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What is Gynectrol?

Man boobs or gynecomastia is quite embarrassing, to be honest. They don’t just deny you the privilege of confidently going shirtless at the beach but in some cases, they also take a toll on your self-esteem. Research shows us that 65% of all men develop man boobs, especially when growing into their 30s. Some people take this issue quite seriously while others choose to just ignore it but why would you want to live with enlarged breasts when there is a perfectly safe solution? Gynectrol is a supplement formulated to eliminate man boobs. To understand better about the functionality of this drug we need to first learn about the source of this problem.



What is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is the swelling or enlargement of breasts in men. This condition usually affects people in their early to mid-puberty and in some cases, the elderly could end up with enlarged breast tissue. In most cases, particularly among the young, breast enlargement occurs and disappears without the need of any form of intervention. This is however not a privilege that most men have. Some can get this condition and it won’t just be stubborn but it can also lead to some sensation of pain around both or one of the boobs.

You should also understand that Gynecomastia doesn’t necessarily affect both breasts. There are cases where only one breast is enlarged while the other retains its original size! In other instances, both breasts enlarge but one gets bigger than the other. This is all just a nightmare and that’s why we are glad to have a product like gynectrol.

Causes of Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is caused by several factors with the leading cause being the hormonal imbalance. There are two major sex hormones in our bodies, testosterone, and estrogen. Typically, you’d expect men to have more testosterone than estrogen while in women we expect the vice versa. However, for various reasons, this balance can be interfered with and when this happens in men, lots of complications occur and one of them is gynecomastia. When the levels of estrogen get too high in your body, fat increases and this will be distributed not just to the boobs but also in the belly.

One of the reasons behind hormonal imbalance is aging. Growing old causes the body to produce less and less testosterone. This means that while the levels of estrogen stay the same or even increase, testosterone levels are diminishing and that is why it’s common to find older men with fat bellies and enlarged breasts.

Hormonal balance can also be interrupted by the use of supplements. Bodybuilding supplements normally try to increase the amount of testosterone in the body. When testosterone levels reach a certain point, it prompts the body to convert some of it to estrogen. In the end,, therefore, you get too much estrogen in the body which is expressed through enlarged breast tissues. This is one of the side effects of using bodybuilding supplements that most athletes battle with.

Usage of certain drugs has also been linked with gynecomastia. These include some antibiotics, HIV and ulcer medications. Lavender products, anti-androgens used on cancer patients, diazepam and some cardiovascular drugs can also lead to breast enlargement.

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Gynectrol for Gynecomastia

Gynectrol is a powerful product made by the renowned supplement’s manufacturer Crazy Bulk. This product has been around for seven years now. Since its introduction in the market, gynectrol has helped hundreds of men to lose that annoying fat deposit around the breasts. Gynectrol doesn’t just boast of being perhaps, the best, for this purpose but it has also provided a safe and natural way of dealing with an issue that initially, most people had to rely on cosmetic procedures to solve it.

This supplement is made using an all-natural formula which is great news to everyone. Every ingredient used here is obtained from natural plant sources. This has helped to reduce cases of adverse reactions significantly. Another great thing about this product is the fact that all the key ingredients used here have solid clinical trials attesting to their efficacy. It’s no coincidence that Crazy Bulk has had to enjoy enormous success in the majority of their products. They invest hugely in research and this helps them to get the best and safest extracts that get the job done. Everything added in the gynectrol formula is scientifically proven to be effective and safe. You won’t find any experimental ingredients here because Crazy bulk value your body and their reputation too much to experiment on you.

How does gynectrol work?

The answer to this question is easily answered by going through the specific ingredients used and the role each one of them plays. Just to give you a highlight, gynectrol approaches gynecomastia in different ways.

Firstly, it helps in boosting the rate of metabolism in your body. This leads to more fat burning thus reducing the adipose around your breast tissue. Gynectrol compounds are formulated to target the problematic fat alone and hence it’s able to achieve the needed results without interfering with fat in other sites.

