3 Testosterone Killing Food that Bodybuilders Should Avoid


As a bodybuilder, it is best to eat healthy food. You may be eating more chicken, pasta, and dairy products in the name of getting more muscles, but at the end of it all, you will not gain anything from a poor diet. In this context, you will learn more about the foods that bodybuilders should avoid.

Fast Food Salads

As a bodybuilder, you want to improve your physique. When it comes to fruit salads, you should opt for protein-dense salmon, beans, grilled chicken, and hard-boiled eggs. The vegetables are also important since they have antioxidants and lots of fiber, thus helping in the maintaining of the blood-sugar levels in the body. Since Testogen made a handy list, you will get to know more about the physique killers that you should avoid.


The physique killers, in this case, are such as cheese, bacon, fried chicken, and creamy dressings. The calories in such a diet will pose a major challenge that will lead to weight loss.


To make sure that you are eating healthy at all times, always check the nutrition information that may be provided by a certain company about the salads that they offer. Also, check the protein-to-fat-ratio. Make sure that you have chosen the low-fat dressing, and choose the healthier toppings that may comprise of nuts and fruits. You should always remember that tomato fight disease within your body.


One of the suggestions that we may offer is such as choosing the Premium Asian Salad of you are going to the McDonald’s. The salad also comes with some grilled chicken that has low-fat levels.


Yoghurt is good for body-builders since it is rich in protein, has zinc which helps to improve the testosterone levels, and also has calcium that helps to strengthen the bones as well as fight the excess fat within the body.


The physique killers comprise of the processed fruit and sugar within the yoghurt. The flavored versions may bring about a fluctuation in the blood sugar levels within your body. In the process, you may release extra insulin, and your body will end up storing huge amounts of fat.


Always stick to plain yoghurt. If you are fond of fruits, you can add them on your own since they are also nutritious.

Salad Dressing

As a bodybuilder, you should opt for salad dressings that make use of vegetable oils. You can make use of olive oil since it helps to burn fat while also decreasing the cholesterol levels within the body. Olive oil is also recommended since it has anti-inflammatory properties.


When it comes to salad dressings, you should avoid peanut butter since it has high sugar levels that may lead to an increase in weight. The creamy dressings will make you add weight, and you will end up being fat instead of having well-built muscles.


As for salad dressings, you should opt for a combination of balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and hot Dijon for some well-dressed salad.


As a bodybuilder, your diet matters. The context above offers you some insight into how you should eat and the various foods that you should avoid.


Thomas Matthys a former world-class track & field athlete and the founder of Swol Headquarters. He graduated from the University of Fordham with a Master’s degree in Science. Matthys is a certified sports nutritionist and personal coach of several professional athletes.  Matthys has been involved in various clinical studies within Track & Field including one on the factors associated with muscle recovery and HIIT.

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