Winstrol Review – Benefits, Side effects, dosages and where to buy

Steroids can enhance a bodybuilder’s ability to build and retain muscle mass, reduce fat and get past plateaus in goals that they’ve set for themselves. With so many different kinds of steroids available with a multitude of positive and negative side-effects, it is important to know what you are getting into. Steroids can be administered in different ways and also differ on the molecular level. Although word of mouth and advice from friends may seem helpful, taking a closer look at your options well ultimately lead to the best choice you can make for your body, what you are trying to achieve and how these steroids may affect you, especially for Winstrol. It is important to note the hormones and the scientific development of the steroid you may plan to use, as both of these may affect your body in different ways.

Winstrol results

What is Winstrol (Winsol)?

Winstrol, also known as Stanozolol, is a anabolic steroid that was developed by Winthrop Laboratories in 1962. Anabolic steroids are synthetic and meant to mimic testosterone’s muscle building qualities. Stanozolol can also be known as Winny, Winsol, Winni, Azolol and Stanol among other names. It is important to know other names that this drug is known under so you know that you are purchasing the correct steroid. Winstrol (Winsol) is available as an injectable or an oral tablet, as it does not get metabolized by the liver right away, like many other steroids that are only available by injection. The ability to take this steroid in tablet form makes this steroid unique.
Most steroids on the market are only available in injectable form, and injecting steroids can potentially be very painful to do. Having this steroid available in tablet form alleviates the need to inject and opens the door for more people to be able to benefit from the affects. In medicine, this steroid is used as an adjunct therapy to other medicines to help conditions like osteoporosis and patients who are too underweight to be qualified for surgery. Due to it’s fat cell reducing properties, it can also be perscribed to help people who are attempting to lose weight. The fat cells are burned and turned into lean muscle.
Winstrol (Winsol) is also used in medicine to treat animals who require muscle growth, bone density growth and are malnourished. In general, this steroid is prescribed to help with swelling in the body and helps to reduce water retention. Reducing water retention can help people lose weight. This steroid has also been said to increase the amount of water that is released through the body. Lowering water retention and fat cells in the body help athletes and bodybuilders see results more quickly and gain the lean muscle that is sought after during a cutting cycle.
Popular steroid used in sports
This particular steroid has been made famous in media and the sport’s world by athletes who have been caught using it and disqualified from various events. Ben Johnson‘s gold medal was taken from him in the 1988 Summer Olympics for 100 meter sprint when it was found out that he was taking the steroid. Rodney Howe, a rugby player was banned from 22 matches after being found using. Because of the incredible lean muscle and strength found in using Winstrol, it is a favorite among athletes, especially those who are competing in high intensity sports or fervent competition. Athletes in mixed martial arts to baseball to volleyball to bowling have used this steroid. This only makes the appeal of the steroid more intense, as it is easy to see the benefits of taking it from an athletic point of view.

In medicine Winstrol (Winsol) is used to promote muscle growth and strength, so it’s no wonder that this steroid is in the top three most used steroid pills by athletes and bodybuilders alike. It has been found that Winstrol is three times more anabolic that testosterone, which, of course, is the baseline for anabolic steroids. Unlike other steroids, Winstrol does not convert to estrogen. Make sure to also read our reviews on other popular legal steroids such as Dianabol, Deca Durabolin and Trenbolone.

Most people in the fitness and bodybuilding world like using Winstrol (Winsol) because they can gain strength without gaining weight, as this steroid has specific fat burning properties. This steroid uses the fat cells in your body much faster than other steroids on the market, which leads to incredible weight loss. The fat is then converted to lean muscle, perfect for cutting in weightlifting and athletic competitions.

winstrol cycle

Winstrol results

Winstrol cycle

Most bodybuilders and athletes find that Winstrol is most effective during the cutting cycle of their training. Because of the different properties of injecting this steroid versus taking the steroid pills, different cutting cycles can be achieved. Injecting this steroid usually can get an athlete 8-10 weeks, while the oral steroid pills will generally garner six to eight weeks. Some athletes have had luck in bulking and gaining mass on Winstrol, and during a winstrol cycle, but it is generally regarded in the bodybuilding and athletic community as a way to trim fat. A winstrol cycle may be used before a contest to cut as much fat but still keeping as much strength as possible. Another use for a winstrol cycle could be to be in top physique before a photo shoot or swimsuit competition.

Generally during a winstrol cycle, other testosterone pills or injectables are used as well to help boost the effects of training and cutting. Sometimes, even three different products may be used at once during a winstrol cycle to ensure the intended results are achieved. The use of multiple steroids or additives is up to the athlete themselves and what they are looking for in an ultimate goal.


