well as the tendons, ligaments, and muscles. The shoulder is a collective group of structures that are in the region of the joint. The shoulder joint is one of the main joints of the shoulder that is responsible and allows you to rotate your arm in a circular manner or hinge out and up away from the body

The muscles and joints in the shoulder area are one of the most mobile joints in the human body because they allow a range of motion. As much as the shoulder is the most movable joint in the body it is also an unstable joint because of the range of motion it is allowed this increases the rate of risks such as joint injury but to avoid these injuries you have to ensure that the soft tissues are strengthened to keep the shoulder strong, flexible, more coordinated and conditioned to handle stress better.

The smaller muscles that surround the shoulder joint are known as rotator cuff muscles and they are responsible for ensuring that the joint is functioning properly. When performing any shoulder workouts ensure that you keep a balance between the front and rear rotator cuff muscles.


  • Have to ensure that you work on all shoulder parts evenly
  • The weights used for working out should be light
  • You have to ensure that the workout focuses on strengthening the tendons and ligaments
  • Always start from a neutral position and your shoulders should be relaxed and down
  • Start with a resistance that lets you perform your moves properly
  • These are also muscles just like any upper body exercise
  • When preparing to exercise ensure that you have a mirror to check that you have a  proper alignment
  • You should focus on staying relaxed
  • Focus on the concentric and eccentric in equal measure
  • Always work slowly two or three seconds in each direction
  • Work through a pain-free range of motion and progress slowly

Advantages of shoulder workouts

  • It helps to enhance a male or female frame and it is a perfect accessory to a dress or a sleeveless shirt
  • Shoulder workouts help to enhance posture and strengthen the muscles surrounding the shoulder joint
  • It helps to improve shoulder stability and an overall fit body structure
  • It helps you to avoid injuries
  • Shoulder workouts helps you to create a great range of movement
  • It helps to engage the anterior deltoids
  • It enhances the shoulders stability by utilizing the shoulders in a closed chain movement
  • Shoulder workouts help you to work on your core
  • It is an excellent way that helps to target your middle deltoid
  • It helps to engage the posterior deltoid
  • Shoulder workouts is an excellent tool for muscle growth
  • Shoulder workouts is a total body workout because it allows you to safely use momentum to power through the shoulder exercises


Shoulder workouts such as the battle ropes put the shoulders through a violent test that causes the shoulders to experience trauma and also cause injuries

How to do these shoulder exercises at home

Body saw for scapular and core function

You can do this shoulder exercise on a hard floor but you have to make sure that you wear socks and if you want to do it on carpet, place your feet on the furniture mover discs then begin in a plank position and slightly retract and  pinch together your shoulder blades to ensure that your upper back is not rounded push your body away from your hands while still maintaining the plank position and your feet should slide 6 to 8 inches back from where it started and without relaxing, pull your body back to the start position and repeat this workout  for the prescribed number of repetitions and slowly push your limits and always maintaining a rigid spine and proper plank positioning.

Elevated push-up

While facing away from the stairs, drop into a push-up position with your feet on the first stair step then ensure that you perform a solid, rigid push up that does not have a drop in the lower back and repeat this for the prescribed number of repetitions then slowly but steadily work your way up the stairs with your feet each set, day or week

Handstand against the wall

This workout helps in building shoulder strength and total body stability  and If you have never done a handstand in your life ensure that you gain some  confidence by starting out  in a simple baby crawl position and then face away from the wall and climb the wall up with your feet driving all your weight into your hands then walk up as high as  you can to get the feel of a handstand and gain some stability Once you get the hang of it to begin from a standing position facing the wall and about three feet away from it and with someone  standing nearby keeping watch put your hands on the floor and in one swift motion attempt to keep  your legs up to the wall and catch  yourself  using one foot then straightening yourself out. The person keeping watch should also help you achieve the final position and help you throughout each rep

Forward bear crawl up the stairs

This workout can be used for strength training , stability and core function and you can begin it at the top of the stairs where you can place both hands on the first step and in an opposite arm and leg pattern and ensure that you step with your right foot and reach to the first step with your left hand. Repeat this procedure on the opposite side while reaching to the second step you should know that it may take up to six or seven steps for both your hands and feet to be on the stairs ensure that you are moving slowly and also that you are working your way down one step at a time with both your hands and feet when you reach the bottom of the stairs, your hands will continue on flat ground while your feet finish out the remaining steps. Repeat this workout for a required number of repetitions.

