Floradix Review- The best selling Iron Supplement in the US-

Introduction to FLORADIX

Iron deficiency is one of the common problems that are being observed these days. People do take necessary remedies to overcome this deficiency but what if there is not substantial supplement to curb this issue. At such times, you tend to do multiple things to bring the iron levels under control. A person who experiences low levels of iron in the body is called an anemic and feels lazy, drowsy, and sick throughout the day. Some of the signs of iron deficiency are feeling lethargic, decreased functioning of the immune system, problem in maintaining a stable body temperature, shortness of breath, tiredness, lack of social and mental development among others. It can also be serious issue for many and most of us get confused as we are unable to find the correct reason behind these symptoms. These signs develop swiftly therefore, these are common among children and infants. Also, it is seen that pregnancy, menstruation, and other such cases reduce the iron content in the body that leads to iron deficiency in some cases. Therefore, we also notice that women are prone to iron deficiency. If you want to detect iron deficiency, one should go through a blood test. Once the tests are out, the doctor would tell you which are the medications you should take and in what dose. When we are talking about the best iron supplements, we should mention the one that is popular among the consumers and that is Floradix.




A liquid iron supplement, it is one of the most popular iron supplements among many. Floradix contains various vitamins including B, C and also different types of medicinal herbs.

An iron gluconate supplement, Floradix is filled with a number of vitamins and essential herbs. Most of the iron supplements in the market comes in the form of pills as iron sulfate. Floradix is formulated using liquid vegetarian formula and does not contain any preservatives. So, if you are looking for high-quality iron supplements, then this is the best pick for you.

Deficiency of iron can result in some serious consequences. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the iron levels under check. If you experience any of the above-mentioned symptoms, it is better to consult the doctor immediately.

In this review, we would understand the deficiency of iron in a better way well and also take a closer look at Floradix iron supplements. This is important because you might find a number of iron supplements but not know the exact truth behind these supplements. Read on to know more and compare these factors to make a better pick.

Some of the claims of Floradix

There are a number of claims that this iron supplement makes when it is being compared to other iron supplements. As per Floradix, it is 1/4th times higher absorbent as compared to a number of iron supplements available in the market. This is due to the plant base of these iron supplements. Also, because it has a plant base it does not cause constipation and any other issues in bowel movement. This iron supplement also contains vitamin C, which helps in enhancing the effectiveness of the activity of iron in the body.

Other iron supplements in the market are not plant base and therefore they cause bowel movement troubles and does not effectively get absorbed. There are substantial reports proving the effectiveness of this iron supplement and very less number of side effects.

How to use Florafix?

As per the label on the product, the product is safe for use even for the children under the age of 6 years.

For children between the age of 4 and 11 years should consume 10 ml daily before the meal. On the other hand, adults should take this iron supplement twice daily of about 10 ml.

It is recommended that people should take this iron supplement under doctor’s supervision. This is advisable because the doctor would take care of other health issues, if any, under consideration and then recommend you the exact dose.

What are the benefits of this iron supplement

One of the main functions of iron is to build blood in the body. It is a known fact that more blood results in more energy and hence, we feel energetic throughout the day. You might have seen people who are full of stamina and energy even after a tiring day. Have you wondered how some people manage to do that? This is the result of required number of iron in the body and so there is more blood for energy production. People who have iron deficiency feel drowsy and lazy the entire day. Iron also helps in building muscle and assists in efficiently uses oxygen. This is important to build and maintain a healthy mental and physical balance and bodily functions.

Some of the benefits of this iron supplement are:

  • This offer a low dose of iron that does not lead to overdose of iron. We might have seen people with anemia going ahead with very high dose of iron that can cause some other problems and side effects. Therefore, this iron supplement offers the right dose of iron
  • It contains ferrous gluconate. It should be noted here that the ferrous forms of salt are better types of iron than its ferric counterparts.
  • It also contains vitamin C which is a great factor that is known to enhance iron effectiveness
  • There are a number of positive customer feedbacks for this iron supplement. This is a strong positive point for this supplement.

We should also look at some of the drawbacks of Floradix:

One of the main drawbacks of Floradix is that it is an expensive iron supplement. You can find the product online on various online stores. You can purchase it from Amazon.com and other close-by pharmacy.

Some things you should know about this iron supplement

There are a number of reports that show up every time we search for relevant information on the internet. When it comes to supplements and medications, one should always research well in advance before he or she starts with the dose. It is also recommended that one should consult the doctor for expert advice and additional information on any of the medications or supplements that one plans to take. This is necessary because every person’s body is different and every individual’s body reacts to a particular supplement differently. Therefore, we should always be extra careful while going ahead with any of the supplements.

It is said according to the United States Food and Drug Administration that there are reports of overdose of iron supplements being the reason of poisoning among children. In case, there is a case of iron overdose in children under six years, parents should immediately seek for doctor help.

If the signs do not seem to be improving after taking the right medication or iron supplements, then parents should immediately consult the doctor. The case of iron deficiency can be the cause of an underlying health problem that needs to be addressed immediately. Therefore, this should not be overlooked and should be taken seriously not only by the parents of younger children but people of every age group.




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