Why you should use Magnesium Taurate on a daily basis – Review-


“Magnesium Taurate is an amino acid-mineral complex which is scientifically designed and ensures maximal bioavailability of the vital macromineral, magnesium. Magnesium Taurate is a fully reacted complex and not simply a blend of the two materials.” This is exactly what the label on the bottle of Cardiovascular Research Magnesium Taurate reads. The product label also states that these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration(FDA). They are not meant to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease.

Cardiovascular Research Magnesium Taurate is actually a dietary supplement that aids in treating magnesium deficiency. The supplement is a combination of magnesium and taurine which are essential for the human body. This product is considered as the best magnesium supplement available for consumers.

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  • Magnesium is a nutrient and taurine is a type of amino acid, which is mainly found in our biles. Magnesium mainly helps with calcium absorption. It regulates mineral levels in our body, like zinc, copper, potassium, calcium, and others. Amino acid, on the other hand, is an anti-oxidizing agent that helps in synthesizing protein in our body. It helps to improve metabolic and muscular activities.
  • Taurine is actually a byproduct of the sulfurous amino acids cysteine and methionine.  Taurine is naturally present in the heart muscle at a higher concentration than that of other amino acids. It has a positive influence over the regularity of the heartbeats and the overall strength of the heart. Taurine is also antiarrhythmic. Taurine supplements are useful for lowering levels of cholesterol. It is also a gallbladder stimulant and can regulate blood pressure. Magnesium Taurate contains 8.9 percent of elemental magnesium. About 100 milligrams of magnesium is present in 1121 milligrams of magnesium taurate.
  • Gelatin– It is an irreversible form of collagen which is hydrolyzed. The hydrolysis reduces protein fibrils into tiny peptides. Gelatin is flavorless and is mainly used to make capsule shells.
  • Silicon Dioxide- It is also called silica. In pharmaceutical products, it usually helps in powder flow of tablets. It is used as a food additive in food products.
  • Calcium Stearate- It is carboxylate of calcium. It is a waxy material classified as calcium soap. Its solubility in water is low and is not toxic. It also acts as a flow agent or a surface lubricant conditioner.
  • Croscarmellose Sodium- The purpose of it in most tablets including supplements is to disintegrate the tablet into the gastrointestinal tract. It serves to be a ‘superior drug disintegration and dissolution agent’. It aids to improve the bioavailability of the product by aiding the body fluids to make better contact with the ingredients, effectively. Crude cellulose is first soaked in sodium hydroxide and then is reacted with sodium monochloroacetate to form sodium carboxymethyl cellulose. This way croscarmellose sodium is made.


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Benefits of Magnesium Taurate

  • Taurine And Heart- Taurine can help to reduce reperfusion damage. It prevents arrhythmias, that is, the irregular or abnormal beating of the heart. Thus, improving the heart’s blood pumping function. Taurine can be used to treat myocardial infarction. It also helps to stabilize the platelet. It enhances “intravenous infusion” of about 5 grams of taurine before a bypass surgery of the coronary artery. It helps to reduce pre-oxidation that can damage cardiac membranes.
  • Keeps the Heart Healthy- Magnesium plays a key role in improving muscle activity and performance. It improves oxygen uptake and regulates the function of the central nervous system that includes our brain and spinal cord primarily. All of these factors are critical to maintaining the overall functioning of the heart. Together magnesium and taurine in magnesium taurate supplements keep the nervous system calm and free from any sort of excitement that may cause stress or anxiety.
  • Eases Premenstrual Issues- Dr. C Norman Shealy says that magnesium in magnesium taurate supplements can help to ease premenstrual issues. These include depression, bloating, headache, irritability, exhaustion or fatigue, temporary weight gain and libido loss. A daily intake of 375 milligrams may show positive results. Then you may increase it to 500 milligrams. Magnesium taurate is recommended in such cases because it can be absorbed more quickly by the body.
  • Fights Diabetes- Those who have diabetes and low blood pressure can take magnesium taurate as a supplement, as it helps the body to resist insulin. One should always be aware of the side effects and take prior advise from the doctors before consuming the product. One should first start with a lower dose of magnesium taurate.  The product has proven effective to not only fight diabetes but also retinopathy, neuropathy, and other kidney problems.
  • Can Prevent Migraines- Dr. Steve Hickey, author of “The Vitamins Cure for Migraines” has said that a combination of fish oil, as well as magnesium taurate, can help to prevent migraine attacks. A published study in 1996 issue of Medical Hypotheses by M.F McCarty, found that nutritional mix of magnesium taurate and fish oil has reduced “neuronal hyperexcitability” that tends to cause a migraine.

Other Benefits- Includes reduction of cataract development, helps with fat absorption, reduces cholesterol, reduces anxiety, depression, insomnia, regulates blood pressure, supports the immune system. Magnesium taurate gives vascular protection, myocardial infarctionpre-eclampsia and perinatal asphyxia.


  • Fluctuation in Blood Sugar Level– Avoid self-administering of magnesium taurate if you are a diabetic. If the supplement product doesn’t suit your body then it may cause fluctuation in your blood sugar levels. In severe cases, you might suffer a stroke. You may feel confused or dizzy too.
  • Diarrhea- Increased rate of magnesium in the body commonly causes chronic diarrhea. According to some top most customer reviews, magnesium taurate haven’t caused diarrhea that much, compared to other magnesium supplements. One should start with taking lower doses of it in the beginning. It is better to take doctor’s advice.
  • Muscle Paralysis- It is a rare side effect. Excess magnesium may cause breathing problems and may quicken your heartbeat. Accumulation of magnesium in nerve fibers may lead to muscle weakening or paralysis. Numbness, headache, and tingling are other sensations that you may feel.



  • “I purchased this product for my boyfriend after reading reviews about magnesium helping with depression. This product has done wonders for his depression! Highly recommended!!”
  • “Seem to help my husband and I sleep better than taking nothing.” This is the best magnesium supplement on the market.
  • “Product was received and performed as expected”
  • “Yay! Finally, a Magnesium that doesn’t make me a slave to the bathroom. I had to try several different types of Mg to find one that didn’t cause diarrhea. I’m happy and my blood pressure is happy.”
  • “This is great Magnesium. It stopped my mom’s lifelong heart palpitations”.
  • “Great form of magnesium and I like the lower dosage versus most other brands who only offer high dose magnesium supplements which cause me to get headaches. This is a great nutrient to have in your arsenal for cardiovascular health, especially for those like myself whose diets are not mineral-rich due to restrictive diets.”



In normal healthy adults taurine should be taken not more than 3 grams per day. Magnesium taurate intake should be limited to 3.3 grams per day or alternatively 300 mg per day for elemental magnesium as taurate. Capsules can be taken one to 2 times daily as required and prescribe by the doctor.







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