Reverse bear crawl up the stairs

This shoulder exercise can be used to build great core function and athleticism as well as build great shoulder strength first you begin at the bottom of the stairs then face down with your head facing away from the steps you should place both your feet on the first step but in  an opposite arm and leg pattern then  step toward the stairs with your right hand and reach your left foot onto the second step ensure that you repeat  this on the opposite side, reaching to the third step the slowly move while ensuring that  you are working your way up one step at a time with both your hands and feet after  your feet reach the top of the stairs now  continue on flat ground as your hands finish out the remaining steps. Repeat this workout for a required number of repetitions

Dumbbell Shoulder Press

While holding a dumbbell in each hand, sit on a military press bench or utility bench that has back support then place the dumbbells upright on top of your thighs now you should raise  the dumbbells to shoulder height one at a time using your thighs to help propel them up into position then ensure that you rotate your wrists so that the palms of your hands are facing forward this will be your starting position then now you can exhale and push the dumbbells upward until they touch at the top then after a brief pause at the top of the contracted position, slowly lower the weights back down to the starting position while inhaling make sure you repeat this workout for the recommended amount of repetitions.

Barbell Military Front Press

This is how you do this workout you first take a barbell with an overhand grip make sure that your hands are placed shoulder-width apart or a little wider then you can lift the barbell from a squat rack positioned at chest-height, or clean the bar from the floor to your chest. Without using any momentum lift the barbell up in front of your face and lock out your arms and then descend down while making sure that you go not lower than your chin ensure that  your elbows are  tucked and facing forward so that  they do not pop out of the sides . Ensure that you are careful not to hit your head forward when lifting the weight up, and avoid arching your lower back. This shoulder exercise helps to also tighten your abs when you lift.


The prices on the shoulder workout equipment will vary depending on the different varieties available in the market and also the kind of features that each equipment has and different companies will always make products that are different and that might either make the price go up or down and it is always recommended to check the Amazon website for more information concerning the price

Conclusion on shoulder workouts

This is one of those training exercises that are also suitable for beginners who are looking for shoulder workouts that help to enhance their frame and posture while strengthening their muscles.






Romanian Deadlift Explained 2018 (Updated July 2019)

Romanian Deadlift

What is the Romanian Deadlift?

It is one of the best exercises for building the muscles on the backside of the body. These muscles are the ones used for speed, jumping and all other athletic skills. The Romanian deadlift helps to increase mobility in the hips area because they encourage straighter leg position and they work on the glutes   and hamstrings more than any conventional deadlift

The name was derived in the 1990s after an Olympic weightlifter from Rome called Nicu Vlad came to San Francisco to demonstrate an exercise that incorporated both the conventional deadlift and a stiff leg he did not have a name for it then a US Olympic weightlifting coach suggested that they call it the Romanian deadlift

The helps to improve flexibility especially in the lower back area and hamstring and it tends to focus more on the hip hinge which is a very essential movement pattern every athlete must learn and master it

It is an easy program to learn and lead because it can you develop your glutes, hamstrings, back, and forearms and when it is performed correctly it is a very safe method

It is a nice method because athletes can choose a number of different variations and they include; the single leg Romanian deadlift, the dumbbell Romanian deadlift, and the trap bar Romanian deadlift.

The Romanian deadlift targets the posterior chains which are the groups of muscles and they include;

They also target the smaller muscles like the rhomboids, teres the major and minor and serratus posterior. The training of major muscles groups such as the biceps, calves, and quads makes it one of the best exercises you can do while training because it lets you train many muscles without the risk of injury

This weight lifting program can be done by both men and women and this deadlift can deliver the maximum muscle but they require a good technique or they can be dangerous and cause injuries.

Romanian Deadlift Variations

The Dumbbell Romanian deadlift is whereby you use a pair of dumbbells instead of a barbell and it is a good variation because it allows your shoulders to be in a more natural position but the only disadvantages are that in this people cannot lift as much weight that when using a barbell.

