4 Questions You Should Ask Before Investing in Medical Undergarments

What are Medical Undergarments


You’re about to undergo a procedure that makes it necessary to wear abdominal binders or some other type of medical undergarments for the next few weeks or months. While you’re prepared to do so, there are some questions on your mind. Fortunately, your doctor can provide the answers. Here are four questions that need to be on your list.


What Must the Garment Do?


The garment’s function will vary somewhat based on the type of procedure you are undergoing. For example, you may need something that will lend strength to the abdominal walls while still allowing you to enjoy a reasonable range of motion. Perhaps you can expect some incontinence during the recovery. That will mean investing in diapers for adults that help you control the situation.


With the aid of your doctor, it’s easy to identify what sort of support you need and then find undergarments that provide that support. Once you have that information, it will be easy to shop for the right garments.


Does It Have to Be Bulky?


When people hear they will need to wear certain types of undergarments for a while, they tend to imagine how they will create bulges under their clothing. The good news is that many medical undergarments are very different from those manufactured in decades past. In some cases, they will be no more noticeable than an pair of regular underwear would be.


That means the abdominal binders you will wear after a tummy tuck will not create any tell-tale lines under most of your clothing. Incontinence underwear is often so slim that you would have to wear skin-tight clothing for any lines to show.


Don’t let the slimmer profile of the undergarments deceive you. In terms of effectiveness, they are often superior to the bulky versions that were common in decades past.


Would I Be Happier With Disposable Designs?


The issue of choosing disposable versus washable undergarments is up to you. From a practical approach, it’s easier to take along an extra pair of disposable diapers for adults in case you have an accident while out of the house. You can easily dispose of the soiled diaper in a properly marked container rather than having to rinse out a washable one and tuck it in a pouch or purse until you get home.


There’s no rule that says you can’t have some washable and some disposable undergarments on hand. Consider wearing the washable type around the house if you like, and keeping disposable ones on hand to take along when you are out for the evening.


Do They Have to Be Ugly?


From incontinence underwear to abdominal binders, medical undergarments don’t have to be ugly. They come in a variety of colours, styles, and patterns. Some are quite flattering. Have fun picking out designs that offer the function you need and also look great.


Whether the need is temporary or permanent, there are more options for diapers for adults, binders, and other medical garments than most people realize. Explore them all and it won’t take long to find designs that are just right for you.


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