Top 4 Things Your Clients Should Be Able to Do With Your MMA Fitness Software

What is MMA Fitness Software


Choosing the right MMA software for your gym or studio is not something to take lightly. Ideally, the software will provide excellent service for a long time. When you start looking at different packages, always consider how they would benefit your clientele. Here are a few of the things you want your clients to be able to do with the mixed martial arts software you offer.


Check In and Out


If the software you are considering makes it difficult for clients to check in and out as they enter or leave the facility, it’s not worth the time or the money. The point of this feature is to allow the client to come in, take care of checking in, and proceed directly to a class, the locker room, or wherever they intend to go. When they are ready to leave, there’s no need to stand in a line so they can sign out. One quick stroke of the finger using the app and everything is done.


Remember that even software with this feature has to work simply in order to be an asset to your client. If you think the process is a little complicated, consider alternatives to mindbody that don’t require the client to walk through several steps to accomplish this one thing.


Check Availability of Classes


You definitely want all of your clients to know when new classes are scheduled to begin. It helps if they can use the MMA software to check on the list of classes and find out if there are still a few open spots. If so, they should be able to sign up using the app. Receiving a confirmation via text or email that the registration is confirmed helps too.


Receive Reminders


Life can get busy and people can forget they have a class tonight or there’s something happening at the gym they want to attend. If the software allows them to receive reminders about specific events, they will have the opportunity to get more from their memberships. Since not all fitness software includes this function, it pays to spend time comparing alternatives to Mindbody and finding out exactly what sort of reminders and confirmations the system will generate. If it doesn’t seem to be a good fit for your clients, keep looking for something different.


Buy Some Great Stuff


You have a store at the gym and try to keep it stocked with items that help your clients get the most from their classes and workouts. Go with some type of MMA software that makes it easy for clients to browse, buy, and pay for things they want. The orders will be ready when they come in next time, saving them a little time.


Remember that you are the one who understands the needs of your clients better than anyone else. If a particular software package doesn’t seem to offer much for them, feel free to check into as many alternatives to Mindbody as you like. With a little time and effort, you’ll find the solution that is sure to keep them happy.





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