Single leg Romanian deadlift it is one of the most challenging variations because it requires you to balance on one leg when descending and it tends to work well for people who have good balancing skills and want a good range of motion out of every rep and it helps to prevent you from using one leg more than the other and can be a very beneficial tool for fixing and preventing muscle imbalances.

The trap bar Romanian deadlift this is a nice alternative for people who do not have lower body mobility because it does not require much hip and ankle mobility to reach the bar and does not strain the spine area.

Ways of doing the Romanian Deadlift better

  • Have to ensure that you lift heavy weights
  • Have to ensure that you increase your grip strength
  • Have to ensure that you incorporate straps to help you be able to pull up more weight
  • As an athlete, you have to wear the right shoes to provide a stable surface for balancing and support especially when carrying heavy loads
  • To improve your hip mobility

These are Three Steps of a Proper Romanian Deadlift

From the rack- Ensure that the bar you want to use is below then to hold it at the top of the movement or about mid-thigh

From the floor – You have to load the bar the same way you would when you are setting up a conventional deadlift.

These two starting positions are okay but many people prefer starting it from the rack because it tends to be a bit easier to load it from the bar and it does not require you to waste your energy when pulling the bar off the floor

Step 1 – Walk up to the bar and ensure that it is over your midfoot, then position your feet about your shoulder width apart then grip the bar and take a deep breath of air and raise your chest and press your upper arms into your sides

Step 2- Lift the bar off the floor then take one step back and bend your knees a bit then lower the bar down ten feet in front of you allow your butt to move backward as the bar descends. Ensure that your knees are of the same angle as you  started it when your hamstrings feel stretched you can slightly bend in your knees do not lower the bar to the ground because if you do so it might reduce the tension in the hamstrings area and it defeats the purpose of doing this exercise

Step 3-  Continue to keep your back tight, chest up and knees slightly bent, drive your hips forward then pull the bar straight back up


  • The dumbbells are cast in one solid piece with strong resistance to deformation and wear
  • Has a vinyl coat which helps to protect the floor and reduce noise
  • It has an ultra-smooth handle that provides ample space and protects your hands from freezing
  • It has a hex plate for stability
  • The deadlift bars are zinc plated to protect against rust and are made of solid steel
  • The deadlift bar has a weight capacity of 1000 pounds and can easily accommodate two plates


It helps to increase the hamstrings, glutes and lower back hypertrophy and ensure that you get a full range of motion while minimizing potential injuries because of the lighter loads used.

Helps to increase the positional strength of the lower back, hips, and hamstrings by offering Olympic weightlifting applications

It helps to increase deadlift performance by ensuring this movement is a great accessory to develop strong pulls

It helps to increase all the muscles involved in movements and enhance movement patterning and also help resist injury caused by lower back stress or dysfunctional loading

Helps to teach proper hip function build positional awareness and strength to prevent injuries

Provides the strength required to prevent lower back pain


When you do an improper technique during a deadlift you can injure your lower back and create chronic pain.

One can injure their spine when you place a lot of pressure when performing a deadlift

The vertebrae at the top of the back when they are strained they may herniate

How to do the Romanian Deadlift

Example 1

Hold the bar at hip level with your palms facing down and ensure your shoulders are back and the back should be arched and your knees should be slightly bent and this will be your starting point. Lower the bar down by moving your butt back as far as you can and ensure you keep the bar close to your body while your head looking forward and your shoulders back. When done correctly you should be able to reach maximum range in your hamstring flexibility just below the knee. At the bottom of your range of motion return to the starting position by driving your hips forward to stand up tall

Example 2

Load a barbell and stand with your feet shoulder width apart, toes forward and the barbell running over your shoelaces. Bend down and grab the bar with a slightly wider than shoulder-width grip and bend the knees. Push the hips back while maintaining a flat back and use glutes and hamstrings to stand upwards keeping the barbell close to the body. At the top of the movement contract the upper back, core, and glutes by flexing from the middle at the back to the glutes. Lower the barbell the same way and repeat for repetitions

Example 3

Grab a pair of dumbbells one in each arm and place to the sides and in front of the body and ensure that your torso is upright and your arms are straight. With the feet about shoulder width apart unlock the knees slightly to allow a smooth lowering of the weight then push your hips back making sure your back is flat and the knees are positioned over the ankles use your glutes and hamstrings to stand upwards ensuring that the dumbbells get lifted in a vertical path then contract the upper back, core, and glutes by flexing from the middle of the back to the buttocks. Repeat for repetitions


It is a highly beneficial movement for every athlete and can be used to suit the needs and goals of the athlete by educating them on how to build functional strength and generating carryover in their day to day lives.

