Maxim Peptides Review 2018- Is it a legit sarms supplier?

Introduction to Maxim Peptide

Research peptides are perhaps the hardest to find of all other supplements in the market. Unlike most other compounds, not a lot of experts or companies discuss their fitness benefits. This makes it increasingly difficult to get a reliable vendor that stocks the right product that meets your desired outcomes.

Another problem with most of these suppliers especially the ones based in the US is that they hardly provide any useful descriptions of each of their compounds. The few stores that try to provide such information usually do it in a language or terminologies that non-scientists can barely understand. It, therefore, means that you have to do your own research on the exact chemical you want before visiting these stores to place your orders. While we understand that these companies need to do so due to the rules and regulations governing their distribution, the lack of educative information makes it difficult particularly to inexperienced users to find the right product and sarms supplier.

In today’s review, we will be discussing one of the many peptide suppliers in the market, Maxim Peptide. We will tell you all about the quality of their products, the compounds they have in stock, their prices and how the company is rated by its users. By the end of this read, you should know whether Maxim Peptide should be your supplier or not.

Maxim Peptides Overview

Maxim Peptide is a US-based supplier that primarily deals with research peptides. The supplier claims to have the most experienced and motivated experts that use the latest technology in delivering the best products for their clients. They also go ahead to explain that they have the purest forms of research peptides in the market.

We are used to vendors making such bold claims only for them to deliver weak or even ineffective compounds. With Maxim Peptide the case is different. From our research, most of the compounds sold by this store are quite effective and safe. We also went through multiple fitness platforms discussing the store, and we also realized that a lot of users have enjoyed immense benefits from these compounds.

The high purity of compounds from this store also means that its users are much safer from adverse reactions. Contaminated peptides can be very harmful. To avoid such complications, you have to make sure that your suppliers submit all their chemicals to tests before they are sold to you. Maxim Peptide is one of the few companies that were committed to ensuring that their compounds do not just achieve the intended purpose but do so in the safest way possible.

The reason why we are saying this company “were” and not “is” committed to quality products is due to the common complaints that are surfacing. A big majority of the positive reviews on this store are from way back. People who have ordered products from this store from the last one year or so seem to have had a completely different experience. A lot of these users are reporting weak or even fake products. People who have used Maxim peptide for around three years or more explain that in recent months the peptides from this store have become a lot weaker than they were years back.

Even more, worrying about this store are scamming reports. We came across multiple cases of users complaining of placing orders, getting their money deducted and waiting for their products to arrive with no success. On contacting the store for inquiries, the store never responds to their clients. These complaints have raised red flags that have stopped a lot of people from using their services. It’s also due to the company’s recent behaviors that rumor about it closing down continue to spread.

Product Selection

Maxim Peptides’ product selection is likely to cheer you up if you are still interested in giving them a shot. They have a lot of different compounds available in varying sizes to ensure that you get just the right amount of the supplement that you need. Some of the peptides that you can get here include SNAP-8, Thymosin Beta 4 (TB500), Selank, Sermorelin, Peg MCF, Oxytocin, MGF, IGF-11 LR3, IGF-1 DES, Hexarelin, GnRH (Triptorelin), GHRP-6, GHRP-2, CJC-1295 with DAC, and CJC-1295 without DAC.


Maxim Peptide claim to have the most affordable research peptides online but not all their compounds are as affordable as they purport. For example, it will cost you $112.99 to get 1mg of Follistatin-344 yet this peptide goes for just $78.45 at Geo Peptide. IGF-1 DES is selling at $69.99 at MP while Geo Peptide offers the same compound for $50.39. Not all of their compounds are expensive though. You can get 2mg of Hexarelin for just $21.99 compared to Geo Peptide’s $24.37.

Maxim Peptide has a section named “Special deals” where they offer selected peptides at a discounted price. They also have a segment “bulk peptides” where you get to purchase a massive batch for a lower price. With this offer, the minimum quantity that you can buy is 30 bottles where you will save around 67%. You can also buy as much as 50 or 100 and save 72% or 76% respectively. This offer is however on limited compounds, and in most cases, the selected compounds are usually not widely used.

Maxim Peptide also has a reward system where you are given points every time you make a purchase. These points can then be redeemed to get discounts on your next orders. Every $2 you spend gives you 1MRP (Maxim Reward Point). 10MRPs are equivalent to $1. If you accumulate your points to 100MRPs, you can redeem them to get $10 to use on your next order. On signing up, you are given 10MRPs for free and another 10 if you subscribe to their newsletters. You can refer a friend and get 20MRPs. They will also give you 30MRPs during your birthday if you enter the details while signing up.


Maxim Peptide offers three different shipping options to both their domestic and international clients. All their shipments are made by USPS. For first class shipping, you have to pay $4.99, and your orders will take between 4 to 7 business days to arrive. Priority Mail Shipping costs $9.99, and these take 2-4 business days. Priority Mail Express costs $19.99 and takes 1-2 business days to reach their destination. Take note that the cost of international shipping may vary depending on your exact location and other factors.

If you place your orders before 12:00 EST between Monday and Friday, your package will be processed and shipped on the same day. All orders placed past 12pm will be shipped on the next business day. They also offer free shipping for all domestic orders exceeding $99.

Return and Refund Policies

Maxim Peptide allows for the return of compounds that you may be unhappy with. Unfortunately, they won’t give you any refund, but instead, you will be allowed to pick other items of the same price. The company will not offer you any compensation in case the thing you bought was too expensive, and you can’t find one matching its price. If you receive your orders with a missing item, the supplier will ship you the item without charging you anything.

One particular problem that stands out here is that you have to contact them and from the user reviews, you will need lots of patience getting a reply and having your complaint processed.


Maxim Peptide was an excellent option years ago. In the last few months, their reputation has been tarnished, and they haven’t done anything serious to address the raised issue. The quality of their products has been dwindling, and their customer support keeps on getting worse. This is not the kind of supplier or company anyone would wish to deal with, and that’s why we cannot wholeheartedly recommend the store.

Thomas Matthys a former world-class track & field athlete and the founder of Swol Headquarters. He graduated from the University of Fordham with a Master’s degree in Science. Matthys is a certified sports nutritionist and personal coach of several professional athletes.  Matthys has been involved in various clinical studies within Track & Field including one on the factors associated with muscle recovery and HIIT.

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