Ostarine (MK 2866) 2018 – Top 5 Benefits and Side Effects

What is Ostarine (Mk 2866)?

Ostarine is a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM). It was developed by the pharmaceutical company GTX to help to treat muscle wasting. Ostarine has the ability to increase and maintain lean muscle mass by binding your androgen receptors in the same way as prohormones or anabolic steroids but without the side effects.

Ostarine is currently the most popular SARM to build muscle. You can expect between 7 to 15 lbs of muscle gains over several weeks. It works by targeting the androgen receptors that are found in the bone and muscles without affecting the other organs of your body. Moreover, it will not be converted into unwanted hormones that you can expect from steroids. Let’s take a detailed look at the specific benefits of Ostarine.

A study conducted by GTX revealed that MK-2866 increased lean muscle mass and strength in a population of 4800 people (1).

What does it Do?

Ostarine is one of the best supplements in the bodybuilding industry and the secret to its impressive success lies behind its three key aspects.

Very few SARMs can match the highly effective nature of Ostarine when it comes to cutting. This supplement is one of the best options for anyone looking to safely cut down on body fat without interfering with lean muscle mass. Staying on a diet to reduce body fat usually means burning down more calories or even reducing their intake. This will indeed help in decreasing body fat but unfortunately, it also puts your muscles in danger. Using Ostarine alongside such a diet and with a proper workout regimen ensures that your muscle mass is protected as you cut down on fat.

Bulking is the next popular function of Ostarine. Clinical trials show that using 1-2mgs of Ostarine for twelve weeks is enough for you to gain 3 pounds of lean muscle mass and this does not even take into account a change in lifestyle e.g. improving your workout schedule. Therefore, if you use this SARM with an intensive workout plan, the benefits are even better and will be achieved in a much shorter period.

Finally, we have to talk about the compound’s ability in treating osteoporosis. Ostarine is perfectly formulated to improve your bone density. In doing so, it gets rid of bones’ brittleness and weakness. As your bones become strong, osteoporosis becomes less of your concern. This also means that you will gain more protection against injuries during workouts and in your day-to-day routine.

This SARM uses the anabolic effects on your muscle tissues. This ability makes it a good choice to treat the muscle wasting ailments. In addition to curing, it is very effective to build the muscles. It is considered good for the bodybuilders, athletes, and anyone who is interested in the muscle building. It also works as an agent to reduce the degeneration during the recovery process from any serious surgery or any other similar condition.

GTx conducted many research and experiments for Ostarine before introducing it into the market. It has conducted a four months IIb trial with 159 patients. All of them have shown a significant difference. They have got a complete boost in total muscle mass in comparison to the other supplements and the methods. When it comes to the bodybuilding, the users found it very helpful as it helps to improve the lean muscle mass and even the muscle strength. The product is highly appreciated by the users for the muscle building and more endurance.

5 Benefits of Using Ostarine ( MK 2866)

  • Ostarine increases lean muscle mass

Is increasing muscle mass your main objective? If the answer is yes, you should definitely try out Ostarine. MK 2866 has been proven to be quite effective in increasing lean muscle mass. As mentioned before, you can expect between 7 to 15 lbs of muscle gains over several weeks. By targeting the androgen receptors in your body, Ostarine will only increase the size of your muscles, without affecting any other parts of your body.

  • Ostarine burns fat

Besides increasing lean muscle mass, MK 2866 is a powerful product to burn fat fast. A problem many athletes and bodybuilders face is the fact that dieting mostly results in losing muscle mass. This is where the product comes into play. Because of its muscle preservation abilities, it burns fat without decreasing muscle mass. Ostarine is a great product to avoid atrophy.

  • It improves strength

If you are an athlete or bodybuilder, your success would depend to a great extent on the quality of the muscles and the strength of the same. This product has been found to be ideal for athletes and bodybuilders and also for those who like looking good. So even if you are fitness buff you have many reasons to try out this product. Apart from helping build muscle mass it also will help the muscles to become strong. Hence, you will be in a much better position to perform well in your respective sporting arena. For non-athletes, it could be helpful in having muscles which not only look good but also have the required strength to do tough jobs.

  • It increases muscle recovery

As an athlete, bodybuilder or even as a fitness buff, you have to depend quite extensively on workouts, which at times could be rigid and demanding. Often you could end up with pesky injuries once the training session is over. If you have a competition coming up these injuries could be a real pain in the ass. In such situations, you could turn to this product and it has a proven track record as far as speeding up the healing process is concerned. There are studies to prove this. The impact of SARM in healing injuries is quite impressive according to doctors and fitness experts. It is particularly useful when it comes to handling tendon and bone injuries.