Strong Lifts 5×5 Will Get You Massive (Updated July 2019)

strong lifts 5x5

 What are Strong Lifts 5×5?

This is a strength training program where you begin with about 50% of your 5rep max for each lift. You have to ensure to know what kind of weight you can do for 5 and only 5 reps then you use half of this. During each workout, you add five pounds to the bar for each and every lift or two and a half pounds on each side. The program gradually continues with this simple progressive overload scheme and you can use the same weight for your next workout instead of increasing bar weight

There are two ways of doing this program you can follow a random approach which entirely means that you have to train as you can for a certain number of exercises or follow a pre-planned program which includes exercises, intensity, and volume which have been manipulated intelligently over time.

Ensure that you pick a program that you as an athlete can make good progress with fewer injuries rather than overworking. As a trainee in this program, you perform five multi-joint barbell lifts per week which include; deadlift, squat, bench press, overhead press and bent over row. It is usually a three day per week program whereby there are two different workouts and they are usually alternated throughout the training week but there is a rest day in between each training day

The exercises are classified as Day A and Day B

  • Day A – The lifts are the squats, bench presses and bent over barbell row
  • Day B – The lifts are the squat, overhead press and deadlift

In each of these exercises, you are required to squat and each lift is performed for five sets of five reps except for the deadlift which is usually a one set of five.

The program was formulated to increase strength by training in a low rep range and your goal as a trainer is to ensure you increase the weight you lift by five pounds in each workout

Week one

  •  Monday – Day A – The lifts are the squats, bench presses and bent over barbell row
  •  Wednesday-Day B – The lifts are the squat, overhead press and deadlift
  • Friday – Day A – The lifts are the squats, bench presses and bent over barbell row

Week two

  • Monday – Day B – The lifts are the squat, overhead press and deadlift
  • Wednesday – Day A – The lifts are the squats, bench presses and bent over barbell row
  • Friday – Day B – The lifts are squats, overhead press, and deadlift


  • It is a suitable program especially for beginners because it is a simple exercise routine that people can easily grasp
  • The trainees are assured to know exactly how many days per week they can actually get to workout and what kind of exercise they are going to undertake
  • Strong Lifts 5×5 is a good program because it allows the lifter ample time to plan their training weights for weeks in advance and also help in saving mental energy
  • It helps to emphasize building strength and ensure that your body gets bigger and a lot faster
  • People using this program are on their feet and they do not overuse machines and ensures that they train you to lift heavy weights
  • It introduces the beginners to the world of strength, simple, basic and compound exercise
  • Strong Lifts 5×5 is a program that is suitable for advanced lifters
  • Strong Lifts 5×5 is an effective way of building muscle and getting stronger while burning fat
  • Strong Lifts 5×5 is one of the simplest and effective ways to build and gain muscles


After you exercise you will gain more strength and that will transfer to other activities

The program will help you gain up to twenty-four pounds of lean muscle in a year and every muscle lost will be regained

After piling in more weight your metabolism will be high and your body will lose a lot of fat and your waist and body fat will decrease without doing cardio.

It might increase your chances with the opposite sex because after the Strong Lifts 5x5you will have a lean muscular body that is more attractive and as a man, your testosterone levels will increase and also your posture will improve.

Strong Lifts 5×5 provides more time to spend with your family and friends.

You do not need expensive supplements to get results or a lot of equipment and you can actually save money for gym fees.

It helps to strengthen your mind as well as your body and increase your pain tolerance and threshold and mental toughness.

After you finish the program it will give you more confidence because of the new body and strength you will have gained

Your bone density will increase and the balance will improve.

The spine, joints, and muscles around them will get stronger and they will provide support and protection and reduce injuries.

Help you feel healthier and younger because your testosterone increases and your blood pressure, cholesterol and stress decreases, also your glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity will improve.

Thie Strong Lifts 5×5 will make you feel more flexible because your hip mobility will increase because of the constant squatting positions and being able to move your legs through a full range of motion.

