The Best Nootropics To Buy In 2018

Introduction to the Best Nootropics

You’ve probably watched the show Limitless or at least heard of it and so you have a clue of what a brain enhancement pill is. This show tries to show us just how much a little capsule or tablet can affect your brain performance but are these brain enhancing supplements really as powerful as this show depicts them to be?

We’ve all heard of nootropics, supplements that promise to enhance your cognitive functions. From commercials, one might get a feeling that these drugs are capable of turning someone into Sherlock Holmes but in most cases, ads blow their impact way out of proportion. The good news, however, is that some of these supplements are indeed effective but the problem is that they are just a handful. A big majority of these products just like many other types of supplements don’t perform as advertised and this is a nightmare to anyone who isn’t familiar with the industry.

Fortunately for you, we are going to highlight everything you need to know about Nootropics. We won’t just recommend the best nootropics, but we are also going to give you a guide of making an informed purchase should you feel that you need to pick another supplement different from our picks. But first;

Why are Nootropics Important?

We all know that nootropics are all about improving your brain’s performance but what specific aspects of the brain do they impact? What benefits can you expect from using these supplements?

  • Boosts your memory

If you are one of those people that just can’t seem to keep a memory then nootropics are a good solution for you. These supplements have been seen to help in improving both long-term and short-term memories. They will also improve the formation of new memories. This is not just a brilliant benefit to the elderly but could also be beneficial to young students.

  • Mood enhancement

Depression, anxiety, and stress are chronic problems in the society today. Studies show that a huge percentage of people go through depression or anxiety problems at some point in their lives. There are specific types of nootropics that are engineered to deal with such problems. These drugs improve your brain health and assist in restoring a healthy balance of hormones thus enhancing your mood. This will boost your productivity and overall wellbeing.

  • Improves Concentration

Concentration is crucial in getting everything done properly. Without it, you’ll have a hard time be it in your studies or at work. Certain types of nootropics are designed to improve your brain’s focus.

  • Boosts your motivation

Imagine a supplement that helps to increase your drive and motivation towards achieving your goals! This is what certain types of nootropics are formulated to do.

  1. Promotes brain health

Finally, these supplements will help the functioning of neurons and other chemicals in the brain to keep this crucial organ healthy. A healthy brain doesn’t just improve your cognitive functions but also keeps you safe conditions such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

Choosing the Best Nootropics

Choosing the best nootropic isn’t as simple as it sounds. There are various crucial factors that you have to consider otherwise you could end up with an ineffective supplement or worse, with side effects that’ll have you spending more on further treatments.

To make sure that you get the right supplement, you have to consider:

  • The Ingredients Used

When purchasing a nootropic, checking the label for all the ingredients used is one of the most vital parts. Through these ingredients, you can easily tell whether the supplement is going to be helpful or not. The best nootropic supplements are made with ingredients backed by reliable clinical trials. These reaffirm both their effectiveness and safety. Avoid purchasing any supplements with ingredients you have never heard of.

What’s the point of spending your money on an experimental product that could potentially harm you? Take your time, read through the active ingredients and do some random online research to gather more information about them. If this sounds like too much work, then you can just consult your physician who can direct you to the right supplement.

  • Your Needs

Depending on your specific needs and expectations you can focus your search on fewer supplements. There are nootropics that are made for overall brain performance while others are made to focus on memory, concentration, mood enhancement, among other needs. Once you identify what you want in a supplement you’ll be able to get one that’s more suited for your needs rather than consuming a product that focuses more on the aspect you are not interested in. Of course, there are other supplements for people who have no idea what exactly they want or if they are just looking for a wholesome outcome.

  • The brand

Saving cash is an incredible and understandable thing but to what extent are you willing to compromise on your health just so you can save a few dollars? You see, the more reputable a brand is the more costly their products are likely to be. We understand that this is an issue to people on a tight budget but you should also know that these brands usually invest heavily on research and production and no wonder their products are normally the most successful in the market. If you think about it, spending a few more dollars to get an effective and safe supplement is a reasonable idea.

There are a few effective supplements that are also very affordable. You just need to be keen and check on the ingredients used and other reviews to ascertain their potency before purchasing them.

  • Start slow

Be very mindful of the type of nootropic that you use for the very first time. In most cases, scientists recommend starting with herbal supplements at very low dosages. This should help to get your body acclimated to the drugs before you increase the dosages. Starting slow will also allow you to see whether your body is reacting well to the drugs or not enabling you to plan a way forward.

The above are the main factors to consider. You can also go online and go through the user reviews of specific products online to see the personal experiences of other people.

Our Best Picks

  • Qualia

Qualia is arguably the best nootropic at the moment. It is also the most comprehensive supplement helping to provide almost every cognitive benefit a nootropic drug is supposed to. Mood, focus, and energy are some of the benefits of this product.

How does Qualia achieve all this? Well, the drug features around 28 powerful ingredients all of which are heavily studied to ascertain their efficacy. The supplement contains popular compounds such as Huperzine A, noopept, phenylethylamine, Vitamins B1, B3, B5, B6, Green tea extracts, Bioperine, mucuna pruriens, Bacopa monnieri, acetyl-l-carnitine L-theanine, Taurine, DL-phenylalanine, citicoline, centrophenoxine, Alpha Gpc etc.


  • Promotes all key cognitive abilities
  • It boosts metabolism
  • Offers additional cardiovascular benefits
  • Promotes healthy blood pressure
  • It uses well-researched ingredients


  • A bit costly
  • It contains caffeine and hence users should not overdose


  1. Mind Lab Pro

Min Lab Pro is another incredible product and to some people, it is the best nootropic product ever made. A huge section of this product’s fan base believes that it is even better than Qualia simply because it doesn’t contain the caffeine that affects some users. Of course, being caffeine free is a huge positive but the subject on whether it is better than Qualia is a whole hot topic for another day.

Mind Lab Pro contains 11 high-quality ingredients that deliver both short-term and long-term benefits. Some of the compounds found here include Citicoline, Bacopa monnieri, phosphatidylserine, tyrosine, pterostilbene, L-theanine, Rhodiola rosea, vinpocetine, and vitamins B12 and B6. It’s also vital to note that it is free from gluten, caffeine, soy, allergens and GMO compounds making it extremely friendly to everyone including vegans.


  • Improves general learning
  • Boosts productivity
  • Enhances blood flow to the brain thus promoting brain health
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Features an effective and extremely safe formula


  • Considering how much this little magical supplement can do, it was inevitable that its price was going to be quite high



CILTEP is made for people who want a significant boost in productivity. This product is made to improve your alertness, memory, mood, and concentration. This supplement has helped hundreds of both students and employees to produce their best ever results.

What makes this product even popular, other than the fact that it is highly effective, is its natural blend. CITEP is made of a 100% natural formula which helps to deliver the needed results in an extremely safe way. This formula allows even people with serious allergies to use the supplement without any complications.


  • 100% natural formula
  • Improves overall productivity significantly
  • It has great user reviews online

Conclusion on the Best Nootropics

Choosing between Qualia and Mind Blow Pro is normally an impossible task. They are both uniquely made to deliver excellent results and that’s why they have incredible user reviews. CILTEP is also up there among the best help to boost your productivity in its own unique way. Whichever of the three you choose, the one thing you are guaranteed is their unbelievably good outcomes.

Sol Ruiz heads our Research Digest department. He graduated from the New York University where he obtained his Master’s Degree in Public Health.

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