Winstrol side effects

It is important to know the side effects of any steroid pills you may consider taking. Winstrol can lead to liver damage if you are using the injectable form. This is why we recommend to use Winstrol pills or tablets . Taking supplements that promote liver health and protect the organ are recommended when using this steroid. Higher cholesterol levels and cardiac hypertrophy have also been found in taking this steroid. This is why it is recommended to generally only use the steroid pills during a cutting cycle and not as part of a normal work out regimen. The use of this steroid has been found to markedly increase cholesterol levels even after only a few uses, so it is important to be aware of your normal cholesterol levels before taking it and to manage your levels very closely while taking it and after.

“Dry joints” or joint pain is another common side effect of this steroid, so it is advisable to take a joint supplement while you are using it to cut. Just like any supplement or steroid, it is important to understand how your body will react to things and to use caution when trying something new. Adding vitamins and other supplements that protect your body can help alleviate some of the side effects of this steroids and others on the market.
For certain, steroids often come with a host of warnings while taking them. However, since there is a lower androgenic level in Winstrol, there is a lesser chance of experiencing side effects related to androgens. These side effects are ones that just about everyone has heard of, such as male pattern baldness, acne and oily skin and hair growth. Those who are particularly sensitive to androgens may still exhibit some of these symptoms, but they should not be apparent in individuals who are not sensitive.

The benefits of Winstrol

Winstrol has the following benefits :

  • Ease of use (oral tablets, no needles needed)
  • Amazing results : Gain up to 15 lbs of muscle and lose 5% body fat in 4 weeks time
  • Increases strength
  • Reduces body fat
  • Increases anabolic effects
  • Makes you ripped & shredded
  • Increases vascularity
In order to see the benefits of this steroid, it is recommended take about 60 mg of the oral dosage. For women bodybuilders, five to 10 mg of the oral dose every day  should suffice in achieving the bodies wanted. The tablet needs to be taken more often because it is absorbed in the body quicker than injecting the steroid. However, the steroid would have to be injected into a muscle and this can cause pain and discomfort for people. Since the steroid is injected directly into the muscle, it does not absorb as quickly and people can retain benefits from injecting the steroid longer than taking the tablet form.
Choosing between injecting and taking a tablet is a personal choice, as using the steroid in both forms will result in similar outcomes. One form of the steroid is not better than the other. At these doses and rates, people have been pleased with the fat loss and strength and lean muscle gained. A dip in water retention will make you feel like you are losing weight quickly, and the steroid breaks down fat cells to convert into lean muscle. Taking this steroid during a cutting cycle will bring your results to the next level and help you achieve your fitness goals.
It is important to note that this particular steroid is not meant to be used to gain muscle mass. Athletes that use this steroid are doing so to impact their ability to out perform fellow athletes. This steroid helps athletes gain lean muscle mass and stamina, which is why it is so commonly heard of baseball players and track runners using this steroid. Generally runners, jumpers and other track and field athletes are perfect candidates for this steroid simply based on the lean muscle, yet strength added in using it.
It is less common to hear about wrestlers, boxers and football players having used this steroid simply because using it by itself does not promote the muscle mass growth that many of these athletes are looking for. Strength will be gained for sure, but if it is mass that you are after, you may want to use this steroid in conjunction with other steroids that promote bulking up. Winstrol has been shown to help enhance other steroids, as it still promotes burning fat faster and converting it into muscle.
This is another reason why it is one of the most commonly used steroids on the market. It is also important to note that after taking any steroids, it is generally recommended to do some testosterone therapy to regain any lost hormones during cutting and bulking phases of your athletic sessions. Think of the hormone therapy as a cool down workout that you do after an intense lifting or cardio session, your body needs time to reset and get back to normal levels.
winsol reviews
Female athletes
Many female bodybuilders and strength trainers enjoy using this steroid because of the fact that it does not have the affects that androgenic steroids do. Some women who take androgenic steroids develop a deeper voice and hair gain on their bodies, which are issues that this steroid does not cause. Women can benefit from taking this steroid without having to worry about the side effects that other androgenic steroids tend to cause, which is difficult for women athletes and bodybuilders to find. Being able to focus on working out and achieving goals is another side effect that many do not consider, but can take an athlete further than ever before.
Winstrol is one of the most popular steroids available on the market, and for good reason. Having been used by professional and casual athletes for years, this steroid provides strength and lean muscle while cutting fat and water weight. It is a steroid that can deliver serious cutting cycle results without the harm of androgens and the side effects that can come from using those.

Armed by more in depth knowledge of the steroid will help you feel confident in your choice in using it with other steroids or alone. Although you won’t get crazy gains from this particular steroid, pairing it with others can be beneficial. If you are a woman looking to improve your bodybuilding regimen, this steroid can help you achieve your goals without experience common side effects that other steroids may cause. Proven to reduce fat and help gain the physique that many athletes are looking for, why not try Winstrol next time you are looking to add another level to your game?


Winstrol is one of the most powerful steroids on the market with insane results in couple weeks time. Since this product is also available in oral form, we recommend to take Oral Winstrol as these give less side effects but almost the same results.

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