  • It improves endurance

Ostarine has the ability to increase your endurance, which will enable you to do longer workout reps, train harder and therefore become stronger and bigger.


How strong is Ostarine?

Ostarine is currently the strongest SARM available. The 2nd strongest Sarms is Lgd 4033. If you look to buy Sarms, make sure to also check Cardarine and Stenabolic.  It has an Anabolic/Androgenic ratio of approximately the same as testosterone. Ostarine tends to kick in full around the 2-3 week mark, but a lot of people report that they see effects from within 1 week.

How to use ?

How you should use Ostarine depends on your intended goal. Dosages range slightly moving from one usage to another. For instance, individuals looking to increase muscle mass will typically enjoy the full benefits of Ostarine while taking 25mg daily for 4-6 weeks. After this cycle, one should gain at least 6lbs of lean muscle mass which you can retain even when you come off the dose. For individuals weighing more than 210lbs and who have demonstrated decent tolerance to the SARM, the daily dosage can be increased to around 36mg.

If cutting is your main objective, then 12.5 to 15mg daily taken for 4-6 weeks should be enough to get the job done. Again, the exact amount will depend on your tolerance but ideally, it should be within the prescribed range. People using Ostarine for the first time should start with low dosages and only go high if they are reacting well.

For individuals eyeing recomposition i.e. cutting down body fat while increasing muscle mass at the same time should take between 12.5mg to 25mg of Ostarine daily for 4-8 weeks. You should use this supplement with a lean protein source diet for better recomping results. You’ll also need a decent workout plan.

Ostarine is also very useful for people who are vulnerable to injuries. For the purposes of injury prevention, the recommended dosage is 12.5mg taken for 6-8 days.

One of the advantages of Ostarine is its long half-life of 24 hours. All Ostarine dosages should, therefore, be taken once per day.

Is it Safe?

One of the key reasons behind the popularity of Ostarine is its safe nature. Clinical trials have demonstrated how this supplement can help people in achieving their bodybuilding goals without having to deal with all the complications associated with regular steroids. We have also seen hundreds of users enjoy its vast benefits without reporting any adverse reaction.

Anyone who uses this supplement as prescribed should not experience any side effects. However, if you take it in excess or if you’re using SARMs of poor quality then you’re at a high risk of getting an acne breakout, nausea, headaches, hair loss, bloating, gynecomastia etc.

We are also glad that this SARM is non-methylated. It means that the compound does not intoxicate the liver because it doesn’t methylate one’s prohormones.

We would like to point out that Ostarine can be slightly suppressive. This is not a problem experienced by every user as some go through years of using it without experiencing diminishing testosterone levels. To be on the safe side, we normally urge everyone using Ostarine to go through PCT after every cycle.

Ostarine dosage

For the muscle gain or bulking, the suggested dosage is 25 mg. You will have to take 25 mg on a daily basis for four to six weeks. You will notice the difference in the first week itself. For the best result, you need to be more careful to follow the time period and dosages. If you want, you can also take a high dose of 36mg. You can also continue it for eight weeks. But you will be allowed for this dose and time period if you weigh 210lbs. PCT is not necessary for the normal dose. But if you are taking the high dose, PCT is the must.

What can I use it for?

Like all SARMs which are used for muscle building, it is very versatile in what it can be used for. It has shown a lot of potential during the cutting phase. As well as cutting, it has been shown to work great during recomping, helping to gain lean muscle mass, with some added fat loss benefits as well. A bulk is possible on MK-2866 but it’s recommended to use LGD-4033 instead if you are considering bulking.

It works well in recomping due to the nutrient portioning results. A calorie is required to build muscles that will also help in weight loss and will enhance the muscle strength and mass. The suggested dose for the recomping is 13 to 25 mg. You will have to continue it for four to eight weeks. In addition, you need to follow a lean protein diet to get the maximum benefits.

Best SARMS for cutting 

It also helps with cutting while preserving the muscle gains. It will decrease the calories at the same time. The suggested dose is 13 to 5 mg. You can have this supplement for four to six weeks. It is considered good to speed up the injury recovery, especially the tendon and bone-related injuries. The suggested dose is 12.5 mg. You can take the suggested doses only once a day to get the benefits.

Ostarine side effects

The benefit of Ostarine is that it doesn’t come with a lot of side effects, besides a dry mouth. This makes MK 2866 one of the best Sarms, together with Ligandrol.

MK 2866 Review

The best place to buy Ostarine is online is at Proven Peptides.  They are an independent research lab and they guarantee the highest purity standards for SARMS. In our opinion, this is the best place to buy sarms. Always make sure that you check the purity and quality standards when buying SARMs.



[1] Zilbermint MF et al. Future Oncol. 2009 Oct; 5(8):1211-20.

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