Plexaderm Review -Benefits, side effects, where to buy

What is Plexaderm?

Plexaderm claims to be a product which removes wrinkles instantly. Unfortunately, we reviewed this product and we were pretty disappointed with the results. Women struggle their entire life with several fysical

issues such as:

  • looking average or less by birth
  • aging or sometimes early aging
  • sun damaging the skin
  • acne and other marks on the skin
  • physical deformities by birth or any accidents
  • aging by smoking habits
  • career promotion
  • teens having plastic surgery
  • liposuction after pregnancy
  • feeling depressed since there is an edge to like and be liked at
  • Sometimes people need a new start in their life.

Automatically people turn to see to the cosmetic market to handle these problems, where Plexaderm is one of them.

One of the continuous and nonending cries for help is from our skin. Well, aging is something we all want to avoid. Earlier dermatology industries had a breakthrough and now there is no pharmaceutical company who do not have an anti-aging study going on. They try to make their medication better and better.

Plexaderm – the better solution:

Plexaderm Skincare: Jonathan Greenhut, the CEO

He happened to have the formulation of Plexaderm and once tried the formulation showing instant results for under eye bag. Though the Plexaderm team has been a bit skeptical about the product on how it would be accepted by its customers.

But it became a success and fortunately, it worked very fast than expected. The truth or the actual fact occurring at the cell level.

At a time in our lives, we notice that the skin starts showing signs of aging. Either it is cream or other products we could decide our own path of resolution regarding this issue.

So here is what happens to our young, naturally glowing skin eventually. The thick layers are lost and they become thinner. The skin loses its youth and becomes dry. All the symptoms of aging start to appear after this. The main spots which show the signs of aging are under eyes, forehead and between cheeks and mouth. Also, our cheeks become shaggy. Under eyes dark circles and bags occur the fastest since the skin around eyes is thinner.

Disadvantages of other extensive therapies to our skin:

Let’s list few disadvantages of the plastic surgery as we know

  • There are medical risks for the surgery including death. The medical risks after and before these kinds of procedures are severe. Bleeding and bruising, damage to nerves and numbing on parts of the skin where the procedure is done and of course the cost.
  • The price of the procedure is another major gain in the cosmetic market. The very little fixing procedure cause more than 100 dollars and much more for other methods as well.
  • The obsession with plastic surgery is a thing nowadays. Face lifting surgery is one of the most selling and demanding in the market nowadays.
  • People need a long-lasting solution to aging skin. Saggy skin and age lines are not acceptable by the people obsessed with such procedures. But in turn, these procedures eventually give you droopy skin in the area.

Plexaderm is one of the products which people with the saggy skin under eyes can use. Also, this product can tighten the wrinkles forming on the face.

Plexaderm cream promises you an instant solution to skin aging. It’s one cream which can reduce all derivatives of aging in small amount time after application. Plexaderm claim that it can immediately correct and clear the skin to give out a glowing and youth back in just 10 mins. Plexaderm is in many ways better than surgical cutting and laser.

Preparing to be under such brutal procedures make the individual look like a skin stretched doll. Well, that looks really fake. But in case of Plexaderm the situation is completely opposite. It just works on the skin, evens it out and produces a wrinkle-free younger you. Don’t you want that for yourself and feel happy?

Plexaderm skincare is one of the most considered products by the crowd. The plexaderm show live demonstration on the TV. So, many might have already seen its performance within minutes. Now, let’s see what are the ingredients and how it works.


As we know Plexaderm is a cosmetic product. Medically proven compounds are used in Plexaderm serum. We can talk about the common components though.

  1. Sodium Silicate: one of the most important components in the serum. When it is applied to the skin, while the skin dries, it pulls up the skin causing a contraction which is temporary.
  2. Cyclo simethicone: this is a type of silicone used in products. We can imagine what kind of bizarre this chemical work on human body
  3. Vinyl Dimethicone/Dimethicone crosspolymer: Again this compound is used in conditioners just to make the product give a nice feeling. No long-term effect is given by this particular component in the serum.
  4. Hyaluronic acid is another extra component used since it can keep the cells moist for some time.

Ingredients of Plexaderm Rapid Reduction Cream has been provided by them though.

  • Water
  • Acetyl Hexapeptide-8
  • Mg-Al silicate
  • Na silicate
  • Cellulose
  • Red 40
  • Ethylhexylglycerin
  • Phenoxyethanol

There are a lot of cosmetic industries and they advertise their products like crazy. They make sure to let all their customers know exactly what each ingredient metabolically does on your skin.

The owner of plexaderm serum gives us a very little detail on what are the ingredients and how it metabolizes. Silicates are used in Plexaderm. You might wonder where silicates come from. All know this flexible and tightening substance is from stones on earth. This chemical reaches right inside your skin and makes it look firmer. Silicates are used in several anti-aging products.

Working of Plexaderm

The first person to try Plexaderm was the Cheif Financial Officer of True Earth Health Products. This was the company which the Plexaderm CEO had before he started the Plexaderm Skincare. The CFO of the organization says that he was not looking to do anything about the under eyes bags. He stood completely awestruck in minutes which no one expected. As told before the Plexaderm has not lotted of time and money in a showing of their products which is much better than many extensive procedures.

