Where to Find a Personal Trainer in Miami?

Where to find a personal trainer in Miami

Nowadays, it seems like it’s socially unacceptable to disregard your fitness level. And it appears that everyone is working out. There are various reasons why people work out on a daily basis. For instance, some like to work out in order to get rid of stress, while others work out exclusively because they want to get rid of extra pounds. Once you figure out what your goals and needs are, you’ll have to choose the workout program and style that will match those needs.

Thankfully, Miami offers a long list of options for numerous types of workouts. What’s more, it’s packed with personal trainers! That way you can rest assured that you can rely on a professional to help you achieve your fitness goals.

The best part about Miami is that it allows fitness enthusiasts to spice up their workouts with a little bit of pleasure. The gyms are hip and extremely modern-looking and, if you prefer working out outdoors, Miami is rich with scenic views for you to enjoy.

If you’re feeling reluctant to start working out, we hope that this article will serve as inspiration. On the other hand, if you just needed a slight push towards the starting line, after reading this you’ll immediately start googling personal trainers in Miami.

Now that you pretty much know what’s ahead of you, make yourself comfortable and read on!

What kind of a personal trainer are you looking for?

Before making a rash decision, you need to figure out what kind of a personal trainer would be suitable for you. Some personal trainers will focus on intensive weight loss. Others will take care of your posture and flexibility. Also, there are personal trainers whose ultimate goal is to make you stronger. Essentially, you need to understand what your goals are and see which workout program would benefit you the most. Our recommendation is to choose a program that is both interesting and challenging enough.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, there are many types of personal trainers out there. Today, we’ll focus on the ones that have proven extremely popular and effective.

  • CrossFit coach

There’s no way you haven’t already heard of CrossFit. No matter if you’re new to the fitness world or if you’ve been into it for a while, there seems to be a buzz surrounding this particular kind of exercise. CrossFit is a combination of powerlifting, HIIT, plyometrics and much more! It’s pretty intense, though. The final goal here is to test your personal limits and work on pushing past them. With a CrossFit personal trainer, there’s no doubt you’ll have both fun and effective workouts. So, if you’re into sweating like crazy and really working on building a strong and healthy body, CrossFit is a way to go.

  • Yoga instructor

Let’s take it down a notch. We’re pretty sure not everyone wants to go beast mode every single time they work out. There are people who just seek an escape from their hectic lives. The best way to get rid of daily stress and fatigue is by getting a yoga instructor. Many would agree that keeping the mind and body flexible is more important than getting chiseled abs. If you’re more into learning how to heal your body, improve your posture and relax your mind, we strongly recommend practicing yoga.

  • Strength coach

Moving onto our next favorite way to exercise — strength training. One thing’s for sure, we all age without exception. The tricky thing about aging is the fact that it leads to a muscle mass loss. One way to get the muscle mass back is to get yourself a strength coach and start putting in serious amounts of effort. Strength training doesn’t only make your body stronger but it also leads to lower blood sugar levels and a better bone density. A strength coach will most likely make you do some heavy lifting. Over time they will work on adding heavier weights and lowering the number of repetitions. Remember, the more muscle you have, the higher the number of calories your body will burn throughout the day.

Boot camp trainer

Some people find it difficult to stay motivated if their workout program is too repetitive. In addition to that, there are those who can’t stand exercise in the same place over and over again. If you can relate to that, we have great news! There’s an alternative to going to the gym. You can take your workouts outdoors. If that sounds like something you would sign up for, our advice is to find a boot camp coach. A boot camp coach will train you outdoors and let you enjoy the nature while working up a sweat. Boot camp workouts are fun because they are so versatile. This kind of exercise is intense and will target all muscle groups. If you’re looking for a workout program that will incorporate both losing weight and enjoying the view, a boot camp coach will be just perfect.

Are you looking for a mobile personal trainer or a one at the gym?

We live in a time where “busy” is the most common word used to describe our daily life. That’s why most people don’t work out. At least, that’s what they use as an excuse not to work out. Well, we’re sorry to say that you can’t be among those people. If you can’t fit going to the gym into your hectic schedule, hire a mobile personal trainer. Miami is packed with mobile trainers! That way, your personal trainer will come to you and help you achieve your fitness goals. There’s no excuse, guys.

Statistics on how many personal trainers work in Miami

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are approximately 4,000 personal trainers working in the area of Miami — Fort Lauderdale — Pompano Beach. In addition to that, there are around 1,000 more working in the heart of Miami. Given that you have 5,000 professionals out there, waiting on your call, at this point, you should already be choosing your workout gear.

The average cost of hiring a personal trainer in Miami

The last thing we want to go through with you today is how much a personal trainer is going to cost in Miami. Well, the price may vary according to a number of different factors. In fact, one of the key factors is how many times you are planning to work out on a monthly basis. For instance, if you are willing to work out four times a week, you’ll probably spend around $950 to $1200. Also, trainers that have more years of experience will charge a higher fee per hour. So, if you want someone who has more than 10 years of experience in their CV, be prepared to spend around $80 to $100 per session.

Alright, guys! We hope you had as much fun reading this article as you’ll have at your next training session with your personal trainer!






Thomas Matthys a former world-class track & field athlete and the founder of Swol Headquarters. He graduated from the University of Fordham with a Master’s degree in Science. Matthys is a certified sports nutritionist and personal coach of several professional athletes.  Matthys has been involved in various clinical studies within Track & Field including one on the factors associated with muscle recovery and HIIT.

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