Stendra Review 2018- Benefits & Side Effects-

What is Stendra?

Stendra drugs also known as avanafil is a PDE5 inhibitor that works to degrade cGMP that helps in the production of smooth relaxation muscles within the corpus allowing blood flow in the body. This form of the drug is specifically designed to treat erectile dysfunction in men. It is found in the tablet as well as in oral formulations. It increases blood flow into the penis enabling a man to achieve an erection during sex.

Who Makes Stendra?

Stendra is an approved erectile dysfunction drug by FDA; this was done on 27th April 2012. It’s the brand name for Avanafil. It was made by a company known as Mitsubishi Tanabe which was earlier called Tanabe Seiyaku Company. It was licensed out to Vivus Incorporation that does the distribution worldwide

Benefits of Stendra

  • Stendra drugs being an inhibitor works on its own without influencing other inhibitors working in a similar way
  • It solves erectile dysfunction in men, increasing an erection
  • Stendra doesn’t have reactions when taken with food substances
  • It acts immediately after taking it.

Side Effects of Stendra

Combining Stendra with other drugs causes’ serious hypotension, in such a case, patients using riociguat are advised not to use Stendra. Before using Stendra inform your doctor if;  you have contracted heart diseases as well as heart rhythm problems, if you have had evidence of past heart surgery probably six months ago, if you had congestive heart problems, hypotension, chest pains, hypertension, liver diseases, blood cell problems, kidney diseases, hemophilia, stomach abscess, hearing impairments and vision challenges, retinitis pigmentosa, and penis deformity

Among the benefits of Stendra, avanafil results in very detrimental reactions to the user. Although not all the symptoms might manifest if they don’t, seek medical attention as soon as possible. Some of the less noticed symptoms of Stendra to the patient are; the patient exhibits obscured vision, drowsiness which is accompanied by vomiting, body restlessness, lack of body balance, light sensitivity especially during the daytime, muscular and joint pains, minor headaches and increased and uncontrolled eye movements. This headache can be acute that leads to discomfort and can become very severe over time, it increases anxiety and nervousness, uncontrolled ear pounding and irregular heartbeat at some point. Other rare signs of Stendra are increased jaw aches, extended back pains as well as arm pains, the patient exhibits pain in the bladder, increase face swelling, incidences of blood in urine and even urine turning somewhat white in color, the patient experiences certain chest pains, chest stiffness, the patient has challenges with breathing, urination pains, changes and irregular heartbeat, sometimes the urge for frequent urination, abnormal penile erection that can last longer than expected and vomit, the user experiences pains in the private parts especially genitals, this can extend even to the groin, stuffy nose, dryness of the mouth and sore throat. Some of the side effects of Stendra can disappear after a few days or weeks that even don’t need the doctor’s attention.

Other reactions include; the user experiences body warmth and sweating accompanied by chills and fever, pains in muscles, sores in the throat and sometimes running nose that is stuffy, if symptoms persist, seek medical attention. Other signs of a reaction include; stomach abscesses, belching of the stomach, pains in muscle and the body, unexpected coughing that is usually dry,

In the event you encounter the following signs, seek medical attention; unexpected and change in vision, unexpected hear loss, and sometimes continues ringing occurring in the ears, experiencing cardiac problems, spewing, as well as cold sweating, experiencing pains inside the leg, even pains in the arms, experiencing breathing problems, a feeling of confusions, penile erection that takes time to fall.

Stendra is a reactive drug and if not taken into considerations might result in severe effects on the body and for this reason a lot of warning should be taken while using other drugs, for instance, alcohol as a beverage tends to react with Stendra and might increase high blood pressure, don’t drink any form of alcoholic content or drink while on this medication.

Measures are to be taken while using this drug; it is not designed to prevent STDs. If using other drugs that can be reactive to Stendra, then seek the doctor’s advice before administration. Other reactive drugs include; drugs that contain nitrates for instance isosorbide dinitrate, nitroglycerin, HIV drugs like indinavir, saquinavir, atazanir and nelfinavir, oral antifungal drugs like ketoconazole, fluconazole, and itraconazole, antibiotic drugs like clarithromycin, telithromycin,

Stendra Dosage

The normal dosage for erectile dysfunction in adults is that the initial dosage is 100mg taken around thirty minutes before copulation. Some added maintenance dosages of between 50 and 200mg can be administered orally at intervals of thirty minutes, whereas a maximum dosage of 200mg can be taken orally per day. The lowest dosage giving best benefits to be taken. Stendra once taken, the patient has to use other methods in order to stimulate sex. The dosages come in forms of 50mg, 100mg, and 200mg, depending on their strength

Those patients suffering from the renal disorder, the effect can either be mild or to the range of moderate levels, for this case use 90ml per min and doesn’t require any adjustments at all. Treatment using this drug depends on some factors, for instance, the age of the user, dosage application goes with the age of the patient, the genetic factors also affect the dosage administration of the drug for instance patients having past history of heart surgery, cardiac arrest, breathing difficulties, chest pains, chest congestions, history of allergy to other drugs especially anti-depressants, anti-biotic, all this factor  must be put into consideration before taking Stendra failure to which will result in fatal side effects.

The patient should strictly follow the doctor’s prescriptions and in the event that he or she misses the dosage, shouldn’t double the dosage but should take the next dosage the next day the same time and in case he or overdoses the drug, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

After use, the drugs ought to be disposed of safely to avoid contaminations, keep out of reach by children and pets.















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