Your cardiovascular fitness will increase because this exercise helps your heart muscle to get stronger and blood pressure and heart rate will decrease.

After your strength increases, you will have more explosive and powerful sport.

Help you have endurance and not get tired easily.


When it comes to people who are already strong lifters it might not be beneficial to them as much because no matter how much they train they do not increase in volume and does not offer enough intensity to provide an already good lifter to become stronger

Muscles that Get Worked on When doing the Strong Lifts 5×5

The back – The lower back helps to keep your spine from rounding up during squats and deadlifts while the upper back helps in pulling the weight back on rows

The thighs- They help you perform a squat and deadlift and also helps you to  be stabilized when you are doing a row, bench press, and overhead press

The traps – They help in keeping your shoulders in place when you deadlift and do a barbell row and help in transferring power to the bar

The calves – They help to straighten your ankles when you do a squat and deadlift the weight up. Helps to destabilize you when you are doing an overhead press or a bench press

Abs – They are worked on every exercise in order to help support the spine and also help in keeping the lower back from rounding up on deadlifts, squats, and rows. It also helps to prevent the arching on the overhead press

Forearms – They are very hard on deadlifts by ensuring that your hands are closed against gravity

Chest – The whole chest area works by pushing the bar away from you when you bench press and the upper chest helps you to be able to lift the weight when you over the press

Shoulder – The shoulder girdle the front, side, and rear works to ensure your arms are raised when you overhead press and the front shoulder helps in raising your arms when you bench press

Arms – Your biceps help in pulling the weight towards you when you barbell row and the triceps helps in pushing the weight when you overhead press or bench press and your arms contract on every exercise to hold the bar

Examples of Strong Lifts 5×5

Overhead press– First you clean a loaded barbell from the floor to the shoulder level or just take off the pins in the power racket. Hold the bar with an overhand grip, palms up and elbows pointed forward. Your upper arms should be parallel to the floor as the bar rests at a point on top of your chest. From a standing position lower your hips and bend your knees to dip down into a quarter squat. Then dive upward with your legs as you extend your arms and lift the bar overhead to full elbow extension. Hold the bar in that position then lower it back to its resting position on your upper chest area

Deadlift – This exercise can be done once you put up a barbell then roll it against your shins. You bend it at your hips and knees then ensure you grab the bar with an overhand grip, your hands just beyond shoulder width. Ensure your lower back is naturally arched then pull your torso up and thrust your hips forward as you stand up with the barbell. Then lower the bar on the floor and repeat the exercise

Barbell row – The lifter might perform this exercise but first, you are required to grab a barbell with an underhand grip that is usually beyond shoulder width then you hold it at arm’s length. Then lower your torso until it is parallel to the floor then bend it at your hips and knees. Ensure the bar is at arm’s length then let the bar onto your upper abs as you squeeze your shoulder blades together. Pause, and slowly lower the bar back to the starting position.

Conclusion on Strong Lifts 5×5

The Strong Lifts 5×5 is a suitable program especially for beginners who want a good program to help them strengthen the physique and also a program that does not take up their whole time and allows you to have time for your family and friends this is a program for every kind of person.

The Best Chest Workouts to Increase Muscle Mass (Updated July 2019)

chest workouts

What are Chest Workouts?

The chest area has primary muscles that support it and these are pecs. The pecs have sub muscles that help to run things in the chest area and they include the pectoralis major and pectoralis minor. The pectoralis major is a fan-shaped muscle that is large and usually comprises most of the chest wall apart from ensuring that your arms are kept attached to your body this muscle is also responsible for the lifting actions, pressing and flapping. The pectoralis minor is a thin triangular muscle that lies beneath the pec major and its work is to stabilize the shoulder girdle against the rib cage. It can also play a role in respiration it abnormal breathing patterns or periods of respiratory distress.