Secondly, this supplement tries to reduce the cortisol levels in your body helping to lower blood sugar levels. You’re now probably wondering what sugar levels has to do with man boobs. According to scientists, high blood sugar levels have been associated with the gynecomastia in certain men. By tackling this problem, this supplement makes sure that it shuts down all possible loopholes that cause breast tissue enlargement in your body. This is probably one of the reasons why the product has been so successful.

Finally, the ingredients used are formulated to promote lipolysis. Sometimes the energy we utilize comes from the muscles alone. This isn’t bad until you realize that it leaves so much fat accumulating slowly. Lipolysis ensures that your body is burning down fat to produce energy. This will get rid of the boobs and it will also lead to the development of muscles.

Ingredients Used

The success or failure of any supplement lies on the compounds used. What is contained in a gynectrol pill?

  • Caffeine

Caffeine is a popular ingredient in bodybuilding and weight loss supplements and the simplest reasons for this is its undebatable effectiveness. This compound helps to initiate and enhance the process of lipolysis. It breaks down the excess calories in the body stored in form of fat. This fat is then burned providing a good and steady source of energy. In that process, fat deposits around the body will reduce and this inevitably leads to fat loss and elimination of man boobs.

The good thing about this caffeine is that it will help in getting rid of the excess fat around the body. This means that other sites such as your belly will experience fat reduction giving you a stunning summer body.

Presence of caffeine also means that you’ll enjoy other benefits such as alertness and increased energy to undertake your daily tasks. Combine all this with a few hours of workout and you’ll move from a random dude with man boobs to an unbelievable hunk guy cut from some fitness magazine.

  • Green Tea Extracts

Another very popular ingredient in weight loss supplements. Green tea extracts contain compounds whose thermogenic properties are well demonstrated by scientific research. This helps in raising the body’s core temperatures leading to more fat burning. Presence of green tea doesn’t just help with getting rid of the excess fat but makes sure that the whole process is fast giving you the results you need in the shortest time possible.

  • Chromium

Chromium is not a particularly popular ingredient but this does not reflect its performance. It is a very effective ingredient that controls blood sugar levels. It also helps the body to utilize energy and aids the process of muscle building. Chromium works with caffeine to make sure that energy is properly utilized and that the excess fat that is being burnt is replaced with muscles.

  • Guggulsterones

Guggulsterone is used as a thyroid stimulator helping to influence the thyroid into reducing fat production. This makes sure that new fat cells are not made thus keeping excess adipose at bay. This ingredient also works together with chromium in replacing fat with muscles.

  • Sclareolides

Sclareolides solves the problem of testosterone conversion into estrogen. We already said that too much testosterone usually triggers the body to convert some of it into estrogen which then causes an increase in fat deposit. This testosterone stimulator prevents this conversion from taking place. It’s also believed that Sclareolides has thermogenic properties that can assist with the burning of excess fats.

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Benefits of Gynectrol

  • Reduces breast tissues to masculine levels
  • Reduces overall body fat
  • Increases energy levels in the body
  • Promotes subtle muscle growth

Side Effects of Taking Gynectrol

If you follow the prescribed dosages you’ll enjoy all the benefits of this supplement without experiencing any side effects. Presence of caffeine, a known stimulant, means that excessive use can lead to adverse reactions such as:

  • Irritability
  • Restlessness
  • Irregular sleeping patterns
  • Stomach upsets

People under other medications are advised to consult a medical practitioner before using this or any other supplement.

How to Use gynectrol

You should take two pills of gynectrol once every day preferably in the morning before breakfast. For best results, Gynectrol should be taken for two months followed by a break of one or two weeks.


A one month supply of Gynecrtol goes for around $61.99.


Gynectrol is a remarkable gynecomastia solution. It has completely eliminated the need for cosmetic procedures or injections in getting rid of man boobs. This supplement is, perhaps, the best natural solution for your moobs problem.

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Scott Williams has a Master’s Degree in Nutrition and is a Certified Personal Trainer. Apart from being an integral part of our research team, Scott Williams spends almost every single minute he can get in the gym. He has vast experience in matters supplements, diets, and workouts.

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