Kim Reeves is the director of Operations at Swol Headquarters. She spends almost all of her entire time at Swol Headquarters ensuring that everything is running as smoothly as possible. She makes sure that everyone in the company is on their toes to meet all the relevant deadlines. Kim Reeves has a bachelor’s degree in business and a master’s in public relations. Reeves spends her rare spare time blogging and playing scrabble.

Kim is a lover in all matters health, wellness, and dieting. Her favorite YouTube channels are all about eating healthy, cooking healthy and living healthy. Before joining the Swol team, Sheryl Brown was working in a similar position in a beauty and makeup company. Her love for health and wellness proved too much motivating her to grab the opportunity of working with Swol HQ when the opening showed up. She ensures that all user’s queries are well handled be it on the phone, through emails, or directly on the website. She’s very passionate about cooking and baking. She also enjoys swimming a lot.


Bachelor degree in business



Thomas Matthys a former world-class track & field athlete and the founder of Swol Headquarters. He graduated from the University of Fordham with a Master’s degree in Science. Matthys is a certified sports nutritionist and personal coach of several professional athletes.  Matthys has been involved in various clinical studies within Track & Field including one on the factors associated with muscle recovery and HIIT.