  • Have to determine an appropriate strength level that will allow the chest mass which is being developed to be seen.
  • Have to train the chest with enough intensity and volume in order to induce great definition.
  • The chest area must be hit from different body planes and grips
  • Have to balance your chest training with back training and it should be at a ratio of two or three to one which means that for every chest exercise, you should do two to three back exercises.
  • Ensure that you work on your posture and train your rotator cuff because these four muscles are so important in maintaining the shoulder health and integrity and will allow you to train your chest for a long period of time to come

Advantages of chest workouts

Chest workouts helps to improve your posture and encourage you as an athlete to be able to stand tall and be able to show off their sculpted muscles and also add height to the chest wall and this can be a plus especially for women who want to lift their droopy breasts but you have to be very careful when working out because you have to ensure that you do a full body workout because if you concentrate on one area your back will have a slouchy appearance which is not attractive.

When you do chest workouts it helps to contribute to your overall upper body strength and gives you the ability to be able to do things such as push stalled cars, a couch.

When people do chest workouts it makes u feel confident and look strong especially in the eyes of the opposite sex.

It helps to improve shoulder stability and an overall fit body structure and also help you to avoid injuries.

It helps you to create a great range of movement and also it enhances the shoulders stability by utilizing the shoulders in a closed chain movement.

It helps you to work on your core and it is an excellent tool for muscle growth.

It is a total body workout because it allows you to safely use momentum to power through the exercises.

Disadvantages of chest workouts

They lack the balance because they tend to work on the chest more and forget to do a total body workout and that gives an uneven look

They tend to increase the amount of shoulder rotation and that, in the long run, might cause injuries

People doing chest workouts often do too much of bench pressing which reduces the number of pecs that are involved in the long run

Examples of Chest Workouts

Push press- First you clean a loaded barbell from the floor to the shoulder level or just take off the pins in the power racket. Hold the bar with an overhand grip, palms up and elbows pointed forward. Your upper arms should be parallel to the floor as the bar rests at a point on top of your chest. From a standing position lower your hips and bend your knees to dip down into a quarter squat. Then dive upward with your legs as you extend your arms and lift the bar overhead to full elbow extension. Hold the bar in that position then lower it back to its resting position on your upper chest area

Seated dumbbell press – Sit on a low back bench the hold the dumbbell in each hand above shoulder level with a grip while the palms are facing forward, Make sure your head is straight and have an aligned spine and your eyes are facing forward and the shoulders are shifted back as you press the dumbbell in an arc towards each other. After each squeeze reverse the motion in order to position and start to repeat

Military Press – Place the barbell that is chest high on the squat rack then grab it with your palms facing forward. Slightly bend your knees then place the barbell on your collarbone lift the barbell up making sure that it still lies on the chest. Take a step back and position your feet shoulder width apart from each other lift the bar over your head by locking your arms after you have picked up the barbell up with the correct grip length then hold it at the shoulder level and this should be your starting position. Lower the bar down to the collarbone as you inhale slowly lift the bar up to the starting position as you exhale.

Reverse Grip Dumbbell Press- It will help you gain power in the upper chest. First you sit on an incline bench with dumbbells on each hand then ensure that the dumbbells are facing you and are positioned directly at your pecs area. Ensure that you keep your chest is strong and has a natural arch on the lower back of the body then press the weights up with both of your hands and only pausing for a moment on top of that movement then lower the weight back down to your chest area using a three count then pause for a full count while you continue stretching your chest

Dead Stop Pushup

This workout helps you to develop the perfect pushup form and also helps you to focus on strength. Firstly ensure that you lie chest down on the ground with your hands placed just on the outside of your armpits and also your toes should be in a position that is ready for a pushup then ensure that you block your feet together and to squeeze your glutes and that you flex your abs then lift your hands by ensuring that you are squeezing your shoulder blades together then press it down to the ground and propel yourself up ensure that your spine is aligned and that your still squeezing your glutes together and then return back to the ground by bending your elbows backwards while still maintaining your position

Batwing fly

In this workout ensure that you first start with lighter weights so that you can be able to get used to the whole workout then ensure that you alternate between neutral and overhand grips . Firstly ensure that you sit in an incline bench and the dumbbells should be on both of your hands move the dumbbells at your pecs area in a way that mimics a press then ensure that your chest is kept strong and firm with a natural arch on the lower back, stretch your arms out at each side while still maintaining a strong chest position the ensure that you pause to count while your arms are still extended while you continue stretching your muscles