Media shows and photography is their way of business marketing. They provide a live demonstration and show that how miraculous this serum is. We will be able to see an illusion kind of happening in the area and person is totally different then.So what happens when Plexaderm is applied to your skin? After application, the serum dries up. The silicates become harder and form a coat on the skin causing it to stretch. It gives you youthful looking skin.

Hyaluronic acid – it keeps your skin moisturized because there is a good supply of hydration. Sodium silicate being the primary compound used in Plexaderm gives you the desired results even if it is temporary. The saggy skin has been one of the major study amount the skin specialists. Silica has helped to rectify a lot of issues from past several years in the cosmetic world.

When time passes and the body age, the skin loses its elasticity, which in turn is the cause of saggy skin. Silica slows this process and keeps your skin younger for a longer period of time. Few compounds which are found in the skin are elastin and collagens. These substances in our bodies are responsible to hold up the upright shape and size of all cells. Our skin is elastic due to these components. Silica is majorly presented in these components as well

Hence now we know silica/silicates are not harmful to skin and this product is really a miracle.

Plexaderm working time:

It does stay till you wash although we would want it to last longer. But people with oily skin or others who workout tends to lose it faster. It’s not water resistant hence it is easy to erase. It’s completely temporary but anyone would instantly like the look they have as a result which is acquired in just 10 – 15 minutes.

To apply makeup, you have to wait. Once it is fully dry then you are good to go.

Below are few results found through Plexaderm clinical trials on 40 people:

  • 3/4th of the people show a decrease in crow’s feet and saggy wrinkles around the eyes.
  • 3/4th of the people have their under eyes bags/puffiness disappeared.
  • Sixty-nine percent of the subject got their lines cleared
  • Eighty-one percent of them got their forehead potion cleared with deep lines.

All the Plexaderm products come with 30-day money return guarantee. The Plexaderm serum does some magic on the skin outer line and also reduce the gap in the skin pore which is another issue.

How to use Plexaderm

  • You get this serum in special pumping container which allows the product to come in correct required amount
  • You have just pumped out one droplet and apply it evenly.
  • Use regular rubs around the eyes, lines near mouth and other wrinkles.
  • Let it dry for 10- 15 minutes resulting in long-lasting effect until you wash.


  1. Decrease aging signs- all the cost you could spend for cosmetic surgery can be saved. No implants or face lifting are required.
  2. Instant results – 10 minutes is all it takes. Visibly excellent results instantly. Who wouldn’t want a clear younger skin in a matter of seconds?
  3. Suitable for all skin types – let it oily, normal and dry, it works on all skin types. This something very good because the cosmetics are divided into normal skin type, dry skin, and oily skin. It is one less worry in case if Plexaderm.
  4. The container top is made in a way that the person can take a correct amount of product, neither waste it.
  5. Great discounts – Plexaderm products are available at great discounts. The product discount almost never changes.
  6. Offering 30-day money return guarantee. If not happy with the products the company offers 30-day money return offer.


  1. Too much application of this product can make your skin very tight. Too much will make silicates to pull your skin too hard. You wouldn’t want that to happen and look like playing a tug of war with your skin. You can always wipe off the extra product.
  2. The product has no much medical backup even though no serious adverse effects. The formulation and marketing all happened faster than any other clinical trial.
  3. No specific details are given anywhere on how the ingredients work. The ingredients are given for few products. But they do not say how each products work on our skin.
  4. Sensitive skin individual might have irritation. Silicates are alkaline in nature, too alkaline actually. Hence causes a little bit of irritation on the sensitive skin types.
  5. Temporary use – the product stays in the applied area unless you wash it.

The negative effect found is using any oil based products on the cream will reduce the effects. The serum is for external use only.

Plexaderm Reviews

A lot if doubts arise obviously here. The required answers should be given and the plexaderm experts make sure all queries are answered. Especially when it shows such promising effects even though temporary.

Reviews and the answer to various questions:

  1. One of the main questions asked is whether the customer could using moisture on top of Plexaderm – they answer was not to use any oil based moisturizer since the serum would show reduced effects.  Applying on clean skin is good and use only the serum if possible
  2. It seems that the due to the application in a larger quantity which is bad. It creates a pulling effect on skin
  3. Question – is it okay to use makeup on the Plexaderm application: well they using makeup is fine if it is powered makeup in the areas where the serum is applied.
  4. Another question was on how long it lasts. As told before it would last until we wash it off.

Where can you get Plexaderm?

The products can be bought from company website

Sometimes the products are available on Amazon or eBay as well but not every time. It is also very difficult to know whether the product distributors are genuine. Amazon does not have Plexaderm cream sold.

Currently, the product is not available in any stores.

Cost of the Product

The actual price of the product put forth by the company is $133.17 (40% discount found usually). Hence you could get it anytime with this particular price. This is the most affordable product for you with such great results. Otherwise, the cast would have been a lot.

In addition to this, the company gives out a duo kit where you can get Hyaluronic acid as an extra thing in the pack. Only 20 dollars extra payment is required. People who want and take extra care of their skin can purchase it.


Plexaderm is the best alternative available now to cosmetic surgery. Several procedures can be replaced by this serum. Needles and cutting can be avoided along with all the risks which come with surgery. Silicate can cause irritation in sensitive skin type but otherwise, the product is a miracle on other skin types. The product provides such good results saving our time and money. Anyway, this serum is the particular age limit. Not suitable for individuals below eighteen years.

Old generation would need this product the most. Using this product will definitely give a new start in your life.


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