Flovent Review 2018- Benefits & Side Effects-

What is Flovent?

Flovent medicine treats asthma in those patients who have attained four years and even older. When regularly inhaled it helps to stop and or reduce the side effects of asthma. It constitutes a group of drugs known as fluticasone propionate that is a fabricated corticosteroid. Corticosteroid substances are natural in the form contained inside the body which helps against infections in the body. Corticosteroid drugs treat asthma since they lower airway infections. The steroids that are used for the treatment of asthma aren’t similar to those of muscle builders. Within its set up for the treatment of asthma, the inhaled corticosteroid is recommended by the National Institute of health for patients suffering from endless asthma.

Who Makes Flovent?

Flovent medicine is a corticosteroid inhalant. It is approved to treat persistent asthma that can be termed as a long-term medical condition. It works for patients aged four years and above. This medication is made and approved by GlaxoSmithKline Company. It is a dry powdered inhalant as well as a metered dosage inhalant.

Benefits of Flovent

Its active ingredient Fluticasone controls and stops side effects like breathing shortness and persistent wheezing that comes as a result of asthma

  • Flovent has the capabilities of controlling infections within the air pathways of the lungs making breathing much easier
  • When asthmatic symptoms are controlled, helps in the maintenance of normal daily activities as well as reducing wastage of time.
  • When used as recommended by the doctor, it becomes effective.
  • It doesn’t work immediately and for this reason, it can’t be used as a sudden reliever of asthmatic attacks
  • In case you have an asthmatic attack, it is advisable to use your inhaler.

Flovent Side Effects

As much of the needed relief of Flovent, its active ingredient fluticasone may result into unwanted reactions in the body. However, not all reaction may happen, but in the event they show up, you seek medical attention as soon as possible

In case you notice these reactions, seek medication;

More prevalent side effects

White spots around your mouth as well as throat

Less prevalent side effects

This medication results to bone and muscular pains after using, it might as well cause diarrhea, vomiting and nausea in patients. Lower abdominal pains, creamy white virginal discharges accompanied by itching of the vagina. The patient can have difficulty in swallowing food caused by sore throats. Pains during urination can also be noticed, eye discharges and fever

Rare symptoms of Flovent

These are very rare side effects of using Flovent medication in patients. The patient might exhibit partial blindness and even blurred vision that can be accompanied by eye pains. This drug weakens bones leading to bone fractures. In women, it causes surplus facial hair prevent menstrual periods, it also results to neck swelling. It causes redundant growth in children as well as in adolescent. Leads to heart problems, numbness, blood pressure, skin rashes, muscle wasting, general body weaknesses, tightness in the chest, it increases hunger, frequent urge for water and urination. And in men it increases impotence

Incidences not observed and noticed

Dizziness and increased pulse rate in patients

Flovent Dosage

Flovent ought to be taken orally inhaled system, mostly in patients who are four years and up. The patient ought to wash his or her mouth using water after inhalation. The patient ought not to swallow the inhalant to avoid the dangers of being attacked by oropharyngeal candidiasis

Dosage recommendations

For adult and adolescent patients (12yrs and over)

The start off dose depends on prior patient’s asthmatic therapy and severity for instance patient’s consideration on how his/her body is able to react to the current asthmatic reactions as well as the future risks of exacerbations. The dose recommended for patients 12 years and up that currently aren’t using corticosteroid inhalant is 100mcg two times a day, around 12hrs difference. For other patients that don’t respond completely to the start off dose two weeks after therapy, higher doses can be administered in order to control asthma. However, the maximum dosage recommendation for such mentioned patients is 1000mcg two times a day

Pediatrics aged 4-11yrs

The starting doses in these patients is dependent on previous history of asthmatic analysis and its severity like the patient’s body immune to asthmatic symptoms and the uncertainty associated with future intensification of infections. The dose recommended for pediatric patients of age4-11 that currently aren’t using corticosteroid inhalant is 50mcg two times a day, around 12hrs difference. For other patients that don’t respond completely to the start off dose two weeks after treatment, higher doses of 100mcg can be administered in order to control asthma. However, the maximum dosage recommendation for such mentioned patients is 100mcg two times a day

General recommendation of Flovent

In the event that side reactions come up, beta2 inhalant for short-acting can be administered to urgent relief.

Some patients will undergo a variance of time at the start of the dosage as well as the extent at which the symptoms stop. However, maximum relief of this medication might not be realized between 1-2 weeks or even longer during the onset of treatment.

In the event that the dosage administration can’t in any way prevent asthmatic symptoms, then, therapeutic administration ought to be increased as well as more therapeutic alternatives for instance changing the present strength of the drug with a higher drug, starting corticosteroid inhalant as well as using beta2-agonist which is a combining product, starting an oral corticosteroid, all this ought to be considered as well. In the event that the asthmatic resistance is realized, the dosage to be reduced to a lower dose in order to prevent asthmatic symptoms from becoming prevalent again

Don’t use Flovent in treating asthmatic attack which has already happened. Always consult your doctor before using this drug if;

  • You have any form of infections
  • Any form of infection as a result of parasites
  • Herpes inflammation especially eyes
  • Cataracts
  • Liver diseases
  • And a weak body immune system

Over haul usage of this drug leads to bone fractures especially in smokers, those who lack vitamin D as well as non-exercisers or having a genetic history of osteoporosis

Flovent should be used during pregnancy and is not recommended for children who are younger than four years of age



Thomas Matthys a former world-class track & field athlete and the founder of Swol Headquarters. He graduated from the University of Fordham with a Master’s degree in Science. Matthys is a certified sports nutritionist and personal coach of several professional athletes.  Matthys has been involved in various clinical studies within Track & Field including one on the factors associated with muscle recovery and HIIT.

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