Imitrex Review 2018-Benefits & Side Effects-

Introduction to Imitrex

Imitrex also branded as sumatriptan is a medical drug that treats a headache, it conforms to blood vessels within the brain. Its further lowers substances that can generate a headache or lower attacks in the body. This medicine can be taken orally in tablet forms, nasal spray forms, as well as injectable.

It treats a migraine headache, especially in adults. It only treats a headache but it neither stops a headache nor counts of attacks in the body. Sumatriptan shouldn’t treat common headache tensions or any form of a headache that result in loss of any form of movement in the body especially one side of it.

Who Makes Imitrex?

Imitrex under its generic brand name Sumatriptan got approved in 1993 by Food and Drug Administration as U.S based organization. It was earlier on known as triptan. Within U.S and other developed states, it is only approved as a medical prescription. Within United Kingdom, Imitrex is sold locally under the brand name known as Imigran Recovery®.  However, big pack sizes, nasal spray forms as well as liquid suspension for injectable are available only by prescription

Benefits of Imitrex

Sumatriptan treats migraines in patients under such contraction. It relieves a headache, physical sufferings as well as other migraine manifestations for instance nausea, spewing, light and sound sensitiveness. Early prescription turns the patient’s normal habits and eventually lowers further need for alternative pain drugs. This medication is part of group drugs called triptans. It has the ability to alter a type of natural substance called serotonin which results in the narrowing of vessels inside the brains. This drug calms pain by altering the nerves of the brain. However, Sumatriptan doesn’t stop future migraines neither does it lessen the frequency of migraine attacks

Side Effects of Imitrex

Flushing, numbness of the skin accompanied by skin prickling, body tiredness and general weakness, the patient experience drowsiness. If the manifestations persist, it is advisable to seek medical attention. The earlier the better. This medication doesn’t have adverse side reactions by the patients. Seek doctor’s consultation on the off chance that any of this severe reactions are observed; chest pains, neck stiffness, they occur immediately once Sumatriptan is administered. Rarely are the symptoms of severe side effects of Sumatriptan recorded. Nevertheless, the patient might not notice those severe reactions of the medicine because of the inadequate supply of blood to the brain, the heart as well as the best parts of the body. Seek immediate medical attention once you notice pains in the chest, pains your jaws and the left arm, sometimes fainting and falling unconscious, increased pulse rate, sometimes irregular and pounding pulse rate, changes in vision, body weaknesses, general confusion, retracted and slurred speech, severe abdominal aches, diarrhearing blood whereby the stool is tarry and changes in urine amounts. This treatment increases serotonin concentration in the body, and hardly results in a severe condition known as serotonin toxicity. The danger increases in the event that the patient is combining Imitrex with another form of drugs that escalates serotonin, thus it is advisable to let the doctor know the types of drugs you have been using before administration of Imitrex. Some other symptoms that might need doctor’s attention could be hallucinations, lack of body coordination, serious drowsiness, serious nausea, spewing, muscle twitching, unexpected fever and chills, unusual restlessness, severe allergic inflammation to this medication is sometimes rare to be observed.

Imitrex drugs result into very severe reactions for instance change in sensation of the fingers as well as the toes this condition is known as the Raynaud’s syndrome. It can also lead to intestinal as well as stomach troubles. Signs of gastrointestinal problems include; severe stomach aches that can be so sudden, increased stomach pains immediately after meals, rapid weight loss, spewing which is accompanied by nausea and drowsiness, constipation accompanied by diarrhea, spotting of blood in stool, body fever, and chills. Imitrex leads to heart attack as well as associated heart problems which can fatal and might cause death, the signs of heart attack after using Imitrex include; chest discomfort especially at the center that takes almost three minutes to disappear, or comes and goes on a regular basis, arm pains that lead to discomfort as it the arm is so heavy, squeezing or even fullness as if you have eaten and maybe not. The difficulty associated with breathing and sometimes not as a result of chest congestions, spewing accompanied by nausea and drowsiness and a feeling of lightheadedness. Imitrex isn’t for patients having risk indications of heart diseases unless an examination of the heart has been carried out. You might be at risk if you have hypertension, you are a serious smoker, you are obsessed, have contracted diabetes, have evidence of heart disease from your family, females that are through with menopause and contain high cholesterol content in the body

Imitrex Dosage

Ergot having medicines causes serious side effects of vasospastic reactions, therefore its impacts are so much addictive in nature, such medications having ergotamine compounds used in combination with Imitrex injection for a duration of 24 hours leads to contraindications

Form and strength


The tablets are designed to be 25mg, 50mg and 100mg forms

You can accompany Imitrex using water. In the event that during your first dosage no remedy is seen, then don’t take the next dosage until you get assistance from the doctor. Don’t take Imitrex that exceeds 200mg in just 24 hours.

Injectable Sumatriptan solution

Sumatriptan solution that can be injected comes in 6mg per 0.5mL vial of Imitrex

Imitrex injection is auto injectable and comes in a device. The patient injects him or herself under the skin. It shouldn’t be injected in the veins or even in the muscles. Adult dosage is a single auto-injection on the skin

Prefilled Sumatriptan syringe per cartridge

Prefilled Sumatriptan syringe per cartridge comes in forms of 3mg per 0.5mL automatic injector also comes in 4mg per 0.5mL and 6mg per 0.5mL

The drug is so potent and should be kept out of reach by any pet or children; it should be kept under room temperatures. And once used, it should be disposed of safely.








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