Close grip bench press

This exercise helps to build strength in the chest area and it is one of the safest chest workouts to do especially if you have shoulder injuries. With an overhand grip that is narrow compared to the shoulder width hold the barbell above your sternum then ensure that your arms are straight then lower the bar down to your chest area and hold it there for one second and then press the bar back up

Chest squeeze pushup

This exercise helps to stimulate the muscle fibers in the chest area and first you should place a pair of dumbbells parallel to each other but still their handles should be touching. In a standard pushup position ensure that your arms are straight from your head to your ankles then grab a dumbbell handle on each hand then with needed force press the weights together then lower your body till your chest nearly touches the dumbbells then push back up and repeat this exercise

Cable fly

This workout stimulates the body to provide tension that gives the whole body movement. Firstly you have to tie the two stirrup handles to the pulley cables then grab each stirrup cable in both hands then stand in the middle of your workout station and ensure that your arms are slightly bent but should be outstretched then lean forward a bit in your hip region but do not push it because you might round your back

Archer pushup

This workout helps in the development of your abs, chest, triceps and shoulders and also teaches on how you can be able to stabilize your core area. Firstly you have to do a pushup position then put your left hand under your shoulder and then extend your right arm fully out to your side and place the hand on a low step or a medicine ball then slightly bend your left elbow and lower your chest slightly down on the floor but you have to ensure that your left hand handles your bodyweight.

Conclusion on Chest Workouts

This is an excellent workout because it makes u feel confident and look strong especially in the eyes of the opposite sex and it is very simple to do and you have the option of doing it at home or in the gym and it also helps to improve shoulder stability and an overall fit body structure and also help you to avoid injuries and that makes it one of those workouts that people all over should try.

The Best Calisthenics Exercises to Increase Strength (Updated July 2019)


What is Calisthenics?

Calisthenics is a training exercise that involves any exercise which is performed using no added weights and is commonly known as body weight training. It can be done as a standalone routine or a program which involves any weight loss, bodybuilding or fitness workout.

They are intended to increase body strength, fitness, and flexibility through movements that include swinging, jumping, pulling or pushing yourself up and bending. When this exercise is performed with variety and vigorously they can provide benefits such as muscular and aerobic conditioning, improves your psychomotor skills such as coordination, agility, and balance.

This is a movement through space because you are able to move freely as an athlete without any hindrance blocking your full strength and potential.

The word calisthenics comes from the ancient Greek word kallos which means good and that highlights the beauty derived from the perfection of the human anatomy and sthenos means strength.

This exercise is usually done by the sports team, military units and law enforcement personnel not only for physical conditioning but to build morale and discipline.


  • Calisthenics  is a form of resistance training that using your own body weight plus gravity to prove you with the needed resistance
  • Calisthenics  originated from ancient Greek meaning beauty and strength
  • They provide the same benefits as other forms of aerobic exercises
  • They help in maintaining a healthy weight, prevent diabetes and increase cardiovascular fitness
  • They help in promoting positive moods because when in training it releases endorphins
  • Calisthenics  helps you to prevent osteoporosis by helping you build bone density


  • It costs nothing to perform and requires no equipment
  • Calisthenics  helps to increase endurance throughout each and every part of the body including the cardiovascular system
  • Calisthenics  helps you to improve multiple aspects of the physical area and also it is an excellent exercise for overall fitness and health
  • When athletes practice this training their heart rate rises and that enables them to burn excess calories as well as help you strength train in order to build muscle mass and tone all over your whole body

It is an ideal way to increase flexibility and that is achieved through bodyweight training and Calisthenics makes you stronger and that makes you more flexible and if your muscles are stronger they do not strain when contracting

This training helps you to build muscle mass and strength without the use of weights. It is a good choice for a beginner looking for a reasonable amount of mass and maintains it because it is safer to avoid muscle tear and trauma associated with some weight training exercises.

The Beginner Guide to Calisthenics

First ensure that you have access to the necessary equipment whether it is at the park, the gym or in your backyard especially a pull-up bar allows you to have more practice and that leads to progress.

They are compound exercises and you have to ensure that your training days are split into specific movement groups or areas of the body.

You have to choose a quality program that introduces you to the basics so that you are able to work your way up at a slow pace till you master your rhythm.

Ensure that you master basic level exercises such as the dip, pull up, assisted pistol squat, push up and push up to handstand.

