The Bodybuilders Guide to Protein

This guide applies to everyone, but it is something you need to focus on if you’re into bodybuilding.

The last thing you need when trying to get bigger, or just improve your health and fitness, is to have no idea how much protein you need, what type and where to find the best deals on protein powder. In this article I cover all of those.

There are two main protein categories, although there are many other ones, they are quite irrelevant and not needed in the slightest, stick to the popular proteins as you know they are good quality, which is why I’m only talking about the following types of protein.

Whey Protein
When It comes to protein, nothing comes close to whey. Whey protein is easily the cheapest, most popular and the fastest absorbing protein. Did I mention its the cheapest?
Whey protein is also noted to have the most superior amino acid profile. Amino acids are essentially the building blocks of protein.

Whey protein comes in two forms;  isolate and concentrate.
Isolate (WPI) is the highest quality and fastest absorbing whilst containing the least amount of calories. This is because the protein has been isolated from the fats and carbohydrates.
Whereas concentrates (WPC) has higher concentrations of fats and carbohydrates.
Due to this, concentrates are much cheaper.

Should I get Isolate or Concentrate?
The answer is dependant on your budget and how serious you are with your diet.
If you don’t have much to spend on protein, get a concentrate.
If you are super strict with your diet and you track your macronutrients religiously, then get and Isolate.

Casein Protein
Casein Protein is makes up approximately 80% of milk proteins (the other 20% is Whey protein).
Casein has a good amino acid profile, whilst known for digesting slowly.
Due to this, its’ not the most popular protein, aside from not being able to mix well in both milk or water.
A lot of people like to use casein protein at night to keep their body fuelled during the night, although this is not necessary due to the body only able to digest so much protein per hour.

Protein Myths
Myth #1 You need to drink your whey protein within 30mins of training
False. The so called anabolic window is pseudoscience (that has been proven wrong many times) based off the fact that muscles are the most receptive to glucose (simple carbs) shortly after training.  This is due to the body burning the glucose and needing to replenish it.

This myth has grown so powerful due to the stereotypical “gym bro” providing false information to others, and hasn’t been helped by supplement companies who have pushed this false claim in order to sell more protein.

Myth #2 You need 1gram of protein per pound of bodyweight.
This myth isn’t harmful to your training. In fact you need less than 1g/lb of bodyweight.
The real number is approximately 0.82grams per pound of bodyweight and has been widely adopted by some of the best nutrition experts and personal trainers in the world. A lot of people still use the 1gram rule due to simplicity and the fact they enjoy high protein foods.

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