Sarmspharm Review 2018 – Should you buy SARMS here?

What is SarmsPharm?

Since their introduction into the market, SARMs or rather a Selective androgen receptor modulators have been extremely popular. This class of drugs has proven to be exceptional in promoting muscle growth and all other fitness benefits. SARMs have been the perfect go-to supplement for everyone looking to bulk up, cut some body fat, define muscles, gain strength and enhance endurance. With these drugs, athletes have been able to enjoy all the vast benefits of what steroids used to yield except now we no longer have to go bald, endure liver toxicity or acne breakouts.



Being so effective and safe, almost every pharmaceutical in the bodybuilding industry is making these products. The suppliers, on the other hand, are more than we can handle. The most worrying part is that this being a relatively new class of drugs, there is still a lot of trials still taking place. This also means that they are not very well regulated because regulation bodies still don’t fully understand the long-term impact of these supplements. As a result, we have a massive uncontrolled SARMs market in the industry.

We wish that every SARM outlet was legit and committed to quality products but this is not the case. There are dozens of SARM suppliers online who are not just selling ineffective products but contaminated ones too. This has been very chaotic and by going through the various supplement platforms online we can clearly see the devastating impact of impure SARMs.

Filtering through all the reliable and unreliable stores is hectic. The good news for you is that we have done the hard work of going through the various stores online and we are glad to inform you that SarmsPharm is among the reliable stores that we can fully recommend.

SarmsPharm Overview

SarmPharm is a reputable online store offering different high-quality fitness supplements including SARMs. This US-based company has grown into one of the most reliable stores for various reasons the biggest of which is the quality of their products. Talk to any expert out there and they’ll tell you that to enjoy the best results when using SARMs or any other supplements for that matter, purity is the most vital factor that you can’t overlook. SarmsPharm products undergo extensive tests through third-party laboratories. This means that each of their products is tested and approved by an independent and unbiased company. This is perhaps why their products experience enormous success and receive wonderful reviews online.

Beyond the purity and quality of their products, we can’t fail to mention their incredible customer support services. SarmsPharm is not one of those stores where you place an order and it takes weeks to arrive. It’s also not the kind of store that will push you around when you are trying to inquire or register a complaint. SarmsPharm process their orders extremely fast to avoid frustrating your fitness schedule. Their customer support team are also always willing to interact with potential clients who are not sure what they are looking for. They will gladly advise you on the best SARM that will suit your fitness needs. They are also constantly available in case you have any complaints or issues regarding faulty products. We also understand that they usually serve their customers with discount coupons in case of any delays or unprecedented faults in their products.

Product Selection

SarmsPharm has everything for everyone. Their product options are vast enough for everyone to get the specific supplement they are looking for. Their products also come in different forms i.e. both liquid and powder sarms.

  • Liquid SARMs

Liquid SARMs are a favorite to most bodybuilders.  SarmsPharm offers up to nine different liquid SARMs. these are packaged in different sizes to enable individuals to get the right quantity for their specific needs. In terms of concentration, for instance, you will get some with 5mg/ml while others are up to 50mg/ml. From this range, we are confident that all clients will be sorted adequately.

All of these SARMs come in 30ml bottles. Depending on how long your cycle lasts and your dosage, you can buy one or more of these bottles. You will get discounts if you place an order for three bottles. They also have other discount coupons that they frequently reward their customers.

Some of the liquid SARMs available at SarmsPharm include Ligandrol, Ostarine, Andarine, Ibutamoren, and Cardarine.

  • Powder SARMs

Powder SARMs aren’t as popular as their liquid counterparts. They are also extremely difficult to come by and this is because getting high-quality powder SARMs is very difficult. Some stores have even been banned from supplying these products because of supplying low quality and contaminated powders. SarmsPharm is among the few suppliers who are still trusted with delivering SARM powder.

Just like liquid SARMs, powder SARMs are also available in different sizes. You can either get the 1g, 5g or 10g; it all really depends on your cycle, dosage and preference. The prices also range depending on the size you choose and the SARM you are buying. Typically, they all range from $25 to $400 which means that clients of different budgets are well catered for. Discounts coupons are also available for powder SARMs with some insane offers that sometimes go all the way to 50% off!

SarmsPharm has all types of powder SARMs except S-23 which is only available in liquid form.

Is SarmsPharm Legit?

This is a very common question when discussing SARM suppliers. SarmsPharm is one of the few reliable online stores supplying these supplements. They consistently supply pure SARMs that meet all the scientific standards necessary for effectiveness and safety.


SarmsPharm is definitely a good source that will take care of all your SARMs needs. Yes, they aren’t as popular as other sites like say Proven Peptides but they have continually proven themselves to be quite reliable. They give you the right products that meet the required standards at a relatively fair price.

Scott Williams has a Master’s Degree in Nutrition and is a Certified Personal Trainer. Apart from being an integral part of our research team, Scott Williams spends almost every single minute he can get in the gym. He has vast experience in matters supplements, diets, and workouts.

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