Disadvantages of Calisthenics 

  • The progress in this training is nonlinear because when you move from one exercise to another it might be bigger than what your current strength levels can allow
  • In advanced bodyweight progression, it might put a strain on the joints and muscles in a disadvantageous position because the body dimensions might work against you
  • Calisthenics  limits your lower body strength potential
  • If you are on the heavier side some movements tend to be a little hard to perform or grasp

Calisthenics Workout Routines

Planche– This is a workout that demonstrates a higher level of body strength and control. It is not ideal for people whose goals are more into building strength, have more pressing issues to work on, are relatively new to hand balancing and have issues with your wrists which are weak or stiff. This workout helps you to do other movements such as back levers, press to handstand. First you start in a very basic plank position then lean your body forward until your shoulders are in front of your wrists and ensure that your toes are curled under then widen your legs so that you are in a straddle position on the floor then lean forward keeping your toes on the ground raise your feet onto a chair then move your raised surface closer to your arms so that you can bend your legs from the raised surface as you lean your body forward then place your feet on a raised surface and tuck your knees into your arms so that you are in a supported crane position now go into a full crane position with your knees supported by your arms and your feet up in the air. From the crane position practices taking one knee off your arms at a time when you are comfortable with pulling one knee of your arm at a time start to work on pulling both of your knees off coming into a floating crane pose.

Pushups – This exercise helps to strengthen the Senatus anterior muscle in the shoulder as well as help in promoting proper bench form and also in developing core muscles. First you start by suspending yourself over the ground and supporting yourself with your palms and tiptoes with your elbows locked. Your hands should be slightly apart and slightly wider than the shoulder width and they should be turned out forty five degrees and your chin should be tucked in. Bend your elbows to lower your body in a controlled motion until your chest almost touches the floor then raise your body back up by pushing your palms down into the floor.

Abdominal crunches– It works on the abdominal muscles and you first begin by lying on your back with your lower back flat on the ground and your feet should be over a bench or on the floor. Ensure that you do not clasp your hands behind your head and also do not tuck in your chin but you should place your fingertips just at the back of your ears then look into the ceiling while performing this exercise. Exhale while you contract your abdominal muscles then raise your shoulders off the ground rising up as high as you can without your lower back coming off the ground then lower your shoulders back down while inhaling.

Jumping jacks – They are also known as star jumps and it is one of the most cardiovascular training technique first you have to ensure that your feet are apart at the width of your shoulders your arms should be by your sides then jump up off the ground spreading your legs while you lift your arms over your head from the sides make sure you allow your open palms to almost touch each other, then jump again but this time bring your  feet back to their original position and also bring your arms back down to your sides

Pull-ups – This is one of the most toughest weight exercises and it requires you to lift your whole body up and lower it back down using your back and other muscles. The muscles on your back, shoulder and arm get a total workout. First you have to leap up and grip the bar using your hands shoulder-width apart and your palms facing away from you ,hang with your arms fully extended then you can bend your legs at the knee if they are dragging on the ground . Ensure that your shoulders are kept back and your core is engaged throughout then pull up. Move slowly upward until your chin is above the bar then proceed slowly downwards until your arms are extended again. Do at least 10 pull-ups.

Single leg squat – It is also referred to as pistol squats and they help to build mobility and improve the balance and stability. First you start this exercise in a sitting position whether on a bench, chair and ensure that the place you are working out has a clear space around it to avoid getting injured. The surface you have chosen should be a bit taller than your knee height then extend your arms straight out in front of your body and make sure that when doing the squat your arms should stay straight out and also they should be running parallel to each other and are at a shoulder height . Place your foot flat on the ground with your knee bent and it should be planted on the ground with your toes pointing forward, then extend your other leg out straight in front of you making  sure you do not bend your knee. The toes on your extended foot should point up at an angle towards the ceiling. Press down with your heel and try to stand up off the chair keeping your back straight and that tightens your abs while you try to stand up using your bent leg hold it for one second before coming back down. Slowly sit back down on the chair and keep your weight on your heel and keep your chest lifted.

Conclusion on Calisthenics 

Calisthenics is one of those training exercises that help you improve on multiple aspects of your physical and it is recommended  especially for people who want to build on muscle mass and strength with no added weights.