SARMS1 Review 2018- Should you buy SARMs here?

What is SARMs1?

The whole essence of choosing SARMs over Steroids is their safety. These supplements have been extremely useful not just because they deliver results but because they do so in the safest way we’ve ever seen. So, when you are purchasing a SARM from a scrupulous supplier online, you are probably no different from someone taking steroids. This is because using contaminated selective androgen receptor modulators can be very dangerous. It can not only lead you back to the side effects of steroids, that everyone is running from but can also go to the extent of making them more severe. We have come across reported cases of serious liver toxicity and other issues all of which have been traced back to impure SARM products.

It’s for such reasons that we are very keen on providing our clients with crucial information on where they can get high-quality supplements. SARMs1 is one of such stores.


Short summary on SARMS1

What we like

  • The quality of their SARMS is good
  • Their product labeling & website design look professional
  • Good customer support

What we don’t like

  • Their prices are outrageous, they charge $147 for 1 bottle of LGD-4033 which contains 60 Capsules. That’s almost double what other Sarms vendor ask
  • They charge shipping costs.  Most SARMS vendors ship for free.

Summarized, SARMS1 is been in the market for a couple of years, their branding and website looks good but we don’t buy our SARMS here.

After trying their products, their quality doesn’t match the ridiculous pricing.

If you’re looking to buy high-quality Sarms, we recommend Proven Peptides

SARMs1 Overview

Sarms1 is your one-stop store for all matters SARMS. This online store offers all kinds of SARMs supplying them in powder form. Unlike other stores that provide a dozen other research chemicals, Sarms1 is exclusively focused on providing top-notch SARMS. According to their experts, their specialization has allowed them to commit all their resources towards getting the most effective and safe SARMs. Considering how popular they are and how incredible their products work, it is easy to conclude that indeed their strategy works.

Sarms1 has been around for 7 years now. Throughout this period, we have barely come across a complaint raised against them or any of their products. Their staff and quality control policies have always been fantastic. They subject all their SARMs to rigorous tests involving third-party companies before they put them up for sale. Their supplements, therefore, have a solid and unbiased background.

We also understand that Sarms1 is always open to discuss the laboratories behind each of their tests. This transparency helps in assuring customers that whatever they are consuming has reached the necessary standards.

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Product Selection

Sarms1 offers different kinds of SARMs that meet all bodybuilding needs. Whether you are looking to increase muscle mass, reduce body fat or boost your endurance you will find something here that will get the job done. They also have a set of SARMs designed for individuals who aren’t looking for anything specific but rather they just want a complete boost in their gym performance and overall appearance.

Some of the SARMs available here include:

  • Cardarine

Cardarine is the best supplement to everyone in desperate need of a boost in energy. This product works by binding on your PPAR receptors amplifying the gene that boosts your energy supply.

Cardarine will ensure that you have the necessary energy to spend as much time in the gym as possible. It will also increase your strength levels allowing you to move up the ladders and lift even heavier weights. As a result, you’ll be able to attain and surpass your fitness goals a lot quicker than you’d have ever imagined.

  • Anabolicum

Anabolicum is a new but extremely effective SARM designed to boost your strength levels. This supplement enhances muscles growth and with it comes insane strength that you wouldn’t be able to obtain naturally.

The SARM is perfect for anyone looking to boost their gym performance within a short period. This supplement is available in powder form which you can take through food or by mixing it with water. Its efficient bioavailability allows your system to quickly absorb and start utilizing the compound.

  • Ostabolic

Ostabolic was initially made for individuals with bone and muscle wasting. After it was used for some time, scientists recognized its significant impact on anabolic growth activities and this is when they started investigating its efficacy for bodybuilding. They realized that it was extremely effective in boosting bone and muscle growth. This is how the compound became popular in bodybuilding. It works rapidly to increase your muscle mass and then it promotes the development of bones to ensure that they can support the muscles. By enhancing the development of bones the supplement was also able to reduce cases of injuries like bone fractures.

  • Andarine (S4)

Another very popular SARM that promotes muscle and bone development. It also works pretty fast bringing you closer to your fitness dreams.

  • Stenabolic (SR-9009)

Stenabolic does a remarkable job in cutting down body fat, increasing energy levels and reducing recovery time. This supplement covers almost everything a bodybuilder would ever want. With a shorter recovery period, you’ll be able to spend less time resting your muscles and more time using the increased energy to work out your muscles. Its effectiveness in reducing body fat also makes it one of the best SARMs for cutting.

We don’t recommend SARMS1! Check the Top 3 Rated US SARMS Suppliers


The biggest issue with Sarms1 is that their prices are outrageous. They are double as expensive as their competitors. For 1 bottle of Ostarine you pay $ 149, where other SARMS vendors charge $69

All of the SARMs available at Sarms1 come in different sizes with varying prices. Just like many other suppliers online, the more you buy in one order the lower the prices. Sarms1 also has discount coupons that are offered by fitness coaches and forum webmasters. You can also get more coupons by registering to their newsletters.

It’s also important that we point out the amazing confidential delivery of Sarms1 orders. All their deliveries come in plain packages. No one will know what sorts of supplements you are using or whether you are using supplements in the first place. We loved their packaging. They also pack their orders in secure boxes that keep the supplements safe and free from contamination or damage.


In our research into Sarms1, the only major issue that we can highlight is their lack of a return policy. The moment you confirm your purchase on this website you won’t be able to return the products for many reasons. This can be problematic if you don’t double check your orders before confirming them. The good news is that the handling and delivery of their supplements are done brilliantly and hence you probably won’t ever need to return them.

Conclusively, we can say that Sarms1 is an OK option for getting your SARMs. The quality of their products is decent, their deliveries are fast and their customer service is acceptable. The biggest drawback is their pricing policy, you can get the same quality of SARMS at half the price somewhere else.

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Scott Williams has a Master’s Degree in Nutrition and is a Certified Personal Trainer. Apart from being an integral part of our research team, Scott Williams spends almost every single minute he can get in the gym. He has vast experience in matters supplements, diets, and workouts.

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