LGD 3303 Review 2018 – Benefits & Side Effects-

What is LGD 3303?

LGD 3303 is a powerful Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM). In fact, to most people, LGD3303 is the most powerful SARM out there but is it really? This compound is relatively new in the market and hence we still don’t know much about it. According to the limited information that’s available, LGD 3303 is indeed quite powerful with remarkable oral bioavailability. This allows bodybuilders and other users to fully utilize this SARM through oral supplementation.

Currently, research is still ongoing on the use of LGD 3303 for preventing osteoporosis, enhancing the growth of lean muscle and in maintaining lean tissues and muscles among the aged. There are other athletes who are already using this compound to enhance muscle development where it works very well thanks to its anabolic effects. As we are going to learn, LGD3303 also has androgenic effects which pose a few challenges that we will discuss later on. But first:

How does LGD 3303 work?

Due to its impeccable bioavailability, most scientists usually recommend oral use of this particular SARM. Once it gets into your system, LGD 3303 stimulates androgenic actions within your cells. As you may know, androgenic effects can cause a wide myriad of side effects when it happens to different cells of your body. The positive thing about LGD 3303, is its highly selective nature which makes it focus more on skeletal cells and muscle tissues. That’s why the compound helps you to increase your muscle mass with more ease. Additionally, it strengthens and improves bone density.

With more research, we should be able to understand further how this compound works and the full extent of its benefits.

What should one expect from LGD 3303?

LGD 3303 has been linked with various benefits and the biggest one, as you can guess, is improving bone density and increasing muscle mass. That’s perhaps the main reason why the compound has raised so many eyebrows in the bodybuilding industry. Tests were done on the LGD3303 show that it works quite fast making it possible for you to witness massive gains within a short period. As this happens, the compound also improves bone density. This benefits an athlete in two ways; first, it makes it possible for your body to accommodate the newly gained muscle mass and second it keeps you safe from bone fractures and other injuries.

This sarm has also been seen to have a positive effect on metabolic action. This essentially means that this product can be used to enhance your metabolic rate for a faster breakdown of calories. LGD 3303 will, therefore, help to reduce the conversion of calories into fats which leads to more adipose. Additionally, studies hint at the possibility of this compound being useful in burning down fats. With these benefits, LGD 3303 can be very useful for cutting purposes. We, however, still need more studies to understand the long-term cutting effects of LGD 3303 and other benefits.

If stacked with other SARMs, LGD 3303 can achieve even greater results at a much shorter time.

Using LGD 3303

Clinical studies used LGD 3303 in two ways; injections and oral supplementation. In both cases, the compound works pretty well. Due to its oral bioavailability, it is recommended that you take the compound orally rather than through injections. This is more convenient to use and maintaining its dosages is also much easier.

One problem with LGD 3303 is its short half-life of six hours. For you to keep the levels of LGD high at all times you will, therefore, have to use the compound three times per day i.e. morning, midday and in the evening. The exact dosages will also depend on the reason for using the SARM among other factors.

For cutting, you should use 15mg-20mg daily for six to eight weeks.

For bulking or recomping, you should take 20mg-30mg daily for eight to ten weeks.

Take note that these dosages are based on the available clinical studies. More research is still being carried out and hence we might have these dosages adjusted to accommodate updated details.

Is PCT necessary when using LGD 3303?

As we mentioned earlier on, the androgenic effects of LGD 3303 can sometimes be problematic. The compound is suppressive and hence it can interfere with testosterone and other hormone levels in the body.

Fortunately, the highly selective nature of LGD 3303 allows it to stay away from testosterone and other hormones and if it affects them then the impact is never too big.

You should also know that testosterone suppression associated with this sarm is individually dependent. In some clinical studies, some individuals were able to enjoy the various benefits of this SARM and complete a full cycle without experiencing diminishing testosterone levels. In some cases, the compound can even have an opposite effect increasing one’s t-levels thus leading to a boost in libido and other factors.

Due to the variations in reactions from one person to another, it is advisable that everyone using LGD 3303 should go through PCT after each cycle.

Because LGD3303, like other SARMs, binds to androgen receptors conversion of testosterone into estrogen occur. This will result in an increase in the female sex hormone which could consequently lead to gynecomastia and other side effects. It’s for such reasons that one is advised to take aromatase inhibitors while using this SARM. 25-75mg of Armistane should be taken daily with LGD3303.

Should women use LGD 3303?

Yes. Clinical studies show that it’s safe for women to use this compound without having to worry about virilization or other complications. They will, however, need to seek a physician’s guidance on the appropriate dosage and PCT.


LGD 3303 is yet another incredible addition in the SARMs product line. Even with limited research, we still see this compound achieve amazing things. This SARM is a must have for anyone looking to light up their gym performance.

Thomas Matthys a former world-class track & field athlete and the founder of Swol Headquarters. He graduated from the University of Fordham with a Master’s degree in Science. Matthys is a certified sports nutritionist and personal coach of several professional athletes.  Matthys has been involved in various clinical studies within Track & Field including one on the factors associated with muscle recovery and HIIT.

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