How to get bigger arms: Try these 7 tips

How to get bigger arms.

We’ve all been there. First time stepping foot into the gym, hoping that one day we would have the body of our dreams, we look around and immediately spot him, the huge guy. Every gym has him, he’s probably competed in competitions, everyone respects him and seems to know all the regulars. His arms are huge, and you wondered how long it took to get them, and what he did to do it.This post will teach you several rules on how to get bigger arms.

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How to get bigger arms rule #1: Get the order right

Perform the heavier exercises before you train the lighter exercises. 


What’s the point in tricep kickbacks first when you can do a heavy movement  like close grip bench press first? CGBP is one of the most powerful tricep movements one can do, guaranteed to put mass on your arms.
The first exercise is the most important. If you want to get bigger arms, your first exercise needs to activate the muscle as much as possible. A heavy weight will do this much more than a lighter weight. 

How to get bigger arms rule #2: Focus on your triceps

Everyone loves training biceps, its what everyone sees when you flex your arms.

The truth is, the biceps are a small muscle, only 1/3 of the natural size of your arm.
The biceps only have 2 heads.

The triceps, when not flexed are the part of your arm which takes up the most size,  and consists of 3 heads.
As the triceps are bigger than your biceps, it means you need to place more volume on that muscle due to requiring more stimulation in order to grow them.

How to get bigger arms

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How to get bigger arms rule #3:  Increase the intensity

If you’re not doing enough for your arms, they won’t grow. It’s that simple. 

Your muscles need to be stimulated to grow. If your arm training isn’t intense, your arm muscles won’t be stimulated enough to grow.

But sometimes adding more and more exercises to your routine just won’t do anything. You’ll need to increase the intensity or your frequency to get those next level gains.

How to get bigger arms rule #4: Quality over quantity.

What does this mean?

It means that every rep you should do needs to be a good one. You should focus on full range of motion for each rep while squeezing the muscle as hard as you can, really focusing on contracting that muscle to its’ limits.

How to get bigger arms rule #5: Train arms twice per week

F*ck those rubbish bro splits that you see in your monthly subscription to your favourite bodybuilding magazine. They suck, they know it, but they don’t want you to know that they don’t work so you keep buying their magazine for more BS routines and “tips”. If you’re routine isn’t focusing on arms at least twice per week, then get on the following program our arm training guide outlines.

How to get bigger arms rule #6: Isometric training

Isometric training is a training technique which focuses on isometric contractions. This is when the muscle is not moving. Studies show that this activates the muscle more than the other types of contractions (eccentric, concentric).

This means that you use more muscle when you hold the weight during the movement and pause the movement for a few seconds. This should be done on one exercise per body part.

How to get bigger arms rule #7: Focus on the negatives

The eccentric phase of the movement (also known as the negative phase) is more important than the concentric phase as it recruits more muscle fibers.

When performing an exercise, you should focus on letting the weight drop in a slow and controlled manner. This will allow you to get a better pump, activate the muscle more and grow more muscle.

Bonus tip: How to get bigger arms with SARMs

If you don’t know what SARMs are, you are seriously missing out. SARMs are Selective Androgen Receptor Molecules which mean they attach to your muscles and help you grow much faster. They have very little known side effects are are known to pack on a tonne of muscle quick. You can buy them from most supplement store like this one:


Make sure to do your research on SARMs before using them so you know how much to take and how to use them optimally. We got a few awesome articles about the different type of SARMs such as LGD-4033 and Ostarine.


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